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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6817

Chapter 6817 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Jung M.E.; Miller S.J., 1981:
Total synthesis of iso pavine and intermediates for the preparation of substituted amitriptyline analogs facile routes to substituted di benzo cyclo octatrienes and di benzo cyclo heptatrienes

Schuda P.F.; Price W.A., 1987:
Total synthesis of isoflavones jamaicin calopogonium isoflavone b pseudobaptigenin and maxima substance b friedel crafts acylation reactions with acid sensitive substrates

Sethi M.L.; Taneja S.C.; Dhar K.L.; Atal C.K., 1981:
Total synthesis of junipegenin a an iso flavone from juniperus macropoda

Rollinson S.W.; Amos R.A.; Katzenellenbogen J.A., 1981:
Total synthesis of lauraceae lactones obtusi lactones litsenolides and mahubanolides

Pietrzik, E.; Kalbacher, H.; Voelter, W., 1977:
Total synthesis of leucine enkephalin and methionine enkephalin

Guindon Y.; Delorme D., 1987:
Total synthesis of leukotriene b 4 analogues 3 thia ltb 4 and 3 thia 20 20 20 trifluoro ltb 4

Rosenberger M.; Newkom C.; Aig E.R., 1983:
Total synthesis of leukotriene e 4 a member of the slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis family

Solas D.; Wolinsky J., 1983:
Total synthesis of levo alpha acoradiene and levo alpha cedrene

Ronald R.C.; Gewali M.B.; Ronald B.P., 1980:
Total synthesis of levo aplysin and levo debromo aplysin

Pawlak J.L.; Berchtold G.A., 1987:
Total synthesis of levo chorismic acid and levo shikimic acid

Demuth M.; Ritterskamp P.; Weigt E.; Schaffner K., 1986:
Total synthesis of levo coriolin

Overman L.E.; Sugai S., 1985:
Total synthesis of levo crinine use of tandem cationic aza cope rearrangement mannich cyclizations for the synthesis of enantiomerically pure amaryllidaceae alkaloids

Hillis L.R.; Ronald R.C., 1985:
Total synthesis of levo grahamimycin a 1

Overman L.E.; Thompson A.S., 1988:
Total synthesis of levo laurenyne use of acetal initiated cyclizations to prepare functionalized eight membered cyclic ethers

Giese B.; Rupaner R., 1987:
Total synthesis of levo malyngolide and of its three stereomers

Meyers A.I.; Babiak K.A.; Campbell A.L.; Comins D.L.; Fleming M.P.; Henning R.; Heuschmann M.; Hudspeth J.P.; Kane J.M.; E.A., 1983:
Total synthesis of levo maysine

Baier H.; Duerner G.; Quinkert G., 1985:
Total synthesis of levo norgestrel

Kitahara T.; Mori M.; Mori K., 1987:
Total synthesis of levo periplanone b natural major sex excitant pheromone of the american cockroach periplaneta americana

Broka C.A.; Chan S.; Peterson B., 1988:
Total synthesis of levo pseudopterosin a

Paquette L.A.; Roberts R.A.; Drtina G.J., 1984:
Total synthesis of levo silphiperfol 6 ene and levo 5 oxosilphiperfol 6 ene

Whitesell J.K.; Allen D.E., 1988:
Total synthesis of levo specionin

Suami T.; Tadano K I.; IImura Y., 1985:
Total synthesis of levo swainsonine an alpha d mannosidase inhibitor isolated from swainsona canescens

Shimizu M.; Ishikawa M.; Komoda Y.; Nakajima T., 1982:
Total synthesis of levo trypargine

Wrobel J.E.; Ganem B., 1983:
Total synthesis of levo vertinolide a general approach to chiral tetronic acids and butenolides from allylic alcohols

Eren, D.; Keinan, E., 1988:
Total synthesis of linear polyprenoids 3. syntheses of ubiquinones via palladium catalyzed oligomerization of monoterpene monomers

Guindon Y.; Delorme D.; Lau C.K.; Zamboni R., 1988:
Total synthesis of ltb 4 and analogues

Heathcock C.H.; Kleinman E.F.; Binkley E.S., 1982:
Total synthesis of lycopodium alkaloids racemic lycopodine racemic lycodine and racemic lycodoline

Crimmins, M.T.; Bankaitis-David, D.M.; Hollis, W.G.J., 1988:
Total synthesis of milbemycin beta 3

Matsuo K.; Okumura M.; Tanaka K., 1982:
Total synthesis of mimocine an iso quinoline quinone antibiotic

Fukumi, H.; Kurihara, H.; Mishima, H., 1978:
Total synthesis of mimosamycin

Kamiya T.; Hashimoto M.; Nakaguchi O.; Oku T., 1979:
Total synthesis of mono cyclic beta lactam antibiotics nocardicin a and nocardicin d

Kasturi T.R.; Reddy S.M., 1982:
Total synthesis of mono methoxy 5 8 seco 6 7 bis norsteroids and di methoxy 5 8 seco 6 7 bis norsteroids

Jaenicke, L.; Boland, W., 1976:
Total synthesis of multifidene cis 3 cis 1 butenyl 4 vinyl cyclo pentene the male attractant of the brown alga cutleria multifida and of its isomers

Atta U.R.hman; Sultana M.; Hassan I.; Hasan N.M., 1983:
Total synthesis of n a methyl secodine

Hayashi Y.; Matsumoto T.; Nishizawa M.; Togami M.; Hyono T.; Nishikawa N.; Uemura M.; Sakan T., 1982:
Total synthesis of nagi lactone f a biologically active norditerpenoid di lactone isolated from podocarpus nagi

Leuenberger H.G.W.; Boguth W.; Barner R.; Schmid M.; Zell R., 1979:
Total synthesis of natural alpha tocopherol part 1 preparation of bi functional optically active precursors for the synthesis of the side chain by means of microbiological transformations

Schmid M.; Barner R., 1979:
Total synthesis of natural alpha tocopherol part 2 synthesis of the side chain from levo s 3 methyl gamma butyro lactone

Zell R., 1979 :
Total synthesis of natural alpha tocopherol part 3 synthesis of the side chain with levo s methyl gamma butyro lactone as the central element

Matsuda F.; Terashima S., 1988:
Total synthesis of natural dextro sesbanimide a and levo sesbanimide b

Huang H.C.; Rehmann J.K.; Gray G.R., 1982:
Total synthesis of naturally occurring mycolic acids e threo 2 docosyl 3 hydroxy tetracont 21 enoate and z threo 2 docosyl 3 hydroxy tetracont 21 enoate

Theuns H.G.; Lenting H.B.M.; Salemink C.A.; Tanaka H.; Shibata M.; Ito K.; Lousberg R.J.J.C., 1984:
Total synthesis of neodihydrothebaine and bractazonine 2 dibenz d f azonine alkaloids from papaver bracteatum

Tanaka, H.; Kato, I.; Ito, K., 1987:
Total synthesis of neolignans, americanin A and isoamericanin A

Usui T.; Umezawa S., 1988:
Total synthesis of neomycin

Umezawa, S.; Nishimura, Y., 1977:
Total synthesis of neomycin C

Vasella A.; Voeffray R., 1982:
Total synthesis of nojirimycin

Zhuang Z P.; Zhou W S., 1985:
Total synthesis of optically active 7 alpha 18 and 7 beta 18 dimethyl 19 nortestosterone

Hauser F.M.; Rhee R.P.; Ellenberger S.R., 1984:
Total synthesis of optically active n benzoyl daunosamine from an azetidinone

Eder, U.; Cleve, G.; Haffer, G.; Neef, G.; Sauer, G.; Wiechert, R.; Fuerst, A.; Meier, W., 1980:
Total synthesis of optically active steroids 17. synthesis of a 19 di norsteroids

Sauer, G.; Junghans, K.; Eder, U.; Haffer, G.; Neef, G.; Wiechert, R.; Cleve, G.; Hoyer, G.A., 1982:
Total synthesis of optically active steroids 18. steric course of the desulfurization of substituted phenylsulfonyl steroids

Sauer, G.; Eder, U.; Haffer, G.; Neef, G.; Wiechert, R.; Hoyer, G.A., 1982:
Total synthesis of optically active steroids 19. isomerization of acceptor substituted estratrienes

Sauer, G.; Eder, U.; Haffer, G.; Neef, G.; Wiechert, R.; Rosenberg, D., 1982:
Total synthesis of optically active steroids 20. synthesis of 7 alpha methyl estratriene by stereoselective methylation of estratrien 6 one

Eder, U.; Sauer, G.; Haffer, G.; Ruppert, J.; Wiechert, R.; Fuerst, A.; Meier, W., 1976:
Total synthesis of optically active steroids part 13 synthesis of 4 9 11 androstadiene 3 17 dione

Eder, U.; Gibian, H.; Haffer, G.; Neef, G.; Sauer, G.; Wiechert, R., 1976:
Total synthesis of optically active steroids part 14 synthesis of estradiol

Eder, U.; Haffer, G.; Neef, G.; Sauer, G.; Seeger, A.; Wiechert, R., 1977:
Total synthesis of optically active steroids part 15 synthesis of dextro 1 3 di methoxy 7 beta methyl 1 3 5 10 estratrien 17 one

Eder, U.; Haffer, G.; Neef, G.; Prezewowsky, K.; Sauer, G.; Wiechert, R., 1978:
Total synthesis of optically active steroids part 16 preparation of 1 3 17 beta tri acetoxy 8 alpha estra 1 3 5 10 triene an impeded estrogen/

Tiecco M.; Tingoli M.; Testaferri L.; Chianelli D.; Wenkert E., 1986:
Total synthesis of orellanine the lethal toxin of cortinarius orellanus mushroom

Tiecco M.; Tingoli M.; Testaferri L.; Chianelli D.; Wenkert E., 1987:
Total synthesis of orellinine a minor toxic component of the fungus cortinarius orellanus fries

Yamashiro, D.; Li, C.H., 1978:
Total synthesis of ovine beta lipotropin by the solid phase method

Moroder L.; Gohring W.; Thamm P.; Wunsch E.; Tatemoto K.; Mutt V.; Bataille D., 1982:
Total synthesis of phi

Komoto N.; Enomoto Y.; Tanaka Y.; Nitanai K.; Umezawa H., 1979:
Total synthesis of phospho di esterase i

Komoto N.; Enomoto Y.; Miyagaki M.; Tanaka Y.; Nitanai K.; Umezawa H., 1979:
Total synthesis of phospho di esterase ii

Bernasconi S.; Gariboldi P.; Jommi G.; Montanari S.; Sisti M., 1981:
Total synthesis of pinguisone

Ireland R.E.; Courtney L.; Fitzsimmons B.J., 1983:
Total synthesis of poly ether antibiotics synthesis of the enantiomer of lasalocid a x 537a

Boger, D.L.; Patel, M., 1988:
Total synthesis of prodigiosin prodigiosene and demethoxyprodigiosin diels alder reactions of heterocyclic azadienes and development of an effective palladium ii promoted 2 2' bipyrrole coupling procedure

Chapleo C.B.; Finch M.A.W.; Lee T.V.; Roberts S.M.; Newton R.F., 1980:
Total synthesis of prostaglandin a 2 involving the reaction of a hetero cuprate reagent with an allyl epoxide

Cameron A.G.; Hewson A.T.; Wadsworth A.H., 1984:
Total synthesis of prostaglandin d 1 methyl ester and 9 epiprostaglandin d 1 methyl ester

Cave R.J.; Newton R.F.; Reynolds D.P.; Roberts S.M., 1981:
Total synthesis of prostaglandin f 2 alpha and the 9 o benzyl derivatives of prostaglandin prostaglandin f 2 alpha prostaglandin d 2 and prostaglandin d 1

Lee, T.V.; Roberts, S.H.; Dimsdale, M.J.; Newton, R.F.; Rainey, D.K.; Webb, C.F., 1978:
Total synthesis of prostaglandin f 2 alpha through homo conjugate addition of an organo cuprate reagent to a tri cyclo 3 2 0 0 2 7 heptanone

Lansbury, P.T.; Serelis, A.K.; Hengeveld, J.E.; Hangauer, D.G.Jr, 1980:
Total synthesis of pseudo guaianes 1. preparation of bi cyclo 5.3.0 decane synthons for damsinic acid and helenanolides

Lansbury, P.T.; Hangauer, D.G.Jr, 1981:
Total synthesis of pseudo guaianolides 2. racemic aromaticin

Lansbury, P.T.; Vacca, J.P., 1982:
Total synthesis of pseudo guaianolides 3. racemic aromatin

Lansbury, P.T.; Mazur, D.J.; Springer, J.P., 1985:
Total synthesis of pseudoguaianolides 4. a stereoselective approach to balduilin

Lansbury, P.T.; Nickson, T.E.; Vacca, J.P.; Sindelar, R.D.; Messinger, J.M.Ii, 1987:
Total synthesis of pseudoguaianolides v. stereocontrolled approaches to the fastigilins racemic 2 3 dihydrofastigilin c

Knight D.W.; Pattenden G., 1979:
Total synthesis of pulvinones 4 benzylidene 2 phenyl tetronic acid pigments of fungi

Jung M.E.; Shaw T.J., 1980:
Total synthesis of r glycerol acetonide and the anti epileptic and hypotensive drug levo gamma amino beta hydroxy butyric acid use of vitamin c as a chiral starting material

Harayama, T.; Cho, H.; Inubushi, Y., 1978:
Total synthesis of r s chamaecynone a termiticidal norsesquiterpene

Takahashi, S.; Kitazawa, E.; Ogiso, A., 1978:
Total synthesis of r s ligantrol a linear poly oxygenated di terpene

Hart T.W.; Metcalfe D.A.; Scheinmann F., 1979:
Total synthesis of r s prostaglandin d 1 use of tri ethyl silyl protecting groups

Streicher, W.; Reinshagen, H.; Turnowsky, F., 1978:
Total synthesis of rac negamycin and negamycin analogs

Van Tamelen E.E.; Faler D.L., 1985:
Total synthesis of racemic 11 alpha hydroxyprogesterone by cyclization of a polyunsaturated epoxide

Grieco, P.A.; Pogonowski, C.S.; Burke, S.D.; Nishizawa, M.; Miyashita, M.; Masaki, Y.; Wang, C.L.J.; Majetich, G., 1977:
Total synthesis of racemic 12 methyl prostaglandins

Cushman M.; Abbaspour A.; Gupta Y.P., 1983:
Total synthesis of racemic 14 epi corynoline racemic corynoline and racemic 6 oxo corynoline

Bergeron R.J.; Mcmanis J.S., 1987:
Total synthesis of racemic 15 deoxyspergualin

Luthy, C.; Kostantin, P.; Untch, K.G., 1978:
Total synthesis of racemic 19 hydroxy prostaglandin e 1 and racemic 13 cis 15 epi 19 hydroxy prostaglandin e 1

Claes, P.J.; Janssen, G.; Vanderhaeghe, H., 1977:
Total synthesis of racemic 2 spiro cyclo butano bis norpenicillin v and racemic 2 spiro cyclo pentano bis norpenicillin v

Reuvers J.T.A.; D.G.oot A., 1986:
Total synthesis of racemic 3 beta hydroxynagilactone f

Hsu F L.; Rice K.C.; Brossi A., 1982:
Total synthesis of racemic 3 deoxy 7 8 di hydro morphine racemic 4 methoxy n methyl morphinan 6 one and 2 4 di oxygenated racemic congeners

Manmade A.; Marshall J.L.; Minns R.A.; Dalzell H.; Razdan R.K., 1982:
Total synthesis of racemic 3 deoxy 7 8 di hydro morphinone

Danishefsky S.J.; Pearson W.H.; Segmuller B.E., 1985:
Total synthesis of racemic 3 deoxy d manno 2 octulopyranosate

Caine D.; Hasenhuettl G., 1980:
Total synthesis of racemic 3 oxo diplophyllin and racemic yomogin

Rao A.V.R.; Deshpande V.H.; Sathaye K.M.; Jaweed S.M., 1985:
Total synthesis of racemic 4 demethoxydaunomycinone

Shih T.L.; Wyvratt M.J.; Mrozik H., 1987:
Total synthesis of racemic 5 o methyllicoricidin

Claes, P.J.; Vanderhaeghe, H., 1976:
Total synthesis of racemic 6 beta phenoxyacetamido 2 2 diethyl penam 3 alpha carboxlic acid

Finch M.A.W.; Roberts S.M.; Newton R.F., 1980:
Total synthesis of racemic 6 beta prostaglandin i 1

Blondet D.; Morin C., 1984:
Total synthesis of racemic 8 aza 9a 9b di carba prostaglandin h 1

Schiehser, G.A.; White, J.D., 1980:
Total synthesis of racemic 9 pupukeanone

Mccrae, D.A.; Dolby, L., 1977:
Total synthesis of racemic acorone

Hoye T.R.; Caruso A.J., 1981:
Total synthesis of racemic ancistro furan a study of cyclic ether formation

Schreiber S.L.; Satake K., 1984:
Total synthesis of racemic astel toxin

Kieczykowski G.R.; Quesda M.L.; Schlessinger R.H., 1980:
Total synthesis of racemic bis norvernolepin

Nagao K.; Chiba M.; Yoshimura I.; Kim S W., 1981:
Total synthesis of racemic carpesioline

Yamamoto H.; Maruoka K., 1981:
Total synthesis of racemic celacinnine racemic celallocinnine racemic celafurine and racemic celabenzine

Ohta T.; Tsuchiyama H.; Nozoe S., 1986:
Total synthesis of racemic cerulenin and racemic tetrahydrocerulenin

Cushman M.; Choong T C.; Valko J.T.; Koleck M.P., 1980:
Total synthesis of racemic chelidonine

Mcgowan D.A.; Berchtold G.A., 1982:
Total synthesis of racemic chorismic acid and levo 5 enolpyruvyl shikimic acid compound z 1

Mcmurry, J.E.; Silvestri, M.G., 1976:
Total synthesis of racemic cis sativenediol

Williams D.R.; White F.H., 1987:
Total synthesis of racemic citreoviridin

Bentley, P.H.; Berry, P.D.; Brooks, G.; Gilpin, M.L.; Hunt, E.; Zomaya, I.I., 1977:
Total synthesis of racemic clavulanic acid

Ackroyd J.; Karpf M.; Dreiding A.S., 1984:
Total synthesis of racemic clovene the stereoelectronic requirements of the alpha alkynone cyclization

Horiguchi Y.; Nakamura E.; Kuwajima I., 1986:
Total synthesis of racemic cortisone double hydroxylation reaction for construction of corticoid side chain

Cushman M.; Gupta Y.P., 1982:
Total synthesis of racemic corynoline and racemic 6 oxo corynoline

Baldwin, S.W.; Tomesch, J.C., 1980:
Total synthesis of racemic cyclo sativene by cationic olefinic and acetylenic cyclizations

Chen E.Y., 1984:
Total synthesis of racemic cycloeudesmol and racemic epicycloeudesmol

De-Clercq, P.; Vandewalle, M., 1977:
Total synthesis of racemic damsin

Lantos, I.; Razgaitis, C.; Van-Hoeven, H.; Loev, B., 1977:
Total synthesis of racemic decamine a convenient scheme for the synthesis of cis quinolizidine and trans quinolizidine alkaloids

Pattenden G.; Teague S.J., 1988:
Total synthesis of racemic delta 9 12 capnellene 8 beta 10 alpha diol

Oppolzer W.; Baettig K., 1982:
Total synthesis of racemic delta 9 12 capnellene via iterative intra molecular type i magnesium ene reactions

Ishida, T.; Wada, K., 1977:
Total synthesis of racemic diplodialide a

Chiang, H.C.; Brochmann-Hanssen, E., 1977:
Total synthesis of racemic discretamine and racemic stepholidine

Williard P.G.; D.L.szlo S.E., 1984:
Total synthesis of racemic dysidin a marine metabolite containing an n acyl o methyltetramic acid

Sanchez I.H.; Lopez F.J.; Soria J.J.; Larraza M.I.; Flores H.J., 1983:
Total synthesis of racemic elwesine racemic epi elwesine and racemic oxo crinine

Kametani T.; Huang S P.; Nagahara T.; Ihara M., 1981:
Total synthesis of racemic epi thienamycin a and racemic epi thienamycin b racemic olivanic acids mm 22380 and mm 22382 and derivatives

Snitman, D.L.; Himmelsbach, R.J.; Watt, D.S., 1978:
Total synthesis of racemic ferruginol and racemic hinokione

Girotra, N.N.; Zelawski, Z.S.; Wendler, N.L., 1976:
Total synthesis of racemic flavipucine

Nomura K.; Okazaki K.; Hori K.; Yoshii E., 1987:
Total synthesis of racemic granaticin

Lafontaine J.; Mongrain M.; Sergent Guay M.; Ruest L.; Deslongchamps P., 1980:
Total synthesis of racemic hinesol and racemic epi hinesol

Paquette L.A.; Han Y K., 1981:
Total synthesis of racemic iso comene a naturally occurring triquinane

Wang C L.J.; Ripka W.C., 1983:
Total synthesis of racemic justicidin p a new lignan lactone from justicia extensa

Mervic, M.; Ghera, E., 1977:
Total synthesis of racemic kadsurin

Oppolzer W.; Francotte E.; Baettig K., 1981:
Total synthesis of racemic lysergic acid by an intra molecular imino diels alder reaction

Hart D.J.; Hong W P.; Hsu L Y., 1987:
Total synthesis of racemic lythrancepine ii and racemic lythrancepine iii

Coates, R.M.; Melvin, L.S.Jr, 1970:
Total synthesis of racemic marmin and related coumarin mono terpenes

Bartlett P.A.; Mcquaid L.A., 1984:
Total synthesis of racemic methyl shikimate and racemic 3 phosphoshikimic acid

Takahashi S.; Oritani T.; Yamashita K., 1986:
Total synthesis of racemic methylphaseates

Smith A.B.IIi; Jerris P.J., 1982:
Total synthesis of racemic modhephene and its epimer racemic epi modhephene

Boger D.L.; Coleman R.S., 1988:
Total synthesis of racemic n 2 phenylsulfonyl cpi racemic cc 1065 dextro cc 1065 ent levo cc 1065 and the precise functional agents racemic cpi cdpi 2 dextro cpi cdpi 2 and levo cpi cdpi 2 racemic 3br 4as dextro 3br 4as and levo 3bs 4ar deoxy cc 1065

Snider B.B.; Cartaya Marin C.P., 1984:
Total synthesis of racemic nitramine development of a ketene equivalent in the ene reaction

Heathcock C.H.; Von Geldern T.W., 1987:
Total synthesis of racemic norsecurinine

Jacobi P.A.; Kaczmarek C.S.R.; Udodong U.E., 1987:
Total synthesis of racemic paniculide a

Paquette L.A.; Annis G.D., 1983:
Total synthesis of racemic pentalenene the least oxidized neutral tri quinane metabolite of streptomyces griseochromogenes

Sanchez I.H.; Mendoza S.; Calderon M.; Larraza M.I.; Flores H.J., 1985:
Total synthesis of racemic perezone

Murphy W.S.; Wattanasin S., 1982:
Total synthesis of racemic picro podophyllone

Banerjee A.K.; Hurtado S.H.; Laya M.M.; Acevedo J.C.; Alvarez C.J., 1988:
Total synthesis of racemic pisiferic acid

Van Der Eycken J.; D.C.ercq P.; Vandewalle M., 1986:
Total synthesis of racemic podophyllotoxin and racemic epipodophyllotoxin

Gadwood R.C.; Lett R.M.; Wissinger J.E., 1986:
Total synthesis of racemic poitediol and racemic dactylol

Snider B.B.; Faith W.C., 1984:
Total synthesis of racemic ptilocaulin and levo ptilocaulin

Whitesell, J.K.; Matthews, R.S.; Helbling, A.M., 1978:
Total synthesis of racemic sarracenin

Jacobi P.A.; Martinelli M.J.; Polanc S., 1984:
Total synthesis of racemic saxitoxin

Coates, R.M.; Freidinger, R.M., 1970:
Total synthesis of racemic sesqui carene

Kato M.; Matsumura Y.; Heima K.; Fukamiya N.; Kabuto C.; Yoshikoshi A., 1987:
Total synthesis of racemic siccanin and racemic siccanochromene e

Tanaka H.; Shibata M.; Ohira K.; Ito K., 1985:
Total synthesis of racemic silybin an antihepatotoxic flavonolignan

Iwata C.; Yamada M.; Fusaka T.; Miyashita K.; Nakamura A.; Tanaka T.; Fujiwara T.; Tomita K I., 1987:
Total synthesis of racemic solavetivone and aglycone a 3 regioselective and stereoselective birch reduction of 6 10 dimethyl 2 hydroxyspiro 4 5 deca 6 9 dien 8 one

Danishefsky S.; Morris J.; Mullen G.; Gammill R., 1982:
Total synthesis of racemic tazettine and 6a epi pre tazettine a formal synthesis of racemic pre tazettine some observations on the relationship of 6a epi pre tazettine and tazettine

Deshong P.; Ramesh S.; Elango V.; Perez J.J., 1985:
Total synthesis of racemic tirandamycin a

Lai C.K.; Buckanin R.S.; Chen S.J.; Zimmerman D.F.; Sher F.T.; Berchtold G.A., 1982 :
Total synthesis of racemic triptolide and racemic triptonide

Fukami, H.; Ikeda, S.; Kitahara, K.; Nakajima, M., 1977:
Total synthesis of ribostamycin

Chatterjee A.; Hazra B.G., 1980:
Total synthesis of ring c aromatic 18 norsteroid

Berrier C.; Gesson J.P.; Jacquesy J.C.; Renoux A., 1984:
Total synthesis of ring c aromatic steroids

Honan M.C.; Balasuryia A.; Cresp T.M., 1985:
Total synthesis of sericenine

Wuensch E.; Moroder L.; Gemeiner M.; Jaeger E.; Ribet A.; Pradayrol L.; Vaysse N., 1980:
Total synthesis of somatostatin 28 big somatostatin

Barber J.; Staunton J., 1981:
Total synthesis of some deuterium labeled penta ketide derivatives of orsellinic acid

Broadhurst M.J.; Hassall C.H.; Thomas G.J., 1984:
Total synthesis of some new 4 demethoxyanthracyclinones

Ogawa T.; Katano K.; Matsui M., 1980:
Total synthesis of sorbistin a 1 and a positional isomer

Dime, D.; Mclean, S., 1979:
Total synthesis of spiro benzyl iso quinoline alkaloids 5. generalized approach to the complete set of alkaloids

Mclean, S.; Dime, D., 1977:
Total synthesis of spiro benzyl iso quinoline alkaloids part 4

Shoyama, Y.; Okabe, H.; Kishimoto, Y.; Costello, C., 1978:
Total synthesis of stereospecific sphingosine and ceramide

Kametani T.; Tsubuki M.; Nemoto H., 1980:
Total synthesis of steroid hormones efficient stereo controlled synthesis of 17 methoxy 6 oxo d homo 18 nor 5 beta androsta 2 13 15 17 tetraene

Das, J.; Kubela, R.; Macalpine, G.A.; Stojanac, Z.; Valenta, Z., 1979:
Total synthesis of steroids 1. ring a aromatic compounds regio control in diene additions with 6 methoxy 1 vinyl 3 4 di hydro naphthalene

Das, J.; Dickinson, R.A.; Kakushima, M.; Kingston, G.M.; Reid, G.R.; Sato, Y.; Valenta, Z., 1984:
Total synthesis of steroids 2. preparation of carbon 10 methylated steroids regio control and stereo control in a diene addition to methyl z 2 methyl 4 oxo 2 pentenoate

Kasturi, T.R.; Parvathi, S., 1980:
Total synthesis of substituted racemic 6 6 di methyl b norestra 1 3 5 10 trien 17 beta ols and their 9 beta isomers

Piers E.; Hall T W., 1980:
Total synthesis of tetra cyclic sesqui terpenoids racemic ishwarone

Chenera, B.; Venkitachalam, U.; Ward, D.; Reusch, W., 1986:
Total synthesis of tetracyclic triterpenes 2. an efficient synthesis of 1 4 dimethoxy 14 alpha methyl 11 oxoestra 1 3 5 10 triene

Nakahara Y.; Fujita A.; Ogawa T., 1987:
Total synthesis of tetranormethylcalcimycin

Ninomiya, I.; Yamamoto, O.; Naito, T., 1976:
Total synthesis of the alkaloids corynoline and 12 hydroxy corynoline

Prabhakar S.; Lobo A.M.; Tavares M.R.; Oliveira I.M.C., 1981:
Total synthesis of the alkaloids racemic alpinigenine and racemic cis alpinigenine

Schmitt H.; Jung G., 1985:
Total synthesis of the alpha helical eicosapeptide antibiotic alamethicin

Tsuda Y.; Sano T.; Taga J.; Takagi S.; Yamaki M.; Murata M.; Irie H.; Tanaka H.; Isobe K.; Toda J., 1979:
Total synthesis of the amaryllidaceae alkaloids lycorine and zephyranthine

Becker, D.; Hughes, L.R.; Raphael, R.A., 1977:
Total synthesis of the anti leukemic lignan racemic steganacin

Weinreb S.M.; Hibino S.; Khatri N.A.; Kim D.; Pye W.E.; W.T.T.; Basha F.Z., 1982:
Total synthesis of the anti tumor antibiotic streptonigrin

Ottenheijm H.C.J.; Liskamp R.M.J.; Van Nispen S.P.J.M.; Boots H.A.; Tijhuis M.W., 1981:
Total synthesis of the antibiotic sparsomycin a modified uracil amino acid mon oxo di thio acetal

Kozikowski A.P.; Greco M.N., 1984:
Total synthesis of the clavicipitic acids by an intra molecular azide cyclo addition strategy

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Total synthesis of the macrodiolide dextro conglobatin

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Total synthesis of the marine natural product delta 9 12 capnellene reversal of regiochemistry in the intra molecular 1 3 diyl trapping reaction

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Total synthesis of the spirans of cannabis cannabispiradienone cannabispirenone a and cannabispirenone b cannabispirone alpha cannabispiranol and beta cannabispiranol and the di hydro phenanthrene cannithrene 1

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Total synthesis of verrucarin e its application to the preparation of a carbon 13 labeled derivative

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Total synthesis of yeast alanine transfer rna

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Total synthesis of ylango sesqui terpenoids dextro cis and sativenediol dextro trans sativenediol dextro helminthosporal dextro helminthosporol prehelminthosporal prehelminthosporal di ethyl acetal dextro victoxinine dextro iso sativenediol

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Total synthesis of zizane sesqui terpenes levo khusimone dextro zizanoic acid and levo epi zizanoic acid

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Total systems approach in pathology and possibilities of its use in studies on morphogenesis of infections

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Total talar dislocation

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Total temporal bone resection

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Total testosterone free androgen index calculated free testosterone and free testosterone by analog ria compared in hirsute women and in otherwise normal women with altered binding of sex hormone binding globulin

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Total thymectomy in the early chick embryo

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Total thyroidectomy in the rat

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Total tobacco consumption in an unselected bronchial carcinoma population

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Total tree volume table for pterocarpus dalbergioides andaman padauk

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Total vertex craniectomy for the treatment of scaphocephaly

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Total viable count and differential count of vibrio sputorum campylobacter sputorum fusobacterium nucleatum selenomonas sputigena bacteroides ochraceus and veillonella in the inflamed and noninflamed human gingival crevice

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Total vulvectomy using the laser an interesting technique

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Total waste water control in a large integrated steel mill

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Total water content in alpine plants in connection with hibernation

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Total water hardness in the tedzhen river ussr and its periodic variability

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Total wrist replacement using the modified Volz prosthesis

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Totally synthetic medium for susceptibility testing

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Totipotency of the pericycle of the subterranean and aerial organs of rorippa sylvestris 2. root and bud regeneration from detached leaves or leaf explants cultured in vitro

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Toward an analog of alcoholism in mice criteria for recognition of pharmacologically motivated drinking

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Toward an analogue of alcoholism in mice: analysis of nongenetic variance in consumption of alcohol

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Toward an applied nutrition program studies on food habits in northeast province of neuquen argentina

Wildsmith B.H., 1985:
Toward an appropriate federal aquaculture role and legislative base

O'donnell, M.; Gore, J.C.; Adams, W.J., 1986:
Toward an automated analysis system for nmr imaging i. efficient pulse sequences for simultaneous spin lattice spin spin relaxation time imaging

O'donnell, M.; Gore, J.C.; Adams, W.J., 1986:
Toward an automated analysis system for nmr imaging ii. initial segmentation algorithm

Peters C.R., 1979:
Toward an ecological model of african pliocene pleistocene hominid adaptations

Delamater A.M.; Lahey B.B.; Drake L., 1981:
Toward an empirical subclassification of learning disabilities a psycho physiological comparison of hyperactive and nonhyperactive subgroups

Rojahn J.; Kanoy R.C., 1985:
Toward an empirically based parameter selection for time sampling observation systems

Chrambach A.; A.D.r Lan B.; Mohrmann H.; Felgenhauer K., 1981:
Toward an improved immuno globulin analysis by gel electrophoresis and electro focusing

Cooper B.J., 1980 :
Toward an improved silurian conodont bio stratigraphy

Ingram R.E., 1984:
Toward an information processing analysis of depression

Opjordsmoen, S., 1987:
Toward an operationalization of reactive paranoid psychoses (reactive delusional disorder)

Guilmette R.A.; Moretti E.S.; Lindenbaum A., 1979:
Toward an optimal di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid therapy for decorporation of actinides time dose relationships for plutonium in the dog part 1

Krief, J.C.; Levy, B.; Moret, G.; Weber, B., 1982:
Toward an out patient surgical department 1. test comparison of awake after 3 anesthetic procedures

Kamhi, A.G.; Catts, H.W., 1986:
Toward an understanding of developmental language and reading disorders

Scheraga H.A.; Konishi Y.; Rothwarf D.M.; Mui P.W., 1987:
Toward an understanding of the folding of rnase a

Petersen, H.U.; Danchin, A.; Grunberg-Manago, M., 1976:
Toward an understanding of the formylation of initiator transfer rna methionine in prokaryotic protein synthesis part 1 in vitro studies of the 30s and 70s ribosomal transfer rna complex

Petersen, H.U.; Danchin, A.; Grunberg-Manago, M., 1976:
Toward an understanding of the formylation of initiator transfer rna methionine in prokaryotic protein synthesis part 2 a 2 state model for the 70s ribosome

Lau J.T.K., 1983:
Toward better delineation and complete excision of preauricular sinus

Ulanowicz R.E.; Kemp W.M., 1979:
Toward canonical trophic aggregations

Hermida Domínguez, R.C.; Halberg, F.; del Pozo, F.; Haus, E., 1982:
Toward chronobiologic pattern discrimination of the risk of developing breast cancer and other diseases

Peretti P.O.; Stuart H.S., 1981:
Toward client self actualization through insight oriented group psycho therapeutic process

Burnett K.F.; Taylor C.B.; Thoresen C.E.; Rosekind M.R.; Miles L.E.; Debusk R.F., 1985:
Toward computerized scoring of sleep using ambulatory recordings of heart rate and physical activity

Orne M.T.; Mcconkey K.M., 1981:
Toward convergent inquiry into self hypnosis

Stone, M.H., 1978:
Toward early detection of manic depressive illness in psychoanalytic patients part 1 patients who later develop a manic illness

Moulonguet A.; Verges J.; Delmas V., 1981:
Toward early functional treatment of urinary incontinence after prostatectomy

Snow R., 1979:
Toward genetic improvement of wine yeast

Sterk P.J.; Quanjer P.H.; Van Zomeren B.C.; Wise M.E.; Van Der Lende R., 1981:
Toward identifying the susceptible smoker

Beukhof J.R.; Kardaun O.; Schaafsma W.; Poortema K.; Donker A.J.M.; Hoedemaeker P.J.; Van Der Hem G.K., 1986:
Toward individual prognosis of immunoglobulin a nephropathy

Gori, G.B.; Lynch, C.J., 1978:
Toward less hazardous cigarettes. Current advances

Neilans T.H.; Israel A.C., 1981:
Toward maintenance and generalization of behavior change teaching children self regulation and self instructional skills

Logan, G.B., 1977:
Toward measurement of success from diphtheria to allergy

Utkin A.I.; Kaplina N.F.; Il'ina N.A., 1987:
Toward more precise techniques of using the regression method in studies of stand biological productivity

Knorre, A.G., 1976:
Toward new boundaries in morphology

Schopler E.; Reichler R.J.; Devellis R.F.; Daly K., 1980:
Toward objective classification of childhood autism childhood autism rating scale

Julian, D.G., 1976:
Toward preventing coronary death from ventricular fibrillation

Stein R.A.; Pearce K.I.; Nosil J.; Strecker T.C., 1985:
Toward quantitative characterization of the caudate nucleus through computed tomographic image enhancement

Lifson, A.; Koleski, R.; Service, A.L.; Chansky, L., 1972:
Toward quantitative evaluation of core functions in a health planning organization

Friedman, M.J., 1988:
Toward rational pharmacotherapy for posttraumatic stress disorder: an interim report

Rosen, S.M., 1976:
Toward relativization of psycho physical relativity

Healy D.L.; Lawson S.R.; Abbott M.; Baird D.T.; Fraser H.M., 1986:
Toward removing uterine fibroids without surgery subcutaneous infusion of an lhrh agonist commencing in the luteal phase

During, J.; Goudfrooij, H.; Keessen, W.; Beeker, T.W.; Crowe, A., 1985:
Toward standards for posture. Postural characteristics of the lower back system in normal and pathologic conditions

Mccune Nicolich L., 1981:
Toward symbolic functioning structure of early pretend games and potential parallels with language

Ingram, D.K., 1983:
Toward the behavioral assessment of biological aging in the laboratory mouse: concepts, terminology, and objectives

Winkelman, J.E.; Wittebol-Post, D.; Delleman, J.W., 1986:
Toward the clarification of reis buecklers' corneal dystrophy

Steineck, P.L.; Fleisher, R.L., 1978:
Toward the classical evolutionary re classification of cenozoic globigerinacea foraminiferida

Wagner G.; Bruehwiler D., 1986:
Toward the complete assignment of the carbon nmr spectrum of the basic pancreatic trypsin inhibitor

Boone, J.O., 1980:
Toward the development of a new aptitude selection test battery for air traffic control specialists

Kühne, G.E.; Hempel, H.D.; Koselowski, G., 1985:
Toward the development of operational criteria of differentiated mental states

Tsvetkov, T.D.; Vulchanov, N.L., 1981:
Toward the mathematical modeling of heat and mass transfer in vacuum freeze drying 1. thermodynamic analysis of heat and mass transfer processes in capillary porous materials undergoing freeze drying

Karch, F.E.; Lasagna, L., 1977:
Toward the operational identification of adverse drug reactions

Bohdanecky Z.; Bozkov V.; Radil T., 1987:
Toward the problem of the physical and semantic components of shapes perceived through visual scanning

Macandrew C., 1986:
Toward the psychometric detection of substance misuse in young men the substance abuse proclivity scale

Morris W.N.; Reilly N.P., 1987:
Toward the self regulation of mood theory and research

Kappler F.; Vrudhula V.M.; Hampton A., 1988:
Toward the synthesis of isozyme specific enzyme inhibitors potent inhibitors of rat methionine adenosyltransferases effect of one atom elongation of the ribose phosphate alpha bridge in two covalent adducts of l methionine and beta gamma imido atp

Heathcock C.H.; Jennings R.A.; Von Geldern T.W., 1983:
Toward the total synthesis of securinega alkaloids

Mcconkie G.W.; Hogaboam T.W.; Wolverton G.S.; Zola D.; Lucas P.A., 1979:
Toward the use of eye movements in the study of language processing

Rosenthal N.E.; Rosenthal L.N.; Stallone F.; Dunner D.L.; Fieve R.R., 1980:
Toward the validation of research diagnostic criteria schizoaffective disorder

Mccoy E.L.; Boersma L.; Ungs M.L.; Akratanakul S., 1984:
Toward understanding soil water uptake by plant roots

Lipsitt N.; Olver R.R., 1987:
Toward understanding the contributions of sex and situation to behavior in a college setting

Prolo, D.J.; Oklund, S.A.; Butcher, M., 1986:
Toward uniformity in evaluating results of lumbar spine operations. A paradigm applied to posterior lumbar interbody fusions

Holyer, R.J., 1978:
Toward universal multi spectral suspended sediment algorithms

Wilson, A., 1977:
Towards a 3 process learning theory of alcoholism

Martin, A.; Brouwers, P.; Lalonde, F.; Cox, C.; Teleska, P.; Fedio, P.; Foster, N.L.; Chase, T.N., 1986:
Towards a behavioral typology of Alzheimer's patients

Campbell, L.; Marsh, D.M.; Wilson, H.K., 1987:
Towards a biological monitoring strategy for toluene

Khanna, S.; Channabasavanna, S.M., 1987:
Towards a classification of compulsions in obsessive compulsive neurosis

Mosbrugger V., 1986:
Towards a classification of pecopteridae a comparison of traditional classifications with the results of cluster analysis

Beukelaar L.J.; Kroonenberg P.M., 1983:
Towards a conceptualization of hand preference

Barel C.D.N., 1983:
Towards a constructional morphology of cichlid fishes teleostei perciformes

Bertin R.I.; Stephenson A.G., 1983:
Towards a definition of sexual selection

Newman R.H.; Tate K.R.; Barron P.F.; Wilson M.A., 1980:
Towards a direct nondestructive method of characterizing soil humic substances using carbon 13 nmr

Ross M.S., 1984:
Towards a farm model for sustainable low input agroforestry systems in the humid tropics with reference to indonesia

Hazout S.; Lucotte G., 1986:
Towards a genealogy of the y chromosome

Uyenoyama, M.K.; Bengtsson, B.O., 1979:
Towards a genetic theory for the evolution of the sex ratio

Uyenoyama, M.K.; Bengtsson, B.O., 1981:
Towards a genetic theory for the evolution of the sex ratio 2. haplo di ploid and di ploid models with sibling and parental control of the brood sex ratio and brood size

Uyenoyama, M.K.; Bengtsson, B.O., 1982:
Towards a genetic theory for the evolution of the sex ratio 3. parental and sibling control of brood investment ratio under partial sib mating

Siri G.; Marchetti A., 1986:
Towards a heuristic model of cognitive integration of stimuli conveyed by different channels an empirical approach

Stockton J.; Wallace A., 1979:
Towards a human prehistory in the lower derwent river area southeastern tasmania australia

Curry G.L.; Sharpe P.J.H.; Demichele D.W.; Cate J.R., 1980:
Towards a management model of the cotton gossypium hirsutum boll weevil anthonomus grandis ecosystem

Durlach, N.I.; Braida, L.D.; Ito, Y., 1986:
Towards a model for discrimination of broadband signals

Hill, A.B.; Perkins, R.E., 1985:
Towards a model of boredom

Houston, A.I.; Halliday, T.R.; Mcfarland, D.J., 1977:
Towards a model of the courtship of the smooth newt triturus vulgaris with special emphasis on problems of observability in the simulation of behavior

Steiner T.J.; Rose F.C., 1986:
Towards a model stroke trial the single center naftidrofuryl study

Sadava S.W., 1980:
Towards a molar interactional psychology

Gillespie, C.J., 1976:
Towards a molecular theory of the nerve membrane the sufficiency of a single ion queue

Kirschner J.; Stepanek J., 1986:
Towards a monograph of taraxacum section palustria studies in taraxacum 5

Stahl P., 1987:
Towards a new flora of the province of halsingland sweden

Vannini E., 1983:
Towards a new interpretation of vertebrate sex differentiation

Danielsson B., 1979:
Towards a new province flora of harjedalen sweden

Loisance D.; Praloran O.; Olivier A.; Cachera J.P., 1980:
Towards a noninvasive technique of left ventricular circulatory assistance experimental study

Jovet Ast S., 1987:
Towards a phylogenetic classification of species of the genus riccia

Fowler V.J.; Pfennig N.; Schubert W.; Stackebrandt E., 1984:
Towards a phylogeny of phototrophic purple sulfur bacteria 16s ribosomal rna oligonucleotide cataloging of 11 species of chromatiaceae

Folkard, S.; Monk, T.H.; Lobban, M.C., 1979:
Towards a predictive test of adjustment to shift work

Nikolaishvili R.A., 1979:
Towards a procedure for gastrostomy in studying the excretory function of the stomach

Fine, P.E.M.; Leduc, J.W., 1978:
Towards a quantitative understanding of the epidemiology of keystone virus in the eastern usa

Thompson, D.J., 1978:
Towards a realistic predatory prey model the effect of temperature on the functional response and life history of larvae of the damselfly ischnura elegans

Marchioni C.F.; Mattioli G.; Penitenti S.; Pizzi M.; Bernocchi D., 1987:
Towards a renewal of the theophylline therapy in the broncho obstructive chronic pathology

Moskowitz, H.R., 1975:
Towards a resolution of dual approaches in flavor analysis

Townsend C.C., 1981:
Towards a revision of haplophyllum rutaceae 5

Townsend, C.C., 1975:
Towards a revision of haplophyllum rutaceae part 3

Fava G.A.; Baldaro B.; Osti R.M.A., 1980:
Towards a self rating scale for alexithymia 150 medical patients

Christensen, H.N., 1976:
Towards a sharper definition of energetic coupling through integration of membrane transport into bio energetics

Humphreys W.F., 1981:
Towards a simple index based on live weight and biomass to predict assimilation in animal populations

Linder P.; Campbell B.M., 1979:
Towards a structural functional classification of fynbos a comparison of methods

Moghal, S.M.; Francki, R.I.B., 1981:
Towards a system for the identification and classification of potyviruses 2. virus particle length symptomatology and cyto pathology of 6 distinct viruses

Moghal, S.M.; Francki, R.I.B., 1976:
Towards a system for the identification and classification of potyviruses part 1 serology and amino acid composition of 6 distinct viruses

Block S.R.; Fisher W.P., 1981:
Towards a systems approach to persons requesting sex change surgery

Moerman, C.; Corluy, R.; Guleac, J., 1985:
Towards a taxonomy of aphasic errors. A pilot study

Minshall G.W.; Petersen R.C.Jr, 1985:
Towards a theory of macroinvertebrate community structure in stream ecosystems

Vane Wright R.I., 1979:
Towards a theory of the evolution of butterfly color patterns under directional and disruptive selection

Hirschfeld, J., 1977:
Towards a unified theory for immuno genetic systems part 1 probing the serologic field a meta serologic approach

Hirschfeld, J., 1977:
Towards a unified theory for immuno genetic systems part 3 the serologic uncertainty principle a new look at some contemporary cis and trans mysteries

Hirschfeld, J., 1977:
Towards a unified theory for immuno genetic systems part 4 a complex simple probe into the antigen system

Kog E.; Vandereycken W.; Vertommen H., 1985:
Towards a verification of the psychosomatic family model a pilot study of ten families with an anorexia bulimia nervosa patient

Delatour P.; Burgat Sacaze V., 1981:
Towards an alternative procedure for the toxicological assessment of residues an application to benzimidazole anti helminthics

Degteva S.V., 1986:
Towards an analysis of the species composition of a gray alder forest in the northwestern european part of the russian sfsr ussr

Evans P.L.C.; Hogg J., 1981:
Towards an assessment of conditioned inhibition in trainable and educable retarded children

Sincock, A.M.; Middleton, J.; Moncrieff, D., 1983 :
Towards an automated procedure for the quantitative cytological screening of cervical neoplasms

Brearley, S.; Watson, H., 1983:
Towards an efficient retractor handle: an ergonomic study

Perez Lovelle R., 1985:
Towards an experimental research technique of the relative force of various motives

Jobling M., 1983:
Towards an explantation of specific dynamic action

Ledingham W.M.; Luiz Filho J.; D.B.rros Lins M., 1980:
Towards an improved utilization of manipueira the pressed juice from mandioca manihot utilissima roots

Cruzeiro L.; D.S.lva K.M.C., 1987:
Towards an integrated view of biomembrane transport

Ghia, J.N.; Toomey, T.C.; Mao, W.; Duncan, G.; Gregg, J.M., 1979:
Towards an understanding of chronic pain mechanisms: the use of psychologic tests and a refined differential spinal block

Kumar, V., 1975:
Towards an understanding of perennation in curcuma angustifolia zingiberaceae

Kamhi, A.G.; Johnston, J.R., 1982:
Towards an understanding of retarded children's linguistic deficiencies

Francome, C.; Francome, C., 1979:
Towards an understanding of the American abortion rate

Meissner H.H.; Rouz C.Z., 1982:
Towards an understanding of the concept of genotype dietary interaction

Bauerova Z.; Cerveny J., 1986:
Towards an understanding of the trophic ecology of myotis nattereri

Agarwal R.; Misra G., 1987:
Towards conceptualizing achievement in indian context

Becker J.M.; Marcus S.; Kundu B.; Shenbagamurthi P.; Naider F., 1987:
Towards determination of the structure of saccharomyces cerevisiae a factor an acylated pentadecapeptide blocks a factor activity

Neal, C.; Williams, R.J., 1988:
Towards establishing aluminum hydroxy silicate solubility relationships for natural waters

Celis, J.E.; Ratz, G.P.; Celis, A.; Madsen, P.; Gesser, B.; Kwee, S.; Madsen, P.S.; Nielsen, H.V.; Yde, H.; Lauridsen, J.B., 1988:
Towards establishing comprehensive databases of cellular proteins from transformed human epithelial amnion cells (AMA) and normal peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Bauer, T.; Bath, M., 1976:
Towards etho ecological divergency and niche formation in the ground beetle species elaphrus riparius elaphrus aureus and elaphrus ulrichi coleoptera carabidae

Anson, D.S.; Hock, R.A.; Austen, D.; Smith, K.J.; Brownlee, G.G.; Verma, I.M.; Miller, A.D., 1987:
Towards gene therapy for hemophilia B

Hamilton-Miller, J.M., 1977:
Towards greater uniformity in sensitivity testing

Wilson, J.; Setturlund, D., 1986:
Towards holistic social work practice in general medical settings

Channer, K.S.; Papouchado, M.; James, M.A.; Pitcher, D.W.; Rees, J.R., 1987:
Towards improved control of atrial fibrillation

Doolan P.T.; Dwyer J.; Dwyer V.M.; Fitch F.R.; Halls N.A.; Tallentire A., 1985:
Towards microbiological quality assurance in radiation sterilization processing a limiting case model

Fitch F.R.; Doolan P.T.; Dwyer J.; Dwyer V.M.; Halls N.A.; Tallentire A., 1985:
Towards microbiological quality assurance in radiation sterilization processing simulation of the radiation inactivation process

Towner G.D., 1982:
Towards more efficient soil water modeling moisture profiles for constant application or removal of water at the surface

Haggis G.H., 1985:
Towards more precise definition of conditions for satisfactory deep etching

Owen N.; Lee C., 1986:
Towards more rigorous evaluation of health promotion programs

Heywood, R.; James, R.W., 1978:
Towards objectivity in the assessment of eye irritation

Ghodake, R.D.; Saksena, J.S., 1977:
Towards optimization of agricultural pest management theoretical considerations/

Mathai T.J.; Abbas M.S.; Mhalathkar H.N., 1984:
Towards optimization of bridle lengths in bottom trawls

Sanderson, B.; Martindale, W., 1986:
Towards optimizing rowing technique

Pittock A.B.; Salinger M.J., 1982:
Towards regional scenarios for a carbon di oxide warmed earth

Macrae, F.A.; Tan, K.G.; Williams, C.B., 1983:
Towards safer colonoscopy: a report on the complications of 5000 diagnostic or therapeutic colonoscopies

Thomas M.; Delporte M.P.; Birnbaum S., 1987:
Towards specific drug therapy for obesity? a therapeutic trial with phenytoin an inhibitor of insulin secretion

Morasso P.; Penso M.; Suetta G.P.; Tagliasco V., 1979:
Towards standardization of communication and control systems for motor impaired people

Vyas, U.K.; Arya, P.L., 1979:
Towards substantiation of intact nephron hypothesis

Davidescu V.; Panaitescu E.; Simu N.V., 1980:
Towards testing the grapevine for fertility

Davis M.; Pettett M., 1979:
Towards the 6 11 di oxa steroids

Jockusch, H., 1977:
Towards the biochemical genetics of neuro muscular interactions

Erturk, E.; Haberal, M.; Piskin, E., 1987:
Towards the commercialization of hemoperfusion column. Part II. Coating of activated carbon

Saenger, K., 1976:
Towards the comparative morphology of 3 wing form types in the grasshopper species tessellana vittata orthoptera tettigoniidae

Wootton, R.; Flecknell, P.A., 1986:
Towards the computerized animal house: the Newcastle University Animal House Management System

Coulon, M., 1977:
Towards the definition of a program of larval development

Raymond L.; Christie E.; Clemence A., 1981:
Towards the development of a global index of functional disability based on the organization for economic cooperation and development questionnaire items in a swiss survey

Stefan, A.W.; Stueben, M., 1976:
Towards the elimination of the reproductive capacity of parthenogenetic females of aphis fabae homoptera aphididae after contact treatment with chemo sterilants

Sims A., 1983:
Towards the evaluation of treatment in neurosis

Ukhacheva V.N., 1979:
Towards the floristic and formational composition of the eastern pamirs tadzhik ssr ussr

Quisumbing E.C., 1982:
Towards the identification of more relevant technology for farmers in the various regions of the philippines

Catling, H.D.; Lee, S.C.; Moon, D.K.; Kim, H.S., 1977:
Towards the integrated control of korean citrus pests

Wittmer W., 1986:
Towards the knowledge of the malthininae of mexico coleoptera cantharidae

Nosek, J., 1976:
Towards the knowledge of tropical protura

Garg, U.C.; Ganguly, N.K.; Bhatnagar, R., 1987:
Towards the mechanism of altered nutrients uptake in renal brush border membrane vesicles from pyelonephritic rats

Paulus, H.F., 1976:
Towards the morphology and eidonomy of immature stages of the cereal longicorn beetle calamobius filum coleoptera cerambycidae lamiinae

Peterlin S.; Skoberne P.; Wraber T., 1985:
Towards the plant red data book of slovenia yugoslavia

Macdonald, M.V.; Ingram, D.S., 1986:
Towards the selection in vitro for resistance to alternaria brassicicola schw. wilts. in brassica napus ssp oleifera metzg. sinsk. winter oilseed rape

Kukhaleishvili L.K., 1987:
Towards the study of achnanthaceae and eunotiaceae families from the upper racha ussr

Lominadze T.A.; Kvantaliani I.V., 1985:
Towards the systematics of family dorsoplanitidae ammonoidea

Garcia-Webb, P., 1978:
Towards unified analyses in chemical pathology

Prince I.G.; Barford J.P., 1982:
Tower fermentation of sugarcane juice

Prince I.G.; Barford J.P., 1982:
Tower fermentation using zymomonas mobilis for ethanol production

Adler W.; Effey G.; Loeffelmann R.; Schmidt H., 1985:
Tower head piece filter as a new separation system in spray drying

Borys S.V.; Spitz H.H.; Dorans B.A., 1982:
Tower of hanoi performance of retarded young adults and nonretarded as a function of solution length and goal state

Brieseman, M.A., 1987:
Town water supply as the cause of an outbreak of Campylobacter infection

Rogers L.E.; Gano K.A., 1980:
Townsend ground squirrel spermophilus townsendii diets in the shrub steppe of south central washington usa

Shultz, L.M.; Holmgren, A.H., 1980:
Townsendia smithii new species asteraceae from northern arizona usa

Bluen S.D.; Odesnik J., 1988:
Township unrest development of the township life events scale

Wickham, B.; Shelton, H.M.; Hare, M.D.; De-Boer, A.J., 1977:
Townsville stylo seed production in northeastern thailand

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Toxaphene and ddt losses from cotton in an agro ecosystem chamber

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Toxaphene and sediment yields in runoff from a mississippi usa delta watershed

Turner, W.V.; Engel, J.L.; Casida, J.E., 1977:
Toxaphene components and related compounds preparation and toxicity of some hepta chloro bornanes octa chloro bornanes and nona chloro bornanes hexa chloro bornenes and hepta chloro bornenes and a hexa chloro bornadiene

Seiber J.N.; Madden S.C.; Mcchesney M.M.; Winterlin W.L., 1979:
Toxaphene dissipation from treated cotton field environments component residual behavior on leaves and in air soil and sediments determined by capillary gas chromatography

Heinz, G.H.; Finley, M.T., 1978:
Toxaphene does not affect avoidance behavior of young black ducks

Willis G.H.; Mcdowell L.L.; Southwick L.M.; Smith S., 1985:
Toxaphene methyl parathion and fenvalerate disappearance from cotton gossypium hirsutum foliage in the mid south usa

Willis G.H.; Mcdowell L.L.; Smith S.; Southwick L.M.; Lemon E.R., 1980:
Toxaphene volatilization from a mature cotton gossypium hirsutum canopy

Powell W., 1980:
Toxares deltiger hymenoptera aphidiidae parasitizing the cereal aphid metopolophium dirhodum hemiptera homoptera aphididae in southern england uk a new host parasitoid record

Gilchrist, S.L.; Rodriguez-Montessoro, R.; Burnett, P.A., 1986:
Toxemia caused by diuraphis noxia mordv. and its importance as a vector of viruses in mexico

Shtykhno-Yu, M., 1977:
Toxemia level and the condition of micro circulation in different periods of traumatic shock in rats

Ferris, T.F., 1977:
Toxemia of pregnancy a model of human hypertension

Cattozzo, M., 1987:
Toxemia of pregnancy and retinal detachment our experience

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Toxemia of pregnancy cerebral computed tomography findings

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Toxemia of pregnancy in sheep: a clinical, physiological, and pathological study

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Toxemia of pregnancy masquerading as idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

Vardi, J., 1976:
Toxemia of pregnancy part 2 immuno fluorescent studies with placental connective tissue anti sera the possibility of characteristic lesions

Monzon Dolon P.J.; Rojas Rios A., 1981:
Toxi morbidity in a nitrogen fertilizer industry

Ghosal S.; Chakrabarti D.K.; Srivastava A.K.; Srivastava R.S., 1982:
Toxic 12 13 epoxy trichothecenes from anise pimpinella anisum fruits infected with trichothecium roseum

Fernandez O.F.; Gonzalez J.M.; Quintero V.H., 1983:
Toxic action in vitro of 5 insecticides on trichogramma spp hymenoptera trichogrammatidae

Segot M.; Codomier L.; Combaut G., 1983:
Toxic action of 4 heavy metals cadmium copper mercury lead on the growth of asparagopsis armata rhodophyceae bonnemaisoniale in culture

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Toxic action of carbophos superimposed on poly chloro pinene

Rebandel, H.; Gierczak, A.; Karpinska, A., 1981:
Toxic action of colistin and penicillin and penicillin g on tetrahymena pyriformis 1. lethal effect and influence on multiplication

Rebandel, H.; Karpinska, A., 1981:
Toxic action of colistin penicillin v and penicillin g on tetrahymena pyriformis 2. inhibition of phagocytic activity

Rebandel, H., 1981:
Toxic action of colistin penicillin v and penicillin g on tetrahymena thermophila 3. effects on pairing for conjugation

Petrova, E.A.; Miloserdova, A.G.; Babaskina, L.I., 1977:
Toxic action of ergocalciferol in strontium induced rickets

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