Section 7
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Transformation products of dehydrocostus lactone attempts towards elucidation of stereochemistry at carbon 1 carbon 5

Karve, M.V.; Deshpande, N.R.; Kulkarni, G.H.; Kelkar, G.R.

Indian Journal of Chemistry. Sect. B 22(4): 336-340


ISSN/ISBN: 0376-4699
Accession: 006826603

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The dehydrocostus lactone [from Saussurea lappa] was transformed by a series of well known reactions into compounds like ketoester (R = CH3), conjugated keto lactone, conjugated keto ester (R = CH3), .beta.-diketo acid and the conjugated diene-lactone. These compounds are considered as useful intermediates for their further degradation to cyclopentane dicarboxylic acids, related to nepetalinic acids of known stereostructures. The structures were assigned to these intermediates on the basis of elemental analyses and spectral data.

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