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Thymic hormonal effect on human peripheral blood lymphocytes in vitro conditions for mixed lymphocyte tumor culture assay

Shoham, J.; Eshel, I.

Journal of Immunological Methods 37(3-4): 261-274


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-1759
Accession: 006803875

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Conditions for the reproducible measurement of thymic hormonal effect on human peripheral blood lymphocyte (PBL) functional activity were determined using a mixed lymphocyte-tumor culture assay. Thymic hormonal preparations (thymopoietin, thymic humoral factor and TP-1) were tested and a significant enhancing effect on the blastogenic response was seen. Essential for the demonstration of the hormonal effect was the selection of suboptimal stimulation conditions, with the appropriate cell lines, including the number of stimulating cells and the time in culture. The most reproducible results were achieved when 105 PBL were co-cultured for 4 days with 104 mitomycin-C treated Raji lymphoma cells, after 1 h preincubation with one of the thymic preparations. Strong enhancing effects of the thymic preparations were demonstrated with other tumor cell lines [including SK-mel colon adenocarcinoma ACC-20 and endometrial carcinoma Endo 1-11], especially IgR3 melanoma cells.

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