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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6833

Chapter 6833 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832000

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832001

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832002

Bjornhag, G.; Sperber, I., 1977: Transport of various food components through the digestive tract of turkeys geese and guinea fowl

Berman M., 1979: Transport of very low density lipo protein tri glycerides in varying degrees of obesity and hyper tri glyceridemia

Rothman J.E., 1980: Transport of vesicular stomatitis virus glyco protein in a cell free extract

Di-Girolamo, P. M.; Bradbeer, C., 1971: Transport of vitamin b 12 in escherichia coli

Kadner R.J., 1985: Transport of vitamin b 12 in escherichia coli cloning of the btu cd region

Di-Masi, D. R.; White, J. C.; Schnaitman, C. A.; Bradbeer, C., 1973: Transport of vitamin b 12 in escherichia coli common receptor sites for vitamin b 12 and the e colicins on the outer membrane of the cell envelope

Bradbeer, C.; Woodrow, M. L.; Khalifah, L. I., 1976: Transport of vitamin b 12 in escherichia coli common receptor system for vitamin b 12 and bacterio phage bf 23 on the outer membrane of the cell envelope

Bradbeer, C.; Kenley, J. S.; Di-Masi, D. R.; Leighton, M., 1978: Transport of vitamin b 12 in escherichia coli corrinoid specificities of the periplasmic b 12 binding protein and of energy dependent b 12 transport/

Kenley, J. S.; Leighton, M.; Bradbeer, C., 1978: Transport of vitamin b 12 in escherichia coli corrinoid specificity of the outer membrane receptor/

Bradbeer, C.; Woodrow, M. L., 1976: Transport of vitamin b 12 in escherichia coli energy dependence

Kadner, R. J.; Liggins, G. L., 1973: Transport of vitamin b 12 in escherichia coli genetic studies

White, J. C.; Di-Girolamo, P. M.; Fu, M. L.; Preston, Y. A.; Bradbeer, C., 1973: Transport of vitamin b 12 in escherichia coli location and properties of the initial b 12 binding site

Reynolds, P. R.; Mottur, G. P.; Bradbeer, C., 1980: Transport of vitamin b 12 in escherichia coli roles of the gene products of btuc and tonb

Bassford, P. J. Jr ; Bradbeer, C.; Kadner, R. J.; Schnaitman, C. A., 1976: Transport of vitamin b 12 in tonb mutants of escherichia coli

Zolot S.L., 1987: Transport of vitamin c in the lens

Drevon C.A., 1982: Transport of vitamin d 3 from rat intestine evidence for transfer of vitamin d 3 from chylomicrons to alpha globulins

Fainaru M., 1979: Transport of vitamin d sterols in human plasma effect of excess vitamin d 25 hydroxy vitamin d and 1 25 di hydroxy vitamin d

O'brien R.W., 1985: Transport of volatile fatty acids across the hindgut of the cockroach panesthia cribrata and the termite mastotermes darwiniensis

Kim K J., 1981: Transport of water and solutes across bull frog rana catesbeiana alveolar epithelium

Crandall E.D., 1979: Transport of water and solutes across sheep visceral pleura

Crowe J.H., 1979: Transport of water vapor by tenebrionid beetles part 1 kinetics

Crowe J.H., 1979: Transport of water vapor by tenebrionid beetles part 2 regulation of the osmolarity and composition of the hemolymph

Jackson M.J., 1982: Transport of weak bases across rat gastric mucosa in vivo and in vitro

Neumann, S.; Grimm, E.; Jacob, F., 1985: Transport of xenobiotics in higher plants 1. structural prerequisites for translocation in the phloem

Grimm, E.; Neumann, S.; Jacob, F., 1986: Transport of xenobiotics in higher plants iii. absorption of 2 4 d and 2 4 dichloroanisole by isolated conducting tissue of cyclamen persicum

Grimm, E.; Neumann, S.; Krug, B., 1987: Transport of xenobiotics in higher plants iv. amobility of the acidic compounds bromoxynil and pentachlorophenol

Van Uden N., 1988: Transport of xylose and glucose in the xylose fermenting yeast pichia stipitis

Mahmood A., 1981: Transport of zinc in rat intestine in vitro during growth and development

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832032

Sarkadi, B.; Szasz, I.; Gerloczy, A.; Gardos, G., 1977: Transport parameters and stoichiometry of active calcium ion extrusion in intact human red cells

Di-Polo, R.; Sha-Afi, R. I.; Solomon, A. K., 1970: Transport parameters in a porous cellulose acetate membrane

Tanaka T., 1984: Transport pathway and uptake of micro peroxidase in the junctional epithelium of healthy rat gingiva

Renkin, E. M.; Watson, P. D.; Sloop, C. H.; Joyner, W. M.; Curry, F. E., 1977: Transport pathways for fluid and large molecules in micro vascular endothelium of the dogs paw

Duhm J., 1982: Transport pathways for lithium ions in neuro blastoma x glioma hybrid cells at therapeutic concentrations of lithium ion

Schiffman S.S., 1988: Transport pathways in rat lingual epithelium

Fer A., 1981: Transport pathways involved in nutrient supply of a phanerogamic parasitic plant study with detached leaves parasitized by cuscuta lupuliformis

Harvey, G. R.; Steinhauer, W. G., 1976: Transport pathways of poly chlorinated bi phenyls in atlantic water

Kannan S., 1984: Transport patterns of foliar and root absorbed copper in bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivar vaghya

Yoshida, M.; Kamo, N.; Kobatake, Y., 1972: Transport phenomena in a model membrane accompanying a conformational change membrane potential and ion permeability

Kamo, N.; Yoshioka, T.; Yoshida, M.; Sugita, T., 1973: Transport phenomena in a model membrane accompanying a conformational change transient processes in response to external stimuli

Ahuja, A. S.; Hendee, W. R.; Carson, P. L., 1978: Transport phenomena in laminar flow of blood

Hsu, H. W., 1981: Transport phenomena in zonal centrifuge rotors 14. analytical characterization in density gradient preparative centrifuges

Plagemann, P. G. W., 1976: Transport phosphorylation and toxicity of a tri cyclic nucleoside in cultured novikoff rat hepatoma cells and other cell lines and release of its mono phosphate by the cells

Otterburn M.S., 1981: Transport processes in the sorption of colored ions by peat particles

Garcia-Bernal, J. M.; Garcia-De-La-Torre, J., 1980: Transport properties and hydrodynamic centers of rigid macro molecules with arbitrary shapes

Yegorova L.A., 1981: Transport properties of 2 extremely thermophilic species of thermus

Gliozzi, A.; Vittoria, V.; Ciferri, A., 1972: Transport properties of charged membranes undergoing conformational transitions

Dabrovska, L.; Praus, R.; Stoy, V.; Vacik, J., 1978: Transport properties of hydrolyzed poly acrylonitrile

Kincal N.S., 1987: Transport properties of liquid egg related to spray drying behavior

Lee, M.; Robbins, J. C.; Oxender, D. L., 1975: Transport properties of mero di ploids covering the daga locus in escherichia coli strain k 12

Benz R., 1982: Transport properties of mobile charges in algal membranes influence of ph and turgor pressure

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832057

Garcia De La Torre J., 1981: Transport properties of oligomeric subunit structures

Harvey, S. C.; Cheung, H. C., 1980: Transport properties of particles with segmental flexibility 2. decay of fluorescence polarization anisotropy from hinged macro molecules

Harvey S.C., 1979: Transport properties of particles with segmental flexibility part 1 hydrodynamic resistance and diffusion coefficients of a freely hinged particle

Lehmann J., 1985: Transport properties of photolabile sugar analogs

Blum F.D., 1984: Transport properties of polymer solutions a comparative approach

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832063

Mccammon J.A., 1984: Transport properties of rigid and flexible macro molecules by brownian dynamics simulation

Garcia De La Torre J., 1988: Transport properties of rigid bent rod macromolecules and of semiflexible broken rods in the rigid body treatment analysis of the flexibility of myosin rod

Garcia De La Torre J., 1983: Transport properties of rigid symmetrical oligomeric structures composed of prolate ellipsoidal subunits

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832067

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832068

Oleski, N.; Mahdavi, P.; Peiser, G.; Bennett, A. B., 1987: Transport properties of the tomato fruit tonoplast i. identification and characterization of an anion sensitive proton translocating atpase

Oleski, N.; Mahdavi, P.; Bennett, A. B., 1987: Transport properties of the tomato fruit tonoplast ii. citrate transport

Handler J.S., 1981: Transport properties of toad xenopus laevis kidney epithelia in culture

Knotkova A., 1982: Transport protein synthesis in nongrowing yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cells

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832073

Kobatake Y., 1985: Transport rate of various lipophilic ions through membranes of halobacterium halobium

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832075

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832076

Mikola J., 1987: Transport related amino acid metabolism in germinating barley grains

Towle D.W., 1981: Transport related atpase as probes of tissue function in 3 terrestrial crabs of palau

Spremberg F., 1988: Transport related cardiovascular insufficiency and myocardial changes in swine

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832080

Gunther B., 1984: Transport similarity dimensional analysis of diffusion at cellular level

Barnett P.J., 1986: Transport sorting and reworking of late wisconsinan plant macrofossils from lake erie canada

Yudilevich D.L., 1982: Transport specificity for neutral and basic amino acids at maternal and fetal interfaces of the guinea pig placenta

Flood P.R., 1982: Transport speed of the mucous feeding filter in clavelina lepadiformis aplousobranchiata tunicata

Morrison R.K., 1985: Transport storage and release of trichogramma pretiosum

Mevel M., 1979: Transport stress in juvenile coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch

Thakur S.S., 1984: Transport studies of multielectrolyte solutions across a sintered disc impregnated with cellulose acetate

Maretzki A., 1980: Transport studies with cell suspensions of higher plants effect of cell manipulation

Khan S.A., 1988: Transport studies with model membranes

Kilberg M.S., 1982: Transport system a is not responsive to hormonal stimulation in primary cultures of fetal rat hepatocytes

Imai, K., 1977: Transport system for citric acid in proteus vulgaris

Robbins, J. C.; Oxender, D. L., 1973: Transport systems for alanine serine and glycine in escherichia coli strain k 12

Hoshino T., 1979: Transport systems for branched chain amino acids in pseudomonas aeruginosa

Kadner, R. J., 1974: Transport systems for l methionine in escherichia coli

Cini C., 1983: Transport systems for lysine thia lysine and selena lysine in escherichia coli kl 16

Rotenberg M., 1983: Transport theory for growing cell populations

Janacek, K., 1977: Transport through cellular membranes

Bhise S.B., 1985: Transport through liquid membrane bilayers generated by lecithin cholesterol and lecithin cholesterol mixtures studies in the presence of polyene antibiotics

Kaluskar, A. G.; Ghosh, S., 1978: Transport through rabbit thoracic aorta part 1 hydraulic permeability

Ghosh, S.; Kaluskar, A. G., 1978: Transport through rabbit thoracic aorta part 2 solute permeability and reflection coefficients

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832101

Kuzuya H., 1984: Transport to the bloodstream of amylase following retrograde infusion of amylase into the parotid glands in the rat

Moss B., 1988: Transport to the cell surface of a peptide sequence attached to the truncated carboxyl terminus of an amino terminally anchored integral membrane protein

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832104

Wolff, H. L.; Croon, J. J. A. B.; Helaha, D., 1978: Transport under tropical circumstances of specimens to the laboratory for cultivation of pathogens 3. shipment of sputum samples for cultivation of mycobacterium tuberculosis

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832106

Centor R.M. , 1986: Transportability of a decision rule for the diagnosis of streptococcal pharyngitis

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832108

Jacobs A.G., 1982: Transportability of linear discriminant functions

Lanier, T. C.; Carpenter, J. A.; Toledo, R. T.; Reagan, J. O., 1978: Transportation and color maintenance of hanging beef

Roos A., 1980: Transportation and enrichment of chlorinated phenolic compounds in different aquatic food chains

Matsumoto, G., 1976: Transportation and maintenance of adult squid doryteuthis bleekeri for physiological studies

Perin, M., 1976: Transportation in commercial aircraft of passengers having contagious diseases

Tawara, S., 1978: Transportation model of japanese anchovy engraulis japonica in yuya bay japan based on current pattern

Birnie S.E., 1987: Transportation noise annoyance testing of a probabilistic model

Layzer J.B., 1979: Transportation of adult american shad alosa sapidissima past dams on the connecticut river massachusetts usa 1973 1976

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832117

Ebel W.J., 1980: Transportation of chinook salmon oncorhynchus tshawytscha and the steelhead salmo gairdneri smolts in the columbia river usa and effects on adult returns

Imanari T., 1981: Transportation of copper in rabbit blood

Varma, P. R. G.; Valsan, A. P.; Prabhu, P. V., 1980: Transportation of fish 3. biochemical changes in fish during transportation in insulated containers

Mccarthy D.H., 1982: Transportation of fish in closed systems methods to control ammonia carbon di oxide ph and bacterial growth

Parkin K.L., 1987: Transportation of frozen food in insulated containers theoretical and experimental results

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832123

Barvyn, V. G.; Kaverin, N. M.; Gorodkov, V. G.; Perimov-Yu, A., 1978: Transportation of patients with myo cardial infarction complicated by cardiogenic shock using contra pulsation with an intra aortic balloon

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832125

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832126

Banerjee V., 1981: Transportation stress on the erythrocyte number and hemo globin content in a fish heteropneustes fossilis

Johnson E.M.Jr, 1981: Transported enzymes in sciatic nerve and sensory ganglia of rats exposed to maternal antibodies against nerve growth factor

Stokes, W. L., 1978: Transported fossil biota of the green river formation utah usa

Lewis E.R., 1983: Transported proteins in the regenerating optic nerve regulation by interactions with the optic tectum

Jordan T.E., 1985: Transported to van diemens land australia the boys of the frances charlotte 1832 and lord goderich 1841

Hettler W.F., 1983: Transporting adult and larval gulf menhaden brevoortia patronus and techniques for spawning in the laboratory

Wood, C. E., 1976: Transporting gambusia affinis from alabama and louisiana usa and stocking in northeastern illinois

Scott W.N., 1980: Transporting renal epithelium culture in hormonally defined serum free medium

Sydor M., 1980: Transports in the duluth superior harbor minnesota usa

Simonelig, M.; Bazin, C.; Pelisson, A.; Bucheton, A., 1988: Transposable and nontransposable elements similar to the i factor involved in inducer reactive ir hybrid dysgenesis in drosophila melanogaster coexist in various drosophila species

Starlinger P., 1987: Transposable element ds 2 of zea mays influences polyadenylation and splice site selection

Starlinger P., 1981: Transposable element ds at the shrunken locus in zea mays

Mackay T.F.C., 1986: Transposable element induced fitness mutations in drosophila melanogaster

Mackay T.F.C., 1987: Transposable element induced polygenic mutations in drosophila melanogaster

Mackay T.F.C., 1985: Transposable element induced response to artificial selection in drosophila melanogaster

Arber W., 1985: Transposable element insertion sequence is 1 intrinsically generates target duplications of variable length

De Framond J., 1983: Transposable element insertion sequence is 50 improves growth of rate of escherichia coli cells without transposition

Pearlman R.E., 1988: Transposable element mediated enhancement of gene expression in saccharomyces cerevisiae involves sequence specific binding of a trans acting factor

Bennetzen J.L., 1984: Transposable element mu 1 is found in multiple copies only in robertsons mutator maize lines

Pearlman R.E., 1985: Transposable element sequences involved in the enhancement of yeast gene expression

Waterston R.H., 1988: Transposable element tc1 of caenorhabditis elegans recognizes specific target sequences for integration

Kosuge T., 1983: Transposable element that causes mutations in a plant pathogenic pseudomonas syringae pathovar savastanoi

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832150

Finnegan D.J. , 1986: Transposable elements controlling i r hybrid dysgenesis in drosophila melanogaster are similar to mammalian lines

Martin C., 1986: Transposable elements generate novel spatial patterns of gene expression in antirrhinum majus

Kiknadze, I. I.; Kolesnikov, N. N.; Panova, T. M.; Gaidomakova, E. K.; Blinov, A. G.; Filippova, M. A., 1987: Transposable elements in chironomidae i. location of pcthc1.2hr sequence in the polytene chromosomes of closely related subspecies chironomus thummi thummi kieffer chironomus thummi piger strenzke and their hybrids

Montgomery, E. A.; Langley, C. H., 1983: Transposable elements in mendelian populations 2. distribution of 3 copia like elements in a natural population of drosophila melanogaster

Boyer H.W., 1983: Transposable elements of halobacterium halobium

Peterson P.A., 1983: Transposable elements of maize genetic basis of pattern differentiation of some mutable c alleles of the enhancer system

Ueda, H.; Mizuno, S.; Shimura, K., 1986: Transposable genetic element found in the 5' flanking region of the fibroin h chain gene in a genomic clone from the silkworm bombyx mori

Cohen, S. N., 1976: Transposable genetic elements and plasmid evolution

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832162

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832163

Klar A.J.S., 1979: Transposable mating type genes in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Carlier C., 1986: Transposable multiple antibiotic resistance in streptococcus pneumoniae

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832166

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832167

Dennis E., 1986: Transposase activity of the ac controlling element in maize is regulated by its degree of methylation

Kleckner N., 1984: Transposase promotes double strand breaks and single strand joints at tn 10 termini in vivo

Bucholz L.M., 1985: Transposase titration in drosophila melanogaster a model of cytotype in the p m system of hybrid dysgenesis

Logerfo, F. W.; Menzoian, J. O.; Kumaki, D. J.; Idelson, B. A., 1978: Transposed basilic vein brachial arterio venous fistula a reliable secondary access procedure

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832172

Peters T.D., 1980: Transposed leu 2 gene of saccharomyces cerevisiae is regulated normally

Alt F.W., 1983: Transposition and amplification of onco gene related sequences in human neuro blastomas

Bloj, B.; Zilversmit, D. B., 1977: Transposition and distribution of cholesterol in rat erythrocytes

Casadaban, M. J., 1976: Transposition and fusion of the lac genes to selected promoters in escherichia coli using bacterio phage lambda and bacterio phage mu

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832177

Pato M., 1986: Transposition and replication of maxi mu derivatives of bacteriophage mu

Sherratt D., 1984: Transposition and transposition immunity of transposon tn 3 derivatives having different ends

Courvalin P., 1985: Transposition behavior of insertion sequence is 15 and its progenitor is 15 delta are cointegrates exclusive end products

Gerasimova T.I., 1988: Transposition bursts as shown by analysis of repeated mutations in unstable lines of drosophila melanogaster

Georgiev G.P., 1985: Transposition explosions in the course of consequent mutation transitions in destabilized strains of drosophila melanogaster

Piruzyan E.S., 1985: Transposition immunity of bacteriophage mu effect of a mutation at the kil gene on transposition immunity

Johnson R.M., 1985: Transposition in backward masking the case of the traveling gap

Nevers P., 1985: Transposition in plants a molecular model

Syvanen M., 1979: Transposition mutagenesis of bacterio phage lambda a new gene affecting cell lysis

Trbojevic J.I., 1979: Transposition of 17 keto steroids into 16 keto 17 beta acetates under mild conditions

Hozumi N., 1984: Transposition of 2 different intracisternal a particle elements into an immunoglobulin kappa chain gene

Lazzarino M., 1979: Transposition of 9q34 and 22 q11 to q ter regions has a specific role in chronic myelocytic leukemia

Benedik, M.; Fennewald, M.; Shapiro, J., 1977: Transposition of a beta lactamase locus from rp 1 plasmid into pseudomonas putida degradative plasmids

Harnish B.W., 1982: Transposition of a chromosomal segment bounded by redundant ribosomal rna genes into other ribosomal rna genes in escherichia coli

Fedoseeva V.B., 1981: Transposition of a dna fragment flanked by 2 inverted tn 1 sequences

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832193

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832194

Clowes R.C., 1979: Transposition of a duplicate antibiotic resistance gene and generation of deletions in plasmid r 6k

Wiedemann B., 1983: Transposition of a gene encoding oxa 2 beta lactamase

Addei K., 1982: Transposition of a living sphincter

Section 7, Chapter 6833 , Accession 006832198

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832199

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832200

Ducassou M.J., 1986: Transposition of a tube and transposition of an ovary

Dellaporta S.L., 1987: Transposition of ac from the p locus of maize into unreplicated chromosomal sites

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832203

Butow R.A., 1985: Transposition of an intron in yeast mitochondria requires a protein encoded by that intron

Mintz, C. S.; Shuman, H. Z., 1987: Transposition of bacteriophage mu in the legionnaires' disease bacterium

Ohyashiki, K.; Ohyashiki, J. H.; Kinniburgh, A. J.; Rowe, J.; Miller, K. B.; Raza, A.; Preisler, H. D.; Sandberg, A. A., 1987: Transposition of breakpoint cluster region 3' bcr in cml cells with variant philadelphia translocations

Pasquali F., 1988: Transposition of c abl oncogene in a case of masked ph chromosome duplicated in blastic phase

Turner J.A.P., 1980: Transposition of ciliary micro tubules another cause of impaired ciliary motility

Palumbo G., 1986: Transposition of copia like nomadic elements can be induced by heat shock

Sojbjerg J.O., 1987: Transposition of coracoacromial ligament to humerus in treatment of vertical shoulder joint instability clinical applicability of experimental technique

Krylov V.N., 1983: Transposition of d 3112 phage genome in escherichia coli cells

Fedoseeva V.B., 1983: Transposition of dna fragments flanked by 2 inverted tn 1 sequences translocation of the plasmid rp 4 tn 1 region harboring the tc r marker

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832213

Kaidanov L.Z., 1981: Transposition of drosophila melanogaster mobile dispersed genes revealed by means of selection

Rubin G.M., 1979: Transposition of elements of the 412 copia and 297 dispersed repeated gene families in drosophila melanogaster

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832216

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832217

Cassell G.H., 1987: Transposition of gram positive transposon tn 916 in acholeplasma laidlawii and mycoplasma pulmonis

Guyer M.S., 1980: Transposition of insertion sequence is 1 lambda bio is 1 from a bacterio phage lambda derivative carrying the is 1 cat is 1 transposon tn 9

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832220

De La Cruz F., 1987: Transposition of is 91 does not generate a target duplication

Rezinkoff W.S., 1988: Transposition of is50l activates downstream genes

Van De Putte P., 1986: Transposition of mini mu containing only one of the ends of bacteriophage mu

Gvozdev V.A., 1987: Transposition of mobile dispersed genes in the substitution of individual chromosome pairs in an inbred line of drosophila melanogaster

Gershenzon S.M., 1987: Transposition of mobile dispersed genes in the system of mutations induced by the administration of dna to drosophila

Ilyin Y.V., 1982: Transposition of mobile genetic elements in interspecific hybrids of drosophila

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832227

Galli, A.; Berrino, P.; Rainero, M. L.; Santi, P., 1988: Transposition of myocutaneous flaps in breast reconstruction following radical mastectomy latissimus dorsi vs. rectus abdominis flap

Solonen K.A., 1982: Transposition of pedicle skin flaps in the hand

Rattenhuber U., 1980: Transposition of penis and scrotum

Kleckner N., 1985: Transposition of plasmid borne tn 10 elements does not exhibit simple length dependence

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832232

Berg, D. E.; Davies, J.; Allet, B.; Rochaix, J. D., 1975: Transposition of r factor genes to bacterio phage lambda

Mironov A.S., 1979: Transposition of structural genes of the deo operon of escherichia coli k 12 into plasmid rp 4 by temperate bacterio phage mu

Barbour A.G., 1985: Transposition of structural genes to an expression sequence on a linear plasmid causes antigenic variation in the bacterium borrelia hermsii

O'sullivan J.A., 1980: Transposition of subclavian artery for vertebro basilar transient ischemic attack

Anderson P., 1985: Transposition of tc 1 in the nematode caenorhabditis elegans

Salsi A., 1985: Transposition of the 5th to the 4th ray by osteotomy of the hamate

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832239

Adams, A., 1973: Transposition of the arsenate resistance locus of bacillus subtilis strain 23 and strain 168

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832241

Lucotte G., 1987: Transposition of the cb1 sequence of the x chromosome of anthropoid apes to the human y chromosome

Kafai, F.; Ahrari, A., 1978: Transposition of the colon during esophageal tumors

Peterson P.A., 1981: Transposition of the enhancer controlling element system in maize

Guyer M.S., 1979: Transposition of the escherichia coli insertion element gamma generates a 5 base pair repeat

Bieber F.R., 1987: Transposition of the external genitalia associated with caudal regression

Sherman F., 1981: Transposition of the gene cluster cyc 1 osm 1 rad 7 in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Casadaban M.J., 1986: Transposition of the gram positive transposon tn 917 in escherichia coli

Lang P., 1984: Transposition of the great arteries and intact ventricular septum anatomical repair in the neonate

Bartelings M.M., 1985: Transposition of the great arteries and narrowing of the aortic arch emphasis on right ventricular characteristics

Grainger, R. G., 1970: Transposition of the great arteries and of the pulmonary veins including an account of cardiac embryology and chamber identification

O'donovan T.G., 1979: Transposition of the great arteries associated with a double left ventricular outflow tract

Ebert P.A., 1985: Transposition of the great arteries in the neonate failed balloon atrial septostomy

Somerville J., 1987: Transposition of the great arteries late results in adolescents and adults after the mustard procedure

Aubert, J.; Pannetier, A.; Couvelly, J. P.; Unal, D.; Rouault, F.; Delarue, A., 1978: Transposition of the great arteries new technique for anatomical correction

Jacob, T.; Ablett, M.; Stark, J., 1977: Transposition of the great arteries primum atrial septal defect azygos continuation of the inferior vena cava bilateral superior venae cavae and dextro cardia with centrally placed liver

Gutgesell, H. P.; Mcnamara, D. G., 1975: Transposition of the great arteries results of treatment with early palliation and late intra cardiac repair

Norwood W.I., 1987: Transposition of the great arteries with aortic arch obstruction anatomical review and report of surgical management

Paul M.H., 1988: Transposition of the great arteries with intact ventricular septum arterial switch in the first month of life

Nadas A.S., 1983: Transposition of the great arteries with intact ventricular septum results of mustard and senning operations in 123 consecutive patients

Van-Gils, F. A. W.; Moulaert, A. J.; Oppenheimer-Dekker, A.; Wenink, A. C. G., 1978: Transposition of the great arteries with ventricular septal defect and pulmonary stenosis

Brito J.M., 1984: Transposition of the great arteries with ventricular septal defects surgical considerations concerning the rastelli operation

Borst H.G., 1986: Transposition of the greater omentum for management of mediastinal infection following orthotopic heart transplantation a case report

Sakic S., 1982: Transposition of the greater trochanter of the femur during growth

Moss J.E., 1987: Transposition of the i element and copia in a natural population of drosophila melanogaster

Adams J.M., 1985: Transposition of the immunoglobulin heavy chain enhancer to the myc oncogene in a murine plasmacytoma

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832267

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832268

Ippen, K.; Shapiro, J. A.; Beckwith, J. R., 1971: Transposition of the lac region to the gal region of the escherichia coli chromosome isolation of lambda lac transducing bacterio phages

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832270

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832271

Fedoroff N., 1986: Transposition of the maize controlling element activator in tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar petit havana sr 1

Salamini F., 1988: Transposition of the maize transposable element ac in solanum tuberosum

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832274

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832275

Domaradskii I.V., 1980: Transposition of the penicillin resistance determinant from rp 1 factor into the hemolytic plasmid hly 195

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832277

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832278

Grabnar M., 1987: Transposition of the salmonella typhimurium pro c gene to near the pro ba operon

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832280

Novel G., 1988: Transposition of the streptococcus lactis ssp lactis z270 lactose plasmid to pva797 demonstration of an insertion sequence and its relationship to an inverted repeat sequence isolated by self annealing

Ger, R., 1978: Transposition of the tendo calcaneus for post traumatic bone defects of the tibia

Schilperoort R.A., 1980: Transposition of tn 904 encoding streptomycin resistance into the octopine ti plasmid of agrobacterium tumefaciens

Deonier R.C., 1987: Transposition of tn 1000 activity of single or directly repeated termini

Deonier R.C., 1987: Transposition of tn 1000 in vivo properties

Spiegel H., 1987: Transposition of tn 4551 in bacteroides fragilis identification and properties of a new transposon from bacteroides spp

Shapiro J.A., 1979: Transposition of tn 7 in pseudomonas aeruginosa and isolation of alk tn 7 mutations

Ely B., 1982: Transposition of tn 7 occurs at a single site on the caulobacter crescentus chromosome

Vary P.S., 1986: Transposition of tn 917 in bacillus megaterium

Cornelis G., 1980: Transposition of tn 951 tn lac and co integrate formation are thermo sensitive processes

Bennett, P. M.; Grinsted, J.; Richmond, M. H., 1977: Transposition of tn a does not generate deletions

Lantsov V.A., 1987: Transposition of tn5 and tn10 composite elements and duplications in escherichia coli k12 genome

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Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832620

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Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832629

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832630

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Neme B., 1981: Transverse lie and dead fetus

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Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832681

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832682

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Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832707

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832708

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832709

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Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832718

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832719

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Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832742

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832743

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832744

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832745

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832746

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832747

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832748

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832749

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832750

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Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832752

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Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832792

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832793

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832794

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Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832866

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832867

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832868

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Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832892

Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832893

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Section 7, Chapter 6833, Accession 006832901

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