Time of realizing embryo toxic action of cyclo phosphamide and chloridine in vivo and in vitro

Popov, V.B.

Farmakologiya i Toksikologiya 45(1): 79-83


Accession: 006808343

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Female rats at day 10 of pregnancy, were given cyclophosphamide (30 mg/kg) or chloridine (25 mg/kg). After 15 min to 24 h the embryos were explanted into a culture medium containing no teratogenic agents. Pathological processes in the embryos became irreversible 15-30 min after the mother was exposed to cyclophosphamide and 6 h after chlordin exposure. Embryos from intact females were incubated (1-4 h) in the serum of rats given the same drug doses and transferred to the serum from intact animals. The times of cyclophosphamide action realization remained unchanged, while those of chloridin decreased to 1 h.