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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6825

Chapter 6825 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gurevich G.K.; Lebedeva S.A.; Stytsenko T.M.; Degtyarev B.M., 1987:
Transducting and cotransduction of the chromosome genes of yersinia pestis using phage p1 cml clr100 ts

Kayser, F.H.; Wuest, J.; Corrodi, P., 1972:
Transduction and elimination of resistance determinants in methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus

Neil J.C.; Hughes D.; Mcfarlane R.; Wilkie N.M.; Onions D.E.; Lees G.; Jarrett O., 1984:
Transduction and rearrangement of the myc gene by feline leukemia virus in naturally occurring t cell leukemias

Chakrabarty, A.M.; Gunsalus, C.F.; Gunsalus, I.C., 1968:
Transduction and the clustering of genes in fluorescent pseudomonads phage pseudomonas putida pseudomonas aeruginosa enteric bacteria tryptophan enzymes streptomycin resistance

Howard J.; Snyder A.W., 1983:
Transduction as a limitation on compound eye function and design

Drexler, H., 1970:
Transduction by bacterio phage t 1

Krcmery, V.; Vymola, F.; Mitsuhashi, S., 1977:
Transduction by phage f 116 and phage g 101 of gentamicin tobramycin resistance and of auto plaque formation property in pseudomonas aeruginosa

Smith, H.W.; Lovell, M.A., 1985:
Transduction complicates the detection of conjugative ability in lysogenic salmonella strains

Yelton, D.B.; Thorne, C.B., 1970:
Transduction in bacillus cereus by each of 2 bacterio phages

Welker, N.E., 1988:
Transduction in Bacillus stearothermophilus

Yasbin, R.E.; Young, F.E., 1974:
Transduction in bacillus subtilis by bacterio phage spp 1

Thorne, C.B., 1978:
Transduction in Bacillus thuringiensis

Pogosbekova M.R.; Azizbekyan R.R., 1981:
Transduction in bacillus thuringiensis var galleriae

Gelbart, S.M.; Juhasz, S.E., 1973:
Transduction in mycobacterium phlei

Bastos, M.C.F.; Penido, E.G.C., 1981:
Transduction in staphylococcus aureus 1. selection of donor and recipient strains for drug resistance genes

Bastos, M.C.F.; Penido, E.G.C., 1981:
Transduction in staphylococcus aureus 2. isolation of plasmids coding for drug resistance

Upcroft, P.; Skolnik, H.; Upcroft, J.A.; Solomon, D.; Khoury, G.; Hamer, D.H.; Fareed, G.C., 1978:
Transduction of a bacterial gene into mammalian cells

Swanstrom, R.; Parker, R.C.; Varmus, H.E.; Bishop, J.M., 1983:
Transduction of a cellular oncogene: the genesis of Rous sarcoma virus

Knothe, H.; Krcméry, V.; Mitsuhashi, S., 1980:
Transduction of amikacin, gentamicin and tobramycin resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Surikov N.N.; Prozorov A.A., 1981:
Transduction of bacillus subtilis plasmid dna

Tagg, J.R.; Skjold, S.; Wannamaker, L.W., 1976:
Transduction of bacteriocin determinants in group A streptococci

Stuart J.G.; Rogel R.; Morton T., 1984:
Transduction of bacteriophage resistance in streptococcus pyogenes with coinfection lysates of the virulent phage a 25t s 1 2 and a temperate bacteriophage 2511

Mlynarczyk G.; Mlynarczyk A.; Osowiecki H., 1979:
Transduction of chloramphenicol resistance determination by a newly isolated bacterio phage in staphylococcus aureus

Tokuhisa T.; Okumura K.; Taniguchi M.; Tada T., 1984:
Transduction of effector suppressor t cells by an antigen specific suppressor t cell factor and lyt 1 positive 2 positive 3 positive t cells

Colacicco G.; Pilia A.A., 1984:
Transduction of electromagnetic signals into biological effects accounts of kinetics and energetics

Venables, W.A.; Guest, J.R., 1968:
Transduction of enz nitrate reductase loci of escherichia coli by phages p 1 and lambda

Germida, J.J.; Khachatourians, G.G., 1988:
Transduction of Escherichia coli in soil

Voropaeva, S.D.; Vartanyan, Z.S.; Ankirskaya, A.S., 1976:
Transduction of extrachromosomal markers of antibiotic resistance in staphylococcal populations

Drexler, H., 1972:
Transduction of gal plus by coli phage t 1 part 1 role of hybrids of bacterial and pro phage lambda dna

Drexler, H., 1972:
Transduction of gal plus by coli phage t 1 part 2 role of lambda transcription control in the efficiency of transduction

Drexler, H., 1973:
Transduction of gal plus by coli phage t 1 part 3 requirement for transcription and translation in recipient cells

Regue M.; Tomas J.; Pares R.; Jofre J., 1982:
Transduction of genetic markers associated with the s plasmid of klebsiella pneumoniae c 3 using bacterio phages

Jhappan, C.; Vande Woude, G.F.; Robins, T.S., 1986:
Transduction of host cellular sequences by a retroviral shuttle vector

Mckay, L.L.; Cords, B.R.; Baldwin, K.A., 1973:
Transduction of lactose metabolism in streptococcus lactis strain c 2

Coetzee, J.N.; Krizsanovich-Williams, K., 1976:
Transduction of leucine auxotrophs of proteus mirabilis to prototrophy or antibiotic resistance by proteus mirabilis high frequency transducing bacterio phages

Cohen, S.; Sweeney, H.M., 1970:
Transduction of Methicillin Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus Dependent on an Unusual Specificity of the Recipient Strain

Nazar, K.; Heczko, P.B., 1977:
Transduction of penicillin resistance together with ability to ferment mannitol and ribose in Staphylococcus epidermidis

Ubelaker, M.H.; Rosenblum, E.D., 1978:
Transduction of plasmid determinants in Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli

Mlynarczyk G.; Melynarczyk A.; Osowiecki H., 1980:
Transduction of plasmid determinants of the resistance to antibiotics and metal ions from hospital strains of staphylococcus aureus

McHenney, M.A.; Baltz, R.H., 1988:
Transduction of plasmid DNA in Streptomyces spp. and related genera by bacteriophage FP43

Rosypalova A.; Rosypal S., 1986:
Transduction of plasmid dna using as recipients the strains of staphylococcus aureus insensitive to the lytic action of the transducing phage

Pakrova E.; Rosypal S., 1986:
Transduction of plasmid dna with the phages of the serological group b

Mise, K.; Nakaya, R., 1977:
Transduction of r plasmids by bacterio phage p 1 and phage p 22 distinction between generalized and specialized transduction

Anderson, E.S.; Natkin, E., 1972:
Transduction of resistance determinants and r factors of the delta transfer systems by phage p 1kc

Stuart, J.G.; Ferretti, J.J., 1973:
Transduction of rifampin resistance in group A streptococci

Fan, Y.; Jiang, S.; Wang, Q., 1976:
Transduction of tetracycline plasmid in staphylococcus aureus

Minshew, B.H.; Rosenblum, E.D., 1972:
Transduction of tetracycline resistance in Staphylococcus epidermidis

Rosypal, S.; Rosypalova, A., 1974:
Transduction of tetracycline resistance in using phage 53 induced from staphylococcus aureus s 26

Tackney, C.; Cachianes, G.; Silverstein, S., 1984:
Transduction of the Chinese hamster ovary aprt gene by herpes simplex virus

Gormezano, I.; Gibbs, C.M., 1988:
Transduction of the rabbit's nictitating membrane response

Coster, H.G.L.; Zimmermann, U., 1976:
Transduction of turgor pressure by cell membrane compression

Rösen, A.; Gelderblom, H.; Darai, G., 1985:
Transduction of virulence in herpes simplex virus type 1 from a pathogenic to an apathogenic strain by a cloned viral DNA fragment

Nicol, G.D.; Kaupp, U.B.; Bownds, M.D., 1987:
Transduction persists in rod photoreceptors after depletion of intracellular calcium

Adamek G.D.; Gesteland R.C.; Mair R.G.; Oakley B., 1984:
Transduction physiology of olfactory receptor cilia

Bartlett, D.; Sant'ambrogio, G.; Wise, J.C., 1976:
Transduction properties of tracheal stretch receptors

Vats, S.; Stuttard, C.; Vining, L.C., 1987:
Transductional analysis of chloramphenicol biosynthesis genes in Streptomyces venezuelae

Hanks M.C.; Masters M., 1987:
Transductional analysis of chromosome replication time

Calhoun, D.H.; Feary, T.W., 1969:
Transductional analysis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa methionineless auxotrophs

Tsuda, M.; Iino, T., 1983:
Transductional analysis of the flagellar genes in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Komatsubara, S.; Kisumi, M.; Chibata, I., 1983:
Transductional construction of a threonine hyper producing strain of serratia marcescens lack of feedback controls of 3 asparto kinases ec and 2 homo serine dehydrogenases ec

Nishimura N.; Kisumi M., 1988:
Transductional construction of aspartase hyperproducing strain of escherichia coli b

Mckay L.L.; Baldwin K.A.; Efstathiou J.D., 1976:
Transductional evidence for plasmid linkage of lactose metabolism in streptococcus lactis strain c 2

Heierson A.; Landen R.; Boman H.G., 1983:
Transductional mapping of 9 linked chromosomal genes in bacillus thuringiensis

Bjork, G.R., 1975:
Transductional mapping of gene trma responsible for the production of 5 methyl uridine in transfer rna of escherichia coli

Marrero R.; Lovett P.S., 1980:
Transductional selection of cloned bacterio phage phi 105 and sp o2 dna species in bacillus subtilis

Guarnieri, A.; Ravo, B., 1987:
Transduodenal distal lateral choledochoduodenostomy

Davis, R., 1988:
Transduodenal sphincteroplasty using the carbon dioxide laser

Steffen H.; Schmoll P.; Ollmann S., 1984:
Transdural rupture of lumbar pulposus prolapses

Purata S.E., 1986:
Transect analysis as a basis for comparing stages of old field succession in a tropical rain forest area in mexico

Eberhardt, L.L., 1978:
Transect methods for population studies

Borgens, R.B.; Blight, A.R.; Murphy, D.J.; Stewart, L., 1986:
Transected dorsal column axons within the guinea pig spinal cord regenerate in the presence of an applied electric field

Solot, J.A., 1982:
Transected thoracic aorta: emergency department management

O Uchi T.; Igarashi M.; Kulecz W.B., 1982:
Transection of crossed olivo cochlear bundle and auditory brain stem responses in the cat

Davis, R.E.; Kent, E.W., 1979:
Transection of direct anterior thalamic afferents from the hippocampus: effects on activity and active avoidance in rats

Rowland N., 1979:
Transection of fibers crossing the lateral border of the lateral hypothalamus fragmented spontaneous ingestive patterns and re analysis of regulatory deficits in rats with sagittal knife cuts

Lazar G., 1983:
Transection of the basal optic root in the frog rana esculenta abolishes vertical opto kinetic head nystagmus

Johnson R.G., 1986:
Transection of the canine anterior cruciate ligament a concise review of experience with this model of degenerative joint disease

Mooney, R.D.; Nikoletseas, M.M.; Rhoades, R.W., 1987:
Transection of the infraorbital nerve in newborn hamsters alters the somatosensory but not the visual representation in the superior colliculus

Slotnick B.M.; Berman E.J., 1980:
Transection of the lateral olfactory tract does not produce anosmia

Van Steenbergen W.; Samain H.; Pouillon M.; Van Roost W.; Marchal G.; Baert A.; Penninckx F.; Kerremans R.; D.G.oote J., 1987:
Transection of the pancreas demonstrated by ultrasound and computed tomography

Fujisawa, I.; Kikuchi, K.; Nishimura, K.; Togashi, K.; Itoh, K.; Noma, S.; Minami, S.; Sagoh, T.; Hiraoka, T.; Momoi, T., 1987:
Transection of the pituitary stalk: development of an ectopic posterior lobe assessed with MR imaging

Chrispin A.; Small P.; Rutter N.; Coupland R.E.; Doyle M.; Chapman B.; Coxon R.; Guilfoyle D.; Cawley M.; Mansfield P., 1986:
Transectional echo planar imaging of the heart in cyanotic congenital heart disease

Davis R.E., 1981:
Transections involving the direct subiculum anterior thalamic fibers effects on cue utilization in the straight alley

Ross, J.F.; Grossman, S.P., 1977:
Transections of stria medullaris or stria terminalis in the rat: effects on aversively controlled behavior

Andrade J.M.S.; Ocumpaugh W.R., 1979:
Transector an inexpensive device to measure ground cover and botanical composition of swards

Rutgeerts, P.; Vantrappen, G.; D'Heygere, F.; Broeckaert, L., 1988:
Transendoscopic Doppler ultrasound: usefulness for diagnosis and treatment of vascular malformations

Lim P.H.C.; Chng H.C.; H.J.M.S., 1987:
Transendoscopic removal of heterotopic pancreatic tissue in the stomach a case report

Siflinger-Birnboim, A.; Del Vecchio, P.J.; Cooper, J.A.; Malik, A.B., 1986:
Transendothelial albumin flux: evidence against asymmetric transport

Stroink, A.R.; Hoffman, H.J.; Hendrick, E.B.; Humphreys, R.P.; Davidson, G., 1987:
Transependymal benign dorsally exophytic brain stem gliomas in childhood: diagnosis and treatment recommendations

Maurer, A.; Micheli, J.L.; Schütz, Y.; Freymond, D.; Jéquier, E., 1984:
Transepidermal water loss and resting energy expenditure in preterm infants

Kahn, A.; Van de Merckt, C.; Dramaix, M.; Magrez, P.; Blum, D.; Rebuffat, E.; Montauk, L., 1987:
Transepidermal water loss during sleep in infants at risk for sudden death

Werner, Y.; Lindberg, M., 1985:
Transepidermal water loss in dry and clinically normal skin in patients with atopic dermatitis

Good, D.W.; Caflisch, C.R.; DuBose, T.D., 1987:
Transepithelial ammonia concentration gradients in inner medulla of the rat

Lapointe, J.Y.; Laprade, R.; Cardinal, J., 1984:
Transepithelial and cell membrane electrical resistances of the rabbit proximal convoluted tubule

Nicolson, S.W.; Isaacson, L.C., 1987:
Transepithelial and intracellular potentials in isolated Malpighian tubules of tenebrionid beetle

Wenderoth H., 1986:
Transepithelial cytophagy by trichoplax adhaerens placozoa feeding on yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Marcus, D.C., 1986:
Transepithelial electrical potential of nonsensory region of gerbil utricle in vitro

Parra C.A.; D.G.tierrez O.B.; Mowszowicz M.; D.A.da G., 1986:
Transepithelial elimination in the subepidermal calcified nodule

Yuki, N.; Shitara, A.; Ito, M.; Sato, Y., 1984:
Transepithelial elimination of nevus cell nests

Samejima, Y.; Masuyama, K.; Ishikawa, T., 1988:
Transepithelial migration of eosinophils in experimental nasal allergy in guinea pigs

Turner T.T., 1988:
Transepithelial movements of tritiated androgen in seminiferous and epididymal tubules a study using in vivo micropuncture and in vivo microperifusion

Hay, J.G.; Geddes, D.M., 1985:
Transepithelial potential difference in cystic fibrosis

Gonnella, P.A.; Siminoski, K.; Murphy, R.A.; Neutra, M.R., 1987:
Transepithelial transport of epidermal growth factor by absorptive cells of suckling rat ileum

Rutten, M.; Rattner, D.; Silen, W., 1985:
Transepithelial transport of guinea pig gastric mucous cell monolayers

Jakoi E.R.; Cambier J.; Saslow S., 1985:
Transepithelial transport of maternal antibody purification of immunoglobulin g receptor from newborn rat intestine

Case R.M.; Cook D.I.; Hunter M.; Steward M.C.; Young J.A., 1985:
Transepithelial transport of nonelectrolytes in the rabbit mandibular salivary gland

Harris H.W.Jr; Wade J.B.; Handler J.S., 1986:
Transepithelial water flow regulates apical membrane retrieval in antidiuretic hormone stimulated toad bufo marinus urinary bladder

Masumitsu S., 1985:
Transequatorial chlorinity temperature depth sections in the western pacific ocean in 1981 to 1983

Heinrich H.; Kremer P.; Winter H.; Woersdrofer O.; Ahnefeld F.W., 1985:
Transesophageal 2 dimensional echocardiography during total hip replacement

Fujiseki Y.; Okuno M.; Fujino H.; Hattori M.; Nonomura K.; Shimada M., 1987:
Transesophageal atrial pacing in paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia in infants and children

Disertori M.; Inama G.; Vergara G.; Guarnerio M.; Furlanello F., 1984:
Transesophageal atrial pacing in the management of atrial flutter clinical experience

Liang K.; E.A., 1986:
Transesophageal atrial pacing in the treatment of 53 cases of tachyarrhythmia comparative study of both pulse durations

Falk, R.H.; Werner, M., 1987:
Transesophageal atrial pacing using a pill electrode for the termination of atrial flutter

Meranze, S.G.; LeVeen, R.F.; Burke, D.R.; Cope, C.; McLean, G.K., 1987:
Transesophageal drainage of mediastinal abscesses

Glenski J.A.; Cucchiara R.F.; Michenfelder J.D., 1986 :
Transesophageal echocardiography and transcutaneous oxygen and carbon dioxide monitoring for detection of venous air embolism

Nellessen U.; Panning B.; Daniel W.G.; Dietz H.; Lichtlen P.R., 1984:
Transesophageal echocardiography as the method of choice for detection of air embolism during occipital craniotomy

Zenker G.; Erbel R., 1987:
Transesophageal echocardiography clinical importance and increased diagnostic possibilities

Hofmann T.; Kasper W.; Meinertz T.; Lin C.; Just H., 1985:
Transesophageal echocardiography in cardiological emergency situations

Kasper W.; Hofmann T.; Meinertz T.; Billmann P.; Byrtus M.; Lang K.; Spillner C.; Schlosser V.; Just H., 1986:
Transesophageal echocardiography to detect dissection and aneurysms of the thoracic aorta

Lyakishev A.A.; Kozlov S.G.; Grosu A.A.; Kulikova T.V.; Sidorenko B.A., 1984:
Transesophageal electric stimulation of the left atrium in the diagnosis of coronary heart disease

Santos, G.H.; Frater, R.W., 1986:
Transesophageal irrigation for the treatment of mediastinitis produced by esophageal rupture

Cotoi, S.; Repolski, M.; Carasca, E.; Incze, A., 1985:
Transesophageal pacing technique in the estimation of sinus node function

Butto F.; Dunnigan A.; Overholt E.D.; Benditt D.G.; Benson D.W.Jr, 1986:
Transesophageal study of recurrent atrial tachycardia after atrial baffle procedures for complete transposition of the great arteries

Koolen J.J.; Visser C.A.; Wever E.; Van Wezel H.; Meyne N.G.; Dunning A.J., 1987:
Transesophageal two dimensional echocardiographic evaluation of biventricular dimension and function during positive end expiratory pressure ventilation after coronary after bypass grafting

Dambara T.; Kobayashi H., 1987:
Transesophageal ultrasonic endoscopy in disease of the chest

Irwin W.J.; Masuda Q.N.; L.W.n P.A., 1984:
Transesterification kinetics of phenyl salicylate

Freedman B.; Butterfield R.O.; Pryde E.H., 1986:
Transesterification kinetics of soybean oil

Zubillaga M.P.; Maerker G., 1988:
Transesterification of cholesteryl esters

Irwin W.J.; Masuda Q.N.; P.A.L.W., 1984:
Transesterification of salicylate esters used as topical analgesics

Hayashi T.; Utsunomiya H.; Hashimoto T., 1985:
Transethmoidal encephalomeningocele

Sataloff, R.T.; Bowman, C.; Baker, S.R.; Osterholm, J., 1988:
Transfacial resection of intracranial tumor

Bursztyn, H.; Sgaramella, V.; Ciferri, O.; Lederberg, J., 1975:
Transfectability of rough strains of Salmonella typhimurium

Lebkowski, J.S.; DuBridge, R.B.; Antell, E.A.; Greisen, K.S.; Calos, M.P., 1984:
Transfected DNA is mutated in monkey, mouse, and human cells

Dickerson I.M.; Dixon J.E.; Mains R.E., 1987:
Transfected human neuropeptide y complementary dna expression in mouse pituitary cells inducible high expression peptide characterization and secretion

Hombach, J.; Sablitzky, F.; Rajewsky, K.; Reth, M., 1988:
Transfected plasmacytoma cells do not transport the membrane form of IgM to the cell surface

Hirokawa, H., 1972:
Transfecting dna of bacillus bacterio phage phi 29 that is protease sensitive

Faltus I.I.; Kishko Y.G., 1980:
Transfecting properties of dna of erwinia carotovora virulent and temperate phages

Houssais J F.; Chenciner N., 1983:
Transfection and expression of the gene s of hepatitis b virus in adult rat hepatocytes in primary culture

Isa K.; Shima A., 1987:
Transfection and stable expression of a dominant selective marker ecogpt in a cultured cell line of the fish carassius auratus

Reysset G.; Hubert J.; Podvin L.; Sebald M., 1988:
Transfection and transformation of clostridium acetobutylicum strain n1 4081 protoplasts

Ogata S.; Koyama Miyoshi Y.; Hayashida S., 1985:
Transfection and transformation systems for pock forming and thiostrepton producing streptomyces azureus

Thomas G.; Padayatty J.D., 1981:
Transfection assay for dnase

Ahokas H., 1987:
Transfection by dna associated liposomes evidenced at pea pollination

Copeland N.G.; Cooper G.M., 1979 :
Transfection by exogenous and endogenous murine retrovirus dna

Rudchenko, O.N.; Likhacheva, N.A.; Timakova, N.V.; Il'yashenko, B.N., 1976:
Transfection competence in escherichia coli cells part 4 effect of freezing thawing on competence formation in escherichia coli cells in the presence of calcium ions

Milani, V.J.; Heberlein, G.T., 1972:
Transfection in Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Caso, J.L.; Hardisson, C.; Suárez, J.E., 1987:
Transfection in Micromonospora spp

Liss, A.; Maniloff, J., 1972:
Transfection mediated by mycoplasmatales viral dna

Jirik F.R.; Burstein S.A.; Treger L.; Sorge J.A., 1987:
Transfection of a factor dependent cell line with the murine interleukin 3 il 3 complementary dna results in autonomous growth and tumorigenesis

Bich-Thuy, L.T.; Queen, C., 1988:
Transfection of an immunoglobulin kappa gene into mature human B lymphocytes

Arwert, F.; Venema, G., 1974:
Transfection of bacillus subtilis with bacterio phage h 1 dna fate of transfecting dna and transfection enhancement in bacillus subtilis uvr plus and bacillus subtilis uvr minus strains

Altaner C.; Ban J.; Zajac V.; Kettmann R.; Burny A., 1985:
Transfection of bovine leukosis virus containing dna into nih 3t3 cells

Patek M.; Nesvera J.; Hochmannova J.; Stokrova J., 1988:
Transfection of brevibacterium flavum with bacteriophage bfb10 dna

Branny J.; Knycz M., 1983:
Transfection of brown leghorn embryo fibroblasts and duck embryo fibroblasts by means of dna isolated from rous sarcoma virus transformed cells

Yeh, P.; Oreglia, J.; Sicard, A.M., 1985:
Transfection of Corynebacterium lilium protoplasts

Yarosh, D.B.; Barnes, D.; Erickson, L.C., 1986:
Transfection of dna from a chloroethylnitrosourea resistant tumor cell line mer plus to a sensitive tumor cell line mer minus results in a tumor cell line resistant to n methyl n' nitro n nitrosoguanidine and 1 2 chloroethyl 1 nitrosourea that has increased o 6 methylguanine dna methyltransferase levels and reduced levels of dna interstrand crosslinking

Riggs, H.G.J. ; Rosenbaum, E.D., 1969:
Transfection of enz lysostaphin anti infect treated cells of staphylococcus aureus staphylococcal phages 53 44a

Benzinger, R.; Kleber, I., 1971:
Transfection of escherichia coli and salmonella typhimurium spheroplasts host controlled restriction of infective bacterio phage p 22 dna

Cohen, G.; Zimmer, Z., 1974:
Transfection of escherichia coli by bacterio phage p 1 dna

Kahmann, R.; Kamp, D.; Zipser, D., 1976:
Transfection of escherichia coli by phage mu dna

Benzinger, R.; Kleber, I.; Huskey, R., 1971:
Transfection of escherichia coli spheroplasts part 1 general facilitation of double stranded dna infectivity by protamine sulfate

Lawhorne, L.; Kleber, I.; Mitchell, C.; Benzinger, R., 1973:
Transfection of escherichia coli spheroplasts part 2 relative infectivity of native denatured and renatured lambda phage t 7 phage t 5 phage t 4 and phage p 22 bacterio phage dna

Henner, W.D.; Kleber, I.; Benzinger, R., 1973:
Transfection of escherichia coli spheroplasts part 3 facilitation of transfection and stabilization of spheroplasts by different basic polymers

Benzinger, R.; Scheible, P., 1974:
Transfection of escherichia coli spheroplasts part 4 transfection of rec plus and rec minus spheroplasts by native denatured renatured t 5 bacterio phage dna after repair of single strand breaks by poly nucleotide ligase

Benzinger, R.; Enquist, L.W.; Skalka, A., 1975:
Transfection of escherichia coli spheroplasts part 5 activity of recbc nuclease in rec plus and rec minus spheroplasts measured with different forms of bacterio phage dna

Benzinger, R.; Mccorquodale, D.J., 1975:
Transfection of escherichia coli spheroplasts part 6 transfection of nonpermissive spheroplasts by t 5 and bf 23 bacterio phage dna carrying amber mutations in dna transfer genes

Chernyavskii V.A.; Korzhenevskaya M.A.; Zerov Y.P.; Popov V.G., 1986:
Transfection of escherichia coli spheroplasts with phage dna encapsulated into liposomes

Goff, S.P.; Tabin, C.J.; Wang, J.Y.; Weinberg, R.; Baltimore, D., 1982:
Transfection of fibroblasts by cloned Abelson murine leukemia virus DNA and recovery of transmissible virus by recombination with helper virus

Parsons, C.L.; Cole, R.M., 1973:
Transfection of group H streptococci

Straus, S.E.; Wilson, T.; Raskas, H.J., 1981:
Transfection of KB cells by liposomes containing adenovirus type 2 DNA

Lachman H.M.; Cheng G.; Skoultchi A.I., 1986:
Transfection of mouse erythroleukemia cells with myc sequences changes the rate of induced commitment to differentiate

Pülm, W.; Knippers, R., 1985:
Transfection of mouse fibroblast cells with a promoterless herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase gene: number of integrated gene copies and structure of single and amplified gene sequences

Sodoyer, R.; Kahn-Perles, B.; Strachan, T.; Site, J.; Santoni, M.J.; Layet, C.; Ferrier, P.; Jordan, B.R.; Lemonnier, F.A., 1986:
Transfection of murine lmtk negative cells with purified hla class i genes vii. association of allele and locus specific serological reactivities with respectively the first and second domains of the hla b 7 molecule

Karnik S.S.; Gopinathan K.P., 1983:
Transfection of mycobacterium smegmatis sn 2 with mycobacterio phage 13 dna

Fountain J.W.; Lockwood W.K.; Collins F.S., 1988:
Transfection of primary human skin fibroblasts by electroporation

Sladek T.L.; Maniloff J., 1985:
Transfection of rep minus mycoplasmas with viral single stranded dna

Ehrlich, S.D.; Sgaramella, V.; Lederberg, J., 1976:
Transfection of restrictionless escherichia coli by bacterio phage t 7 dna effect of in vitro erosion of dna by phage lambda exo nuclease

Zhang J.; Chen S., 1984:
Transfection of rna from mu 2 rna phage

Sjostrom, J.E.; Lindberg, M.; Philipson, L., 1972:
Transfection of staphylococcus aureus with bacterio phage dna

Higuchi, M.; Rhee, G.H.; Araya, S.; Higuchi, M., 1977:
Transfection of streptococcus sanguis by phage dna isolated from streptococcus mutans

Burt, S.J.; Woods, D.R., 1977:
Transfection of the anaerobe bacteroides thetaiotaomicron with phage beta i dna

Meyers, G.; Helftenbein, E., 1988:
Transfection of the hypotrichous ciliate stylonychia lemnae with linear dna vectors

Sukhorukov B.I.; Nasirov N.G.; Shabarchina L.I., 1986:
Transfection study of the irreversible changes of phage dna upon its protonation in solution and inside the virion

Van-De-Putte, P.; Westmaas, G.C.; Wijffelman, C., 1977:
Transfection with phage mu dna

Flock, J.I., 1978:
Transfection with replicating dna from the temperate bacillus subtilis bacterio phage phi 105 and with phage t 4 ligase treated phage phi 105 dna the importance in transfection of being longer than genome length

Reyes, G.R.; Jeang, K.T.; Hayward, G.S., 1982:
Transfection with the isolated herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase genes 1. minimal size of the active fragments from herpes simplex virus 1 and herpes simplex virus 2

Morrison S.L., 1985:
Transfectomas provide novel chimeric antibodies

Smith, D.C.; Willis, W.H.J., 1988:
Transfemoral coronary arteriography via a prosthetic aortic bifurcation graft

Balko A.; Piasecki G.J.; Shah D.M.; Carney W.I.; Hopkins R.W.; Jackson B.T., 1986:
Transfemoral placement of intraluminal polyurethane prosthesis for abdominal aortic aneurysm

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Transfer and metabolism of citrate succinate alpha keto glutarate and pyruvate by hamster small intestine

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Transfer and nontransfer successive incentive contrast effects in the rat

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Transfer and re oxidation of reducing equivalents as the rate limiting steps in the oxidation of ethanol by liver cells isolated from fed and fasted rats

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Transfer cells and hartig net in the root epidermis of the sheathing mycorrhiza of pisonia grandis from seychelles

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Transfer cells and nematode induced giant cells in helianthemum

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Transfer cells in avicennia

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Transfer cells in roots of phaseolus coccineus ultrastructure and possible function in exclusion of sodium from the shoot

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Transfer cells in sporophytic axes of equisetum arvense ultrastructure and histo enzymology

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Transfer cells in suspensor and endosperm during early embryogeny of vigna sinensis

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Transfer cells in the placental pad and caryopsis coat of pappophorum subbulbosum poaceae

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Transfer cells in the root epidermis of atriplex hastata as a response to salinity a comparative cytological and x ray micro probe investigation

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Transfer cells in the roots of ornithogalum umbellatum

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Transfer cells in the sporophyte gametophyte junction of physcomitrium cyathicarpum

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Transfer cells in the vascular system of stems taxonomy association with nodes and structure

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Transfer cells plant cells with wall ingrowths specialized in relation to short distance transport of solutes their occurrence structure and development

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Transfer characteristics between electro myographic activity and muscle tension under isometric conditions in man

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Transfer characteristics of neurons in vestibular nuclei of the alert monkey

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"Transfer connections": specialized pathways for nutrient translocation in a red alga?

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Transfer defective mutants of sex factors in escherichia coli part 1 defective mutants and complementation analysis

Ohtsubo, E., 1970:
Transfer defective mutants of sex factors in escherichia coli part 2 deletion mutants of an f prime and deletion mapping of cistrons involved in genetic transfer

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Transfer dna ethylnitrosourea reaction incorporation of the carbonyl function of ethylnitrosourea into the pyrimidine nucleotide like fraction

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Transfer dosemeters for fast neutron sources

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Transfer effects in a problem solving context

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Transfer effects on volume production of pinus sylvestris l. a response surface model

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Transfer factor a new form for immuno therapy

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Transfer factor experimental data and its use in the clinic

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Transfer factor in vitro chromatography of components that enhance antigen induced lymphocyte proliferation

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Transfer from pavlovian appetite to instrumental appetitive conditioning signaling vs discrepancy interpretations

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Transfer from recency learning to corresponding 2 category classification learning

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Transfer from Rhizobium japonicum to Azotobacter vinelandii of genes required for nodulation

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Transfer from soil to plants of ruthenium 106 as nitrosyl and as chloride

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Transfer from tripsacum dactyloides to corn zea mays of a major gene locus conditioning resistance to puccinia sorghi

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Transfer function analysis in rotational panoramic radiography

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Transfer function matrix of the continuous cultivation system of morchella crassipes in ammonia base waste sulfite liquor

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Transfer function modeling of arteries

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Transfer function noise models in the analysis of sewage treatment process interrelations

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Transfer functions and learning curves

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Transfer functions obtained by the rule of corresponding fractional areas

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Transfer functions under no analog conditions experiments with indian ocean planktonic foraminifera

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Transfer hydrogenation a convenient method for removal of some commonly used protecting groups in peptide synthesis

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Transfer hydrogenation and transfer hydrogenolysis part 10 selective hydrogenation of methyl linoleate by indoline and iso propyl alcohol

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Transfer in bread wheat by androgenesis in vitro of crossability genes with hordeum bulbosum

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Transfer in vitro of 3 benzodiazepines across the human placenta

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Transfer maintenance and expression of p plasmids in strains of cowpea rhizobia

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Transfer mapping and cloning of pseudomonas syringae pathovar syringae plasmid pcg 131 and assessment of its role in virulence

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Transfer mechanism of melanosomes in epidermal cell culture

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Transfer mobilization of nonconjugative plasmid pap 57 hly by different conjugative plasmids

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Transfer, observation and analysis of frozen hydrated specimens

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Transfer of 2 3 7 8 tetra chloro di benzo p dioxin to the mouse embryo and fetus

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Transfer of 2 3 7 8 tetrachlorodibenzo p dioxin via placenta and milk and postnatal toxicity in the mouse

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Transfer of 2 4 5 2 4 5 hexa chloro bi phenyl and p p ddt from maternal to new born and suckling rats

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Transfer of 2 carbon units across the mitochondrial membrane direct recording of citrate acetate and acetoacetate production rates

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Transfer of 5 prime terminal cap of globin messenger rna to influenza viral complementary rna during transcription in vitro

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Transfer of 5 species and 2 subspecies of spirillum to other genera aquaspirillum and oceanospirillum with emended descriptions of the species and subspecies

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Transfer of a 4.3 kb fragment of the tl dna of agrobacterium rhizogenes strain a4 confers the pri transformed phenotype to regenerated tobacco plants

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Transfer of a chromosomal locus responsible for mucoid colony morphology in pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from cystic fibrosis patients to pseudomonas aeruginosa pao

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Transfer of a cytoplasmic factor by micro injection in verticillium

Kitamura K., 1985:
Transfer of a drug induced generalized rash in guinea pigs

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Transfer of a host range plasmid from rhizobium leguminosarum to fast growing bacteria that nodulate soybeans glycine max

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Transfer of a killer cytoplasmic determinant in yeast by cyto duction

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Transfer of a learned relational response in monkeys and children

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Transfer of a pyemotes giganticus egg parasite phoretic on western pine bark beetles to the southern pine beetle dendroctonus frontalis

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Transfer of a sex odor discrimination by rats

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Transfer of a smoothleaf allele from gossypium barbadense to gossypium hirsutum

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Transfer of a time signal isochronous with local time in translocation experiments to the geographical longitude

Matsumoto N.; Onozawa T., 1988:
Transfer of acridine orange from mother mice to pre implantation embryos and its effects on embryonic growth

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Transfer of actinoplanes armeniacus to streptomyces streptomyces armeniacus new combination

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Transfer of actinosporangium violaceum actinosporangium vitaminophilum and actinopycnidium caeruleum the genus streptomyces with amended descriptions of the species

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Transfer of active chlorine from chloramine to nitrogenous organic compounds. 2. Mechanism

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Transfer of active oncogenes and promoters into the mouse cell genome

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Transfer of acutely ill cardiac patients for definitive care. Demonstrated safety in 755 cases

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Transfer of additive minor effect genes for resistance to puccinia striiformis from triticum dicoccoides into triticum durum and triticum aestivum

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Transfer of adoptive immunity of hepatitis b patient leukocytes with hepatitis b surface antigen specific immune rna

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Transfer of agamma globulinemia in the chicken 2. characterization of target of suppression

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Transfer of aged plutonium to cattle grazing on a contaminated environment

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Transfer of alanine isomers by rat small intestine

Bonnett, H.T.; Eriksson, T., 1974:
Transfer of algal chloroplasts into protoplasts of higher plants

Gehring H., 1984:
Transfer of alpha carbon hydrogen of glutamate to coenzyme of aspartate aminotransferase during transamination reaction

Bashan Y.; Levanony H., 1987:
Transfer of alternaria macrospora from cotton seed to seedling light and scanning electron microscopy of colonization

Belot Y.; Caput C.; Gauthier D., 1982:
Transfer of americium from sea water to atmosphere by bubble bursting

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Transfer of amikacin resistance by closely related plasmids in members of the family Enterobacteriaceae isolated in Chile

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Transfer of amino acids across the in vitro perfused human placenta

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Transfer of an indigenous plasmid of Rhizobium loti to other rhizobia and Agrobacterium tumefaciens

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Transfer of anchorage independence by isolated metaphase chromosomes in hamster cells

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Transfer of anesthetics and alcohols into ionic surfactant micelles in relation to depression of krafft point and critical micelle concentration and interfacial action of anesthetics

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Transfer of antibiotic into the liver tissues of the infant with hepatic dysfunction

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Transfer of antibiotic resistance from Escherichia coli of human origin to Salmonella typhimurium in the intestinal tract of suckling rats

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Transfer of antibiotic resistance genes between yeast and mammalian cells under conditions favoring cell fusion

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Transfer of antibiotic resistances from Bacillus spp. to Staphylococcus aureus and Vibrio cholerae

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Transfer of antibodies directed to paternal major histocompatibility class I antigens from pregnant mice to the developing fetus

Shankar H.; Uppal P.K., 1981:
Transfer of antibodies through colostrum in calves born to foot and mouth disease vaccinated cows

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Transfer of antibody production with cells from bursa of Fabricius

Bhujwala, R.A.; Shriniwas; Dutta, S., 1984:
Transfer of antimicrobial resistance in Serratia marcescens

Gerber G.B.; Maes J.; Eykens B., 1982:
Transfer of antimony and arsenic to the developing organism

Nijssen J.G.; Oosting R.S.; Nykamp F.P.; Van Den Bosch H., 1986:
Transfer of arachidonate from phosphatidylcholine to phosphatidylethanolamine and triacylglycerol in guinea pig alveolar macrophages

Irvine R.F.; Dawson R.M.C., 1979:
Transfer of arachidonic acid between phospho lipids in rat liver microsomes

Rittenhouse-Simmons, S.; Russell, F.A.; Deykin, D., 1976:
Transfer of arachidonic acid to human platelet plasmalogen in response to thrombin

Olsen, F., 1980:
Transfer of arterial hypertension by splenic cells from deoxy cortico sterone acetate salt hypertensive and renal hypertensive rats to normotensive recipients

Collins M.D., 1987:
Transfer of arthrobacter variabilis muller to the genus corynebacterium as corynebacterium variabilis new combination

Yoon K.H.; Park S.H.; Pack M.Y., 1988:
Transfer of bacillus subtilis endo beta 1 4 glucanase gene into zymomonas anaerobia

Gonzalez J.M.Jr; Brown B.J.; Carlton B.C., 1982:
Transfer of bacillus thuringiensis plasmids coding for delta endo toxin among strains of bacillus thuringiensis and bacillus cereus

Ledoux L.; Diels L.; Thiry M.E.; Hooghe R.; Maluszynska Y.; Merckaert C.; Piron J.M.; Ryngaert A.M.; Remy J., 1985:
Transfer of bacterial and human genes to germinating arabidopsis thaliana

Khodadoust A.A.; Franklin R.M., 1979:
Transfer of bacterial infection by donor cornea in penetrating kerato plasty

Stackerbrandt E.; Hippe H., 1986:
Transfer of bacteroides amylophilus to ruminobacter new genus revived name as ruminobacter amylophilus new combination

Cato, E.P.; Salmon, C.W., 1976:
Transfer of bacteroides clostridiiformis ssp clostridiiformis and bacteroides clostridiiformis ssp girans to the genus clostridium as clostridium clostridiiforme new combination emendation of description and designation of neotype strain

Brisolla Diuana A.; Amorena C.; Malnic G., 1985:
Transfer of base across the basolateral membrane of cortical tubules of rat kidney

Roessler, E., 1978:
Transfer of behavior patterns by transplantation of anlagen of neuro anatomical structures in amphibian larvae part 2 xenoplastic exchange of medulla anlagen between xenopus laevis hymenochirus boettgeri and triturus vulgaris

Roessler, E., 1976:
Transfer of behavior patterns through transplantation of anlagen of neuro anatomical structures in amphibian larvae part 1 xenoplastic exchange of medulla anlagen between xenopus laevis and hymenochirus boettgeri

Van Petten, G.R.; Mears, G.J.; Mathison, H.J., 1978:
Transfer of beta blocking drugs from the amniotic fluid to the fetal and maternal circulation

Whitfill, C.E.; Akbar, W.J.; Gyles, N.R.; Thoma, J.A., 1986:
Transfer of blood lymphocytes and macrophages between histocompatible progressor and regressor chickens infected with Rous sarcoma virus

Grosheva A.G.; Gorskaya Y.F.; Fridenshtein A.Ya, 1981:
Transfer of bone marrow micro environment by stromal cells grown in cultures and transplanted in gelatin sponges

Westrom, D.R.; Nelson, B.C.; Connolly, G.E., 1976:
Transfer of bovicola tibialis mallophaga trichodectidae from the introduced fallow deer to the columbian black tailed deer in california usa

Collins M.D., 1987:
Transfer of brevibacterium ammoniagenes cooke and keith to the genus corynebacterium as corynebacterium ammoniagenes new combination

Parker, T.D.; Treichler, F.R., 1970:
Transfer of brightness discrimination training by normal and striate lesioned rats

Hamshaw Thomas A.; Rogerson N.; Reynolds F., 1984:
Transfer of bupivacaine lignocaine and pethidine across the rabbit placenta influence of maternal protein binding and fetal flow

Piret T.; Kooken G., 1980:
Transfer of cadmium and zinc in carrots daucus carota grown in polluted soil

Hardy J.T.; Sullivan M.F.; Crecelius E.A.; Apts C.W., 1984:
Transfer of cadmium in a phyto plankton oyster crassostrea virginica mouse food chain

Vreman K.; Van Der Veen N.G.; Van Der Molen E.J.; D.R.ig W.G., 1986:
Transfer of cadmium lead mercury and arsenic from feed into milk and various tissues of dairy cows chemical and pathological data

Van Der Veen N.G.; Vreman K., 1986:
Transfer of cadmium lead mercury and arsenic from feed into various organs and tissues of fattening lambs

Silveira A.M.S.; Friche A.A.D.L.; Rumjanek F.D., 1986:
Transfer of carbon 14 cholesterol and its metabolites between adult male and female worms of schistosoma mansoni

Damen J.; Regts J.; Scherphof G., 1982:
Transfer of carbon 14 labeled phosphatidyl choline between liposomes and human plasma high density lipo protein partial purification of a transfer stimulating plasma factor using a rapid transfer assay

Hetenyi, G.; Layberry, R.A.; Foster, D.M.; Berman, M., 1980:
Transfer of carbon atoms among circulating glucose, alanine, and lactate in pancreatectomized dogs

Edmond, J.; Popjak, G., 1974:
Transfer of carbon atoms from mevalonate to n fatty acids

Shoji Y.; Tsuda T., 1979:
Transfer of carbon from carbon 14 labeled volatile fatty acids to other metabolites in the rumen epithelial slices of cattle

Garnier D.; Meriel P.; Potocki B.; Salles M., 1981:
Transfer of carbon mon oxide after prolonged artificial ventilation 18 young people after their stay in the neuro surgery department

Yokota T.; Ohmori M., 1986:
Transfer of cefmenoxime into the renal cyst fluids

Teranishi, Y.; Tazaki, T.; Abe, T.; Honda, M.; Ohishi, A.; Endoh, Y.; Konno, O.; Usuba, A.; Inoue, H.; Shoji, M., 1986:
Transfer of cefmenoxime to lung tissue and thoracic muscle in thoracic surgery

Shimizu T.; Sengoku K., 1985:
Transfer of cefminox into tissues in obstetrics and gynecology

Yasumoto, R.; Asakawa, M.; Kobayakawa, H., 1988:
Transfer of cefoperazone into exudate from postoperative wound

Sugiyama, H.; Hatano, T.; Takayanagi, K.; Aoyama, H.; Goto, T., 1985:
Transfer of cefoperazone into human skin fluid

Sugiyama, H.; Hatano, T.; Takayanagi, K.; Aoyama, H.; Kikuchi, Y., 1986:
Transfer of cefotetan into exudates from excoriated skin wounds

Fujisawa, M.; Mizunaga, M.; Arima, S.; Tokunaka, S.; Inada, F.; Takamura, T.; Yachiku, S., 1985:
Transfer of ceftizoxime into serum and prostatic tissue

Ohtsuka K.; Miyagi T.; Yamashiro Y.; Endoh H., 1985:
Transfer of ceftizoxime to the renal tissues

Croft, S.; Edwards, J.M.; Basten, A.; Mckenzie, I.F.C., 1980:
Transfer of cell mediated immunity with cell free leukocyte extracts 1. comparison of in vitro and in vivo assays of cell mediated immune function

Croft, S.; Edwards, J.M.; Basten, A., 1980:
Transfer of cell mediated immunity with cell free leukocyte extracts 2. demonstration of antigen specific and nonspecific components

Basten, A.; Croft, S.; Parish, C.R.; Mckenzie, I.F.C., 1980:
Transfer of cell mediated immunity with cell free leukocyte extracts 3. demonstration of ia antigens in the specific component

Kirkpatrick C., 1979:
Transfer of cellular immunity with transfer factor

Houbrick R.S., 1987:
Transfer of cerithopsis crystallina dall to the genus varicopeza grundel family cerithiidae prosobranchia gastropoda

E.S.inawy R.M.K.; Abdelmalik W.E.Y., 1979:
Transfer of cesium 134 and cobalt 60 in experimental fresh water stream ecosystem models

Voshell J.R.Jr; Eldridge J.S.; Oakes T.W., 1985:
Transfer of cesium 137 and cobalt 60 in a waste retention pond with emphasis on aquatic insects

Emilija H.; Kljajic R.; Milosevic Z.; Saracevic L.; Mihalj A., 1984:
Transfer of cesium 137 through the ecological chain soil grass

Goodfellow M.; Williams S.T.; Alderson G., 1986:
Transfer of chainia species to the genus streptomyces with emended description of species

Bunzl K.; Kracke W.; Vorwohl G., 1988:
Transfer of chernobyl ussr derived cesium 134 cesium 137 iodine 131 and ruthenium 103 from flowers to honey and pollen

Orbach M.J.; Jackson E.N., 1982:
Transfer of chimeric plasmids among salmonella typhimurium strains by phage p 22 transduction

Dhar, V.; Searle, B.M.; Athwal, R.S., 1984:
Transfer of Chinese hamster chromosome 1 to mouse cells and regional assignment of 7 genes: a combination of gene transfer and microcell fusion

Chan, K.K.; Saucy, G., 1977:
Transfer of chirality in the 2 3 sigmatropic rearrangement of allylic alcohols to beta gamma unsaturated amides preparation of optically active 9 carbon and 14 carbon saturated isoprenoid synthons

Omann G.M.; Lakowicz J.R., 1981:
Transfer of chlorinated hydro carbon insecticides and poly chlorinated bi phenyls from particles to membranes studied by quenching of fluorescence

Villeneuve J.P.; Holm E.; Cattini C., 1985:
Transfer of chlorinated hydrocarbons in the food chain lichen to reindeer to man

Kido T.; Yamakura F.; Kimura T., 1981:
Transfer of cholesterol and hydroxy cholesterol derivatives from liposome to soluble cytochrome p 450s c c

Solecki, A.; Badzio, T.; Rogulski, J., 1976:
Transfer of cholesterol and lecithin between erythrocytes and serum in vitro

Nakagawa Y.; Inoue K.; Nojima S., 1979:
Transfer of cholesterol between liposomal membranes

Lange, Y.; Matthies, H.J., 1984 :
Transfer of cholesterol from its site of synthesis to the plasma membrane

Wallenburg, H.C.S.; Van-Kessel, P.H.; Brand, A., 1978:
Transfer of chromium 51 platelets and chromium 51 ions across the term rhesus monkey placenta

Yanenko, A.S.; Bekkarevich, A.O.; Akhverdyan, V.Z.; Krylov, V.N., 1986:
Transfer of chromosomal genes and formation of r' derivatives mediated by rp4 d 3112cts 15 plasmids in pseudomonas aeruginosa

Aronson, A.I.; Beckman, W., 1987:
Transfer of chromosomal genes and plasmids in Bacillus thuringiensis

Nilsson Tillgren T.; Petersen J.G.L.; Holmberg S.; Kielland Brandt M.C., 1980:
Transfer of chromosome iii during kar 1 mediated cytoduction in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Tanimura H.; Tominaga S.; Rai F.; Matsumoto H., 1986:
Transfer of ciproflaxacin to bile and determination of biliary metabolites in humans

Shimizu, Y.; Koller, B.; Geraghty, D.; Orr, H.; Shaw, S.; Kavathas, P.; DeMars, R., 1986:
Transfer of cloned human class I major histocompatibility complex genes into HLA mutant human lymphoblastoid cells

Oren A.; Pohla H.; Stackebrandt E., 1987:
Transfer of clostridium lortetii to sporohalobacter new genus as sporohalobacter lortetii new combination and description of sporohalobacter marismortui new species

Umezu T.; Ebihara H.; Minamisako Y.; Watanabe H., 1984:
Transfer of cobalt 60 from midwater squid to sperm whales physeter macrocephalus

Nakahara, M.; Cross, F.A., 1978:
Transfer of cobalt 60 from phyto plankton to the clam mercenaria mercenaria

Sawada, Y.; Kim, I.S., 1977:
Transfer of cobitis multifasciata to the genus niwaella cobitidae

Joksimovic P., 1982:
Transfer of colicinogenic factors among enterobacteria

Rabin, B.S.; Rogers, S.J., 1980:
Transfer of colon inflammatory disease from immune to normal guinea pigs by lymphocytes

Park, S.J.; Dhanvantari, B.N., 1987:
Transfer of common blight xanthomonas campestris pathovar phaseoli resistance from phaseolus coccineus lam. to phaseolus vulgaris l. through interspecific hybridization

Davis, A.E.Iii ; Arnaout, M.A.; Alper, C.A.; Rosen, F.S., 1977:
Transfer of complement c 3 nephritic factor from mother to fetus is complement c 3 nephritic factor immuno globulin g

Barnes, T.R.; Cassidy, E.M.; Ninfa, J.M.; Yago, M.M.; Barnes, M.J., 1978:
Transfer of compound and component solution modes

Sato, Y., 1978:
Transfer of concepts and grouping strategy in children

Devito P.L.; Fowler H., 1982:
Transfer of conditioned appetitive stimuli to conditioned aversive excitatory and inhibitory stimuli

Nieto J., 1984:
Transfer of conditioned inhibition across different aversive reinforcers in the rat

Sullivan L.G., 1981:
Transfer of conditioning with an exteroceptive reinforcer to a new environment

Smith E.B., 1983:
Transfer of coreopsis congregata compositae heliantheae to coreocarpus

Smith E.B., 1984:
Transfer of coreopsis insularis compositae heliantheae to coreocarpus

M.C.; Lin Z P.; Zhao Y J.; Liu H J., 1981:
Transfer of corn chloroplasts into protoplasts of carrot

Reddy C.A.; Cornell C.P.; Fraga A.M., 1982:
Transfer of corynebacterium pyogenes to the genus actinomyces as actinomyces pyogenes new combination

Wintenberger Torres S.; Popescu P.C., 1980:
Transfer of cow blastocysts after sexing

Albers P.H., 1980:
Transfer of crude oil from contaminated water to bird eggs

Stoppelli I.; Rainer E.; Huempel M., 1980:
Transfer of cyproterone acetate to the milk of lactating women

Poensgen, J.; Ullrich, V., 1980:
Transfer of cytochrome b 5 and nadph cytochrome c reductase ec between membranes

Menczel L.; Nagy F.; Lazar G.; Maliga P., 1983:
Transfer of cytoplasmic male sterility by selection for streptomycin resistance after protoplast fusion in nicotiana

Mathias R., 1985:
Transfer of cytoplasmic male sterility from brown mustard brassica juncea into rapeseed brassica napus

Ogura H.; Etoh T.; Johjima T., 1986:
Transfer of cytoplasmic male sterility from tetraploid radish raphanus sativus to raphanobrassica by means of successive backcrosses

Beversdorf W.D.; Weiss Lerman J.; Erickson L.R.; Machado V.S., 1980:
Transfer of cytoplasmically inherited triazine resistance from birds rape to cultivated oilseed rape brassica campestris and brassica napus cultivar tower

Linial, M., 1981:
Transfer of defective avian tumor virus genomes by a Rous sarcoma virus RNA packaging mutant

Kirkpatrick, C.H., 1978:
Transfer of delayed cutaneous hyper sensitivity with transfer factor

Kondoh Y.; Shimizu K., 1985:
Transfer of delayed type hypersensitivity to candida albicans or sporothrix schenckii and protection against experimental candidiasis with murine transfer factor

Curstedt T., 1982:
Transfer of deuterium atoms to molecular species of ether analogs of hepatic phosphatidyl cholines and phosphatidyl ethanolamines during metabolism of deuterated ethanol in rats

Cabe, P.A., 1976:
Transfer of discrimination from solid objects to pictures by pigeons a test of theoretical models of pictorial perception

Johnston, T.D., 1974:
Transfer of disease resistance from brassica campestris to rape brassica napus

Roessner C.A.; Struck D.K.; Ihler G.M., 1984:
Transfer of dna across membranes a model system using liposomes bearing bacterio phage lambda receptor protein

Gokhale D.V.; Soo Han E.; Srinivasan V.R.; Deobagker D.N., 1984:
Transfer of dna coding for cellulases from cellulomonas spp to bacillus subtilis by protoplast fusion

Sugisaki, Y.; Gunge, N.; Sakaguchi, K.; Yamasaki, M.; Tamura, G., 1985:
Transfer of DNA killer plasmids from Kluyveromyces lactis to Kluyveromyces fragilis and Candida pseudotropicalis

Gordon, H.W.; Carmon, A., 1976:
Transfer of dominance in speed of verbal response to visually presented stimuli from right to left hemisphere

Fitz Earle M.; Sakaguchi B.; Horio M.; Tsukamoto M., 1987:
Transfer of drosophila diptera drosophilidae sex ratio spiroplasmas into toxorhynchites splendens diptera culicidae evidence for transovarial transmission but absence of sex ratio distortion

Karlovska L.; Brzobohaty B.; Karlovsky P.; Reich J.; Koukalova B.; Bezdek M., 1987:
Transfer of drosophila melanogaster transposable genetic element mdg 4 into plant cells

Ely, B., 1979:
Transfer of drug resistance factors to the dimorphic bacterium Caulobacter crescentus

Dell P.A.; Rose F.D., 1987:
Transfer of effects from environmentally enriched and impoverished female rats to future offspring

Eisenberger R.; Carlson J.; Guile M.; Shapiro N., 1979:
Transfer of effort across behaviors

Carlson J.G.; Basilio C.A.; Heaukulan J.D., 1983:
Transfer of electro myographic training another look at the general relaxation issue

Raison R.J.; Khanna P.K.; Woods P.V., 1985:
Transfer of elements to the atmosphere during low intensity prescribed fires in three australian subalpine eucalypt forests

Goodfellow M.; Williams S.T.; Alderson G., 1986:
Transfer of elytrosporangium brasiliense elytrosporangium carpinense elytrosporangium spirale microellobosporia cinerea microellobosporia flavea microellobosporia grisea and microellobosporia violacea to the genus streptomyces with emended descriptions of the species

Petersen, R.C.; Karsh, R.; Monty, R.A., 1976:
Transfer of encoding strategies in short term memory

Laursen, L.C.; Borgå, O.; Ljungholm, K.; Weeke, B., 1988:
Transfer of enprofylline into breast milk

Hunt G.J.; Leonard D.R.P.; Lovett M.B., 1986:
Transfer of environmental plutonium and americium across the human gut

Wu, W.C.; Middleton, R.B.; Hsu, W.H., 1977:
Transfer of episome f prime lac plus and chromosomal trp plus genes from erwinia amylovora to salmonella typhimurium

Wallace G.D., 1987:
Transfer of eremotropa sciaphila to monotropastrum ericaceae monotropoideae

Hyder, S.L.; Streitfeld, M.M., 1978:
Transfer of erythromycin resistance from clinically isolated lysogenic strains of Streptococcus pyogenes via their endogenous phage

Lantos, J., 1977:
Transfer of erythromycin resistance in Staphylococcus aureus

Mellgren, R.L.; Haddad, N.; Dyck, D.G.; Eckert, E., 1976:
Transfer of escape conditioning to extinction of a food reinforced response

Watanabe, H.; Menzies, J.A., 1977:
Transfer of estrone glucuronide to the medium in an isolated rat liver perfusion system

Sutherland, W.H.; Nye, E.R., 1984:
Transfer of excess cholesterol from human red blood cells to plasma in vitro

Anton, J.A.; Loach, P.A.; Govindjee, 1978:
Transfer of excitation energy between porphyrin centers of a covalently linked dimer

Goh E.H., 1983:
Transfer of exogenous cholesterol to microsomes of hepatocytes investigated with tritium labeled desmosterol tracer

Davis, D.L.; Bush, L.P.; Grunwald, C.; Cornelius, P.L., 1977:
Transfer of exogenously applied and endogenous alkaloids and sterols from tobacco to its smoke condensate

Fainboim, L.; Sztein, M.B.; Serrate, S.; Mancini, R.E., 1978:
Transfer of experimental allergic orchitis with immune RNA studies in vivo

Romball, C.G.; Weigle, W.O., 1987:
Transfer of experimental autoimmune thyroiditis with T cell clones

Prokulevich, V.A.; Fomichev-Yu, K., 1978:
Transfer of f prime lac plasmid from escherichia coli k 12 to bacteria of the genus erwinia spp

Wu, W.C.; Fann, J.H.; Won, S.J.; Lin, L.Y.; Ju, S.H., 1984:
Transfer of f' lac plus plasmid from erwinia amylovora to salmonella typhimurium salmonella anatum and shigella flexneri

Davidson T.L.; Rescorla R.A., 1986:
Transfer of facilitation in the rat

Bettencourt A.J.; Lopes J.; Godinho I.L., 1979:
Transfer of factors for resistance to hemileia vastatrix from coffea arabica cultivar hibrido de timor to cultivar caturra vermelho

Vella, L.M.; Knott, C.; Reynolds, F., 1986:
Transfer of fentanyl across the rabbit placenta. Effect of umbilical flow and concurrent drug administration

Weeda W.C., 1979:
Transfer of fertility from sprinkler irrigated pasture under 2 cattle grazing systems

Simons M.D., 1985:
Transfer of field resistance to puccinia coronata from avena sterilis to cultivated oats avena sativa by backcrossing

Carson M.O.; Lillard H.S.; Hamdy M.K., 1987:
Transfer of firmly attached phosphorus 32 salmonella typhimurium from raw poultry skin to other surfaces

Strelling, M.K., 1976:
Transfer of folate to the fetus

Koh, B.; Izawa, Y.; Sugiyama, H.; Aoyama, H.; Komiya, I., 1986:
Transfer of fosfomycin into human burn blister fluid and its pharmacokinetic analysis

Kangas L.; Erkkola R.; Kanto J.; Eronen M., 1980:
Transfer of free and conjugated oxazepam across the human placenta

Fowler, J.D.; Miller, C.W.; Bowen, V.; Johnston, G.H., 1987:
Transfer of free vascular cutaneous flaps by microvascular anastomosis. Results in six dogs

Ferguson, B.; Rosenberg, M.; Krippl, B., 1986:
Transfer of functional adenovirus E1A transcription activator proteins into mammalian cells by protoplast fusion

Braun, J.P.; Tainturier, D.; Bezille, P.; Raviart, I.; Rico, A.G., 1984:
Transfer of gamma glutamyl transferase ec from mother colostrum to new born goat and foal

Nakamura, Y.; Sumiya, M.; Uchida, S.; Ohmomo, Y., 1986:
Transfer of gaseous iodine to rice plants

Nakamura, Y.; Ohmomo, Y., 1984:
Transfer of gaseous iodine to Tradescantia

Hunter C.N.; Turner G., 1988:
Transfer of genes coding for apoproteins of reaction center and light harvesting lh1 complexes to rhodobacter sphaeroides

Wagner, E.F.; Vanek, M.; Vennström, B., 1985:
Transfer of genes into embryonal carcinoma cells by retrovirus infection: efficient expression from an internal promoter

Klingmueller W.; Kleeberger A., 1981:
Transfer of genetic information for nitrogen fixation from escherichia coli to soil bacteria

Anker P.; Jachertz D.; Stroun M.; Broegger R.; Lederrey C.; Maurice P A., 1979:
Transfer of genetic information from t to b human lymphocytes in the course of an immune response to herpes simplex virus

Stuy, J.H., 1985:
Transfer of genetic information within a colony of Haemophilus influenzae

Atherton J.G., 1979:
Transfer of genome fragments in double infection of escherichia coli with phage t 5 and phi x 174 bacterio phages

Lacey, R.W.; Lord, V.L., 1980:
Transfer of gentamicin resistance between cultures of Staphylococcus aureus in nutrient broth, serum and urine

Naidoo, J.; Noble, W.C., 1978:
Transfer of gentamicin resistance between strains of Staphylococcus aureus on skin

Schramm M., 1979:
Transfer of glucagon receptor from liver membranes to a foreign adenylate cyclase by a membrane fusion procedure

Kyossev Z.; Ossikovski E., 1984:
Transfer of glucose from carbon 14 udp glucose to lipid linked oligosaccharides and proteins in microsomes of ascaridia galli

Ronin, C.; Caseti, C.; Bouchilloux, S., 1981:
Transfer of glucose in the biosynthesis of thyroid glyco proteins 1. inhibition of glucose transfer to oligo saccharide lipids by gdp mannose

Ronin, C.; Caseti, C., 1981:
Transfer of glucose in the biosynthesis of thyroid glyco proteins 2. possibility of a direct transfer of glucose from udp glucose to proteins

Johnson L.P.; Schlievert P.M.; Watson D.W., 1980:
Transfer of group a streptococcal pyrogenic exo toxin production to nontoxigenic strains by lysogenic conversion

Goldberg, J.I.; Lukowiak, K., 1983:
Transfer of habituation between stimulation sites of the siphon withdrawal reflex in Aplysia californica

Goldberg J.I.; Lukowiak K., 1984:
Transfer of habituation in aplysia californica contribution of heterosynaptic pathways in habituation of the gill withdrawal reflex

Goldberg J.; Lukowiak K., 1982:
Transfer of habituation shows an interaction between neuronal circuits of the gill withdrawal reflex in aplysia californica

Sugimoto, C.; Isayama, Y.; Sakazaki, R.; Kuramochi, S., 1983:
Transfer of haemophilus equigenitalis taylor et al. 1978 to the genus taylorella new genus as taylorella equigenitalis new combination

Pohl S.; Bertschinger H.U.; Frederiksen W.; Mannheim W., 1983:
Transfer of haemophilus pleuropneumoniae and the pasteurella haemolytica like organism causing porcine necrotic pleuro pneumonia to the genus actinobacillus actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae new combination on the basis of phenotypic and dna relatedness

Greenwood J.R.; Pickett M.J., 1980:
Transfer of haemophilus vaginalis to gardnerella vaginalis new genus new combination

Monchenko, V.I., 1978:
Transfer of halicyclops longispinosus to the genus colpocyclops crustacea copepoda and 1st description of its males

S.W.J.; Bourlioux P.; Bournaud M.; Besnier M.O.; Fourniat J., 1986:
Transfer of hamster cecal flora to the c 3h germ free mouse use of this model to study the flora of the anti clostridium difficile barrier

Theis, G.L., 1978:
Transfer of hatchery fish through a semi permanent irrigation pipe system

Latsinik L.V.; Sidorovich S.Yu; Lazorenko Manevich E.R., 1980:
Transfer of hemopoietic micro environment in heterotopic transplantation of isolated bone marrow cell suspension

Kahn C.R.; Gopalakrishnan T.V.; Weiss M.C., 1981:
Transfer of heritable properties by cell cybridization specificity and the role of selective pressure

Bailey J.; Knauf V.; Mueller W.; Hobson W., 1980 :
Transfer of hexa chloro benzene and poly chlorinated bi phenyls to nursing infant rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta enhanced toxicity

Ando M.; Hirano S.; Itoh Y., 1985:
Transfer of hexachlorobenzene from mother to newborn baby through placenta and milk

Kushnir U.; Halloran G.M., 1984:
Transfer of high kernel weight and high protein from wild tetra ploid wheat triticum turgidum dicoccoides to bread wheat triticum aestivum using homologous and homoeologous recombination

Wehrmann V.K.; Fehr W.R.; Cianzio S.R.; Cavins J.F., 1987:
Transfer of high seed protein to high yielding soybean cultivars

Urcuioli, P.J.; Nevin, J.A., 1975:
Transfer of hue matching in pigeons

Riglar, C.; Mackay, I.R.; Burns, G.F.; Dowling, J.P.; Millar, H.S., 1984:
Transfer of human nasal papilloma into nude mice

Lamont R.F.; Elder M.G., 1986:
Transfer of hydralazine across the placenta and into breast milk

Mleczko J.; Mulczyk M.; Jankowski S., 1983:
Transfer of hydrogen sulfide plasmid from escherichia coli to shigella

Thornburg, K.L.; Faber, J.J., 1977:
Transfer of hydrophilic molecules by placenta and yolk sac of the guinea pig

Ju, S.T.; Sato, S.; Nisonoff, A., 1977:
Transfer of idiotype suppression and idiotypes by leukocytes from ascitic fluids

Porac, C.; Coren, S., 1985:
Transfer of illusion decrement the effects of global vs. local figural variations

Cerni C.; Mougneau E.; Cuzin F., 1987:
Transfer of immortalizing oncogenes into rat fibroblasts induces both high rates of sister chromatid exchange and appearance of abnormal karyotypes

Heinen, E.; Braun, M.; Coulie, P.G.; Van Snick, J.; Moeremans, M.; Cormann, N.; Kinet-Denoël, C.; Simar, L.J., 1986:
Transfer of immune complexes from lymphocytes to follicular dendritic cells

L.P.C.; Lin F Q.; Zhao X F., 1984:
Transfer of immunity against candida albicans infection with immune rna

Sasaki, T.; Saito, H.; Inoue, M.; Hirata, R.; Tanaka, N., 1980:
Transfer of immunity against herpes simplex virus by immune spleen cells on experimental herpetic keratitis in mice

Palmas, C.; Wakelin, D.; Gabriele, F., 1984:
Transfer of immunity against Hymenolepis nana in mice with lymphoid cells or serum from infected donors

Mcgregor, D.D.; Crum, E.D.; Jungi, T.W.; Bell, R.G., 1978:
Transfer of immunity against listeria monocytogenes by thymus derived cells purified by a positive selection technique

Witkowska, D.; Mleczko, J.; Mulczyk, M., 1985:
Transfer of immunity by means of spleen cells from mice immunized with outer membrane proteins of Shigella flexneri

Marusic, M., 1978:
Transfer of immunity by transfer of bone marrow cells a requirement for thymus derived lymphocytes and sensitivity to cyclo phosphamide

Marusic, M., 1978:
Transfer of immunity by transfer of bone marrow cells thymus derived cell dependency

Ruebush M.J.; Hanson W.L., 1980:
Transfer of immunity to babesia microti of human origin using thymus derived lymphocytes in mice

Behnke, J.M.; Parish, H.A., 1981:
Transfer of immunity to Nematospiroides dubius: co-operation between lymphoid cells and antibodies in mediating worm expulsion

Smith, W.D.; Jackson, F.; Jackson, E.; Graham, R.; Williams, J.; Willadsen, S.M.; Fehilly, C.B., 1986:
Transfer of immunity to Ostertagia circumcincta and IgA memory between identical sheep by lymphocytes collected from gastric lymph

Barr, M.L.; Cabrera, J.; Silverman, P.H.; Heidrich, J.E., 1977:
Transfer of immunity to Plasmodium berghei by spleen and lymph node immune RNA

Hammarstrom L.; Lonnqvist B.; Ringden O.; Smith C.I.E.; Wiebe T., 1985:
Transfer of immunoglobulin a deficiency to a bone marrow grafted patient with aplastic anemia

Weber E.; Ingversen J.; Manteuffel R.; Puechel M., 1981:
Transfer of in vitro synthesized vicia faba globulins and barley hordeum vulgare prolamins across the endoplasmic reticulum membrane of vicia faba

Guimaraes W.V.; Borges A.C.; Silva D.O.; Cassini S.T.A., 1981:
Transfer of inc p 1 drug resistance plasmids from escherichia coli to rhizobium japonicum

Nesvera J.; Hochmannova J.; Holubova I.; Cejka K., 1987:
Transfer of inc w plasmids into methylotrophic bacteria by conjugation and mobilization

Reed, N.D.; Sieckmann, D.G.; Georgi, C.E., 1969:
Transfer of infectious drug resistance in microbially defined mice

Galef B.G.Jr; Wigmore S.W., 1983:
Transfer of information concerning distant foods a laboratory investigation of the information center hypothesis

Galef B.G.Jr; Kennett D.J.; Wigmore S.W., 1984:
Transfer of information concerning distant foods in rats a robust phenomenon

Holland P.C.; Lamarre J., 1984:
Transfer of inhibition after serial and simultaneous feature negative discrimination training

Lamarre J.; Holland P.C., 1987:
Transfer of inhibition after serial feature negative discrimination training

Fishwick F.B.; Rutter I., 1982:
Transfer of insecticide residues to food stored on or near plywood impregnated with organo chlorine insecticides

Smeets P.M.; Striefel S., 1980:
Transfer of instructional control from loud tone to normal tone in profoundly retarded adolescents

O'kelly C.J., 1983:
Transfer of internoretia fryeana from the chaetophoraceae chlorophyta to the ectocarpaceae phaeophyta

Kallio A.; Nikula P.; Janne J., 1984:
Transfer of intestine derived diamines into tumor cells during treatment of ehrlich ascites carcinoma bearing mice with poly amine anti metabolites

Shinebaum, R.; Shaw, E.J.; Bettelheim, K.A.; Dickerson, A.G., 1977:
Transfer of invertase production from a wild strain of Escherichia coli

Goh, Y.K.; Clandinin, D.R., 1977:
Transfer of iodine 125 to eggs in hens fed on diets containing high glucosinolate and low glucosinolate rapeseed meals

Takagi H.; Kimura T.; Kobayashi H.; Iwashima K.; Yamagata N., 1985:
Transfer of iodine from paddy soil to rice grain

Yamaguchi S.; Oota T.; Aso S.; Sumiya M.; Uchida S.; Ohmomo Y., 1986:
Transfer of iodine to rice plant

Kharkats, Y.I.; Volkov, A.G.; Boguslavsky, L.I., 1977:
Transfer of ions and electrons across the interface between 2 immiscible liquids in functioning enzyme membrane systems

Yoo, Y.B.; You, C.H.; Shin, P.G.; Park, Y.H.; Chang, K.Y., 1987:
Transfer of isolated nuclei from pleurotus florida into protoplasts of pleurotus ostreatus

Gill R.S.; Multani D.S.; Dhaliwal H.S., 1986:
Transfer of isoproturon resistance from triticum monococcum to triticum durum

Burger D.R.; Klesius P.H.; Vandenbark A.A.; Vetto R.M.; Swann A.I., 1979:
Transfer of keyhole limpet hemo cyanin dermal reactivity to man with bovine transfer factor

Goodfellow M.; Williams S.T.; Alderson G., 1986:
Transfer of kitasatoa purpurea to the genus streptomyces as streptomyces purpureus new combination

Amagasa T.; Yoshida S., 1979:
Transfer of label from aspartate to malate by the cell free extract of sedum mexicanum leaves

Rey M.E.C.; Garnett H.M., 1985:
Transfer of label from tritiated glucose in digitaria eriantha leaves to the rust fungus puccinia digitariae

Perduca M.; Romero E.; Turano A., 1979:
Transfer of lac positive character in klebsiella sp

Hofer F., 1985:
Transfer of lactose fermenting ability in lactobacillus lactis

Aoyama, H.; Sugiyama, H.; Suzuki, I.; Nishizaki, A.; Izawa, Y.; Oguma, T.; Yamada, H., 1985:
Transfer of latamoxef into human burn blister fluid and its pharmacokinetic analysis

Itoh Y.; Sasaki T.; Ishiguro T.; Uchinishi K.; Yabe Y.; Fukuda H., 1987:
Transfer of latissimus dorsi to replace a paralyzed anterior deltoid a new technique using an inverted pedicled graft

Dvorak, J., 1977:
Transfer of leaf rust resistance from aegilops speltoides to triticum aestivum

Valkoun J.; Kucerova D.; Bartos P., 1986:
Transfer of leaf rust resistance from triticum monococcum to hexaploid wheat triticum aestivum

Tomar S.M.S.; Joshi B.C.; Kochumadhavan M.; Shrivastava K.D., 1988:
Transfer of leaf rust resistance into bread wheat from triticum timopheevi zhuk

Domagk, G.F.; Alexander, W.R.; Heermann, K.H., 1976:
Transfer of learned tactile discrimination in octopus vulgaris by means of brain extracts negative results

Hall, G.; Pearce, J.M., 1978:
Transfer of learning across reinforcers appetitive discrimination learning between stimuli previously associated with shock

Borkowski J.G.; Varnhagen C.K., 1984:
Transfer of learning strategies contrast of self instructional and traditional training formats with educable mentally retarded children

Rocourt J.; Wehmeyer U.; Stackebrandt E., 1987:
Transfer of listeria denitrificans to jonesia new genus as jonesia denitrificans new combination

Kanto J.; Aaltonen L.; Liukko P.; Maenpaa K., 1980:
Transfer of lorazepam and its conjugate across the human placenta

Botin A.S.; Morozov V.N., 1987:
Transfer of low molecular weight compounds in protein crystals and films

Tseng J., 1981:
Transfer of lymphocytes of peyers patches between immuno globulin allotype congenic mice re population of the immuno globulin a plasma cells in the gut lamina propria

Zhang K.; Liu G.; Kong F., 1982:
Transfer of male fertility restorer genes without gametic fusion and expression in the progeny of sorghum

Boucher, L.; Huignard, J., 1987:
Transfer of male secretions from the spermatophore to the female insect in caryedon serratus ol. analysis of the possible trophic role of these secretions

Rosso, G.C.; Masushige, S.; Quill, H.; Wolf, G., 1977:
Transfer of mannose from mannosyl retinyl phosphate to protein

San-Jose, J.J.; Berrade, F., 1983:
Transfer of mass and energy in a cassava community manihot esculenta cultivar cubana 2. carbon di oxide exchange in a savanna climate

San-Jose, J.J.; Berrade, F., 1983:
Transfer of mass and energy in a cassava manihot esculenta cultivar cubana community 1. micro climate and water vapor exchange in a savanna climate

Despres G.; Rigaudiere N.; Delost P., 1984:
Transfer of maternal testosterone to the guinea pig fetus during the last trimester of pregnancy

Sato, H.; Albrecht, P.; Reynolds, D.W.; Stagno, S.; Ennis, F.A., 1979:
Transfer of measles, mumps, and rubella antibodies from mother to infant. Its effect on measles, mumps, and rubella immunization

Peacock, E.E.Jr ; Madden, J.W.; Trier, W.C., 1969:
Transfer of median and ulnar nerves during early treatment of fore arm ischemia

Kouris K.; Abdel Dayem H.M., 1988:
Transfer of medical technology from a developed to a developing country

Topol B.M.; Haimes H.B.; Dubertret L.; Bell E., 1986:
Transfer of melanosomes in a skin equivalent model in vitro

Ponzio, N.M.; Chapman-Alexander, J.M.; Thorbecke, G.J., 1977:
Transfer of memory cells into antigen pre treated hosts part 1 functional detection of migration sites for antigen specific bone marrow derived cells

Domaradskii I.V.; Kurnosova L.M.; Yudina E.G.; Kruglova A.A., 1981:
Transfer of mercury resistance markers from new pseudomonas aeruginosa plasmids to escherichia coli

Berk S.G.; Colwell R.R., 1981:
Transfer of mercury through a marine microbial food web

Scarpulla, R.C.; Deutch, C.E.; Soffer, R.L., 1976:
Transfer of methionyl residues by leucylphenylalanyl transfer rna protein transferase ec

Jakobsson A H.; Dahllof B.; Martinsson T.; Levan G., 1983 :
Transfer of methotrexate resistance by somatic cell hybridization

Ribeyre F.; Boudou A.; Delarche A., 1980:
Transfer of methyl mercury in an experimental fresh water trophic chain temperature effects

Tegelstrom H., 1987:
Transfer of mitochondrial dna from the northern red backed vole clethrionomys rutilus to the bank vole clethrionomys glareolus

Pinsonneault C.; Bouchard L.; Bastin M., 1988:
Transfer of mlt mutations into polyomavirus intronless genomes by intramolecular recombination in bacteria

Guiet-Bara, A.; Bara, M., 1979:
Transfer of monovalent cations across the isolated human amniotic membrane

Henriksen, S.D.; Bovre, K., 1976:
Transfer of moraxella kingae to the genus kingella new genus in the family neisseriaceae

Bankhurst, A.D.; Anderson, R.E.; Cram, L.S.; Horan, P.H.; Warner, N.L., 1978:
Transfer of mouse immuno globulin g 2 production by immuno globulin m bearing spleen cells separated by a fluorescence activated cell sorter

Mancini, C.; Behme, R.J., 1977:
Transfer of multiple antibiotic resistance from Bacteroides fragilis to Escherichia coli

Alendal E., 1980:
Transfer of musk oxen from east greenland to europe and america during the years 1899 1969

Lam, K.M.; Linna, T.J., 1979:
Transfer of natural resistance to mareks disease jmv line with nonimmune spleen cells 1. studies of cell population transferring resistance

Lam, K.M.; Linna, T.J., 1980:
Transfer of natural resistance to mareks disease with nonimmune spleen cells 2. further characterization of protecting cell population

Wickham D.E.; Roe P.; Kuris A.M., 1984:
Transfer of nemertean egg predators during host molting and copulation

Haddad J.; Muhlmann M.; Messer J.; Willard D., 1987:
Transfer of neonates experience of a neonatology unit

Fritsch P.; Beauvallet M.; Jouniaux B.; Metivier H.; Masse R., 1986:
Transfer of neptunium v nitrate from gastrointestinal segments of the adult rat

Yoshino, G.; Steiner, G., 1987:
Transfer of newly made triglyceride from hepatocytes to preexisting extracellular very low density lipoproteins

Lasek, R.J.; Gainer, H.; Przybylski, R.J., 1974:
Transfer of newly synthesized proteins from schwann cells to the squid giant axon

Singh, R.K.; Singh, R.K.; Singh, B.D., 1983:
Transfer of nitrate reductase genes of the cyanobacterium Nostoc muscorum into Rhizobium japonicum

Lloyd J.B.F., 1983:
Transfer of nitro glycerin from cardio vascular tablets to hands

Paerl H.W., 1984:
Transfer of nitrogen and carbon dioxide fixation products from anabaena oscillarioides to associated bacteria during inorganic carbon sufficiency and deficiency

Yoneyama T.; Arai K.; Totsuka T., 1980:
Transfer of nitrogen and carbon from a mature sunflower helianthus annuus cultivar russian mammoth and carbon 13 di oxide

Skotnicki, M.L.; Rolfe, B.G., 1978:
Transfer of nitrogen fixation genes from a bacterium with the characteristics of both rhizobium trifolii and agrobacterium tumefaciens

Lehtinen, H.; Mäntsälä, P., 1981:
Transfer of nitrogen fixation genes into Pseudomonas putida isolated from Finnish tundra soil

Simpson, J.R., 1976:
Transfer of nitrogen from 3 pasture legumes under periodic defoliation in a field environment

Moll, W.; Kastendieck, E., 1977:
Transfer of nitrous oxide carbon mon oxide and tritiated water in the artificially perfused guinea pig placenta

Labeda D.P., 1986:
Transfer of nocardia aerocolonigenes into the genus saccharothrix as saccharothrix aerocolonigenes new species

Kowalczuk, E.; Skorupska, A.; Lorkiewicz, Z., 1981:
Transfer of nodulation ability in rhizobium using r 68.45 derived plasmids

Rechthand, E.; Smith, Q.R.; Rapoport, S.I., 1987:
Transfer of nonelectrolytes from blood into peripheral nerve endoneurium

Romero, P.A.; Herscovics, A., 1986:
Transfer of nonglucosylated oligosaccharide from lipid to protein in a mammalian cell

Goff L.J.; Coleman A.W., 1984:
Transfer of nuclei from a parasite to its host

Urcuioli, P.J., 1977 :
Transfer of oddity from sample performance in pigeons

Pisacreta R.; Lefave P.; Lesneski T.; Potter C., 1985:
Transfer of oddity learning in the pigeon

Aoyama, H.; Sugiyama, H.; Ishii, T.; Kawauchi, T.; Kasuya, T.; Nishizaki, A.; Okuda, J., 1987:
Transfer of ofloxacin into suction blister fluid after its oral administration

Houston J.P., 1982:
Transfer of old associations to new problems

Hamilton J.A.; Cistola D.P., 1986:
Transfer of oleic acid between albumin and phospholipid vesicles

Aber M.; Fer A.; Salle G., 1983:
Transfer of organic substances from the host plant vicia faba to the parasite orobanche crenata

Ceschini P.; Chauchaix R., 1980:
Transfer of organo chlorine pesticide residues into cigarette smoke as a function of tobacco blends and filter types

Vreman K.; Poortvliet L.J.; Van Den Hoek J., 1980:
Transfer of organo chlorine pesticides from feed into the milk and body fat of cows long term experiment with intake at low levels

Addison R.F.; Brodie P.F., 1987:
Transfer of organochlorine residues from blubber through the circulatory system to milk in the lactating gray seal halichoerus grypus

Nair P.; Jani K.; Sanderson P.J., 1986:
Transfer of oropharyngeal bacteria into the trachea during endotracheal intubation

Spaan, J.A.E., 1973:
Transfer of oxygen into hemo globin solution

Wahlberg J.E., 1979:
Transfer of p phenylenediamine delayed type hyper sensitivity a comparative investigation in the guinea pig using arterio venous cross transfusion and parabiosis

Kahn-Edrington, M.; Merryman, C.; Helm, S.; Okowita, G., 1978:
Transfer of paired associates as a function of stimulus meaningfulness

Mutters R.; Pohl S.; Mannheim W., 1986:
Transfer of pasteurella ureae to the genus actinobacillus actinobacillus ureae new combination

Cain D.P., 1981:
Transfer of pentylene tetrazole sensitization to amygdaloid kindling

Ezaki T.; Yabuuchi E., 1986:
Transfer of peptococcus heliotrinreducens corrigendum to the genus peptostreptococcus peptostreptococcus heliotrinreducens new combination

Ezaki T.; Yamamoto N.; Ninomiya K.; Suzuki S.; Yabuuchi E., 1983:
Transfer of peptococcus indolicus peptococcus asaccharolyticus peptococcus prevotii and peptococcus magnus to the genus peptostreptococcus and proposal of peptostreptococcus tetradius new species

Cato E.P., 1983:
Transfer of peptostreptococcus parvulus to the genus streptococcus streptococcus parvulus new combination revived name

Mcculler, T.; Wong, P.T.P.; Amsel, A., 1976:
Transfer of persistence from fixed ratio bar press training to runway extinction

Eisenberger R.; Carlson J.; Frank M., 1979 :
Transfer of persistence to the acquisition of a new behavior

Baranska J.; Wojtczak L., 1984:
Transfer of phosphatidic acid between microsomal and mitochondrial outer and inner membranes

Guerbette F.; Douady D.; Grosbois M.; Kader J C., 1981:
Transfer of phosphatidyl choline between liposomes mediated by phospho lipid transfer proteins use of concanavalin a for the separation of liposomes

Eggens I.; Valtersson C.; Dallner G.; Ernster L., 1979:
Transfer of phospho lipids between the endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria in rat hepatocytes in vivo

Griffiths D.J.; Thinh L V., 1983:
Transfer of photosynthetically fixed carbon between the prokaryotic green alga prochloron and its ascidian host

Hooper R.G.; South G.R.; Nielsen R., 1987:
Transfer of pilinia kuetzing from chlorophyceae with waerniella kylin in synonymy

Takase, Z., 1984:
Transfer of piperacillin to various uterine tissues. Piperacillin study group for application in the field of obstetrics and gynecology

Vijgenboom E.; Bosch L., 1987:
Transfer of plasmid borne tuf mutations to the chromosome as a genetic tool for studying the functioning of ef tu a and ef tu b in the escherichia coli cell

Zaharieva S.; Valerianov T., 1980:
Transfer of plasmid determined antibiotic resistance in streptococci of the a b c and g groups

Wetzel A.; Neve H.; Geis A.; Teuber M., 1986:
Transfer of plasmid mediated phage resistance in lactic acid streptococci

Van Elsas J.D.; Govaert J.M.; Van Veen J.A., 1987:
Transfer of plasmid p ft 30 between bacilli in soil as influenced by bacterial population dynamics and soil conditions

Kordyum V.A.; Kozyrovskaya N.A.; Gvozdyak R.I.; Muras V.A., 1980:
Transfer of plasmid rp 41 markers into xanthomonas beticola

Holubová, I.; Cejka, K.; Kobec, N.S.; Hubácek, J., 1987:
Transfer of plasmids from Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa to methylotrophic bacteria and their detection in the new hosts

Tardif, G.; Grant, R.B., 1983:
Transfer of plasmids from Escherichia coli to Pseudomonas aeruginosa: characterization of a Pseudomonas aeruginosa mutant with enhanced recipient ability for enterobacterial plasmids

Mclaughlin, W.; Ahmad, M.H., 1986:
Transfer of plasmids rp 4 and r 68.45 and chromosomal mobilization in cowpea rhizobia

Teocchi P., 1984:
Transfer of poimenesperus tragonoides to the genus tragon and some notes concerning the latter coleoptera cerambycidae lamiinae

Hori S.; Kashimoto T.; Kunita N., 1981:
Transfer of poly chlorinated bi phenyl poly chlorinated tri phenyl and poly chlorinated quater phenyl from the mother to litters through the milk or placenta and their distribution in the mothers body in rats and mice

Masuda, Y.; Kagawa, R.; Kuroki, H.; Kuratsune, M.; Yoshimura, T.; Taki, I.; Kusuda, M.; Yamashita, F.; Hayashi, M., 1978:
Transfer of poly chlorinated bi phenyls from mothers to fetuses and infants

Kodama H.; Ota H., 1980:
Transfer of poly chlorinated bi phenyls to infants from their mothers

Masuda, Y.; Kagawa, R.; Tokudome, S.; Kuratsune, M., 1978:
Transfer of poly chlorinated bi phenyls to the fetuses and offspring of mice

Nagayama J.; Tokudome S.; Kuratsune M.; Masuda Y., 1980:
Transfer of poly chlorinated di benzo furans to the fetuses and offspring of mice

West, C.E.; Horton, B.J., 1976:
Transfer of poly cyclic hydro carbons from diet to milk in rats rabbits and sheep

Wilkins P.W., 1987:
Transfer of polygenic resistance to ryegrass mosaic virus from perennial to italian ryegrass by backcrossing

Sen M.; Balganesh T.S.; Dastidar S.G.; Chakrabarty A.N., 1980:
Transfer of polymyxin resistance from bacillus polymyxa transformation of gram positive and gram negative bacteria

Jan C.C.; Chandler J.M., 1985:
Transfer of powdery mildew erysiphe cichoracearum resistance from helianthus debilis to cultivated sunflower helianthus annuus

Pope, C.E.; Day, B.N., 1977:
Transfer of pre implantation pig embryos following in vitro culture for 24 or 48 hours

Erkkola, R.; Lammintausta, R.; Liukko, P.; Anttila, M., 1982:
Transfer of propranolol and sotalol across the human placenta. Their effect on maternal and fetal plasma renin activity

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