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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6828

Chapter 6828 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Kawamura J.; Okada Y.; Nishibuchi S.; Yoshida O., 1982: Transient anuria following administration of angiotensin i converting enzyme inhibitor sq 14225 in a patient with renal artery stenosis of the solitary kidney successfully treated with renal auto transplantation

Kuenzel W.J., 1982: Transient aphagia produced following bilateral destruction of the lateral hypothalamic area and quinto frontal tract of chicks

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Andreasen F.M., 1986: Transient apical breakdown and its relation to color and sensibility changes after luxation injuries to teeth

Masera G.; Mieli G.; Petrone M.; Porcelli P., 1980: Transient aplastic crisis in hereditary spherocytosis

Hedner T.; Hedner J.; Bergman B.; Lundberg D., 1981: Transient apnea after an enkephalin analog in the preterm rabbit

Holzer P.; Hagmueller K., 1979: Transient apnea after systemic injection of gamma amino butyric acid in the rat

Vandalem J L.; Czernichow P.; Hennen G., 1980: Transient apparent hyper thyrotropinemia of mothers and new born infants due to maternal immuno globulins

Everett A.W.; Sparrow M.P., 1987: Transient appearance of a fast myosin heavy chain epitope in slow type muscle fibers during stretch hypertrophy of the anterior latissimus dorsi muscle in the adult chicken

Takahara, J.; Yakushiji, W.; Yamauchi, J.; Miyoshi, M.; Hosogi, H.; Ofuji, T., 1977: Transient appearance of a provocative growth hormone response to l dopa following incomplete adenomectomy in an acromegalic patient

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Ito, S.; Surawicz, B., 1977: Transient paradoxical effects of increasing extracellular potassium ion concentration on trans membrane potential in canine cardiac purkinje fibers report of the sodium ion pump and potassium ion conductance

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Nand S.; Jordan J.V.Jr; Merchut M.P.; O'keefe J.P., 1985: Transient passovoy defect during a febrile illness

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Tiwari G.N.; Sharma S.B.; Gupta S.P., 1988: Transient performance of a horizontal floating gas holder type biogas plant

West L.K.; Huang L., 1980: Transient permeabilization induced osmotically in membrane vesicles from torpedo californica electroplax a mild procedure for trapping small molecules

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Martin G.R.; Stanger P., 1986: Transient prolongation of the qtc interval after balloon valvuloplasty and angioplasty in children

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Rodriguez Soriano J.; Vallo A.; Oliveros R.; Castillo G., 1983: Transient pseudohypoaldosteronism secondary to obstructive uropathy in infancy

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Gates G.F.; Green G.S., 1983: Transient reduction in renal function following arteriography a radio nuclide study

Friedl K.E.; Plymate S.R.; Paulsen C.A., 1985: Transient reduction in serum high density lipoprotein cholesterol following medroxyprogesterone acetate and testosterone cypionate administration to healthy men

Parodi O.; Uthurralt N.; Severi S.; Bencivelli W.; Michelassi C.; L'abbate A.; Maseri A., 1981: Transient reduction of regional myo cardial perfusion during angina at rest with st segment depression or normalization of negative t waves

Schmid R.; Tuennermann M.; Idziak E M., 1988: Transient reduction of responsiveness of blue light mediated hair whorl morphogenesis in acetabularia mediterranea induced by blue light

Kristoffersson K.; Bratthall D., 1982: Transient reduction of streptococcus mutans inter dentally by chlorhexidine gel

Klier I.; Zoldan J.; Yosipovitch Z.; Gadoth N., 1988: Transient regional and migratory osteoporosis a possible neural mechanism

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Shimamoto H.; Okamoto M.; Sueda T.; Sakura E.; Yokote Y.; Tsuchioka Y.; Matsuura H.; Kajiyama G., 1986: Transient regional wall motion abnormality and increased wall thickness of the left ventricle in acute myopericarditis occurring in the puerperium

Boy, E.; Theze, J.; Patte, J. C., 1973: Transient regulation of enzyme synthesis in escherichia coli

Yamamori, T.; Ito, K.; Nakamura, Y.; Yura, T., 1978: Transient regulation of protein synthesis in escherichia coli upon shift up of growth temperature

Skalak R.; Sugihara Seki M., 1988: Transient relative motion of two cells in a channel flow

Meunier F M.; Birman S., 1986: Transient release of acetylcholine from torpedo synaptosomes in response to prolonged depolarization

Kurata Y.; Tsubakio T.; Yonezawa T.; Tarui S.; Kitani T., 1982: Transient remission after acute respiratory infection in patients with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura 5 cases

Lin, C. Y., 1975: Transient remission after intercurrent measles infection in a patient with hyperimmunoglobulin e syndrome

Tertian G.; Derycke M.; Delfraissy J F.; Laurian Y.; Tchernia G., 1986: Transient remission after viral infection in three patients with chronic autoimmune thrombocytopenia

Martinez De La Escalera G.; Guthrie J.; Weiner R.I., 1988: Transient removal of dopamine potentiates the stimulation of prolactin release by trh but not vip stimulation via calcium protein kinase c pathway

Jensen S.R.; Novelline R.A.; Brewster D.C.; Bonventre J.V., 1982: Transient renal artery stenosis produced by a pheo chromo cytoma

Mujais S.K.; Fouad F.M.; Textor S.C.; Tarazi R.C.; Bravo E.L.; Hart N.; Gifford R.W.Jr, 1984: Transient renal dys function during initial inhibition of converting enzyme in congestive heart failure

Lusky M.; Botchan M.R., 1986: Transient replication of bovine papilloma virus type 1 plasmids cis and trans requirements

Kanazawa, H.; Anraku, Y., 1978: Transient repression of beta galactosidase synthesis by glucose 6 phosphate in a mutant of escherichia coli lacking enzyme ii specific for glucose in the phosphoenol pyruvate sugar phospho transferase system/

Ohki, R., 1975: Transient repression of catabolite sensitive enzyme synthesis elicited by 2 4 di nitro phenol

Escalante L.; Lopez H.; Mateos R.D.; Lara F.; Sanchez S., 1982: Transient repression of erythromycin formation in streptomyces erythraeus

Gout P.W., 1987: Transient requirement for prolactin as a growth initiator following treatment of autonomous nb2 node rat lymphoma cell cultures with butyrate

Neubert W.J.; Hofschneider P.H., 1983: Transient rescue of sendai 6 94 cl virus from the persistently infected cell line ci e 8 by co cultivation

Smulevich G.; Dasgupta S.; English A.; Spiro T.G., 1986: Transient resonance raman spectroscopy shows unrelaxed heme following carbon monoxide photodissociation from cytochrome c peroxidase

Patel D.M.; Donovan E.F.; Keenan W.J., 1983: Transient respiratory difficulty following cesarean delivery

Poznanski R.R., 1987: Transient response in a somatic shunt cable model for synaptic input activated at the terminal

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Cooney, C. L.; Wang, D. I. C., 1976: Transient response of enterobacter aerogenes under a dual nutrient limitation in a chemostat

Solomon A.M., 1986: Transient response of forests to carbon dioxide induced climate change simulation modeling experiments in eastern north america

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Huang B.K.; Toksoy M.; Cengel Y.A., 1986: Transient response of latent heat storage in greenhouse solar system

Bidani A.; Flumerfelt R.W., 1981: Transient response of muscle and nonbrain tissue to adjustments in oxygen and carbon di oxide balance

Hocking W.; Champlin R.; Mitsuyasu R., 1987: Transient response of pure red cell aplasia to anti thymocyte globulin in a patient with t cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Nagatani, M., 1978: Transient response of temperature of a solid culture of koji under intermittent aeration

Robles, L.; Rhode, W. S.; Geisler, C. D., 1976: Transient response of the basilar membrane measured in squirrel monkeys using the moessbauer effect

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Engeman R.M.; Swanson G.D., 1979: Transient response of the geman miller respiratory oscillator model

Lucisano J.Y.; Gough D.A., 1988: Transient response of the two dimensional glucose sensor

Jaros G.G.; Van Hoorn Hickman R.; Maier H.; Newman E., 1983: Transient response of thyroidectomized pigs to bolus calcium injections and the effect of salmon calcitonin and parathyroid hormone

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Meiss R.A., 1982: Transient responses and continuous behavior of active smooth muscle during controlled stretches

Tanaka K.; Yoshimura T.; Sumida S.; Mitsuzono R.; Tanaka S.; Konishi Y.; Watanabe H.; Yamada T.; Maeda K., 1986: Transient responses in cardiac function below at and above anaerobic threshold

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Katterer L.; Allemann H.; Kappeli O.; Fiechter A., 1986: Transient responses of continuously growing yeast cultures to dilution rate shifts a sensitive means to analyze biology and the performance of equipment

Duruble M.; Duvelleroy M.; Gauduel Y.; Martin J.L.; Teisseire B., 1985: Transient responses of coronary flow in the blood perfused isolated rat heart submitted to changes in oxygen content

Hoefle M.G., 1984: Transient responses of glucose limited cultures of cytophaga johnsonae to nutrient excess and starvation

Matsukawa K.; Ninomiya I., 1985: Transient responses of heart rate arterial pressure and head movement at the beginning of eating in awake cats

Bevan J.A., 1979: Transient responses of rabbit cerebral blood vessels to norepinephrine correlation with intrinsic myogenic tone

Kappeli O.; Gschwend Petrik M.; Fiechter A., 1985: Transient responses of saccharomyces uvarum to a change of the growth limiting nutrient in continuous culture

Galindez M.J.; Ordaz N.R.; Herrero P.; Moreno F., 1983: Transient responses of yeast saccharomyces carlsbergensis continuous cultures to qualitative changes in the nutrient supply induction and repression of the galactose pathway enzymes

Lacquaniti F.; Bianchetti M.; Hummelsheim H.; Wiesendanger M., 1987: Transient responses to load perturbations of the forearm in a monkey with a chronic lesion in the internal capsule

Biemer J.J.; Taylor F.M.IIi, 1982: Transient reticulocytopenia in viral illness

Kato T., 1983: Transient retinal fibers to the inferior colliculus in the new born albino rat

Kato T.; Hirano A.; Konda K.; Katagiri T.; Sasaki H., 1985: Transient retino inferior collicular fibers in neonatal rats their persistence after removal of one eye at birth

Mcloon S.C.; Lund R.D., 1982: Transient retinofugal pathways in the developing chick

Fehr J.; Hofmann V.; Kappeler U., 1982: Transient reversal of thrombocytopenia in idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura by high dose intra venous gamma globulin

Robin A.L.; Quigley H.A., 1979: Transient reversible cupping in juvenile onset glaucoma

Leonard J.L., 1982: Transient rhythms in the swimming activity of sarsia tubulosa hydrozoa

Sclarovsky S.; Sagie A.; Strasberg B.; Lewin R.F.; Rehavia E.; Agmon J., 1986: Transient right axis deviation during acute anterior wall infarction of ischemia electrocardiographic and angiographic correlation

Luca C., 1979: Transient right bundle branch block during his bundle electrogram in a case with ventricular parasystole

Loperfido F.; Fanelli R.; Ansalone G.; De Matteis D., 1980: Transient right bundle branch block unmasking antero septal infarction concealed by left posterior fascicular block

Illig R.; Torresani T.; Bucher H.; Prader A., 1982: Transient rise in luteinizing hormone and fsh secretion during puberty studied in 113 healthy girls with tall stature

Wolf D.J.; Williams J.J., 1982: Transient rise in tumor marker after initial adjuvant chemo therapy for testicular cancer

Tamarelle M., 1984: Transient rudiments of 2nd antennae on the intercalary segment of embryos of anurida maritima collembola arthropleona and hyphantria cunea lepidoptera arctiidae

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