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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6822

Chapter 6822 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Smeets P.M.; Lancioni G.E.; Striefel S.; Willemsen R.J., 1984: Training educably mentally retarded children to solve missing minuend problems errorlessly acquisition generalization and maintenance

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Duchateau J.; Hainaut K., 1988: Training effects of sub maximal electrostimulation in a human muscle

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Duchateau J.; Hainaut K., 1984: Training effects on muscle fatigue in man

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Atkinson P., 1984: Training for certainty

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Goldstein H., 1983: Training generative repertoires within agent action object miniature linguistic systems with children

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Ban, T. A.; Odejide, A. O., 1980: Training in biological psychiatry a who sponsored long term program

Lee D.Y.; Cottreau R., 1979: Training in conceptual tempo its effects on mentally retarded childrens responding style to questionnaire items

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Hasman A., 1982: Training in medical informatics use of computers for diagnostic purposes

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Constancis J.; Gauthier A., 1980: Training in protection against radiation of personnel of enterprises associated with nuclear power plants

Taylor, M. A., 1975: Training in psychiatry time for a change

Lindenbraten, L. D., 1978: Training in radio isotope diagnosis during clinical residency

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Rose S.P.R.; Harding S., 1984: Training increases tritium labeled fucose incorporation in chick brain only if followed by memory storage

Henriksson, J., 1977: Training induced adaptation of skeletal muscle and metabolism during submaximal exercise

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Nylander E., 1985: Training induced bradycardia in rats on cardioselective and non selective beta receptor blockade

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Green H.J.; Jones L.L.; Hughson R.L.; Painter D.C.; Farrance B.W., 1987: Training induced hypervolemia lack of an effect on oxygen utilization during exercise

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Lesner S.A.; Sandridge S.A.; Kricos P.B., 1987: Training influences on visual consonant and sentence recognition

Dy E.B.; Strain P.S.; Fullerton A.; Stowitschek J., 1981: Training institutionalized elderly mentally retarded persons as intervention agents for socially isolated peers

Mccue J.D., 1981: Training internists insights from private practice

Matson J.L.; Kazdin A.E.; Esveldt Dawson K., 1980: Training interpersonal skills among mentally retarded and socially dys functional children

Strange W.; Polka L.; Dittmann S., 1986: Training intraphonemic discrimination of r phoneme l phoneme

Giustra L., 1985: Training issues in the treatment of severely disturbed patients

Horner, R. D.; Keilitz, I., 1975: Training mentally retarded adolescents to brush their teeth

Stumphauzer J.S.; Davis L.C., 1983: Training mexican american mental health personnel in behavior therapy

Hoover J.H.; Wade M.G.; Newell K.M., 1981: Training moderately and severely mentally retarded adults to improve reaction and movement times

Dakhore K.M.; Nalwandikar P.K., 1987: Training needs of livestock supervisors in parbhani district maharashtra india

Mayani V.V.; Kumar K., 1980: Training needs of small farmers based on existing knowledge

Kaul P.N.; Thiagarajan P.; Balasubramaniam S., 1987: Training needs of traditional marine fishermen in kerala india

Jamieson D.G.; Morosan D.E., 1986: Training non native speech contrasts in adults acquisition of the english voiced voiceless th contrast by francophones

Brown P.T.; Bollinger C., 1985: Training non psychologists in the treatment of sexual dysfunction with special reference to the training of marriage guidance counselors

Reavley W.; Herdman L.F., 1985: Training nurses in behavioral psychotherapy

Dirschl H.J.; Norton Griffiths M.; Wetmore S.P., 1981: Training observers for aerial surveys of herbivores

Van Der Molen H.H.; Kerkhof J.H.; Jong S.A.M., 1983: Training observers to follow children and score their road crossing behavior

Kubono T.; Shimizu H., 1981: Training of a resident for retinal detachment surgery using a detachment operation chart

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Retief F.P., 1982: Training of black doctors in south africa

Walasek G.; Zielinski K., 1987: Training of conditioned enhancement and conditioned suppression in rats

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Vartiainen E.; Nuutinen J.; Harma R., 1986: Training of ear surgeons

Johnson, B. B.; Johnson, R. E., 1970: Training of eccrine sweat glands in paraplegics

Legarreta A.; Mascaro J., 1982: Training of intermediate level statistical staff for health organizations development and outlook of health statistics and medical records in chile

Crow S., 1985: Training of personnel for infection control

Krylov Yu F.; Kagramanova K.A.; Shub T.A., 1985: Training of personnel in the methods of control of the contamination of nonsterile drugs

Arva P.; Bodo M.; Sugar J., 1984: Training of pre screening cyto technicians 10 year experience

Garcia Toledo A.; Babich H.; Stotzky G., 1985: Training of rhizopus stolonifer and cunninghamella blakesleeana to copper cotolerance to cadmium cobalt nickel and lead

Kingma J., 1987: Training of seriation in young kindergarteners

Dore F.Y., 1980: Training of systematic observation effect of type of feedback on the observers performance

Biermann J.; Neumann G., 1984: Training of the physical performance and reduction of factors of risk in medium ages

Balliet, R.; Nakayama, K., 1978: Training of voluntary torsion

Batuev A.S.; Ryabinskaya E.A.; Ashikhmina O.V., 1983: Training of wistar and krushinsky molodkina rats in a radial maze

Schmitt F.A.; Murphy M.D.; Sanders R.E., 1981: Training older adult free recall rehearsal strategies

Isquick M.F., 1981: Training older people in empathy effects on empathy attitudes and self exploration

Ameille J.; Chambille B.; Orvoen Frija E.; Jacquemin C.; Rochemaure J., 1981: Training on a treadmill in chronic obstructive respiratory disease

Bartels J.H.M.; Brady B.M.; Suffet I.H., 1987: Training panelists for the flavor profile analysis method

Eyberg S.M.; Matarazzo R.G., 1980: Training parents as therapists a comparison between individual parent child interaction training and parent group didactic training

Dubey D.R.; O'leary S.G.; Kaufman K.F., 1983: Training parents of hyperactive children in child management a comparative outcome study

Gross A.M.; Eudy C.; Drabman R.S., 1982: Training parents to be physical therapists with their physically handicapped child

Horton B.D., 1985: Training peaches prunus persica for completely mechanized production

Silverman B.A.; Mayer D.; Sabinsky R.; Williams Akita A.; Feldman J.; Schneider A.T.; Chiaramonte L.T., 1987: Training perception of air flow obstruction in asthmatics

Wolraich M.L.; Reiter S., 1979: Training physicians in communication skills

Feis C.L.; Simons C., 1985: Training preschool children in interpersonal cognitive problem solving skills a replication

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Davis H., 1985: Training professionals in behavior modification

O'brien, F.; Azrin, N. H.; Bugle, C., 1972: Training profoundly retarded children to stop crawling

Araico Laguillo J.; Andrade Gomez F.; Arambula Alvarez I.H.; Ochoa Diaz Lopez E., 1981: Training program for free transfer of skin grafts by micro vascular anastomosis

Colver A.F.; Danskin M.J.; Parkin J.M.; Rogers F.S.; Walker J.H., 1988: Training program for senior registrars in community pediatrics

Bell C.C.; Fayen M.; Mattox G., 1988: Training psychiatric residents to treat blacks

Wade M.G.; Hoover J.H.; Newell K.M., 1984: Training reaction and movement times of moderately and severely mentally retarded persons in aiming movements

Simon G., 1986: Training regulation in swimming

Kobryn U.; Hoffmann B.; Ransch E., 1987: Training related differences in the surface electromyogram of the muscles of the upper extremities and the shoulders

Hawes R.; Lehman G.A.; Hast J.; O'connor K.W.; Crabb D.W.; Lui A.; Christiansen P.A., 1986: Training resident physicians in fiberoptic sigmoidoscopy how many supervised examinations are required to achieve competence?

Loomis J.E.; Boersma F.J., 1982: Training right brain damaged patients in a wheelchair task case studies using verbal mediation

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Matson J.L.; Manikam R.; Coe D.; Raymond K.; Taras M., 1988: Training social skills to severely mentally retarded multiply handicapped adolescents

Gutmann M.C.; Pollock M.L.; Foster C.; Schmidt D., 1984: Training stress in olympic speed skaters a psychological perspective

Van Den Ende B.; Jerie P.H.; Chalmers D.J., 1986: Training sultana vines vitis vinifera on the tatura trellis for early and high production

Borus J.F.; Groves J.E., 1982: Training supervision as a separate faculty role

Caldwell J.D.; Grimes L.W., 1987: Training systems for second year production of fall planted strawberries

May R.B.; Norton J.M., 1981: Training task orders and transfer in conservation

Sacks, S.; De-Leon, G., 1978: Training the disturbed enuretic

Randall T.M., 1980: Training the horizontality concept in a group of nontransitional children

Van Dongen L., 1981: Training the obstetrician in ultrasonography minimum requirements

Carrera, M. A., 1972: Training the sex educator guidelines for teacher training institutions

Gianutsos R., 1981: Training the short term and long term verbal recall of a post encephalitic amnesic

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