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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6809

Chapter 6809 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lew W.Y.W., 1988: Time dependent increase in left ventricular contractility following acute volume loading in the dog

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808001

Nuss D.L., 1982: Time dependent increase in the resistance of mammalian cell protein synthesis to inhibition by hypertonic medium

Hayashi, T., 1978: Time dependent increase in the stability of collagen fibrils formed in vitro part 1 effects of ph and salt concentration on the dissolution of the fibrils

Alquati M.G., 1988: Time dependent increase of glomerular filtration rate after oral protein load evidence for diurnal variations in renal response

Vesell E.S., 1983: Time dependent induction of hepatic drug metabolism in rats by cotinine

Vahala J., 1986: Time dependent influence of some sedating agents on basic hematological values in various artiodactylids and perissodactylids

Slaga T.J., 1980: Time dependent inhibition by 2 3 7 8 tetra chloro di benzo p dioxin of skin tumorigenesis with poly cyclic hydro carbons

Metcalf B.W., 1984: Time dependent inhibition of aromatase in tropho blastic tumor cells in tissue culture

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808009

Walsh C.T., 1986: Time dependent inhibition of bacillus stearothermophilus alanine racemase by 1 aminoethylphosphonate isomers by isomerization to noncovalent slowly dissociating enzyme 1 aminoethylphosphonate complexes

Cerasi E., 1984: Time dependent inhibition of insulin release glucos arginine interactions in the perfused rat pancreas

Cerasi E., 1984: Time dependent inhibition of insulin release suppression of the arginine effect by hyper glycemia

Kinemuchi, H.; Arai, Y.; Oreland, L.; Tipton, K. F.; Fowler, C. J., 1982: Time dependent inhibition of mono amine oxidase ec by beta phenethylamine

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808014

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808015

Aihara H., 1984: Time dependent inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis by nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs time dependent alteration of inhibitory effect and characteristics of its active site

Kinemuchi H., 1986: Time dependent inhibition of rat brain monoamine oxidase by an analog of 1 methenyl 1 2 3 6 tetrahydropyridine 4 4 chlorophenyl 1 2 3 6 tetrahydropyridine

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808018

Birch G.G., 1981: Time dependent inhibition of sucrose sweetness with gymnemic acid mode of action

Oka H., 1985: Time dependent inhibition of the cyclooxygenase pathway by 12 hydroperoxy 5 8 10 14 eicosatetraenoic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808021

Sultzer B.M., 1981: Time dependent inhibition of tuberculin induced lymphocyte dna synthesis by a serine protease inhibitor

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808023

Ferrier J., 1985: Time dependent interfacial charging effects of electrical fields applied to biological systems

Tanzawa, K.; Kuroda, M.; Endo, A., 1977: Time dependent irreversible inhibition of 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase ec by the antibiotic citrinin

Levy, R. H.; Dumain, M. S.; Cook, J. L., 1979: Time dependent kinetics 5. time course of drug levels during enzyme induction 1 compartment model

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808027

Woods H.F., 1983: Time dependent kinetics of lignocaine in the isolated perfused rat liver

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808029

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808030

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808031

Deming E.J., 1986: Time dependent leaching of radium from leaves and soil

Grant C.W.M., 1983: Time dependent lectin binding to isolated receptors in model membranes

Wiegel F.W., 1987: Time dependent ligand current into a single cell performing chemoreception

Warrick, A. W.; Lomen, D. O., 1976: Time dependent linearized infiltration part 3 strip and disc sources

Ramirez Mitchell R., 1979: Time dependent localization of arsenic in sub cellular liver fractions

Mcalister, R. O., 1977: Time dependent loss of invasive ability of plasmodium berghei merozoites in vitro

Rapoport B., 1980: Time dependent loss of prostaglandin e release by adherent cells in response to stimulation by thyroid cells prevention of this loss by phyto hem agglutinin

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808039

Gurney E.G., 1982: Time dependent maturation of the sv 40 large t antigen p 53 complex studied by using mono clonal antibodies

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808041

Dose K., 1984: Time dependent monomerization of bacterio rhod opsin in triton x 100 solutions analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808043

Kammermeier H., 1980: Time dependent partial loss of the effects of isoproterenol on function and energy metabolism of isolated rat hearts

Quadflieg, K. H.; Brand, K., 1978: Time dependent partitioning of glucose carbons metabolized by the superior cervical ganglion from calves

Palfai, T.; Albala, B., 1976: Time dependent performance impairments produced by metrazole amnesia or nonspecific drug effect

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808047

Galley W.C., 1980: Time dependent phosphorescence anisotropy measurements of the slow rotational motions of proteins in viscous solution

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808049

Gold, P. E.; Hankins, L. L.; Rose, R. P., 1977: Time dependent post trial changes in the localization of amnestic electrical stimulation sites within the amygdala in rats

Zawalich W.S., 1988: Time dependent potentiation of insulin release induced by alpha ketoisocaproate and leucine in rats possible involvement of phosphoinositide hydrolysis

Tandon S.K., 1982: Time dependent protective effect of selenium against cadmium induced nephro toxicity and hepato toxicity

Rogausch, H., 1976: Time dependent reaction of human red cell deformability on sphering agents

Han Y.K., 1982: Time dependent recovery from electro convulsive shock induced amnesia

Hornsey S., 1980: Time dependent repair of radiation damage in the rat spinal cord after x rays and neutrons

Leibson, P. J.; Schreiber, H.; Loken, M. R.; Panem, S.; Rowley, D. A., 1978: Time dependent resistance or susceptibility of tumor cells to cyto toxic antibody after exposure to a chemo therapeutic agent

Entman M.L., 1980: Time dependent resistance to alkaline ph of oxalate supported calcium uptake by sarcoplasmic reticulum

Taddei L., 1981: Time dependent response of coronary flow to prolonged adenosine infusion doubling of peak reactive hyperemic flow

Meschia G., 1986: Time dependent response of fetal pulmonary blood flow to an increase in fetal oxygen tension

Honda Y., 1986: Time dependent responses of expiration reflex in cats

Ogata E., 1987: Time dependent restoration of the trigger pool of calcium after termination of angiotensin ii action in adrenal glomerulosa cells

Peters, R. I. Jr, 1976: Time dependent results of amino acid uptake studies of learning in frogs

Figueroa M., 1981: Time dependent retention deficits induced by post training injections of atropine into the caudate nucleus

Gross J.F., 1981: Time dependent rheological properties in capillaries due to arteriolar vaso motor activity

Lakowicz J.R., 1984: Time dependent rotational rates of excited fluorophores a linkage between fluorescence de polarization and solvent relaxation

Pavelec R.S., 1979: Time dependent shifts of the left ventricular diastolic filling relationship in conscious dogs

Miller G.H., 1984: Time dependent soil morphologies and pedogenic processes on raised beaches broggerhalvoya spitsbergen svalbard archipelago norway

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808068

Fletcher, R. I., 1978: Time dependent solutions and efficient parameters for stock production models

Lomen, D. O.; Warrick, A. W., 1978: Time dependent solutions to the 1 dimensional linearized moisture flow equation with water extraction

Ryden, J. C.; Mclaughlin, J. R.; Syers, J. K., 1977: Time dependent sorption of phosphate by soils and hydrous ferric oxides

Kishida T., 1986: Time dependent suppression of melanoma metastases and natural killer cell activation by interferon

Stainsby G., 1985: Time dependent surface pressures of adsorbed films of caseinate plus gelatin at the oil water interface

Pfeffer R., 1980: Time dependent theory for vesicular transport across vascular endothelium

Dubler D., 1981: Time dependent total extinction analysis for simple reactions involving intermediates

Shaffer T.H., 1982: Time dependent tracheal deformation in fetal neo natal and adult rabbits

Petrovskaya L.L., 1983: Time dependent ultrastructural changes in the hippocampal synapses after potentiation

Webb M., 1983: Time dependent uptake and metallo thionein binding of gold copper and zinc in the rat kidney

Tao Z J., 1985: Time dependent uv absorption changes in proteins at high ph

Kristensen P., 1982: Time dependent variation of mercury in a stream sediment and the effect upon mercury content in gammarus pulex

Anisman, H., 1975: Time dependent variations in aversively motivated behaviors nonassociative effects of cholinergic and catecholaminergic activity

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808082

Hibbert G., 1988: Time dependent variations of transcutaneous carbon dioxide partial pressure level in normal subjects

Keenan J.F., 1988: Time dependent zinc distribution in the development of the bw7756 murine hepatoma

Schoedel, W.; Slama, H.; Hansen, E., 1969: Time depending changes of the surface pressure of alveolar surface layers in the langmuir trough rat

Jansen J.H., 1987: Time development of distribution and toxicity following single toxic apap doses in male bom nmri mice

Rosen G., 1979: Time development of probability distributions for interacting species

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808088

Markevich N.B., 1979: Time differential in maturation of odd and even year pink salmon oncorhynchus gorbuscha as a major factor responsible for differences in acclimatization of oncorhynchus gorbuscha in the northern european ussr

Hubert C., 1981: Time differential perturbed angular correlation studies of the barium 133 ion uptake in bone crystals

Mrevlishvili G.M., 1979: Time dispersion of a nuclear magnetic relaxation for aqueous solutions of collagen

Alados C.L., 1986: Time distribution of activities in the spanish ibex capra pyrenaica

Fricke F., 1982: Time distribution of impulse noise in an enclosure

Marcaletti G., 1981: Time distribution of solvent vapors in a workplace sampling and analytical proposed procedure

Peterson C.M., 1983: Time distributions for describing appearance of specific culms of winter wheat triticum aestivum cultivar stephens

Suit, H. D.; Sedlacek, R.; Fagundes, L.; Goitein, M.; Rothman, K. J., 1978: Time distributions of recurrences of immunogenic and nonimmunogenic tumors following local irradiation

Kaplan E., 1982: Time domain analysis in gated cardiac blood pool studies

Dantzker D.R., 1984: Time domain analysis of diaphragmatic electromyogram during fatigue in men

Nishioka T., 1987: Time domain analysis of the male courtship songs produced by wild mass reared and by irradiated melon flies dacus cucurbitae coquillett diptera tephritidae

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808100

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808101

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808102

Rhoades J.D., 1984: Time domain reflectometry simultaneous measurement of soil water content and electrical conductivity with a single probe/

Bone S., 1987: Time domain reflectometry studies of water binding and structural flexibility in chymotrypsin

Pinciroli F., 1982: Time domain remarks on the cycle to cycle variability in some quantities measured on the vector cardiogram magnitude

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808106

Pincock A.C., 1985: Time domain spirogram indices their variability and reference values in nonsmokers

Harper R.M., 1988: Time domain system for assessing variation in heart rate

Malzyner A., 1982: Time dose and fractionation factor as an indicator of fibrosis of the abdomino pelvic sub cutaneous tissue

Spanos, W. J. Jr ; Shukovsky, L. J.; Fletcher, G. H., 1976: Time dose and tumor volume relationships in irradiation of squamous cell carcinomas of the base of the tongue

Fu, K. K.; Chan, E. K.; Phillips, T. L.; Ray, J. W., 1976: Time dose and volume factors in interstitial radium implants of carcinoma of the oral tongue

Tatcher, M.; Yudelev, M., 1978: Time dose effects in the matching of adjacent radio therapy fields

Vanhatalo J., 1981: Time dose factor analysis of high cobalt 60 cathetron and low dose rate radium intra cavitary radio therapy for uterine carcinoma

Kozlov A.P., 1981: Time dose factors in irradiation of mouse esophagus

Sharp T.R., 1982: Time dose relationships for 5 fluoro uracil cyto toxicity against human epithelial cancer cells in vitro

Cassisi N.J., 1987: Time dose relationships for local tumor control and complications following irradiation of squamous cell carcinoma of the base of tongue

Dembs N., 1983: Time dose relationships for simultaneous misonidazole and 1 3 bis 2 chloroethyl 1 nitroso urea exposures in vitro

Moulder, J. E.; Fischer, J. J.; Milardo, R., 1976: Time dose relationships for the cure of an experimental rat tumor with fractionated radiation

Van De Geijn J., 1988: Time dose response of human tumors and normal tissues during and after fractionated radiation treatment a new model

Brown D.H., 1979: Time dose response studies on cellular immunity

Hilaris B.S., 1980: Time dose volume considerations in iodine 125 interstitial brachy therapy

Takeda Y., 1985: Time duration in online order entry of prescription by physicians

Adams, G. E.; Jageson, D. G., 1980: Time effects in molecular radiation biology

Safriel U.N., 1979: Time energy budget of the semipalmated sandpiper calidris pusilla at barrow alaska usa

Lill A., 1986: Time energy budgets during reproduction and the evolution of single parenting in the superb lyrebird

Sieg D., 1980: Time estimation among schizophrenics

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808127

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808128

Lechelt, E. C., 1976: Time estimation and reproduction under condition of differential perceptual oscillation

Kumar R., 1983: Time estimation and time production in depressive patients

Lomranz J., 1983: Time estimation as a function of stimulus complexity and personality

Rousseau R., 1987: Time estimation as an index of processing demand in memory search

Tysk L., 1983: Time estimation by healthy subjects and schizophrenic patients a methodological study

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808134

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808135

Guerrera A., 1982: Time estimation in some group situations

Wang T G., 1983: Time estimation of a secondary event

Raith L., 1988: Time estimation of depressive patients the influence of interval content

Mitrani L., 1980: Time estimation of visually presented increment and decrement stimuli the filled duration illusion

Williams M.C., 1986: Time evolution of erythrocyte physico chemical properties in blood stored at different temperatures

Kumagai N., 1984: Time evolution of temperature profiles in the abdominal cross section during hyperthermia treatment for deep situated tumors investigation of effect of surrounding coolant

Wilhelmova L., 1988: Time evolution of the airborne radioactivity in rez czechoslovakia related to the activity release rate in chernobyl ussr

Pilla A., 1981: Time evolution of the mechanical properties of the callus of fresh fractures

Rychkova G.N., 1981: Time factor in a behavioral act with delayed alimentary reinforcement

Tyazhelova V.G., 1981: Time factor in determining equivalent conditions of exposure of man and laboratory animals to ionizing radiation

Rooth G., 1979: Time factor in oxygen transfer from mother to fetus

Urbanova E., 1987: Time factor in the scintigraphic imaging of catecholamine induced damage to the myocardium in dogs

Carlsson B., 1980: Time factor infection frequency and quantitative microbiology in hand injuries a prospective study

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808149

Streffer C., 1988: Time factors in combined exposures of mouse embryos to radiation and mercury

Ogure, M., 1977: Time for assessing various characters in mulberry breeding

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808153

Barney C.C., 1979: Time for loss of increased cardiac responsiveness to isoproterenol in cold acclimated rats after removal from cold

Schirren C., 1987: Time for reflection before vasectomy?

Nicholas D., 1982: Time frequency domain analysis 1 dimensional phantom studies

Popov Yu V., 1981: Time frequency parameters of acoustic signal coding in cat cochlea

Fife D., 1987: Time from injury to death survival time among fatally injured pedestrians

Dodge H.T., 1985: Time from onset of symptoms to thrombolytic therapy a major determinant of myocardial salvage in patients with acute transmural infarction

Heinrich R., 1987: Time hierarchy in enzymatic reaction chains resulting from optimality principles

Taschdjian, E., 1977: Time horizon the moving boundary

Lucas G.A., 1987: Time horizons in rats foraging for food in temporally separated patches

Igamberdiev A.U., 1985: Time in biological systems

Frank A.L., 1987: Time in day care and social participation of young children

Nelson G.K., 1983: Time in developmental studies a convergence of the dialectic and phenomenological thought

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808166

Ban T., 1981: Time independent effects on cardiac action potential upstroke velocity resting block and lipid solubility of beta adrenergic blockers

Milne H., 1982: Time influence of female age on breeding in the eider somateria mollissima

Gardner D., 1980: Time integral of synaptic conductance

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808170

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808171

Raffin, M. J. M.; Lilly, D. J.; Thornton, A. R., 1976: Time intensity trade for speech a temporal speech stenger effect

Young, L. L-Jr ; Levine, J., 1977: Time intensity trades revisited

Pfaff D.W., 1983: Time interval acquisition on a 6502 based micro computer

Damjanov I., 1984: Time interval between sequential exposures to ethanol is critical for the development of neural tolerance or sensitivity

Beattie R.L., 1987: Time interval estimates as a function of thinking of self things and others

Arpi M., 1988: Time kill studies and synergy testing of broad spectrum antibiotics against blood culture isolates

Phondke G.P., 1979: Time kinetics of the interaction of concanavalin a with splenic lymphocytes of normal akr mice

Nisbet R.M., 1980: Time lag and cooperativity in the transient growth dynamics of micro algae

Cunningham, A.; Maas, P., 1978: Time lag and nutrient storage effects in the transient growth response of chlamydomonas reinhardii in nitrogen limited batch and continuous culture

Fukuzaki H., 1986: Time lag between pulmonary congestion and pulmonary edema in dogs

Soletchnik P., 1982: Time lag effect of feeding on growth of juvenile shrimp penaeus japonicus

Macdonald, N., 1977: Time lag in a model of a biochemical reaction sequence with end product inhibition

Macdonald, N., 1977: Time lag in systems described by difference or differential equations

Gopalsamy K., 1980: Time lags and global stability in 2 species competition

Deans J.D., 1983: Time lags in the water relations of sitka spruce picea sitchensis

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808187

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808188

Hagstrom, B. E.; Lonning, S., 1969: Time lapse and electron microscopic studies of sea urchin micromeres

Cormack, D., 1976: Time lapse characterization of erythrocytic colony forming cells in plasma cultures

Keller, R. E., 1978: Time lapse cine micrographic analysis of superficial cell behavior during and prior to gastrulation in xenopus laevis

Zielke-Temme, B.; Hopwood, L., 1982: Time lapse cine micrographic observations of heated g 1 phase chinese hamster ovary cells 1. division probabilities and generation times

Zielke-Temme, B.; Hopwood, L., 1982: Time lapse cine micrographic observations of heated g 1 phase chinese hamster ovary cells 2. cell death fusion and multi polar divisions

Armstrong P.B., 1980: Time lapse cine micrographic studies of cell motility during morphogenesis of the embryonic yolk sac of fundulus heteroclitus pisces teleostei

Hart B.A., 1983: Time lapse cinematographic analysis of beryllium lung fibroblast interactions

Mulnard J., 1980: Time lapse cinematographic analysis of hatching of normal and frozen thawed cow blastocysts

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808197

Strickler J.R., 1984: Time lapse cinematography of feather stars echinodermata crinoidea on the great barrier reef australia demonstrations of posture changes loco motion spawning and possible predation by fish

Bray M.A., 1980: Time lapse cinematography of the capillary tube cell migration inhibition test

Biedermann M., 1987: Time lapse effects of impulse noise on cochlear microphonics in rabbits observed in chronic experiments

Koppa R., 1982: Time lapse film analysis of cytoplasmic streaming during late oogenesis of drosophila

Wallin A., 1984: Time lapse filming of new born infants a new technique in monitoring of behavioral states

Waldenstrom J., 1984: Time lapse from estimated onset of acute myo cardial infarction to peak serum enzyme activity

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808204

Ma S., 1983: Time lapse micro cinematographic and phase contrast studies on the cell reformation of chirocephalus yolk granules in vitro

Primavera M.V., 1983: Time lapse microcinematography of fusion in vitro between blood monocytes and differentiated osteoclasts

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808207

Lucenti J.M., 1984: Time lapse movies and the diurnal time budget and activity patterns of cataleptodius floridanus a tropical inter tidal xanthid crab

Bowes, B.; Callaham, D.; Torrey, J. G., 1977: Time lapse photographic observations of morphogenesis in root nodules of comptonia peregrina myricaceae

Nagele R.G., 1988: Time lapse photographic study of neural tube closure defects caused by xylocaine in the chick

Gilpin, R. W.; Nagy, S. S., 1976: Time lapse photography of bacillus subtilis l forms replicating in liquid medium

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808212

Longly B., 1981: Time lapse relationship between male and female sporogenesis and gametogenesis in cichorium intybus brussels chicory

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808214

Aladjem S., 1980: Time lapse study of normal human tropho blast in vitro

Coffey D.S., 1987: Time lapse videomicroscopic identification of dunning r 3327 adenocarcinoma and normal rat prostate cells

Gibbon, J.; Church, R. M., 1981: Time left linear vs. logarithmic subjective time

Honma H., 1982: Time limit for early coronary artery re vascularization restoration of contractility in re perfused myo cardium in dog

Tanabe T., 1981: Time limit for early coronary artery re vascularization restoration of contractility in re perfused myo cardium in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808220

Enos H.L., 1980: Time limited feeding of leghorn layers in california usa open housing

Suh R., 1982: Time limited psycho therapy of the hospitalized borderline patient

De Nour A.K., 1984: Time limited thematic group with post mastectomy patients

Nurnberg, H. G.; Suh, R., 1978: Time limited treatment of hospitalized borderline patients considerations

Zeiler, M. D., 1970: Time limits for completing fixed ratios

Zeiler, M. D., 1972: Time limits for completing fixed ratios part 2 stimulus specificity

Decasper, A. J.; Zeiler, M. D., 1977: Time limits for completing fixed ratios part 4 components of the ratio

Gaprindashvili T.V., 1980: Time limits for safe myo cardial anoxia in cardioplegia

Hawkins R., 1982: Time limits for submersion of canine left ventricular biopsies in cold iso pentane

Phillis Y.A., 1981: Time limits in the control of pollution systems

Kalmbacher, R. S.; Washko, J. B., 1977: Time magnitude and quality estimates of forage consumed by deer in woodland clearings

Muramatsu J., 1982: Time marking methods for scanning electron microscopy in goldfish carassius auratus otoliths

Endo K., 1986: Time measurement system underlying the photoperiodic control of pupal diapause in the swallowtail papilio xuthus a trial for the application of the external coincidence model

Chew V., 1987: Time mortality relationships for anastrepha suspensa diptera tephritidae eggs and larvae submerged in hot water

Wenger H.A., 1985: Time motion analysis of professional soccer

Matsen J.M., 1981: Time motion and cost comparison study of micro id api 20 e and conventional biochemical testing in identification of enterobacteriaceae

Junnanond C., 1982: Time motion study in pediatric out patient service

Bugaev V.F., 1981: Time of 1st annual ring formation on the scales of the young sockeye salmon oncorhynchus nerka from the kamchatka river basin russian sfsr ussr

Mutchinick, O.; Ruz, L.; Casas, L., 1980: Time of 1st generation metaphases 1. the effect of various culture media and of fetal calf serum in human lymphocyte cultures

Blinkov, S. M.; Nikandrov, M. G., 1985: Time of a simple motor reaction and respiration 3. effect of voluntary breathing

Reshetnikov-Yu, S.; Klaro, R. M., 1976: Time of annual ring formation in lutjanids

Spikes, J. D.; Kripke, M. L.; Connor, R. J.; Eichwald, E. J., 1977: Time of appearance and histology of tumors induced in the dorsal skin of c 3hf mice by uv radiation from a mercury arc lamp

Gottlieb D.I., 1983: Time of appearance and tissue distribution of a cell surface antigen in early chick development

Reis D.J., 1982: Time of appearance during development of differences in nigro striatal tyrosine hydroxylase activity in 2 inbred mouse strains

Schjeide, O. A.; Sarnwick, R.; Castelein, C.; Briles, W. E., 1978: Time of appearance of cellular antigens on chicken red blood cells

Savilahti E., 1980: Time of appearance of immuno globulin containing cells in the mucosa of the neo natal intestine

Banks H.P., 1981: Time of appearance of some plant bio characters during siluro devonian time

Zentner R.P., 1986: Time of application and source of nitrogen fertilizer on yield quality nitrogen recovery and net returns for dryland forage grasses

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808250

Turkhede B.B., 1986: Time of application of farmyard manure and fertilizer nitrogen on the growth yield and nutrient uptake of dryland wheat

Nigam R.K., 1982: Time of application of niagara 10637 for induction of maleness or femaleness in ricinus communis

Nikitina N.V., 1981: Time of application of patients with venereal diseases to therapeutic and prophylactic institutions

Cox N.R., 1984: Time of bait application to control black field cricket teleogryllus commodus orthoptera gryllidae

Sorumgard R., 1979: Time of birth and litter size in wolverines

Moller, A. P., 1977: Time of breeding clutch size and nestling production in buzzard buteo buteo sparrow hawk accipiter nisus goshawk accipiter gentilis and kestrel falco tinnunculus in northern jutland

Mollers, A. P., 1977: Time of breeding clutch size and nestling production in some species of anatidae in northern jutland denmark

Soprano K.J., 1987: Time of c fos and c myc expression in human diploid fibroblasts stimulated to proliferate after prolonged periods in quiescence

Wright L.L., 1981: Time of cell origin and cell death in the avian dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus

Handyside, A. H., 1978: Time of commitment of inside cells isolated from pre implantation mouse embryos

Ockendon, D. J.; Currah, L., 1978: Time of cross pollination and self pollination affects the amount of self seed set by partially self incompatible plants of brassica oleracea

Wilson G.R., 1985: Time of day and aerial counts of grey kangaroos macropus giganteus

Monk T.H., 1979: Time of day and processing strategy in free recall

Wastell D.G., 1980: Time of day and retrieval from long term memory

Austin R.K., 1988: Time of day at harvest influences carbohydrate concentration in crisphead lettuce and its sensitivity to high carbon dioxide levels after harvest

Hede A.J., 1983: Time of day corrections in measures of aircraft noise exposure

Simpson M.L., 1982: Time of day effects in performance by 7th grade students on 2 measures of impulse control

Horne, J. A.; Porter, J. M., 1976: Time of day effects with standardized exercise upon subsequent sleep

Schomer P.D., 1983: Time of day noise adjustments or penalties

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808271

Zani A., 1986: Time of day preference pattern evoked potentials and hemispheric asymmetries a preliminary statement

Shane R.H., 1979: Time of death and bio rhythmic cycles

Pereira M.M.M., 1987: Time of detoxification and the yield of pertussis suspensions concentrated by centrifugation and acid precipitation

Katsuno, S., 1987: Time of differentiation and determination of eupyrene and apyrene spermatozoa and resulting spermatogenesis in the silkworm bombyx mori l. lepidoptera bombycidae

Miles M.S., 1980: Time of divergence of growth groups between potential 1 plus and 2 plus smolts among sibling atlantic salmon salmo salar

Maslova I.A., 1979: Time of doubling of malignant tumor volume as a criterion of effective treatment

Koeniger, N.; Wijayagunasekera, H. N. P., 1976: Time of drone flight in the 3 asiatic honey bee species apis cerana apis florea apis dorsata

Clayton T.E., 1984: Time of emergence mating sperm movement and transfer of ejaculatory duct secretory fluid by heliothis virescens lepidoptera noctuidae under reversed light dark cycle laboratory conditions

Dawson J.H., 1984: Time of emergence of 8 weed species

Stern L.D., 1981: Time of encoding as a retrieval cue in recognition memory

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808283

Wright, D. A.; Shaw, C. R., 1970: Time of expression of genes controlling specific enzymes in drosophila embryos

Grayson D.K., 1984: Time of extinction and nature of adaptation of the noble marten martes nobilis

Watkins, W. B., 1975: Time of fixation and the localization of gomori positive and neurophysin containing structures in the rat hypothalamus

Macfall J.R., 1986: Time of flight magnetic resonance flow imaging selective saturation recovery with gradient refocusing

Maybee C.G., 1986: Time of flowering in spring its regulation in temperate zone wood plants

Neyfakh, A. A.; Glushankova, M. A.; Kusakina, A. A., 1976: Time of function of genes controlling aldolase activity in loach embryo development

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808293

Goodwin P.B., 1987: Time of harvest prethreshing treatment and quality in snap bean phaseolus vulgaris seed crops

Crespo A.T., 1979: Time of harvesting as a factor influencing soybean glycine max seed quality

Gutauskas A.I., 1982: Time of identification of the shape of color stimuli

King S.B., 1981: Time of infection of maize kernels by fusarium moniliforme and cephalosporium acremonium

Lichtensteiger W., 1981: Time of injection determines the effect of alpha msh anti serum on dopamine neurons in psychological stress

Scott A.R., 1981: Time of introduction of the alien component of the spontaneous illinois usa vascular flora

Rudolph T.D., 1982: Time of jack pine pinus banksiana seed maturity in lake states provenances usa

Kneale W.A., 1982: Time of lambing of draft gritstone ewes

Goutner V., 1986: Time of laying of oystercatchers haematopus ostralegus in the maritsa delta greece

Lofgren S., 1979: Time of lymphocyte response after onset of tularemia and after tularemia vaccination

Adams C.E., 1981: Time of mating and associated changes in the vaginal smear of the post parturient mongolian gerbil meriones unguiculatus

Wu M., 1980: Time of measurement effects in longitudinal studies

Sandhu, B. S.; Sandhu, K. S., 1987: Time of metoxuron application for weed control in wheat triticum aestivum l. in relation to soil moisture and dose of nitrogen at sowing

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808310

Nordestgaard A., 1985: Time of nitrogen application in spring to grasses grown for seed with different nitrogen levels in autumn

Davidkov, E., 1988: Time of nitrogen application to wheat dependent on the year's moisture and plant development

Neal J.S., 1986: Time of nuptial flight in two ant species hymenoptera formicidae

Lukens, L. N., 1976: Time of occurrence of di sulfide linking between pro collagen chains

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808315

Seegmiller, R. E., 1977: Time of onset and selective response of chondrogenic core of 5 day chick limb after treatment with 6 amino nicotinamide

Kay A.W., 1983: Time of onset of carcinoma of the stomach following surgical treatment of duodenal ulcer

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Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808362

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Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808454

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Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808458

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Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808507

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Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808569

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808570

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808571

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Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808575

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Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808606

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808607

Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808608

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Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808698

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Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808776

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Section 7, Chapter 6809, Accession 006808861

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