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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6815

Chapter 6815 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Veselovskii, M. V.; Vronskii, A. A.; Khadzhinskii, V. G., 1978: Topography and branching of the cervico thoracic section of the vagus nerve in some dolphins delphinidae odontoceti

Clemente C., 1979: Topography and clinical characteristics of malignant tumors of the urachus

Wallace, C. C.; Lovell, E. R., 1977: Topography and coral distribution of bushy and redbill islands and surrounding reef great barrier reef queensland australia

Tulleken C.A.F., 1987: Topography and cortical generators of somatosensory potentials evoked by median nerve stimulation in the cat

Albus K., 1981: Topography and cortical projections of morphologically identified neurons in the visual thalamus of the cat

Goncharova, N. V.; Davydova, T. V., 1977: Topography and cyto architectonics of the main cortical zones of the pond tortoise fore brain

Martineau G.P., 1986: Topography and differential growth of the nasal ventral concha os conchae nasalis ventralis of the pig from birth to six weeks of age

Assmann G., 1984: Topography and dynamics of receptors for acetylated and malondialdehyde modified low density lipoprotein in the plasma membrane of mouse peritoneal macrophages as visualized by colloidal gold in conjunction with surface replicas

Rosenberg J., 1979: Topography and fine structure of the maxillary nephridium of scutigera coleoptrata chilopoda notostigmophora

Arezzo, J. C.; Vaughan, H. G. Jr ; Legatt, A. D., 1981: Topography and intra cranial sources of somato sensory evoked potentials in the monkey macaca mulatta 2. cortical components

Vaughan H.G.Jr, 1979: Topography and intra cranial sources of somato sensory evoked potentials in the monkey part 1 early components

Sinden, R. R.; Cole, R. S., 1978: Topography and kinetics of genetic recombination in escherichia coli treated with psoralen and light

Kuder T., 1985: Topography and macroscopic structure of parasympathetic ganglia connected with the trigeminal nerve in midday gerbil meriones meridianus mammalia rodentia

Parry, G.; Davie, C.; Williams, D. J., 1977: Topography and mobility of ribosomes on the surface of isolated endoplasmic reticulum of rat liver

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814015

Pauli, B. U.; Friedell, G. H.; Weinstein, R. S., 1978: Topography and numerical densities of intra membrane particles in chemical carcinogen induced urinary bladder carcinomas in fischer rats

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814017

Gabain L.I., 1987: Topography and parameters of intertrabecular spaces in the cardiac ventricles of humans and some laboratory animals

Hart G.W., 1984: Topography and poly peptide distribution of terminal n acetyl glucosamine residues on the surfaces of intact lymphocytes evidence for o linked n acetyl glucosamine

Buchbinder A., 1986: Topography and possible physiological significance of electroencephalogram amplitude variability in psychosis

Gusatinskii V.N., 1979: Topography and protein synthesis level in large pyramidal neurons during sleeping and waking states

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814022

Bragin, A. G.; Zhadina, S. D.; Vinogradova, O. S.; Kozheckin, S. N., 1977: Topography and some characteristics of the dentate fascia field ca 3 relations investigated in hippocampal slices in vitro

Berezov T.T., 1979: Topography and some physicochemical and kinetic properties of trans aminases of branched amino acids in stomach mucosa and pancreas

Traut R.R., 1987: Topography and stoichiometry of acidic proteins in large ribosomal subunits from artemia salina as determined by crosslinking

Motorina M.V., 1982: Topography and structural features of synapses in the reticulo spinal system of the frog brain

Szatkowski E., 1987: Topography and structure of corpus striatum in insectivora

Krawczuk A., 1983: Topography and structure of habenular nuclei in 4 species of insectivora

Kulczynski B., 1980: Topography and structure of tympanic plexus

Kazimierczak, J., 1978: Topography and structure of vasculature in developing cortex of rat kidney

Forgac M., 1988: Topography and subunit stoichiometry of the coated vesicle proton pump

Hay B.J., 1982: Topography and tectonics of the taconic outer trench slope as revealed through gradient analysis of fossil assemblages

Costa J.L., 1979: Topography and thickness of air dried human platelets measured by correlative transmission electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy

Pandya D.N., 1985: Topography and trajectories of commissural fibers of the superior temporal region in the rhesus monkey

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814035

Loo S.K., 1987: Topography and ultrastructure of sensory nerve endings in the joint capsules of the kowari dasyuroides byrnei an australian marsupial

Cornillie F.J., 1984: Topography and ultrastructure of the uterine lymphatics in the rat

Timmermans J P., 1987: Topography architecture and structure of the plexus submucosus externus schabadasch of the porcine small intestine in scanning electron microscopy

Timmermans J P., 1987: Topography architecture and structure of the plexus submucosus internus meissner of the porcine small intestine in scanning electron microscopy

Ruth, R. E.; Collier, T. J.; Routtenberg, A., 1982: Topography between the entorhinal cortex and the dentate septo temporal axis in rats 1. medial and intermediate entorhinal projecting cells

Charlton J., 1981: Topography cyto architecture and sulcal patterns in primary somatic sensory cortex sm i prosimian primate perodicticus potto

Zanger K., 1986: Topography histology and ultrastructure of the gut of pauropus huxleyi pauropoda tetramerocerata

Munoz E., 1985: Topography in relation to activity of the f 1 atpase of micrococcus lysodeikticus micrococcus luteus a study using trypsin digestion and hydrophobic interaction chromatography

Ehresmann C., 1981: Topography of 16s ribosomal rna in 30s subunits and 70s ribosomes accessibility to cobra naja oxiana venom rnase

Kopylov A.M., 1981: Topography of 18s ribosomal rna within the small ribosomal subunit from yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cytoplasm hydrolysis with rnase t 1

Gvichiya A.Sh, 1980: Topography of 22a ascites hepatoma cell surface in the process of contact interaction with solid substrate

Lo, A. C.; Nazar, R. N., 1982: Topography of 5.8s ribosomal rna in rat liver ribosomes identification of di ethyl pyro carbonate reactive sites

George S., 1979: Topography of a flexible ribo nucleo protein helix protein protein contacts in sendai virus nucleo capsids

Lyubimova, Z. V.; Esakov, A. I., 1978: Topography of accessory structures of chemo receptor and mechano receptor formations of the adult rat tongue based on results of scanning microscopy

Braunitzer G., 1986: Topography of all tyrosine residues in subtilisin dy

Chebkasov, S. A.; Podladchikova, L. N.; Gulyakova, L. A., 1976: Topography of areas of optic projections of the cortex in the guinea pig brain

Pilgrim C., 1988: Topography of basal glucose utilization in the hippocampus determined with 1 carbon 14 glucose and 6 carbon 14 glucose

Seon, B. K.; Roholt, O. A.; Pressman, D., 1971: Topography of bence jones protein determination of the reactivities of tyrosines and histidines to iodination

Thompson C.J., 1980: Topography of bilateral movement evoked thalamic cellular activity found during diencephalic recording

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814056

Traverso G., 1983: Topography of brain electrical activity a bioengineering approach

Myers R.E., 1985: Topography of brain metabolites rhesus monkey goat and cat

Goldschmeding, J. T.; Bruins, H. J.; Everts, W. M., 1977: Topography of buccal and cerebral neurons involved in feeding in the fresh water snail lymnaea stagnalis

Fenstermacher J.D., 1987: Topography of capillary density glucose metabolism and microvascular function within the rat inferior colliculus

Bailey J., 1985: Topography of cell glass apposition revealed by total internal reflection fluorescence of volume markers

Hayashi K., 1987: Topography of cell wall lytic enzyme in chlamydomonas reinhardtii form and location of the stored enzyme in vegetative cell and gamete

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814063

Koletar S.L., 1979: Topography of cerebellar cortico nuclear fibers of the albino rat vermis of anterior and posterior lobes

Wolinsky J., 1983: Topography of cerebroside sulfo transferase in golgi enriched vesicles from rat brain

Pruglo-Yu, V., 1976: Topography of changes in the gastro duodenal mucosa in chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer

Palkovits, M., 1978: Topography of chemically identified neurons in the central nervous system a review

Goodenough U.W., 1983: Topography of chlamydomonas reinhardi fine structure and poly peptide components of the gametic flagellar membrane surface and the cell wall

Iversen S.D., 1986: Topography of choline acetyltransferase immunoreactive neurons and fibers in the rat spinal cord

Fonnum F., 1987: Topography of cholinergic and substance p pathways in the habenulo interpeduncular system of the rat an immunocytochemical and microchemical approach

Okhotin V.E., 1984: Topography of cholinergic synaptic transmission neurons in the cerebral trunk of human fetuses

Castro A.J., 1986: Topography of corticopontine remodeling after cortical lesions in newborn rats

Baker, R. E.; Corner, M. A.; Veltman, W. A. M., 1978: Topography of cutaneous mechano receptive neurons in dorsal root ganglia of skin grafted frogs

Cramer, F.; Bergmann, U.; Manor, P. C.; Noltemeyer, M.; Saenger, W., 1976: Topography of cyclo dextrin inclusion compounds part 9 linear poly iodide chains in cyclo dextrin channels crystallographic data and comparison with the blue starch poly iodide complex

Lipkin V.M., 1985: Topography of cysteine residues in the dna dependent rna polymerase

Silverman M.S., 1985: Topography of cytochrome oxidase activity in own monkey aotus trivirgatus cortex

Grottel K., 1979: Topography of dendrites of neurons of substantia intermedia of spinal thoracic segment in cat

Grottel, K.; Hofman, T., 1978: Topography of dendrites of neurons of thoracic lateral horns in cat spinal cord

Rabes, H.; Tuczek, H. V., 1967: Topography of dna synthesis after partial hepatectomy rat

Cafmeyer N., 1983: Topography of dolichyl phosphate synthesis in rat liver microsomes trans bi layer arrangement of dolichol kinase and long chain prenyl transferase

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814081

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814082

Mcbride J.S., 1987: Topography of epitopes on a polymorphic schizont antigen of plasmodium falciparum determined by the binding of monoclonal antibodies in a two site radioimmunoassay

Hasnain, S.; Visentin, L. P.; Kaplan, H., 1977: Topography of escherichia coli ribosomal protein l 12 in situ

Bakardjieva, A.; Crichton, R. R., 1974: Topography of escherichia coli ribosomal proteins the order of reactivity of thiol groups

Kim, Y. S.; Stumpf, W. E.; Sar, M., 1978: Topography of estrogen target cells in the fore brain of goldfish carassius auratus

Yamada M O., 1987: Topography of fluorescence and its possible composites in human teeth

Rosen S., 1986: Topography of focal proximal tubular necrosis after ischemia with reflow in the rat kidney

Bianki, V. L.; Filippova, E. B., 1976: Topography of functional inter hemispheric asymmetry in the visual cortex

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814090

Chiu, T. C.; Babitch, J. A., 1978: Topography of glyco proteins in the chick synaptosomal plasma membrane

Hirschberg C.B., 1986: Topography of glycosylation reactions in the rough endoplasmic reticulum membrane

Popovich, T. V.; Polenov, A. L., 1976: Topography of gomori positive neuro secretory elements of the hypothalamus in the lemmings dicrostonyx torquatus and lemmus sibiricus

Zientarski B., 1982: Topography of hepatic veins in man

Waessle, H.; Peichl, L.; Boycott, B. B., 1978: Topography of horizontal cells in the retina of the domestic cat

Cook C.L., 1985: Topography of human placental receptors for epidermal growth factor

Schmid, K.; Chen, L. C. H.; Occhino, J. C.; Foster, J. A.; Sperandio, K., 1976: Topography of human plasma alpha 1 acid glyco protein

Sanfilippo J.S., 1983: Topography of human uterine prostaglandin e and prostaglandin f 2 alpha receptors and their profiles during pathological states

Vovchuk S.V., 1981: Topography of hydrolytic enzymes in oral cavity mucosa of rats and dogs

Yakovleva Z.M., 1979: Topography of infectious threads in root nodules of legumes

Rowe, M. J., 1977: Topography of inhibitory actions from the cerebral cortex on the climbing fiber input to cerebellar purkinje cells

Van Sluyters R.C., 1988: Topography of interhemispheric connections in neocortex in mice with congenital deficiencies of the callosal commissure

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814103

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814104

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814105

Dambska, M.; Dydyk, L.; Szretter, T.; Wozniewicz, J.; Myers, R. E., 1976: Topography of lesions in new born and infant brains following cardiac arrest and resuscitation damage to brain stem and hemispheres

Coyle J.T., 1986: Topography of locomotor behavior in the chick

Davis J.N., 1983: Topography of locus ceruleus neurons projecting to the area dentata

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814109

Shulepov A.V., 1986: Topography of lymph nodes and some characteristics of the metastasis of malignant renal tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814111

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814112

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814113

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814114

Tandon V., 1985: Topography of nervous system in 2 pouched paramphistomes

Watanabe, M.; Frelinger, A. L-Iii ; Rutishauser, U., 1986: Topography of neural cell adhesion molecule structural and functional determinants i. classification of monoclonal antibody epitopes

Frelinger, A. L-Iii ; Rutishauser, U., 1986: Topography of neural cell adhesion molecule structural and functional determinants ii. placement of monoclonal antibody epitopes

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814118

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814119

Jouvet M., 1988: Topography of neurophysin immunoreactive neurons projecting to the neurohypophysis direct evidence as revealed by a double staining method

Wetzel, B.; Sanford, K. K.; Fox, C. H.; Jones, G. M.; Westbrook, E. W.; Tarone, R. E., 1977: Topography of nonneoplastic and neoplastic cells of common origin

Gabbay, E. J.; Kleinman, R. W., 1970: Topography of nucleic acid helices in solutions the interaction specificities of optically active amino acid derivatives

Pandya D.N., 1986: Topography of occipital lobe commissural connections in the rhesus monkey

Gautheron D.C., 1986: Topography of oligomycin sensitivity conferring protein in the mitochondrial atpase atp synthase

Muehlradt, P. F., 1976: Topography of outer membrane assembly in salmonella

Dierks T., 1988: Topography of p300 in psychiatry cognitive p300 fields in dementia

Dierks T., 1988: Topography of p300 in psychiatry cognitive p300 fields in psychoses

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814128

Nanninga N., 1987: Topography of peptidoglycan synthesis during elongation and polar cap formation in a cell division mutant of escherichia coli mc4100

Kingsbury D.W., 1982: Topography of phosphate residues in sendai virus proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814131

Ball M.J., 1979: Topography of pick inclusion bodies in hippocampi of demented patients a quantitative study

Kamen, R.; Shure, H., 1976: Topography of polyoma virus messenger rna molecules

Manor H., 1979: Topography of polyoma virus specific giant nuclear rna molecules containing poly adenylic acid sequences

Brunner P., 1980: Topography of post traumatic fat embolism histological and statistical investigation of gough sections of the lung

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814136

Mark R., 1984: Topography of primary visual centers in the brain of the chick gallus gallus

Wright D.J., 1986: Topography of projections from the medial prefrontal cortex to the amygdala in the rat

Padel, Y.; Smith, A. M.; Armand, J., 1973: Topography of projections from the motor cortex to rubro spinal units in the cat

Yanagimoto K.C., 1988: Topography of protein kinase c substrates analyzed by membrane splitting

Scott R.E., 1984: Topography of protein kinases and phosphoproteins in the plasma membrane of 3t3 cells

Gorshkov V.A., 1980: Topography of proteolytic activity in the gastro duodenal region in some diseases of the stomach and duodenum

Blaszczyk B., 1985: Topography of rami communicantes of the pelvic part of the sympathetic trunk in human fetuses

Goufman E.I., 1985: Topography of rat hypothalamic paraventricular subnuclei and their neuronal responsiveness to insulin deficiency

Ness G.C., 1984: Topography of rat liver microsomal 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase

Martin J.R. , 1983: Topography of re myelinated chronic spinal cord lesions in herpes simplex virus type 2 infections of mice

Feher G., 1982: Topography of reaction center subunits in the membrane of the photosynthetic bacterium rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides

Schauwecker E., 1985: Topography of regenerating optic fibers in goldfish traced with local wheat germ injections into retina evidence for discontinuous microtopography in the retinotectal projection

Sharma S.C., 1984: Topography of retinal axons in the diencephalon of goldfish carassius auratus

Haelbig W., 1980: Topography of retinal representation in the rabbit cortex an experimental study using trans neuronal and retrograde tracing techniques

Sharma S.C., 1986: Topography of retinodiencephalic projections in adult channel catfish ictalurus punctatus

Shnyrov V.L., 1983: Topography of retinyl binding site in the bacterio rhod opsin reduced derivatives

Hargrave P.A., 1981: Topography of rhod opsin in retinal rod outer segment disc membranes photochemical labeling with 1 azido pyrene

Hargrave P.A., 1980: Topography of rhod opsin in rod outer segment disc membranes photochemical labeling with n 4 azido 2 nitrophenyl 2 amino ethanesulfonate

Teterina, N. L.; Kopylov, A. M.; Bogdanov, A. A., 1978: Topography of ribosomal rna in ribosomes effect of pancreatic rnase on the small ribosomal subunit

Mochalova, L. V.; Shatsky, I. N.; Bogdanov, A. A.; Vasiliev, V. D., 1982: Topography of rna in the ribosome localization of the 16s rna 5' end by immune electron microscopy

Padel, Y.; Armand, J.; Smith, A. M., 1972: Topography of rubro spinal units in the cat

Duff T.A., 1980: Topography of scalp recorded potentials evoked by stimulation of the digits

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814159

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814160

Hirschberg C.B., 1981: Topography of sialo glyco proteins and sialyl transferases in mouse and rat liver golgi

Cleland G.G., 1982: Topography of signal centered behavior in the rat effects of deprivation state and reinforcer type

Pylaev A.S., 1984: Topography of small intensely fluorescent cells in rat lumbar sympathetic ganglia

Jacque C., 1979: Topography of soluble glial fibrillary acidic protein in aged human brain

Beck D.O., 1984: Topography of somato sensory evoked potentials after stimulation of the median nerve

Kadoya C., 1988: Topography of somatosensory evoked potentials to median nerve stimulation in patients with cerebral lesions

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814167

Castro A.J., 1984: Topography of spinal dorsal column nuclear and spinal trigeminal projections to the pontine gray in rats

Schmitt, P.; Paunovic, V. R., 1975: Topography of stimulation sites with aversive effects in the rats medial hypothalamus

Hauser K., 1987: Topography of substantia nigra innervation by d 1 receptor containing striatal neurons

Tegtmeyer P., 1983: Topography of sv 40 a protein dna complexes arrangement of penta nucleotide interaction sites at the origin of replication

Ryder K., 1983: Topography of sv 40 a protein dna complexes arrangement of protein bound to the origin of replication

Reents T., 1980: Topography of temperature regulation in man

Marsala J., 1985: Topography of terminal degenerations of corticospinal fibers after long term ligation of middle cerebral artery

Parker J., 1980: Topography of the 3 late messenger rna molecules of polyoma virus which encode the virion proteins

Ehresmann, C.; Stiegler, P.; Carbon, P.; Ungewickell, E.; Garrett, R. A., 1980: Topography of the 5' end of 16s rna in the presence and absence of ribosomal proteins s 4 and s 20

Nocton J., 1981: Topography of the acth immuno reactive neurons in the basal hypothalamus of the rat brain

Cuatrecasas, P., 1970: Topography of the active site of staphylococcal nuclease affinity labeling with diazonium substrate analogues

Perkel, D. J.; Bullier, J.; Kennedy, H., 1986: Topography of the afferent connectivity of area 17 in the macaque monkey a double labelling study

Cherepnov V.L., 1984: Topography of the ampullary system of raja clavata and its role in electroorientation

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814181

Ikuta F., 1986: Topography of the catecholamine neurons in the brain stem of human fetus an immunohistochemical study using antibodies to tyrosine hydroxylase

Trouth, C. O.; Loeschcke, H. H.; Berndt, J., 1973: Topography of the circulatory responses to electrical stimulation in the medulla oblongata relationship to respiratory responses

Chukbar A.V., 1982: Topography of the conduction system of the human heart

Hrebenda B., 1979: Topography of the cortical layer in amoeba proteus as related to the dynamic morphology of the moving cell

Montero V.M., 1981: Topography of the cortico cortical connections from the striate cortex in the cat

Wiesendanger M., 1987: Topography of the corticofugal projection to the lateral reticular nucleus in the monkey

Sainte Marie G., 1981: Topography of the deep cortex of the lymph nodes of various mammalian species

Jacobson B.S., 1987: Topography of the dictyostelium discoideum plasma membrane analysis of membrane asymmetry and intermolecular disulfide bonds

Nishizuka M., 1979: Topography of the dopamine neurons in the arcuate nucleus of the mouse hypothalamus

Chang, F. N.; Flaks, J. G., 1970: Topography of the escherichia coli 30s ribosomal subunit and streptomycin binding

Sears, D. A.; Friedman, J. M.; George, J. N., 1977: Topography of the external surface of the human red blood cell membrane studied with a nonpenetrating label iodine 125 di azo di iodo sulfanilic acid

Oudghiri J., 1984: Topography of the facial nerve in the stylomastoid fossa

Smith, R. F., 1974: Topography of the food reinforced key peck and the source of 30 millisecond inter response times

Williams D.R., 1988: Topography of the foveal cone mosaic in the living human eye

Mirkin A.S., 1983: Topography of the gap junctions in the human skin and their possible role in the aneural transmission of information

Mednick A.S., 1985: Topography of the goldfish optic tracts implications for the chronological clustering model

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814198

Zhelobtsov P.M., 1986: Topography of the human aorto iliac fragment and ilio caval confluence

Ross E.D., 1985: Topography of the human corpus callosum

Denton C.J., 1981: Topography of the hyper striatal visual projection area in the young domestic chicken

Bertolini R., 1985: Topography of the infratemporal fossa in the newborn

Witholt B., 1984: Topography of the insertion of lam b protein into the outer membrane of escherichia coli wild type and lac lam b cells

Radding C.M., 1986: Topography of the interaction of rec a protein with single stranded deoxyoligonucleotides

Price D.L., 1984: Topography of the magnocellular basal fore brain system in human brain

Sripanidkulchai K., 1984: Topography of the mesencephalic and pontine projections from the cingulate cortex of the rat

Takahashi, K., 1978: Topography of the myosin molecule as visualized by an improved negative staining method

Nishizuka, M., 1978: Topography of the neurons responding to estrogen in the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus of immature female mice

Bialowas, J., 1976: Topography of the nuclei and distribution of acetyl cholin esterase activity in the septum of the telencephalon in man

Zientarski B., 1979: Topography of the para hepatic segment of the inferior vena cava

Fuller R.C., 1984: Topography of the photosynthetic apparatus of chloroflexus aurantiacus

Eilfeld P.G., 1988: Topography of the phytochrome molecule as determined from chemical modification of sulfhydryl groups

D-Angelo, E.; Bonanni, M. V.; Michelini, S.; Agostoni, E., 1970: Topography of the pleural surface pressure in rabbits and dogs

Scott R.E., 1982: Topography of the pre differentiation g d growth arrest state relative to other growth arrest states in the g 1 phase of the cell cycle

Malkin R., 1985: Topography of the protein complexes of the chloroplast thylakoid membrane studies of photosystem i using a chemical probe and proteolytic digestion

Malkin R., 1985: Topography of the protein complexes of the chloroplast thylakoid membrane studies of photosystem ii using pronase digestion and chemical labeling

Ratnikova G.I., 1979: Topography of the receptive formations in pars inferior of the labyrinth in the frog rana temporaria

Zver'kov A.L., 1984: Topography of the relief of the internal surface of the cardiac left ventricle wall in the diastole phase

Loeschcke H.H., 1979: Topography of the respiratory and circulatory responses to acetyl choline and nicotine on the ventral surface of the medulla oblongata

Trouth, C. O.; Loeschcke, H. H.; Berndt, J., 1973: Topography of the respiratory responses to electrical stimulation in the medulla oblongata

Rolls, E. T.; Cowey, A., 1970: Topography of the retina and striate cortex and its relationship to visual acuity in rhesus monkeys and squirrel monkeys

Graydon M.L., 1984: Topography of the retinal ganglion cell layer of xenopus

Mednick A.S., 1985: Topography of the retinal projection to the superficial pretectal parvicellular nucleus of goldfish a cobaltous lysine study

Feldon, S.; Feldon, P.; Kruger, L., 1970: Topography of the retinal projection upon the superior colliculus of the cat

Sale, G. J.; Towner, P.; Akhtar, H., 1978: Topography of the rhod opsin molecule identification of the domain phosphorylated

Zinnecker R., 1987: Topography of the sciatic nerve fibers in regard of clinical use

Ikuta F., 1984: Topography of the serotonin neurons in the brain stem of human fetus an immunohistochemical study

Estes M.K., 1988: Topography of the simian rotavirus nonstructural glycoprotein ns28 in the endoplasmic reticulum membrane

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814230

Mimbrera, A.; Rivas, L.; Mollinedo, F.; Munoz, E.; Larraga, V., 1983: Topography of the subunits of micrococcus lysodeikticus f 1 atpase ec

Wang, Y. J.; Mahler, H. R., 1976: Topography of the synaptosomal membrane

Bloemendal H., 1983: Topography of the total protein population from cultured cells on fractionation by chemical extractions

Manzoni T., 1984: Topography of the trunk representation thalamo cortical relationships as studies with retrograde fluorescent tracers

Ladygin V.G., 1984: Topography of thylakoid membranes of chloroplasts based on the analysis of chlamydomonas reinhardii mutants deficient in chlorophyll protein complexes

Meares C.F., 1983: Topography of transcription path of the leading end of nascent rna through the escherichia coli transcription complex

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814238

Esteban, M.; Flores, L.; Holowczak, J. A., 1977: Topography of vaccinia virus dna

Hughes, J. M. B., 1977: Topography of ventilation and perfusion

Partridge, M. R.; Ciofetta, G.; Hughes, J. M. B., 1978: Topography of ventilation perfusion ratios in obesity

Finlay, B. L.; Schneps, S. E.; Wilson, K. G.; Schneider, G. E., 1978: Topography of visual and somato sensory projections to the superior colliculus of the golden hamster

Ritter W., 1986: Topography of visual event related potentials during geometric and phonetic discriminations

Sklovskaya M.L., 1979: Topography of visual evoked potentials in the normal and comatose patient

Norneia G., 1980: Topography of wool of corriedale and dorset horn sheep

Peeters, C.; De-Wolf, M.; Van-Dessel, G.; Lagrou, A.; Hilderson, H.; Dierick, W., 1988: Topography purification and characterization of thyroidal 5' nucleotidase

De-Wolf, M. J. S.; Van-Dessel, G. A. F.; Lagrou, A. R.; Hilderson, H. J. J.; Dierick, W. S. H., 1985: Topography purification and characterization of thyroidal nad glycohydrolase ec

Meese K., 1988: Topoisomer gel retardation detection of anti z dna antibodies bound to z dna within supercoiled dna minicircles

Bodor J., 1985: Topoisomerase

Brougham, M. J.; Rowe, T. C.; Holloman, W. K., 1986: Topoisomerase from ustilago maydis forms as covalent complex with single stranded dna through a phosphodiester bond to tyrosine

Thoma F., 1988: Topoisomerase i cleavage sites identified and mapped in the chromatin of dictyostelium ribosomal rna genes

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814252

Lis J.T., 1986: Topoisomerase i interacts with transcribed regions in drosophila cells

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814254

Muller M.T., 1985: Topoisomerase i is the predominant nuclear protein from avian erythrocytes that can be covalently linked to dna

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814256

Busch H., 1985: Topoisomerase i phosphorylation in vitro and in rapidly growing novikoff hepatoma cells

Earnshaw W.C., 1986: Topoisomerase ii a specific marker for cell proliferation

Segal S., 1985: Topoisomerase ii activity in human leukemic and lymphoblastoid cells

Black L.W., 1986: Topoisomerase ii and other dna delay and dna arrest mutations impair bacteriophage t 4 dna packaging in vivo and in vitro

Hsieh T S., 1986: Topoisomerase ii cleavage in chromatin

Roesl F., 1988: Topoisomerase ii inhibitors influence sv 40 chromatin structure in vivo accompanied with inhibition of replication transcription and changes in dna supercoiling

Liu L.F., 1985: Topoisomerase ii is a structural component of mitotic chromosome scaffolds

Kohn K.W., 1987: Topoisomerase ii mediated dna breaks and cytotoxicity in relation to cell proliferation and the cell cycle in nih 3t3 fibroblasts and l1210 leukemia cells

Covey, J. M.; Kohn, K. W.; Kerrigan, D.; Tilchen, E. J.; Pommier, Y., 1988: Topoisomerase ii mediated dna damage produced by 4' 9 acridinylaminomethanesulfon m anisidide and related acridines in l1210 cells and isolated nuclei relation to cytotoxicity

Beerman T.A., 1988: Topoisomerase ii mediated lesions in nascent dna comparison of the effects of epipodophyllotoxin derivatives vm 26 and vp 16 and 9 anilinoacridine derivatives m amsa and o amsa

Snapka R.M., 1986: Topoisomerase inhibitors can selectively interfere with different stages of sv 40 dna replication

Ross W.E., 1987: Topoisomerase specific drug sensitivity in relation to cell cycle progression

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Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814793

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Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814824

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814825

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Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814873

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814874

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Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814972

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814973

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814974

Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814975

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Section 7, Chapter 6815, Accession 006814978

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