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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6812

Chapter 6812 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Espmark, A., 1978: Tissue typing of cells in culture part 4 cell surface antigens of tumor cell lines not obviously belonging to the hl a system

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Van Der Westhuyzen J., 1986: Tissue vitamin b 12 levels in bat sucklings rousettus aegyptiacus born of vitamin b 12 deficient mothers

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Sobrado M.A., 1986: Tissue water relations and leaf growth of tropical corn zea mays cultivars under water deficits

Nazrul Islam A.K.M., 1983: Tissue water relations in a range of plant species and its ecological significance

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Pausescu E.; Popescu M.; Chirvasie R., 1977: Tissular cyclic amp levels after treatments with prostaglandins

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Kovacs A.; Meszaros M., 1986: Tisza europe water as irrigation water polluted with various compounds

Heads P.A.; Lawton J.H., 1983: Tit parus caeruleus predation on the holly leaf miner phytomyza ilicis the effect of prickly leaves

Ali Khan S.T., 1986: Titan field pea pisum sativum

Semlitsch M.; Staud F.; Weber H. , 1985: Titanium aluminum niobium alloy development for biocompatible high strength surgical implants

Bourcier D.R.; Hindin E.; Cook J.C., 1980: Titanium and tungsten in highway runoff at pullman washington usa

Birse E.F.; Mckenzie A.; Murray A.W., 1988: Titanium as a regio selective and stereo selective control element in the reaction of alpha alkoxyallylic phosphine oxide anions with carbonyl compounds

James, H. I., 1978: Titanium as an a node and as a container for the heart pacemaker an accelerated test

Abbasi S.A., 1987: Titanium as pollutant and a new method for its spectrophotometric and atomic absorption spectrometric microdetermination with n p methoxyphenyl 2 furylacrylohydroxamic acid

Franco, D.; Labianca, M.; Smadja, C.; Fragoso, J.; Halabi, S., 1988: Titanium catheter tip for peritoneovenous shunts

Venugopalan B.; Iyer S.S.; De Souza N.J., 1985: Titanium chloride induced functionalization of dibenzo b f 1 4 diazocine 6 11 5h 12h diones

Von-Holst, H.; Bergstrom, M.; Moller, A.; Steiner, L.; Ribbe, T., 1977: Titanium clips in neuro surgery for elimination of artifacts in computer tomography

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Tashirev A.V., 1988: Titanium sterilization by autoclaving in the oxygen free atmosphere

Gennari C.; Schimperna G.; Venturini I., 1988: Titanium tetrachloride mediated reactions of silyl ketene acetals derived from n methylephedrine esters asymmetric synthesis of beta lactams

Busulini A.; Tessier G.; Visentin M., 1984: Titanocarcinus aculeatus new species of eocene crab from venetia italy/

Cozak D.; Mardhy A.; Morneau A., 1986: Titanocene derivatives of purine and adenine synthesis and characterization of reaction products with dicyclopentadienyldicarbonyltitanium ii dicyclopentadienylmonochlorotitanium iii and dicyclopentadienyldichlorotitanium iv

Itono H.; Tsuda R.T., 1980: Titanophora marianensis new species nemastomataceae rhodophyta from guam

Mckinney M.L.; Schoch R.M., 1985: Titanothere allometry heterochrony and biomechanics revising an evolutionary classic

Estupinan A.J.; Barrera V.J.; Restrepo S.G.; Cardona A.U.; De Gerardino A.G.; Lobo A.C.A., 1979: Titer differences of antibodies to virus infection associated antigen in infected and vaccinated bovines

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Namba, K., 1988: Titer of anti streptococcal antibody in behcet's disease

Buhrlen U.; Emmerich H.; Rembold H., 1984: Titer of juvenile hormone iii in drosophila hydei during metamorphosis determined by gas chromatography mass spectroscopy

Rojas R.M.; Saenz E.; Willis S.; Solano D., 1983: Titer of natural and immune antibodies in group o donors

Sharma S.; Das R.K.; Devi G., 1979: Titer of ranikhet disease virus in different organs of infected chicks and fowl

Seifers D.L.; Caceres J., 1988: Titer variation in infected sorghum differing in resistance to maize dwarf mosaic virus strain b

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Mccaffery A.R.; Mcdowell P.G., 1987: Titers of precocene ii 6 7 dimethoxy 2 dimethylchromene and its metabolites in the hemolymph of larvae of the african armyworm spodoptera exempta walker following topical treatment with the compound

Korenberg E.I.; Pchelkina A.A., 1984: Titers of the tick borne encephalitis virus in engorged adult ixodes persulcatus ticks

Ratiani, R. V., 1975: Tithonian fauna of the region of the city of zhinvali georgian ssr ussr

Hill C.S.; Duran S.; Lin Z.; Weber K.; Holtzer H., 1986: Titin and myosin but not desmin are linked during myofibrillogenesis in postmitotic mononucleated myoblasts

Wang K.; Ramirez Mitchell R.; Palter D., 1984: Titin is an extraordinarily long flexible and slender myo fibrillar protein

Wang K.; Mcclure J.; Tu A., 1979: Titin major myo fibrillar components of striated muscle

Lemons J., 1987: Title 16 usa code 55 and its implications for management of concession facilities in yosemite national park california

Wolf, V. S., 1977: Titling biological papers for proper storage and retrieval

Bernetti R.; Owen R., 1983: Titratable acidity in corn syrup collaborative study

Stadtman, F. H.; Buhlert, J. E.; Marsh, G. L., 1977: Titratable acidity of tomato juice as affected by break procedure

Harrison R.W.; Woodward C.; Thompson E., 1983: Titratable effects of p chloromercuriphenyl sulfonate a thiol attacking reagent on gluco corticoid receptor binding

Pointel J.P.; Boccalon H.; Cloarec M.; Ledevehat C.; Joubert M., 1987: Titrated extract of centella asiatica teca in the treatment of venous insufficiency of the lower limbs

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Draper W.L., 1979: Titration and optimal dose treatment vs conventional treatment for allergy

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Ogasawara, N.; Inoue, Y., 1976: Titration and temperature dependent properties of homo di nucleoside mono phosphates evaluation of stacking equilibrium quotients for neutral and half ionized adenylyl 3 5 adenosine cytidylyl 3 5 cytidine guanylyl 3 5 guanosine and uridylyl 3 5 uridine

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Hansen F.G.; Koefoed S.; Sorensen L.; Atlung T., 1987: Titration of dna a protein by ori c dna a boxes increases dna a gene expression in escherichia coli

Chalas J.; Leluc R., 1987: Titration of fructosamine centrifugal machine cobas bio importance of white reagent

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Gritz, E. R.; Baer-Weiss, V.; Jarvik, M. E., 1976: Titration of nicotine intake with full length and half length cigarettes

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Husson Van Vliet J., 1986: Titration of poliovaccines improvement of end point microassays by means of dose response curves

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Postius S.; Platt D., 1981: Titration of rat liver with digitonin a well defined short term damage of cellular metabolism

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Dupont, Y.; Chapron, Y.; Pougeois, R., 1982: Titration of the nucleotide binding sites of sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase with 2' 3' o 2 4 6 tri nitro phenyl atp 2 3' o 2 4 6 tri nitrophenyl adp

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