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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6816

Chapter 6816 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Cedrangolo, L.; De-Luca, B.; Iorio, P.; Latte, F.; Marte, A.; Parmeggiani, U.; Pasqui, U., 1980:
Total body washout in the rat 1. perfusion techniques

Cedrangolo L.; Latte F.; Livrea A.; Marte A.; Romano G.; Parmeggiani U.; Pasqui U., 1980:
Total body washout in the rat instrumental and laboratory controls

Cardús, D.; McTaggart, W.G., 1984:
Total body water and its distribution in men with spinal cord injury

Hughes M.R.; Roberts J.R.; Thomas B.R., 1987:
Total body water and its turnover in free living nestling glaucous winged gulls with a comparison of body water and water flux in avian species with and without salt glands

Culebras, J.M.; Moore, F.D., 1977:
Total body water and the exchangeable hydrogen part 1 theoretical calculation of nonaqueous exchangeable hydrogen in man

Culebras, J.M.; Fitzpatrick, G.F.; Brennan, M.F.; Boyden, C.M.; Moore, F.D., 1977:
Total body water and the exchangeable hydrogen part 2 a review of comparative data from animals based on isotope dilution and desiccation with a report of new data from the rat

Kaul, S.; Ritschel, W.A., 1986:
Total body water as an index for predicting body fat in rats

Schoeller D.A.; Van Santen E.; Peterson D.W.; Dietz W.; Jaspan J.; Klein P.D., 1980:
Total body water measurement in humans with oxygen 18 labeled and deuterium labeled water

Kokub D.; Nawaz M.; Ilahi A., 1982:
Total body water plasma and blood volumes and renal clearance of sodium and potassium in sheep

Addae, S.K.; Dakubu, S.; Larmie, E.T.; Boatin, R.; Belcher, E.H., 1978:
Total body water, total exchangeable sodium and related variables in the Ghanaian

Walter, A.; Hughes, M.R., 1978:
Total body water volume and turnover rate in fresh water and sea water adapted glaucous winged gulls larus glaucescens

Lobel P.B.; Wright D.A., 1982:
Total body zinc concentration and allometric growth ratios in mytilus edulis collected from different shore levels

Schiele, F.; Henny, J.; Hitz, J.; Petitclerc, C.; Gueguen, R.; Siest, G., 1983:
Total bone and liver alkaline phosphatases ec in plasma biological variations and reference limits

Dann, J.; Castronovo, F.P.; McKusick, K.A.; Griffin, P.P.; Strauss, H.W.; Prout, G.R., 1987:
Total bone uptake in management of metastatic carcinoma of the prostate

Yannopoulos, P.; Marselos, A., 1977:
Total bypass of the esophagus for benign strictures using a reversed gastric tube

Stephenson M.; Mackie G.L., 1988:
Total cadmium concentrations in the water and littoral sediments of central ontario canada lakes

Albanes, D., 1987:
Total calories, body weight, and tumor incidence in mice

Franceschi D.A.gelis D.D.; D.O.iveira M.C.D.F.L.; Furletti M.E.M., 1979:
Total carbohydrate and trehalose in 10 candida spp

Gum M.L.; Aronson M.P.; Goddard E.D., 1982:
Total carbon analysis for surfactant adsorption

Thum J.; Laves D., 1987:
Total carbon and total nitrogen dynamics of a dump loam under 8 year treatment with liquid slurry

Tesarova, M.; Gloser, J., 1976:
Total carbon di oxide output from alluvial soils with 2 types of grassland communities

Kunau R.T.Jr; Walker K.A., 1987:
Total carbon dioxide absorption in the distal tubule of the rat

Laski M.E., 1987:
Total carbon dioxide flux in isolated collecting tubules during carbonic anhydrase inhibition

Chevalier-Cholat, A.M.; Friggi, A.; Torresani, J., 1975:
Total cardio pulmonary bypass in the rabbit techniques and action of pulsatile perfusion pressure frequency on the hemodynamic parameters

Wolach, B., 1985:
Total care in the management of children with chronic hematological disorders

Fairpo C.G., 1979:
Total caries experience in mono zygotic and like sexed di zygotic twins of caucasoid origin aged 5 to 15 years

Speek A.J.; Speek Saichua S.; Schreurs W.H.P., 1988:
Total carotenoid and beta carotene contents of thai vegetables and the effect of processing

Takahashi M.M.; Okozaki K., 1979:
Total cell number and number of the primary mesenchyme cells in whole half and quarter larvae of clypeaster japonicus

Lenssen A.W.; Sorensen E.L.; Posler G.L.; Harbers L.H., 1988:
Total cell wall and fiber concentrations of perennial glandular haired and eglandular medicago populations

Bauer K.D.; Dethlefsen L.A., 1980:
Total cellular rna content correlation between flow cytometry and uv spectroscopy

Jackson D.L.; Dole W.P., 1979:
Total cerebral ischemia a new model system for the study of post cardiac arrest brain damage

Koch K.A.; Jackson D.L.; Schmiedl M.; Rosenblatt J.I., 1984:
Total cerebral ischemia effect of alterations in arterial carbon dioxide partial pressure on cerebral microcirculation

Dale, T., 1978:
Total chemical and biological oxygen consumption of the sediments in lindaspollene western norway

Gaipova A.; Aranbaev M.P., 1979:
Total chemical composition of soils of the ancient tedzhen river delta asiatic ussr

Gossauer, A.; Engel, J., 1977:
Total chemical synthesis of biogenetically important bilanes

Teles F.F.F.; Batista C.M.; Silveira A.J.; Kimo J.W., 1982:
Total chlorophyll and cyanogenic toxicity of cassava manihot esculenta leaves cultivated in minas gerais brazil

Lagoe, R.J.; Cady, D.M., 1986:
Total cholecystectomy utilization by diagnosis related group

Lennon D.L.F.; Stratman F.W.; Shrago E.; Nagle F.J.; Hanson P.G.; Madden M.; Spennetta T., 1983:
Total cholesterol and high density lipo protein cholesterol changes during acute moderate intensity exercise in men and women

Gonzalez Juanatey J.R.; Pose Reino A.; Amaro Cendon A.; Otero Ravina F.; M.G., 1986:
Total cholesterol and its lipoprotein fractions influence of age in patients with ischemic heart disease and in healthy controls

Elmadfa I.; Niebuhr S.; Schmitt B., 1986:
Total cholesterol high density lipoprotein and low density lipoprotein cholesterol in rat serum estimated with different methods in comparison to ultracentrifugation

Nakamura, S., 1985:
Total cholesterol, high density lipoprotein cholesterol and choline esterase in overseas and Japanese university students

Narahari, S.; Ramachandraiah, T.; Reddy, A.P., 1981:
Total cholesterol level in human placenta

Kononenko V.S., 1980:
Total cholin esterase activity and content of bound acetyl choline in tissues of symmetrical cortical rabbit cerebral areas

Li, W.Z.; Yang, S.Z.; Zhang, G.Y., 1987:
Total cholinesterase assay in amniotic fluid and its clinical significance

Lepage, L.; Schiele, F.; Gueguen, R.; Siest, G., 1985:
Total cholinesterase ec in plasma biological variations and reference limits

Kanazawa H.; Eguchi S.; Miyamura H.; Imaizumi K.; Yamazaki Y., 1987:
Total circular annuloplasty with absorbable suture for the repair of mitral regurgitation of endocardial cushion defect in growing children

Trippodo, N.C., 1981:
Total circulatory capacity in the rat. Effects of epinephrine and vasopressin on compliance and unstressed volume

Wolfstein, I.H.; Dreznik, Z.J.; Avigad, I.S., 1978:
Total colectomy and anal ileostomy in multiple polyposis coli

Fonkalsrud E.W., 1980:
Total colectomy and endo rectal ileal pull through with internal ileal reservoir for ulcerative colitis

Mann C.V., 1988:
Total colectomy and ileorectal anastomosis for ulcerative colitis

Martin, L.W.; LeCoultre, C.; Schubert, W.K., 1977:
Total colectomy and mucosal proctectomy with preservation of continence in ulcerative colitis

Ruma T.A.; Lynch H.T.; Albano W.A.; Sterioff S., 1982:
Total colectomy and the cancer family syndrome a case

Hansen, L.K.; Olsen, P.R.; Simonsen, L., 1985:
Total colectomy, mucosal proctectomy, and an ileal reservoir to an anal anastomosis. A comparison of short and long efferent legs

Borgida, L.P.; Laplace, J.P., 1977:
Total collection of intestinal contents in the pig automatic sampling and restitution of digesta to the animal for kinetic studies of digestion

Galifer R.B.; Frapier J.M.; Bosc O.; Massip A.; Rieu D.; Couture A.; Veyrac C.; Barneon G., 1987:
Total colonic aganglionosis without ileal involvement an analysis of 6 cases

Welch G.H.; Shearer M.G.; Imrie C.W.; Anderson J.R.; Gilmour D.G., 1986:
Total colonic ischemia

Papa, M.Z.; Shiloni, E.; McDonald, H.D., 1986:
Total colonic necrosis. A catastrophic complication of systemic lupus erythematosus

Okamoto H.; Satake Y.; Matsushima Y.; Suzuki N.; Kinugasa A.; Kouno K.; Suzuki K., 1986:
Total colonoscopy as a screening method for colonic polypoid lesions at an ano proctology clinic

Mukesh D.; Sidhu D.S.; Kumar N., 1980:
Total concentration of free amino acids and the corresponding morphogenetic changes during the embryogenesis of chilomenes sexmaculata coleoptera coccinellidae

Schurman, D.J.; Parker, J.N.; Ornstein, D., 1985:
Total condylar knee replacement. A study of factors influencing range of motion as late as two years after arthroplasty

Laskin R.S., 1981:
Total condylar knee replacement in rheumatoid arthritis

Kjaersgaard Andersen P.; Hvid I.; Wethelund J.O.; Sneppen O., 1987:
Total condylar knee replacement status after 4 to 6 years in 241 cases

Sola Alberich R.; Gonzalez Olivella J.; Pujol Del Pozo A.; Valero Capilla A.; Simo Siso J.M.; Prats Alonso E.; Masana Marin L., 1985:
Total conjugated biliary acid values in alcoholic patients in the absence of liver disorder

Kornfalt R.; Ejlertsson G., 1981:
Total consumption of health services by school children in a primary health care district in southern sweden a contemporary registration of consumption at the school health clinic the community care center and the hospital

Walker, S.C.; Helm, P.A.; Pullium, G., 1987:
Total contact casting and chronic diabetic neuropathic foot ulcerations: healing rates by wound location

Helm, P.A.; Walker, S.C.; Pullium, G., 1984:
Total contact casting in diabetic patients with neuropathic foot ulcerations

Finagin, L.K.; Zatokovenko, V.F., 1978:
Total content and cholesterol fractions in tissues of cockerels with induced hyper cholesterolemia

Zyrin, N.G.; Malinina, M.S., 1977:
Total content of molybdenum in soils and rocks of the western georgian ssr ussr

Faitondzhiev L.; Achkov N.; Petrov I., 1984:
Total content of some trace elements in brown forest and mountain meadow soils in the rila mountains bulgaria

Kick H.; Buerger H.; Sommer K., 1980:
Total contents of lead zinc tin arsenic cadmium mercury copper nickel chromium and cobalt in agricultural and horticultural soils of nordrhein westfalen west germany

Manton, W.I., 1985:
Total contribution of airborne lead to blood lead

Itarte, E.; Robinson, J.C.; Huang, K.P., 1977:
Total conversion of glycogen synthase from the i form to the d form by a cyclic amp independent protein kinase from rabbit skeletal muscle

Pschera H.; Bjorkhem I.; Carlstrom K.; Lantto O.; Lunell N.O.; Persson B.; Somell C.; Stangenberg M.; Wager J., 1979:
Total cortisol and lecithin sphingomyelin ratio in amniotic fluid in late pregnancies complicated by diabetes mellitus

Moore, C.; Saik, R.P., 1985:
Total counts of antral gastrin cells: a simple direct method

Villarejo, F.; Soto, M.; Amaya, C.; Pascual-Castroviejo, I.; Morales, C., 1981:
Total craniopagus twins

Lal, S.M.; Nolph, K.D.; Hain, H.; Moore, H.L.; Khanna, R.; Van Stone, J.C.; Twardowski, Z.J., 1987:
Total creatine kinase and isoenzyme fractions in chronic dialysis patients

Tsung, S.H., 1982:
Total creatine kinase ec activity and iso enzyme patterns in normal and neoplastic tissue of gastro intestinal tract

Sciarra M.; Bonifazi S.; Rigon G.; Oliva G.C.; Gaglione R.; Papadia L.; Moneta E., 1986:
Total creatine phosphokinase and mb isoenzyme significance of the sampling method in the perinatal period

Minervini R.; Carlino F.; Fiorentini L., 1983:
Total cystectomy and uretero sigmoidostomy for carcinoma of the bladder

Mathur, V.K.; Krahn, H.P.; Ramsey, E.W., 1981:
Total cystectomy for bladder cancer

Murase, T.; Takashi, M.; Aota, Y.; Shimoji, T.; Miyake, K.; Mitsuya, H., 1985:
Total cystectomy for urinary bladder cancer: clinicopathological study of 95 cases

Bond, M.; Shuman, H.; Somlyo, A.P.; Somlyo, A.V., 1984:
Total cytoplasmic calcium in relaxed and maximally contracted rabbit portal vein smooth muscle

Martin, M.C., 1986:
Total deafness: the need and possibility for a working definition

Chang, L.F.L.; Gatzek, P.R.; Kohlhaw, G.B., 1985:
Total deletion of yeast leu 4 further evidence for a 2nd alpha isopropylmalate synthase ec and evidence for tight leu 4 met 4 linkage

Levett J.M.; Bianchi J., 1988:
Total denervation stabilizes the infarcted canine myocardium

Blanchard, J.D.; Willeke, K., 1984:
Total deposition of ultrafine sodium chloride particles in human lungs

Youtz S.L.; Packard M.J.; Leach R.M.Jr, 1984:
Total desmosine content in the organic matrix of various avian and reptile eggs

Cardozo, M.; Eitenmiller, R., 1988:
Total dietary fiber analysis of selected baked and cereal products

Carver, L.A.; Barth, K.M.; Mclaren, J.B.; Fribourg, H.A.; Connell, J.T.; Bryan, J.M., 1978:
Total digestible nutrient content of consumed forage and total digestible nutrient consumption by yearling beef steers grazing nitrogen fertilized bermuda grass and orchard grass ladino clover pastures

Seeley, G.W.; Fisher, H.D.; Stempski, M.O.; Borgstrom, M.; Bjelland, J.; Capp, M.P., 1987:
Total digital radiology department: spatial resolution requirements

Wainwright, N.; Hayden, J.; Rothstein, H., 1978:
Total disappearance of cell proliferation in the lens of a hypophysectomized animal: in vivo and in vitro maintenance of inhibition with reversal by pituitary factors

Jones D.L.; Guiraudon G.M.; Klein G.J., 1984:
Total disconnection of the right ventricular free wall physiological consequences in the dog

Segal D.; Wasilewski S., 1980:
Total dislocation of the talus a case

Eberlein K.; Brockmann U.H.; Hammer K.D.; Kattner G.; Laake M., 1983 :
Total dissolved carbohydrates in an enclosure experiment with uni algal skeletonema costatum culture

Auclair J.C.; Brassard P.; Couture P., 1985:
Total dissolved phosphorus effects of two molecular weight fractions on phosphorus cycling in natural phytoplankton communities

Endoh H.; Okada N., 1986:
Total dna transcription in vitro a procedure to detect highly repetitive and transcribable sequences with transfer rna like structures

Okada, N.; Sakamoto, K.; Kondo, A., 1983:
Total DNA transcription reveals the existence of highly repetitive transcribable sequences in higher animals

Cottignies A., 1983:
Total dormancy and normal distribution of the dna contents in the ash shoot apex

Smeak D.D.; Dehoff W.D., 1986:
Total ear canal ablation clinical results in the dog and cat

London, G.M.; Safar, M.E.; Simon, A.C.; Alexandre, J.M.; Levenson, J.A.; Weiss, Y.A., 1978:
Total effective compliance, cardiac output and fluid volumes in essential hypertension

London, G.M.; Safar, M.E.; Weiss, Y.A.; Simon, C.A., 1978:
Total effective compliance of the vascular bed in essential hypertension

Jordanoglou, J.; Hadjistavrou, C.; Tatsis, G.; Anevlavis, E.; Melissinos, C., 1982:
Total effective time of the forced expirogram in disease: sources of error and a correction factor

Morrey B.F.; Bryan R.S.; Dobyns J.H.; Linscheid R.L., 1981:
Total elbow arthro plasty a 5 year experience at the mayo clinic rochester minnesota usa

Tsintsadze D.G.; Chikadze A.V., 1982:
Total electrical activity of the neo cortex and hippocampus in a study on delayed reactions during self stimulation of the septum

Astaf'eva, S.N., 1976:
Total electrical reactions to sound in the acoustic lateral region of the medulla oblongata in the carp cyprinus carpio

Al'tman-Ya, A.; Astaf'eva, S.N., 1976:
Total electrical responses of the acoustico lateral area of the medulla oblongata to sound in the carp cyprinus carpio

Andreeva, N.G.; Ta, T.L., 1977:
Total electrical responses of the superior olivary complex to amplitude modulated signals

Iskandar D.; Bonhomme F., 1984:
Total electrophoretic variability at 11 structural loci in murid rodents muridae rodentia

Mcalister J.J.; Hirons K.R., 1984:
Total elemental analysis of lake sediments in paleoecology an investigation of sample preparation techniques for atomic absorption analysis

Montalvo, J.G., 1979:
Total elemental content passive personal monitors

Adams G.M.; Eppich J.D.; Garrison W.E.; Gratteau J.C., 1980:
Total energy concept at the joint water pollution control plant

Hannon B., 1979:
Total energy costs in ecosystems

Shumakov, V.I.; Shtengol'd, E.S. ; Itkin, G.P.; Onishchenko, N.A., 1976:
Total energy debt as an index of the reversibility of terminal body states

Hammen C.S., 1980:
Total energy metabolism of marine bivalve mollusks in anaerobic and aerobic states

Olabode, H.A.; Standing, C.N.; Chapman, P.A., 1977:
Total energy to produce food servings as a function of processing and marketing modes

Prevost F.; Fourtanier G.; Pessey J.J.; Yandza T.; Serrano E., 1987:
Total esophagectomy by stripping without thoracotomy in cancers of the pharynx esophagus and cardia thirty four cases

Mannell A.; Plant M., 1980:
Total esophagectomy in black patients with cancer of esophagus

Papachristou, D.N.; Skandalakis, P.; Skalkeas, G., 1987:
Total esophagectomy without thoracotomy for cancer

Tanaka T.; Sato H.; Kawaguchi T., 1987:
Total esophagectomy without thoracotomy for cancer of the hypopharynx and cervical esophagus

Gorodeski, I.G.; Sigal, A.; Lunenfeld, B.; Beery, R.; Geier, A.; Bahari, C.M., 1987:
Total estradiol and progesterone receptor levels and DNA concentrations in human endometrium with nonuniform postovulatory delay of maturation

Botman, K.S.; Girshevich, E.I., 1978:
Total evaporation by a walnut forest in the western tien shan ussr

Menu, P.; Voisin, P.; Labrude, P.; Vigneron, C., 1985:
Total exchange transfusion in rats with hemoglobin solutions: influence of hemoglobin concentration

Wanxing, C., 1979 :
Total excision of acoustic neurinomas with special reference to preservation of facial nerve function

Maira G.; Fernandez E.; Pallini R.; Puca A., 1986:
Total excision of spinal lipomas using carbon dioxide laser at low power experimental and clinical observations

Lee, A.B.; Schimert, G.; Shaktin, S.; Seigel, J.H., 1976:
Total excision of the sternum and thoracic pedicle transposition of the greater omentum; useful strategems in managing severe mediastinal infection following open heart surgery

Durrer, D.; van Dam, R.T.; Freud, G.E.; Janse, M.J.; Meijler, F.L.; Arzbaecher, R.C., 1970:
Total excitation of the isolated human heart

Popovici Z., 1987:
Total excursion of the duodenum from the digestive transit in reflux esophagitis after coloesophagoplasty

Zielhuis, R.L., 1985:
Total exposure and workers' health

Gallaher, R.N.; Jones, J.B.J., 1976:
Total extractable and oxalate calcium and other elements in normal and mouse ear pecan tree tissues

Yakubu A.M.; Ango S.S.; Iroko E.A., 1986:
Total fasting serum bile acids in the diagnosis of obstructive liver diseases in children a preliminary study

Matsuzaki T.; Koiwai A.; Kawashima N., 1983:
Total fatty acid and polar lipid content in the developing flower of nicotiana tabacum cultivar bright yellow 4

D.C.rreche M.M.; Oxley R., 1985:
Total fatty acids aliphatic alcohols and hydrocarbons compositions in edible fatty matter

Gershbein, L.L.; Baburao, K.; Pedroso, A.F., 1977:
Total fatty acids of human liver in relation to age, sex and pathology

H.Q.; Jiang Q.; S.G.; Shen J.; Shen X., 1980:
Total femur and adjacent joint replacement with endo prosthesis report of 2 cases

Tateishi, H.; Maeda, M.; Hirohata, K.; Takaiwa, H.; Nakano, K.; Ugai, K.; Matsumoto, M., 1988:
Total femur replacement for cancer patients. Report of two cases

Katznelson A.; Nerubay J., 1980:
Total femur replacement in sarcoma of the distal end of the femur

Yang G.C.H.; Morrison A.B., 1980:
Total field electron microscopic examination of thin tissue slices via surface embedding and multiple mesa techniques

Kamali M.S., 1981:
Total finger ridge count and absolute total finger ridge count among the 12 iranian endogamous groups

Weninger, M.; Aue-Hauser, G.; Scheiber, V., 1976:
Total finger ridge count and the poly genic hypothesis a critique

Rudenko G.P.; Umnov A.A., 1982:
Total fish biomass in small lakes of various types in the northwestern european part of the ussr

Demiray H., 1986:
Total flavonoid mixture from crataegus monogyna ssp monogyna

Schuppli P.A., 1985:
Total fluorine in canada soil survey committee reference soil samples

Colman, N.; Herbert, V., 1976:
Total folate binding capacity of normal human plasma, and variations in uremia, cirrhosis, and pregnancy

Mallea I.; Algarra J.M.; Segarra P., 1988:
Total functional laryngectomy and fistuloplasty preliminary report

Delaunois, A.L.; Neetens, A.; Delgadillo, R.; Claes, C.; Van Bladel, P., 1985:
Total functional optic pathway experimental model in the cat

Henderson R.D.; Marryatt G.V., 1985:
Total fundoplication gastroplasty nissen gastroplasty 5 year review

Tomas Ridocci M.; Paris F.; Carbonell Antoli C.; Mora F.; Molina R.; Padilla J.; Carbonell Canti C.; Moreno Osset E.; Guijarro R.; Benages A., 1985:
Total fundoplication with or without gastroplasty for gastroesophageal reflux comparative study

Palfreyman M.G.; Huot S.; Grove J., 1983:
Total gamma amino butyric acid and homo carnosine in cerebro spinal fluid as indices of brain gamma amino butyric acid concentrations

Casado Martin F.; Palazuelos J.C.M.; Gomez A.N.; Barros J.M.B.; Mirapeix J.M.C.; Blanco C.G.; Val Bernal J.F., 1985:
Total gastrectomy due to gastric cancer

Bonaldi U.; Riva R.; Sacchi E.; Mancosu M.; Cattaneo C., 1985:
Total gastrectomy for gastric polyposis report of a case

Bittner R.; Butters M.; Schirrow H.; Krautzberger W.; Beger H.G., 1984:
Total gastrectomy in older patients

Koga S.; Oda M.; Kaibara N.; Hisaki T., 1985 :
Total gastrectomy in the aged with special reference to postoperative convalescence and return to normal life

Hassler H.; Bochud R.; Nothiger F.; Stafford A., 1986:
Total gastrectomy is the early postoperative morbidity and mortality influenced by the choice of surgical procedure

Sato K.; Sako H.; Osawa M.; Suzuki Y.; Kurosu Y.; Morita K., 1987:
Total gastrectomy through an abdomino left thoracic approach with an oblique incision for gastric stump cancer and cancer in the cardiac region of the stomach in an elderly population

Kawaura, Y.; Mori, Y.; Nakajima, H.; Iwa, T., 1988:
Total gastrectomy with left oblique abdominothoracic approach for gastric cancer involving the esophagus

Biller H.F.; Lawson W.; Baek S M., 1983:
Total glossectomy a technique for reconstruction eliminating laryngectomy

Butcher, H., 1978:
Total glyco alkaloids and chlorophyll in potato cultivars bred in new zealand

Sizer, C.E.; Maga, J.A.; Craven, C.J., 1980:
Total glyco alkaloids in potatoes solanum tuberosum and potato chips

Lammerink P., 1985:
Total glycoalkaloid content of new potato solanum tuberosum cultivars

Mann N.P.; Johnston D.I., 1982:
Total glycosylated hemo globin levels in diabetic children

Salazar O.M.; Scarantino C.W.; Rubin P.; Feldstein M.L.; Keller B.E., 1980:
Total half body systemic irradiation for occult metastases in non small cell lung cancer an eastern cooperative oncology group usa pilot report

Okland J., 1979:
Total hardness ph and gastropoda in norwegian lakes with remarks on acidification of watercourses

D.A.uja A.S.; Slobotzky Aguilar I.; Navarro Fierro R.; Casaubon T.; Enriquez O.J.J., 1987:
Total heart weights and right ventricle ratio in cattle of different ages

Famme P.; Knudsen J., 1984:
Total heat balance study of anaerobiosis in tubifex tubifex

Trabelsi N.; Horchani A.; Mosbah A.; Hendaoui L.; Ayed M.; Zmerli S., 1985:
Total hematuria with normal urography report on 36 cases

Shukla K.; Bahadur J., 1986:
Total hemocyte counts in male poecilocerus pictus under the influence of dichlorvos and phosphamidon

Peignoux, M.; Bernuau, J.; Benhamou, J.P., 1982:
Total hepatectomy and hepatic vascular exclusion in the rat: a comparison, with special reference to the influence of body temperature

Rayner A.A.; Kerlan R.K.; Stagg R.J.; Price D.C.; Hohn D.C., 1986:
Total hepatic arterial perfusion after occlusion of variant lobar vessels implications of hepatic arterial chemotherapy

Dorr L.D.; Takei G.K.; Conaty J.P., 1983:
Total hip arthro plasties in patients less than 45 years old

Luettjohann D.W.; Olson D.R.; Ross H.; Smith R.N., 1984:
Total hip arthro plasty 10 years experience in an osteopathic hospital

Beckenbaugh, R.D.; Ilstrup, D.M., 1978:
Total hip arthro plasty a review of 333 cases with long follow up

Tillberg B., 1982:
Total hip arthro plasty using the mckee and watson farrar prosthesis a prospective follow up study of 327 arthro plasties

Matlen, J.A.; Hupfer, T.A.; Castle, M.E.; Reyman, T.A., 1987:
Total hip arthroplasty and polyostotic fibrous dysplasia: a case report

Hofammann, D.Y.; Keeling, J.W.; Meyer, R.D., 1986:
Total hip arthroplasty comparison of infection rates in a veterans administration and a university hospital

Kim, Y.H.; Han, D.Y.; Park, B.M., 1987:
Total hip arthroplasty for tuberculous coxarthrosis

Nelson, C.L.; Bowen, W.S., 1986:
Total hip arthroplasty in Jehovah's Witnesses without blood transfusion

Chen, P.G.; Lin, C.C., 1987:
Total hip arthroplasty in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Almby B.; Hierton T., 1982:
Total hip replacement a 10 year follow up of an early series

Nagi O.N.; Bahadur R., 1982:
Total hip replacement a preliminary report

Simesen K., 1980:
Total hip replacement ad modum ring

Hagglund G.; Nordstrom B.; Lidgren L., 1984:
Total hip replacement after nailing failure in femoral neck fractures

Fitzek J.G.; Wessinghage D.; Mohr W., 1988:
Total hip replacement and bone grafting in acetabular protrusion experiences according to a necropsy specimen

Olsson S.S.; Jernberger A.; Tryggo D., 1979:
Total hip replacement by the mueller charnley prosthesis a follow up study of 238 operations after 2 7 years

Dooley B.J.; Clifford M.J.; Hjorth D.P., 1985:
Total hip replacement combined with bone grafting for acetabular dysplasia causing severe osteoarthritis of the hip joint

Kjaersgaard Andersen P.; Jensen J.; Ovesen J., 1988:
Total hip replacement following traumatic dislocation of the hip and or fracture of the acetabulum a review of 33 cases

Merkow, R.L.; Pellicci, P.M.; Hely, D.P.; Salvati, E.A., 1984:
Total hip replacement for Paget's disease of the hip

Kinoshita, I.; Mori, S.; Kugai, I.; Hyodo, T., 1977:
Total hip replacement for residual high dislocation of the hip in adults

Alkalai A.; Daniel M.; Gerston K.P., 1981:
Total hip replacement in a youth with chondro blastoma

Gantscheff M.; Wassilev T., 1982:
Total hip replacement in acetabular deficiency

Crowe, J.F.; Mani, V.J.; Ranawat, C.S., 1979:
Total hip replacement in congenital dislocation and dysplasia of the hip

Fredin H.O.; Unander Scharin L.E., 1980:
Total hip replacement in congenital dislocation of the hip

Anderson, J.T.; Thompson, R.C.; McMahon, J.E.; Bradford, D.S., 1977:
Total hip replacement in disseminated neoplastic disease

Lachiewicz, P.F.; Lane, J.M.; Wilson, P.D., 1981:
Total hip replacement in Gaucher's disease

Mogensen, B.; Brattström, H.; Ekelund, L.; Lidgren, L., 1983:
Total hip replacement in juvenile chronic arthritis

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Total immunological reactivity in cows with lymphocytic leukemia

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Total index for expressing the age structure of the forest

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Total inferior turbinectomy for nasal airway obstruction

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Total intensity light scattering from short optically anisotropic worm like chains

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Total internal reflection for positioning Jones tube

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Total joint arthro plasty of the large joints of the upper extremities as relief for degenerative and rheumatoid arthritis

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Total labile carbon in the euphotic zone of the baltic sea as measured by biological oxygen demand

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Total lactic dehydrogenase and isozyme variations during in vitro fibroblast aging with a discussion of its theoretical implication

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Total laryngectomy for squamous carcinoma of the glottis

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Total latent and active collagenase during the course of post partum involution of the rat uterus effect of estradiol

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Total lipids in the early postincubation ontogenesis in yolk sac liver and serum in goose and duck as compared with fowl gallus domesticus and turkey hen

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Total lipids of sorghum grain

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Total lymphoid irradiation leads to transient depletion of the mouse thymic medulla and persistent abnormalities among medullary stromal cells

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Total lymphoid irradiation of intractable rheumatoid arthritis

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Total management of thalassemia major

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Total mass transport through a nonhomogeneous membrane

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Total mechanical energy of a ventricle model and cardiac oxygen consumption

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Total mercury concentrations in human hair from 13 countries in relation to fish consumption and location

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Total mercury in tinned fish

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Total mercury level of fish caught in the east china sea

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Total mercury methyl mercury content of several species of fish from the west african coasts

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Total mercury residues in livers and eggs of oldsquaws

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Total microbe count of minced meat ways to reduce contamination by action of trade personnel

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Total mineral analysis of the fracture callus during the bone fracture healing an animal experimental investigation

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Total motion knee goniometry

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Total nitrites in plants and stagnant water in the cordoba and sucre areas colombia as a factor of the cattle fall syndrome

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Total nitrogen alpha amino nitrogen and ph in the cultural filtrates of various leptospiral serotypes being cultured in a liquid korthofs medium

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Total nitrogen analysis in water soil and plant material with per sulfate oxidation

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Total nitrogen and its fractions content in the duodenal chyme of young swine given different amounts of protein iron and copper in their diet

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Total nitrogen and nitrate content of pepper from various production directions

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Total nitrogen and purine alkaloids in the tea camellia sinensis cultivar yabukita plant throughout the year

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Total nitrogen and urea in cow blood and milk during feeding with green cover crops

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Total nitrogen balance in wheat infected with bipolaris sorokiniana sacc. shoem

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Total nitrogen balances of wood in soil

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Total nitrogen concentration in leaves of potatoes solanum tuberosum as an index of nutritional status

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Total nitrogen content in the brown podzolized soil at albota arges romania resulting from different fertilizations liming and cultivation practices

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Total nitrogen in fertilizer collaborative study

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Total nitrogen proteins and protein amino acids of different parts of the thallus of laminaria digitata in industrial and agricultural exploitation

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Total nitrogen removal in a multi channel oxidation system

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Total nitrogen status of soils under bush fallow in the forest zone of southwestern nigeria

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Total nitrogen uptake by maize with azotobacter chroococcum inoculation

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Total nonstructural carbohydrate distribution in cassava during growth in a rainforest zone nigeria

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Total nonstructural carbohydrate trends in bluebunch wheat grass agropyron spicatum related to growth and phenology

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Total nose reconstruction: a single stage method

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Total nucleotide sequences of the infectious cloned dna components of bean golden mosaic virus

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Total number and biomass of microorganisms in deep waters of the black sea ussr

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Total number and differentiation of nucleotide binding sites on mitochondrial f 1 atpase ec an approach by photolabeling and equilibrium binding studies

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Total number biomass and production of bacteria in water of subtropic and equatorial tropic regions of the world ocean

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Total number of bacteria and fungi as an index for human pollution at Syowa Station in Antarctica. 1. Special reference to the specimen collected by 18th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition

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Total number of neurons and glial cells in human brain nuclei estimated by the disector and the fractionator

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Total numbers of bacteria in stratified waters of the mangyshlak peninsula kazakh ssr ussr

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Total nutritional support through the peritoneal cavity

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Total obstruction of the left main coronary artery

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Total occlusion does not disrupt photoreceptor alignment

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Total occlusion of the left main coronary artery

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Total or free thyroxine as a primary test of thyroid function

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Total or hemithyroidectomy in patients with papillary carcinoma of the thyroid gland

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Total or partial electrical interruption of the normal atrioventricular pathway clinical results and indications

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Total organic carbon determinations in ground water

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Total organic halogen as a parameter for the characterization of reclaimed waters: measurement, occurrence, formation, and removal

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Total organic halogen as water quality parameter adsorption micro coulometric method

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Total organic halogen tox formation potentials in activated sludge treatment and small rivers

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Total orthotopic small bowel transplantation with cyclosporine

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Total ossicular replacement prosthesis and partial ossicular replacement prosthesis a transmission electron microscopic and scanning electron microscopic study

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Total ozone observations at syowa station antarctica

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Total pancreatectomy

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Total pancreatectomy and metabolic problems

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Total pancreatectomy for cancer. An appraisal of 65 cases

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Total pancreatectomy for chronic pancreatitis

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Total pancreatectomy for recurrent medullary fat necrosis

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Total pancreatectomy in 8 patients suffering from chronic pancreatitis

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Total pancreatectomy in dogs

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Total pancreatectomy in the treatment of acute necrotizing and hemorrhagic pancreatitis indications technique

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Total pancreatectomy increases the metabolic response to glucagon in humans

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Total pancreatectomy without duodenectomy a model for investigation in the pancreas less dog

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Total pancreatico duodenectomy for trauma

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Total panoramic vision in the mallard duck, Anas platyrhynchos

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Total parathyroidectomy and auto transplantation of parathyroid tissue for renal hyper parathyroidism

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Total parathyroidectomy and parathyroid autograft for renal osteodystrophy analysis of the cause of failure

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Total parathyroidectomy and renal function in patients with chronic renal failure

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Total parathyroidectomy in the treatment of renal osteo dystrophy

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Total parenteral nutrition catheter sepsis: impact of the team approach

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Total parenteral nutrition combined with surgery for severe radiation enteritis

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Total parenteral nutrition for maintenance of growth, carcass mass and positive nitrogen balance in rats with a small transplantable tumor

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Total parenteral nutrition for the treatment of severe hyperemesis gravidarum: maternal nutritional effects and fetal outcome

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Total parenteral nutrition improved formula for healing rat jejunal anastomoses

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Total parenteral nutrition in colonic surgery

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Total parenteral nutrition in crohns disease is it a primary or supportive mode of therapy?

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Total parenteral nutrition in poor prognosis gestational trophoblastic disease

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Total parenteral nutrition in post operative external intestinal fistulae

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Total parenteral nutrition in the management of gastrointestinal fistulas

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Total parenteral nutrition in the newborn: impact of the quality of infused energy on nitrogen metabolism

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Total parenteral nutrition in the treatment of acute ulcerative colitis

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Total particulate matter in cigarette and bidi smoke

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Total pelvic exenteration as a therapeutic option in advanced malignant disease of the pelvis

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Total pelvic exenteration performed in bladder tumor a case report

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Total pharyngeal reconstruction using a pectoralis major myocutaneous tunnel

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Total pharyngoplasty vera with colon in caustic pharyngolaryngeal stenosis

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Total phenol analysis automation and comparison with manual methods

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Total phenolic content in the pyro phosphate extracts of 2 peat soil profiles

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Total phenolics and high performance liquid chromatography of phenolic acids of avocado

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Total phenols and sugar content in wheat cultivars resistant and susceptible to ustilago nuda jens. rostrup

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Total phospho lipid in amniotic fluid during human gestation

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Total phospholipids in crude palm oil quantitative analysis and correlations with oil quality parameters

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Total phospholipids in lung and amniotic fluid of chick in determining lung maturity

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Total phytomass net community productivity and system transfer functions in subhumid grasslands at sagar india

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Total pinealectomy by an occipital parasagittal approach in sheep

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Total plasma apolipoprotein e and high density lipoprotein apolipoprotein e in survivors of myocardial infarction

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Total plasma cholesterol in obesity after jejuno ileal bypass with 3 to 1 or 1 to 3 jejuno ileal ratio a randomized trial

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Total plasma porphyrins in renal disease

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Total plasmalogens and o acylalkyl glycero phosphoryl ethanolamine from labeled hexa decanol and palmitate during hypoxia and anoxia in rat heart

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Total plasty of the sound conduction chain

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Total plate and coliform counts for fast food service sandwiches

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Total plate count and coliform density for retail suya tsire

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Total plate count and sensory evaluation as measures of luncheon meat shelf life

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Total plethysmography in the evaluation of ventilation failure in children with chronic pneumonia

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Total porosity and open pore porosity in the drying of fruits

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Total potassium level in patients with malignant neoplasms of the esophagus stomach and intestine

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Total profiling by combined capillary column gas chromatography negative ion chemical ionization mass spectrometry of the major cyclo oxygenase products from antigen and leukotriene challenged guinea pig lung

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Total prostatectomy by prostatic cancer

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Total prostatectomy for localized prostatic cancer

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Total prostatectomy for stage B carcinoma of the prostate

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Total prostheses without cement in osteo arthritis of the hip joint 2. 24 cases of mittelmeiers arthro prosthesis

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Total prosthetic replacement in tabetic arthropathy of the hip joint

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Total protection from hypoxic liver damage by fructose

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Total protein, albumin quota, and electrophoretic patterns in cerebrospinal fluid of dogs with central nervous system disorders

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Total protein and amino acids contents of some common foods in southeast asia

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Total protein and amino acids in the leaves and flower bud of abelmoschus esculentus l. moench

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Total protein and fractions of bovine blood serum subject to the xylazine hydro chloride

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Total protein and protein fractions in tubers of group solanum andigena and solanum phureja x solanum tuberosum hybrids

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Total protein concentrates extracted from the leaf residue of cassava harvest i. study of the obtainment process

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Total protein concentration and protein fractions in diabetic cerebro spinal fluid

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Total protein concentration and protein fractions of synovia and blood serum in cattle with normal joints and in cattle with aseptic or infected arthritis

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Total protein concentration of corcyra cephalonica st. lepidoptera pyralididae galleriinae in relation to age reproduction and ddt stress

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Total protein concentrations in human amniotic fluid from normal and twin pregnancies

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Total protein content in cells as a factor regulating proliferation

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Total protein content in the gastric juice of normal subjects in an age aspect

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Total protein content of galled roots as an index of root knot nematode meloidogyne incognita infestation of ladys finger plants hibiscus esculentus

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Total protein electrophoresis and blood fibrinogen of goats under confinement and semi extensive condition

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Total protein patterns in sera of pregnant women and placental tissues of different gestational ages

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Total protein synthesis in elderly people a comparison of results with nitrogen 15 glycine and carbon 14 leucine

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Total protein whey protein and casein content of milk of 4 indian goat breeds during lactation

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Total proteins in human amniotic fluid

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Total pulmonary lavage in the treatment of alveolar proteinosis

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Total pulmonary resistance for characterizing the strength of asthmatic reaction in the guinea pig model

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Total purine content of selected food

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Total radiation dosage from x ray examinations in rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic skeletal diseases a study of 2 cases

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Total rate imaging with x rays a simple method of forming a nonprojection x ray image in the scanning electron microscope using an energy dispersive detector and its application to biological specimens

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Total reconstitution of functionally active 50s ribosomal subunits from escherichia coli

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Total reconstruction of the auricle for congenital microtia

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Total reconstruction of the ear with auditory function a 2 stage procedure

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Total recovery of oxygen evolution and nanosecond reduction kinetics of oxidized chlorophyll a i i p 680 after inhibition of water cleavage with acetate

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Total red and white blood cell count of 33 species of fresh water teleosts

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Total red cell volume in healthy young males

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Total reducing sugar fructose and glucose concentrations and root yield of 2 chicory cultivars as affected by irrigation fertilizer and harvest dates

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Total removal of acoustic neurinomas

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Total removal of acoustic neuromas facial nerve and hearing preservation

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Total removal of clivus meningiomas and the operative results

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Total removal of coliforms and escherichia coli from domestic sewage by high rate pond mass culture of scenedesmus obliquus

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Total removal through the lateral ventricle in 2 cases of pallido caudal arterio venous malformations under deep hypotension

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Total repair of annulo aortic ectasia with composite graft and reimplantation of coronary ostia a consecutive series of 41 patients

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Total replacement of both ureters by prostheses

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Total replacement of cereals by cassava and rice polishings in diets of growing finishing pigs

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Total replacement of parenchymal liver cells induced by dipin and partial hepatectomy

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Total replacement of the femur and its adjacent joints

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Total replacement of the hip in inveterate congenital dislocation of the hip

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Total replacement of the knee a study based on 180 cases

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Total replacement of the rheumatoid elbow with a hingeless prosthesis

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Total replacement of the temporomandibular joint by alloplastic material part iii

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Total resection hourglass type thoracic intraspinal tumors at one operation by transversoarthropediculocostectomy

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Total residue analysis of amitraz 1 5 bis 2 4 dimethylphenyl 3 methyl 1 3 5 triazapenta 1 4 diene residues in fruit and soil samples by electron capture gas chromatography

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Total resistance and reactance in patients with respiratory complaints with and without airways obstruction

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Total resistance to water flow in field soybeans glycine max 2. limiting soil moisture

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Total respiratory impedance immediately after panting

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Total respiratory input and transfer impedances in humans

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Total respiratory resistance and reactance in patients with upper airway obstruction

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Total respiratory resistance and spirometric measures within subject comparisons

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Total respiratory system compliance in asymptomatic infants with cystic fibrosis

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Total right hemispherectomy neuro physiological study after 26 years

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Total root length as estimated from small sub samples

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Total salivary calcium and amylase output of rat parotid with electrical stimulation of autonomic innervation

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Total selenium and selenium iv in the james river estuary and southern chesapeake bay usa

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Total septal reconstruction through decortication (external) approach in children

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Total serum angiotensin converting enzyme activity in rats and dogs after enalapril maleate mr 421

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Total serum cholesterol and plasma lipoprotein cholesterol concentrations in cord sera of newborns from hispanic mothers with gestational diabetes

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Total serum hemolytic complement activity erythrocyte sedimentation rate and plasma fibrinogen as indicators of the stage in hodgkins disease

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Total serum immuno globulin e assay in the diagnosis of allergic patients usefulness and limits

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Total serum immuno globulin e concentrations in adolescents and adults using the phadebas immuno globulin e prist technique

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Total serum immuno globulin e level in patients with amoebic liver abscess and other parasitic infections

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Total serum immuno globulin e levels in endogenous uveitis

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Total serum immuno globulin e levels in normals and patients with chronic nonspecific lung diseases

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Total serum immuno globulin e levels in venezuelan school children

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Total serum immuno globulins in japanese encephalitis patients with high immuno globulin e levels in acute phase

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Total serum immunoglobulin e and specific immunoglobulin e antibodies in children with bronchial asthma

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Total serum immunoglobulin e in atopic and nonatopic patients affected by rhinitis and or asthma and in healthy subjects

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Total serum protein and its electrophoresis fractions in pigs experimentally infected with oesophagostomum spp

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Total serum protein iron binding capacity in patients with vibration disease

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Total serum thyroxine and triiodothyronine a comparison between graves disease and hyperthyroxinemia due to thyroxine replacement

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Total serum tryptophan in alcoholics and control subjects after an oral loading with l tryptophan a liquid chromatographic assay with electrochemical detection

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Total shoulder joint replacement with the neer mark ii prosthesis a prospective investigation of 50 cases

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Total shoulder replacement with a constrained prosthesis

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Total sialic acid content of glycophorins during senescence of human red blood cells

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Total situs inversus associated to lutembacher's syndrome

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Total situs inversus with esophageal atresia

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Total skin electron beam therapy for cutaneous lymphomas and leukemias

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Total skin electron beam therapy in mycosis fungoides

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Total skin electron beam therapy using a Dynaray 18 linear accelerator

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Total skin electron irradiation for mycosis fungoides relationship between acute toxicities and measured dose at different anatomic sites

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Total skin electron irradiation for mycosis fungoides: report of two cases and review of literature

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Total skin electron irradiation in mycosis fungoides

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Total skin transplantation in older people

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Total small bowel and colon aganglionosis

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Total sodium and potassium gradient in the pyelo ureter

Knorr A., 1981:
Total sodium fluxes and potassium fluxes in erythrocytes of spontaneously and 1 kidney goldblatt hypertensive rats

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Total soil nitrogen and nitrogen mineralization

Matyushenko, E.N., 1978:
Total solar radiation and radiation balance of the dnieper reservoirs

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Total solid phase synthesis of porcine gut gastrin releasing peptide a mammalian bombesin

Moro O.; Hough G., 1985:
Total solids and density measurements of dulce de leche a typical argentine dairy product

Stener, B., 1977:
Total spondylectomy for removal of a giant cell tumor in the 11th thoracic vertebra

Hungria H., 1985:
Total stapedectomy

París, F.; Blasco, E.; Tarazona, V.; Pastor, J.; Zarza, A.G.; Padilla, J., 1980:
Total sternectomy for malignant disease

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Total strontium 90 and cesium 137 in the soils of the azerbaijan ssr

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Total structure of the highly modified peptide antibiotic components of thiopeptin

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Total structure of the poly thiazole containing antibiotic micrococcin p a carbon 13 nmr study

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Total substitution of bromodeoxy uridine for thymidine in the dna of a bromodeoxy uridine dependent cell line

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Total sulfhydryl by raman spectroscopy in the intact lens of several species variations in the nucleus and along the optical axis during aging

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Total sulfur concentration in tissues of control and cadmium exposed rats by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry

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Total sulfur content of an epiphytic lichen as an index of air pollution and the usefulness of the x ray fluorescence method in sulfur determinations

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Total sulfur contents of epiphytic and terricolous lichens in finland

Jang Y.K.; Kim J.W., 1987:
Total sulfur dioxide emission control strategies for the management of air pollution in ulsan industrial complex korea

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Total synchronized response of the cat's inferior colliculus during lateralization of complex sounds

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Total synchronized response of the cochlear nuclei to sound stimuli consisting of 2 harmonic components

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Total syntheses and studies of biologically active lignans 3. application of the alpha hydroxylation of beta benzyl gamma butyrolactones to the creation of phenyltetraline skeletons and bisbenzocyclooctadiene 1st synthesis of picrostegans formal synthesis of racemic steganacin

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Total syntheses and studies of biologically active lignans 6. total syntheses of racemic iso beta peltatin and its analogs

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Total syntheses of atrovenetin and scleroderodione

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Total syntheses of azafluoranthene alkaloids rufescine and imeluteine

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Total syntheses of cross conjugated carotenals

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Total syntheses of derivatives of protoporphyrin ix regioselectively labeled with carbon 13 in the methyls

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Total syntheses of dextro temisin dextro melitensin and related elemanolides from levo artemisin

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Total syntheses of diosindigo b mamegakinone biramentaceone and rotundi quinone

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Total syntheses of fungal metabolites and functionalized furanones

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Total syntheses of hirsutic acid c and complicatic acid

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Total syntheses of lichen xanthones revision of structures

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Total syntheses of marchantin a and riccardin b cytotoxic bisbibenzyls from liverworts

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Total syntheses of marine sponge metabolites part 3. stereoselective total synthesis of racemic 12 deoxyscalaradial

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Total syntheses of prothracarcin and tomaymycin by use of palladium catalyzed carbonylation

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Total syntheses of racemic 1 carbacefoxitin racemic 1 cefamandole and racemic 1 oxacefamandole

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Total syntheses of racemic agroclavine i racemic 6 norchanoclavine ii and racemic chanoclavine ii

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Total syntheses of racemic cephalotaxine and racemic 8 oxocephalotaxine

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Total syntheses of racemic cerulenin racemic tetra hydro cerulenin and related compounds

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Total syntheses of racemic crinine and racemic buphanisine

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Total syntheses of racemic daunomycinone regiospecific preparations of racemic 7 9 di deoxy daunomycinone and 6 11 di hydroxy 4 methoxy 7 8 9 10 tetra hydro naphthacene 5 9 12 trione

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Total syntheses of racemic mesembrine racemic di hydro maritidine and racemic epi di hydro maritidine via regioselective sodium baro hydride hydrogen ion reduction of imides

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Total syntheses of racemic physovenine and racemic physostigmine an application of tandem electrocyclic 3 3 sigmatropic reaction of benzocyclobutenes

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Total syntheses of rivularins d 1 and d 3

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Total syntheses of rothin a and rothin b

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Total syntheses of the alpha acyl indole alkaloids r s 6 oxo silicine and n a 16 20 epi methyl ervatamine

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Total syntheses of the meta meta bridged bi phenyls racemic myricanol and myricanone and of an isomeric bi phenyl ether a 14 oxa 7 1 metaparacyclophane

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Total syntheses of the methyl ether ester derivatives of the coccid anthra quinones laccaic acid d and kermesic acid

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Total syntheses of the sesquiterpenoids racemic axamide 1 racemic axisonitrile 1 and the corresponding c 10 epimers

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Total syntheses of vasicoline and vasicolinone

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Total syntheses of wyerone and di hydro wyerone phyto alexins from the broad bean vicia faba using the di anion derived from 3 2 furyl acrylic acid

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Total syntheses with tri cyclo octanone building blocks synthesis of iridodial

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Total synthesis and absolute configuration of the antibiotic oligopeptide 4s dextro anthelvencin a and its 4r levo enantiomer

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Total synthesis and absolute configuration of the natural dipeptide gamma glutamylmarasmine

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Total synthesis and absolute configuration of zeylena

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Total synthesis and biological evaluation of structural analogues of compactin and dihydromevinolin

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Total synthesis and cloning of a gene coding for the rnase s protein

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Total synthesis and electro physiological properties of natural levo per hydro histrionico toxin its unnatural dextro antipode and their 2 depentyl analogs

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Total synthesis and spectral characterization of 5 8 14 eicosatrienoic acid and 5 11 14 eicosatrienoic acid and their acetylenic analogs

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Total synthesis and stereo structure of methyl e o methyl multicolanate a 4 ylidene tetronic acid from penicillium multicolor

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Total synthesis and stereo structure of racemic solavetivone a stress metabolite from infected potato tubers x ray crystal and molecular structure of an intermediate in the synthesis

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Total synthesis and stereochemistry of dextro phyllanthocindiol

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Total synthesis and x ray crystal structure of 13 14 didehydro 11 deoxy 11 methyl 15 oxoprostaglandin e 1

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Total synthesis enzyme substrate interactions and herbicidal activity of plumbemycins a and b n 1409

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Total synthesis of 1 rs 4 sr 5 rs 4 5 hydroxy 4 8 dimethyl 7 nonen 1 yl 4 methyl 3 8 dioxabicyclo 3.2.1 octane 1 acetic acid from geraniol

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Total synthesis of 11 beta methyl 19 norsteroids

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Total synthesis of 11 deoxydaunomycinone and analogues by a tandem claisen diels alder strategy

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Total synthesis of 11 deoxydaunomycinone by a new annulation process

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Total synthesis of 11 oxoprostaglandins f 2 alpha and f 2 beta

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Total synthesis of 12 alpha and 12 beta carboxylated estrogens via the thermal elimination of beta ketosulfoxide

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Total synthesis of 12 fluoro prostaglandin f 2 alpha methyl ester

Grieco, P.A.; Wang, C.L.J.; Okuniewicz, F.J., 1976:
Total synthesis of 12 hydroxymethyl prostaglandin f 2 alpha methyl ester

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Total synthesis of 12 methyl 19 norsteroids

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Total synthesis of 14 alpha hydroxy estrone 3 methyl ether

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Total synthesis of 14 beta hydroxy 4 9 11 androstadiene 3 17 dione

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Total synthesis of 19 carbon diterpene alkaloids construction of a functionalized bcd ring system

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Total synthesis of 2 5 di amino 2 5 dideoxy ribose

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Total synthesis of 2 6 dideoxy 2 6 imino 7 o beta d glucopyranosyl d glycero l gulo heptitol hydrochloride a potent inhibitor of alpha glucosidases

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Total synthesis of 2 6 epoxy 1 2 h benzoxocin sugar analogs/

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Total synthesis of 2 aza estratrienes/

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Total synthesis of 2 furanomycin stereo isomers

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Total synthesis of 2' deoxytoyocamycin 2' deoxysangivamycin and related 7 beta d arabinofuranosylpyrrolo 2 3 d pyrimidines via ring closure of pyrrole precursors prepared by the stereospecific sodium salt glycosylation procedure

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Total synthesis of 2s norpenicillin v and 2r norpenicillin v

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Total synthesis of 3 5 tetrazolyl carbapenems

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Total synthesis of 3 o 2 acetamido 6 o n acetyl alpha d neuraminyl 2 deoxy alpha d galactosyl l serine and a stereoisomer

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Total synthesis of 3 oxa 4 5 6 trinor 3 7 inter m phenylene prostaglandins part 1 photochemical approach

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Total synthesis of 3 oxa 4 5 6 trinor 3 7 inter m phenylene prostaglandins part 2 conjugate addition approach

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Total synthesis of 4r and 4s 5 6 dihydro 1 beta d ribofuranosyl 4h pyrazolo 3 4 d 1 3 diazepin 4 ol and 8r and 8s 7 8 dihydro 3 beta d ribofuranosyl 6h v triazolo 4 5 d 1 3 diazepin 8 ol two heterocyclic analogs of the nucleoside antibiotic coformycin

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Total synthesis of 6a carba prostaglandin i 2 and related isomers

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Total synthesis of 7 7 10 10 and 13 13 difluoroarachidonic acids

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Total synthesis of 7 hydroxy 9 oxa anthracyclinone and glycoside derivatives

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Total synthesis of 7 methyl 2 phenyl 3 oxa a nor 14 iso estra 1 5 10 6 8 tetraen 17 alpha ol

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Total synthesis of 8r 3 2 deoxy beta d erythro pentofuranosyl 3 6 7 8 tetra hydro imidazo 4 5 d 1 3 diazepin 8 ol pentostatin the potent inhibitor of adenosine deaminase ec

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Total synthesis of 8s 9s 11s and 12s hete methyl esters

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Total synthesis of a b ring homo alkaloid 4 5 6 7 7a 8 hexa hydro 7 methyl phenanthro 10 1 b c azepine

Khorana H.G., 1979:
Total synthesis of a gene

Narasaka K.; Sakakura T.; Uchimaru T.; Guedin Vuong D., 1984:
Total synthesis of a macro cyclic pyrrolizidine alkaloid racemic integerrimine utilizing an activable protecting group/

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Total synthesis of a mitosene

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Total synthesis of a mycobactin mycobactin s 2

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Total synthesis of a new class of ring c aromatic steroid

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Total synthesis of a novel antiulcer agent via a modification of the intramolecular wadsworth emmons wittig reaction

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Total synthesis of a proposed structure of isohimachalone

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Total synthesis of a slightly unnatural product confirmation of the stereostructure of the archaebacterial 40 carbon diol by synthesis of a stereoisomer

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Total synthesis of a tyrosine suppressor transfer rna gene 13. synthesis of deoxy ribo poly nucleotide segments corresponding to the nucleotide sequence 1 to 29 in the promoter region

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Total synthesis of a tyrosine suppressor transfer rna gene 14. chemical synthesis of oligo nucleotide segments corresponding to the terminal regions

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Total synthesis of a tyrosine suppressor transfer rna gene 16. enzymatic joinings to form the total 207 base pair long dna

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Total synthesis of a tyrosine suppressor transfer rna gene 17. transcription in vitro of the synthetic gene and processing of the primary transcript to transfer rna

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Total synthesis of a tyrosine suppressor transfer rna gene 18. biological activity and transcription in vitro of the cloned gene

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Total synthesis of aaptamine of potent alpha blocking activity via thermal cyclization of 1 azahexatriene systems

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Total synthesis of acetate from carbon di oxide methyl tetra hydro folate and intermediate and a procedure for separation of the folates

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Total synthesis of acetate from carbon di oxide part 5 determination by mass analysis of the different types of acetate formed from carbon 13 di oxide heterotrophic bacteria

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Total synthesis of acetate from carbon di oxide part 7 evidence with clostridium thermoaceticum that the carboxyl of acetate is derived from the carboxyl of pyruvate by trans carboxylation and not by fixation of carbon di oxide

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Total synthesis of acetate from carbon di oxide purification and properties of enz formyl tetra hydro folate synthetase from clostridium thermoaceticum

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Total synthesis of acetyl coenzyme a involved in autotrophic carbon di oxide fixation in acetobacterium woodii

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Total synthesis of acosamine and daunosamine utilizing a diastereoselective intramolecular 3 plus 2 cycloaddition

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Total synthesis of alpha di saccharidyl 2 5 6 trideoxy streptamines related to amino glycoside antibiotics derived from maltose and lactose

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Total synthesis of alpha himachalene and beta himachalene by an inter molecular diels alder approach

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Total synthesis of amauromine

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Total synthesis of amphotericin b 3. the final stages

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Total synthesis of amphoteronolide b and amphotericin b 1. strategy and stereocontrolled construction of key building blocks

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Total synthesis of amphoteronolide b and amphotericin b 2. total synthesis of amphoteronolide b

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Total synthesis of an estrajervatetraene

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Total synthesis of analogs of the beta lactam antibiotics 1. iso clavam 3 carboxylates

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Total synthesis of analogs of the beta lactam antibiotics 2. isopenam 3 carboxylates and their 2 2 dioxides

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Total synthesis of analogues of the beta lactam antibiotics part 3. 2 ethoxycarbonyl derivatives of carbapen 1 em 3 exo carboxylates and carbapenam 3 exo carboxylates

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Total synthesis of ancistrofuran a defensive compound from the termite ancistrotermes cavithorax

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Total synthesis of anhydro cannabisativene

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Total synthesis of anthracyclinones via intra molecular base catalyzed cyclizations

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Total synthesis of antibiotic a 23187 calcimycin from d glucose

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Total synthesis of aphidicolin

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Total synthesis of beta elemenone

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Total synthesis of beta santalol

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Total synthesis of betalaines

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Total synthesis of bikaverin 6 11 di hydroxy 3 8 dimethoxy 1 methyl benzo b xanthene 7 10 12 trione

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Total synthesis of bovine pancreatic rnase a 1. synthesis of the protected pentadeca peptide ester positions 110 124

Fujii, N.; Yajima, H., 1981:
Total synthesis of bovine pancreatic rnase a 2. synthesis of the protected hexatriaconta peptide ester positions 89 124

Fujii, N.; Yajima, H., 1981:
Total synthesis of bovine pancreatic rnase a 3. synthesis of the protected hexapentaconta peptide ester positions 69 124

Fujii, N.; Yajima, H., 1981:
Total synthesis of bovine pancreatic rnase a 4. synthesis of the protected tetraoctaconta peptide ester positions 41 124

Fujii, N.; Yajima, H., 1981:
Total synthesis of bovine pancreatic rnase a 5. synthesis of the protected s protein positions 21 124 and the protected s peptide positions 1 20

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Total synthesis of c nor d homosteroids 3

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Total synthesis of caerulomycin

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Total synthesis of capreomycin

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Total synthesis of carbo prostacyclin a stable and biologically active analog of prostacyclin prostaglandin i 2

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Total synthesis of carbohydrates 2. regiochemical control of nucleophilic ring opening of acylated 2 3 epoxy alcohols/

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Total synthesis of carbohydrates 3. efficient enantio selective syntheses of 2 6 di deoxy hexoses

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Total synthesis of carbon 13 glycerol

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Total synthesis of catalpa lactone

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Total synthesis of cerebrosides 2s 3r 4e 1 o beta d galactopyranosyl n 2'r and 2's 2' hydroxytetracosanoylsphingenine

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Total synthesis of cinchona alkaloids part 2 stereoselective total syntheses of quinine and quinidine/

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Total synthesis of cinchona alkaloids part 4 syntheses via quinuclidine precursors/

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Total synthesis of clavine alkaloids by an intra molecular nitrone olefin cyclo addition reaction

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Total synthesis of cleomiscosin a a coumarinolignoid

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Total synthesis of cortisol application to selective deuteration at c 1 and c 19

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Total synthesis of coumarinolignans propacin and its regioisomer

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Total synthesis of curzerenone epicurzerenone and pyrocurzerenone

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Total synthesis of cyclomaltohexaose

Takahashi Y.; Ogawa T., 1987:
Total synthesis of cyclomaltooctaose and an isomer of cyclomaltohexaose

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Total synthesis of d homo dinordrin

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Total synthesis of d l isoretronecanol and d l trachelanthamidine using anodic methoxylation in a key functionalizing step

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Total synthesis of d l purpurosamine c

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Total synthesis of daphneticin a coumarinolignoid

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Total synthesis of decarboxybetalaines by photochemical ring opening of 3 4 pyridylalanine

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Total synthesis of delta l alpha aminoadipyl l cysteinyl d valine a biosynthetic precursor of penicillins and cephalosporins

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Total synthesis of dextro 1 2 3 4 5 2 3 4 5 tetrahydroxycyclohexane 1 methanol and dextro 1 3 2 4 5 5 amino 2 3 4 trihydroxycyclohexane 1 methanol dextro validamine x ray crystal structure of 3s dextro 2 exo bromo 4 8 dioxatricyclo 7 nonan 5 one

Hayakawa K.; Nagatsugi F.; Kanematsu K., 1988:
Total synthesis of dextro 4 oxo 5 6 9 10 tetradehydro 4 5 secofuranoeremophilane 5 1 carbolactone via novel lactone construction through allene intramolecular cycloaddition

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Total synthesis of dextro balanitol and of dextro selin 4 15 ene 1 beta 11 diol

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Total synthesis of dextro barbatusol

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Total synthesis of dextro codonopsinine and its stereoisomers stereochemical assignment of natural levo codonopsinine

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Total synthesis of dextro colletodiol from s s tartrate and r 3 hydroxybutanoate

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Total synthesis of dextro costunolide

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Total synthesis of dextro d homo 19 nortestosterone

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Total synthesis of dextro demethyldysidenin and levo demethylisodysidenin hexachlorinated amino acids from the marine sponge dysidea herbacea assignment of absolute stereochemistry

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Total synthesis of dextro desepoxyasperdiol

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Total synthesis of dextro di hydro compactin

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Total synthesis of dextro dihydromevinolin

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Total synthesis of dextro elemol by photoannelation

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Total synthesis of dextro fumitremorgin b its epimeric isomers and demethoxy derivatives

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Total synthesis of dextro furanomycin and stereo isomers

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Total synthesis of dextro jatropholones a and b exploitation of the high pressure technique

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Total synthesis of dextro levo coronafacic acid by an intermolecular diels alder approach

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Total synthesis of dextro milbemycin beta 3

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Total synthesis of dextro nojirimycin and dextro 1 deoxynojirimycin

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Total synthesis of dextro nonactic acid and levo nonactic acid starting from carbohydrates

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Total synthesis of dextro pipoxide and dextro beta senepoxide and their diene precursors

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Total synthesis of dextro sparsomycin approaches using cysteine and serine inversion

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Total synthesis of dextro thromboxane b 2 from d glucose a detailed account

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Total synthesis of di aza steroids part 1

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Total synthesis of di sodium prephenate part 1 synthesis of 2 dia stereomeric ethyl 3 ethoxy 1 8 dioxo 2 oxa spiro 4 5 dec 6 ene 3 carboxylates

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Total synthesis of dihydrovitamin dhv 3 and dihydrotachysterol dht 3 application of the low valent titanium induced reductive elimination

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Total synthesis of dinordrin and analogs

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Total synthesis of dioxane analogs related to zoapatanol

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Total synthesis of dl pentaleno lactone

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Total synthesis of dregamine and epi dregamine a general route to 2 acyl indole alkaloids

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Total synthesis of edeine D

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Total synthesis of elfamycins aurodox and efrotomycin 1. strategy and construction of key intermediates

Dolle, R.E.; Nicolaou, K.C., 1985:
Total synthesis of elfamycins aurodox and efrotomycin 2. coupling of key intermediates and completion of the synthesis

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Total synthesis of ergot alkaloid racemic fumigaclavine b

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Total synthesis of frustulosin

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Total synthesis of frustulosin and aurocitrin

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Total synthesis of gibberellins a new strategy for a ring construction

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Total synthesis of glio toxin dehydro glio toxin and hyalodendrin

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Total synthesis of guaianolides racemic dehydrocostus lactone and racemic estafiatin

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Total synthesis of halogenated monoterpene marine natural products via the diels alder reaction

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Total synthesis of heptacyclic aspidosperma alkaloids part 1. preliminary experiments

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Total synthesis of heptacyclic aspidosperma alkaloids part ii. synthesis of racemic obscurinervidine

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Total synthesis of hetero cyclic steroids 2. synthesis of racemic 17 thia 3 methoxy 8 alpha 14 beta estra 1 3 5 10 triene 17 di oxide

Jogdeo, P.S.; Bhide, G.V., 1979:
Total synthesis of hetero cyclic steroids 3. synthesis of racemic 3 17 di thia a nor 14 beta estra 1 5 10 6 8 tetraene 17 di oxide

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Total synthesis of hetero cyclic steroids 4. mass spectrometry in stereochemical determination of c d ring fusion geometry in some hetero aromatic steroids

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Total synthesis of hetero cyclic steroids 5. ionic hydrogenation of hetero aromatic steroidal 8 14 dienes

Jogdeo, P.S.; Bhide, G.V., 1980:
Total synthesis of hetero cyclic steroids 6. synthesis of racemic 3 methoxy 6 aza 12 thia 12 dioxo b nor 14 beta estra 1 3 5 10 8 tetraen 17 alpha ol

Jogdeo P.S.; Bhide G.V., 1979:
Total synthesis of hetero cyclic steroids part 1 synthesis of racemic a nor 3 thiaestra 1 5 10 dien 17 beta ol

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Total synthesis of heterocyclic steroids 7. synthesis of racemic 8 13 diaza 3 thia a norgona 1 5 10 dien 17 one

Tailor, S.H.; Kamat, A.K.; Bhide, G.V., 1988:
Total synthesis of heterocyclic steroids part ix. synthesis of racemic 8 aza 3 thia a nor 9 beta 14 alpha estra 1 5 10 dien 12 one and its 14 beta isomer

Tailor, S.H.; Kamat, A.K.; Bhide, G.V., 1986:
Total synthesis of heterocyclic steroids part viii. synthesis of racemic 8 13 diazagona 5 10 en 17 one and racemic 8 13 diaza 6 6 dimethyl 2 thiagona 5 10 en 17 one

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Total synthesis of higher carbon sugars synthesis of methyl 3 4 5 tri o acetyl 1 7 di o benzyl alpha dl gluco hept 2 ulopyranoside

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