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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6810

Chapter 6810 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anderson S.L.; Chang E.S.; Clark W.H.Jr, 1984:
Timing of postvitellogenic ovarian changes in the ridgeback prawn sicyonia ingentis penaeidae determined by ovarian biopsy

Mikeska, J.C.; Williams, G.L., 1988:
Timing of preovulatory endocrine events, estrus and ovulation in Brahman x Hereford females synchronized with norgestomet and estradiol valerate

Verbeek N.A.M., 1979:
Timing of primary molt and egg laying in glaucous winged gull larus glaucescens

Verbeek, N.A.M., 1977:
Timing of primary molt in adult herring gulls and lesser black backed gulls

Prader A.; Largo R.H.; Wolf C., 1984:
Timing of pubertal growth and maturation in the 1st zurich switzerland longitudinal growth study

Eyre-Brook, I.A.; Smallwood, R.H.; Linhardt, G.E.; Johnson, A.G., 1983:
Timing of pyloric closure in man. Studies with impedance electrodes

Evans E.W., 1982:
Timing of reproduction by predatory stink bugs hemiptera heteroptera pentatomidae patterns and consequences for a generalist and a specialist

Evans E.A., 1982:
Timing of reproduction in hymenopappus tenuifolius compositae a purported biennial

Hannon S.J.; Martin K.; Schieck J.O., 1988:
Timing of reproduction in two populations of willow ptarmigan in northern canada

Mendonca M.T., 1987:
Timing of reproductive behavior in male musk turtles sternotherus odoratus effects of photoperiod temperature and testosterone

Emanuel J.R.; Magee P.T., 1981:
Timing of ribosome synthesis during asco sporogenesis of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cells evidence for early function of ha ploid daughter genomes

Kiis A., 1986:
Timing of roosting in greenfinches carduelis chloris

Campbell, G.A.; Hosking, D.J.; Kemm, J.R.; Boyd, R.V., 1986:
Timing of screening for osteomalacia in the acutely ill elderly

Lacey E.P., 1982:
Timing of seed dispersal in daucus carota

Roach D.A., 1986:
Timing of seed production and dispersal in geranium carolinianum effects on fitness

Milton, J.G.; Gotman, J.; Remillard, G.M.; Andermann, F., 1987:
Timing of seizure recurrence in adult epileptic patients: a statistical analysis

Wilson, M.E.; Gordon, T.P.; Blank, M.S.; Collins, D.C., 1984:
Timing of sexual maturity in female rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta) housed outdoors

Schneider D.C.; Harrington B.A., 1981:
Timing of shore bird migration in relation to prey depletion

Whitside J.O., 1982:
Timing of single spray treatments for optimal control of greasy spot on grapefruit leaves and fruit

Kousoulas, K.G.; Person, S.; Holland, T.C., 1978:
Timing of some of the molecular events required for cell fusion induced by herpes simplex virus type 1

Sinclair M.; Tremblay M.J., 1984:
Timing of spawning of atlantic herring clupea harengus harengus populations and the match mismatch theory

Halstead A.C.; Godolphin W.; Lockitch G.; Segal S., 1988:
Timing of specimen collection is crucial in urine screening of drug dependent mothers and newborns

Krishna, M.; Generoso, W.M., 1977:
Timing of sperm penetration pronuclear formation pronuclear dna synthesis and 1st cleavage in naturally ovulated mouse eggs

Shalgi, R.; Kraicer, P.F., 1978:
Timing of sperm transport, sperm penetration and cleavage in the rat

Wysoki M.; Bolland H.R., 1979:
Timing of spermatogenesis chromosomes and sex determination of amblyomma variegatum and amblyomma lepidum acari ixodidae

Kourmadas A.L.; Zestas T.; Argyriou L.C., 1982:
Timing of spraying for control of thrips in nectarine prunus persica var nectarina trees

Drogari, E.S.ith, I.B.asley, M.L.oyd, J., 1987:
Timing of strict diet in relation to fetal damage in maternal phenylketonuria

Lingwood C.A., 1985:
Timing of sulfogalactolipid biosynthesis in the rat testis studied by tissue autoradiography

Warshaw, A.L.; Rattner, D.W., 1985:
Timing of surgical drainage for pancreatic pseudocyst. Clinical and chemical criteria

Auguste L J.; Angus L.; Wise L., 1987:
Timing of surgical intervention for acute cholecystitis

Woodson G.E.; Miller R.H., 1981:
Timing of surgical intervention in vocal cord paralysis

McAnulty, J.H., 1984:
Timing of surgical therapy for aortic valve stenosis. Goals of therapy

Portin, P.; Siren, M., 1976:
Timing of temperature sensitive period for lethality of abruptex mutations of drosophila melanogaster

Muhl, Z.F.; Sadowsky, C.; Sakols, E.I., 1987:
Timing of temporomandibular joint sounds in orthodontic patients

Yogev, L.; Terkel, J., 1980:
Timing of termination of nocturnal prolactin surges in pregnant rats as determined by the number of fetuses

Nordblad A.; Larmas M., 1985:
Timing of the 1st attack of caries on the permanent teeth in cohorts of schoolchildren in espoo finland

Evans, M.L.; Ray, P.M., 1969:
Timing of the auxin response in coleoptiles and its implications regarding auxin action oat m corn m cyclo heximide antibiotic protein synthesis

Tura S.; Baccarani M.; Russo D.; Fiacchini M.; Zuffa E.; Rosti G.; Zaccaria A.; Fanin R.; Fasola G.; E.A., 1987 :
Timing of the hematologic diagnosis of ph positive chronic myeloid leukemia

Edelman D.A.; Zipper J.; Rivera M.; Medel M., 1979:
Timing of the intra uterine device insertion

Berger, L.C.; Burri, P.H., 1985:
Timing of the quantitative recovery in the regenerating rat lung

Ortiz D.M.ntellano P.R.; Stearns R.A., 1987:
Timing of the radical recombination step in cytochrome p 450 catalysis with ring strained probes

Evans, M.L.; Hokanson, R., 1969:
Timing of the response of coleoptiles to the application and withdrawal of various auxins zea mays m cultivar golden bantam naphthalene acetic acid 2 4 d iaa

Erlandsson G., 1983:
Timing of tomatoes in re circulating nutrient solution

Kidder G.M.; Mclachlin J.R., 1985:
Timing of transcription and protein synthesis underlying morphogenesis in preimplantation mouse embryos

Kennedy, T.G., 1980:
Timing of uterine sensitivity for the decidual cell reaction: role of prostaglandins

Cornelis J.J.; Rommelaere J., 1985:
Timing of uv light induced mutagenesis in sv 40 relative to viral dna replication in monkey cells

Escher Graeub D.; Morath M.; Todt D., 1982:
Timing of visual interaction between infants and an approaching stranger

Forcella F., 1986 :
Timing of weed control in no tillage wheat crops

Christensen, P., 1980:
Timing of zinc foliar sprays 1. effects of application intervals preceding and during the bloom and fruit set stages 2. effects of day vs. night application

Rice R.E.; Jones R.A., 1988:
Timing post bloom sprays for peach twig borer lepidoptera gelichiidae and san jose scale homoptera diaspididae

Scheich, H.; Korn, A., 1971:
Timing properties and temporal summation in the retina

Leung L W.S., 1985:
Timing pulse and sampling programs implemented on a laboratory microcomputer

Menzies A.R., 1980:
Timing selectivity and varietal response to mechanical thinning of apples and pears

Fairhurst S.; Gibbon J., 1983:
Timing the 2nd response in 2 response avoidance

Haque I., 1979:
Timing the application of nitrogen to maize in sierra leone

Sidhu A.S.; Dhawan A.K., 1985:
Timing the insecticidal applications for the control of pink bollworm pectinophora gossypiella of cotton

Stanley B.H.; Reissig W.H.; Roelofs W.L.; Schwarz M.R.; Shoemaker C.A., 1987:
Timing treatments for apple maggot diptera tephritidae control using sticky sphere traps baited with synthetic apple volatiles

Finsen B.; Zimmer J., 1986 :
Timm staining of hippocampal nerve cell bodies in the kyoto rat a cell marker in allografting and xenografting of rat and mouse brain tissue revealing neuronal migration

Chafetz, M.D., 1986:
Timm's method modified for human tissue and compatible with adjacent section histofluorescence in the rat

Miller, N.G.; Ireland, R.P., 1978:
Timmia austriaca new record musci timmiaceae in north america

Ligrone, R.; Gambardella, R.; Castaldo, R., 1980:
Timmiella barbuloides 2. ultrastructure and development of unusual spherical bodies in the differentiating cells of the cauloid

Khan, H.A., 1977:
Timminema pakistanicum new genus new species nematoda dorylaimidae from sind pakistan

Maury, E.A.; Roig-Alsina, A., 1977:
Timogenes haplochirus new species of scorpion bothriuridae

Radius, R.L.; Diamond, G.R.; Pollack, I.P.; Langham, M.E., 1978:
Timolol. A new drug for management of chronic simple glaucoma

Kass, M.A.; Korey, M.; Gordon, M.; Becker, B., 1982:
Timolol and acetazolamide. A study of concurrent administration

Libutti G.; Arrico L.; Festa E.; Garofalo G., 1985:
Timolol and adverse effects a confidential set of questions

Lewis R.V.; Lennard M.S.; Jackson P.R.; Tucker G.T.; Ramsay L.E.; Woods H.F., 1985:
Timolol and atenolol relationships between oxidation phenotype pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Wheatley, D., 1978:
Timolol and bendrofluazide in the management of hypertension in general practice

Karatzas, N.B.; Papazachos, G.; Clouva, P.; Tsaknakis, T., 1979:
Timolol and bendroflumethiazide in the treatment of hypertension

Olsen E.G.; Davanger M., 1986:
Timolol and cornea

Goldberg, I.; Ashburn, F.S.; Palmberg, P.F.; Kass, M.A.; Becker, B., 1980:
Timolol and epinephrine: a clinical study of ocular interactions

Sonntag J.R.; Brindley G.O.; Shields M.B.; Arafat N I.T.; Phelps C.D., 1979:
Timolol and epinephrine comparison of efficacy and side effects

Thomas, J.V.; Epstein, D.L., 1981:
Timolol and epinephrine in primary open angle glaucoma. Transient additive effect

Zimmerman, T.J.; Harbin, R.; Pett, M.; Kaufman, H.E., 1977:
Timolol and facility of outflow

Demailly P.; Aubrier G.; Abadie P., 1985:
Timolol and friedmann visual capabilities in chronic open angle glaucoma

Nielsen N.V.; Eriksen J.S., 1981:
Timolol and metoprolol in glaucoma a comparison of the ocular hypotensive effect local and systematic tolerance

Frimodt Moller J.; Arnold Larsen A.E., 1981:
Timolol betim in the treatment of essential hypertension in general practice single dose and 2 dose therapy compared

Aula, P.; Kaila, T.; Huupponen, R.; Salminen, L., 1988:
Timolol binding to bovine ocular melanin in vitro

Zimmerman, T.J.; Kaufman, H.E., 1977:
Timolol, dose response and duration of action

Obstbaum, S.A.; Galin, M.A.; Katz, I.M., 1978:
Timolol effect on intra ocular pressure in chronic open angle glaucoma

D'ermo F.; Tomazzoli Gerosa L., 1980:
Timolol experience after 1 year of treatment

Nielsen N.V.; Eriksen J.S.; Larsen G.; Mortensen K.K.; Kemp A.; Andersen F.; Buhl H.; Olsen J.; Dalsgard C.; E.A., 1981:
Timolol eye drops in the treatment of glaucoma and ocular hypertension

Wyse D.G.; Rademaker A.W.; Smith E.R., 1987:
Timolol for the treatment of frequent ventricular premature beats in patients without significant structural heart disease

Maren N.; Calissendorff B.M., 1985:
Timolol in aqueous humor after topical administration a pilot study

Merkle, W., 1981:
Timolol in combination with other glaucoma drugs

Nielsen N.V.; Eriksen J.S., 1979:
Timolol in maintenance treatment of ocular hypertension and glaucoma

Briggs R.S.; Millac P.A., 1979:
Timolol in migraine prophylaxis

Strasser, G.; Haddad, R.; Wohlzogen, F.X., 1981:
Timolol in the treatment of glaucoma

Kosman, M.E., 1979:
Timolol in the treatment of open angle glaucoma

Macri, F.J.; Cevario, S.J.; Halel, H.J., 1979:
Timolol inhibition of isoproterenol action 1. effects on aqueous humor production and intra ocular pressure

Nork, T.M.; Holly, F.J.; Hayes, J.; Wentlandt, T.; Lamberts, D.W., 1984:
Timolol inhibits corneal epithelial wound healing in rabbits and monkeys

Lowenthal, D.T.; Pitone, J.M.; Affrime, M.B.; Shirk, J.; Busby, P.; Kim, K.E.; Nancarrow, J.; Swartz, C.D.; Onesti, G., 1978:
Timolol kinetics in chronic renal insufficiency

Giraldi J.P.; Missori E.; Malagola R.; Libutti G., 1981:
Timolol maleate 2 year experience in open angle glaucoma

Zimmerman, T.J., 1977:
Timolol maleate a new glaucoma medication

Gundersen T.; Kjekshus J.; Stokke O.; Pedersen T., 1985:
Timolol maleate and high density lipoprotein cholesterol after myocardial infarction

Schwartz F.N., 1981:
Timolol maleate and hydro chlorothiazide in control of essential hypertension use of a fixed combination for once a day administration

Calabro S.; Pietropaolo A.; Iacono F., 1987:
Timolol maleate and primary congenital glaucoma

Zimmerman, T.J.; Kass, M.A.; Yablonski, M.E.; Becker, B., 1979:
Timolol maleate: efficacy and safety

Renna V.; Leaci R., 1980:
Timolol maleate in ophthalmic surgery

Aasved H.; Seland J.H.; Slagsvold J.E., 1979:
Timolol maleate in treatment of open angle glaucoma

Araie M.; Takase M.; Yokoyama Y.; Kitagawa M., 1980:
Timolol maleate pharmaco kinetic analysis of ocular penetration in the rabbit eye and effects on human aqueous humor dynamics

Davidson, J.; Ribak, J.; Eckstein, D.; Barishak, R., 1983:
Timolol maleate: side effects on healthy nonglaucomatous volunteers

Venturi G.; Esente I.; Nardi M.; Consani L.; Fornaro G., 1980:
Timolol maleate treatment of open angle glaucoma medium and long term results

Tocco D.J.; Duncan A.E.W.; Deluna F.A.; Smith J.L.; Walker R.W.; Vandenheuvel W.J.A., 1980:
Timolol metabolism in man and laboratory animals

Hasegawa, E.; Matsuo, N.; Sarada, K.; Miyagawa, K., 1980:
Timolol ophthalmic solution for the treatment of glaucoma

Bobik A.; Jennings G.L.; Ashley P.; Korner P.I., 1979:
Timolol pharmaco kinetics and effects on heart rate and blood pressure after acute and chronic administration

Vogh B.P.; Godman D.R., 1985:
Timolol plus acetazolamide effect on formation of cerebrospinal fluid in cats and rats

Zimmerman T.J.; Gillespie J.E.; Kass M.A.; Yablonski M.E.; Becker B., 1979:
Timolol plus maximum tolerated anti glaucoma therapy

Bundgaard H.; Buur A.; Chang S C.; Lee V.H.L., 1988:
Timolol prodrugs synthesis stability and lipophilicity of various alkyl cycloalkyl and aromatic esters of timolol

Missotten, L.; Goethals, M., 1977:
Timolol reduces the standing potential of the eye

Gundersen T.; Abrahamsen A.M.; Kjekshus J.; Ronnevik P.K., 1982:
Timolol related reduction in mortality and re infarction in patients ages 65 75 years surviving acute myo cardial infarction

Niels E.N.V.; Eriksen J.S., 1979:
Timolol transitory manifestations of dry eyes in long term treatment

Fielding, J.F., 1981:
Timolol treatment in the irritable bowel syndrome

Lazzaroni F.; Fanti A.; Amidei S.; Ghini M.; Gatti M., 1988:
Timolol versus pilocarpine performances of the glaucomatous eye

Stepanik, J., 1981:
Timolol vs. diamox

Hoyng, P.F.J.; Verbey, N.L.J., 1984:
Timolol vs. guanethidine epinephrine formulations in the treatment of glaucoma an open clinical trial

Calissendorff, B.; Maren, N.; Wettrell, K.; Ostberg, A., 1980:
Timolol vs. pilocarpine separately or combined with acetazolamide effects on intra ocular pressure

Ruwart, M.J.; Nezamis, J.E.; Rush, B.D.; Lancaster, C.; Davis, J.P.; Nichols, N.M.; Ochoa, R., 1984:
Timoprazole is a unique cytoprotective agent in the rat

Dennis, D.T.; Partono, F.; Atmosoedjono, P.S.; Saroso, J.S., 1976:
Timor filariasis: epidemiologic and clinical features in a defined community

Todorov, M., 1981:
Timothy grass grown for seed production 3. expenditure of macro elements and trace elements in yield formation

Molloy K.C.; Quill K.; Blunden S.J.; Hill R., 1986:
Tin 119 and nitrogen 14 nmr and tin 119 variable temperature moessbauer spectroscopic study of tricyclohexyltin isothiocyanate including the first observation of resolved tin 117 tin 119 nitrogen 14 coupling in an organotin compound

Pellerito L.; Giudice M.T.L.; Stocco G.C.; Donaldson J.D.; Grimes S.M.; Smith P.J., 1985:
Tin 119 moessbauer ir proton nmr spectroscopic and thermal decomposition studies on organotin iv adducts with glycylglycine

Alberola N., 1985:
Tin 119m moessbauer spectroscopy and phosphorus 31 p and tin 119 nmr of mixed aqueous 1 hydroxyethylidene 1 1 disodium phosphonate and tin ii chloride solutions evidence for 1 hydroxyethylidene 1 1 disodium phosphonate tin complexes

Kappas, A.; Maines, M.D., 1976:
Tin: a potent inducer of heme oxygenase in kidney

Horiuchi K.; Yokoyama A.; Fujibayashi Y.; Tanaka H.; Odori T.; Saji H.; Morita R.; Torizuka K., 1981:
Tin adsorbed resin for the preparation of technetium 99m labeled radio pharmaceuticals stable complex of technetium 99m labeled bleomycin

Menne T.; Andersen K.E.; Kaaber K.; Osmundsen P.E.; Andersen J.R.; Yding F.; Valeur G., 1987:
Tin an overlooked contact sensitizer

Steliou K.; Mrani M., 1982:
Tin assisted sulfuration a highly potent new method for the conversion of carbonyl units into their corresponding thio carbonyl analogs

Debost, M.; Cheftel, J.C., 1979:
Tin binding in canned green beans

Debaig Valade C.; Bagno O.; Pommier J.C.; Joussot Dubien J., 1981:
Tin chlorin iso bacterio chlorin evidence for a reversible photo redox process

Sherman, L.R.; Masters, J.; Peterson, R.; Levine, S., 1986:
Tin concentration in the thymus glands of rats and mice and its relation to the involution of the gland

Alzieu C.; Sanjuan J.; Deltreil J.P.; Borel M., 1986:
Tin contamination in arcachon bay france effects on oyster shell anomalies

Woolfe, M.L.; Manu-Tawiah, W., 1977:
Tin content of canned evaporated milk manufactured in west africa

Johnson, M.A.; Greger, J.L., 1985:
Tin, copper, iron and calcium metabolism of rats fed various dietary levels of inorganic tin and zinc

Yamaguchi M.; Sugii K.; Okada S., 1982:
Tin decreases femoral calcium independently of calcium homeostasis in rats

Cook L.L.; Stine K.E.; Reiter L.W., 1984:
Tin distribution in adult rat tissues after exposure to trimethyltin and triethyltin

Hanigan, W.C.; Peterson, R.A.; Njus, G., 1987:
Tin ear syndrome: rotational acceleration in pediatric head injuries

Lewis, A.J.; Miller, J.D.A., 1977:
Tin ii and copper i ion oxidation by thiobacillus ferrooxidans

Lambert J.L.; Beyad M.H.; Paukstelis J.V.; Chiang Y.C., 1981:
Tin ii di phenyl carbazide complex as a solid reagent in monitoring devices for atmospheric oxidants

Ishii T., 1982:
Tin in marine algae

Nagy S.; Nikdel S., 1986:
Tin iron and aluminum contents of commercially canned single strength grapefruit juice stored at varying temperatures

Mcdonagh A.F.; Palma L.A., 1985:
Tin protoporphyrin a potent photosensitizer of bilirubin destruction

Sisson T.R.C.; Drummond G.S.; Samonte D.; Calabio R.; Kappas A., 1988:
Tin protoporphyrin blocks the increase in serum bilirubin levels that develops postnatally in homozygous gunn rats

Drummond G.S.; Kappas A., 1986:
Tin protoporphyrin inhibition of fetal and neonatal brain heme oxygenase transplacental passage of the metalloporphyrin and prenatal suppression of hyperbilirubinemia in the newborn animal

Milleville, G.S.; Levitt, M.D.; Engel, R.R., 1985:
Tin protoporphyrin inhibits carbon monoxide production in adult mice

Stevenson, D.K.; Watson, E.M.; Hintz, S.R.; Kim, C.B.; Vreman, H.J., 1987:
Tin protoporphyrin inhibits carbon monoxide production in suckling mice

Berglund L.; Angelin B.; Blomstrand R.; Drummond G.; Kappas A., 1988:
Tin protoporphyrin lowers serum bilirubin levels decreases biliary bilirubin output enhances biliary heme excretion and potently inhibits hepatic heme oxygenase activity in normal human subjects

Galbraith R.A.; Drummond G.S.; Kappas A., 1985:
Tin protoporphyrin suppresses chemically induced experimental hepatic porphyria potential clinical implications

Kappas A.; Drummond G.S.; Manola T.; Petmezaki S.; Valaes T., 1988:
Tin protoporphyrin use in the management of hyperbilirubinemia in term newborns with direct coombs positive abo incompatibility

Lammerink J.; Hart R.W., 1985:
Tina a new swede brassica napus var napobrassica cultivar with resistance to dry rot and clubroot

Agassiz, D., 1975:
Tinagma balteolellum new record lepidoptera douglasiidae a species new to the british isles

Willis E.O., 1983:
Tinamous chickens guans rails and trumpeters as army ant followers

Boccardo G.; Beaver R.G.; Randles J.W.; Imperial J.S., 1981:
Tinangaja and bristle top coconut cocos nucifera diseases of uncertain etiology in guam and their relationship to cadang cadang disease of coconut in the philippines

Maitra S.K., 1985:
Tinctorial differentiation and functional characterization of adrenomedullary cells in normal and reserpinized blossomheaded parakeet

Pruglo-Yu, V., 1976:
Tinctorial properties of mast cells of the gastro duodenal region

Mukhin V.A.; Stepanova N.T., 1982:
Tinder fungi in the forest tundra of the ob river basin russian sfsr ussr

Parmasto E., 1979:
Tinder fungus perenniporia ochroleuca in the ussr

Main, A.J., 1978:
Tindholmur and mykines 2 new kemerovo group orbiviruses from the faeroe islands

Wolf, R.; Krakowski, A.; Alteras, I.; Vardy, P.A., 1986:
Tinea capitis among children of Ethiopian immigrants

Wu, S.X.; Zhu, W.Y.; Xia, M.Y.; Huang, L., 1987:
Tinea capitis caused by Microsporum nanum

Alteras, I.; Feuerman, E.J.; Grunwald, M.; Shvili, D., 1984:
Tinea capitis due to Microsporum canis in infants

Kamalam, A.; Nanjappa Chetty, G.N.; Balasubramaniam, N.; Chandrasekar, N.; Thambiah, A.S., 1979:
Tinea capitis in a Moslem school

Haas N., 1987:
Tinea capitis in black children due to trichophyton soudanense

Verner, E.; Bisharat, B.; Mendelovitz, S.; Zuckerman, F., 1986:
Tinea capitis in Nazareth

Jacyk, W.K.; Baran, E.; Lawande, R.V.; Walow, B., 1982:
Tinea capitis in Northern Nigeria

Gugnani, H.C.; Njoku-Obi, A.N., 1986:
Tinea capitis in school children in Eastern Nigeria

Moberg S., 1984:
Tinea capitis in the elderly 2 cases caused by trichophyton tonsurans

Badillet G.; Charfi C., 1986:
Tinea capitis in the st louis hospital paris france during 1983 1984

Suh S B.; Jun J B.; Kim K H.; Kim I J., 1980:
Tinea capitis in the taegu area korea

Van Hecke E.; Meysman L., 1980:
Tinea capitis microsporum canis in an adult

Maleville J.; Moulinier M.; Taieb A.; Dompmartin A.; Couprie B.; Giap G.; Fontan I.; Ball M., 1986:
Tinea capitis shifts in dermatophytic spectrum about 124 cases in bordeaux france

Grigoriu, D.; Grigoriu, A., 1977:
Tinea circinata from microsporum gypseum and microsporum cookei

Moreno, A.J.; Hartshorne, M.F.; Yedinak, M.A.; Crooks, L.A.; Fox, B.J., 1986:
Tinea corporis overlying the thyroid gland after radioiodine iodine 131 treatment of graves' disease

Sharma S.C.; Talwar P.; Kumar B.; Sharma M.; Kaur S.; Bedi T.R., 1980:
Tinea cruris in chandigarh india

Logan, R.A.; Kobza-Black, A., 1988:
Tinea imbricata in a British nurse

Jacobs, A.H.; O'Connell, B.M., 1986:
Tinea in tiny tots

Kuo T.T.; Chen S.Y.; Chan H.L., 1986:
Tinea infection histologically simulating eosinophilic pustular folliculitis

Conti Diaz I.A.; Burgoa F.; Civila E.; Bonasse J.; Miller A., 1984:
Tinea negra 1st observation in uruguay

Kane, J.; Birkett, B.; Fischer, J.B., 1976:
Tinea nigra infection in Canada

Helfman, R.J., 1981:
Tinea nigra palmaris et plantaris

Schwartz B.K.; Clendenning W.E., 1987:
Tinea pedis during childhood

Lempke B.J., 1979:
Tinea turicensis new record for the netherlands fauna lepidoptera tineidae

Marinaro, R.E.; Gershenbaum, M.R.; Roisen, F.J.; Papa, C.M., 1978:
Tinea versicolor: a scanning electron microscopic view

Ono T.; Jono M.; Kuriya N., 1981:
Tinea versicolor and ear wax

Faergemann, J.; Bernander, S., 1979:
Tinea versicolor and Pityrosporum orbiculare: a mycological investigation

Faergemann, J., 1979:
Tinea versicolor and Pityrosporum orbiculare: mycological investigations, experimental infections and epidemiological surveys

Heroin P.; Kanga J.M.; Koueke P.; N'diaye B.; Guiraud M.; Pradinaud R.; Castaigne J.P., 1986:
Tinea versicolor on black skin multicenter study of pevaryl spray solution 222 cases

Arenas R.; Garcia Jamarillo J.A.; Estrada R., 1982:
Tinea versicolor study of 100 mexican cases

Faergemann, J.; Djärv, L., 1982:
Tinea versicolor: treatment and prophylaxis with ketoconazole

Rausch, L.J.; Jacobs, P.H., 1984:
Tinea versicolor: treatment and prophylaxis with monthly administration of ketoconazole

Petersen G., 1980:
Tineid moths from tunisia lepidoptera tineidae

Gozmany, L.A., 1976:
Tineid moths lepidoptera from the ethiopian region in the museum d'histoire naturelle geneva switzerland

Jalava J., 1980:
Tineidae lepidoptera from nests of the ural owl strix uralensis

Petersen G.; Gaedike R., 1979:
Tineidae of the mediterranean countries

Rodrigues P.D., 1982:
Tingidae hemiptera heteroptera from gambia and senegal

Tomokuni, M., 1981:
Tingidae hemiptera heteroptera from nepal 1. ildefonsus nepalensis new species

Baehr M., 1983:
Tingis bucharica new species from uzbek ssr ussr insecta heteroptera tingidae

Drew, W.A.; Arnold, D.C., 1977:
Tingoidea of oklahoma usa hemiptera heteroptera

Sarma P.S.A., 1988:
Tinidazole a new drug in the treatment of vivax malaria

Leal-Garza, C.H.; Montes de Oca-Luna, R.; Baca-Sevilla, S.; Garza-Chapa, R., 1984:
Tinidazole and emetine cytogenetic effects evaluated by the micronucleus test in mice

Persson, S.; Gnarpe, H., 1981:
Tinidazole as preventive treatment in elective colonic surgery

Coulter, J.R.; Turner, J.V., 1978:
Tinidazole ethyl 2 2 methyl 5 nitro 1 imidazolylethyl sulfone is mutagenic in a salmonella typhimurium assay

Appelbaum, P.C.; Moodley, J.; Chatterton, S.A.; Cowan, D.B.; Africa, C.W., 1980:
Tinidazole in the prophylaxis and treatment of anaerobic infection

Salo J.; Silvennoinen E.; Hulkko A.; Ervasti E.; Holopainen O., 1981:
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Tinnitus of muscular origin

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Tinnitus pitch and acoustic trauma

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Tintinnines ciliophora oligotrichida tintinnina in eastern adriatic bays

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Tioconazole 2 percent cream in the treatment of trichomonas vaginalis or mixed vaginal infections

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Tissue adhesion using highly concentrated human fibrinogen on the example of free autologous skin grafting

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Tissue and subcellular distribution of bismuth radiotracer in the rat considerations of cytotoxicity and microdosimetry for bismuth radiopharmaceuticals

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Tissue antigens is seminal secretions part 1 precipitin reactions of rabbit anti serum to human seminal plasma

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Tissue arrangement in the internal elastic lamina of the rat muscular pulmonary artery

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Tissue artifacts by the use of over heated forceps for paraffin embedding

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Tissue ascorbic acid concentrations in rats experimentally infected with Fasciola hepatica

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Tissue atpase activities of the gill and excretory system in mesogastropod molluscs in relation to osmoregulatory capacity

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Tissue attenuation effects on transducer performance

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Tissue based membrane electrode with high bio catalytic activity for measurement of amp

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Tissue basophils of the thyroid gland in developing amphibians and mammals

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Tissue bath improvements for the Oxford Vibratome

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Tissue binding of lectins in disorders of the breast

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Tissue binding of warfarin

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Tissue biocompatibility of kevlar aramid fibers and polymethylmethacrylate, composites in rabbits

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Tissue biostatics of the periodontium in the treatment of periodontopathy with splint prostheses

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Tissue bis 2 ethylhexyl phthalate levels in uremic subjects

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Tissue blood flow and localization of arteriovenous anastomoses in pigs with microspheres of 4 different sizes

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Tissue buckling as a mechanism of bioprosthetic valve failure

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Tissue buffering in the snail helix aspersa

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Tissue calcification and alkaline phosphatase activity in uremic rats

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Tissue carbohydrate reserves in adult and fetal grants gazelles gazella granti and wildebeest connochaetes taurinus

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Tissue carcino embryonic antigen in colo rectal cancer

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Tissue carcino embryonic antigen in colo rectal carcinoma

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Tissue carcino embryonic content and carcino embryonic antigen specific staining in a case of carcino embryonic producing jejunal cancer

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Tissue carcinoembryonic antigen and nuclear dna contents in colorectal carcinoma and its transitional and background mucosa

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Tissue compliance meter for objective, quantitative documentation of soft tissue consistency and pathology

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Tissue content of cyclic amp and properties of its binding proteins in human neuro blastoma and ganglio neuroma

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Tissue correlations in linear samples

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Tissue culture analysis of neurogenesis myelination and synapse formation are retarded by serum deprivation

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Tissue culture and plant regeneration from immature embryo explants of Barley, Hordeum vulgare

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Tissue culture assay of nerve growth factor and of the specific antiserum

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Tissue culture cell fractionation fractionation of cellular membranes from iodine 125 lacto peroxidase labeled lettree cells homogenized by bi carbonate induced lysis resolution of membranes by zonal centrifugation and in sucrose and metrizamide gradients

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Tissue culture cell fractionation zonal centrifugation lettree cells homogenized by glycerol induced lysis sub fractionation of membranes in sucrose gradients

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Tissue culture, electron microscopic and enzyme histochemical investigations of extraadrenal paragangliomas

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Tissue culture evidence on the control of the switch from contact inhibition of cell movement to overlapping behavior in annual fish embryos of nothobranchius korthausae

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Tissue culture of cells from the nervous system

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Tissue culture of fetal rat islets cortico sterone promotes delta cell maintenance and function

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Tissue culture of florida sugarcane varieties

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Tissue culture of forest trees clonal multiplication of eucalyptus grandis

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Tissue culture of forest trees clonal propagation of mature trees of eucalyptus citriodora by tissue culture

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Tissue culture of ginseng panax ginseng 1. chemical composition of the biomass of a ginseng tissue culture

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Tissue culture of gonadal cells

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Tissue culture of maize zea mays cultivar cudu 1. somatic embryogenesis in the callus tissue

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Tissue culture of ocular fibroblasts

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Tissue culture of osteo sarcoma induced by radioactive phosphorus 32 in rats

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Tissue culture of rickettsia prowazekii 2. the choice of appropriate cell culture systems for the cultivation of rickettsia prowazekii

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Tissue culture of rieger begonia petiole segments

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Tissue culture of salpiglossis sinuata from leaf discs

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Tissue culture of single rhizome explants of dionaea muscipula the venus flytrap for rapid asexual propagation

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Tissue culture of solanum laciniatum

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Tissue culture of Stevia rebaudiana, a sweetening plant

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Tissue culture of surgically prepared temporalis fascia

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Tissue culture of the development of teeth and jaws

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Tissue culture of the epithelium of the normal and cataractous adult lens

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Tissue culture of the grapevine

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Tissue culture of the monocot lilium m

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Tissue culture of the oil palm m elaeis guineensis m as a tool for its vegetative propagation

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Tissue culture of the retinal pigment epithelial cells

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Tissue culture of the wild chamomile

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Tissue culture of three species of stylosanthes leguminosae

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Tissue culture of yucca gloriosa

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Tissue culture on microscope slide and its application in virology

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Tissue culture plantlets produced from pinus monticola embryonic materials

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Tissue culture principles and application in plant breeding

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Tissue culture propagation of acer freemanii using thidiazuron to stimulate shoot tip proliferation

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Tissue culture propagation of african violets

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Tissue culture propagation of banana musa acuminata cultivar robusta

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Tissue culture propagation of bougainvillea

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Tissue culture propagation of broccoli brassica oleracea italica group for use in f 1 hybrid seed production

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Tissue culture propagation of buffalo gourd cucurbita foetidissima

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Tissue culture propagation of lilium hybrids

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Tissue culture propagation of liriope muscari and ophiopogon jaburan

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Tissue culture propagation of tree legume albizia lebbek l. benth

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Tissue culture propagation of tropical foliage plants

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Tissue culture protoplasts and morphogenesis in flax

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Tissue culture studies as a means for exploring variability in potato solanum tuberosum

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Tissue culture studies in duboisia myoporoides 1. plant regeneration and clonal propagation by stem node cultures

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Tissue culture studies in mothbean vigna aconitifolia factors influencing plant regeneration from seedling explants of different cultivars

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Tissue culture studies of contact lenses

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Tissue culture studies on a lac host moghania macrophylla iii. nature of root development in vitro

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Tissue culture studies on a lac host moghania macrophylla iv. development of adventitious branches in vitro

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Tissue culture studies on a suspected lysosomal storage disease in Abyssinian cats

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Tissue culture studies on compensatory testicular hypertrophy of the young rabbit after hemicastration

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Tissue culture studies on cucurbits chlorophyll development in cucumis callus cultures

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Tissue culture studies on ragi eleusine coracana

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Tissue culture study of adult human retina neurons

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Tissue culture study of chicken muscular dystrophy correlation between dystrophic alterations and muscular development

Freeman, R.G.; Murtishaw, W.; Knox, J.M., 1970:
Tissue culture techniques in the study of cell photobiology and photo toxicity

Sears R.G.; Deckard E.L., 1982:
Tissue culture variability in wheat triticum aestivum callus induction and plant regeneration

Wada, A.; Yoneda, H.; Shibata, N.; Inui, Y.; Fushimi, H.; Takemura, K.; Onishi, S., 1976:
Tissue cultured heart cells from the cardio myopathic hamster

Alicchio R.; Del Grosso E.; Boschieri E., 1982:
Tissue cultures and plant regeneration from different explants in 6 cultivars of solanum melongena

Vance C.P.; Johnson L.E.; Boylan K.L.M., 1984 :
Tissue cultures derived from ineffective root nodules of alfalfa medicago sativa callus initiation and enzymic comparisons

Romeike, A.; Koblitz, H., 1972:
Tissue cultures of alkaloid bearing plants part 3 investigations concerning the esterification of tropine

Petiard V.; Cosson L.; Courtois D., 1982:
Tissue cultures of apocynaceae species studies on the extraction of alkaloid crude extract

Andreassi L.; Sbano E.; Fimiani M.; Mancianti M.L., 1981:
Tissue cultures of basal cell epithelioma and pemphigus antibodies

Oku T.; Takigawa M.; Fukamizu H.; Yamada M., 1984:
Tissue cultures of benign and malignant fibrous histiocytomas scanning electron microscopic observations

Fabian G.; Gomoiu E., 1982:
Tissue cultures of corn zea mays

Bartkowiak, E., 1978:
Tissue cultures of maize part 1 comparison of several inbred lines of maize in in vitro culture

François, J.; Victoria-Troncoso, V.; Miraglia, O.; Victoria-Ihler, A., 1981:
Tissue cultures of normal and pathological corneal epithelia

Kireeva, S.A.; Bugorskii, P.S.; Reznikova, S.A., 1977:
Tissue cultures of the damask rose and accumulation of terpenoids in them

Becker, H.; Schrall, R.; Hartmann, W., 1977:
Tissue cultures of valerian species part 1 cultivation of tissue cultures of valeriana wallichii and 1st analytical determination

Vaquero J.; Manrique M.; Oya S.; Bravo G., 1981:
Tissue damage after chronic cerebellar stimulation in man

Baker, R.A., 1976:
Tissue damage and leukocytic infiltration following attachment of the mite unionicola intermedia to the gills of the bivalve mollusk anodonta anatina

Lehtinen K J.; Notini M.; Landner L., 1984:
Tissue damage and parasite frequency in flounders platichthys flesus chronically exposed to bleached kraft pulp mill effluents

Skriver, E.B.; Olsen, T.S., 1986:
Tissue damage at computed tomography following resolution of intracerebral hematomas

Rasmussen, F., 1978:
Tissue damage at the injection site after intra muscular injection of drugs

Schmitz-Moormann, P.; Böger, A., 1981:
Tissue damage by fatty acids released by lipolysis. Contribution to the pathogenesis of acute pancreatitis

Jacob, H.S.; Hammerschmidt, D.H., 1982:
Tissue damage caused by activated complement and granulocytes in shock lung, post perfusion lung, and after amniotic fluid embolism: ramifications for therapy

Okafor, L.A.; Obi, J.O., 1986:
Tissue damage in sickle cell disease as assessed by serum acid phosphatase

Mueller P.; Hepke B.; Meldau U.; Raabe G., 1986:
Tissue damage the rabbit oral mucosa by acute and chronic direct toxic action of different alcohol concentrations

Wittenzellner, R., 1976:
Tissue damaging effects of ultrasound

Stieber, S.F.; Cvancara, V.A., 1977:
Tissue deamination of l amino acids in the teleost stizostedion vitreum

Martin, D.E.; Reece, M.C.; Maher, J.E.; Reese, A.C., 1988:
Tissue debris at the injury site is coated by plasma fibronectin and subsequently removed by tissue macrophages

Smith, J.H.; von Lichtenberg, F., 1976:
Tissue degradation of calcific Schistosoma haematobium eggs

Yoshizato K.; Nakajima Y., 1980:
Tissue degradation patterns of amphibian rana catesbeiana tadpole tail histological and biochemical studies

Youssef, Y.A.; Mankarios, A.T., 1975:
Tissue degrading enzymes in fusarium solani root rot of kidney bean

Henson, P.W.; Ackland, T.; Fox, R.A., 1987:
Tissue density measurement using CT scanning

Allan E.F.; Trewavas A., 1986:
Tissue dependent heterogeneity of cell growth in the root apex of pisum sativum

Agarwal, M.K.; Philippe, M.; Coupry, F., 1978:
Tissue dependent receptor binding of 9 alpha fluoro hydrocortisone

Schneider N.; Teitelbaum A.P.; Neuman W.F., 1980:
Tissue deposition and metabolism of iodine 125 labeled synthetic amino terminal parathyroid hormone

Noble, B.; Olson, K.A.; Milgrom, M.; Albini, B., 1980:
Tissue deposition of immune complexes in mice receiving daily injections of bovine serum albumin

Wang X W.; Wang N.Z.; Zhang O.Z.; Zapata Sirvent R.L.; Davies J.W.L., 1985:
Tissue deposition of silver following topical use of silver sulfadiazine in extensive burns

Stone C.J.; Mclaurin D.A.; Steinhagen W.H.; Cavender F.L.; Haseman J.K., 1979:
Tissue deposition patterns after chronic inhalation exposures of rats and guinea pigs to aluminum chlorhydrate

Gross, P.; Goodwin, M.N., 1976:
Tissue destruction in chronic pneumonitis

Uwate W.J.; Lin J., 1981:
Tissue development in the stigma of prunus avium

Dzhumankulov K.D.; Makarova L.D.; Lazer V.S., 1981:
Tissue diagnosis of mineral nutrition of fine fibered cotton

Das, N.D.; Shichi, H., 1979:
Tissue difference in gamma glutamyl trans peptidase ec attributed to sialic acid content

Mayfield, J.E.; Bonner, J., 1971:
Tissue differences in rat chromosomal rna

Kilzer P.; Chang K.; Marvel J.; Kilo C.; Williamson J.R., 1985:
Tissue differences in vascular permeability changes induced by histamine

Bandyopadhyay S.; Das J.L.; Ghosh P.D., 1988:
Tissue differentiation and buffer soluble protein patterns in wheat and triticale

Jana A.; Sen S.P., 1985:
Tissue differentiation and protein synthesis in carrot

Jana A.; Sen S.P., 1984:
Tissue differentiation and rna synthesis in carrot

Skreb, N.; Crnek, V., 1977:
Tissue differentiation in ectopic grafts after cultivation of rat embryonic shields in vitro

Ishikawa T., 1985:
Tissue differentiation in mouse teratocarcinomas in lung colonies from ascitic embryoid bodies

Trier H.G., 1977:
Tissue differentiation with ultrasound medical and technical foundations for greater tissue differentiation through time amplitude signal in impulse echo procedure

Warner N.J.; Leahey E.B.Jr; Hougen T.J.; Bigger J.T.Jr; Smith T.W., 1983:
Tissue digoxin concentrations during the quinidine digoxin interaction

Enoch P.G.; Hemstreet G.P.IIi; Fine P.R., 1981:
Tissue dis aggregation of human kidney cells followed by purification on iso kinetic and iso pycnic gradients

Hemstreet G.P.; Enoch P.G.; Pretlow T.G., 1980:
Tissue dis aggregation of human renal cell carcinoma with further isopycnic and iso kinetic gradient purification

Taylor A.; King L.J.; Marks V., 1985:
Tissue disposition and excretion of gold and carbon 14 in rats treated with carbon 14 sodium aurothiomalate or carbon 14 thiomalic acid

Johansson Brittebo E.; Tjalve H., 1979:
Tissue disposition and fate of carbon 14 labeled n ethyl n nitroso urea in mice

Bergman, K.; Danielsson, B.R.G.; D'argy, R., 1984:
Tissue disposition of carbon di sulfide 1. whole body auto radiography of sulfur 35 labeled and carbon 14 labeled carbon di sulfide in adult male mice

Danielsson, B.R.G.; Bergman, K.; D'argy, R., 1984:
Tissue disposition of carbon di sulfide 2. whole body auto radiography of sulfur 35 labeled and carbon 14 labeled carbon di sulfide in pregnant mice

Poklis A.; Maginn D.; Barr J.L., 1987:
Tissue disposition of cocaine in man a report of five poisonings

Lee Y T.N.; Chan K.K.; Harris P.A., 1982:
Tissue disposition of doxorubicin in experimental animals

Little P.J.; Reynolds M.L.; Bowman E.R.; Martin B.M., 1986:
Tissue disposition of tritiated sarin and its metabolites in mice

Sakamoto T.; Nishimura T.; Kawahara T., 1981:
Tissue distribution accumulation and excretion of hexa chloro benzene in japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Taylor, B.M.; Sun, F.F., 1980:
Tissue distribution and biliary excretion of prostacyclin metabolites in the rat

Giri, S.N.; Siegel, D.M.; Peoples, S.A., 1978:
Tissue distribution and binding of radioactivity in mouse after intra venous administration of carbon 14 3 chloro toluidine

van Lier, R.A.; Borst, J.; Vroom, T.M.; Klein, H.; Van Mourik, P.; Zeijlemaker, W.P.; Melief, C.J., 1987:
Tissue distribution and biochemical and functional properties of Tp55 (CD27), a novel T cell differentiation antigen

Higgins P.J.; Tong C.; Borenfreund E.; Okin R.S.; Bendich A., 1979:
Tissue distribution and biochemical properties of an interspecific tumor associated gamma fetal antigen

Rico, A.G.; Braun, J.P.; Benard, P.; El-Hassan, A.A.; Cazieux, A., 1977:
Tissue distribution and blood levels of gamma glutamyl transferase ec in the horse

Huh, K.; Yamamoto, I.; Gohda, E.; Iwata, H., 1976:
Tissue distribution and characteristics of xanthine oxidase and allopurinol oxidizing enzyme

Triveni A.; Rao P.R., 1986:
Tissue distribution and characterization of lactate dehydrogenase isozymes in two fishes of the order cypriniformes

Sakata J.; Mizuno K.; Matsuo H., 1986:
Tissue distribution and characterization of peptide carboxyl terminal alpha amidating activity in rat

Yoshida, Y.; Huang, F.L.; Nakabayashi, H.; Huang, K.P., 1988:
Tissue distribution and developmental expression of protein kinase C isozymes

Hill, D.W.; Bailey, E.M.; Camp, B.J., 1980:
Tissue distribution and disposition of hymenoxon

Miceli J.N.; Marks B.H., 1981:
Tissue distribution and elimination kinetics of poly brominated bi phenyls from rat tissue

Oishi H.; Oishi S., 1983:
Tissue distribution and elimination of chlorinated naphthalenes in mice

Goudie C.A.; Shelton W.L.; Parker N.C., 1986:
Tissue distribution and elimination of radiolabelled methyltestosterone fed to adult blue tilapia

Goudie C.A.; Shelton W.L.; Parker N.C., 1986:
Tissue distribution and elimination of radiolabelled methyltestosterone fed to sexually undifferentiated blue tilapia

Gingerich W.H., 1986:
Tissue distribution and elimination of rotenone in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Chu, I.; Murdoch, D.J.; Villeneuve, D.C.; Viau, A., 1987:
Tissue distribution and elimination of trichlorobenzenes in the rat

Galtier P.; Coche Y.; Alvinerie M., 1983:
Tissue distribution and elimination of tritium labeled levamisole in the rat after oral and intra muscular administration

Sakamoto T., 1982:
Tissue distribution and excretion of 4 5 carbon 14 labeled ethylene thio urea in male japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Weigel, W.W.; Plotnick, H.B.; Conner, W.L., 1978:
Tissue distribution and excretion of carbon 14 epi chlorohydrin in male and female rats

Unger, P.D.; Salerno, A.J.; Ness, W.C.; Freidman, M.A., 1980:
Tissue distribution and excretion of carbon 14 labeled 2 4 toluenediamine in the mouse

Plotnick H.B.; Weigel W.W., 1979:
Tissue distribution and excretion of carbon 14 styrene in male and female rats

Cahill W.P.; Crowder L.A., 1979:
Tissue distribution and excretion of diphacinone in the mouse

Yamaguchi Y.; Kawano M.; Tatsukawa R., 1986:
Tissue distribution and excretion of hexabromobenzene and hexachlorobenzene administration to rats

Yamaguchi Y.; Kawano M.; Tatsukawa R., 1988:
Tissue distribution and excretion of hexabromobenzene and its debrominated metabolites in the rat

Prelusky D.B.; Hamilton R.M.G.; Trenholm H.L.; Miller J.D., 1986:
Tissue distribution and excretion of radioactivity following administration of carbon 14 labeled deoxynivalenol to white leghorn hens

Zhu S P.; Wang C D.; Cao G F.; Wang L Y., 1987:
Tissue distribution and excretion of thulium 170 rats

Chopra R.C.; Arora S.P., 1979:
Tissue distribution and excretion pattern of chromium 51 in animals

Khirwar, S.S.; Arora, S.P., 1975:
Tissue distribution and excretion pattern of selenium 75 in animals

Andersson, P.; Appelgren, L.E.; Ryrfeldt, A., 1986:
Tissue distribution and fate of budesonide in the mouse

Rao L.S.; Hardy J.G.; Wilson C.G., 1983:
Tissue distribution and fate of free and liposome encapsulated antimony 125 labeled sodium stibo gluconate by gamma scintigraphy

Cheng J.B.; Lang D.; Bewtra A.; Townley R.G., 1985:
Tissue distribution and functional correlation of tritium labeled leukotriene c 4 and tritium labeled leukotriene d 4 binding sites in guinea pig uterus and lung preparations

Hedin, L.; Mcknight, G.S.; Lifka, J.; Durica, J.M.; Richards, J.S., 1987:
Tissue distribution and hormonal regulation of messenger rna for regulatory and catalytic subunits of adenosine 3' 5' amp dependent protein kinases during ovarian follicular development and luteinization in the rat

Strich G.; Hagan P.L.; Gerber K.H.; Slutsky R.A., 1985:
Tissue distribution and magnetic resonance spin lattice relaxation effects of gadolinium diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid

Mabee, M.S.; Chipley, J.R., 1973:
Tissue distribution and metabolism of afla toxin b 1 carbon 14 in broiler chickens

Hori, R.; Yoshida, H.; Okumura, K., 1979:
Tissue distribution and metabolism of drugs 4. accumulation and penetration of some antibiotics in rat lungs

Arakawa, M.; Okumura, K.; Hori, R., 1980:
Tissue distribution and metabolism of drugs 5. effect of secretin and pancreozymin on drug transport in rabbit pancreas

Okumura K.; Arakawa M.; Hori R., 1980:
Tissue distribution and metabolism of drugs 6 effect of second drugs on pancreatic distribution and insulin releasing activity of sulfonyl ureas in perfused rat pancreas

Hori, R.; Sunayashiki, K.; Kamiya, A., 1978:
Tissue distribution and metabolism of drugs part 1 quantitative investigation on renal handling of phenolsulfonphthalein and sulfonamides in rabbits

Hori, R.; Arakawa, M.; Okumura, K., 1978:
Tissue distribution and metabolism of drugs part 2 accumulation and permeation of drugs in the rabbit pancreas

Okumura, K.; Yoshida, H.; Hori, R., 1978:
Tissue distribution and metabolism of drugs part 3 accumulation of drugs by the isolated perfused rat lung

Frei, J.V.; Lawley, P.D., 1976:
Tissue distribution and mode of dna methylation in mice by methyl methanesulfonate and n methyl n nitro n nitroso guanidine lack of thymic lymphoma induction and low extent of methylation of target tissue dna at o 6 of guanine

Iguchi, H.; Chan, J.S.; Seidah, N.G.; Chrétien, M., 1984:
Tissue distribution and molecular forms of a novel pituitary protein in the rat

Bjelland S., 1987:
Tissue distribution and molecular heterogeneity of bovine thiol protein disulfide oxidoreductase disulfide interchange enzyme

Nooter, K.; Sonneveld, P.; Martens, A.; Hagenbeek, A.; Schultz, F., 1986:
Tissue distribution and myelotoxicity of daunomycin in the rat rapid bolus injection vs. continuous infusion

Peault, B.; Coltey, M.; L.D.uarin, N.M., 1982:
Tissue distribution and ontogenetic emergence of differentiation antigens on avian T cells

Nakano N.; Nagahara A.; Shimizu T.; Aibara K.; Fujimoto Y.; Morooka N.; Tatsuno T., 1979:
Tissue distribution and pattern of excretion of carbon 14 labeled 12 13 epoxy trichothec 9 ene in mice and rats

Kiwada, H.; Niimura, H.; Kato, Y., 1985:
Tissue distribution and pharmacokinetic evaluation of the targeting efficiency of synthetic alkyl glycoside vesicles

Ansari G.A.S.; Hendrix P.Y., 1985:
Tissue distribution and pharmacokinetics of 3 tert methyl carbon 14 butyl 4 hydroxyanisole in rats

Taylor M.J.; Sharma R.P.; Bourcier D.R., 1984:
Tissue distribution and pharmacokinetics of tritium labeled butylated hydroxyanisole in female mice

St-Aubin, D.; Geraci, J.R., 1977:
Tissue distribution and plasma levels of liver enzymes in phocid seals

Liao T.F.; Oehme F.W., 1981:
Tissue distribution and plasma protein binding of carbon 14 labeled phenol in rats

Monjelo L.A.S.; Cordeiro A.R., 1979:
Tissue distribution and population variability of esterases in cavia aperea

Mason, D.W.; Gallico, G.G., 1978:
Tissue distribution and quantitation of ia immune response associated like antigens in the rat

Nouws, J.F.M.; Ziv, G., 1978:
Tissue distribution and residues of antibiotics in normal and emergency slaughtered dairy cows after intra mammary treatment

Vahter M.; Marafante E.; Dencker L., 1984:
Tissue distribution and retention of arsenic 74 labeled di methyl arsinic acid in mice and rats

Wong K L.; Klaassen C.D., 1980:
Tissue distribution and retention of cadmium in rats during post natal development minimal role of hepatic metallo thionein

Kariya T.; Dage R.C., 1988:
Tissue distribution and selective inhibition of subtypes of high affinity cyclic amp phosphodiesterase

Vahter M.; Marafante E.; Lindgren A.; Dencker L., 1982:
Tissue distribution and sub cellular binding of arsenic in marmoset monkeys after injection of arsenic 74 labeled arsenite

Holmgren, A.; Luthman, M., 1978:
Tissue distribution and sub cellular localization of bovine thioredoxin determined by radio immunoassay

Siehl, D.L.; Singh, B.K.; Conn, E.E., 1986 :
Tissue Distribution and Subcellular Localization of Prephenate Aminotransferase in Leaves of Sorghum bicolor

Scully, N.C.; Mantle, T.J., 1981:
Tissue distribution and subunit structures of the multiple forms of glutathione s transferase ec in the rat

Boland, J.; Atkinson, K.; Britton, K.; Darveniza, P.; Johnson, S.; Biggs, J., 1984:
Tissue distribution and toxicity of cyclosporin A in the mouse

Richardson V.J.; Ryman B.E.; Jewkes R.F.; Jeyasingh K.; Tattersall M.N.H.; Newlands E.S.; Kaye S.B., 1979:
Tissue distribution and tumor localization of technetium 99m labeled liposomes in cancer patients

Kowarski, S.; Cowen, L.A.; Takahashi, M.T.; Schachter, D., 1987:
Tissue distribution and vitamin D dependence of IMCAL in the rat

Kusuda, J.; Koga, K.; Hayashi, K., 1978:
Tissue distribution developmental changes and some catalytic properties of cyclic gmp dependent protein kinase of bombyx mori

Kato, K.; Shimizu, A.; Semba, R.; Satoh, T., 1985:
Tissue distribution developmental profiles and effect of denervation of enolase ec isozymes in rat muscles

Wagner, O.; Schreier, E.; Heitz, F.; Maurer, G., 1987:
Tissue distribution, disposition, and metabolism of cyclosporine in rats

Singh R.A.; Singh S.N., 1988:
Tissue distribution effect of starvation and seasonal variation of arginase in the freshwater teleost clarias batrachus l

Olson J.R.; Gasiewicz T.A.; Neal R.A., 1980:
Tissue distribution excretion and metabolism of 2 3 7 8 tetra chloro di benzo p dioxin in the golden syrian hamster

Schousboe A.; Hjeds H.; Engler J.; Krogsgaard Larsen P.; Wood J.D., 1986:
Tissue distribution metabolism anticonvulsant efficacy and effect on brain amino acid levels of the glia selective gamma aminobutyric acid transport inhibitor 4 5 6 7 tetrahydroisoxazolo 4 5 c pyridin 3 ol in mice and chicks

Korfmacher W.A.; Hansen E.B.Jr; Rowland K.L., 1986:
Tissue distribution of 2 3 7 8 tetrachlorodibenzo p dioxin in bullfrogs rana catesbeiana obtained from a 2 3 7 8 tetrachlorodibenzo p dioxin contaminated area

Shani J.; Lieberman L.M.; Samuni A.; Schlesinger T.; Cais M., 1982:
Tissue distribution of 2 mercury 203 labeled estradiol and 4 mercury 203 labeled estradiol in mammary tumor bearing rats

Nikolau, B.J.; Wurtele, E.S.; Stumpf, P.K., 1984:
Tissue distribution of acetyl coenzyme a carboxylase ec in leaves

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