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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6831

Chapter 6831 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Stagg J., 1981: Transmission of low frequency pressure steps to the perilymphatic fluid

Hellon R.F., 1985: Transmission of low temperature information in the rat trigeminal system

Geryk J., 1986: Transmission of ltr v src ltr without recombination with a helper virus

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830004

Luciani N.D., 1983: Transmission of macrophomina phaseolina in sunflower by cylindrocopturus adspersus

Sihvonen L., 1980: Transmission of maedi virus to lambs

Reichard D.L., 1983: Transmission of maize dwarf mosaic virus with solid stream inoculum

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830008

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830009

Vlahakis, G.; Heston, W. E.; Chopra, H. C., 1977: Transmission of mammary tumor virus in mouse strain dd further support for the uniqueness of strain gr

Bucher, K. D.; Elston, R. C., 1981: Transmission of manic depressive illness 1. theory description of the model and summary of results

Bucher, K. D.; Elston, R. C.; Green, R.; Whybrow, P.; Helzer, J.; Reich, T.; Clayton, P.; Winokur, G., 1981: Transmission of manic depressive illness 2. segregation analysis of 3 sets of family data

Hsiung G.D., 1985: Transmission of maternal cytomegalovirus specific immunity in the guinea pig

Hinman A.R., 1986: Transmission of measles in medical settings 1980 through 1984

Olbrich S., 1987: Transmission of megatrypanum trypanosomes to cervus dama by tabanidae

Londono, I. M., 1976: Transmission of microfilariae and infective larvae of dipetalonema viteae filarioidea among vector ticks ornithodoros tartakowskyi argasidae and loss of microfilariae in coxal fluid

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830018

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830019

Nicholas J.P., 1985: Transmission of microsporidia especially orthosoma operophterae between generations of winter moth operophtera brumata lepidoptera geometridae

Gillham N.W., 1987: Transmission of mitochondrial and chloroplast genomes in crosses of chlamydomonas

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830023

Schultz A.B., 1979: Transmission of moments across the elbow joint and the lumbar spine

Gerhardt R.R., 1984: Transmission of moraxella bovis by regurgitation from the crop of the face fly musca autumnalis diptera muscidae

Lusby K.S., 1984: Transmission of moraxella bovis from blood agar cultures to hereford cattle by face flies musca autumnalis diptera muscidae

Wright R.E., 1982: Transmission of moraxella bovis in the laboratory by the face fly musca autumnalis diptera muscidae

Werner G.T., 1982: Transmission of mouse pox in colonies of mice

Lussier G., 1987: Transmission of mouse thymic virus

Ko W.H., 1979: Transmission of mucor hiemalis rot of guava fruits by 3 species of fruit flies

Farer L.S., 1981: Transmission of multiple drug resistant tuberculosis report of a school and community outbreak

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830032

Jenson, A. B.; Groff, D. E.; Mcconahey, P. J.; Dixon, F. J., 1976: Transmission of murine leukemia virus scripps from parent to progeny mice a comparison of assay systems

Jenson, A. B.; Groff, D. E.; Mcconahey, P. J.; Dixon, F. J., 1976: Transmission of murine leukemia virus scripps from parent to progeny mice as determined by p 30 antigenemia

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830035

Traub R., 1985: Transmission of murine typhus rickettsiae by xenopsylla cheopis with notes on experimental infection and effects of temperature

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830037

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830038

Tanskanen R., 1987: Transmission of mycoplasma dispar among a succession of newborn calves on a dairy farm

Tanskanen R., 1987: Transmission of mycoplasma dispar among calves collected and reared for beef production

Letvin N.L., 1983: Transmission of naturally occurring lymphoma in macaque monkeys macaca mulatta

Yu M.H., 1984: Transmission of nematode resistance in the pedigree of homo zygous resistant sugar beet beta vulgaris

Vidyasagar D., 1985: Transmission of neonatal listeriosis in a delivery room

Smolin L.N., 1981: Transmission of nociceptive information through the spino cervico thalamic component of the cat lemniscal system

Tabor, E.; Gerety, R. J.; Drucker, J. A.; Seeff, L. B.; Hoofnagle, J. H.; Jackson, D. R.; April, M.; Barker, L. F.; Pineda-Tamondong, G., 1978: Transmission of non a hepatitis non b hepatitis from man to chimpanzee

Williams R., 1979: Transmission of non a hepatitis non b hepatitis to chimpanzees by factor ix concentrates after fatal complications in patients with chronic liver disease

Hoofnagle, J. H.; Gerety, R. J.; Tabor, E.; Feinstone, S. M.; Barker, L. F.; Purcell, R. H., 1977: Transmission of non a non b hepatitis

Oda T., 1986: Transmission of non a non b hepatitis agent to chimpanzees from patients of epidemic hepatitis

Eur Study Group, 1985: Transmission of non a non b hepatitis by heat treated factor viii concentrate

Zampieri A., 1984: Transmission of non o group 1 vibrio cholerae by raw oyster consumption

Towers G.H.N., 1984: Transmission of nopaline crown gall tumor markers through meiosis in regenerated whole plants of bidens alba

Wang D., 1984: Transmission of nopaline synthetic enzyme gene in genome of solanum nigrum

Mclean, D. M.; Grass, P. N.; Judd, B. D.; Stolz, K. J.; Wong, K. K., 1978: Transmission of northway virus and st louis encephalitis virus by arctic mosquitoes

Wilson G.G., 1982: Transmission of nosema fumiferanae microsporida to its host choristoneura fumiferana

Armstrong, E., 1977: Transmission of nosema kingi to offspring of drosophila willistoni during copulation

Larsson R., 1979: Transmission of nosema mesnili microsporida nosematidae a microsporidian parasite of pieris brassicae lepidoptera pieridae and its parasite apanteles glomeratus hymenoptera braconidae

Yearian W.C., 1987: Transmission of npv in uniform and mixed age populations of heliothis zea lepidoptera noctuidae on caged soybean

Trpis M., 1984: Transmission of onchocerciasis by local black flies on the firestone rubber plantation harbel liberia

Diffey B.L., 1983: Transmission of optical radiation through human nails

Hoch A.L., 1982: Transmission of oropouche virus from man to hamster by the midge culicoides paraensis

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830063

Thomas D.L., 1980: Transmission of palm lethal decline to veitchia merrillii by planthopper myndus crudus

Teakle D.S., 1988: Transmission of pangola stunt virus by sogatella kolophon

Wathes C.M., 1987: Transmission of pasteurella multocida in rabbits

Marton L., 1986: Transmission of paternal chloroplasts in nicotiana

Demski J.W., 1988: Transmission of peanut mottle and peanut strip viruses by aphis craccivora and myzus persicae

Roberts J.E.Sr, 1986: Transmission of peanut mottle virus by three aphid vectors from peanut arachis hypogaea to peanut in the laboratory

Oliveira D.P.D., 1986: Transmission of phytomonas wilt to coconut and oil palm plants by lincus lobuliger breddin 1908 hemiptera pentatomidae preliminary studies

Cunliffe, C.; Lonsdale, D.; Epton, H. A. S., 1977: Transmission of phytophthora erythroseptica on stored potatoes

Wingfield M.J., 1983: Transmission of pine wood nematode bursaphelenchus xylophilus to cut timber and girdled trees

Sanhueza R.M.V.S., 1985: Transmission of plant pathogens with the inoculum of vesicular arbuscular endomycorrhizal fungi

Kostiw, M., 1975: Transmission of potato virus s by aphis nasturtii

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830077

Brcak, J., 1975: Transmission of potato witches broom by the dodder monogynella lehmanniana

Villemson S., 1988: Transmission of potato x and n viruses tomato aspermy virus and cucumber mosaic virus through the seeds of some plant species and the effect of infection on the conditioning properties of the seeds

Singh R.B., 1984: Transmission of primary trisomics in pearl millet pennisetum americanum

Sakai D.K., 1987: Transmission of protease genes into a protease deficient mutant of aeromonas salmonicida in river sediments

Vinther F., 1986: Transmission of pseudomonas avenae the cause of bacterial stripe of rice

Demarini, D. M.; Kurtzman, C. P.; Fennell, D. I.; Worden, K. A.; Detroy, R. W., 1977: Transmission of psv f and psv s mycoviruses during conidiogenesis of penicillium stoloniferum

Tachibana, K., 1975: Transmission of pulse wave along the dorsal vessel in insects

Lai, M.; Panopoulos, N. J.; Shaffer, S., 1977: Transmission of r plasmids among xanthomonas spp and other plant pathogenic bacteria

Al-Achkar, W.; Sabatier, L.; Dutrillaux, B., 1988: Transmission of radiation induced rearrangements through cell divisions

Chi, M. S.; Robinson, T. S.; Mirocha, C. J.; Behrens, J. C.; Shimoda, W., 1978: Transmission of radioactivity into eggs from laying hens gallus domesticus administered tritium labeled t 2 toxin

Ebsary B.A., 1988: Transmission of raspberry ringspot tomato black ring and peach rosette mosaic viruses by an ontario canada population of longidorus elongatus

Lee, W. J., 1975: Transmission of reciprocal translocation in rye secale cereale

Galletta G.J., 1980: Transmission of red stele resistance by inbred strawberry fragaria ananassa selections

L'vov D.K., 1980: Transmission of remantadine resistance as a result of successive recombinations of human and animal influenza viruses

Benhamou, N.; Giannotti, J.; Louis, C., 1978: Transmission of rickettsia type germs by the parasitic plant cuscuta subinclusa

Mitchell, J. D.; Lambeth, L. A.; Sosula, L.; Murphy, A.; Albrey, M., 1977: Transmission of rotavirus gastro enteritis from children to a monkey

Murata H., 1984: Transmission of rp 4 mu in erwinia carotovora and its effect on the chromosomal markers

Aitken M., 1982: Transmission of salmonella mbandaka to cattle from contaminated feed

Crumrine, M. H.; Foltz, V. D.; Harris, J. O., 1971: Transmission of salmonella montevideo in wheat m by stored product insects

Hidalgo R.J., 1981: Transmission of salmonella typhimurium among feedlot cattle after oral inoculation

Crum, J. M.; Prestwood, A. K., 1977: Transmission of sarcocystis leporum from a cottontail rabbit to domestic cats

Leek R.G., 1979: Transmission of sarcocystis suihominis from humans to swine to nonhuman primates pan troglodytes macaca mulatta macaca irus

Mwambungu J.A., 1988: Transmission of schistosoma bovis in mkulwe mbozi district mbeya region southern highlands of tanzania

Awad A.H., 1981: Transmission of schistosoma haematobium and the bionomics of bulinus abyssinicus in somalia

Daffalla A.A., 1985: Transmission of schistosoma haematobium in north gezira sudan

Lomovskaya N.D., 1981: Transmission of scp 2 plasmid by actino phages of streptomyces coelicolor a 3 2

Cohen B.J., 1983: Transmission of serum parvovirus like virus by clotting factor concentrates

Lehtonen, E., 1976: Transmission of signals in embryonic induction

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830116

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830117

Eysenck H.J., 1986: Transmission of social attitudes

Sherington J., 1985: Transmission of somaclonal variation in wheat triticum aestivum

Gus R., 1986: Transmission of somatic chromosome number instability in phalaris gramineae

Villemson S., 1985: Transmission of some viruses through seeds of nicotiana tabacum and nicotiana glutinosa

Morris T.J., 1981: Transmission of southern bean mosaic virus from soil to bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivar bountiful seeds

Welzl Mueller K., 1980: Transmission of speech sounds by hearing aids

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830125

Oldfield, G. N.; Kaloostian, G. H.; Pierce, H. D.; Calavan, E. C.; Granett, A. L.; Blue, R. L.; Rana, G. L.; Gumpf, D. J., 1977: Transmission of spiroplasma citri from citrus to citrus by scaphytopius nitridus

Willis W.G., 1986: Transmission of spring dead spot disease of bermudagrass cynodon dactylon by turf soil cores

Sabattini M.S., 1980: Transmission of st louis encephalitis virus from argentina by mosquitoes of the culex pipiens diptera culicidae complex

Burd, J. F.; Wartell, R. M.; Dodgson, J. B.; Wells, R. D., 1975: Transmission of stability telestability in dna physical and enzymatic studies on a synthetic duplex block polymer

Graef, W.; Moenius, W., 1977: Transmission of staphylococci from the nose to hands and eyeglasses as a nosocomial problem

Janeckova M., 1980: Transmission of starkspur golden delicious blister canker with buds and chips

Hamada S., 1985: Transmission of streptococcus mutans in some selected families

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830136

Mcauley P.J., 1982: Transmission of symbiotic algae to eggs of green hydra

Nystrom S.D., 1979: Transmission of t 2 toxin into bovine and porcine milk

Scorjonen J., 1983: Transmission of the 2 most characteristics phrases of the song of the thrush nightingale luscinia luscinia in different environmental conditions

Forbes A.R., 1986: Transmission of the agent causing little cherry disease by the apple mealybug phenacoccus aceris and the dodder cuscuta lupuliformis

Bibikova, V. A.; Dashkova, N. G.; Suleimanov, G. D.; Rasnitsyn, S. P.; Tiburskaya, N. A., 1977: Transmission of the brazilian strain of tertian malaria by anopheles maculipennis atroparvus

Passova O.M., 1982: Transmission of the causative agent of visceral leishmaniasis leishmania donovani to golden hamsters by phlebotomus longiductus and phlebotomus smirnovi experimentally

Oldfield, G. N.; Kaloosrian, G. H., 1978: Transmission of the citrus stubborn disease pathogen spiroplasma citri to a monocotyledonous plant

Randles J.W., 1985: Transmission of the coconut cocos nucifera cadang cadang viroid to six species of palm by inoculation with nucleic acid extracts

Walasek, O. F.; Margoliash, E., 1977: Transmission of the cytochrome c structural gene in horse donkey crosses

Ifukube T., 1988: Transmission of the formant information for single channel cochlear implants

Koehler, D., 1978: Transmission of the geo tropic stimulus in shoots

Gerin J.L., 1984: Transmission of the hepatitis b virus associated delta agent to the eastern woodchuck marmota monax

Purcell R.H., 1980: Transmission of the hepatitis b virus associated delta antigen to chimpanzees

Nathan M.B., 1981: Transmission of the human filarial parasite mansonella ozzardi by culicoides phlebotomus diptera ceratopogonidae in coastal north trinidad

Nakayama F., 1984: Transmission of the long day effects upon reproductive growth and senescence in forked soybean plants cultivar williams

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830153

Murray B.J., 1982: Transmission of the monocarpic senescence signal via the xylem in soybean glycine max cultivar anoka

Abdelrahman T., 1982: Transmission of the nuclear polyhedrosis virus disease of spodoptera littoralis via exposure of adults to the virus

Russo J., 1985: Transmission of the oral bacterium streptococcus mutans to young macaca fascicularis monkeys from human nursery attendants

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830158

Majumder P.P., 1982: Transmission of the pi z allele for alpha 1 anti trypsin deficiency population genetic considerations

Tarjan A.C., 1984: Transmission of the pinewood nematode bursaphelenchus xylophilus to slash pine pinus elliottii var elliotti trees and log bolts by a cerambycid beetle monochamus titillator in florida usa

Kennedy G.G., 1981: Transmission of the potato blackleg pathogen erwinia carotovora ssp atroseptica by european corn borer larvae ostrinia nubilalis

Randles, J. W.; Boccardo, G.; Retuerma, M. L.; Rillo, E. P., 1977: Transmission of the rna species associated with cadang cadang of coconut palm and the insensitivity of the disease to antibiotics

Klein M., 1982: Transmission of the safflower carthamus tinctorius phyllody mollicute by neolaiturus fenestratus

Klainkhempel' Kh, 1981: Transmission of the tomato bushy stunt virus without the help of a disease carrier

Laptev G.Yu, 1982: Transmission of the trait high nitrogen fixing activity in rhizobium meliloti during transformation

Pipano E., 1983: Transmission of theileria annulata by hyalomma excavatum

Young, A. S.; Purnell, R. E., 1973: Transmission of theileria lawrencei strain serengeti by the ixodid tick rhipicephalus appendiculatus

Sharma, P. K.; Guha, S. K., 1975: Transmission of time varying magnetic field through body tissue

Young R.J., 1979: Transmission of tobacco mosaic virus by seeds of tomato lycopersicon esculentum lines

Tosic, M.; Sutic, D.; Pesic, Z., 1980: Transmission of tobacco mosaic virus through pepper capsicum annuum cultivar niska sipka seed

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830176

Nee S.H., 1980: Transmission of tobacco vein banding mosaic virus by aphis gossypii

Villemson S., 1980: Transmission of tomato aspermy virus and cucumber mosaic virus through the soil

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830180

Stouffer R.F., 1983: Transmission of tomato ringspot virus from dandelion taraxacum officinale via seed and dagger nematodes

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830182

Broadbent A.B., 1986: Transmission of tomato spotted wilt virus in ontario canada greenhouses by frankliniella occidentalis

Reddy M.S., 1981: Transmission of tomato spotted wilt virus the causal agent of bud necrosis of peanut arachis hypogaea by scirtothrips dorsalis and frankliniella schultzei

Janitschke K., 1979: Transmission of toxoplasma oocysts from domestic cats to rabbits

Wallace G.D., 1979: Transmission of toxoplasmosis by tachyzoites possibility and probability of a hypothesis

Goldberg J., 1981: Transmission of training in the termite

Beasley J.N., 1979: Transmission of transmissible venereal tumor of the dog to the coyote

Sokoloff A., 1988: Transmission of tribolium castaneum herbst mutants to tribolium castaneum and tribolium freemani hinton hybrids coleoptera tenebrionidae

Gumpf D.J., 1984: Transmission of tristeza virus and seedling yellows tristeza virus by small populations of aphis gossypii

Domeyer I., 1987: Transmission of trypanosoma theileri to cattle by tabanidae

Rouillon, A.; Perdrizet, S.; Parrot, R., 1976: Transmission of tubercle bacilli the effects of chemo therapy

Boswell R.L., 1984: Transmission of tuberculosis by kidney transplantation

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830194

Woo J.C., 1986: Transmission of tumor character through tissue culture of nicotiana tabacum crown gall tumor

Maynard J.E., 1982: Transmission of type b viral hepatitis via eye inoculation of a chimpanzee

Roelandt J., 1981: Transmission of ultrasonic contrast through the lungs

Hunt J.W., 1979: Transmission of ultrasound beams through human tissue focusing and attenuation studies

Dhingra, K. L., 1975: Transmission of urid bean leaf crinkle virus by 2 aphid species

Tomala-Bednarek, J. W., 1977: Transmission of ustilago perennans with tall oat grass seeds

Van Der Leun J.C., 1984: Transmission of uv radiation through human epidermal layers as a factor influencing the minimal erythema dose

Mellink J.J., 1982: Transmission of venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus by aedes aegypti diptera culicidae to mice previously exposed to vector antigens

Krikun J., 1984: Transmission of verticillium dahliae in potato solanum tuberosum tubers

Pyykko, I.; Farkkila, M.; Toivanen, J.; Korhonen, O.; Hyvarinen, J., 1976: Transmission of vibration in the hand arm system with special reference to changes in compression force and acceleration

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830207

Pierce W.S., 1985: Transmission of water through a biocompatible polyurethane application to circulatory assist devices

Routal R.V., 1987: Transmission of weight through the lower thoracic and lumbar regions of the vertebral column in man

Pow I., 1988: Transmission of wildebeest associated and sheep associated malignant catarrhal fever to hamsters rats and guinea pigs

Crawford, A. M.; Kalmakoff, J., 1978: Transmission of wiseana spp nuclear polyhedrosis virus in the pasture habitat

De Boer P., 1986: Transmission of x ray induced reciprocal translocations in normal male mice and in male mice with a reduced sperm count due to translocation homozygosity

Hattingh M.J., 1986: Transmission of xanthomonas campestris pathovar pruni in plum prunus salicina and apricot prunus armeniaca nursery trees by budding

Lozano J.C., 1981: Transmission of xanthomonas manihotis in seed of cassava manihot esculenta

Smith C.C., 1979: Transmission of xanthomonas phaseoli and other bacterial species or varieties in seeds of tolerant bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivars

Saettler A.W., 1980: Transmission of xanthomonas phaseoli in seed of resistant and susceptible phaseolus genotypes

Nelson, P. G.; Peacock, J. H., 1973: Transmission on an active electrical response between fibroblasts l cells in cell culture

Jafari S.A., 1983: Transmission particle size and additional hosts of the rhabdovirus causing maize mosaic in shiraz iran

Tsubo Y., 1988: Transmission patterns of chloroplast genes after polyethylene glycol induced fusion of gametes in non mating mutants of chlamydomonas reinhardtii

De-Sole, G.; Kloos, H., 1976: Transmission patterns of onchocerciasis in southwest ethiopia

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830225

Gottesmann C., 1980: Transmission processes in the ventrobasal complex of rat during the sleep waking cycle

Black C.R., 1985: Transmission properties of an oak quercus robur canopy in relation to photoperception

Maruse S., 1984: Transmission rate of electrons for carbon films used as the foil of the foil lens

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830230

Lyon M.F., 1984: Transmission ratio distortion in mouse t haplotypes is due to multiple distorter genes acting on a responder locus

Holt S.C., 1980: Transmission scanning electron microscopic observations of selected eikenella corrodens strains

Brown, M., 1977: Transmission spectroscopy examinations of natural waters part 3 uv spectral characteristics of the transition from terrestrial humus to marine yellow substance

Manuelidis L., 1988: Transmission studies from blood of alzheimer disease patients with healthy relatives

Biswas J.C., 1988: Transmission studies on bovine cutaneous papillomas in hamster

Tewari, J. P., 1976: Transmission studies on watermelon mosaic virus by aphids

Wilkinson, P. J.; Donaldson, A. I.; Greig, A.; Bruce, W., 1977: Transmission studies with african swine fever virus infections of pigs by airborne virus

Wilkinson, P. J.; Donaldson, A. I., 1977: Transmission studies with african swine fever virus the early distribution of virus in pigs infected by airborne virus

Skok V.I., 1983: Transmission through superior cervical ganglion at early post natal stages

Ounsted C., 1986: Transmission through the female line of a mechanism constraining human fetal growth

Koganezawa H., 1985: Transmission to apple seedlings of a low molecular weight rna extracted from apple scar skin diseased trees

Sommer, R. G.; Meyer, H., 1976: Transmission traps of various colors for observing nocturnal activity of supralittoral insects/

Sans Sabrafen J., 1986: Transmission ultrastructure in the study of acquired refractory anemia

Kakishita M., 1987: Transmission whole body scintigraphy using a line source

Moskvin A.V., 1981: Transmission with acceleration in the vomero nasal and olfactory nerves of the frog rana temporaria

Belova N.N., 1981: Transmissive capacity of antibiotic resistance factors in intergeneric crossing of salmonella and escherichia

Zav'yantsev, V. E., 1976 : Transmissive drug resistance and colicinogenicity of escherichia coli strains isolated from piglets

Gridnev, V. A.; Livkina, E. G.; Pichugin, S. V.; Filimonova, T. V.; Pashkova, G. K.; Kovylina, N. N., 1977: Transmissive drug resistance and virulence of epidemic strains of salmonella typhimurium

Liman N.G., 1983: Transmissive r plasmids of salmonella typhi isolated in the left bank ukrainian ssr ussr in 1970 1982

Zueva, V. S.; Linevich-Yu, G.; Mogil'skaya, S. P.; Rybakov, V. N.; Savchenko, B. I.; Kashirova, A. K.; Mutoi, L. I.; Tarkov, M. I.; Parfenova, A. M., 1975: Transmissivity of various r factors found in escherichia coli cultures under natural conditions

Pekhov A.P., 1983: Transmissivity range of the genetic transfer factors pap 38 pap 39 pap 41 and pap 42

Ludbrook P.A., 1988: Transmitral pressure flow velocity relation importance of regional pressure gradients in the left ventricle during diastole

Lafont J., 1979: Transmittable modification induced in vitro in mycobacterium tuberculosis and mycobacterium bovis

Madden M., 1981: Transmittance of nonionizing radiation in human tissues

Brick, M. A.; Dobrenz, A. K.; Schonhorst, M. H., 1976: Transmittance of the multi foliolate leaf characteristic into nondormant alfalfa

Swensen J.B., 1986: Transmittance of winterhardiness in segregated populations of peas pisum sativum

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830260

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830261

Stark W.J., 1982: Transmitted light microscopy of the unstained endothelial cell layer of excised human corneal tissue

Karolcek J., 1981: Transmitted resistance to antibiotics in noncholera vibrio

First, M. R.; Linnemann, C. C-Jr ; Munda, R.; Mcconnell, C. M.; Ramundo, N.; Alexander, J. W.; Nathan, P., 1977: Transmitted streptococcal infection and hyper acute rejection possible cross reaction of streptococcal antigens and antibodies with mammalian tissues

Parkinson J.S., 1988: Transmitter and receiver modules in bacterial signaling proteins

Takahasi S., 1984: Transmitter biochemistry and histochemistry of the hypoplastic cerebellum in mice after neo natal administration of cytosine arabinoside

Foster, G. A.; Schultzberg, M.; Gage, F. H.; Bjorklund, A.; Hokfelt, T.; Nornes, H.; Cuello, A. C.; Verhofstad, A. A. J.; Visser, T. J., 1985: Transmitter expression and morphological development of embryonic medullary and mesencephalic raphe neurons after transplantation to the adult rat central nervous system i. grafts to the spinal cord

Foster, G. A.; Schultzberg, M.; Gage, F. H.; Bjorklund, A.; Hokfelt, T.; Cuello, A. C.; Verhofstad, A. A. J.; Visser, T. J.; Emson, P. C., 1988: Transmitter expression and morphological development of embryonic medullary and mesencephalic raphe neurons after transplantation to the adult rat central nervous system ii. grafts to the hippocampus

Foster, G. A.; Schultzberg, M.; Gage, F. H.; Bjorklund, A.; Hokfelt, T.; Cuello, A. C.; Verhofstad, A. A. J.; Visser, T. J.; Emson, P. C., 1988: Transmitter expression and morphological development of embryonic medullary and mesencephalic raphe neurons after transplantation to the adult rat central nervous system iii. grafts to the striatum

Meredith G.M., 1985: Transmitter facilitator teaching style and focus scan learning style in higher education

Danner H., 1979: Transmitter histochemistry of the cerebral cortex of the rat

Halasz, N.; Ljungdahl, A.; Hokfelt, T.; Johansson, O.; Goldstein, M.; Park, D.; Biberfeld, P., 1977: Transmitter histochemistry of the rat olfactory bulb part 1 immuno histochemical localization of mono amine synthesizing enzymes support for intra bulbar peri glomerular dopamine neurons

Halasz, N.; Ljungdahl, A.; Hokfelt, T., 1978: Transmitter histochemistry of the rat olfactory bulb part 2 fluorescence histochemical auto radiographic and electron microscopic localization of mono amines

Hokfelt T., 1979: Transmitter histochemistry of the rat olfactory bulb part 3 auto radiographic localization of tritiated gamma amino butyric acid

Eisen J.S., 1984: Transmitter identification of pyloric neurons electrically coupled neurons use different transmitters

Schnizer, W.; Hoang, N. D.; Brecht, K., 1968: Transmitter in the frogs lung rana esculenta

Schalow G., 1980: Transmitter induced calcium entry across the postsynaptic membrane at frog rana temporaria end plates measured using arsenazo iii

Pentreath V.W., 1987: Transmitter induced glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis in leech segmental ganglia

Katz, B.; Miledi, R., 1977: Transmitter leakage from motor nerve endings

Eskin A., 1982: Transmitter like action of serotonin in phase shifting a rhythm from the aplysia eye

Goshima Y., 1988: Transmitter like release of endogenous dopa and actions of l dopa on the release of dopamine via presynaptic receptors in rat striatal slices

Misu Y., 1988: Transmitter like release of endogenous dopa from rat striatal slices

Nagy K.A., 1988: Transmitter loads affect the flight speed and metabolism of homing pigeons

Drapeau P., 1987: Transmitter localization and vesicle turnover at a serotoninergic synapse between identified leech neurons in culture

Kositskii G.I., 1987: Transmitter mechanisms of the stimulatory effect of the vagus nerves on the heart

Emson, P. C.; Bush, B. M. H.; Joseph, M. H., 1976: Transmitter metabolizing enzymes and free amino acid levels in sensory and motor nerves and ganglia of the shore crab carcinus maenas

Alkadhi, K.; Volle, R. L., 1977: Transmitter mobilization at the frog neuro muscular junction

Juel C., 1979: Transmitter mobilization in helix pomatia the effect of ion substitutions

Cotman C.W., 1988: Transmitter phenotype is a major determinant in the specificity of synapses formed by cholinergic neurons transplanted to the hippocampus

Curzon, G.; Kantamaneni, B. D.; Bartlett, J. R.; Bridges, P. K., 1976: Transmitter precursors and metabolites in human ventricular cerebro spinal fluid

Cuenod M., 1980: Transmitter related retrograde labeling in the pigeon columba livia optic lobe a high resolution auto radiographic study

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830292

Kijima H., 1988: Transmitter release at frog end plate loaded with a calcium chelator bapta hypertonicity and erythrosin b augment the release independently of internal calcium

Yanagiya I., 1984: Transmitter release at the mouse neuromuscular junction stimulated by cadmium ions

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830295

Cooke, J. D.; Quastel, D. M. J., 1973: Transmitter release by mammalian motor nerve terminals in response to focal polarization

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830297

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Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830522

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830523

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Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830535

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830536

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Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830562

Section 7 , Chapter 6831, Accession 006830563

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Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830694

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Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830697

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830698

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Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830712

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Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830729

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Lund R.D., 1980: Transplantation of embryonic occipital cortex to the brain of new born rats an auto radiographic study of transplant histogenesis

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830736

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Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830742

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830743

Wyatt R.J., 1980: Transplantation of eyes to the adult rat brain histological findings and light evoked potential response

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Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830757

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Fujishima, M.; Watanabe, T., 1981: Transplantation of germ nuclei in paramecium caudatum 3. role of germinal micro nucleus in vegetative growth

Fujishima, M.; Hiwatashi, K., 1978: Transplantation of germ nucleus in paramecium caudatum part 1 nuclei in the pre meiotic s phase can enter into mitotic cycle/

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Hong R., 1985: Transplantation of hla haploidentical t cell depleted marrow for leukemia addition of cytosine arabinoside to the pretransplant conditioning prevents rejection

Et Al, 1986: Transplantation of hla haploidentical t cell depleted marrow for leukemia autologous marrow recovery with specific immune sensitization to donor antigens

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Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830773

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Holland J.F., 1980: Transplantation of human malignant mesothelioma into nude mice

Fieldsteel A.H., 1982: Transplantation of human malignant tumors to the athymic rat

Moellmann G.E., 1987: Transplantation of human melanocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830781

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Limas C., 1985: Transplantation of human renal carcinomas into athymic mice

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Otto, U.; Huland, H.; Baisch, H.; Kloeppel, G., 1985: Transplantation of human renal cell carcinoma into nmri nu nu mice 2. effect of irradiation on tumor acceptance and tumor growth

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830788

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830789

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Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830800

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830801

Seigler H.F., 1980: Transplantation of insulinoma into the diabetic syrian hamster

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Brown S.I., 1981: Transplantation of lacerated corneas

Poplack D.G., 1982: Transplantation of leukemic bone marrow treated with cyto toxic anti leukemic antibodies and complement

Calne R.Y., 1987: Transplantation of liver heart and lungs for primary biliary cirrhosis and primary pulmonary hypertension

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830819

Loy R., 1988: Transplantation of male mouse submaxillary gland increases survival of axotomized basal forebrain neurons

Conklin W.W., 1987: Transplantation of mandibular third molar in seventh decade long term follow up and evaluation

Vacelet J., 1979: Transplantation of marine sponges to different conditions of light and current

Nifontova, T. P., 1976: Transplantation of melano blastoma of the human eye into the anterior chamber of the eyes of rabbits

Clifton K.H., 1980: Transplantation of mono dispersed rat thyroid cells hormonal effects on follicular unit development and morphology

Zola H., 1987: Transplantation of monoclonal antibody purged autologous bone marrow for treatment of poor risk common acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830827

Galletti P.M., 1988: Transplantation of neural tissue in polymer capsules

Hashimoto R., 1985: Transplantation of newborn catecholaminergic tissue in the brain of cycling female rats effects on cyclic ovulation and gonadotropin secretion

Wagemaker G., 1984: Transplantation of non purified autologous bone marrow in patients with acute myeloblastic leukemia in 1st remission

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830831

Kaufman R.H., 1984: Transplantation of normal and ectopic human endometrial tissue into athymic nude mice

Bowie, E. J. W.; Solberg, L. A. Jr ; Fass, D. N.; Johnson, C. M.; Knutson, G. J.; Stewart, M. L.; Zoecklein, L. J., 1986: Transplantation of normal bone marrow into a pig with severe von willebrand's disease

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Dabagyan N.V., 1981: Transplantation of nuclei of goldfish carassius auratus blastomeres into loach misgurnus fossilis eggs

Langford L., 1988: Transplantation of oligodendrocytes and schwann cells into the spinal cord of the myelin deficient rat

Gumpel M., 1987: Transplantation of oligodendrocytes in the newborn mouse brain extension of myelination by transplanted cells anatomical study

Bunzendahl H., 1988: Transplantation of one donor liver to two recipients splitting transplantation a new method for further development of segmental liver transplantation

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830840

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830841

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830842

Yadav, R. V. S.; Mahant, T. S.; Sahariah, S., 1978: Transplantation of pancreas in diabetic rats

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Leiter E.H., 1981: Transplantation of pancreatic islets into cleared mammary fat pads a new model

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Kiviluoto T., 1985: Transplantation of pancreatic microfragments in totally pancreatectomized pigs

Veith F.J., 1986: Transplantation of pediatric donor kidneys to adult recipients is there a critical donor age?

Van Geertruyden J., 1982: Transplantation of pediatric kidneys into adult patients

Kaminski, M., 1976: Transplantation of peyers patches under the kidney capsule in syngeneic mice part 1 morphological studies

Kaminski, M.; Kaminska, G., 1977: Transplantation of peyers patches under the kidney capsule of syngeneic mice the host origin of re populating cells

Wexler B.C., 1980: Transplantation of pituitary and adrenal glands of spontaneously hypertensive rats into hypophysectomized or adrenalectomized normotensive sprague dawley rats

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Et Al, 1984: Transplantation of preserved homologous half joint 56 cases

Hollander V.P., 1980: Transplantation of primary plasma cell tumor without 2 6 10 14 tetra methyl penta decane pristane treatment of the hosts

Lazarlus G.S., 1983: Transplantation of psoriatic skin onto nude mice

Sato K., 1987: Transplantation of putative preneoplastic hepatocytes of analbuminemic rats in the livers of sprague dawley x analbuminemic hybrid rats

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Mcloon S.C., 1982: Transplantation of re aggregates of embryonic neural retinae to neo natal rat brain differentiation and formation of connections

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Totsuka, S.; Minoda, K.; Kogure, K., 1981: Transplantation of retino blastoma into the nude mouse 2. radiation effects on retino blastoma successively transplanted into nude mouse eyes

Totsuka, S.; Akazawa, K.; Minoda, K., 1982: Transplantation of retino blastoma into the nude mouse 3. tumor doubling time of retino blastoma

Bruce J.I., 1985: Transplantation of schistosoma japonicum daughter sporocysts in oncomelania hupensis

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Zinner R., 1986: Transplantation of teeth

Et Al, 1985: Transplantation of tensor fascia lata myocutaneous flap

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Ramseier, H., 1976: Transplantation tolerance at the thymus derived lymphocyte receptor level part 2 interaction of thymus derived cell receptors with allo antigen and with anti receptor anti serum

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Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830933

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Seil F.J., 1988: Transplanted astrocytes reduce synaptic density in the neuropil of cerebellar cultures

Lee A.E., 1979: Transplanted cultured cells from pregnancy dependent mammary tumors have a heterogenous developmental potential

Abraham D., 1985: Transplanted dipetalonema viteae in the jird meriones unguiculatus effect of worm burden on parturition rates and microfilaremia

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Pinnell R.E., 1980: Transplanting a method of introducing an insect virus into an ecosystem

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Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830954

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Sands R., 1984: Transplanting stress in radiata pine pinus radiata

Tohyama M., 1986: Transplants in the periventricular and intraventricular region grow better than those in the central parenchyma of the caudate

Kromer L.F., 1987: Transplants of cholinergic septal explants reinnervate adult rodent hippocampus

Nornes H.O., 1986: Transplants of embryonic brainstem containing the locus coeruleus into spinal cord enhance the hindlimb flexion reflex in adult rats

Cotman C.W., 1986: Transplants of purified astrocytes promote behavioral recovery after frontal cortex ablation

Cornbrooks C.J., 1985: Transplants of schwann cell cultures promote axonal regeneration in the adult mammalian brain

Vinogradova O.S., 1988: Transplants of the embryonal rat somatosensory neocortex in the barrel field of the adult rat responses of the grafted neurons to sensory stimulation

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Blein, J. P.; Canivenc, M. C.; De-Cherade, X.; Bergon, M.; Calmon, J. P.; Scalla, R., 1986: Transplasma membrane ferricyanide reduction in sycamore cells characterization of the system and inhibition by some phenyl biscarbamates

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Johns B.E., 1987: Transponders as permanent identification markers for domestic ferrets black footed ferrets and other wildlife

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830977

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Friedman, M. H.; Meyer, R. A., 1981: Transport across homo porous and hetero porous membranes in nonideal nondilute solutions 2. inequality of phenomenological and tracer solute permeabilities

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830986

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Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830989

Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830990

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Section 7, Chapter 6831, Accession 006830997

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Hellebust J.A., 1985: Transport and assimilation of nitrogen by stichococcus bacillaris grown in the presence of methionine sulfoximine

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