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Timolol inhibition of isoproterenol action 1. effects on aqueous humor production and intra ocular pressure

Macri, F.J.; Cevario, S.J.; Halel, H.J.

General Pharmacology 11(2): 207-212


ISSN/ISBN: 0306-3623
Accession: 006809130

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Experiments were performed with enucleated, arterially perfused cat eyes. Timolol blocked the aqueous humor (AH) depressant action of D,L-isoproterenol but had no effect on the similar actions of L-epinephrine or L-norepinephrine. The ocular hypotensive effect of the 3 adrenergic amines were unaltered by timolol. Although the AH actions of D,L-isoproterenol were blocked by timolol, the ability of isoproterenol to lower intraocular pressure remained intact.

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