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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6820

Chapter 6820 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Solevilla R.C.; Songco L.V., 1982:
Toxicological pharmacological evaluation of the alcoholic extract of the seeds of ipomoea muricata convolvulaceae 1

Condie L.W., 1986:
Toxicological problems associated with chlorine dioxide

Markiewicz, J., 1981:
Toxicological problems of inorganic fluorine compounds

Johannsen F.R.; Levinskas G.J., 1987:
Toxicological profile or orally administered 1 6 hexanediamine in the rat

Heusser, J.; Osswald, W., 1977:
Toxicological properties of diosmin and its actions on the isolated venous tissue of the dog

Ali F.A.F.; Chukwudebe A.C.; Fukuto T.R., 1986:
Toxicological properties of o s s trialkylphosphorodithioates

Syrkin A.B.; Mikhailova L.M., 1980:
Toxicological properties of phentyrin

Pashinskii, V.G.; Vysokovskii, T.M.; Khlienko-Zh, N.; Aref'eva, A.K.; Ponomareva, L.V.; Fil'tsanova, G.A.; Romanova, T.V.; Motovilova, V.G.; Sedova, K.S.; Et-Al, 1978:
Toxicological properties of the drug cephedrine

Fukuto T.R., 1983:
Toxicological properties of tri alkyl phosphorothioate esters di alkyl phosphorothioate esters alkyl phosphorothioate esters and aryl phosphorothioate esters

Guardiola E.; Cami J., 1988:
Toxicological research in spain as seen through the data bases 1985 1986

Chu I.; Villeneuve D.C.; Valli V.E.; Ritter L.; Norstrom R.J.; Ryan J.J.; Becking G.C., 1984:
Toxicological response and its reversibility in rats fed lake ontario canada usa or pacific coho salmon for 13 weeks

Riedl H.; Hanson L.A.; Seaman A., 1986:
Toxicological response of codling moth cydia pomonella lepidoptera tortricidae populations from california and new york usa to azinphos methyl

Villeneuve D.C.; Valli V.E.; Norstrom R.J.; Freeman H.; Sanglang G.B.; Ritter L.; Becking G.C., 1981:
Toxicological response of rats fed lake ontario canada or pacific coho salmon for 28 days

Stavnsbjerg M.; Hjortkjaer R.K.; Bille Hansen V.; Jensen B.F.; Greenough R.J.; Mcconville M.; Holmstroem M.; Hazelden K.P., 1986:
Toxicological safety evaluation of a bacillus acidopullulyticus pullulanase

A.D.en I.H.S.; Twaij H.A.A.; A.B.dr A.A.; Istarabadi T.A.W., 1987:
Toxicological screening of mushrooms in iraq

Steele, R.W.; Maneckjee, A., 1979:
Toxicological significance of acetyl cholin esterase ec of the house fly thorax

Sitnikova, R.V.; Krylova, A.N., 1978:
Toxicological significance of lithium and methods for its determination

Yoke, O.P.; Sudderuddin, K.I., 1975:
Toxicological studies of 4 insecticides against musca domestica

Mushtaq M.; Mukhtar H.; Datta K.K.; Tandon S.G.; Seth P.K., 1981:
Toxicological studies of a leachable stabilizer di n butyl tin di laurate effects on hepatic drug metabolizing enzyme activities

Gupta B.N.; Khanna R.N.; Datta K.K., 1979:
Toxicological studies of ammonium sulfamate in rat after repeated oral administration

Palawski D.U.; Knowles C.O., 1986:
Toxicological studies of benomyl and carbendazim in rainbow trout channel catfish and bluegills

Pham, H.C.; Navarro-Delmasure, C.; Pham, H.C.; Clavel, P.; van Haverbeke, G.; Cheav, S.L., 1984:
Toxicological studies of deltamethrin

Sudderuddin K.I.; Marappan A., 1986:
Toxicological studies of esterases of susceptible and insecticide resistant plutella xylostella l

Sakama, H., 1980:
Toxicological studies of fluorine compounds 1. acute toxicity of sodium fluoride to rats and mice in relation to age sex animal genus and administration route

Hoshi N.; Yano H.; Hirashima K.; Kitagawa H.; Fukuda Y., 1985:
Toxicological studies of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose acetate succinate acute toxicity in rats and rabbits and subchronic and chronic toxicities in rats

Chen, Y.P.; Sudderuddin, K.I., 1978:
Toxicological studies of insecticides on culex quinquefasciatus and aedes aegypti

Paropkari S.; Dahanukar S.A.; Karandikar S.M., 1984:
Toxicological studies of plastic used in medical and pharmaceutical fields

Wang R.; E.A., 1987:
Toxicological studies of tetrachlorvinphos

Berezovskaya I.V.; Vlasova M.E., 1985:
Toxicological studies of the informativeness of the enzymatic status of peripheral blood leukocytes

Tone, H.; Shirai, M.; Danks, A.P.; Lee, P.; Finn, J.P.; Ashby, R., 1986:
Toxicological studies on 2 r 4' o tetrahydropyranyladriamycin a new antitumor antibiotic chronic toxicity study in rats

Oker Blom C., 1980:
Toxicological studies on 4 hexa decylamino benzoate an agent with anti athero sclerotic properties in the rat

Meldrum, J.B.; Gupta, V.S.; Doige, C.E., 1980:
Toxicological studies on 5 methoxymethyl 2' deoxy uridine a new anti viral agent

Kurebe, M.; Asaoka, H.; Hata, T.; Izawa, M.; Watanabe, T.; Sawazaki, S., 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new cephamycin mt 141 10. its perinatal and postnatal test in rats

Kurebe, M.; Yokota, M.; Kawaoto, H.; Niizato, T.; Hayasaka, H.; Seki, M., 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new cephamycin mt 141 4. its acute toxicity in beagle dogs

Kurebe, M.; Sasaki, H.; Yokota, M.; Watanabe, H.; Suzuki, H.; Hayasaka, H.; Sakamoto, K., 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new cephamycin mt 141 sodium 7 beta d 2 amino 2 carboxyethylthioacetamido 7 alpha methoxy 3 1 methyl 1h tetrazo5 ylthiomethylceph 3 em 4 carboxylate 5. its subacute toxicity in beagle dogs

Kurebe, M.; Kawaoto, H.; Sasaki, H.; Izawa, M.; Asaoka, H., 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new cephamycin mt 141 sodium 7 beta d 2 amino 2 carboxyethylthioacetamido 7 alpha methoxy 3 1 methyl 1h tetrazo5 ylthiomethylceph 3 em 4 carboxylate 7. its locally irritating activity in rabbits

Kurebe, M.; Asaoka, H.; Hata, T.; Watanabe, T.; Hirota, C., 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new cephamycin mt 141 sodium 7 beta d 2 amino 2 carboxyethylthioacetamido 7 alpha methoxy 3 1 methyl 1h tetrazo5 ylthiomethylceph 3 em 4 carboxylate 8. its fertility test in rats

Kurebe, M.; Asaoka, H.; Moriguchi, M.; Hata, T.; Nagai, S.; Izawa, M., 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new cephamycin mt 141 sodium 7 beta d 2 amino 2 carboxyethylthioacetamido 7 alpha methoxy 3 1 methyl 1h tetrazo5 ylthiomethylceph 3 em 4 carboxylate 9. its teratogenicity test in rats and rabbits

Kurebe, M.; Asaoka, H.; Izawa, M.; Nagai, S.; Hirota, C., 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new cephamycin mt 141 sodium 7 beta l 2 amino 2 carboxyethylthioacetamido 7 alpha methoxy 3 1 methyl 1h tetrazo 5 yl thiomethylceph 3 em 4 carboxylate 11. immunological properties

Kurebe, M.; Yokota, M.; Sasaki, H.; Niizato, T.; Kawaoto, H.; Suzuki, H.; Seki, M.; Kumagai, K., 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new cephamycin mt 141 sodium 7 beta l 2 amino 2 carboxyethylthioacetamido 7 alpha methoxy 3 1 methyl 1h tetrazo 5 yl thiomethylceph 3 em 4 carboxylate 6. its chronic toxicity in beagle dogs

Yokota, M.; Takeda, U.; Odaki, M.; Sasaki, H.; Kawaoto, H.; Itoh, T.; Koeda, T., 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new macrolide antibiotic midecamycin acetate miocamycin 1. acute toxicity in mice

Yokota, M.; Takeda, U.; Odaki, M.; Sasaki, H.; Kawaoto, H.; Watanabe, H.; Ishiwatari, N.; Koeda, T., 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new macrolide antibiotic midecamycin acetate miocamycin 1. acute toxicity in rats

Yokota, M.; Takeda, U.; Odaki, M.; Sasaki, H.; Niizato, T.; Kawaoto, H.; Watanabe, H.; Ishiwatari, N.; Koeda, T., 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new macrolide antibiotic midecamycin acetate miocamycin 2. subacute toxicity in rats

Yokota, M.; Takeda, U.; Odaki, M.; Sasaki, H.; Niizato, T.; Kawaoto, H.; Kumagai, K.; Suzuki, H.; Suzuki, M.; Sugiyama, N.; Koeda, T., 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new macrolide antibiotic midecamycin acetate miocamycin 3. chronic toxicity in beagle dogs 13 week treatment in male dogs

Yokota, M.; Takeda, U.; Odaki, M.; Sasaki, H.; Niizato, T.; Kawaoto, H.; Kumagai, K.; Suzuki, H.; Suzuki, M.; Et-Al, 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new macrolide antibiotic midecamycin acetate miocamycin 3. chronic toxicity in beagle dogs 26 week treatment in male dogs

Yokota, M.; Takeda, U.; Odaki, M.; Sasaki, H.; Niizato, T.; Kawaoto, H.; Watanabe, H.; Itoh, T.; Ishiwatari, N.; Koeda, T., 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new macrolide antibiotic midecamycin acetate miocamycin 3. chronic toxicity in rats

Yokota, M.; Takeda, U.; Odaki, M.; Sasaki, H.; Kawaoto, H.; Itoh, T.; Koeda, T., 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new macrolide antibiotic midecamycin acetate miocamycin 4 1. toxicity of metabolites of miocamycin acute toxicity of mb 1 metabolite in mice

Yokota, M.; Takeda, U.; Odaki, M.; Sasaki, H.; Kawaoto, H.; Itoh, T.; Koeda, T., 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new macrolide antibiotic midecamycin acetate miocamycin 4 10. toxicity of metabolites of miocamycin acute toxicity of mb 12 metabolite in mice

Yokota, M.; Takeda, U.; Odaki, M.; Sasaki, H.; Kawaoto, H.; Watanabe, H.; Ishiwatari, N.; Koeda, T., 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new macrolide antibiotic midecamycin acetate miocamycin 4 11. toxicity of metabolites of miocamycin acute toxicity of mb 12 metabolite in rats

Yokota, M.; Takeda, U.; Odaki, M.; Sasaki, H.; Niizato, T.; Kawaoto, H.; Watanabe, H.; Ishiwatari, N.; Hayasaka, H.; Koeda, T., 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new macrolide antibiotic midecamycin acetate miocamycin 4 12. toxicity of metabolites of miocamycin subacute toxicity of mb 12 metabolite in rats

Yokota, M.; Takeda, U.; Okaki, M.; Sasaki, H.; Kawaoto, H.; Watanabe, H.; Ishiwatari, N.; Koeda, T., 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new macrolide antibiotic midecamycin acetate miocamycin 4 2. toxicity of metabolites of miocamycin acute toxicity of mb 1 metabolite in rats

Yokota, M.; Takeda, U.; Odaki, M.; Sasaki, H.; Niizato, T.; Kawaoto, H.; Watanabe, H.; Ishiwatari, N.; Hayasaka, H.; Koeda, T., 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new macrolide antibiotic midecamycin acetate miocamycin 4 3. toxicity of metabolites of miocamycin subacute toxicity of mb 1 metabolite in rats

Yokota, M.; Takeda, U.; Odaki, M.; Sasaki, H.; Kawaoto, H.; Watanabe, H.; Ishiwatari, N.; Koeda, T., 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new macrolide antibiotic midecamycin acetate miocamycin 4 5. toxicity of metabolites of miocamycin acute toxicity of mb 2 metabolite in rats

Yokota, M.; Takeda, U.; Odaki, M.; Sasaki, H.; Niizato, T.; Kawaoto, H.; Watanabe, H.; Ishiwatari, N.; Hayasaka, H.; Koeda, T., 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new macrolide antibiotic midecamycin acetate miocamycin 4 6. toxicity of metabolites of miocamycin subacute toxicity of mb 2 metabolite in rats

Yokota, M.; Takeda, U.; Odaki, M.; Moriguchi, M.; Itoh, T.; Hata, T.; Shindo, Y.; Yoshida, C., 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new macrolide antibiotic midecamycin acetate miocamycin 6 1. acute toxicity in infant mice in comparison with young adult mice

Yokota, M.; Takeda, U.; Odaki, M.; Moriguchi, M.; Watanabe, H.; Ishiwatari, N.; Hata, T.; Shindo, Y.; Ishii, H.; Yamamoto, Y., 1984:
Toxicological studies on a new macrolide antibiotic midecamycin acetate miocamycin 6 2. acute toxicity in infant rats in comparison with young adult rats

Sasaki, H.; Odaki, M.; Yokota, M.; Kawaoto, H.; Watanabe, H.; Itoh, T.; Ishiwatari, N.; Wada, T.; Seki, M.; Et-Al, 1984:
Toxicological studies on amfenac sodium ahr 5850 1. acute toxicities in mice and rats

Shaaban, A.M.; El-Kady, E.A.; El-Laithy, K.H., 1975:
Toxicological studies on aphis gossypii rhynchota aphidae infesting citrus trees in egypt

Tanaka, S.; Takahashi, A.; Onoda, K.; Kawashima, K.; Nakaura, S.; Nagao, S.; Ohno, Y.; Kawanishi, T.; Nakaji, Y.; Kobayashi, K., 1986:
Toxicological studies on biological effects of the herbal drug extracts in rats and mice. II. Moutan bark, Glycyrrhiza and Bupleurum root

Tanaka S.; Takahashi A.; Onoda K I.; Kawashima K.; Nakura S.; Nagao S.; Endo T.; Ohno Y.; Kawanishi T.; Takanaka A.; E.A., 1983:
Toxicological studies on biological effects of the herbal drug extracts in rats and mice peony root peach kernel japanese angelica root and cnidium rhizome

Drumev D.; Donev B.; Dimitrov K.; Dilov P.; Dzhurov A., 1980:
Toxicological studies on bulgarian activated bentonite

Capel Edwards K.; Atkinson R.M.; Pratt D.A.H., 1979:
Toxicological studies on cefuroxime sodium

Hasegawa, H.; Sato, M.; Tsuruta, H., 1982:
Toxicological studies on di iso propyl naphthalenes and 1 phenyl 1 xylyl ethanes 2. biochemical examination of rats administered di iso propyl naphthalenes and 1 phenyl 1 xylyl ethanes

Yamamoto, H., 1986:
Toxicological studies on drug abuse 1. toxicological findings in a pentazocine abuser

Yamamoto H., 1987:
Toxicological studies on drug abuse 2 toxicological findings in two cadavers of acute methamphetamine poisoning

Kamei H.; Yamamoto T.; Yoshida T.; Kuroiwa Y.; Kawai M.; Kuroiwa S.; Koyama M.; Kaneko Y., 1981:
Toxicological studies on effects of formaldehyde on bronchial tissue

Glomot, R.; Chevalier, B.; Vannier, B., 1976:
Toxicological studies on floctafenine

Morino, T.; Sano, K.; Hara, H.; Motoyama, K.; Iizuka, K.; Hara, T.; Matsumoto, K.; Yamamoto, H., 1986:
Toxicological studies on isepamicin hapa b i. acute toxicity test in mouse rat and dog

Morino, T.; Endo, H.; Shiraiwa, K.; Sano, K.; Miura, M.; Matsumoto, K.; Yamamoto, H., 1986:
Toxicological studies on isepamicin hapa b ii. intramuscular subacute toxicity test in rat

Nakanishi, D.; Sano, K.; Iizuka, K.; Miura, M.; Morino, T.; Matsumoto, K.; Yamamoto, H., 1986:
Toxicological studies on isepamicin hapa b iv. intramuscular subacute toxicity test in dog

Fujii, H.; Shiraiwa, K.; Miura, M.; Morino, T.; Matsumoto, K.; Yamamoto, H., 1986:
Toxicological studies on isepamicin hapa b vii. intramuscular chronic test in rat

Deng, H.; Lü, B.Q., 1985:
Toxicological studies on isopropylbiphenyl

Clemmensen S.; Jensen J.C.; Jensen N.J.; Meyer O.; Olsen P.; Wurtzen G., 1984:
Toxicological studies on malachite green a triphenylmethane dye

Fu, L.J., 1986:
Toxicological studies on mevinphos

Ekman, L.; Hansson, E.; Havu, N.; Carlsson, E.; Lundberg, C., 1985:
Toxicological studies on omeprazole

Kawano, M., 1980:
Toxicological studies on phthalate esters 1. inhalation effects of di butyl phthalate on rats

Kawano, M., 1980:
Toxicological studies on phthalate esters. 2. Metabolism, accumulation and excretion of phthalate esters in rats

Tatsumi, H.; Senda, H.; Yatera, S.; Takemoto, Y.; Yamayoshi, M.; Ohnishi, K., 1978:
Toxicological studies on pipemidic acid part 5 effect on di arthrodial joints of experimental animals

Endo R., 1984:
Toxicological studies on puffer fishes comparison of the toxicity of the various species

Ikeda, Y.; Sunakawa, T.; Tsuchiya, S.; Kondo, M.; Okamoto, K., 1986:
Toxicological studies on sophorolipid derivatives i. acute toxicity eye irritation primary skin irritation skin sensitization phototoxicity photosensitization mutagenicity of polyoxypropylene 12 2' o beta d glucopyranosyl beta d glucopyranosyloxy fatty acid ester

Belcheva I.; Stoytchev T., 1984:
Toxicological studies on the acute and subchronic toxicity of 2 new derivatives of 3 3 diethyl 2 4 pyridinedione

Salama, A.E.; Farghaly, H.T., 1975:
Toxicological studies on the effect of certain new acaricides on the spider mites tetrahydros cinnabarinus attacking cotton plants

Saad, A.S.A.; Elewa, M.A.; Aly, N.M.; Auda, M.; El-Sebae, A.H., 1981:
Toxicological studies on the egyptian cotton leafworm spodoptera littoralis 1. potentiation and antagonism of synthetic pyrethroid organo phosphorus and urea derivative insecticides

Watanabe M.; Yanagita T., 1983:
Toxicological studies on the influence of diazepam following prolonged administration of ethanol in the rhesus monkey macaca mulatta and rat

Unai T., 1980:
Toxicological studies on the metabolism of insecticides pyrethroids and rotenoids

Abdel Monem A.H.; Cameron E.A.; Mumma R.O., 1980:
Toxicological studies on the molt inhibiting insecticide el 494 against the gypsy moth lymantria dispar and effect on chitin biosynthesis

Oker Blom C.; Makinen J.; Gothoni G., 1980:
Toxicological studies on tienilic acid in rats

Malmfors, T., 1983:
Toxicological studies on zimeldine

Kendall, R.J.; Noblet, R.; Senn, L.H.; Holman, J.R., 1978:
Toxicological studies with mirex in bobwhite quail

Rochat, J.; Demenge, P.; Rerat, J.C., 1978:
Toxicological study of a fluorescent tracer rhodamine b

Mlynarczyk, W., 1986:
Toxicological study of asphalt mass mak part v. hematologic and biochemical indices following the short term subacute intoxication

Lee W K.; Hong S U., 1985:
Toxicological study of carbaryl in rats

Guillot J.P.; Giauffret J.Y.; Martini M.C.; Gonnet J.F.; Soule G., 1980:
Toxicological study of different samples of anhydrous lanolin modified lanolin and derivatives of lanolin in animals

Shatrov G.N.; Zaitsev A.N.; Rakhmanina N.L.; Kamal'dinova Z.M., 1985:
Toxicological study of gamma beam treated fresh fish in rat experiments

Ogbadu G.; Bassir O., 1979:
Toxicological study of gamma irradiated afla toxins using the chicken embryo

Medoyan, A.A.; Guloyan, T.E.; Ter-Zakaryan, S.O.; Arutyunyan, S.A., 1987:
Toxicological study of monoethanolamides

Wu, C.Z., 1987:
Toxicological study of phaseolus vulgaris poisoning

Colosi Esca D.; Toganel E.; Gabor M.; Papilian V.V.; Galea V., 1987:
Toxicological study of propionic nitrile for the obtaining of the maximal admissible concentrations

Colosi-Esca, D.; Anca, Z.; Surcel, D.; Toganel, E.; Gabor, M.; Papilian, V.V.; Rosca, G.; Rosca, S.; Szoverfy, A., 1988:
Toxicological study of propylamides for the determination of the maximal admissible concentrations ii. study of di n propylamide

Saito, S.; Tokunaga, Y.; Ishikawa, K.; Kubo, T.; Noda, S.; Kunimatsu, H.; Nagano, A., 1977:
Toxicological study of sc 14266 potassium 3 3 oxo 17 beta hydroxy 4 6 androstadien 17 alpha yl propionate acute toxicity of sc 14266 in rats and mice

Kesava Rao, K.V.; Gothoskar, S.V.; Chitnis, M.P.; Ranadive, K.J., 1979:
Toxicological study of Semecarpus anacardium nut extract

Chungue E.; Chanteau S.; Hurtel J.M.; Bagnis R., 1979:
Toxicological study of several species of bentho planktonic algae from ciguaterigenic biotopes cultivated nonaxenically in artificial medium

Simeonov S.P., 1986:
Toxicological study of the acute intoxication of chickens with fenitrothion agria 1050

Mikhailova Z.; Vachkova R.; Vasileva L.; Stavreva T.; Donchev N.; Goranov I.; Tyagunenko E., 1985:
Toxicological study of the long term action of the antioxidant dodecyl gallate on white rats

Bikbulatov R.I.; Papilova E.I.; Braginskii D.M.; Podgornaya G.V.; Demidova S.A., 1980:
Toxicological study of the new anti viral drug 5 bromo uridine

Liberman, S.S.; Berlyand, E.A.; Egorova, E.F.; Il'in, A.M.; Sharova, S.A., 1976:
Toxicological study of the new anti viral drug bonaphthon

Colosi-Esca, D.; Gabor, M.; Toganel, E.; Papilian, V.V., 1987:
Toxicological study of the propylamines for the establishing of the maximal admissible concentrations i. study of mono n propylamine and tri n propylamine

Verstakova O.L.; Gerchikov L.N.; Gus'kova T.A.; Liberman S.S.; Chicherina L.A.; Sharova S.A., 1985:
Toxicological study of the soviet tetracyclic antidepressant inkasan

Mlynarczyk, W., 1984:
Toxicological study on asphalt mass mak 4. irritating and sensitizing action

Mlynarczyk, W.; Orlowski, J., 1984:
Toxicological study on asphalt mass methylated albumin kieselguhr 3. inhalation acute toxicity

Mlynarczyk, W., 1984:
Toxicological study on asphalt product mak 1. characterization of mak

Mlynarczyk, W., 1984:
Toxicological study on asphalt product mak 2. acute toxicity and short term subacute toxicity

Takeda K.; Kuramoto M.; Shigemi F.; Arase S., 1984:
Toxicological study on diflorasone di acetate 5 week and 26 week per cutaneous toxicity studies in rats

Yashiki M.; Kojima T.; Okamoto I., 1987:
Toxicological study on intravenous thiopental anesthesia interrelation between rate of injection and distribution of thiopental

Vachkova, R.; Vasileva, L.; Mikhailova, Z.; Donchev, N.; Tyagunenko, E., 1986:
Toxicological study on organophosphoric pesticide chloracetophon with peroral administration to albino rats i. subacute experiment

Saito, S.; Tokunaga, Y.; Ishikawa, K.; Kubo, T.; Nohara, Y.; Miyakubo, H.; Hoshino, M., 1977:
Toxicological study on sc 14266 potassium 3 3 oxo 17 beta hydroxy 4 6 androstadien 17 alpha yl propionate subacute toxicity of sc 14266 in rats

Watabe S.; Kubo T.; Matsumoto A.; Shibanoki S.; Momose K.; Yamamoto T.; Taniguchi K.; Tamura K.; Nanba H.; E.A., 1979:
Toxicological study on sc 27166 acute toxicity of sc 27166 in rats and mice

Radeva M.; Enchev V.; Penkov A., 1986:
Toxicological study on the preparation deta 20 intended for plastic articles for food industry

Radeva M.; Donchev N.; Penkov A., 1985:
Toxicological study on the stabilizer for plastics sandostab p epq with peroral introduction in the organism

Heicklen J.; Meagher J.F.; Weaver J.; Kelly N.; Partymiller K.; Latt R.; Ferguson F.; Putman C.; Sapanski W.; Billups L., 1981:
Toxicological testing of rats subjected to inhalation of di ethyl hydroxylamine nitro ethane and di ethylamine hydrogen sulfite

Stokinger, H.E., 1977:
Toxicology and drinking water contaminants

Misra V., 1982:
Toxicology and environmental problems of the detergent industry

Ado, V.A.; Selisskii, G.D.; Shaporenko, M.V.; Goryachkina, L.A., 1977:
Toxicology and pharmaceuticals in the pharmaco chemical industry and allergoses

Warner, W.L., 1977:
Toxicology and pharmacology of adenine in animals and man

Kruszyna, H.; Kruszyna, R.; Hurst, J.; Smith, R.P., 1980:
Toxicology and pharmacology of some ruthenium compounds: Vascular smooth muscle relaxation by nitrosyl derivatives of ruthenium and iridium

Venkataraman L.V.; Becker W.E.; Rajasekaran T.; Mathew K.R., 1980:
Toxicology and safety of algal diets in albino rats

Winek C.L., 1977:
Toxicology annual vol 2

Winek C.L.; Shanor S.P., 1979:
Toxicology annual vol 3

Eckardt, R.E.; Scala, R.A., 1978:
Toxicology: assessing the hazard

Matthews P.J., 1980:
Toxicology for water scientists

Kissman H.M.; Wexler P., 1985:
Toxicology information systems a historical perspective

Pavkov, K.L.; Thake, D.C., 1982:
Toxicology of 4' 9 acridinylamino methanesulfon m anisidide in beagle dogs and cdf 1 mice

Heywood R.; Chesterman H.; Hunter B.; Palmer A.K.; Majeed S.K.; Prentice D.E., 1983:
Toxicology of a ganglioside extract cronassial

Heywood R.; Cozens D.D.; Richold M., 1987:
Toxicology of a phosphatidylserine preparation from bovine brain bc ps

Hashimoto K., 1980:
Toxicology of acrylonitrile

Fridman, S.M.; Lagno, Z.Y. ; Abdullina, A.K., 1975 :
Toxicology of benzenesulfamide

Jones B.A.; Tinsley I.J.; Wilson G.; Lowry R.R., 1983:
Toxicology of brominated fatty acids metabolite concentration and heart and liver changes

Sanders V.M.; Kauffmann B.M.; White K.L.Jr; Douglas K.A.; Barnes D.W.; Sain L.E.; Bradshaw T.J.; Borzelleca J.F.; Munson A.E., 1982:
Toxicology of chloral hydrate in the mouse

Ickert G., 1979:
Toxicology of colocynth

Schneider, N.R.; Bradley, S.L.; Anderson, M.E., 1977:
Toxicology of cyclo tri methylenetrinitramine distribution and metabolism in the rat and the miniature swine

Lomonova, G.V.; Klimova, E.I., 1976:
Toxicology of esters of acrylic acid and higher aliphatic alcohols

Timofievskaya L.A.; Ivanova N.I.; Balynina E.S., 1980:
Toxicology of esters of o phthalic acid and hygienic standards for them

Friess, S.L.; Hudak, W.V.; Boyer, R.D., 1978:
Toxicology of helium diving environments protective effects of raised helium pressure on cholinergic activation in ganglia

Friess, S.L.; Hudak, W.V.; Boyer, R.D., 1978:
Toxicology of hydrogen containing diving environments part 1 antagonism of acute carbon di oxide effects in the rat by elevated partial pressures of hydrogen gas

Sandusky G.E.Jr; Meyers D.B., 1985:
Toxicology of indecainide hydrochloride after intravenous administration to rats and dogs

Kendall R.J.; Scanlon P.F., 1982:
Toxicology of ingested lead acetate in ringed turtle doves streptopelia risoria

Manno, B.R.; Manno, J.E., 1977:
Toxicology of ipecac: a review

Ballou J.E.; Willard D.H.; Dagle G.E.; Murphy D.W.; Eichner F.N.; Tolley H.D., 1984:
Toxicology of krypton 85 chronic exposure studies

Ballou J.E.; Buschbom R.L.; Dagle G.E.; Deford H.S.; Tolley H.D., 1985:
Toxicology of krypton 85 effects of whole body immersion exposure on newborn rats

Ballou J.E.; Willard D.H.; Deford H.S.; Murphy D.W., 1982:
Toxicology of krypton 85 tissue distribution and retention in the rat

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Trace analysis using a competing modifier added to the sample for retention and focusing control in microbore column high performance liquid chromatography

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Trace and major elements in the sea surface micro layer

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Trace constituents in the essential oil of thymus carnosus boiss

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Trace decay and the priming of short term memory in long delay taste aversion learning disruptive effects of novel exteroceptive stimulation

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Trace element addition to soil by application of nitrogen phosphorus potassium fertilizers

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Trace element analysis in clinical chemistry

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Trace element analysis of human cataractous lenses by neutron activation analysis and atomic absorption spectrometry with special reference to pseudo exfoliation of the lens capsule

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Trace elements of whole blood of healthy adults in hunan area china

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Trace elements zinc copper manganese in alcoholic cirrhosis influence of chronic alcoholism

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Trace enrichment and chemical derivatization in liquid chromatography problems and potential in environmental analysis

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Trace enrichment and separation of cholesterol oxidation products by adsorption high performance liquid chromatography

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Trace enrichment methods for the determination of metal ions by high performance liquid chromatography 2

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Trace enrichment of cytokinins using neutral polystyrene resins

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