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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6826

Chapter 6826 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Scheele, G.; Dobberstein, B.; Blobel, G., 1978: Transfer of proteins across membranes biosynthesis in vitro of pre trypsinogen and trypsinogen by cell fractions of canine pancreas

Yeoman L.C., 1988: Transfer of proteins from acrylamide gels to nitrocellulose paper after silver stain detection

Stark G.R., 1979: Transfer of proteins from gels to di azo benzyloxymethyl paper and detection with anti sera a method for studying antibody specificity and antigen structure

Bottino P.J., 1987: Transfer of proteins from plastic backed isoelectric focusing gels to nitrocellulose paper

Ozernyuk, N. D.; Kotomin, A. V., 1978: Transfer of proteins synthesized in the cytoplasm into mitochondria and stimulation of mitochondrial protein synthesis by microsomal fraction/

Raynis S.A., 1982: Transfer of prototypes based on visual tactual and kinesthetic exemplars

Zumft W.G., 1987: Transfer of pseudomonas perfectomarina baumann bowditch baumann and beaman 1983 to pseudomonas stutzeri lehmann and neumann 1896 sijderius 1946

Kroppenstedt R.M., 1987: Transfer of pseudonocardia azurea and pseudonocardia fastidiosa to the genus amycolatopsis with emended species description

Wigler, M.; Silverstein, S.; Lee, L. S.; Pellicer, A.; Cheng, Y. C.; Axel, R., 1977: Transfer of purified herpesvirus thymidine kinase gene to cultured mouse cells

Boliska S.A., 1987: Transfer of purine metabolites between cells through the medium and via cell contacts in cocultures of hgprt positive and hgprt negative cells

Ichihara A., 1979: Transfer of purines from liver to erythrocytes in vivo and in vitro studies

Schmale, H.; Farnung, K.; Fehr, S.; Richter, D., 1977: Transfer of pyro phosphate from atp and its insertion into the 3 prime position of guanosine nucleotides by a stringent factor associated with the particulate fraction from escherichia coli

Harris G.H., 1987: Transfer of pyrrolizidine and quinolizidine alkaloids to castilleja scrophulariaceae hemiparasites from composite and legume host plants

Houbrick R.S., 1986: Transfer of quadrasia from the planaxidae to the buccinidae mollusca gastropoda prosobranchia

Rychtarik J., 1986: Transfer of qualitative characters of the kosutka winter wheat cultivar onto descendants

Kowalczuk, E.; Lorkiewicz, Z., 1977: Transfer of r 1drd 19 plasmid from escherichia coli j 53 to rhizobium trifolii by conjugation

Smith, M. G., 1977: Transfer of r factors from escherichia coli to salmonellas in the rumen of sheep

Kuykendall L.D., 1979: Transfer of r factors to and between genetically marked sublines of rhizobium japonicum

Dastidar S.G., 1981: Transfer of r plasmid from staphylococcus aureus to escherichia coli and vibrio cholerae

Kondrat'eva E.N., 1988: Transfer of r plasmids into the phototrophic bacterium ectothiorhodospira shaposhnikovii

Rakitin L.Yu, 1982: Transfer of r plasmids prd 1 and rp 4 in azospirillum brasilense strains and their effect on nitrogenase activity of the cells

Shen Z., 1982: Transfer of radiation induced spins from dna and thymidylic acid to propyl gallate

Montelaro, R. C.; Herman, A. C.; Bolognesi, D. P., 1977: Transfer of radio iodine from iodinated oncornavirus proteins to unlabeled protein carrier during routine procedures for peptide mapping

Inanba Y., 1983: Transfer of radio isotope from cerebro spinal fluid to nasal secretion

Hall B.K., 1980: Transfer of radioactive carbon within the copepod temora longicornis

Sakiyama H., 1980: Transfer of radioactive materials from radioactively labeled conditioned medium to fixed cells

Ogston C.W., 1981: Transfer of radioactive tracer by the bed bug cimex hemipterus hemiptera heteroptera cimicidae a model for mechanical transmission of hepatitis b virus

Seawright J.A., 1983: Transfer of radioactivity to individual eggs by female aedes aegypti treated as larvae with phosphorus 32

Kamada H., 1984: Transfer of radionuclides through soil plant pathway

Ohmomo Y., 1987: Transfer of radionuclides to crop plants through roots radiocesium and strontium

Ohmomo Y., 1988: Transfer of radionuclides to crop plants through roots radiocobalt manganese and zinc

Ohmomo Y., 1987: Transfer of radionuclides to crop plants through roots radioiodine

Quinn J.M., 1983: Transfer of radium 226 lead 210 and uranium from soil to garden produce assessment of risk

Payne R.B., 1981: Transfer of reactive inhibition as a function of prior training on the inhibitory task

Kowalczykowski S.C., 1987: Transfer of rec a protein from one polynucleotide to another effect of atp and determination of the processivity of atp hydrolysis during transfer

Kowalczykowski S.C., 1987: Transfer of rec a protein from one polynucleotide to another kinetic evidence for a ternary intermediate during the transfer reaction

Springhorn S.S., 1984: Transfer of recombinant plasmids containing the gene for dpn ii dna methylase into strains of streptococcus pneumoniae that produce dpn i or dpn ii restriction endo nucleases

Knodel, E. L.; Doeg, K. A., 1977: Transfer of reducing equivalents in the rat poly cystic ovary

Phang J.M., 1983: Transfer of reducing equivalents into mitochondria by the inter conversions of proline and delta 1 pyrroline 5 carboxylate

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825040

Boakes R.A., 1985: Transfer of relational rules in matching and oddity learning by pigeons and corvids

Dixon F.J., 1984: Transfer of reno vascular hypertension and coronary heart disease by lymphoid cells from systemic lupus erythematosus prone mice

Carter R.L., 1980: Transfer of resistance against a transplantable balb c lymphoma

Tarasenko A.B., 1981: Transfer of resistance against ixodoidea to vertebrates with serum and lymphocytes obtained from immune animals

Schaberg D.R., 1983: Transfer of resistance plasmids from staphylococcus epidermidis to staphylococcus aureus evidence for conjugative exchange of resistance

De Jong J.H., 1983: Transfer of resistance to beet cyst nematode from beta patellaris to sugar beet beta vulgaris

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825047

Iwanaga M., 1988: Transfer of resistance to plrv titer buildup from solanum etuberosum to a tuber bearing solanum gene pool

Helgeson J.P., 1985: Transfer of resistance to potato leaf roll virus from solanum brevidens into solanum tuberosum by somatic fusion

Nomoto K., 1987: Transfer of resistance to primary infection of listeria monocytogenes and early induction of delayed hypersensitivity by sera from listeria monocytogenes infected mice

Wienhues A., 1979: Transfer of resistance to puccinia striiformis from agropyron intermedium into wheat

Chiang, M. S.; Chiang, B. Y.; Grant, W. F., 1979: Transfer of resistance to race 2 of plasmodiophora brassicae from brassica napus to cabbage brassica oleracea ssp capitata 3. 1st backcross and f 2 progenies from interspecific hybrids between brassica napus and brassica oleracea ssp capitata

Chiang, B. Y.; Chiang, M. S.; Grant, W. F.; Crete, R., 1980: Transfer of resistance to race 2 of plasmodiophora brassicae from brassica napus to cabbage brassica oleracea ssp capitata 4. a resistant 18 chromosome b 1 plant and its b 2 progenies

Chiang, M. S.; Crete, R., 1983: Transfer of resistance to race 2 of plasmodiophora brassicae from brassica napus to cabbage brassica oleracea ssp capitata 5. the inheritance of resistance

Chiang, M. S.; Chiang, B. Y.; Grant, W. F., 1977: Transfer of resistance to race 2 of plasmodiophora brassicae from brassica napus to cabbage brassica oleracea var capitata part 1 interspecific hybridization between brassica napus and brassica oleracea var capitata

Chiang, B. Y.; Grant, W. F.; Chiang, M. S., 1978: Transfer of resistance to race 2 of plasmodiophora brassicae from brassica napus to cabbage brassica oleracea var capitata part 2 meiosis in the interspecific hybrids between brassica napus and 2x and 4x cabbage

Pavia C.S., 1986: Transfer of resistance to syphilitic infection from maternal to newborn guinea pigs

Nerkar, Y. S.; Jambhale, N. D., 1985: Transfer of resistance to yellow vein mosaic from related species into okra abelmoschus esculentus l. moench

Chan J.K., 1982: Transfer of resistance with syphilitic immune cells lack of correlation with mitogenic activity

Pearce J.M., 1988: Transfer of responding during serial conditioning in the rat

Foerster, J.; Green, I.; Lamelin, J. P.; Benacerraf, B., 1969: Transfer of responsiveness to hapten conjugates of poly l lysine and of a copolymer of l glutamic acid and l lysine to lethally irradiated nonresponder guinea pigs by bone marrow or lymph node and spleen cells from responder guinea pigs

Chytil F., 1986: Transfer of retinoic acid from its complex with cellular retinoic acid binding protein to the nucleus

Norum K.R., 1988: Transfer of retinol from parenchymal to stellate cells in liver is mediated by retinol binding protein

Marx, M. H., 1978: Transfer of rewarded responses in personality judgments

Jordan D.C., 1982: Transfer of rhizobium japonicum to bradyrhizobium new genus a slow growing root nodule bacterium from leguminous plants

Denarie J., 1984: Transfer of rhizobium meliloti p sym genes into agrobacterium tumefaciens host specific nodulation by atypical infection

Davies A.J.S., 1984: Transfer of ricin toxicity by spleen cells

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825069

An C.S., 1987: Transfer of rna from methylmercury agarose gel to nitrocellulose membrane

Weil J.H., 1984: Transfer of rna species and transfer rna genes of vicia faba chloroplasts

Albinger, G.; Beiderbeck, R., 1977: Transfer of root inducing ability from agrobacterium rhizogenes to agrobacterium tumefaciens

Kowalczuk, E.; Lorkiewicz, Z., 1979: Transfer of rp 4 and r 68.45 factors to rhizobium

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825074

Toussaint A., 1981: Transfer of salmonella typhimurium and klebsiella pneumoniae genes in escherichia coli k 12 by mini muduction

Stiff M., 1982: Transfer of salmonella typhimurium resistance and delayed hyper sensitivity with murine derived transfer factor

Mendlinger S., 1985: Transfer of salt tolerance from elytrigia pontica to wheat triticum aestivum by the addition of an incomplete elytrigia genome

Cousminer H.L., 1983: Transfer of sarjeantia triassica dinophyceae to aratrisporites fimbriatus sporites monoletes

Bruijning, C. F. A.; De-Vries, H., 1978: Transfer of schistosoma mansoni antibodies from mother to fetal and new born mice

Cioli, D., 1976: Transfer of schistosoma mansoni into the mesenteric veins of hamsters

Van Duivenboden Y.A., 1983: Transfer of semen accelerates the onset of egg laying in female copulants of the hermaphrodite fresh water snail lymnaea stagnalis

Gindhart T.D., 1983: Transfer of sensitivity to tumor promoters by transfection of dna from sensitive into insensitive mouse jb 6 epidermal cells

Crabtree M.P., 1987: Transfer of sensory integration training

Mackintosh N.J., 1986: Transfer of serial reversal learning in the pigeon

Nwagwu, M., 1975: Transfer of serine into poly peptides and myosin by chromatographic species of seryl transfer rna

Marchand J., 1980: Transfer of several trace elements in neritic and estuarine food chains bio accumulation in omnivorous and carnivorous fishes

Fouts, R. S.; Chown, B.; Goodin, L., 1976: Transfer of signed responses in american sign language from vocal english stimuli to physical object stimuli by a chimpanzee pan

Longworth J.W., 1979: Transfer of singlet energy within trypsin

Redborg K.E., 1985: Transfer of sludge borne cadmium through plants to chickens

Reiser, J.; Renart, J.; Stark, G. R., 1978: Transfer of small dna fragments from poly acrylamide gels to di azo benzyloxymethyl paper and detection by hybridization with dna probes

Rucknagel D.L., 1983: Transfer of small plasmid dna fragments from poly acrylamide gels onto nitro cellulose paper

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825093

Frazer, A.; Mendels, J.; Brunswick, D.; Ramsey, T. A., 1978: Transfer of sodium ions across the erythrocyte membrane in manic depressive illness treatment with lithium carbonate

Adepetu J.A., 1985: Transfer of soil mineral deficiency to haemonchus contortus infected lambs grazing panicum maximum

Luc, M.; Merny, G., 1978: Transfer of soil nematode types and plant parasites

Jain, S. K.; Deshpande, U. R., 1978: Transfer of some indian species of bothriochloa and capillipedium to dichanthium

Snell, J. J. S.; Lapage, S. P., 1976: Transfer of some saccharolytic moraxella spp to kingella with descriptions of kingella indologenes new species and kingella denitrificans new species

Sell, S.; Mendelsohn, J., 1978: Transfer of specific immunity with rna

Kamada N., 1985: Transfer of specific immunosuppression of graft rejection using lymph from tolerant liver grafted rats

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825101

Steinmetz M., 1986: Transfer of specificity by murine alpha and beta t cell receptor genes

Gessner, B.; Ruttner, F., 1977: Transfer of spermatozoa into the spermatheca of the honey bee queen

Sbitnev, V. I., 1977: Transfer of spikes in statistical neuron ensembles part 3 phase transition in the model of field ca 3 of the hippocampus

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825105

Wolf, R.; Ziff, M., 1976: Transfer of spleen cells from young to aging nzb x nzw f 1 hybrid mice effect on mortality anti nuclear antibody and renal disease

Tuena De Gomez Puyou M., 1988: Transfer of spores bacteria and yeast into toluene containing phospholipids and low amounts of water preservation of the bacterial respiratory chain

Page F.C., 1987: Transfer of stachyamoeba lipophora to the class heterolobosea

Lerondelle C., 1986: Transfer of staphylococcus aureus from experimentally contaminated teats within conventional and periodical air inlet clusters during machine milking

Knott D.R., 1983: Transfer of stem rust resistance to wheat triticum aestivum from an agropyron elongatum chromosome having a gametocidal effect

Gerechter-Amitai, Z. K.; Wahl, I.; Vardi, A.; Zohary, D., 1971: Transfer of stem rust seedling resistance from wild di ploid einkorn m to tetra ploid durum wheat m by means of a tri ploid hybrid bridge

Howards S.S., 1981: Transfer of steroids across the hamster blood testis and blood epididymal barriers

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825113

Striefel, S.; Bryan, K. S.; Aikins, D. A., 1974: Transfer of stimulus control from motor to verbal stimuli

Touchette, P. E., 1971: Transfer of stimulus control measuring the moment of transfer

Kilpper Baelz R., 1984: Transfer of streptococcus faecalis and streptococcus faecium to the genus enterococcus revived name as enterococcus faecalis new combination and enterococcus faecium new combination

Fischer W., 1985: Transfer of streptococcus lactis and related streptococci to lactococcus new genus

Terakado N., 1983: Transfer of streptomycin resistance originated from pseudomonas syringae pathovar lachrymans to pseudomonas aeruginosa and escherichia coli

Seino A., 1987: Transfer of streptosporangium indianense gupta 1965 to the genus streptomyces as streptomyces indiaensis new combination

Kunka B.S., 1985: Transfer of sucrose fermenting ability and nisin production phenotype among lactic streptococci

Hicks, B. B.; Liss, P. S., 1976: Transfer of sulfur di oxide and other reactive gases across the air sea interface

Kennedy, P. M.; Hogan, J. P.; Lindsay, J. R.; Hogan, R. M., 1976: Transfer of sulfur to the digestive tract of sheep

Colas G., 1987: Transfer of superovulated sheep embryos obtained with different fsh p

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825124

Hirsch P.R., 1980: Transfer of symbiotic genes with bacteriocinogenic plasmids in rhizobium leguminosarum

Kelly R.B., 1981: Transfer of synaptic vesicle antigens to the presynaptic plasma membrane during exocytosis

Zippel, H. P.; Domagk, G. F., 1971: Transfer of taste preference from trained goldfish carassius auratus into untrained recipients

Who, 1985: Transfer of technology for production of rabies vaccine memorandum from a who meeting

Christen R., 1982: Transfer of tetra chloro ethylene from feed into milk

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825130

Cronholm, T.; Fors, C., 1976: Transfer of the 1 pro r and the 1 pro s hydrogen atoms of ethanol in metabolic reductions in vivo

Cronholm T., 1979: Transfer of the 1 pro r and the 1 pro s hydrogen atoms of ethanol into krebs cycle and related acids in vivo

Kunzmann R., 1987: Transfer of the 1bl 1rs wheat rye translocation from hexaploid bread wheat to tetraploid durum wheat

Gilbert A., 1984: Transfer of the abductor digiti minimi quinti in radial deformities of the hand in children

Marechal, R.; Baudet, J. C., 1977: Transfer of the african genus kerstingiella to macrotyloma papilionaceae

Hooykaas, P. J. J.; Klapwijk, P. M.; Nuti, M. P.; Schilperoort, R. A.; Rorsch, A., 1977: Transfer of the agrobacterium tumefaciens ti plasmid to avirulent agrobacteria and to rhizobium ex planta

Saevich I.A., 1980: Transfer of the bacteriocinogenicity plasmid during staphylococcal population growth

Crisci, J. V.; Marticorena, C., 1978: Transfer of the brazilian trixis eryngioides to perezia compositae mutisieae

Scura, E. D.; Theilacker, G. H., 1977: Transfer of the chlorinated hydro carbon poly chlorinated bi phenyls in a laboratory marine food chain

Wiedemann B., 1984: Transfer of the chromosomal bla gene from enterobacter cloacae to escherichia coli by rp 4 mini mu

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825141

Volsky D.J., 1986: Transfer of the epstein barr virus dna fragment coding for ebna 1 the putative transforming antigen of epstein barr virus into normal human lymphocytes gene expression without cell transformation

Rymo L., 1983: Transfer of the epstein barr virus genes coding for small rna to human lymphoid cells with a vector carrying a dominant selectable marker

Ishizaki, K.; Tsujimura, T.; Yawata, H.; Fujio, C.; Nakabeppu, Y.; Sekiguchi, M.; Ikenaga, M., 1986: Transfer of the escherichia coli o 6 methylguanine methyltransferase gene into repair deficient human cells and restoration of cellular resistance to n methyl n' nitro n nitrosoguanidine

Ducluzeau, R.; Rapine, P.; Courvalin, C.; Raibaud, P., 1978: Transfer of the fecal microbial flora from holoxenic piglets and adult pigs to axenic piglets and axenic adult mice effect of the animal host and of the diet on the fecal microbial pattern of these animals

Wenner, S. M.; Johnson, K. A., 1988: Transfer of the flexor carpi ulnaris to the radial wrist extensors in cerebral palsy

De Van Broock M.R., 1984: Transfer of the flocculation property to the bakers yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae by conventional genetic manipulation

Bacchetti, S.; Graham, F. L., 1977: Transfer of the gene for thymidine kinase to thymidine kinase ec deficient human cells by purified herpes simplex viral dna

Ito J.I.Jr, 1982: Transfer of the gonococcal penicillinase plasmid mobilization in escherichia coli by inc p plasmids and isolation as a dna protein relaxation complex

Yoo K.U., 1982: Transfer of the hamstring or biceps femoris to the patella medium range follow up

Kraft G.T., 1979: Transfer of the hawaiian red alga cladhymenia pacifica to the genus acanthophora rhodomelaceae ceramiales

Warren R., 1979: Transfer of the hepatocyte receptor for serum asialo glyco proteins to the plasma membrane of a fibroblast acquisition of the hepatocyte receptor functions by mouse l cells

Bail S.P., 1987: Transfer of the heritable nonhemolytic jaundice trait from the gunn rat to the sprague dawley rat

Davidson R.L., 1979: Transfer of the herpes simplex thymidine kinase gene from human cells to mouse cells by metaphase chromosomes

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825155

Piruzyan, E. S.; Kobets, N. S.; Pavlova, G. V.; Gubachek, I.; Vaizerova, M., 1988: Transfer of the hybrid prp 1.2 mini mu plasmids into agrobacterium and rhizobium cells

Umezawa, H.; Okami, Y.; Hotta, K., 1978: Transfer of the leupeptin producing ability of the strain streptomyces roseus ma 839 a 1 by conjugation

Somerville C.R., 1987: Transfer of the maize transposable element mu1 into arabidopsis thaliana

Sullivan M.J., 1983: Transfer of the marine fossil diatom cosmiodiscus beaufortianus to the genus actinocyclus

Tekitek, A.; Kerr, S. J.; Barbier, M.; Lederer, E., 1975: Transfer of the methyl group of the methionine to choline and to transfer rna in the honey bee apis mellifica

Kraft, G. T., 1977: Transfer of the new zealand red alga tylotus proliferus gracilariaceae gigartinales to the genus gracilaria

Wiegel, J.; Wilke, D.; Baumgarten, J.; Opitz, R.; Schlegel, H. G., 1978: Transfer of the nitrogen fixing hydrogen bacterium corynebacterium autotrophicum to xanthobacter new genus

Spivey M., 1980: Transfer of the partial reinforcement extinction effect between escape shock and appetitive food conditioning

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825165

Olson L.W., 1980: Transfer of the physodermataceae from the chytridiales to the blastocladiales

Wiley B.B., 1986: Transfer of the plasmid for exfoliative toxin b synthesis in mixed cultures on nitrocellulose membranes

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825168

Message, B.; Boucher, C.; Boistard, P., 1975: Transfer of the r factor rp 4 into a strain of pseudomonas solanacearum

Sinigovets, M. E., 1976: Transfer of the resistance to rust from agropyron to triticum by chromosome addition and substitution

Gomez Eichelmann M.C., 1987: Transfer of the resistance to the serum of gram negative antibiotic multiresistant strains

Perez Silva J., 1987: Transfer of the rhizobium leguminosarum biovar trifolii symbiotic plasmid p r tr5a to a strain of rhizobium sp that nodulates on hedysarum coronarium

Akulich L.A., 1981: Transfer of the rp 4 plasmid during conjugation and expression of its genes in azotobacter chroococcum

Howe, N. R.; Harris, L. G., 1978: Transfer of the sea anemone pheromone anthopleurine by the nudibranch aeolidia papillosa

Goodman, J. H.; Fowler, H., 1976: Transfer of the signaling properties of aversive conditioned stimuli to an instrumental appetitive discrimination

Geider K., 1988: Transfer of the ti plasmid from agrobacterium tumefaciens into escherichia coli cells

Lavoie, E. J.; Stern, S. L.; Choi, C. I.; Reinhardt, J.; Adams, J. D., 1987: Transfer of the tobacco specific carcinogens n' nitrosonornicotine and 4 methylnitrosamino 1 3 pyridyl 1 butanone and benzo a pyrene into the milk of lactating rats

Labeda D.P. , 1987: Transfer of the type strain of streptomyces erythraeus waksman 1923 waksman and henrici 1948 to the genus saccharopolyspora lacey and goodfellow 1975 as saccharopolyspora erythraea new species and designation of a neotype strain for streptomyces erythraeus

Thion A., 1987: Transfer of the umbilicus in abdominal plasties

Legner E.F., 1987: Transfer of thelytoky to arrhenotokous muscidifurax raptor girault and sanders hymenoptera pteromalidae

Sykes A.H., 1986: Transfer of thiocyanate into chicken eggs

Munyon, W.; Kraiselburd, E.; Davis, D.; Mann, J., 1971: Transfer of thymidine kinase to thymidine kinaseless mouse l cells by infection with uv irradiated herpes simplex virus

Morreale-De-Escobar, G.; Obregon, M. J.; Ruiz-De-Ona, C.; Del-Rey, F. E., 1988: Transfer of thyroxine from the mother to the rat fetus near term effects on brain 3 5 3' triiodothyronine deficiency

Van-Larebeke, N.; Genetello, C.; Hernalsteens, J. P.; De-Picker, A.; Zaenen, I.; Messens, E.; Van-Montagu, M.; Schell, J., 1977: Transfer of ti plasmids between agrobacterium tumefaciens strains by mobilization with the conjugative plasmid rp 4

Olofsson T., 1982: Transfer of tissue cells to the fetus

Young R.J., 1979: Transfer of tobacco mosaic virus resistance to a west virginia usa fresh garden tomato lycopersicon esculentum variety

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825187

Huang L., 1982: Transfer of torpedo californica acetyl choline receptors to mouse l cell surface membranes by liposomes containing sendai virus envelope proteins

Dickinson J., 1988: Transfer of training and task compatibility

Hunter, M.; Maccabe, J. J.; Ettlinger, G., 1976: Transfer of training between the hands in a split brain monkey with chronic parietal discharges

Carrell T.D., 1983: Transfer of training of a new linguistic contrast in voicing

Kaltoft, K.; Zeuthen, J.; Engbaek, F.; Piper, P. W.; Celis, J. E., 1976: Transfer of transfer rna to somatic cells mediated by sendai virus induced fusion

Ward A.C., 1985: Transfer of transposable drug resistance elements tn 5 tn 7 and tn 76 to azotobacter beijerinckii use of plasmid rp 4 tn 76 as a suicide vector

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825194

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825195

Azhipa Ya I., 1983: Transfer of tritium labeled aldo sterone from cytosol receptors of the rat kidney tubule cells to the nuclear receptors under reflex and de nervation renal dystrophy

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825197

Nicholas T.E., 1983: Transfer of tritium labeled cortisone and tritium labeled cortisol between the amniotic allantoic and fetal blood compartments in the rabbit at day 25 of gestation

Schlatter C., 1983: Transfer of tritium labeled pyrrolizidine alkaloids from senecio vulgaris and metabolites into rat milk and tissues

Williams C.J., 1981: Transfer of tritium labeled vitamin d 3 and 25 hydroxy vitamin d 3 in ovine placenta

Horsmanheimo, M.; Virolainen, M., 1976: Transfer of tuberculin sensitivity by transfer factor in sarcoidosis

Wilson C.B., 1985: Transfer of tubulointerstitial nephritis in the brown norway rat with anti tubular basement membrane antibody quantitation and kinetics of binding and effect of decomplementation

Erbe R.W., 1979: Transfer of tumor cells between cell aggregates as a model for adhesive changes in metastasis

Beiderbeck R., 1979: Transfer of tumor inducing ability from agrobacterium tumefaciens to agrobacterium rhizogenes

Neel, H. B. Iii ; Ritts, R. E. Jr, 1977: Transfer of tumor specific immunity with syngeneic spleen cells and serum from mice that have large tumors and metastases

Tomita, Y.; Hariu, A.; Kato, C.; Seiji, M., 1983: Transfer of tyrosinase ec to melanosomes in harding passey mouse melanoma

Levitz M., 1981: Transfer of urea sodium and chloride across the perfused human placenta

Ojo M.O., 1983: Transfer of urease production among escherichia coli isolated from diarrheic goats and a piglet

Alekseev, S. I.; Vsevolodov, N. N.; Kayushin, L. P.; L'vov, K. M.; Ostrovsky, M. A., 1976: Transfer of uv excitation energy in rhod opsin at different photolysis stages

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825211

Kuratsune M., 1979: Transfer of various poly chlorinated bi phenyls to the fetuses and offspring of mice

Salyr W.A., 1987: Transfer of vascularized grafts of iliac bone to the extremities

Shestakov S.V., 1984: Transfer of vector plasmids into rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides

Handleman J.S., 1981: Transfer of verbal responses across instructional settings by autistic type children

Laishes, B. A.; Farber, E., 1978: Transfer of viable putative pre neoplastic hepatocytes to the livers of syngeneic host rats

Kronfeld D.S., 1983: Transfer of vitamin a from intestine to plasma in lambs fed low and high intakes of vitamin a

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825218

Tanaka H., 1986: Transfer of vitamin e from cell to cell membrane

Thuet, P., 1978: Transfer of water in the isopod crustacean sphaeroma serratum as a function of salinity of the environment

Cook L.L., 1980: Transfer of wheat streak mosaic virus resistance from agropyron intermedium to homoeologous chromosome of wheat triticum aestivum

De Ley J., 1987: Transfer of xanthomonas ampelina panagopoulos 1969 to xylophilus new genus as xylophilus ampelinus new combination panagopoulos 1969

Layne, D. S.; Labow, R. S.; Paquet, A.; Williamson, D. G., 1976: Transfer of xylose to steroids by rabbit liver microsomes

Szostak J.W., 1984: Transfer of yeast telomeres to linear plasmids by recombination

Nakagawa M., 1980: Transfer of young adult angiostrongylus cantonensis from mastomys praomys natalensis and mice to the pulmonary arteries of rats immunized against the donor hosts

Mason W.H., 1980: Transfer of zinc 65 at mating in heliothis virescens

Renfro, W. C., 1973: Transfer of zinc 65 from sediments by marine polychaete worms

Dietsch G.N., 1987: Transfer or experimental allergic encephalomyelitis to bone marrow chimeras endothelial cells are not a restricting element

Unsal M., 1983: Transfer pathways and accumulation of vanadium in the crab carcinus maenas

Struchkov, M. I., 1978: Transfer phenomenon in alimentary conditioned reflexes in dogs

Dancer B.N., 1980: Transfer plasmids among bacilli

Eisenbarth G.S., 1981: Transfer plate radioassay using adsorbed anti insulin antibody to detect insulin secreted by islet cell cultures

Eisenbarth G.S., 1979: Transfer plate radioassay using cell mono layers to detect anti cell surface antibodies synthesized by lymphocyte hybridomas

Rech, F.; Ujec, E., 1978: Transfer properties of glass micro pipettes

Pasino, E.; Marchiafava, P. L., 1976: Transfer properties of rod and cone cells in the retina of the tiger salamander

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825237

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825238

Walloe L., 1980: Transfer properties of the slowly adapting stretch receptor of the crayfish abdomen

Podhipak A., 1984: Transfer rate of transplacental immunity to tetanus from nonimmunized and immunized mothers

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825241

Suzuki A., 1985: Transfer rates of salt in fish flesh and into flesh through skin

Deleyn, F.; Claeyssens, M.; De-Bruyne, C. K.; De-Bruyn, A. , 1985: Transfer reactions catalyzed by beta d xylosidase ec from penicillium wortmanni

Petit, C.; Ledoux, M.; Trinite, M., 1977: Transfer resistances to sulfur di oxide capture by some plane surfaces water and leaves

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825245

Knight, E. Jr ; Sugiyama, T., 1969: Transfer rna a comparison by gel electrophoresis of the transfer rna in hela cytoplasm hela mitochondrial fraction and escherichia coli

Takahashi N., 1982: Transfer rna a possible supplier of free cyto kinins ribosyl cis zeatin and ribosyl 2 methyl thio zeatin quantitative comparison between free and transfer cyto kinins in various tissues of the hop humulus lupulus cultivar shinshu wase plant

Huez G., 1981: Transfer rna adaptation in optimizing translation

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Elves, M. W., 1977: Transformation in the presence of metals of lymphocytes from patients with total joint prostheses

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825824

Rabotti, G. F.; Gogusev, J.; Teutsch, B.; Mongiat-Lardemer, F.; Haguenau, F., 1978: Transformation in vitro of glial hamster cells by rous sarcoma virus

Coombs G.H., 1981: Transformation in vitro of leishmania mexicana mexicana amastigotes to promastigotes nutritional requirements and the effect of drugs

Hicks J.B., 1979: Transformation in yeast development of a hybrid cloning vector and isolation of the can 1 gene

Cassiman, J. J.; Bernfield, M. R., 1976: Transformation induced alterations in adhesion binding of pre formed cell aggregates to cell layer

Stephenson J.R., 1982: Transformation induced by abelson murine leukemia virus involves production of a poly peptide growth factor

Marshall Clarke S., 1986: Transformation induced by echinococcus granulosus protoscoleces in unprimed murine spleen cells identity and major histocompatibility complex restriction of participating cell types

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825831

Kloos, W. E.; Rose, N. E., 1970: Transformation mapping of tryptophan loci in micrococcus luteus

Botchan M., 1984: Transformation mediated by the sv 40 t antigens separation of the overlapping sv 40 early genes with a retroviral vector

Bosseray, N.; Plommet, M., 1976: Transformation normalizing the distribution of the number of brucella abortus in the spleen of mice given intra peritoneal inoculation/

Pasqualini, J. R.; Bedin, M.; Cogneville, A. M., 1976: Transformation of 1 2 tritiated aldo sterone in the fetal and placental compartment of the guinea pig

Seres L., 1986: Transformation of 1 6 dimethyl 4 oxo 6 7 8 9 tetrahydro 4h pyrido 1 2 a pyrimidinium salts

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825837

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825838

Bollag, J. M.; Sjoblad, R. D.; Czaplicki, E. J.; Hoeppel, F. E., 1976: Transformation of 1 naphthol by the culture filtrate of rhizoctonia praticola

Cyronak, M. J.; Osianu, D.; Britton, G.; Simpson, K. L., 1978: Transformation of 13 14 mono epoxy canthaxanthin and 11 12 mono epoxy canthaxanthin on magnesia

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825841

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825842

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825843

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825844

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825845

Deune E.G., 1987: Transformation of 2 6 diethylaniline in soil

Larsen, P. O.; Wieczorkowska, E., 1978: Transformation of 3 3 carboxyphenyl alanine in iris spp an example of diversity in catabolism of secondary plant products

Van Den Berg K.J., 1981: Transformation of 3t3 cells with abelson virus pro viral dna

Finegold S.M., 1979: Transformation of 4 androsten 3 17 dione by growing cultures and cell extracts of clostridium paraputrificum

Tint G.S., 1984: Transformation of 4 cholesten 3 one and 7 alpha hydroxy 4 cholesten 3 one into cholestanol and bile acids in cerebro tendinous xanthomatosis

Zamocky J., 1982: Transformation of 4 deoxy saccharides in alkaline medium

Shin H D., 1984: Transformation of 5 6 dimethoxy 2 amino 1 tetralol hydrochloride into 5 6 dimethoxy 2 tetralone

Tint, G. S.; Salen, G., 1974: Transformation of 5 alpha cholest 7 en 3 beta ol to cholesterol and cholestanol in cerebro tendinous xanthomatosis

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825854

Iriye, R.; Sasakura, M., 1977: Transformation of 6 beta bromo 4 4 dimethyl 1 alpha 2 alpha epoxy 3 alpha 5 alpha oxido cholestane into 6 beta bromo 4 4 dimethyl 3 alpha 5 alpha oxido 5 10 to 1 beta h abeo 10 19 cholesten 2 alpha ol/

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825856

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825857

Streips U.N., 1981: Transformation of a bacillus subtilis l form with bacterio phage dna

Nimelstein, S. H.; Hotti, A. R.; Holman, H. R., 1973: Transformation of a histo compatibility immunogen into a tolerogen

Racaniello V.R., 1986: Transformation of a human poliovirus receptor gene into mouse cells

Midant Reynes B., 1979: Transformation of a human skeleton into a colored trace in sandy sediment at qatar

Goto T., 1988: Transformation of a marine toxic polyether okadaic acid

Piskareva I.N., 1981: Transformation of a micro focal myo cardial infarction into a macro focal one a variant of ischemic heart disease exacerbation

Sakai D.K., 1987: Transformation of a nonpathogenic aeromonas salmonicida mutant with intraspecific interspecific and intergeneric bacterial dna fragments in a laboratory model of river sediments

Santus R., 1984: Transformation of a photodynamic reaction from type ii singlet oxygen formation to type i redox reaction by electron affinic nitroheterocycles

Fortune K.P., 1986: Transformation of a plasmid encoding an adhesin of staphylococcus aureus into a nonadherent staphylococcal strain

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825867

Dil'man, V. M., 1978: Transformation of a program of development into a mechanism of age related pathology elevation model of age related pathology in natural human death

Seeley, D. H.; Costas, P. D., 1983: Transformation of a rabbit progesterone receptor from an 8s form to 5.5s and 4s forms

Sekikawa, K.; Shiroki, K.; Shimojo, H.; Ojima, S.; Fujinaga, K., 1978: Transformation of a rat cell line by an adenovirus 7 dna fragment

Yano, S.; Ojima, S.; Fujinaga, K.; Shiroki, K.; Shimojo, H., 1977: Transformation of a rat cell line by an adenovirus type 12 dna fragment

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825872

Vasquez Rodriguez J.J., 1981: Transformation of a rib plasma cytoma into an amyloid tumor

Leflon G., 1979: Transformation of a single channel gamma spectrometer into a computer controlled multi channel analyzer

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825875

Et Al, 1985: Transformation of a tundra river from heterotrophy to autotrophy by addition of phosphorus

Juni, E.; Janik, A., 1969: Transformation of acinetobacter calco aceticus bacterium antitratum

Aoki H., 1987: Transformation of acremonium chrysogenum and saccharomyces cerevisiae using an antibiotic resistance marker

Sarkunan V., 1984: Transformation of added sulfate in relation to changes in redox potential ph iron and manganese in flooded soils

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825880

Mikhailopulo I.A., 1985: Transformation of adenosine into amp by intact cells of erwinia herbicola

Kikugawa, K., 1977: Transformation of adenosine into n 3 3 and n 3 5 cyclo adenosines via the reactions with sulfuryl chloride and thionyl chloride

Oda T., 1984: Transformation of adult t cell leukemia associated antigen negative leukocytes by blood components from anti adult t cell leukemia associated antigen positive donors in vitro

Bradley, M. K.; Dougherty, R. M., 1978: Transformation of african green monkey kidney cells with the rf strain of human papovavirus bk virus

Koshoev, K. K.; Shchelochkova, A. P.; Reshetova, I. G.; Kamernitskii, A. V.; Bogdanov, V. S., 1983: Transformation of aglycones in steroid glycosides 1. synthesis of 3 o beta d gluco pyranosyl 1 2 o beta d glucopyranosyl 1 4 o beta d galacto pyranoside 20 beta acetoxy 16 beta 23 oxido 21 24 di nor 5 alpha cholane 3 beta 17 alpha diol

Beljanski, M.; Beljanski, M.; Manigault, P.; Bourgarel, P., 1972: Transformation of agrobacterium tumefaciens into a nononcogenic species by an escherichia coli rna

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825887

Plugar, V. N.; Gorovits, T. T.; Tulyaganov, N.; Rashkes-Ya, V., 1977: Transformation of alkaloids of the quinazolinone 4 group in the body of animals

Urbasch I., 1986: Transformation of alpha tomatine by botrytis cinerea

Ruehlicke G., 1981: Transformation of aluminum chlorites by liming

Reichart, P. A.; Zobl, H., 1978: Transformation of amelo blastic fibroma to fibro sarcoma report of a case

Simonic I., 1988: Transformation of amines and n heteroarylformamidines into esters of substituted beta amino alpha beta dehydro alpha amino acids

Mitic, S., 1976: Transformation of amino acid composition in bacterial cells of lactobacillus bulgaricus during freeze drying

Wilson A.T., 1980: Transformation of ammonium and nitrate fertilizers in 2 soils of low and high nitrification activity

Torshin S.P., 1983: Transformation of ammonium nitrate in soils with different degrees of cultivation experiments with nitrogen 15

El Khattari S.K., 1985: Transformation of ammonium sulfate and urea in relation to manure salt and active calcium carbonate levels in soil

Wong W.C., 1985: Transformation of amoeboid microglial cells into microglia in the corpus callosum of the postnatal rat brain an electron microscopical study

Weiner S., 1985: Transformation of amorphous calcium phosphate to crystalline dahllite in the radular teeth of chitons

Ide, H.; Hama, T., 1976: Transformation of amphibian iridophores into melanophores in clonal culture

Ide, H., 1978: Transformation of amphibian xanthophores into melanophores in clonal culture

Maiorov, V. I.; Savchenko, E. I.; Kotlyar, B. I., 1977: Transformation of an afferent tactile signal to a motor command in the cat motor cortex

Zarghami F., 1984: Transformation of an alpha feto protein positive yolk sac carcinoma into an alpha feto protein negative neoplasm evidence for in vivo cloning of the human parietal yolk sac carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825903

Dunican, L. K.; Tierney, A. B., 1973: Transformation of an r factor from pseudomonas aeruginosa into rhizobium trifolii

Ota M., 1986: Transformation of androgen receptors from mouse submandibular glands by gel chromatography

Siewinski A., 1986: Transformation of androstane derivatives by spirodela oligorrhiza

Dudnik Yu V., 1988: Transformation of anthracycline antibiotics and their semisynthetic derivatives under the effect of rat liver aldoketoreductase

Lemli, J.; Cuveele, J., 1978: Transformation of anthrone heterosides by drying of the leaves of cassia senna and rhamnus frangula investigation on anthra quinone drugs part 31

Shen R., 1985: Transformation of antibiotic resistance conferring plasmids from bacillus stearothermophilus

Singhania, R. A.; Oommen, P. K.; Goswami, N. N., 1976: Transformation of applied phosphorus in neutral to alkaline alluvial and red soils

Singhania, R. A.; Goswami, N. N., 1978: Transformation of applied phosphorus in soils under rice wheat cropping sequence

Thakur, R. S.; Bisen, D. C.; Dubey, S. M., 1975: Transformation of applied phosphorus under waterlogged conditions in rice culture

Horsch R.B., 1986: Transformation of arabidopsis thaliana with agrobacterium tumefaciens

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825914

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825915

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825916

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825917

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825918

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825919

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825920

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825921

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825922

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825923

Wardlaw, N.; Oldershaw, A.; Stout, M., 1978: Transformation of aragonite to calcite in a marine gastropod

Kitano Y., 1985: Transformation of aragonite to calcite through heating

Tai, H. H.; Yuan, B.; Agnes, T. W., 1978: Transformation of archidonate into 6 oxo prostaglandin f 1 alpha thromboxane b 2 and prostaglandin e 2 by sheep lung microsomal fraction

Lutsevich I.N., 1982: Transformation of aromatic amines in the process of water conditioning

Pedro J.R., 1987: Transformation of artemisin into artapshin and 8 alpha hydroxy 11 beta 13 dihydrobalchanin

Brenner S., 1987: Transformation of arthrobacter and studies on the transcription of the arthrobacter erm a gene in streptomyces lividans and escherichia coli

Van Den Hondel C.A.M.J.J., 1987: Transformation of aspergillus based on the hygromycin b resistance marker from escherichia coli

Weglenski P., 1987: Transformation of aspergillus nidulans by the arg b gene

Ballance, D. J.; Buxton, F. P.; Turner, G., 1983: Transformation of aspergillus nidulans by the orotidine 5' phosphate decarboxylase gene of neurospora crassa

Timberlake W.E., 1984: Transformation of aspergillus nidulans by using a trp c plasmid

Turner G., 1986: Transformation of aspergillus nidulans with a cloned oligomycin resistant atp synthase subunit 9 gene

Henner D.J., 1987: Transformation of aspergillus nidulans with the hygromycin resistance gene hph

Hynes M.J., 1985: Transformation of aspergillus niger by the amd s gene of aspergillus nidulans

Davies R.W., 1985: Transformation of aspergillus niger using the arg b gene of aspergillus nidulans

Goosen, T.; Bloemheuvel, G.; Gysler, C.; De-Bie, D. A.; Van-Den-Broek, H. W. J.; Swart, K., 1987: Transformation of aspergillus niger using the homologous orotidine 5' phosphate decarboxylase gene

Hara S., 1987: Transformation of aspergillus oryzae through plasmid mediated complementation of the methionine auxotrophic mutation

Van Den Hondel C.A.M.J.J., 1987: Transformation of aspergillus oryzae using the aspergillus niger pyr g gene

Sasakawa H., 1979: Transformation of atmospheric nitrous oxide absorbed in spinach leaves

Bingle W.H., 1988: Transformation of azotobacter vinelandii op with a broad host range plasmid containing a cloned chromosomal nif dna marker

Page, W. J., 1978: Transformation of azotobacter vinelandii strains unable to fix nitrogen with rhizobium spp dna

Pasternak J.J., 1985: Transformation of azotobacter vinelandii with plasmid dna

Denarie J., 1981: Transformation of azotobacter vinelandii with plasmids rp 4 incp 1 group and rsf 1010 incq group

Koehler G., 1985: Transformation of b and non b cell lines with the 2 4 6 trinitrophenyl specific immunoglobulin genes

Zhdanov V.G., 1983: Transformation of bacillus licheniformis protoplasts by plasmid dna

Sekiguchi J., 1982: Transformation of bacillus protoplasts by plasmid ptp 4 dna

Hazlewood G.P., 1986: Transformation of bacillus spp an examination of the transformation of bacillus protoplasts by plasmids pub 110 and phv 33

Aiba S., 1982: Transformation of bacillus stearothermophilus with plasmid dna and characterization of shuttle vector plasmids between bacillus stearothermophilus and bacillus subtilis

Duncan, C. H.; Wilson, G. A.; Young, F. E., 1977: Transformation of bacillus subtilis and escherichia coli by a hybrid plasmid pcd 1

Pekhov A.P., 1983: Transformation of bacillus subtilis by crude lysates containing plasmid dna of staphylococci

Saunders C.W., 1986: Transformation of bacillus subtilis by single stranded plasmid dna

Venema G., 1983: Transformation of bacillus subtilis competent cells identification and regulation of the rec e gene product

Venema G., 1982: Transformation of bacillus subtilis competent cells identification of a protein involved in recombination

Yoneda, Y.; Yamane, K.; Yamaguchi, K.; Nagata, Y.; Maruo, B., 1974: Transformation of bacillus subtilis in alpha amylase ec productivity by dna from bacillus subtilis var amylosacchariticus

Ueda S., 1981: Transformation of bacillus subtilis in poly glutamate production by dna from bacillus natto

Fan S., 1981: Transformation of bacillus subtilis ki 2 and its mutants by plasmid pub 110

Spizizen J., 1985: Transformation of bacillus subtilis protoplast by recombinant plasmid dna

Bettinger, G. E.; Young, F. E., 1975: Transformation of bacillus subtilis transforming ability of dna in lysates of l forms or protoplasts

Strauss, N., 1970: Transformation of bacillus subtilis using hybrid dna molecules constructed by annealing resolved complementary strands

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825962

Kono, M.; Sasatsu, M.; Hamashima, H., 1977: Transformation of bacillus subtilis with staphylococcal plasmid dna

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825964

Dean D.H., 1981: Transformation of bacillus thuringiensis protoplasts by plasmid dna

Sakanyan V.A., 1981: Transformation of bacillus thuringiensis ssp galleria protoplasts by plasmid pbc 16

Wirth R., 1988: Transformation of bacteria with plasmid dna by electroporation

Sugden B., 1988: Transformation of balb 3t3 cells by the bnlf 1 gene of epstein barr virus

Dempsey M.J., 1980: Transformation of balb 3t3 cells exposed to a germicidal uv lamp and a sun lamp

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825970

Brockman, W. W., 1978: Transformation of balb c 3t3 cells by tsa mutants of sv 40 temperature sensitivity of the transformed phenotype and re transformation by wild type virus

Roehrborn G., 1980: Transformation of bhk 21 cl 13 cells by various poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons using the method of styles

Ganju, A. K.; Shukla, D. C.; Chawla, S. K., 1977: Transformation of bhk 21 cl 13 cells with avian infectious laryngotracheitis virus

Imamura T., 1979: Transformation of bile acids by bacteroides fragilis strains isolated from the human intestine

Nakama R., 1981: Transformation of bile acids by clostridium and bacteroidaceae isolated from human feces and city sewage with particular reference to 3 clostridial strains capable of performing 7 alpha dehydroxylation

Mukai H., 1981: Transformation of bile acids by clostridium perfringens

Masuda N., 1981: Transformation of bile acids by eubacterium lentum

Hirano S., 1979: Transformation of bile acids by members of the enterobacteriaceae

Shefer S., 1985: Transformation of bile acids into iso bile acids by clostridium perfringens possible transport of 3 beta tritium via the coenzyme

Mallet A., 1984: Transformation of binomial input by the postsynaptic membrane at a central synapse

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825981

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825982

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825983

Graf T., 1982: Transformation of both erythroid and myeloid cells by e 26 an avian leukemia virus that contains the myb gene

Eriksson T., 1988: Transformation of brassica campestris protoplasts with agrobacterium tumefaciens

Mathews, H.; Rao, P. S.; Bhatia, C. R., 1986: Transformation of brassica juncea by agrobacterium tumefaciens harboring plasmid ptit 37 and its rooty mutant ptit 37.14a a

Radke, S. E.; Andrews, B. M.; Moloney, M. M.; Crouch, M. L.; Kridl, J. C.; Knauf, V. C., 1988: Transformation of brassica napus l. using agrobacterium tumefaciens developmentally regulated expression of a reintroduced napin gene

Horsch R.B., 1987: Transformation of brassica napus with agrobacterium tumefaciens based vectors

Perbal B., 1985: Transformation of brown leghorn chicken embryo fibroblasts by avian myeloblastosis virus proviral dna

Simons J.W.I.M., 1986: Transformation of c 3h 10t 1 2 cells by n ethyl n nitrosourea occurs as a single low frequency mutation like event

Defendi V., 1988: Transformation of c127 mouse fibroblasts by human papillomavirus 16

Landolph J.R., 1988: Transformation of c3h 10t 1 2 mouse embryo cells to focus formation and anchorage independence by insoluble lead chromate but not soluble calcium chromate relationship to mutagenesis and internalization of lead chromate particles

Fuerstenau D.W., 1982: Transformation of calcium fluoride for caries prevention

Hurd C., 1987: Transformation of calf uterine progesterone receptor analysis of the process when receptor is bound to progesterone and ru 38486

Section 7, Chapter 6826, Accession 006825996

Hougland A.E., 1981: Transformation of canine kidney cells by sv 40

Kladivko E.J., 1980: Transformation of carbon 14 labeled and sulfur 35 labeled ligno sulfonates during soil incubation

Smith A.E., 1979: Transformation of carbon 14 labeled diclofop methyl in small field plots

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