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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6827

Chapter 6827 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Malik K.A., 1985: Transformation of carbon 14 labeled plant components in soil in relation to immobilization and remineralization of nitrogen 15 fertilizer

Gupta M.B.S., 1981: Transformation of carbon 14 labeled wheat and berseem plant material in different indian soils under greenhouse condition

Alekhina, N. D.; Bochvarov, P. Z., 1976: Transformation of carbon 14 pyruvate in the roots of wheat cultivars with different productivity

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826003

Laffont, C.; Capdeville, B.; Roques, H., 1981: Transformation of carbon nitrogen phosphorus sulfur and the principal mineral elements in the course of measuring total oxygen demand 3. transformation of sulfur

Draper J., 1987: Transformation of carrot tissues derived from proembryogenic suspension cells a useful model system for gene expression studies in plants

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826006

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826007

Klarlund J.K., 1985: Transformation of cells by an inhibitor of phosphatases acting on phosphotyrosine in proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826009

Lin, H. S., 1972: Transformation of centrioles in pinealocytes of adult guinea pigs

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826011

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826012

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826013

Franklin, R. B.; Kang, C. Y.; Wan, K. M. M.; Bose, H. R-Jr, 1977: Transformation of chick embryo fibroblasts by reticuloendotheliosis virus

Blumberg P.M., 1982: Transformation of chick embryo fibroblasts by rous sarcoma virus does not inhibit the assembly of fibronectin into reduction sensitive dimer and high molecular weight complex

Anderson, W. B.; Johnson, G. S.; Pastan, I., 1973: Transformation of chick embryo fibroblasts by wild type and temperature sensitive rous sarcoma virus alters adenylate cyclase activity

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826017

Okayama, M.; Yoshimura, M.; Muto, M.; Chi, J.; Roth, S.; Kaji, A., 1977: Transformation of chicken chondrocytes by rous sarcoma virus

Hanafusa H., 1986: Transformation of chicken embryo fibroblasts and tumor induction by the middle t antigen of polyomavirus carried in an avian retroviral vector

Boettiger, D.; Roby, K.; Brumbaugh, J.; Biehl, J.; Holtzer, H., 1977: Transformation of chicken embryo retinal melano blasts by a temperature sensitive mutant of rous sarcoma virus

Nathanson R.M., 1982: Transformation of chicken lymphocytes stimulated by concanavalin a response parameters

Lacinova, J.; Hlozanek, I., 1976: Transformation of chinese hamster embryo cells with an avian sarcoma virus temperature sensitive mutant

Hossner L.R., 1981: Transformation of chlorite to smectite through regularly inter stratified intermediates

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826024

Chong R., 1982: Transformation of cholic acid by clostridium bifermentans

Pacifici, M.; Boettiger, D.; Roby, K.; Holtzer, H., 1977: Transformation of chondro blasts by rous sarcoma virus and synthesis of the sulfated proteo glycan matrix

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826027

Lindberg, M.; Sjostrom, J. E.; Johansson, T., 1972: Transformation of chromosomal and plasmid characters in staphylococcus aureus

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826029

Ramot B., 1984: Transformation of chronic lymphocytic leukemia to plasmacytoma

Brunning R.D., 1984: Transformation of chronic myelogenous leukemia clinical morphologic and cyto genetic features

Yarus M.J., 1984: Transformation of clostridium perfringens

Dubel J.R., 1988: Transformation of clostridium perfringens l forms with shuttle plasmid dna

Staudenbauer W.L., 1985: Transformation of clostridium thermohydrosulfuricum dsm 568 with plasmid dna

Prozorov A.A., 1983: Transformation of competent cells of bacillus subtilis with chromosomal and plasmid dna comprised in liposomes

Bandel K., 1983: Transformation of conceptions of the early evolution of mollusks especially gastropoda and cephalopoda

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826037

Butler, D. G.; Wilson, J. X.; Youson, J. H., 1978: Transformation of cortico sterone to 11 dehydro cortico sterone by nasal harderian and lacrimal glands of the domestic duck anas platyrhynchos in vitro/

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826039

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826040

Van Der Maarel E., 1979: Transformation of cover abundance values in phytosociology and its effects on community similarity

Goldbach R., 1986: Transformation of cowpea vigna unguiculata cells with an antibiotic resistance gene using a ti plasmid derived vector

Goldbach R., 1987: Transformation of cowpea vigna unguiculata with a full length dna copy of cowpea mosaic virus messenger rna

Trulson, A. J.; Simpson, R. B.; Shahin, E. A., 1986: Transformation of cucumber cucumis sativus l. plants with agrobacterium rhizogenes

Yashar M., 1986: Transformation of cultivated alfalfa medicago sativa using disarmed agrobacterium tumefaciens

Spivey R., 1986: Transformation of cultivated tomato lycopersicon esculentum by a binary vector in agrobacterium rhizogenes transgenic plants with normal phenotypes harbor binary vector transferred dna but no ri plasmid transferred dna

Rubin G.M., 1985: Transformation of cultured drosophila melanogaster cells with a dominant selectable marker

Rapp U.R., 1984: Transformation of cultured epithelial cells by ethylnitroso urea altered expression of type i pro collagen chains

Balabanova, H.; Kotler, M.; Becker, Y., 1975: Transformation of cultured human embryonic fibroblasts by oncornavirus like particles released from a human carcinoma cell line

Gimbrone, M. A. Jr ; Fareed, G. C., 1976: Transformation of cultured human vascular endothelium by sv 40 dna

Garfinkle, B.; Mcauslan, B. R., 1974: Transformation of cultured mammalian cells by viable herpes simplex virus subtype 1 and subtype 2

Auersperg, N.; Hudson, J. B.; Goddard, E. G.; Klement, V., 1977: Transformation of cultured rat adreno cortical cells by kirsten murine sarcoma virus

Auersperg N., 1981: Transformation of cultured rat ovarian surface epithelia cells by kirsten murine sarcoma virus

Collins R.D., 1988: Transformation of cutaneous t cell lymphoma to large cell lymphoma a clinicopathologic and immunologic study

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826056

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826057

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826058

Vasil'ev Yu M., 1981: Transformation of cytoplasmic processes during desmosome formation in the normal stratified squamous epithelium and in cervical carcinoma in situ

Suami T., 1988: Transformation of d erythrose to some pseudoaldopentofuranoses syntheses of 1s 2r 3s 4s and 1r 2s 3s 4s 2 3 4 trihydroxy 1 hydroxymethylcyclopentanes and 1r 2s 3r 4r 2 3 dihydroxy 4 hydroxymethyl 1 cyclopentanamine

Marovitz W., 1979: Transformation of dba 2 mouse fetal liver cells infected in vitro by the anemic strain of friend leukemia virus

Defossez, A.; Delacourte, A., 1987: Transformation of degenerating neurofibrils into amyloid substance in alzheimer's disease histochemical and immunohistochemical studies

Friedman M., 1982: Transformation of dehydro alanine residues in casein to s beta 2 pyridylethyl l cysteine side chains

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826064

Vorob'eva L.I., 1983: Transformation of dethio biotin to biotin by rhizopus delemar

Durmishidze, S. V.; Shalashvili, A. G., 1978: Transformation of dextro catechin in grapes

Gallo R.C., 1984: Transformation of different phenotypic types of human bone marrow t lymphocytes by human t cell leukemia lymphoma virus subgroup 1

Singh K., 1986: Transformation of different sources of phosphate and their uptake by wheat in an alfisol

Paul D., 1987: Transformation of differentiated neonatal rat hepatocytes in primary culture by polyoma virus early region sequences

Isom H.C., 1987: Transformation of differentiated rat hepatocytes with adenovirus and adenovirus dna

Ramos E., 1981: Transformation of diffuse proliferative glomerulo nephritis to membranous nephritis in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus

Mccormick J.J., 1986: Transformation of diploid human fibroblasts by dna transfection with the v sis oncogene

Mccormick J.J., 1988: Transformation of diploid human fibroblasts by transfection with the v sis pdgf2 c sis or t24 h ras genes

Moses R.E., 1987: Transformation of dna repair deficient human diploid fibroblasts with sv 40 plasmid

Hamelin C., 1986: Transformation of dog embryo kidney cells by human herpesviruses

Bell J.B., 1988: Transformation of drosophila melanogaster with a suppressor transfer rna gene sup3e serine transfer rna u g a from schizosaccharomyces pombe

Karamov, E. V.; Haroditskii, B. S.; Zavizion, B. A.; Tikhonenko, T. I., 1977: Transformation of eco r i restriction endo nuclease substrate specificity under the effect of glycerol

Holm, H. W.; Cox, M. F., 1975: Transformation of elemental mercury by bacteria

Titlyanova, A. A.; Tikhomirova, N. A., 1975: Transformation of elementary chemical composition of vegetable material in the system green phytomass dead phytomass litter

Mamaev A.B., 1983: Transformation of emulsions water in oil and hard tar lumps in the sea

Yother, J.; Mcdaniel, L. S.; Briles, D. E., 1986: Transformation of encapsulated streptococcus pneumoniae

Baehner R.L., 1981: Transformation of energy charge and phospho fructo kinase activity in alveolar macrophages

Hanson J.R., 1987: Transformation of ent kaur 15 enes by gibberella fujikuroi

Popova S.V., 1981: Transformation of enzymic graph having the form of a multi dimensional parallelepiped

Nigam M.P., 1982: Transformation of episodic migraine into daily head ache analysis of factors

Howell, J. B.; Anderson, D. E., 1976: Transformation of epithelioma adenoides cysticum into multiple rodent ulcers fact or fallacy a historical vignette

Thorgeirsson S.S., 1987: Transformation of epstein barr virus immortalized human b cells by chemical carcinogens

Tseng Y H., 1985: Transformation of erwinia chrysanthemi by escherichia coli plasmid dna

Sparks R.B.Jr, 1979: Transformation of erwinia herbicola with plasmid pbr 322 dna

Djaldetti M., 1985: Transformation of erythrocytes to spherocytes following incubation with malignant cells

Mahler, I.; Halvorson, H. O., 1977: Transformation of escherichia coli and bacillus subtilis with a hybrid plasmid molecule

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826093

Schweitzer, S. M.; Matzura, H., 1977: Transformation of escherichia coli by a specific dna restriction fragment

Sanchez, F.; Bolivar, F.; Martuscelli, J., 1976: Transformation of escherichia coli by chromosomal dna from salmonella typhi

Coplin D.L., 1986: Transformation of escherichia coli by plasmid dna from erwinia stewartii

Kurowska, E.; Cebrat, S.; Lachowicz, T. M., 1976: Transformation of escherichia coli by r 404 factor dna and properties of the transformants

Stefanishin E.E., 1980: Transformation of escherichia coli by recombinant plasmids

Monahan J.J., 1981: Transformation of escherichia coli using homo polymer linked plasmid chimeras

Humphreys G.O., 1981: Transformation of escherichia coli with plasmid dna calcium induced binding of dna to whole cells and to isolated membrane fractions

Hanahan D., 1983: Transformation of escherichia coli with plasmids

Baranchikov-Yu, N.; Ryzhkova, T. S., 1987: Transformation of essential oils and monoterpenes in conifers by the caterpillars of dendrolimus superans sibiricus tschtvrk. lasiocampidae lepidoptera

Rommelaere J., 1986: Transformation of established murine fibroblasts with an activated cellular harvey ras oncogene or the polyoma virus middle t gene increases cell permissiveness to parvovirus minute virus of mice

Martynov S.P., 1980: Transformation of experimental data

Fritz J., 1984: Transformation of fanconis anemia to acute nonlymphocytic leukemia associated with emergence of monosomy 7

Essex M., 1979: Transformation of feline embryo cells in culture by a chemical carcinogen

Smirnov, P. M.; Kidin, V. V.; Ivannikova, L. A., 1977: Transformation of fertilizer nitrogen and its use by plants on soils with differing degrees of cultivation

Kirpaneva L.I., 1984: Transformation of fertilizer nitrogen during their annual introduction into soddy podzolic soils

Ellis, R. C., 1978: Transformation of fertilizer nitrogen in soils from a hardwood woodlot and an abandoned pasture

Klyuev N.A., 1985: Transformation of fervenulin 4 oxide in its reactions with some nucleophiles

Pearce G.W., 1984: Transformation of fiber types in muscular dystrophies

Huggins, C.; Wiseman, S.; Reddi, A. H., 1970: Transformation of fibroblasts by allogeneic and xenogeneic transplants of de mineralized tooth and bone

Serafing Monomou M., 1981: Transformation of filter mud in 2 types of cuban soils

Badetskii B.Yu, 1986: Transformation of flax scutch into protein by mycelial fungi

Webb K.J., 1986: Transformation of forage legumes using agrobacterium tumefaciens

Schaffner W., 1981: Transformation of frog xenopus laevis embryos with a rabbit beta globin gene

Van Den Hondel C.A.M.J.J., 1987: Transformation of fulvia fulva a fungal pathogen of tomato to hygromycin b resistance

Pilgeram A.L., 1988: Transformation of gaeumannomyces graminis to benomyl resistance

Tanooka, H., 1973: Transformation of germinated spores of bacillus subtilis on agar plates

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826120

Tanaka O., 1981: Transformation of ginsenosides by acid catalysis in gastric ph

Segawa K., 1987: Transformation of glial cells in mouse embryonic brain cells in vitro with sv 40

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826123

Andreasen, P. A., 1976: Transformation of gluco corticoid receptor complex from rat thymocytes and its accumulation in chromatin in a cell free system

Rossini G.P., 1987: Transformation of glucocorticoid receptor complex oligomers to dna binding forms in the absence of monomerization

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826126

Leblanc, D. J.; Cohen, L.; Jensen, L., 1978: Transformation of group f streptococci by plasmid dna

Clayton N L., 1981: Transformation of haemophilus influenzae by plasmid rsf 0885

Clayton N L., 1981: Transformation of haemophilus influenzae by plasmid rsf 0885 containing a cloned segment of chromosomal dna

Bollag J M., 1985: Transformation of halogen substituted alkyl substituted and alkoxy substituted anilines by a laccase of trametes versicolor

Di-Paolo, J. A.; Donovan, P. J.; Nelson, R. L., 1971: Transformation of hamster cells in vitro by poly cyclic hydro carbons without cyto toxicity

Easton, J. M.; Rabson, A. S.; Malmgren, R. A., 1970: Transformation of hamster cells in vivo and in vitro by an adenovirus 4 sv40 hybrid

Casto, B. C., 1969: Transformation of hamster embryo cells and neopl tumor induction in new born hamsters by simian adenovirus 11 carcino

Levy, S.; Papadopoulo, D.; Nocentini, S.; Chamaillard, L.; Beesau, O.; Hubert-Habart, M.; Markovits, P., 1976: Transformation of hamster embryo cells by 7 methyl benz a anthracene in vitro tumorigenicity chromosome pattern and spheroid formation

Colter J.S., 1985: Transformation of hamster embryo cells by chymotrypsin treated and untreated polyoma virus characterization of transformants

Salmi, A.; Seehafer, J.; Colter, J. S., 1976: Transformation of hamster embryo cells by defective polyoma virus dna

Pienta R.J., 1981: Transformation of hamster embryo cells by neutral sterols and bile acids

Sekiya, S.; Kuwata, T., 1976: Transformation of hamster embryo cells by rous sarcoma virus and 4 nitro quinoline 1 oxide

Camacho, A.; Spear, P. G., 1978: Transformation of hamster embryo fibroblasts by a specific fragment of the herpes simplex virus genome

Boldogh, I.; Gonczol, E.; Vaczi, L., 1978: Transformation of hamster embryonic fibroblast cells by uv irradiated human cytomegalovirus

Lijinsky W., 1979: Transformation of hamster fetal cells by nitrosated pesticides in a trans placental assay

Barbanti Brodano G., 1982: Transformation of hamster kidney cells by a fragment of bk virus dna containing the entire early region

Barbanti Brodano G., 1982: Transformation of hamster kidney cells by fragments of bk virus dna

Shah K.V., 1979: Transformation of hamster kidney cells by simian papovavirus sa 12

Miyoshi I., 1986: Transformation of hamster spleen lymphocytes by human t cell leukemia virus type i

Tolstorukov I.I., 1986: Transformation of hansenula polymorpha pichia guilliermondii williopsis saturnus yeasts by a plasmid containing ade 2 gene from saccharomyces cerevisiae

Blaschek H.P., 1984: Transformation of heat treated clostridium acetobutylicum protoplasts with pub 110 plasmid dna

Kurechi, T.; Kikugawa, K.; Nishizawa, A., 1980: Transformation of hemo globin a into met hemo globin by sesamol

Kurechi T., 1983: Transformation of hemo globin by various per oxides in vitro

Sher, A.; Muller-Berat, C. N.; Ahmad, S., 1981: Transformation of hemopoietic stem cells by phyto hem agglutinin 2. mechanism of action

Toft D.O., 1984: Transformation of highly purified avian progesterone receptor

Suster, S., 1986: Transformation of hodgkin's disease into malignant fibrous histiocytoma

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826153

Gartler S.M., 1983: Transformation of hprt gene with sperm dna

Sussenbach J.S., 1985: Transformation of human 143 tk minus cells with plasmids containing the gene encoding the adenovirus dna binding protein

Wilson J.D., 1983: Transformation of human androgen receptors to the dna binding state

Harris C.C., 1988: Transformation of human bronchial epithelial cells by infection with sv 40 or adenovirus 12 sv 40 hybrid virus or transfection via strontium phosphate coprecipitation with a plasmid containing sv 40 early region genes

Stevens R., 1988: Transformation of human cells by a polyomavirus containing complementing jcv and rfv genomes

Strickland P.T., 1985: Transformation of human cells by dna species ineffective in transformation of nih 3t3 cells

Bennett P.V., 1984: Transformation of human cells by dna transfection

Lomax, C. A.; Bradley, E.; Weber, J.; Bourgaux, P., 1978: Transformation of human cells by temperature sensitive mutants of sv 40

De Giuli Morhen C., 1984: Transformation of human choroid cells in vitro by sv 40 ultrastructural and cytogenetic analysis of cloned cell lines

Wax M.B., 1986: Transformation of human ciliary epithelial cells by sv 40 induction of cell proliferation and retention of beta 2 adrenergic receptors

Kikuchi E., 1984: Transformation of human colostrum lymphocytes with epstein barr virus and the production of immunoglobulin a in culture

Mak S., 1986: Transformation of human cultured fibroblasts with plasmids carrying dominant selection markers and immortalizing potential

Oshima, R. G.; Pellett, O. L.; Robb, J. A.; Schneider, J. A., 1977: Transformation of human cystinotic fibroblasts by sv 40 characteristics of transformed cells with limited and unlimited growth potential

Cajal N., 1983: Transformation of human di ploid cells by adenovirus type 4 irradiated with uv light

Cook, B.; O'sullivan, F.; Leung, J.; Morse, P.; Graham, B.; Chapman, A. L., 1978: Transformation of human embryo cells with the use of cell free extracts of a human rhabdo myo sarcoma cell line hus 2

Byrd P.J., 1986: Transformation of human embryo retinoblasts with sv 40 adenovirus and ras oncogenes

Karazhas, N. V.; Shevlyagin, V. Ya, 1978: Transformation of human embryonal cells by rous sarcoma virus and polyoma virus in relation to the mitotic phase

Volna A., 1985: Transformation of human embryonic cells with pseudorabies virus in the presence of antibody and interferon

Barbanti Brodano G., 1982: Transformation of human embryonic fibroblasts by bk virus bk virus dna and a subgenomic bk virus dna fragment

Uchida S., 1983: Transformation of human embryonic kidney cells by a viable deletion mutant of bk virus

Fareed G.C., 1979: Transformation of human embryonic kidney cells by human papovavirus bk

Katsuki T., 1988: Transformation of human endothelial cells by sv 40 virions

Dipaolo J.A., 1987: Transformation of human fibroblasts and keratinocytes with human papillomavirus type 16 dna

Rommelaere J., 1988: Transformation of human fibroblasts by ionizing radiation a chemical carcinogen or sv 40 correlates with an increase in susceptibility to the autonomous parvoviruses h 1 virus and minute virus of mice

Darmon Y.M., 1986: Transformation of human keratinocytes by sv 40 virus alters their response to the tumor promoter 12 o tetradecanoylphorbol 13 acetate

Hinuma Y., 1982: Transformation of human leukocytes by co cultivation with an adult t cell leukemia virus producer cell line

Miyamoto, K.; Nishikawa, H.; Miyata, T.; Otsuki, S.; Tomita, N.; Suzuki, C.; Ishii, A.; Hiraki, Y.; Sugihara, T.; Et-Al, 1987: Transformation of human leukocytes by co cultivation with htlv i associated myelopathy patients' leukocytes

Ribecky R., 1980: Transformation of human leukocytes with epstein barr virus after cellular exposure to chemical or physical mutagens

Takada K., 1980: Transformation of human lymphocytes by epstein barr virus

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826184

Gallo R.C., 1983: Transformation of human umbilical cord blood t cells by human t cell leukemia lymphoma virus

Andreyuk, E. I.; Gordienko, S. A., 1978: Transformation of humic acids by soil actinomycetes

Ruchko R.V., 1984: Transformation of humic substances by anaerobic soil bacteria

Shindo, H.; Marumoto, T.; Higashi, T., 1978: Transformation of humus composition in soils derived from limestone at akiyoshi plateau in yamaguchi prefecture japan part 1 humus composition of soils in surface horizon

Emtsev V.T., 1985: Transformation of humus compounds by soil anaerobic bacteria of the genus clostridium

Egorov, V. P.; Petukhovskii, S. L., 1980: Transformation of humus reserves in chernozems of zaural'ye asiatic ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826191

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826192

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826193

Hariq S.N., 1983: Transformation of incubated micro nutrient chelates in calcareous soils

Yuasa, T.; Hirai, R.; Huh, N. H.; Shimojo, H.; Yamamoto, T., 1978: Transformation of indian muntjac cells by murine and avian sarcoma viruses

Yamamaka, E.; Saito, N.; Suzuki, Y.; Saka, S. I., 1982: Transformation of indole alkaloids 6. a novel conversion of oxindole alkaloids into indole alkaloids via indoline derivatives

Sakai, S. I.; Yamanaka, E.; Dolby, L. J., 1977: Transformation of indole alkaloids part 3 the partial synthesis of protopine type indole alkaloid burnamicine

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826198

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826199

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826200

Kimura A., 1983: Transformation of intact yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cells treated with alkali cations

Kimura A., 1984: Transformation of intact yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cells treated with alkali cations or thiol compounds

Okada Y., 1979: Transformation of intra membrane particles of hvj sendai virus envelopes from an invisible to visible form on aging of virions

Bandyopadhyay A.K., 1984: Transformation of iron and manganese in coastal saline soil

Smirnov-Yu, A., 1978: Transformation of iron oxides in soils of various climatic zones

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826206

Taylor J.M., 1980: Transformation of isolated rat hepatocytes with sv 40

Sterner O., 1988: Transformation of isovelleral by the parasitic fungus calcarisporium arbuscula

Wesolowski M., 1983: Transformation of kluyveromyces lactis by killer plasmid dna

Delgado J., 1985: Transformation of kluyveromyces lactis cells by plasmid dna does not require alkaline cations

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826212

Obinata M., 1983: Transformation of l cells with virus thymidine kinase genes introduced by red cell mediated micro injection

Sabel'nikova, V. I.; Dvornikova, T. P.; Voloskova, M. M., 1977: Transformation of l tryptophan by rhizobium phaseoli

Starovoitov I.I., 1982: Transformation of l tyrosine into l dopa by cultures of the pseudomonas genus

Diez Martin D., 1988: Transformation of labdanes into drimanes obtention of 11 12 diacetoxy 7 drimene precursor of biologically active drimanes

Burstein, S.; Zamoscianyk, H.; Kimball, H. L.; Chaudhuri, N. K.; Gut, M., 1970: Transformation of labeled cholesterol 20alpha hydroxy cholesterol 22r 22 hydroxy cholesterol and 22r 20alpha 22 di hydroxy cholesterol by adrenal acetone dried preparations from guinea pigs cattle and man part 1 establishment of radiochemical purity of products

Ionova O.N., 1980: Transformation of labeled fertilizer nitrogen in the soil depending on the rate and time of use

Chung H K., 1987: Transformation of lactobacillus casei with escherichia coli r plasmid

Telesh I.V., 1986: Transformation of lake zooplankton in rivers

Giddings L.E., 1981: Transformation of landsat images for botanical applications

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826222

Volodarskii, N. I.; Bystrykh, E. E.; Nikolaeva, E. K., 1977: Transformation of leaf photosynthetic activity in wheat ontogeny

Kikuchi M., 1985: Transformation of lennerts lymphoma into malignant lymphoma of the pleomorphic type

Landry B., 1987: Transformation of lettuce lactuca sativa mediated by agrobacterium tumefaciens

Katunuma N., 1983: Transformation of leukotriene d 4 catalyzed by lysosomal cathepsin h of rat liver

Hotani H., 1987: Transformation of liposomes revealed by dark field light microscopy

Lemonnier, F. A.; Dubreuil, P. C.; Layet, C.; Malissen, M.; Bourel, D.; Mercier, P.; Jakobsen, B. K.; Caillol, D. H.; Svejgaard, A.; Et-Al, 1983: Transformation of lmtk minus cells with purified hla class i genes 2. serologic characterization of hla a 3 and cw 3 molecules

Jordan B.R., 1984: Transformation of lmtk minus cells with purified hla class i genes a determinant on beta 2 micro globulin is controlled by hla heavy chain in a mouse human hybrid complex a biochemical analysis

Lemonnier, F. A.; Le-Bouteiller, P. P.; Olive, D.; Malissen, B.; Mishal, Z.; Layet, C.; Dubreuil, J.; Caillol, D. H.; Kourisky, F. M.; Jordan, B. R., 1984: Transformation of lmtk negative cells with purified class i genes 5. antibody induced structural modification of hla class i molecules results in potentiation of the fixation of a 2nd mono clonal antibody

Layet, C.; Le-Bouteiller, P. P.; N'guyen, C.; Mercier, P.; Rosa, F.; Fellous, M.; Caillol, D. H.; Jordan, B. R.; Lemonnier, F. A., 1984: Transformation of lmtk negative cells with purified hla class i gene 6. serological characterization of hla b 7 and aw 24 molecules

Janyes J.M., 1988: Transformation of lotononis bainesii baker with a synthetic protein gene using the leaf disk transformation regeneration method

Amirkhanova L.M., 1988: Transformation of ltk aprt cells by dna in the composition of reconstructed nucleoprotein complexes

Sugden B., 1982: Transformation of lymphocytes by epstein barr virus requires only one fourth of the viral genome

Falk, L. A.; Henle, G.; Henle, W.; Deinhardt, F.; Schudel, A., 1977: Transformation of lymphocytes by herpesvirus papio

Beratis N.G., 1988: Transformation of lymphocytes from immunized rh d negative subjects by rh d isoantigen

Jones, A. R.; Vaughan, R. W.; Bewick, M.; Batchelor, J. R., 1976: Transformation of lymphocytes from patients awaiting cadaver renal transplants

Wagnerova, M.; Stafova, J.; Wagner, V.; Vacek, V., 1975: Transformation of lymphocytes in patients with certain bacterial infections

Sandbank M., 1987: Transformation of lymphocytoma cutis into a malignant lymphoma in association with the sign of leser trelat

Dirksen E.R., 1981: Transformation of macrophages from nzb hybrid mice by sv 40

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826241

Balfour R., 1985: Transformation of mammalian cell by iontophoretic pricking or iontophoretic microinjection

Berg P., 1982: Transformation of mammalian cells to antibiotic resistance with a bacterial gene under control of the sv 40 early region promoter

Silverstein S., 1980: Transformation of mammalian cells with an amplifiable dominant acting gene

Axel R., 1979: Transformation of mammalian cells with genes from prokaryotes and eukaryotes

Upcroft P., 1987: Transformation of mammalian cells with recombinant dna directly from seaplaque agarose

Luciw P., 1984: Transformation of mammalian fibroblasts and macrophages in vitro by a murine retrovirus encoding an avian v myc oncogene

Shyamala G., 1981: Transformation of mammary cytoplasmic gluco corticoid receptor under cell free conditions

Dolgikh L.M., 1985: Transformation of manganese oxides on leaching manganese ores by heterotrophic bacteria achromobacter

Wong L., 1988: Transformation of maps to investigate clusters of disease

Shibata M., 1980: Transformation of maridomycin iii by maridomycin iii insensitive streptomycetes

Falk, L.; Johnson, D.; Deinhardt, F., 1978: Transformation of marmoset lymphocytes in vitro with herpesvirus ateles

Kudrinskaya, O. I., 1976: Transformation of matter and energy by fish larvae

Rajtova, V., 1975: Transformation of meckels cartilage and ossification of the mandible in ovis and capra

Forsberg C.W., 1979: Transformation of mercuric chloride and methyl mercury by the rumen micro flora

Marquet A., 1983: Transformation of methionine into s tert butyl homo cysteine application to a methionine containing peptide substance p

Tomilin N.V., 1966: Transformation of mice by the prokaryotic gene of dihydrofolate reductase

Korionova A.V., 1986: Transformation of minerals in sandy podzolic soil profiles

Karpachevskii L.O., 1986: Transformation of minerals of the parent rocks in the geyser valley kamtchatka russian sfsr ussr

Shatemirova, K. K.; Verevkina, I. V.; Gorkin, V. Z., 1977: Transformation of mitochondrial mono amine oxidase type a and type b

Vaheri A., 1982: Transformation of mmc e epithelial cells by acute 3611 murine sarcoma virus inhibition of collagen synthesis and induction of novel poly peptides

Ling E.A., 1979: Transformation of monocytes into amoeboid micro glia and into micro glia in the corpus callosum of post natal rats as shown by labeling monocytes by carbon particles

Zucker-Franklin, D.; Grusky, G.; Marcus, A., 1978: Transformation of monocytes into fat cells

Krupp, S., 1976: Transformation of monocytes into fibroblasts in healing wounds

Liras, P.; Umbreit, W. W., 1975: Transformation of morphine by resting cells and cell free systems of arthrobacter sp

Belousov L.V., 1987: Transformation of morphological structure and degradation of extracellular matrix in amphibian embryonic tissues after short term destruction of cell contacts

Bassin, R. H.; Phillips, L. A.; Kramer, M. J.; Haapala, D. K.; Peebles, P. T.; Nomura, S.; Fischinger, P. J., 1971: Transformation of mouse 3t 3 cells by murine sarcoma virus release of virus like particles in the absence of replicating murine leukemia helper virus

Igarashi K., 1988: Transformation of mouse balb c 3t3 cells with human basic fibroblast growth factor complementary dna

Walker W.S., 1985: Transformation of mouse bone marrow cells by transfection with a human oncogene related to c myc is associated with the endogenous production of macrophage colony stimulating factor 1

Elkind M.M., 1979: Transformation of mouse c 3h 10t 1 2 cells by single and fractionated doses of x rays and fission spectrum neutrons

Engel, E.; Mcgee, B. J.; Russell, M. H.; Cassidy, P. S.; Flexner, J. M.; Engel-De-Montmollin, M. L., 1976: Transformation of mouse cells by fusion with chronic granulocytic leukemia cells possible role of human chromosome 7

Takemoto, K.; Fabisch, P., 1970: Transformation of mouse cells by k papovavirus

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826273

Stone, L. B.; Takemoto, K. K., 1970: Transformation of mouse macrophages by sv 40

Medina D., 1984: Transformation of mouse mammary epithelial cells by papovavirus sv 40

Youson J.H., 1987: Transformation of mucocartilage to a definitive cartilage during metamorphosis in the sea lamprey petromyzon marinus

Takemoto, K. K.; Stone, L. B., 1971: Transformation of murine cells by 2 slow viruses visna virus and progressive pneumonia virus

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Polyak R.Ya, 1979: Transformation of murine lymphocytes after phyto hem agglutinin stimulation related to cultivation conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826280

Lorie-Yu, I.; Reizinger, M. A.; Frenkel, M. A.; Probatova, N. A.; Rakhimbekova, B. S., 1976: Transformation of myeloma into acute plasmo cellular leukemia

Reznik L.V., 1982: Transformation of n nitro phenetole by bacillus and pseudomonas bacteria

Novogrodsky, A.; Katchalski, E., 1973: Transformation of neuraminidase ec treated lymphocytes by soybean agglutinin

Marzluf G.A., 1985: Transformation of neurospora crassa with circular and linear dna and analysis of the fate of the transforming dna

Kinsey J.A., 1984: Transformation of neurospora crassa with recombinant plasmids containing the cloned glutamate dehydrogenase am gene evidence for autonomous replication of the transforming plasmid

Rambosek J.A., 1984: Transformation of neurospora crassa with the cloned am glutamate dehydrogenase gene

Carpenter K.J., 1987: Transformation of niacin containing compounds in corn during grain development relationship to niacin nutritional availability

Flood W.A.Jr, 1987: Transformation of nih 3t3 cells by cotransfection with c src and nuclear oncogenes

Tsuchiya M., 1987: Transformation of nih 3t3 cells by dna from a human hepatoma cell line with integrated hepatitis b virus dna

Cooper G.M., 1984: Transformation of nih 3t3 cells by dna of the mcf 7 human mammary carcinoma cell line induces expression of an endogenous murine leukemia provirus

Mcdougall J.K., 1982: Transformation of nih 3t3 cells with cloned fragments of human cytomegalovirus strain ad 69

Cooper G.M., 1979: Transformation of nih 3t3 mouse cells by dna of rous sarcoma virus

Farrow F.O., 1982: Transformation of nitrogen 15 enriched fertilizer nitrogen during rice straw decomposition in submerged soil

Weigert I., 1986: Transformation of nitrogen 15 labeled ammonium nitrate in a pot experiment with winter wheat

Gandhi G., 1985: Transformation of nitrogen 15 labeled urea in rice oryza sativa wheat triticum aestivum cropping system

Khodakova R.N., 1980: Transformation of nitrogen as the result of denitrification by pseudomonas denitrificans

Altukhova V.M., 1979: Transformation of nitrogen fertilizer in soil and its utilization by rice depending on dose and the use of nitrification inhibitors

Ballard R., 1979: Transformation of nitrogen fertilizers and movement of nutrients from the surface of a rhyolitic pumice forest soil

Kosorotov V.I., 1981: Transformation of nitrogen fertilizers in the soil and their effectiveness when nitrification inhibitors are used

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826300

Idris, M.; Choudhury, F. A.; Sarkar, S. D. K., 1974: Transformation of nitrogen from urea placed at different depths in soil

Shilo M., 1986: Transformation of nitrogen in sediments of fish ponds in israel

Shinde J.E., 1985: Transformation of nitrogen labeled urea and its modified forms in tropical wetland rice culture

Dmitriev, M. T.; Gubernskii-Yu, D.; Klebanova, V. A., 1977: Transformation of nitrogen oxides in the air

Do Phuoc H., 1982: Transformation of nitrogen oxides nitric oxide and nitrogen di oxide inhaled by animals

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826306

Dick, F. R.; Parks, W.; O'connor, M., 1977: Transformation of nodular lymphoma to an immuno blastic immuno globulin m producing tumor

Romanovskaya V.A., 1988: Transformation of nongrowth substrates by methylococcus capsulatus cells

Karpas, A.; Wreghitt, T. G.; Nagington, J., 1978: Transformation of normal bone marrow cells by a leukemic cell line associated with a presumptive new human virus

Cassingena, R.; Suarez, H. G.; Lavialle, C.; Persuy, M. A.; Ermonval, M., 1978: Transformation of normal di ploid cells by isolated metaphase chromosomes of virus transformed or spontaneous tumor cells

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826311

Mager, R.; Huberman, E.; Yang, S. K.; Gelboin, H. V.; Sachs, L., 1977: Transformation of normal hamster cells by benzo a pyrenediol epoxide

Freebeck P., 1988: Transformation of normal homologous cells by a spontaneously activated ha ras oncogene

Sporn M.B., 1987: Transformation of normal rat kidney nrk cells by an infectious retrovirus carrying a synthetic rat type alpha transforming growth factor gene

Ailhaud G., 1986: Transformation of ob 17 cells promotes proliferation and differentiation of ob 17 preadipocytes via distinct extracellular intermediates

Cervos Navarro J., 1983: Transformation of oligodendro glia a para neoplastic or pre neoplastic effect of ethylnitroso urea on mouse brain

Greenberg A.H., 1987: Transformation of oncogenes encoding protein kinases induces the metastatic phenotype

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826318

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826319

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826320

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826321

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826322

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826323

Neubauer R.H., 1984: Transformation of owl monkey aotus trivirgatus t cells in vitro with herpesvirus saimiri

Romanova E.A., 1987: Transformation of p chloroaniline by escherichia coli under anaerobic conditions

Tashirev A.B., 1983: Transformation of p nitrochloro benzene by escherichia coli

Yoshioka M., 1981: Transformation of paralytic shellfish toxins as demonstrated in scallop placopecten magellanicus homogenates

Preer J.R.Jr, 1987: Transformation of paramecium by microinjection of a cloned serotype gene

Esser K., 1987: Transformation of penicillium chrysogenum by a vector containing a mitochondrial origin of replication

Schwab H., 1988: Transformation of penicillium chrysogenum using dominant selection markers and expression of an escherichia coli lac z fusion gene

Turner G., 1987: Transformation of penicillium chrysogenum using the aspergillus nidulans amd s gene as a dominant selective marker

Turner G., 1988: Transformation of penicillium chrysogenum with a dominant selectable marker

Tudor I., 1980: Transformation of petunia protoplasts by isolated agrobacterium tumefaciens plasmids

Chernavina M.V., 1980: Transformation of phosphorus compounds during maturation of apple seeds

Singh, R.; Bahaman, P. C., 1976: Transformation of phosphorus in acid soil under waterlogged and upland conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826337

Sundqvist C., 1987: Transformation of photoinactive to photoactive protochlorophyllide in isolated prolamellar bodies of wheat triticum aestivum exposed to low ph and atp

Jayaram M., 1986: Transformation of phycomyces blakesleeanus to g 418 resistance by an autonomously replicating plasmid

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826340

Uzbekov B.K., 1980: Transformation of plague microbe into l form

Yarrow S.A., 1988: Transformation of plant mitochondria with mitochondrial dna plasmids via protoplast fusion

Schilperoort R.A., 1985: Transformation of plant protoplasts with dna cotransformation of non selected calf thymus carrier dna and meiotic segregation of transforming dna sequences

Chen X W., 1987: Transformation of plasmid dna in streptomyces qingfengmyceticus

Bimbenet J.J., 1985: Transformation of plums to prunes measurement of drying kinetics and technological consequences

Najean Y., 1984: Transformation of polycythemia vera into myelofibrosis monitoring by procollagen iii aminopeptide assays

Berk P.D., 1988: Transformation of polycythemia vera to acute nonlymphocytic leukemia accompanied by translocation 1 3 p36 q21 karyotype

Russell J.D., 1988: Transformation of poorly crystalline oxides during boiling with sodium hydroxide to concentrate iron oxides from soils

Petito, C. K., 1986: Transformation of postischemic perineuronal glial cells i. electron microscopic studies

Chung, S. H.; Sim, W. S., 1987: Transformation of potato solanum tuberosum l. tuber cells with agrobacterium tumefaciens and ti plasmid dna

Hill W.G., 1988: Transformation of poultry egg production data to improve normality homoscedasticity and linearity of genotypic regression

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826352

Sato J., 1985: Transformation of primary cultured and cocultured adult rat liver cells by 3 methyl 4 dimethylaminoazobenzene

Skinner, G. R. B., 1976: Transformation of primary hamster embryo fibroblasts by type 2 simplex virus evidence for a hit and run mechanism

Pater M.M., 1986: Transformation of primary human embryonic kidney cells to anchorage independence by a combination of bk virus dna and the harvey ras oncogene

Crawford L., 1988: Transformation of primary human fibroblast cells with human papillomavirus type 16 dna and ej ras

Plakkhina, D. M.; Fridland, V. M., 1978: Transformation of primary minerals in ferric podzol

Freeman, A. E.; Black, P. H.; Vanderpool, E. A.; Henry, P. H.; Austin, J. B.; Huebner, R. J., 1967: Transformation of primary rat embryo cells by adenovirus type 2 carcino hamster

Van Der Eb A.J., 1979: Transformation of primary rat kidney cells by dna fragments of weakly oncogenic adenoviruses

Abrahams, P. J.; Mulder, C.; Van-De-Voorde, A.; Warnaar, S. O.; Van-Der-Eb, A. J., 1975: Transformation of primary rat kidney cells by fragments of sv 40 dna

Trabucco A., 1981: Transformation of progesterone by caldariella acidophila an extreme thermophilic bacterium

Vasilenko, D. A.; Korogod, S. M.; Kostyukov, A. I., 1978: Transformation of prolonged reticulofugal impulse sequences by inter neurons mono synaptically bound to the reticulo spinal tract

Roberts L.J.II, 1985: Transformation of prostaglandin d 2 to 9 alpha 11 beta 15s trihydroxyprosta 5z 13e dien 1 oic acid 9 alpha 11 beta prostaglandin f 2 a unique biologically active prostaglandin produced enzymatically in vivo in humans

Roberts L.J.II, 1988: Transformation of prostaglandin d 2 to isomeric prostaglandin f 2 compounds by human eosinophils a potential mast cell eosinophil interaction

Nachtigal M., 1986: Transformation of prostatic epithelial cells and fibroblasts with cadmium chloride in vitro

Dion, P.; Goulet, J.; Lachance, R. A., 1978: Transformation of protein free whey in culture medium by bakers yeast

Miteva V., 1983: Transformation of protoplasts of bacillus cereus by plasmid dna from bacillus thuringiensis transformants

Oshima Y., 1984: Transformation of protoplasts of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cells is directly associated with cell fusion

Haque H., 1979: Transformation of pseudomonas aeruginosa and escherichia coli with resistance plasmid dna formation of smaller conjugative plasmids from rpi

Sano, Y.; Kageyama, M., 1977: Transformation of pseudomonas aeruginosa by plasmid dna

Sinclair, M. I.; Morgan, A. F., 1978: Transformation of pseudomonas aeruginosa strain pao with bacterio phage and plasmid dna

Ueda S., 1982: Transformation of pseudomonas aeruginosa with chromosomal dna into bacillus subtilis

Chakrabarty, A. M.; Mylroie, J. R.; Friello, D. A.; Vacca, J. G., 1975: Transformation of pseudomonas putida and escherichia coli with plasmid linked drug resistance factor dna

Mylroie, J. R.; Friello, D. A.; Chakrabarty, A. M., 1978: Transformation of pseudomonas putida with chromosomal dna

Vidaver A.K., 1981: Transformation of pseudomonas syringae with nonconjugative r plasmids

Cox B.S. , 1986: Transformation of psi negative saccharomyces cerevisiae to psi positive with dna co purified with 3 millimicron circles

Emtsev, V. T.; Babaitseva, V. A.; Vitol, M. Ya, 1977: Transformation of purine and pyrimidine compounds by soil anaerobes of the clostridium genus

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826379

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826381

Obergrusberger R., 1987: Transformation of pyrrolidine enaminothiones to 4 5 dihydro 6h thieno 2 3 c azepines

Saule S., 1986: Transformation of quail embryo fibroblasts by a retrovirus carrying a normal human c myc gene

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826384

Hayashi E., 1986: Transformation of quinazoline into 2 1h quinolinones with alkanoic anhydrides

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826386

Mason, D. H-Jr ; Takemoto, K. K., 1977: Transformation of rabbit kidney cells by bkv mm human papovavirus

Reese A.C., 1979: Transformation of rabbit lymphocytes stimulated in vitro by a 10 minute pulse with concanavalin a phyto hem agglutinin pokeweed mitogen or keyhole limpet hemo cyanin

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826389

Chadha M.S., 1981: Transformation of racemic flavanone by gibberella fujikuroi

Loir, M.; Lanneau, M., 1978: Transformation of ram spermatid chromatin

Fujinaga K., 1982: Transformation of rat 3y 1 cells by the cloned eco r i c fragment of human adenovirus type 12

Yoshiike K., 1988: Transformation of rat 3y1 cells by a deletion dna of human papillomavirus type 16 molecularly cloned from genomic dna of a cervical carcinoma

Yoshiike K., 1988: Transformation of rat 3y1 cells by human papillomavirus type 18 dna

Freeman, A. E.; Price, P. J.; Bryan, R. J.; Gordon, R. J.; Gilden, R. V.; Kelloff, G. J.; Huebner, R. J., 1971: Transformation of rat and hamster embryo cells by extracts of city smog

Kamen R., 1981: Transformation of rat cells by an altered polyoma virus genome expressing only the middle t protein

Mak S., 1983: Transformation of rat cells by cyt mutants of adenovirus type 12 and mutants of adenovirus type 5

Sambrook J., 1979: Transformation of rat cells by the hybrid virus ad 2 2 plus hey

Meyers P., 1983: Transformation of rat cerebral endothelial cells by rous sarcoma virus

Moreau P.E., 1980: Transformation of rat embryo fibroblasts by cloned polyoma virus dna fragments containing only part of early region

Bastin M., 1981: Transformation of rat fibroblasts by cloned defective polyoma dna

Rosen O.M., 1987: Transformation of rat fibroblasts by fsv rapidly increases glucose transporter gene transcription

Isom H.C., 1986: Transformation of rat hepatocytes by transfection with sv 40 dna to yield proliferating differentiated cells

Horio T., 1987: Transformation of rat liver cell line by rous sarcoma virus causes loss of cell surface fibronectin accompanied with secretion of metallo proteinase that preferentially digests the fibronectin

Rhim, J. S.; Kim, C. M.; Okigaki, T.; Huebner, R. J., 1977: Transformation of rat liver epithelial cells by kirsten murine sarcoma virus

Tsuchida N., 1981: Transformation of rat thyroid epithelial cells by kirsten murine sarcoma virus

Cohen G.M., 1980: Transformation of rat tracheal epithelial cells by benzo a pyrene and its metabolites

Ruiz, J. M. O., 1977: Transformation of respiratory deficient cytoplasmic strains of saccharomyces cerevisiae with mitochondria obtained from respiratory normal strains

Lacks S.A., 1982: Transformation of restriction endo nuclease phenotype in streptococcus pneumoniae

Soh B.M., 1983: Transformation of retinal glial cells into lens phenotype expression of mp 26 a lens plasma membrane antigen

Kalman Z., 1982: Transformation of rhizobium meliloti 41 with plasmid dna

Pemberton J.M., 1980: Transformation of rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides with dna isolated from bacterio phage r phi 6p

Gilbert H.J., 1985: Transformation of rhodosporidium toruloides

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826417

Mcdougall J.K., 1981: Transformation of rodent cells by a cloned dna fragment of herpes simplex virus type 2

Di Mayorca G., 1981: Transformation of rodent cells by rf virus the human papovavirus with dual genome

Denner, J.; Ehm, I.; Jandrig, B.; Friese, D., 1987: Transformation of rodent immortalized and embryo cells by oncogenes i. mouse nih 3t3 and rat fr 3t3 immortalized fibroblasts

Denner, J.; Jandrig, B.; Ehm, I.; Schramm, T., 1987: Transformation of rodent immortalized and embryo cells by oncogenes ii. rat embryo fibroblast ref

Yamamoto I., 1981: Transformation of s 2 acetylaminoethyldimethyl phosphorodithioate under various oxidative conditions

Park, S. K.; Chung, D. H., 1988: Transformation of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Donini P., 1985: Transformation of saccharomyces cerevisiae and schizosaccharomyces pombe with linear plasmids containing 2 micron sequences

Sakaguchi K., 1982: Transformation of saccharomyces cerevisiae with linear dna killer plasmids from kluyveromyces lactis

Nagley P., 1980: Transformation of saccharomyces cerevisiae with yeast mitochondrial dna linked to 2 micron circular yeast plasmid

Korge G., 1985: Transformation of salivary gland secretion protein gene sgs 4 in drosophila melanogaster stage specific and tissue specific regulation dosage compensation and position effect

Yoshikoshi A., 1987: Transformation of santonin into dextro deoxyvernolepin and related dilactones

Shall S., 1986: Transformation of schizosaccharomyces pombe by non homologous unstable integration of plasmids in the genome

Bloch, P. H., 1978: Transformation of seborrheic keratosis into bowens disease

Willems M., 1987: Transformation of secoiridoid glucosides to pyridine alkaloids

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826432

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826433

Stuart A.E., 1981: Transformation of signals by inter neurons in the barnacles balanus nubilus visual pathway

Voet R.L., 1983: Transformation of signet ring cell lymphoma to typical nodular poorly differentiated lymphocytic lymphoma light microscopic immuno histochemical and electron microscopic observations

Ostertag W., 1988: Transformation of single myeloid precursor cells by the malignant histiocytosis sarcoma virus mhsv generation of growth factor independent myeloid colonies and permanent cell lines

Messinova O.V., 1982: Transformation of sito sterol by various bacteria

Darai, G.; Harms, E.; Fluegel, R. M.; Braun, R.; Munk, K., 1978: Transformation of skin fibroblast cells of a cystinotic patient by sv 40 evidence for an establishment of a permanent cell clone which retains the original metabolic defect

Hajek B.F., 1983: Transformation of smectite to kaolinite in naturally acid soil systems structural and thermodynamic considerations

Marsh H., 1983: Transformation of soft coral coelenterata octocorallia terpenes by ovula ovum mollusca prosobranchia

Morgan A.J., 1987: Transformation of solanum and nicotiana species using an ri plasmid vector

El-Kholei, M. S.; Habib, M. A., 1982: Transformation of some ammonium forms in soils as affected by some cation systems 2. ammonium nitrate

El-Kholei, M. S.; Habib, M. A., 1982: Transformation of some ammonium forms in soils as affected by some cation systems 3. ammonium phosphate

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826445

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826446

Geider K., 1987: Transformation of soybean protoplasts from permanent suspension cultures by cultivation with cells of agrobacterium tumefaciens

Marushige, Y.; Marushige, K., 1975: Transformation of sperm histone during formation and maturation of rat spermatozoa

Ablashi, D. V.; Easton, J. M.; Pearson, G. R., 1977: Transformation of squirrel monkey lymphocytes by epstein barr virus effect of donor age

Qian X., 1986: Transformation of steroids by algae

Mallett A.I., 1986: Transformation of steroids by axillary coryneform bacteria

Jaworski A., 1984: Transformation of steroids by fungal protoplasts

Jaworski, A.; Sedlaczek, L.; Dlugonski, J., 1984: Transformation of steroids by fungal spores 3. activity of 11 hydroxylases at various times during germination and vegetative growth of cunninghamella elegans sporangiospores

Klein, H. A., 1977: Transformation of stimulus information from very short term memory

Karpova T.V., 1983: Transformation of stored fats in the germinating maize caryopsis

Matsuura, S.; Kamiya, R.; Asakura, S., 1978: Transformation of straight flagella and recovery of motility in a mutant escherichia coli

Westergren, G.; Emilson, C. G., 1977: Transformation of streptococci to streptomycin resistance by oral streptococcal dna

Curtiss R.IIi, 1986: Transformation of streptococcus mutans with chromosomal and shuttle plasmid p ya 629 dna species

Sicard A.M., 1980: Transformation of streptococcus pneumoniae with streptococcus pneumoniae lambda phage hybrid dna induction of deletions

Holm S.E., 1982: Transformation of streptococcus sanguis by linear plasmid molecules

Leblanc, D. J.; Hassell, F. P., 1976: Transformation of streptococcus sanguis by plasmid dna from streptococcus faecalis

Mckay L.L., 1984: Transformation of streptococcus sanguis challis with streptococcus lactis plasmid dna

Westergren, G., 1978: Transformation of streptococcus sanguis to a rough colonial morphology with an increased ability to adhere

Daneo Moore L., 1988: Transformation of streptococcus sanguis to intrinsic penicillin resistance

Welch R.A., 1981: Transformation of streptococcus sanguis with monomeric pva 736 plasmid dna

Klapko L.M., 1987: Transformation of streptomyces avermitilis by plasmid dna

Zhdanov V.G., 1988: Transformation of streptomyces bambergiensis s712 protoplasts with plasmid dna

Hutchinson C.R., 1986: Transformation of streptomyces erythraeus

Tichy P., 1985: Transformation of streptomyces granaticolor with natural and recombinant plasmid vectors

Mashkovskii N.N., 1986: Transformation of streptomyces griseus protoplasts by chromosomal and plasmid dna encapsulated in liposomes

Jiang N., 1985: Transformation of streptomyces qingfengmyceticus by four different bacterial plasmids

Matselyukh B.P., 1987: Transformation of streptomyces sp 1912 8 protoplasts by dna of plasmid psg 1912

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826473

Manners J.M., 1987: Transformation of stylosanthes spp using agrobacterium tumefaciens

Choe J., 1985: Transformation of subcutaneous reticular cells by injection of allogenic thymocytes in chickens

Kryshtab T.P., 1979: Transformation of substrates not used for growth by the immobilized methane oxidizing bacteria

Cocking E.C., 1987: Transformation of sugarcane protoplasts by direct uptake of a selectable chimeric gene

Okada, Y.; Koizumi, K., 1983: Transformation of sugars with strongly basic anion exchange resin 2. analyses by gas liquid chromatography mass spectrometry and high performance liquid chromatography of reaction products

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826479

Oniani D.P., 1979: Transformation of super phosphate in chernozem soils under different exposures

Doniger J., 1981: Transformation of syrian hamster embryo cells by sodium bi sulfite

Andrews T.K.Jr, 1983: Transformation of syrian hamster embryo cells by syn fuel mixtures

Feinberg M.B., 1986: Transformation of t lymphoid cells by abelson murine leukemia virus

Shingu K., 1980: Transformation of tazettine to pre tazettine

Nishimoto T., 1983: Transformation of temperature sensitive growth mutant of bhk 21 cell line to wild type phenotype with hamster and mouse dna

Thillet, J.; Kunst, F.; Lasserre, C.; Bucchini, D.; Pictet, R.; Jami, J., 1984: Transformation of terato carcinoma stem cells and fibroblasts with various vectors containing the eco. gpt gene as a selection marker

Dyban P.A., 1987: Transformation of teratocarcinoma cba9h6 cells passaged in vivo by bacterial dihydrofolate reductase gene

Watanabe M., 1982: Transformation of terpenoids in grape must by botrytis cinerea

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826489

Navas P., 1988: Transformation of tetrahymena thermophila by electroporation and parameters effecting cell survival

Yao M C., 1986: Transformation of tetrahymena thermophila by microinjection of ribosomal rna genes

Yao M C., 1988: Transformation of tetrahymena thermophila with hypermethylated ribosomal rna genes

Wilson E.M., 1987: Transformation of the 10s androgen receptor in a hamster ductus deferens tumor cell line

Baulieu E E., 1987: Transformation of the 8 9 s molybdate stabilized estrogen receptor from low affinity to high affinity state without dissociation into subunits

Ikeda T., 1979: Transformation of the a b ring of 6 beta bromo 4 4 dimethyl 1 alpha 2 alpha epoxy 3 alpha 5 alpha oxido cholestane into a 5 7 membered ring

Wilson J.D., 1987: Transformation of the androgen receptor to the dna binding state studies in homogenates and intact cells

Ullrich R.C., 1986: Transformation of the basidiomycete schizophyllum commune

Kahn Nathan J., 1987: Transformation of the body pattern

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826499

Levin S.L., 1982: Transformation of the cholinonegative effect of atropine to the cholinopositive as shown on the de nervated salivary gland of man during reflex stimulation

Wood M.G., 1981: Transformation of the common wart into squamous cell carcinoma in a patient with primary lymph edema

Mcfadden B.A., 1986: Transformation of the cyanobacterium anacystis nidulans 6301 with the escherichia coli plasmid pbr 322

Wootton J.C., 1988: Transformation of the cyanobacterium synechococcus pcc 6301 using cloned dna

Nakahara, S.; Tahara, S.; Mizutani, J.; Ingham, J. L., 1986: Transformation of the diprenylated isoflavone 2' hydroxylupalbigenin by aspergillus flavus

Wright, G. M.; Youson, J. H., 1980: Transformation of the endostyle of the anadromous sea lamprey petromyzon marinus during metamorphosis 2. electron microscopy

Wright, G. M.; Youson, J. H., 1976: Transformation of the endostyle of the anadromous sea lamprey petromyzon marinus during metamorphosis part 1 light microscopy and auto radiography with iodine 125

Kittstein W., 1980: Transformation of the estrogen receptor complex from chick oviduct in 2 steps

Pickett Heaps J.D., 1988: Transformation of the flagella and associated flagellar components during cell division in the coccolithophorid pleurochrysis carterae

Kostyukov A.I. , 1982: Transformation of the frequency modulated afferent activity by cat spinal moto neurons

Yoder O.C., 1985: Transformation of the fungal maize pathogen cochliobolus heterostrophus using the aspergillus nidulans amd s gene

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826512

Rautenstrauch, V., 1978: Transformation of the geraniol skeleton into the fragranol and grandisol skeletons

Hogberg B., 1979: Transformation of the gluco corticoid receptor in rat liver cytosol by lysosomal enzymes

Chrambach A., 1988: Transformation of the glucocorticoid receptor in the cell free cytosol of the neural retina of the chick embryo changes in the size and charge of the receptor complex during transformation suggest a multistage process

Noguchi, T., 1978: Transformation of the golgi apparatus in the cell cycle especially at the resting and earliest developmental stages of a green alga micrasterias americana

Ueda, K.; Noguchi, T., 1976: Transformation of the golgi apparatus in the cell cycle of a green alga micrasterias americana

Reesink, H. W.; De-Boer, J. E. G.; Reerink-Brongers, E. E., 1976: Transformation of the hepanosticon test for the detection of hepatitis b surface antigen into a micro technique

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826519

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826520

Maule A., 1982: Transformation of the herbicides propanil and chlorpropham by micro algae

Pera, F.; Moll, M., 1976: Transformation of the hetero chromatin structure during epithelial cell differentiation in microtus agrestis

Gartler S.M., 1984: Transformation of the hprt gene with dna from spermatogenic cells implications for the evolution of x chromosome inactivation

Morita, Y.; Hesse, M.; Renner, U.; Schmid, H., 1976: Transformation of the iboga alkaloid voacangine into voaketone a derivative of beta carboline

Youson J.H., 1979: Transformation of the inter lamellar epithelium of the gills of the anadromous sea lamprey petromyzon marinus during metamorphosis

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826526

Razmologov V.P., 1981: Transformation of the leaf buds into flower buds in apple trees

Croisille, Y.; Gumpel-Pinot, M.; Gasc, J. M., 1978: Transformation of the meso nephros into epididymis in the cock fate of collecting and secretory tubule antigens

Sudbery P.E., 1986: Transformation of the methylotrophic yeast hansenula polymorpha

Hollenberg C.P., 1986: Transformation of the methylotrophic yeast hansenula polymorpha by autonomous replication and integration vectors

Lesley D.E., 1980: Transformation of the mouse clonal cell line r 846 dp 8 by mississippi river raw and finished water samples from southeastern louisiana usa

Dyban A.D., 1986: Transformation of the murine genome with microinjections of the thymidine kinase gene from the herpes simplex virus into fertilized ova

Kreitner, G. L., 1977: Transformation of the nucleus in marchantia spermatids morphogenesis

Kurtz B., 1980: Transformation of the phi psi plot for proteins to a new representation with local helicity and peptide torsional angles as variables

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Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826694

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Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826727

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Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826731

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Moses H.L., 1987: Transforming growth factor alpha and beta expression in human colon cancer lines implications for an autocrine model

Twardzik D.R., 1987: Transforming growth factor alpha attenuates the acquisition of aromatase activity by cultured rat granulosa cells

Shklar G., 1988: Transforming growth factor alpha in chemically transformed hamster oral keratinocytes

Murphy R.A., 1986: Transforming growth factor alpha inhibits secretion of gastric acid

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826821

Wenner C.E., 1988: Transforming growth factor alpha tgf alpha induction of c fos and c myc expression in c3h 10t1 2 cells

Krebs E.G., 1982: Transforming growth factor and epidermal growth factor stimulate the phosphorylation of a synthetic tyrosine containing peptide in a similar manner

Palladino M.A., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta 1 modulates the expression of class ii histocompatibility antigens on human cells

Roberts A.B., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta 1 positively regulates its own expression in normal and transformed cells

Ruscetti F.W., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta 1 selectively regulates early murine hematopoietic progenitors and inhibits the growth of il 3 dependent myeloid leukemia cell lines

Palladino M.A.Jr, 1988: Transforming growth factor beta 1 tgf beta 1 and recombinant human tumor necrosis factor alpha reciprocally regulate the generation of lymphokine activated killer cell activity comparison between natural porcine platelet derived tgf beta 1 and tgf beta 2 and recombinant human tgf beta 1

Purchio A.F., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta 2 complementary dna cloning and sequence analysis

Sporn M.B., 1986: Transforming growth factor beta a very potent inhibitor of myoblast differentiation identical to the differentiation inhibitor secreted by buffalo rat liver cells

Goldstein G.W., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta activates protein kinase c in microvessels isolated from immature rat brain

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826831

Bendell J.J., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta and fsh promote rat granulosa cell proliferation

De Laat S.W., 1986: Transforming growth factor beta and retinoic acid modulate phenotypic transformation of normal rat kidney cells induced by epidermal growth factor and platelet derived growth factor

Yamasaki H., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta as a potent promoter in two stage balb c 3t3 cell transformation

Sporn M.B., 1984: Transforming growth factor beta controls receptor levels for epidermal growth factor in nrk fibroblasts

Burger H.G., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta enhances basal and fsh stimulated inhibin production by rat granulosa cells in vitro

Francke U., 1986: Transforming growth factor beta gene maps to human chromosome 19 long arm and to mouse chromosome 7

Sporn M.B., 1983: Transforming growth factor beta in human platelets identification of a major storage site purification and characterization

Mosher D.F., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta increases cell surface binding and assembly of exogenous plasma fibronectin by normal human fibroblasts

Penttinen, R. P.; Kobayashi, S.; Bornstein, P., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta increases messenger rna for matrix proteins both in the presence and in the absence of changes in messenger rna stability

Kang A.H., 1987: Transforming growth factor beta increases steady state levels of type i procollagen and fibronectin messenger rnas posttranscriptionally in cultured human dermal fibroblasts

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826842

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826843

Mundy G.R., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta inhibits bone resorption in fetal rat long bone cultures

Milner R.D.G., 1987: Transforming growth factor beta inhibits dna synthesis in hepatocytes isolated from normal and regenerating rat liver

Boehlen P., 1986: Transforming growth factor beta inhibits endothelial cell proliferation

Roodman G.D., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta inhibits formation of osteoclast like cells in long term human marrow cultures

Saez J.M., 1987: Transforming growth factor beta inhibits leydig cell functions

Haskell J.F., 1987: Transforming growth factor beta inhibits leydig cell steroidogenesis in primary culture

Rosenberg S.A., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta inhibits the in vitro generation of lymphokine activated killer cells and cytotoxic t cells

Hoang T., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta inhibits the proliferation of the blast cells of acute myeloblastic leukemia

Canalis E., 1987: Transforming growth factor beta is a bifunctional regulator of replication and collagen synthesis in osteoblast enriched cell cultures from fetal rat bone

Et Al, 1988: Transforming growth factor beta is a potent immunosuppressive agent that inhibits il 1 dependent lymphocyte proliferation

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826854

Fauci A.S., 1986: Transforming growth factor beta is an important immunomodulatory protein for human b lymphocytes

Braun, L.; Mead, J. E.; Panzica, M.; Mikumo, R.; Bell, G. I.; Fausto, N., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta messenger rna increases during liver regeneration a possible paracrine mechanism of growth regulation

Magun B.E., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta modulates epidermal growth factor induced phosphoinositide metabolism and intracellular calcium levels

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826858

Seyedin S.M., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta modulates the expression of osteoblast and chondroblast phenotypes in vitro

Massague J., 1985: Transforming growth factor beta modulates the high affinity receptors for epidermal growth factor and transforming growth factor alpha

Sporn M.B., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta possible roles in carcinogenesis

Osborne C.K., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta potential autocrine growth inhibitor of estrogen receptor negative human breast cancer cells

Fleisch H., 1987: Transforming growth factor beta reduces the phenotypic expression of osteoblastic mc3t3 e1 cells in monolayer culture

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826864

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826865

Knecht M., 1986: Transforming growth factor beta regulates the inhibitory actions of epidermal growth factor during granulosa cell differentiation

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826867

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826868

Orci L., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta stimulates collagen matrix contraction by fibroblasts implications for wound healing

Knecht M., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta stimulates meiotic maturation of the rat oocyte

Massague J., 1986: Transforming growth factor beta stimulates the expression of fibronectin and collagen and their incorporation into the extracellular matrix

Mcdoland J.A., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta stimulates the expression of fibronectin and of both subunits of the human fibronectin receptor by cultured human lung fibroblasts

Clark R.A.F., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta stimulates the expression of fibronectin by human keratinocytes

Jimenez S.A., 1987: Transforming growth factor beta tgf beta causes a persistent increase in steady state amounts of type i and type iii collagen and fibronectin messenger rnas in normal human dermal fibroblasts

Russell W.E., 1988: Transforming growth factor beta tgf beta inhibits hepatocyte dna synthesis independently of egf binding and egf receptor autophosphorylation

Waegell W., 1988: Transforming growth factor betas are equipotent growth inhibitors of interleukin 1 induced thymocyte proliferation

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826877

Robinson R.A., 1981: Transforming growth factor production by chemically transformed cells

Moses H.L., 1987: Transforming growth factor type beta can act as a potent competence factor for akr 2b cells

Moses H., 1987: Transforming growth factor type beta in normal human urine

Sporn M.B., 1987: Transforming growth factor type beta induces monocyte chemotaxis and growth factor production

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826882

Et Al, 1986: Transforming growth factor type beta rapid induction of fibrosis and angiogenesis in vivo and stimulation of collagen formation in vitro

Moses H.L., 1986: Transforming growth factor type beta regulation of actin messenger rna

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826885

Ohlsson R., 1987: Transforming growth factor type beta tgf beta inhibits g 1 to s transition but not activation of human b lymphocytes

Frolik C.A., 1985: Transforming growth factors from a human tumor cell characterization of transforming growth factor beta and identification of high molecular weight transforming growth factor alpha

Chakrabarty, S.; Brattain, M. G., 1986: Transforming growth factors from human colonic carcinoma cells induced molecular alterations in untransformed mouse akr embryo fibroblasts

De Salum S.B., 1985: Transforming growth factors from human malignant neoplasms isolation and ability to promote anchorage independent growth of different cell types

Moses H.L., 1983: Transforming growth factors in solid human malignant neoplasms

Todaro G.J., 1982: Transforming growth factors in the urine of normal pregnant and tumor bearing humans

Sporn M.B., 1985: Transforming growth factors induce markers of neoplasia in cultured adult rat bladder

Todaro G.J., 1980: Transforming growth factors isolation of poly peptides from virally and chemically transformed cells by acid ethanol extraction

De Larco J.E., 1980: Transforming growth factors produced by certain human tumor cells poly peptides that interact with epidermal growth factor receptors

Kanno H., 1987: Transforming growth factors produced by malignant glioma and their releasing into the urine

Grisham J.W., 1988 : Transforming growth factors produced by normal and neoplastically transformed rat liver epithelial cells in culture

Branny J., 1985: Transforming growth factors produced by r xc cells

Todaro G.J., 1983: Transforming growth factors produced by retrovirus transformed rodent fibroblasts and human melanoma cells amino acid sequence homology with epidermal growth factor

Ozanne B., 1982: Transforming growth factors production enables cells to grow in the absence of serum an autocrine system

Ladda R.L., 1983: Transforming growth factors released from kirsten sarcoma virus transformed cells do not compete for epidermal growth factor membrane receptors

Watanabe M., 1985: Transforming of citric acid to acetic acid acetoin and diacetyl by wine making lactic acid bacteria

Lowy D.R., 1985: Transforming p 21 ras protein flexibility in the major variable region linking the catalytic and membrane anchoring domains

Urasawa S., 1985: Transforming potency of flavoring agents in chinese hamster cells

Haseltine W.A., 1984: Transforming potential of a human proto oncogene c fps fes locus

Levy L.S., 1987: Transforming potential of a myc containing variant of feline leukemia virus in vitro in early passage feline cells

Baserga R., 1984: Transforming potential of deletion mutants of the sv 40 t antigen coding gene in syrian hamster cells

Kato K., 1986: Transforming potential of dna of the human plc prf 5 hepatoma cell line

Clarke M.F., 1984: Transforming potential of human c sis nucleotide sequences encoding platelet derived growth factor

Crochet J., 1986: Transforming potential of the v myb oncogene from avian myeloblastosis virus alterations in the oncogene product may reveal a new target specificity

Van Der Eb A.J., 1986: Transforming properties of a 15 kilodalton truncated adenovirus type e 1a gene product

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826911

Deuel T.F., 1984: Transforming protein of simian sarcoma virus stimulates autocrine growth of simian sarcoma virus transformed cells through platelet derived growth factor cell surface receptors

Beemon K., 1984: Transforming proteins of fujinami and prc ii avian sarcoma viruses have different sub cellular locations

Beemon K., 1981: Transforming proteins of some feline and avian sarcoma viruses are related structurally and functionally

Green M., 1979: Transforming region of group a group b and group c adenoviruses dna homology studies with 29 human adenovirus serotypes

Li Y., 1986: Transforming sloan kettering viruses generated from the cloned v ski oncogene by in vitro and in vivo recombinations

Scher, C. D.; Pledger, W. J.; Martin, P.; Antoniades, H.; Stiles, C. D., 1978: Transforming viruses directly reduce the cellular growth requirement for a platelet derived growth factor

Temin H.M., 1988: Transforming viruses spontaneously arise from nontransforming reticuloendotheliosis virus strain t derived viruses as a result of increased accumulation of spliced viral rna

Sakakura M., 1988: Transfrontal intradural microsurgical decompression for traumatic optic nerve injury

Trounson A., 1987: Transfundal transfer of embryos using ultrasound

Brynger H., 1983: Transfused cadaver kidney donors and graft survival

Akchurin R.S., 1987: Transfusiological support of cardiac surgery

Merigan T.C., 1985: Transfusion acquired cytomegalovirus infection in cardiac surgery patients

Mckenzie M., 1988: Transfusion acquired cytomegalovirus infection in neonates a prospective study

Lugo N., 1986: Transfusion acquired hepatitis a in a premature infant with secondary nosocomial spread in an intensive care nursery

Groopman J.E., 1986: Transfusion acquired human immunodeficiency virus infection among immunocompromised persons

Boyle R.J., 1987: Transfusion acquired human immunodeficiency virus infection in twelve neonates epidemiologic clinical and immunologic features

Chazan J.A., 1987: Transfusion and long term hemodialysis

Hunsicker, L. G.; Oei, L. S.; Freeman, R. M.; Thompson, J. S.; Corry, R. J., 1980: Transfusion and renal allo graft survival beneficial effect of transfusions given on day of transplantation

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826930

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826931

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826932

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826933

Anand R., 1987: Transfusion associated aids donor recipient human immunodeficiency virus exhibits genetic heterogeneity

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826935

Mcvoy M., 1985: Transfusion associated cytomegalovirus infections in seropositive cardiac surgery patients

Lerner, P. I.; Sampliner, J. E., 1977: Transfusion associated cytomegalovirus mononucleosis

Bove J.R., 1980: Transfusion associated fatalities review of bureau of biologics reports 1976 1978

Grob D., 1988: Transfusion associated graft vs host disease in a presumed immunocompetent patient

Bove J.R., 1987: Transfusion associated hepatitis and aids what is the risk

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826941

Goldfinger D., 1986: Transfusion associated noncardiogenic pulmonary edema report of a case and a warning regarding treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826943

Fishman D.J., 1982: Transfusion experience with platelet concentrates stored for 24 to 72 hours at 22 celsius importance of storage time

Ricerca B.M., 1987: Transfusion index in hospital practice recent and future trends

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826946

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826947

Najem, G. R.; Sulzer, A. J., 1976: Transfusion induced malaria from an asymptomatic carrier

Lopez C.G., 1980: Transfusion induced malaria in a splenectomized beta thalassemia major patient and review of blood donor screening methods

Ryzhkov S.V., 1979: Transfusion infusion therapy in medical services

Barak S., 1987: Transfusion malaria from an symptomatic donor

Bonneau J C., 1981: Transfusion malaria risk prevention and cost 1 year experience

Miyamoto T., 1984: Transfusion mediated spread of the human t cell leukemia virus in chronic hemodialysis patients in a heavily endemic area nagasaki japan

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Bakula, S.; Dubicki, J.; Witczuk, M.; Wojtowicz, A., 1987: Transfusion of ascitic fluid as a method for treatment of ascites

Rudowski W., 1981: Transfusion of blood and blood substitutes indications contraindications and risks

Denisov V.M., 1979: Transfusion of blood and its preparations to patients with deep extensive burns

Bouillenne, C.; Leclercq, P.; Brocteur, J.; Andre, A., 1976: Transfusion of blood with hl a type a study with 2380 donors

Shadduck R.K., 1988: Transfusion of bone marrow red cells during bone marrow harvests

Mikheev A.V., 1979: Transfusion of cryo preserved erythrocytes in expanded and technically complicated operations on the stomach

Kulpa J., 1982: Transfusion of granulocyte rich buffy coats to neutropenic patients

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826964

Moor Jankowski J., 1982: Transfusion of incompatible blood in rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta and baboons papio cynocephalus

Okochi K., 1984: Transfusion of platelets harvested by cell separator in open heart surgery

Daggett W.M., 1987: Transfusion of predonated autologous blood in elective cardiac surgery

Tanner J.B., 1987: Transfusion of previously deposited autologous blood for patients undergoing hip replacement surgery

Hester J.P., 1986: Transfusion of rh incompatible blood components to cancer patients

Tokarev-Yu, N.; Skachilova, N. N., 1978: Transfusion of thawed erythrocytes in the treatment of patients with beta thalassemia

Zhukova, O. T.; Pospelova, E. P.; Dmitrieva, V. A.; Agranenko, V. A.; Pafomov, G. A.; Piven', I. N.; Shanoyan, S. A.; Pokrovskii, A. V., 1978: Transfusion of whole fibrinolyzed blood and its thawed erythrocytes in surgery of main blood vessels

Sassi M., 1986: Transfusion practices in elective surgery in the general hospital of parma italy a proposal for maximum surgical blood order schedule

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826973

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Baker, R. J.; Moinichen, S. L.; Nyhus, L. M., 1969: Transfusion reaction a reappraisal of surgical incidence and significance

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Kleesiek K., 1987: Transfusion reaction to blood overheated in a microwave blood warmer

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Van Loghem E., 1980: Transfusion reactions due to plasma proteins

Bell K., 1983: Transfusion reactions in cats due to ab blood group incompatibility

Lichtiger B., 1987: Transfusion reactions in patients with cancer

Miner R.C., 1982: Transfusion related cytomegalovirus infection following noncardiac surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6827, Accession 006826983

Sullivan B., 1986: Transfusion related sepsis after prolonged platelet storage

Hruby, M. A.; Schauf, V., 1978: Transfusion related short incubation hepatitis in hemophilic patients

Thomas E.D., 1983: Transfusion requirements after hla identical marrow transplantation in 82 patients with aplastic anemia

Turk P., 1979: Transfusion requirements of adolescents with severe hemophilia a

Roeckel, I. E., 1977: Transfusion requirements of patients with enzyme deficient red blood cells

Gerhan S., 1981: Transfusion significance of lewis system antibodies report on a nationwide survey

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Rowe G.P., 1987: Transfusion significance of lw a allo antibodies

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Russell, M. O.; Goldberg, H. I.; Reis, L.; Friedman, S.; Slater, R.; Reivich, M.; Schwartz, E., 1976: Transfusion therapy for cerebro vascular abnormalities in sickle cell disease

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