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Chapter 6,816

Total evaporation by a walnut forest in the western tien shan ussr

Botman, K.S.; Girshevich, E.I.

Lesovedenie 3: 19-27


ISSN/ISBN: 0024-1148
Accession: 006815168

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Principal regularities of changes in retaining liquid precipitation, evaporation from the soil surface and by herbaceous vegetation, transpiration by walnut forests of different density were found according to the data on 3 yr of investigations (1973-1975) at the Sary-Chelek [USSR] reserve. Total evaporation was 65.3-72% of the annual precipitation in a dense walnut forest, 58.2-59.2 in a middle-dense, and 46.7-53.8 in a sparse one (41% of the annual precipitation fall in the cold season). The characteristics of water supply, viability and sylvicultural evaluation of the walnut forest canopy density are given by the correlation of main constituents of the total evaporation.

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