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Chapter 6,812

Tobramycin concentration in human aqueous humor after intravenous administration

Hayashi, M.; Ito, S.; Miyashiro, H.

Nippon Ganka Gakkai Zasshi 91(11): 1068-1072


ISSN/ISBN: 0029-0203
PMID: 3445835
Accession: 006811619

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The penetration of tobramycin (TOB) into the human aqueous humor was measured after intravenous drip injection of 60mg TOB. The mean aqueous concentration of TOB was 0.45.mu.g/ml. It was not a therapeutically effective level. However, the aqueous level of over 80 year-old patients was 0.95.mu.g/ml, which was clearly higher than that of the under 80-year-old group, 0.26.mu.g/ml. If we consider the destruction of the blood-ocular barrier on infection, these data suggests that TOB injected intravenously may be of value in the treatment of ocular infection among aged patients.

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