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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6828

Chapter 6828 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hodge S.J., 1981: Transfusion therapy in a patient with erythropoietic proto porphyria

Borodyanskii, V. S.; Chudnovskii, M. E.; Zuberman, B. Z.; Kaminskii, I. A., 1976: Transfusion therapy in emergency surgery

Manzharov N.V., 1979: Transfusion therapy in relation to the severity and course duration of burn disease

Gal'tseva, I. V.; Tsibin-Yu, N., 1977: Transfusion therapy in traumatic shock patients

Pekarskii D.E., 1979: Transfusion therapy of burn shock

Stevens C., 1980: Transfusion transmitted viruses study experimental evidence for 2 non a non b hepatitis agents

Vicariot M., 1981: Transfusional malaria in france 1960 1979

Baudet E., 1986: Transfusional quality of residual blood from heart lung machine after extracorporeal circulation

Sinniah, R., 1969: Transfusional siderosis and liver cirrhosis

Rossini A.A., 1987: Transfusions enriched for w 3 25 positive helper inducer t lymphocytes prevent spontaneous diabetes in the bb w rat

Petykhov, V. I., 1974: Transfusions of large quantities of myelokaryocytes in the treatment of leukopenias review

Lindholm A., 1986: Transfusions of leukocyte rich erythrocyte concentrates a successful treatment in selected cases of habitual abortion

Plodzisewska M., 1985: Transfusions of syngeneic blood do not seem to induce suppressive effect on antitumor or transplantation immunity in mice

Agranenko, V. A.; Perel'man, M. I.; Polyakova, L. P.; Fel'berg, M. B., 1975: Transfusions of thawed auto blood in operations for pulmonary tuberculosis

Like A.A., 1983: Transfusions of whole blood prevent spontaneous diabetes mellitus in the bb w rat

Arvidsson J., 1986: Transganglionic degeneration in vibrissae innervating primary sensory neurons of the rat a light and electron microscopic study

Thoenen H., 1985: Transganglionic regulation of central terminals of dorsal root ganglion cells by nerve growth factor

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827017

Killackey H.P., 1985: Transganglionic transport of horseradish peroxidase from the circumvallate papilla of the rat

Arvidsson J., 1985: Transganglionic transport of wheat germ agglutinin horseradish peroxidase and choleragenoid horseradish peroxidase in rat trigeminal primary sensory neurons

Hutson D.G., 1985: Transgastric drainage of pancreatic fluid collections

Robinson M.L., 1988: Transgastric percutaneous drainage of pancreatic pseudocysts

Ney P.G., 1988: Transgenerational child abuse

Kemler R., 1986: Transgenesis by means of blastocyst derived embryonic stem cell lines

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827024

Crittenden L.B., 1987: Transgenic chickens insertion of retroviral genes into the chicken germ line

Solter D., 1988: Transgenic markers for mammalian chimeras

Leder P., 1988: Transgenic mice bearing the human c myc gene activated by an immunoglobulin enhancer a pre b cell lymphoma model

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827028

Flavell R.A., 1987: Transgenic mice selectively lacking mhc class ii i e antigen expression on b cells an in vivo approach to investigate ia gene function

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827030

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827031

Ogita Z I., 1988: Transgenic mouse carrying a foreign gene on its y chromosome

Manners J.M., 1988: Transgenic plants of the tropical pasture legume stylosanthes humilis

Brinster R.L., 1986: Transgenic progeny inherit tissue specific expression of rat elastase i genes

Oi V.T., 1988: Transgenic rabbits with lymphocytic leukemia induced by the c myc oncogene fused with immunoglobulin heavy chain enhancer

Schweiger H G., 1987: Transgenic rapeseed plants obtained by the microinjection of dna into microspore derived embryoids

Bol J.F., 1988: Transgenic tobacco expressing tobacco streak virus or mutated alfalfa mosaic virus coat protein does not cross protect against alfalfa mosaic virus infection

Sukhapinda, K.; Spivey, R.; Simpson, R. B.; Shahin, E. A., 1987: Transgenic tomato lycopersicon esculentum l. transformed with a binary vector in agrobacterium rhizogenes non chimeric origin of callus clone and low copy numbers of integrated vector t dna

Maheshwari S.C., 1979: Transgenosis in higher plant cells a reevaluation

Fil'kova, E. V.; Berezkina, N. E.; Domaradskii, I. V., 1977: Transgenosis with participation of the plasmid rp 1 indication of the presence of the aggregate plasmid in intergeneric escherichia coli hybrids

Oosterlinck W., 1987: Transglandular tunnel in the cure of hypospadias

Greeff N.G., 1988: Transglial pathway of diffusion in the schwann sheath of the squid giant axon

Murakami K., 1986: Transglucosylation into stevioside by the enzyme system from streptomyces sp

Mazzacca G., 1988: Transglutaminase activity along the rat small bowel and cellular location

Schindler J., 1987: Transglutaminase activity and embryonal carcinoma cell differentiation

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827046

Varon L.E., 1985: Transglutaminase activity in rat brain characterization distribution and changes with age

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827048

Haddox M.K., 1985: Transglutaminase activity increases in hl 60 cells induced to differentiate with retinoic acid and tetradecanoylphorbol 12 myristate 13 acetate but not with dimethyl sulfoxide

Malaisse W.J., 1985: Transglutaminase and cellular motile events retardation of proinsulin conversion by glycine methyl ester

Seeds N.W., 1986: Transglutaminase and neuronal differentiation

Miller, C. C. J.; Andreton, B. H., 1986: Transglutaminase and the neuronal cytoskeleton in alzheimer's disease

Owen, R. A.; Bungay, P. J.; Hussain, M.; Griffin, M., 1988: Transglutaminase catalyzed cross linking of proteins phosphorylated in the intact glucose stimulated pancreatic beta cell

Puigserver A.J., 1987: Transglutaminase catalyzed incorporation of lysine oligomers into casein

Inada Y., 1987: Transglutaminase in endothelial cells from bovine carotid artery

Droin V., 1986: Transglutaminase in erythrocytes of cystic fibrosis patients

Murachi T., 1986: Transglutaminase in the swine lens

Nelson L., 1985: Transglutaminase inhibitors calmodulin antagonists and calcium channel blockers influence on arbacia sperm motility

Arechaga J., 1986: Transglutaminase involvement in early embryogenesis

Porta R., 1984: Transglutaminase mediated modifications of the rat sperm surface in vitro

Hargrave P.A., 1986: Transglutaminase modification of rhodopsin in retinal rod outer segment disk membranes

Koteliansky V.E., 1986: Transglutaminase sensitive glutamine residues of human plasma fibronectin revealed by studying its proteolytic fragments

Reichert U., 1988: Transglutaminases in normal and transformed human keratinocytes in culture

Tomasz A., 1986: Transglycosylase and endopeptidase participate in the degradation of murein during autolysis of escherichia coli

Ishido Y., 1987: Transglycosylation reaction of a chitinase purified from nocardia orientalis

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827066

Petkov, N.; Nguyen-Van-Long, 1987: Transgression in the quantitative characters of silk worm bombyx mori l. characters

Kuhry P., 1985: Transgression of a raised bog across a coversand ridge originally covered with an oak lime forest paleoecological study of a middle holocene local vegetational succession in the amtsven northwest germany

Kubicki, B.; Michalska, A. M., 1978: Transgression of early yield in hybrids of early forms of tomato lycopersicon esculentum

Doncheva, I., 1978: Transgression of quantitative indices in winter wheat hybrids

Kubicki, B.; Michalska, A. M., 1978: Transgression of the duration of developmental periods in hybrids of early forms of tomato lycopersicon esculentum

Donahue J., 1979: Transgression regression and fossil community succession

Barbacki, S.; Kurhanska, G.; Surma, M.; Adamski, T., 1976: Transgressions in barley hordeum sativum part 1 description of varieties and performed crosses information on methods

Barbacki, S.; Kurhanska, G.; Adamski, T.; Surma, M., 1976: Transgressions in barley hordeum sativum part 2 transgressions of crude protein in the grain of hybrids burea x brown

Barbacki, S.; Kurhanska, G.; Surma, M.; Adamski, T., 1976: Transgressions in barley hordeum sativum part 3 transgressions of crude protein in the grain of hybrids impala x himalaya

Barbacki, S., 1976: Transgressions in barley hordeum sativum part 4 crosses between european hanna type cultivars and himalayan cultivars of barley

Barbacki, S.; Kurhanska, G.; Surma, M.; Adamski, T., 1976: Transgressions in barley hordeum sativum part 5 observations on the effect of different factors confusing the estimation of biotypes and transgressions

Barbacki, S.; Kurhanska, G.; Adamski, T.; Surma, M., 1976: Transgressions in barley hordeum sativum part 6 transgression and heterosis their importance for plant evolution and breeding

Barbacki, S.; Calinski, T.; Surma, M.; Kurhanska, G.; Adamski, T.; Kaczmarek, Z.; Dobek, A.; Karczewska, A.; Jezowski, S., 1978: Transgressions in barley hordeum sativum part 7 transgressions of f 6 and f 7 hybrids from the cross burea x brown

Barbacki, S.; Calinski, T.; Surma, M.; Kurhanska, G.; Adamski, T.; Kaczmarek, Z.; Dobek, A.; Karczewska, A.; Jezowski, S., 1978: Transgressions in barley hordeum sativum part 7b transgressions of f 6 and f 7 hybrids from the crosses alsa x burea impala x himalaya lubuski x lonhi lubuski x brage korn and kazimierski x brage korn

Georgieva I., 1980: Transgressions of the quantitative characters in hybrids between hexa ploid triticale forms

Jones I.T., 1983: Transgressive segregation for enhanced level of adult plant resistance to mildew in the oat avena sativa cross mostyn x maldwyn

Johnson R., 1984: Transgressive segregation for resistance to yellow rust in wheat triticum aestivum

Frey K.J., 1980: Transgressive segregation in interspecific and intraspecific crosses of barley hordeum

Shaner G., 1985: Transgressive segregation of length of latent period in crosses between slow leaf rusting wheat triticum aestivum cultivars

Jackson M.P.A., 1979: Transgressive shore zone sedimentation and syn depositional deformation in the pleistocene of zululand south africa

Chaurasia B.D., 1979: Transgressive variation and interrelationship of seed yield with chlorophyll constituents in linum usitatissimum

Francis C.A., 1985: Transgressive yielding in bean phaseolus vulgaris maize zea mays intercrops interference in time and space

Leibel B.S., 1987: Transhepatic absorption and biliary excretion of insulin

Cashman M.D., 1988: Transhepatic balloon dilation of the distal common bile duct and ampulla of vater for removal of calculi

Ballarati E., 1985: Transhepatic cholangiography and ultrasound in the evaluation of obstructive jaundice with dilated bile ducts

Petrin P., 1987: Transhepatic portal sampling for preoperative localization of insulinomas

Ferrucci J.T.Jr, 1986: Transhepatic removal of obstructed carey coons biliary endoprosthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827095

Bremner C.G., 1988: Transhiatal blunt esophagectomy

Gadacz T.R., 1985: Transhiatal blunt esophagectomy for malignant and benign esophageal disease clinical experience and technique

Orringer M.B., 1988: Transhiatal esophagectomy for benign and malignant disease

Mclaughlin J.S., 1987: Transhiatal esophagectomy for carcinoma of the esophagus experience with 26 patients

Bertelsen S., 1988: Transhiatal esophagectomy without thoracotomy

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827101

Prokopic J., 1988: Transhydrogenase activities in the mitochondria of taenia crassiceps zeder 1800 cysticerci

Dechatelet L.R., 1979: Transhydrogenase activity in human leukocytes

Grinyus L.L., 1979: Transhydrogenase as an additional site of energy accumulation in the escherichia coli respiratory chain

Collins, P. A.; Knowles, C. J., 1977: Transhydrogenase ec activity in the marine bacterium beneckea natriegens

Ksenzhek O.S., 1988: Transhydrogenase reaction in the membrane vesicles of staphylococcus aureus

Gow N.A.R., 1984: Transhyphal electrical currents in fungi

Herman L.M., 1985: Transience of social affiliations among humpback whales megaptera novaeangliae on the hawaiian usa wintering grounds

Broda, P., 1975: Transience of the donor state in an escherichia coli strain k 12 strain carrying a repressed r factor

Chapman P.H., 1981: Transient abducens paresis after shunting for hydrocephalus 2 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827111

Spisani S., 1981: Transient abnormal neutrophil functions in a patient with recurrent infection

Athanasopoulos, C.; Michalopoulos, A., 1978: Transient abnormal q waves during acute myo cardial infarction

Nimura Y., 1988: Transient abnormal septal motion after non surgical closure of the ductus arteriosus

Prelevic S., 1980: Transient abolition of generalized photo sensitive epileptic discharge in humans by apo morphine a dopamine receptor agonist

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827116

Masuda, T.; Murata, Y.; Yamanaka, H.; Kondo, M., 1977: Transient absorptions over the range 600 800 nanometers observed in flash photolysis of aqueous solutions of indole

Gouffier, E.; Garnier, M.; Turpin, F.; Coste, T.; Paraf, A., 1976: Transient acanthocytosis in a patient with liver cirrhosis study of red cell and plasma lipids

Trau H., 1984: Transient acantholytic dermatosis

Chalet, M.; Grover, R.; Ackerman, A. B., 1977: Transient acantholytic dermatosis a reevaluation

Horn, F.; Gebhart, W.; Luger, T., 1978: Transient acantholytic dermatosis grover

Groleau G.E., 1987: Transient acantholytic dermatosis in immunocompromised febrile patients with cancer

Kanzaki, T.; Hashimoto, K., 1978: Transient acantholytic dermatosis with involvement of oral mucosa

Treisman, R., 1985: Transient accumulation of c fos rna following serum stimulation requires a conserved 5' element and c fos 3' sequences

Tye, B. K.; Nyman, P. O.; Lehman, I. R.; Hochhauser, S.; Weiss, B., 1977: Transient accumulation of okazaki fragments as a result of uracil incorporation into nascent dna

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827126

Lapresle, J.; Metreau, R.; Annabi, A., 1977: Transient achromatopsia in vertebro basilar insufficiency

Thomas A.G., 1987: Transient acid surges in an upland stream

Shaw D., 1987: Transient acquired blood group b antigen associated with diverticular bowel disease

Tuchinda S., 1982: Transient acquired glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in thai children with typhoid fever

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827131

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827132

Oleson, A. E.; Pispa, J. P.; Buchanan, J. M., 1969: Transient activation of rna polymerase in escherichia coli b after infection with bacterio phage t 4

Chignard M., 1986: Transient activation of the acetyltransferase necessary for platelet activating factor acether biosynthesis in thrombin activated platelets

Swoboda, G.; Hasselbach, W., 1983: Transient activation of the calcium atpase from sarcoplasmic reticulum during thiol modification by 5 5' di thio bis 2 nitro benzoate

Rothman J.E., 1981: Transient activity of golgi like membranes as donors of vesicular stomatitis viral glyco protein in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827137

Cherrier F., 1984: Transient acute ischemic episodes during or immediately after percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827139

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827140

Caromona Da Mota H., 1987: Transient acute renal failure following severe hypernatremic dehydration

Proenza L.M., 1980: Transient adaptation and sensitization in the retina of necturus maculosus

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827143

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827144

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827145

Darden J.H., 1979: Transient alterations in neuro transmitter activity in the caudate nucleus of rat brain after a high dose of ionizing radiation

Sugita, K.; Hirota, T.; Iguchi, I.; Kageyama, N.; Ito, A., 1977: Transient amaurosis under decreased atmospheric pressure with sphenoidal sinus dysplasia case report

Laine E., 1985: Transient amnesia due to a spontaneous hematoma of the 3rd ventricle floor

Yadav Y.P., 1987: Transient analysis of a winter greenhouse

Tiwari G.N., 1987: Transient analysis of a winter greenhouse integrated with solar still

Hsu J P., 1987: Transient analysis of bacterial adhesion

Peters, J.; Kindred, M. K.; Robotham, J. L., 1988: Transient analysis of cardiopulmonary interactions i. diastolic events

Peters, J.; Kindred, M. K.; Robotham, J. L., 1988: Transient analysis of cardiopulmonary interactions ii. systolic events

Yadav Y.P., 1987: Transient analysis of conventional mud chullah

Rapela C.E., 1985: Transient analysis of the canine cerebrovascular response to carbon dioxide

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827156

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827157

Greenough W.T., 1984: Transient and enduring morphological correlates of synaptic activity and efficacy change in the rat hippocampal slice

Heyn, M. P.; Cherry, R. J.; Mueller, U., 1977: Transient and linear dichroism studies on bacterio rhod opsin determination of the orientation of the 568 nanometer all trans retinal chromophore

Sullivan, S. G.; Dancis, J.; Cox, R. P., 1978: Transient and long term differential modulations of branched chain alpha keto acid decarboxylase activity in hypophysectomized rats

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827161

Hanneman, G. D.; Higgins, E. A.; Price, G. T.; Funkhouser, G. E.; Grape, P. M.; Snyder, L., 1977: Transient and permanent effects of hyper thermia in dogs a study of a simulated air transport environmental stress

Bevan J.A., 1980: Transient and persistent changes in rabbit blood vessels associated with maintained elevation in arterial pressure

Alkon D.L., 1988: Transient and persistent depolarization induced changes of protein phosphorylation in a molluscan nervous system

Oyasu R., 1986: Transient and persistent hyperplasia in heterotopically transplanted rat urinary bladders induced by formalin and foreign bodies

Ramsay C.A., 1984: Transient and persistent photosensitivity due to musk ambrette clinical and photobiological studies

Confraria A., 1984: Transient and persistent right ear extinction in dichotic listening subcortical lesions

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827168

Landa S.J.F., 1982: Transient and resident micro flora of burn unit personnel and its influence on burn wound sepsis

Henderson E.E., 1987: Transient and stable complementation of uv repair in xeroderma pigmentosum cells by the den v gene of bacteriophage t4

Smiles, D. E., 1978: Transient and steady flow experiments testing theory of water flow in saturated bentonite

Langer G.A., 1979: Transient and steady state effects of sodium and calcium on myo cardial contractile responses

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827174

Birnbaumer, L.; Swartz, T. L.; Abramowitz, J.; Mintz, P. W.; Iyengar, R., 1980: Transient and steady state kinetics of the interaction of guanyl nucleotides with the adenylate cyclase ec system from rat liver plasma membranes interpretation in terms of a simple 2 state model

Loeschcke H.H., 1982: Transient and steady state responses of pulmonary ventilation to the medullary extracellular ph after approximately rectangular changes in alveolar partial pressure of carbon di oxide

Ang, P. G. P.; Landahl, H. D.; Bartoli, E., 1977: Transient and steady state simulation of the renal countercurrent mechanism

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827178

Manahilov V., 1981: Transient and sustained masking

Dunea G., 1986: Transient and sustained recovery from renal shutdown in accelerated hypertension

Allman J.M., 1988: Transient and sustained responses in four extrastriate visual areas of the owl monkey

Miyashiro H., 1985: Transient angle closure glaucoma in a case of central retinal vein occlusion

Bloome, M. A., 1977: Transient angle closure glaucoma in central retinal vein occlusion

Direkze, M.; Fernando, P. S. L., 1977: Transient anterior horn cell dys function in di phenyl hydantoin therapy

Cappel, R.; Desmyter, J.; Badburne, A. F.; Thiry, L., 1976: Transient antibodies to dna polymerase in acute hepatitis b and related diseases

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827186

Yoshida O., 1982: Transient anuria following administration of angiotensin i converting enzyme inhibitor sq 14225 in a patient with renal artery stenosis of the solitary kidney successfully treated with renal auto transplantation

Kuenzel W.J., 1982: Transient aphagia produced following bilateral destruction of the lateral hypothalamic area and quinto frontal tract of chicks

Levy R.S., 1982: Transient aphasia with persistent apraxia uncommon sequela of massive left hemisphere stroke

Andreasen F.M., 1986: Transient apical breakdown and its relation to color and sensibility changes after luxation injuries to teeth

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827191

Lundberg D., 1981: Transient apnea after an enkephalin analog in the preterm rabbit

Hagmueller K., 1979: Transient apnea after systemic injection of gamma amino butyric acid in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827194

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827195

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827196

Uknis M.E., 1987: Transient appearance of and regional differences in apical cell surface materials during early morphogenesis of the chicken lens

Tohyama M., 1987: Transient appearance of calcitonin gene related peptide like immunoreactive fibers in the developing cerebellum of the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827199

Tympanidis, K.; Astrup, T., 1969: Transient appearance of fibrinolytic activity at the epithelium of the rat uterus

Vilkkhu K.S., 1985: Transient appearance of lectin receptors in homologous and heterologous rhizobium strains capable of producing nodules on pea plants

Kashima M., 1980: Transient appearance of no re flow phenomenon in mongolian gerbils

Skoldenberg, B.; Carlstrom, A.; Forsgren, M.; Norrby, E., 1976: Transient appearance of oligo clonal immuno globulins and measles virus antibodies in the cerebro spinal fluid in a case of acute measles encephalitis

Da Costa P.D., 1980: Transient arterial hypertension related to acute pancreatitis

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827205

Soderlund, H.; Ulmanen, I., 1977: Transient association of semliki forest virus capsid protein with ribosomes

Sink H.S., 1988: Transient asymmetry in the projections of the rostral thalamus to the visual hyperstriatum of the chicken and reversal of its direction by light exposure

Mcgoon D.C., 1984: Transient atrio ventricular block after open heart surgery for congenital heart disease

Peterson L., 1987: Transient atypical lymphocytosis in patients with emergency medical conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827210

Marcant P., 1983: Transient aversion and long lasting amnesia following cyclo heximide injection in the rat

Wine J.J., 1981: Transient axotomy induced changes in the membrane properties of crayfish procambarus clarkii central neurons

Perkins H.A., 1980: Transient bacteremia after dental procedures and other minor manipulations

Ritvo, R.; Monroe, P.; Andriole, V. T., 1977: Transient bacteremia due to suction abortion implications for subacute bacterial endo carditis antibiotic prophylaxis

Storm, W., 1980: Transient bacteremia following endo tracheal suctioning in ventilated new borns

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827216

Speck, W. T.; Spear, S. S.; Krongrad, E.; Mandel, L.; Gersony, W. M., 1976: Transient bacteremia in pediatric patients with dental extraction

Caswell, H.; Werner, P. A., 1978: Transient behavior and life history analysis of teasel dipsacus sylvestris

Verachtert H., 1984: Transient behavior and time aspects of intermittently and continuously fed bacterial cultures with regard to filamentous bulking of activated sludge

Martinez L., 1983: Transient behavior of the heart rate in man depending on respiratory cycle during fast tilt

Stephenson, J. L., 1973: Transient behavior of the single loop solute cycling countercurrent multiplier

Garner, J. B.; Crump, K. S.; Stephenson, J. L., 1978: Transient behavior of the single loop solute cycling model of the renal medulla/

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827223

Rosenorn J., 1982: Transient bilateral blindness in relation to subarachnoid hemorrhage caused by spastic ischemic changes in the retina and the optic nerve

Morikawa A., 1984: Transient bilateral edema of the optic disc in a diabetic subject

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827226

Taguchi K., 1986: Transient binding mode of phenolphthalein beta cyclodextrin complex an example of induced geometrical distortion

Sotelo C., 1985: Transient biochemical compartmentalization of purkinje cells during early cerebellar development

Stuettgen G., 1986: Transient biological false positive specific syphilis serology in a blood donor

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827230

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827231

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827232

Wong K.C., 1987: Transient blindness associated with transurethral resection of the prostate

Corriere J.N.Jr, 1979: Transient blindness unusual initial symptom of trans urethral prostatic resection reaction

Warrington R.J., 1982: Transient brady cardia during vespid venom immuno therapy

Routledge P.A., 1986: Transient bradycardia and subsequent sinus tachycardia produced by intravenous adenosine in healthy adult subjects

Tamai I., 1980: Transient brain shrinkage in infantile spasms after acth treatment 2 cases

Reed R.H., 1984: Transient breakdown in the selective permeability of the plasma membrane of chlorella emersonii in response to hyperosmotic shock implications for cell water relations and osmotic adjustment

Tsapis, A.; Kepes, A., 1977: Transient breakdown of the permeability barrier of the membrane of escherichia coli upon hypo osmotic shock

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827240

Cantor R.E., 1985: Transient bronchoconstriction associated with angiographically proven pulmonary embolus

Gunnar R.M., 1982: Transient bundle branch block following use of hypo thermic cardioplegia in coronary artery bypass surgery high incidence without peri operative myo cardial infarction

Pfaff E., 1979: Transient calcium 45 uptake and release in isolated rat liver cells during recovery from de energized states

Hoshi T., 1987: Transient calcium channel current characterized by a low threshold voltage in zona glomerulosa cells of rat adrenal cortex

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827245

Shepherd R.G., 1987: Transient calibration of computer model of ground water flow and transport piceance basin colorado usa

Cherniack N.S., 1979: Transient carbon di oxide elimination and storage as functions of the ventilatory response to carbon di oxide

Rittgers, R. A.; Steele, G. Jr ; Zamcheck, N.; Loewenstein, M. S.; Sugarbaker, P. H.; Mayer, R. J.; Lokich, J. J.; Maltz, J.; Wilson, R. E., 1978: Transient carcino embryonic antigen elevations following resection of colo rectal cancer a limitation in the use of serial carcino embryonic antigen levels as an indicator for 2nd look surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827249

Soler Soler J., 1987: Transient cardiac constriction an unrecognized pattern of evolution in effusive acute idiopathic pericarditis

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827251

Sklar L.A., 1986: Transient catecholamine modulation of neutrophil activation kinetic and intracellular aspects of isoproterenol action

Pounds D., 1982: Transient cavitation in tissues during ultrasonically induced hyper thermia

Johnston G.C., 1980: Transient cell cycle arrest of saccharomyces cerevisiae by amino acid analog beta 2 dl thienyl alanine

Jourdane J., 1987: Transient cellular reaction in biomphalaria glabrata mollusca to heterotopic isografts

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827256

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827257

Levine L., 1979: Transient cerebral ischemia and brain prostaglandins

Dubois P., 1981: Transient cerebral ischemia as a manifestation of ruptured intra cranial dermoid cyst

Kidooka M., 1983: Transient cerebral ischemia evoked by yawning an experience after superficial temporal artery middle cerebral artery bypass operation

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827261

Carrino G., 1985: Transient cerebral ischemic attack in mitral valve prolapse

Egelko S., 1980: Transient cerebral ischemic attacks and neuro psychological deficit

Siekert, R. G.; Jones, H. R-Jr, 1970: Transient cerebral ischemic attacks associated with subacute bacterial endo carditis

Doty D.B., 1979: Transient cerebral ischemic attacks associated with worn porcine hetero graft prosthesis case report

Fujishima M., 1987: Transient cerebral ischemic attacks in a japanese community hisayama japan

Skre H., 1986: Transient cerebral ischemic attacks in the young and middle aged a population study

Green I., 1981: Transient cerebral ischemic attacks management and prognosis

Stevens D.L., 1981: Transient cerebral ischemic attacks related to egg consumption

Panneton W.M., 1983: Transient cerebro cerebellar projections in kittens post natal development and topography

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827271

Ohmori, M.; Hattori, A., 1978: Transient change in the atp pool of anabaena cylindrica associated with ammonia assimilation

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827273

Tindall G.T., 1984: Transient changes in cerebral vascular resistance during the valsalva maneuver in man

Martin R.J., 1987: Transient changes in expiratory time during hypercapnia in premature infants

Tasaki, I.; Carnay, L.; Watanabe, A., 1969: Transient changes in extrinsic fluorescence of nerve produced by electric stimulation

Schneider R.W., 1984: Transient changes in hydraulic resistance caused in corn roots by fusarium moniliforme

L'abbate A., 1984: Transient changes in left ventricular mechanics during attacks of prinzmetal angina a 2 dimensional echocardiographic study

L'abbate A., 1984: Transient changes in left ventricular mechanics during attacks of prinzmetals angina an m mode echo cardiographic study

Ogden P.H., 1987: Transient changes in permeability in hela and l cells during detachment from a substrate

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827282

Olsen T., 1981: Transient changes in specular appearance of the corneal endothelium and in corneal thickness during anterior uveitis

Banerjee, M. R., 1970: Transient changes in sweating activity of man following ingestion of water at different temperatures

Kanazawa T., 1982: Transient changes in the energy state of adenylates and the redox states of pyridine nucleotides in chlorella cells induced by environmental changes

Larsson, K., 1977: Transient changes in the female rat estrous cycle after olfactory bulbectomy or removal of the olfactory epithelium

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827287

Ramirez V.D., 1986: Transient changes in the in vitro activity of the lhrh pulse generator after ovariectomy in rats

Jury, W. A.; Frenkel, H.; Stolzy, L. H., 1978: Transient changes in the soil water system from irrigation with saline water part 1 theory

Jury, W. A.; Frenkel, H.; Devitt, D.; Stolzy, L. H., 1978: Transient changes in the soil water system from irrigation with saline water part 2 analysis of experimental data

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Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827593

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Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827772

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Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827808

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Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827818

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Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827836

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Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827853

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Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827872

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827873

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Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827880

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827881

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Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827894

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827895

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827896

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Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827912

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827913

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Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827927

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827928

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Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827997

Section 7, Chapter 6828, Accession 006827998

Tamarelle M., 1984: Transient rudiments of 2nd antennae on the intercalary segment of embryos of anurida maritima collembola arthropleona and hyphantria cunea lepidoptera arctiidae

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