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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6821

Chapter 6821 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Choi K.S., 1985: Trace enrichment of iaa from leaf matrix

Lund U., 1981: Trace enrichment on precolumns in high performance liquid chromatography adsorption capacity of a reversed phase column

Audu A.A., 1987: Trace enrichment technique using amberlite xad 2 resin and application to triclocarban cloflucarban and related compounds

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Frey R.W., 1982: Trace fossil nomenclature and the planolites and palaeophycus dilemma

Slomka T., 1981: Trace fossil paleodictyon from the szlachtowa formation upper toarcian? lower aalenian of the pieniny klippen belt poland

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Simonarson L.A., 1987: Trace fossils

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Tandon K.K., 1979: Trace fossils and environment of deposition of the sedimentary succession of jabalpur madhya pradesh india

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Ineson J.R., 1987: Trace fossils from a submarine fan slope apron complex in the cretaceous of james ross island antarctica

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Kamola D.L., 1984: Trace fossils from marginal marine facies of the spring canyon member blackhawk formation upper cretaceous east central utah usa

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820036

Benton M.J., 1987: Trace fossils from rhaetic shore face deposits of staffordshire england uk

Mossop G.D., 1982: Trace fossils from the athabasca oil sands alberta canada

Sudan C.S., 1983: Trace fossils from the cambrian of kashmir and their stratigraphic significance

Bjerstedt T.W., 1988: Trace fossils from the early mississippian price delta southeast west virginia usa

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Narbonne G.M., 1984: Trace fossils in upper silurian tidal flat to basin slope carbonates of arctic canada

Bjerstedt T.W., 1987: Trace fossils indicating estuarine deposystems for the devonian mississippian cloyd conglomerate member price formation central appalachians usa

Retallack G.J., 1984: Trace fossils of burrowing beetles and bees in an oligocene paleosol badlands national park south dakota usa

Hesselbo S.P., 1988: Trace fossils of cambrian aglaspidid arthropods

Mcgugan, A., 1977: Trace fossils of problematical origin from the permian of banff alberta canada

Acenolaza F.G., 1979: Trace fossils of the lower paleozoic of argentina

Kowalski W.R., 1987: Trace fossils of the upper vendian and lowermost cambrian in southern poland

Watkins R., 1983: Trace gas profiles to 3000 meters over antarctica

Pare J.R.J., 1983: Trace glycoside from cranberries vaccinium oxycoccus

Frignani, M.; Frascari, F.; Quarantotto, G.; Poletti, R., 1978: Trace heavy metals in adriatic sea sediments off the italian coast from pesaro to the po delta

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820067

Dermelj, M.; Ravnik, V.; Byrne, A. R.; Vakselj, A., 1978: Trace heavy metals in various yugoslav tobaccos

Karasek F.W., 1981: Trace impurities in solvents commonly used for gas chromatographic analysis of environmental samples

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820070

Buchanan, E. B. Jr ; Schroeder, T. D., 1970: Trace lead analysis employing a dual channel single crystal x ray spectrometer

Stipanovic R.D., 1986: Trace level analysis of iaa from light grown highly pigmented leaf tissue

Russell G.F., 1980: Trace level analysis of reducing sugars by high performance liquid chromatography

Muller M.D., 1985: Trace level detection of chlorinated paraffins in biological and environmental samples using gas chromatography mass spectrometry with negative ion chemical ionization

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820075

Joshi A.P., 1988: Trace level determination of zinc by differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetry

Nathan C.F., 1987: Trace levels of bacterial lipopolysaccharide prevent interferon gamma or tumor necrosis factor alpha from enhancing mouse peritoneal macrophage respiratory burst capacity

Pemberton S.G., 1984: Trace making activities of crabs and their environmental significance the ichnogenus psilonichnus

Bullrich, K., 1976: Trace materials in the atmosphere

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820080

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820081

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820082

Tapia T., 1988: Trace measurements of the disulfide proteins trypsin and chymotrypsin based on adsorptive stripping voltammetry

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820084

Lawrey, J. D., 1977: Trace metal accumulation by plant species from a coal strip mining area in ohio usa

Arekal G.D., 1982: Trace metal accumulation in grasses and sedges

Pamp D.E., 1985: Trace metal accumulations in tissues of goats fed silage produced on sewage sludge amended soil

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820088

Laxen D.P.H., 1985: Trace metal adsorption coprecipitation on hydrous ferric oxide under realistic conditions the role of humic substances

Coleman, R. L.; Lawrence, C. H.; Sowell, W. L., 1968: Trace metal alterations following sub acute exposure to endrin pestic rat iron magnesium zinc copper

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820091

Lund W., 1982: Trace metal analysis by anodic stripping voltammetry effect of surface active substances

Vanderborght, B. M.; Van-Grieken, R. E., 1978: Trace metal analysis of water containing humic substances by x ray fluorescence

Foerstner, U.; Salomons, W., 1980: Trace metal analysis on polluted sediments 1. assessment of sources and intensities

Salomons, W.; Foerstner, U., 1980: Trace metal analysis on polluted sediments 2. evaluation of environmental impact

Iwata S., 1981: Trace metal analysis with nuclear reactor development for the detection of calcium in nervous tissue

Goodrich R.D., 1983: Trace metal and mineral composition of milk and blood from goats capra hircus fed silage produced on sludge amended soil

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820100

Bruhn, J. C.; Franke, A. A., 1977: Trace metal and protein concentrations in california market milks

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820102

Leonzio C., 1985: Trace metal assessment in sediment mollusks and reed leaves in the bay of follonica italy

Zwozdziak A.B., 1982: Trace metal behavior in the vicinity of a copper smelter

Brouwer M., 1984: Trace metal binding proteins in marine mollusks and crustaceans

Johnson A.H., 1980: Trace metal budgets for a forested watershed in the new jersey usa pine barrens

Jackson, G. A.; Morgan, J. J., 1978: Trace metal chelator interactions and phyto plankton growth in sea water media theoretical analysis and comparison with reported observations

Sposito, G.; Lund, L. J.; Chang, A. C., 1982: Trace metal chemistry in arid zone field soils amended with sewage sludge 1. fractionation of nickel copper zinc cadmium and lead in solid phases

Thomas W.C.Jr, 1982: Trace metal citric acid complexes as inhibitors of calcification and crystal formation

Meyer, J. L.; Thomas, W. C. Jr, 1982: Trace metal citric acid complexes as inhibitors of calcification and crystal growth 1. effects of iron iii chromium iii and aluminum iii complexes on calcium phosphate crystal growth

Meyer, J. L.; Thomas, W. C. Jr, 1982: Trace metal citric acid complexes as inhibitors of calcification and crystal growth 2. effects of iron iii chromium iii and aluminum iii complexes on calcium oxalate crystal growth

Byrne R.H., 1983: Trace metal complexation in high ligand variety natural media

Hungspreugs M., 1984: Trace metal composition and accumulation rates of sediments in the upper gulf of thailand

Ramaswamy S.N., 1982: Trace metal concentration in the waters of river cauvery karnataka india

Gaudette H.E., 1983: Trace metal concentrations and fluxes in bermuda sediments

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820121

Hoss D.E., 1986: Trace metal concentrations in menhaden larvae brevoortia patronus from the northern gulf of mexico

Perry, H. M-Jr ; Perry, E. F.; Hixon, B. B., 1978: Trace metal concentrations in normal human liver methods to cope with marked variability

Cooper R.A., 1985: Trace metal concentrations in offshore deep water seaweeds in the western north atlantic ocean

Szluha A.T., 1981: Trace metal concentrations in oxidation ponds

Baedecker P.A., 1980: Trace metal concentrations in sediment cores from the continental shelf off the southeastern usa

Greig, R. A.; Reid, R. N.; Wenzloff, D. R., 1977: Trace metal concentrations in sediments from long island sound usa

Friant S.L., 1979: Trace metal concentrations in selected biological sediment and water column samples in a northern new england usa river

Munda, I. M., 1978: Trace metal concentrations in some icelandic seaweeds

Scrudato, R. J.; Henningsen, B. F.; Estes, E. L., 1976: Trace metal concentrations of selected macro fauna from a southeast texas usa estuary

Arekal G.D., 1982: Trace metal concentrations of the waters of a south indian river

Sivalingam P.M., 1983: Trace metal contaminants in algae of bermuda waters atlantic ocean

Atchison, G. J.; Murphy, B. R.; Bishop, W. E.; Mcintosh, A. W.; Mayes, R. A., 1977: Trace metal contamination of bluegill lepomis macrochirus from 2 indiana usa lakes

Nackowski, S. B.; Putnam, R. D.; Robbins, D. A.; Varner, M. O.; White, L. D.; Nelson, K. W., 1977: Trace metal contamination of evacuated blood collection tubes

Young P.C., 1981: Trace metal contamination of shallow marine sediments near a lead smelter spencer gulf south australia

Elson, C. M.; Ackman, R. G., 1978: Trace metal content of a herring oil at various stages of pilot plant refining and partial hydrogenation

Ajayi S.O., 1987: Trace metal content of fish and shellfishes of the niger delta area of nigeria

Reboredo F.H.S., 1984: Trace metal content of live tissues in halimione portulacoides from coastal areas of the sado estuary portugal

Macneil P.A., 1979: Trace metal content of rapeseed meals oils and seeds

Siccama T.G., 1984: Trace metal content of the forest floor in the green mountains of vermont usa spatial and temporal patterns

Zia G.M., 1985: Trace metal contents of common spices

Thorhaug A., 1980: Trace metal cycling in the usa coastal zone a synthesis

Thorhaug A., 1980: Trace metal cycling in tropical subtropical estuaries dominated by the seagrass thalassia testudinum

Nriagu J.O., 1985: Trace metal deposition and mobility in the sediments of two lakes near sudbury ontario canada

Douglass L.W., 1982: Trace metal deposition in an agricultural environment near the chalk point maryland usa generating station

Garai T., 1986: Trace metal determination by second harmonic alternating current anodic stripping voltammetry

Armstrong F.A.J., 1988: Trace metal determination in animal tissues an interlaboratory comparison

Mihm, U.; Leberl, C., 1977: Trace metal determination in drinking water by flame atomic absorption spectrometry after concentration by means of charcoal

Orren M.J., 1986: Trace metal distribution in different chemical fractions of nearshore marine sediments

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Macknight S.D., 1984: Trace metal distributions in st john harbor sediments new brunswick canada

Bender M.L., 1981: Trace metal distributions in the hudson river estuary new york usa

Morfett, K.; Davison, W.; Hamilton-Taylor, J., 1988: Trace metal dynamics in a seasonally anoxic lake

Horii J., 1980: Trace metal elements and other components in whey de mineralized by electro dialysis with selectively permeable membranes

Felmy A., 1981: Trace metal exchange between ferro manganese nodules and artificial sea water

Lyons, W. B.; Fitzgerald, W. F., 1980: Trace metal fluxes to nearshore long island sound connecticut usa sediments

Staskawicz, B. J.; Smith, W. H., 1977: Trace metal leaf pollutants suppress in vitro development of gnomonia platani

Rasmussen L., 1982: Trace metal levels in coastal sea water danish waters

Bennett C.E., 1980: Trace metal levels in commercially prepared tissue culture media

Salihoglu I., 1982: Trace metal levels in fish and crustacea from northeastern mediterranean coastal waters

Egunyomi A., 1983: Trace metal levels in some nigerian mosses used as indicators of atmospheric pollution

Dyrssen D., 1984: Trace metal levels in the eastern arctic ocean

O'toole C., 1984: Trace metal metabolism in cultured skin fibroblasts of the mottled mouse response to metallothionein inducers

Soster F.M., 1980: Trace metal mineral equilibria in lake erie sediments usa canada

Gallagher, K.; Matarazzo, W. J.; Gray, I., 1979: Trace metal modification of immuno competence 2. effect of lead ii cadmium ii and chromium iii on rna turnover hexo kinase activity and blastogenesis during bone marrow derived lymphocyte transformation in vitro

Shenker, B. J.; Matarazzo, W. J.; Hirsch, R. L.; Gray, I., 1977: Trace metal modification of immuno competence part 1 effect of trace metals in the cultures on in vitro transformation of bone marrow derived lymphocytes

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Morel F.M.M., 1987: Trace metal reduction by phytoplankton the role of plasmalemma redox enzymes

Alemdaroglu, T.; Berthon, G., 1981: Trace metal requirements in total parenteral nutrition 2. potentiometric study of the metal iron equilibria in the zinc histidine zinc glycine zinc cysteine histidine zinc glycine histidine and zinc glycine cysteine systems under physiological conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820173

Matuchansky C., 1981: Trace metal requirements in total parenteral nutrition a theoretical approach by mathematical modeling

Topping J.J., 1986: Trace metal residues in finfish from maryland usa waters 1978 1979

Topping J.J., 1984: Trace metal residues in shellfish from maryland usa waters 1976 1980

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Somashekar R.K., 1984: Trace metal status of coconut plants cocos nucifera of a polluted area in mysore india

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Foil L.A.L., 1979: Trace metal transport from mining milling and smelting watersheds

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Otto R.G., 1986: Trace metal transport in two tributaries of the upper chesapeake bay the susquehanna and bush rivers usa

Wright D.A., 1986: Trace metal uptake and sodium regulation in gammarus marinus from metal polluted estuaries in england uk

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Knap A.H., 1985: Trace metals and hydrocarbons in sediments from the southampton uk water region with particular reference to the influence of oil refinery effluent

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820198

Mackery D., 1984: Trace metals and the productivity of shelf waters off northwest australia

Borg H., 1987 : Trace metals and water chemistry of forest lakes in northern sweden

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Carre C., 1987: Trace metals cadmium copper lead and zinc in gelatinous macroplankton from the northwestern mediterranean

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820203

Daunter, B.; Chantler, E. M.; Elstein, M., 1977: Trace metals copper manganese zinc iron sulfhydryl and di sulfide groups of cervical mucus

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Pillai K.C., 1983: Trace metals in a tropical river environment speciation and biological transfer

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820212

Burdon Jones C., 1986: Trace metals in algae from the great barrier reef australia

Mclean R.A.N., 1982: Trace metals in atmospheric deposition a review and assessment

Muttarasin K., 1985: Trace metals in bivalve mollusks from thailand

Phelps H.L., 1985: Trace metals in chesapeake bay usa oysters intra sample variability and its implications for biomonitoring

Falandysz J., 1986: Trace metals in cod gadus morhua from the southern baltic 1983

Burdon Jones C., 1986: Trace metals in corals from the great barrier reef australia

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Silbert J.E., 1984: Trace metals in drinking water lack of influence of blood pressure

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Falandysz J., 1985: Trace metals in flatfish from the southern baltic 1983

Bohn A., 1979: Trace metals in fucoid algae and purple sea urchins near a high arctic lead and zinc ore deposit

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820229

North W.J., 1980: Trace metals in giant kelp macrocystis

Falandysz J., 1986: Trace metals in herring from the southern baltic 1983

Takagi Y., 1981: Trace metals in human hair from residents of fukui prefecture japan

Coker R.D., 1980: Trace metals in humic acid and fulvic acid from lake ontario canada sediments

Huljev D.J., 1986: Trace metals in humic acids and their hydrolysis products

Gasparetto, B.; Albano, C.; Farinini, D.; Gandolfo, C.; Bacigalupo, F., 1987: Trace metals in huntington's disease

Goetz L., 1988: Trace metals in lignites and ashes of greek power plants

Mears, H. C.; Eisler, R., 1977: Trace metals in liver from bluefish tautog and tilefish in relation to body length

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820238

Flegal A.R., 1986: Trace metals in mussels mytilus californianus transplanted to san francisco bay california usa

Olafsson J., 1986: Trace metals in mussels mytilus edulis from southwest iceland

Carignan R., 1985: Trace metals in oxic lake sediments possible adsorption onto iron oxyhydroxides

Ross H.B., 1987: Trace metals in precipitation in sweden

Pesch, G.; Reynolds, B.; Rogerson, P., 1977: Trace metals in scallops from within and around 2 ocean disposal sites

Weldon L., 1986: Trace metals in scalp hair of children and adults in three alberta canada indian villages

Peakall D.B., 1979: Trace metals in sea ducks of the fraser river delta inter tidal area british columbia canada

Fallis B.W., 1982: Trace metals in sediments and biota from strathcona sound northwest territories canada nanisivik marine monitoring program 1974 1979

Dadone A., 1982: Trace metals in sediments from the ligurian coast italy

Beckett R., 1982: Trace metals in sediments from the yarra river australia

Greig, R. A.; Mcgrath, R. A., 1977: Trace metals in sediments of raritan bay usa

Chang A.C., 1985: Trace metals in sediments of the mapocho river chile

Douabul A.A.Z., 1985: Trace metals in shatt al arab river iraq

Koh L.L., 1982: Trace metals in some east asian vegetables and fruits

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820253

Falandysz J., 1986: Trace metals in sprats from the southern baltic 1983

Burdon Jones C., 1986: Trace metals in surface water from the great barrier reef australia

Wodkiewicz L., 1984: Trace metals in suspended matter and surficial bottom sediments from the southern baltic

Braganca A., 1981: Trace metals in the andaman sea india

Falandysz J., 1986: Trace metals in the bones of scaup ducks aythya marila wintering in gdansk bay poland baltic sea 1982 1983 and 1983 1984

Cumings, J. N., 1968: Trace metals in the brain and in wilsons disease human

Phillips D.J.H., 1979: Trace metals in the common mussel mytilus edulis and in the alga fucus vesiculosus from the region of the sound oresund

Topping G., 1983: Trace metals in the common porpoise phocoena phocoena

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Smith, I. C.; Carson, B. L., 1977: Trace metals in the environment vol 2 silver

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Smith, I. C.; Carson, B. L.; Ferguson, T. L., 1978: Trace metals in the environment vol 4 palladium and osmium

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820268

Fernandez I.J., 1987 : Trace metals in the forest floor at saddleback mountain maine usa in relation to aspect elevation and cover type

Zhang K., 1983: Trace metals in the gota river sweden estuary

Lourie J., 1987: Trace metals in the hair of inhabitants of the ok tedi region papua new guinea

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Satsmadjis J., 1982: Trace metals in the pagassitikos gulf greece

Gronroos M., 1984: Trace metals in the post date pregnancy

Szefer, P.; Falandysz, J., 1987: Trace metals in the soft tissues of scaup ducks aythya marila l. wintering in gdansk bay baltic sea

Orren M.J., 1985: Trace metals in the southern ocean the geochemistry of copper

Pande S.P., 1984: Trace metals in water at various stages of treatment in a water treatment plant

Vivian, C. M. G.; Massie, K. S., 1977: Trace metals in waters and sediments of the river tawe south wales in relation to local sources

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Ho C.T., 1982: Trace metals of toxicological significance to man in hong kong seafood

Shiber J.G., 1980: Trace metals with seasonal considerations in coastal algae and mollusks from beirut lebanon

Uauy R., 1988: Trace mineral balance during acute diarrhea in infants

Anderson, G. H.; Harris, L.; Rao, A. V.; Jones, J. D., 1976: Trace mineral deficiencies in rats caused by feeding rapeseed flours during growth gestation and lactation

Piemonte G., 1981: Trace mineral levels in neo nates born preterm and at term

Wong, N. P.; Lacroix, D. E.; Vestal, J. H., 1977: Trace minerals in cottage cheese

Meyer R.A., 1981: Trace multi element analysis using high flux fast neutron activation

Jefferies A.C., 1986: Trace multielement analysis in boron materials by epithermal neutron activation analysis

Hayes D.J., 1984: Trace nitrogen containing species in the offgas from 2 oil shale retorting processes

Fuller R., 1983: Trace nutrient binding proteins in milk and the growth of bacteria in the gut of infant rabbits

Dixon E.J., 1979: Trace nutrients part 2 manganese in british food

Buss D.H., 1979: Trace nutrients part 3 magnesium copper zinc vitamin b 6 vitamin b 12 and folic acid in the british household food supply

Sabbioni E., 1986: Trace of metal exposure in hard metal lung disease

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820295

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820296

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820297

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820298

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820299

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820300

Section 7, Chapter 6821, Accession 006820301

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