Tissue carcino embryonic content and carcino embryonic antigen specific staining in a case of carcino embryonic producing jejunal cancer

Miyata, J.

Stomach and Intestine 17(9): 989-992


ISSN/ISBN: 0536-2180
Accession: 006809548

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A 51-yr-old woman with abdominal discomfort and intermittent vomiting was seen. Investigation showed high serum CEA level (37 ng/ml) and severe hypochromic anemia. A narrowed lesion located in the jejunum, 20 cm distal to Treitz's ligament, was noted by Ba meal examination and superior mesenteric arteriography demonstrated a tumor staining consistent with this lesion. Under diagnosis of jejunal cancer, laparotomy was performed. A localized narrowed lesion existed in the jejunum with several metastatically enlarged nodes. In Douglas' pouch, a disseminated metastatic lesion was found. A histological study of the resected specimen revealed a moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma with serosal infiltration. Postoperatively, the serum CEA level decreased to 23 ng/ml, but elevated again when lung and liver metastases were found. The patient died of multiple tumor relapse 1 yr after the operation. Tissue CEA content of the resected specimen was measured and CEA staining using the immunoperoxidase method was performed. Tissue CEA content of the lesion, where CEA was stained positively, was 27,000 ng/wet g, which was 30 times higher than that of the adjacent normal jejunum. This tumor was diagnosed as a CEA-producing cancer in the jejunum.