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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6835

Chapter 6835 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Janowska Wieczorek A.; Pawelski S.; Apel D.; Maj S.; Gepner Wozniewska M., 1982:
Treatment of acute leukemias in adults results of intensive chemo therapy in 106 patients with acute leukemia

Racle, J.P.; Chausset, R., 1976:
Treatment of acute lithium poisoning by diuresis induced by furosemide physiological and pharmacodynamic basis

Jacquillat, C.; Weil, M.; Gemon-Auclerc, M.F.; Boiron, M.; Bernard, J., 1976:
Treatment of acute lympho blastic leukemia

Willemze R.; Drenthe Schonk A.M.; Van Rossum J.; Haanen C., 1980:
Treatment of acute lympho blastic leukemia in adolescents and adults comparison of 2 schedules for central nervous system leukemia prophylaxis

Artemkina L.N.; Meshcheryakova N.A.; Shcherbakov N.G.; Selidovkin G.D., 1978:
Treatment of acute lympho blastic leukemia in children

Cap J.; Koza I.; Misikova Z.; Foltinova A.; Strbakova E., 1983:
Treatment of acute lympho blastic leukemia in children long term results of 2 trials

Koller, C.A.; Mitchell, B.S.; Grever, M.R.; Mejais, E.; Malspeis, L.; Metz, E.N., 1979:
Treatment of acute lympho blastic leukemia with 2 percent deoxy coformycin clinical and biochemical consequences of adenosine deaminase ec inhibition

Martins J.M.; Barbosa A.M.D.C.; Muniz E.S.; Costa C.M.B.E.D.; Pitombeira M.D.S.; Ribeiro R.A., 1984:
Treatment of acute lymphocytic leukemia analysis of the acute lymphocytic leukemia program 79

Darle N.; Almskog B.; Bergegardh S.; Falk A.; Faxen A.; Ivarsson L.E.; Jivegard L.; Karlstrom L., 1984:
Treatment of acute massive gastroduodenal hemorrhage with cimetidine in elderly patients

Axelsson, A.; Jensen, C.; Melin, O.; Singer, F.; Von-Sydow, C., 1981:
Treatment of acute maxillary sinusitis 5. amoxicillin azidocillin phenyl propanolamine and pivampicillin

Wiseman R.L.; Sodergren J.; Guttadauria M.; Ryan A.J., 1987:
Treatment of acute musculoskeletal disorders with piroxicam results of a double blind multicenter comparison with indomethacin

Wiseman R.L.; Sodergren J.; Guttadauria M.; Ryan A.J., 1987:
Treatment of acute musculoskeletal disorders with piroxicam results of a double blind multicenter comparison with naproxen

Rai, K.R.; Holland, J.F.; Glidewell, O.J.; Weinberg, V.; Brunner, K.; Obrecht, J.P.; Preisler, H.D.; Nawabi, I.W.; Prager, D.; Carey, R.W.; Cooper, M.R.; Haurani, F.; Hutchison, J.L.; Silver, R.T.; Falkson, G.; Wiernik, P.; Hoagland, H.C.; Bloomfield, C.D.; James, G.W.; Gottlieb, A.; Ramanan, S.V.; Blom, J.; Nissen, N.I.; Bank, A.; Ellison, R.R.; Kung, F.; Henry, P.; McIntyre, O.R.; Kaan, S.K., 1981:
Treatment of acute myelocytic leukemia: a study by cancer and leukemia group B

Champlin, R.E.; Ho, W.G.; Gale, R.P.; Winston, D.; Selch, M.; Mitsuyasu, R.; Lenarsky, C.; Elashoff, R.; Zighelboim, J.; Feig, S.A., 1985:
Treatment of acute myelogenous leukemia a prospective controlled trial of bone marrow transplantation vs. consolidation chemotherapy

Lin S F.; Liu H W.; Chen J R., 1984:
Treatment of acute myelogenous leukemia in aged patients with low dose arabinosylcytosine

Weinstein, H.J.; Mayer, R.J.; Rosenthal, D.S.; Camitta, B.M.; Coral, F.S.; Nathan, D.G.; Frei, E., 1980:
Treatment of acute myelogenous leukemia in children and adults

Omura G.A.; Vogler R.; Lefante J.; Silberman H.; Knospe W.; Gordon D.; Jarrell R., 1982:
Treatment of acute myelogenous leukemia influence of 3 induction regimens and maintenance with chemo therapy or bcg immuno therapy

Baccarani, M.; Fasola, G.; Fanin, R.; Morassi, P.; Florean, M.; Pozzato, G.; Cavazzini, G.; Zaccaria, A.; Guarini, L.; Lodi, L., 1985:
Treatment of acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome by low dose arabinosyl cytosine

Bernstein, I.D.; Singer, J.W.; Andrews, R.G.; Keating, A.; Powell, J.S.; Bjornson, B.H.; Cuttner, J.; Najfeld, V.; Reaman, G.; Raskind, W., 1987:
Treatment of acute myeloid leukemia cells in vitro with a monoclonal antibody recognizing a myeloid differentiation antigen allows normal progenitor cells to be expressed

Paton C.M.; Ekert H.; Waters K.D.; Matthews R.N.; Toogood R.G., 1982:
Treatment of acute myeloid leukemia in children

De-Witte, T.; De-Pauw, B.; Holdrinet, R.; Janssen, J.; Haanen, C., 1985:
Treatment of acute myeloid leukemia in first remission chemotherapy vs. bone marrow transplantation

Rees, J.K.H.; Sandler, R.M.; Challener, J.; Hayhoe, F.G.J., 1977:
Treatment of acute myeloid leukemia with a triple cyto toxic regime daunorubicin cytosine arabinoside 6 thio guanine

Whittaker J.A., 1982:
Treatment of acute myeloid leukemia with an intensive chemo therapy regimen incorporating flexible drug dosage for older patients

Lock C.B., 1979:
Treatment of acute myo cardial infarction in a coronary care unit

Norgaard A.; Pedersen C.; Sandgren G., 1981:
Treatment of acute myo cardial infarction in a mixed hospital

Lehmann, H.U.; Oeff, M.; Witt, E.; Hochrein, H., 1981:
Treatment of acute myo cardial infarction with beta receptor blockers 2. hemodynamic effects of propranolol with and without combination therapy with nitro glycerin

Oeff, M.; Lehmann, H.U.; Witt, E.; Hochrein, H., 1981:
Treatment of acute myo cardial infarction with beta receptor blocking agents 1. hemodynamic effects of propranolol in combination with digitalis

Medici D.; Barboso G.; Fesani F., 1985:
Treatment of acute myocardial infarction by intracoronary thrombolysis and coronary artery bypass grafting

Cardellino S.; Vilianis G.; Ravera E.; Piazza L.; Macri M.; Bracco G., 1987:
Treatment of acute myocardial infarction in an all purpose intensive care unit

Madsen E.B.; Nielsen P.E., 1987:
Treatment of acute myocardial infarction in denmark

Ikram, S.; Lewis, S.; Bucknall, C.; Sram, I.; Thomas, N.; Vincent, R.; Chamberlain, D., 1986:
Treatment of acute myocardial infarction with anisoylated plasminogen streptokinase activator complex

Schror K.; Thiemermann C., 1986:
Treatment of acute myocardial ischemia with a selective antagonist of thromboxane receptors bm 13177

Noguchi T.; Kanamori H.; Takahashi K.; Harano H.; Miyashita H.; Ogawa K.; Motomura S.; Sakurai M.; Ito A.; E.A., 1988:
Treatment of acute non lymphoblastic leukemia in adults with the bh ac dmp therapy

Kuraishi Y.; Ozeki H.; Mashizu N.; Takasaki N.; Nagamine D.; Usui N.; Yamazaki H.; Nakamura T.; Ikeda K.; E.A., 1984:
Treatment of acute non lymphocytic leukemia during past 10 years at the jikei university school of medicine japan

Arroyave L.R.; Garcia Moreno J.; Brunig V.C.; Prat Miranda T.M.M.S.; Calderon B.B., 1981:
Treatment of acute noncomplicated gonorrhea in the male using a single dose of gentamicin

Hirano M.; Morishita Y.; Ino T.; Matsui T.; Shimizu S.; Shigemura H.; Nakamura K.; Ono Y.; Saito M., 1981:
Treatment of acute nonlymphocytic leukemia by concurrent administration of n 4 behenoyl 1 beta d arabinofuranosyl cytosine aclacinomycin a 6 mercapto purine and prednisolone a pilot study

Mertelsmann R.; Drapkin R.L.; Gee T.S.; Kempin S.; Passe S.; Thaler T.; Arlin Z.; Dowling M.; Dufour P.; E.A., 1981:
Treatment of acute nonlymphocytic leukemia in adults response to 2 2 anhydro 1 beta d arabinofuranosyl 5 fluoro cytosine and thio guanine on the l 12 protocol

Sasaki H.; Maekawa I.; Kawamura S.; Miyake T., 1983:
Treatment of acute nonlymphocytic leukemia in adults with 3 induction regimens

Mandelli F.; Amadori S.; Fabiani F.; Grignani F.; Liso V.; Martelli M.; Neri A.; Petti M.C.; Tonato M., 1979:
Treatment of acute nonlymphocytic leukemia in elderly patients results of a multicentric study

Preisler H.D.; Rustum Y.; Henderson E.S.; Bjornsson S.; Creaven P.J.; Higby D.J.; Freeman A.; Gailani S.; Naeher C., 1979:
Treatment of acute nonlymphocytic leukemia use of anthracycline cytosine arabinoside induction therapy and comparison of 2 maintenance regimens

Chen P M.; Chiou T J.; Chiu C F.; Tzeng C H.; Chiang B.N., 1984:
Treatment of acute nonlymphocytic leukemia with daunorubicin cytosine arabinoside 6 mercaptopurine prednisolone intensive chemotherapy

Griffin, T.W.; Lister, T.A.; Rybak, M.E.; Rosenthal, D.S.; Canellos, G.P.; Woodruff, R.; Oliver, K.T., 1979:
Treatment of acute nonlymphocytic leukemia with neocarzinostatin

Thurm K., 1982 :
Treatment of acute nonspecific pleural empyema with puncture and lavage and results

Kong F.; Jiang J.; Shen W.; W.Y., 1981:
Treatment of acute obstructive suppurative cholangitis with disseminated intra vascular coagulation by combining traditional chinese with western medicine 12 cases

Nelson, J.D.; Ginsburg, C.M.; Clahsen, J.C.; Jackson, L.H., 1978:
Treatment of acute otitis media of infancy with cefaclor

Lopez Soriano F.; Medoza Cerezo A.; Jimenez Ferre J.; D.L.R.bia Nieto M.A.; Rivas Lopez F.A., 1988:
Treatment of acute pain analytics of analgesic consumption in a hospital

Marsala, F.; Cavrini, P.; Bufalino, L.; Gardini, F., 1986:
Treatment of acute pain of ureteral and biliary colic with naproxen sodium administered by the parenteral route

Salonen, I.S.; Aarnio, P., 1985:
Treatment of acute pancreatic injuries in childhood

D.Muylder, X., 1986:
Treatment of acute pelvic inflammatory disease with penicillin and chloramphenicol in a developing country

Suter P.M.; Kobel N., 1981:
Treatment of acute pulmonary failure by continuous positive airway pressure via face mask when can intubation be avoided

L.Y.; Wang L J.; Tan M Z.; Zhang N C.; Chen Z.; Liu Z G.; Feng Z H.; Zhang H L.; Huang A H., 1987:
Treatment of acute pulmonary infections with homemade rifapentine in 32 patients

Kelly, G.E.; Sheil, A.G.R., 1986:
Treatment of acute rejection episodes in dog renal allograft recipients receiving cyclosporin a antithymocyte globulin vs. prednisolone

Tari K.; Satake I.; Takeuchi S I., 1984:
Treatment of acute renal failure by intra venous hyper alimentation with heparin

Bear, R.A.; Cole, E.H.; Lang, A.; Johnson, M., 1980:
Treatment of acute renal failure due to myeloma kidney

Koval'skii G.S.; Voino Yasenetskii A.M.; Petrichko M.I.; Koval'skaya T.V.; Priven V.Z.; Sidel'nikov Y.N.; Ganich E.S., 1988:
Treatment of acute renal failure in patients with hemorrhagic fever associated with renal syndrome

Gattinoni L.; Pesenti A.; Rossi G.P.; Vesconi S.; Fox U.; Uziel L.; Agostoni A.; Pelizzola A.; Langer M.; E.A., 1980:
Treatment of acute respiratory failure with low frequency positive pressure ventilation and extracorporeal removal of carbon di oxide

Korolev, B.A.; Shmerel'son, M.B.; Safonova, A.D.; Dobrotin, S.S.; Shubin, B.V., 1976:
Treatment of acute respiratory insufficiency in cardiac surgery

Bianchi P.E.; Guagliano R.; Mele F.; Ometto A., 1986:
Treatment of acute retinopathy of prematurity by cryotherapy experience of three cases

Ben-Sira, I.; Nissenkorn, I.; Grunwald, E.; Yassur, Y., 1980:
Treatment of acute retrolental fibroplasia by cryopexy

Winter E.; Grosse R., 1979:
Treatment of acute schizophrenic stupor effect of biperiden

Nielsen P.E.; Krogsgaard A.; Mcnair A.; Hilden T., 1981:
Treatment of acute severe hypertension assessed in a multicenter investigation the effects of rest and furosemide and a randomized clinical trial of chlorpromazine di hydralazine and diazoxide

Charache S.; Moyer M.A.; Walker W.G., 1983:
Treatment of acute sickle cell crises with a vasopressin analog

Gordis, L.; Desi, L.; Schmerler, H.R., 1976:
Treatment of acute sore throats: a comparison of pediatricians and general physicians

Shigemori, M.; Tokutomi, T.; Yuge, T.; Shojima, K.; Matsuo, H.; Moriyama, T.; Kuramoto, S., 1987:
Treatment of acute subdural hematoma with low GCS score

Lorentzen, P.; Haugsten, P., 1977:
Treatment of acute suppurative otitis media

Danilenko A.M.; Rodionov V.M.; Zakharova R.M., 1979:
Treatment of acute tachy arrhythmic left ventricular insufficiency under conditions of cardiological emergency aid

Zurabyan, S.A.; Galstyan, S.M.; Galstyan, S.M.; Dzhabadyan, N.S., 1977:
Treatment of acute thromboses of the vena cava inferior system

Galeev, M.A.; Nigmatullina, A.V.; Safin, I.A.; Dashkina, Z.I., 1981:
Treatment of acute toxic hepatitis

Perraro F.; Buttolo Q.; Ietri E.; Marino B.; Moro A.; Paniek M.; Tosoli G.; Lestuzzi A.; Andreoli S.; D.B.oi G., 1983:
Treatment of acute upper digestive hemorrhages due to gastro esophageal varices in hepatic patients lack of effect cimetidine a controlled trial

Seppänen, J., 1980:
Treatment of acute urinary tract infection with low doses of sulfadiazine

Jester H G.; Drexler S.; Praetorius F., 1980:
Treatment of acute venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism with plasminogen activator

Shestakov, V.A.; Il'in, V.N.; Aleksandrova, N.P.; Antonova, N.Y. ; Buyanova, N.N.; Kostenko, I.G., 1976:
Treatment of acute venous thrombosis by continuous infusions of rheo poly glucin heparin mixtures

Lenney, W.; Milner, A.D., 1978:
Treatment of acute viral croup

Blum, A.L.; Berthet, P.; Doelle, W.; Goebell, H.; Kortuem, K.; Pelloni, S.; Peter, P.; Poulsen, H.; Strohmeyer, G.; Et-Al, 1977:
Treatment of acute viral hepatitis with d cyanidanol 3

Skurnikova, N.G.; Dzabolova, L.Ia.; Iakovleva, T.N.; Bostandzhin, M.G., 1981:
Treatment of acute viral pneumonia with interferon preparations

Lambert H.; Kierzek B.; Larcan A.; Demogeot C., 1984:
Treatment of addiction to opiates in a general hospital utility of clonidine 30 observations

Franklin, C.I., 1985:
Treatment of adenocarcinoma of the paranasal sinuses in Tasmania

Tamaya T.; Kawabata I.; Okada H., 1988:
Treatment of adenomyosis by danazol

Barlow D.H.; Seidner A.L., 1983:
Treatment of adolescent agoraphobics effects on parent adolescent relations

Mackenzie, R.G.; Shapiro, J., 1986:
Treatment of adolescents with anorexia nervosa: a paradigm for multidisciplinary intervention and interdisciplinary function

Schteingart, D.E.; Motazedi, A.; Noonan, R.A.; Thompson, N.W., 1982:
Treatment of adrenal carcinomas

Coleman J.J.; Walker A.P.; Didolkar M.S., 1983:
Treatment of adriamycin induced skin ulcers a prospective controlled study

Koza I.; Cerny V.; Horak I.; Bohunicky L.; Gyarfas J.; Svancarova L.; Hal'ko J.; Mardiak J.; Zonnenschein T.; Thalmeinerova Z., 1981:
Treatment of adult acute lympho blastic leukemia results of 2 trials

Sayas M.J.; Sanz M.A.; Martin Aragones G.; Javier Rafecas F.; Martinez J.A.; Lorenzo I.J.; Sanz G.F.; Gomis F.; Marty M.L., 1986:
Treatment of adult acute myeloblastic leukemia with intensive chemotherapy

Reiffers J.; Vezon G.; David B.; Broustet A., 1981:
Treatment of adult acute myeloid leukemia results and new possibilities

Guy H.; Bonhomme J.; Baudet D.; Guignier F.; Domy M.; Lorenzini J.L.; Cortet P., 1980:
Treatment of adult acute myeloid leukemia results concerning 30 cases

Uzuka, Y.; Liong, S.K.; Yamagata, S., 1976:
Treatment of adult acute nonlymphoblastic leukemia using intermittent combination chemo therapy with daunomycin cytosine arabinoside 6 mercapto purine and prednisolone 2 step therapy

Klein, M.J.; Alexander, M.A.; Wright, J.M.; Redmond, C.K.; LeGasse, A.A., 1988:
Treatment of adult lower extremity lymphedema with the Wright linear pump: statistical analysis of a clinical trial

Proctor S.J.; Finney R.; Walker W.; Thompson R.B., 1981:
Treatment of adult lympho blastic leukemia using cyclical chemo therapy with 3 combinations of 4 drugs cyclo phosphamide vincristine cytosine arabinoside prednisolone prednisolone vincristine methotrexate 6 mercapto purine thio guanine rubidomycin cytosine arabinoside prednisolone

Gardos G., 1979:
Treatment of adult minimal brain dys function

Rodriguez L.; Sandler J., 1981:
Treatment of adult obesity through direct manipulation of specific eating behaviors

Mcquarrie I.G.; Scherer P.B., 1982:
Treatment of adult onset obstructive hydrocephalus with low pressure or medium pressure cerebro spinal fluid shunts

Dammacco F.; Iodice G.; Campobasso N., 1986:
Treatment of adult patients with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura with intravenous immunoglobulin effects on circulating t cell subsets and pokeweed mitogen induced antibody synthesis in vitro

Sobue, R.; Yamauchim, T.; Miyamura, K.; Sao, H.; Tahara, T.; Yoshikawa, H.; Yoshikawa, S.; Morishima, Y.; Kodera, Y., 1987:
Treatment of adult T cell leukemia with mega-dose cyclophosphamide and total body irradiation followed by allogeneic bone marrow transplantation

Jordan W.M.; Valdivieso M.; Frankmann C.; Gillespie M.; Issell B.F.; Bodey G.P.; Freireich E.J., 1981:
Treatment of advanced adeno carcinoma of the lung with ftorafur doxorubicin cyclo phosphamide and cisplatin and intensive intra venous hyper alimentation

Stephens F.O.; Stevens M.M.; Mccarthy S.W.; Johnson N.; Packham N.A.; Ritchie J.D., 1987:
Treatment of advanced and inaccessible sarcomas with continuous intra arterial chemotherapy prior to definitive surgery or radiotherapy a possible alternative to amputation or disabling radical surgery

Kaplan, J.E.; McDade, J.E.; Newhouse, V.F., 1981:
Treatment of advanced breast cancer

Harris M.A.; Byrne P.J.; Smith F.P.; Ueno W.; Schlesinger C.; Oishi S.; Schein P.S., 1984:
Treatment of advanced breast cancer with 2 doxorubicin containing regimens

Garewal, H.S.; Brooks, R.J.; Jones, S.E.; Miller, T.P., 1983:
Treatment of advanced breast cancer with mitomycin C combined with vinblastine or vindesine

Varini, M.; Tancini, G.; Mauri, M.; D.P.etro, S., 1979:
Treatment of advanced breast cancer with norethisterone acetate

Chlebowski R.T.; Pugh R.P.; Weiner J.M.; Bateman J.R., 1981:
Treatment of advanced breast carcinoma with 5 fluoro uracil a randomized comparison of 2 routes of delivery

Stephens F.O.; Harker G.J.S.; Hambly C.K., 1981:
Treatment of advanced cancer of the lower lip use of intra arterial or intra venous chemo therapy as basal treatment

Eskeland G., 1981:
Treatment of advanced carcinoma of the lip

Mendiola C.; Quiben R.; Hernandez V.; Mendez M.; Aramburu P.; Cortes Funes H., 1980:
Treatment of advanced carcinoma of the ovarian epithelium with hexa methyl melamine cyclo phosphamide methotrexate and fluoro uracil results and analysis of the present situation

Calvo F.A.; Santos M.; Escude L.; Hernandez J.L.; Chamorro A.; Zornoza G.; Voltas J., 1988:
Treatment of advanced carcinoma of the pancreas first experience with intraoperative radiotherapy

Miyazaki T.; Ueda T.; Momose S.; Yagi H.; Omoto T.; Morita I.; Hirata K.; Sagiyama K.; Hara S., 1982:
Treatment of advanced carcinoma of the prostate with cis di ammine di chloro platinum

Morioka M.; Ohashi T.; Matsumura Y.; Fujita Y.; Oomori H., 1979:
Treatment of advanced carcinoma of the prostate with oral estramustine phosphate estracyt

Jungers P.; Chauveau P.; Lebkiri B.; Ciancioni C.; Man N.K.; Crosnier J., 1987:
Treatment of advanced chronic uremia with ketoanalogues of essential amino acids a 4 year experience

Machover D.; Schwarzenberg L.; Goldschmidt E.; Tourani J.M.; Michalski B.; Hayat M.; Dorval T.; Misset J.L.; Jasmin C.; E.A., 1982:
Treatment of advanced colo rectal and gastric adeno carcinomas with 5 fluoro uracil combined with high dose folinic acid a pilot study

Kane, R.C.; Cashdollar, M.R.; Bernath, A.M., 1978:
Treatment of advanced colo rectal cancer with 1 2 chloroethyl 3 4 methylcyclohexyl 1 nitroso urea plus 5 day 5 fluoro uracil infusion

Ferraro, J.A.; Horton, J.; Weissman, C.; Ruckdeschell, J.C.; O'donnell, M.; Ludlum, D., 1981:
Treatment of advanced colo rectal carcinoma with 4' 9 acridinylamino methanesulfon m anisidide

Chlebowski, R.T.; Silverberg, I.; Pajak, T.; Weiner, J.; Kardinal, C.; Bateman, J.R., 1980:
Treatment of advanced colon cancer with 5 fluro uracil nsc 19893 vs. cyclo phosphamide nsc 26271 plus 5 fluoro uracil prognostic aspects of the differential white blood cell count

Diaz Rubio E.; Jimenez M.M.; Sanchez Sobrino M.; Vila Borrajo C., 1985:
Treatment of advanced colorectal cancer with ftorafur mitomycin c and dacarbazine

Dauplat, J.; Ferriere, J.P.; Gorbinet, M.; Legros, M.; Chollet, P.; Giraud, B.; Plagne, R., 1986:
Treatment of advanced epithelial ovarian carcinoma by surgery and cisplatinum

Gupta, S., 1982:
Treatment of advanced gastric cancer with 5 fluoro uracil vs. mitomycin c

Chlebowski R.T.; Paroly W.S.; Pugh R.P.; Weiner J.M.; Bateman J.R., 1979:
Treatment of advanced gastric carcinoma with 5 fluoro uracil a randomized comparison of 2 routes of delivery

Dalley, D.; Erlichman, C.; Fine, S., 1986:
Treatment of advanced gastric carcinoma with mitomycin and doxorubicin

Doi J.; Takamatsu M.; Shinka T.; Tanaka Y.; Morimoto S.; Yamagiwa K.; Sone M.; Yasukawa S.; Fukatani T.; E.A., 1982:
Treatment of advanced genito urinary tumors with cis di ammine di chloro platinum

Cortes Funes H.; Moyano A.; Manas A.; Ramos A.; Quiben R.; Mendiola C., 1980:
Treatment of advanced germinal cell tumors with a combination of cis platinum vinblastine and bleomycin by 2 different schemes early results

Bezwoda W.R.; D.M.or N.G.; Derman D.P., 1979:
Treatment of advanced head and neck cancer by radiation therapy plus chemo therapy a randomized trial

Krikorian, J.G.; Portlock, C.S.; Rosenberg, S.A., 1978:
Treatment of advanced hodgkins disease with adriamycin bleomycin vinblastine and imidazolecarboxamide after failure of mechlorethamine vincristine procarbazine prednisone therapy

Porzig, K.J.; Portlock, C.S.; Robertson, A.; Rosenberg, S.A., 1978:
Treatment of advanced hodgkins disease with bleomycin 1 2 chloroethyl 3 cyclohexyl 1 nitroso urea adriamycin vinblastine following mechlorethamine vincristine procarbazine prednisone failure

Straus, D.J.; Myers, J.; Lee, B.J.; Nisce, L.Z.; Koziner, B.; Mccormick, B.; Kempin, S.; Mertelsmann, R.; Arlin, Z.; Et-Al, 1984:
Treatment of advanced hodgkins disease with chemo therapy and irradiation controlled trial of 2 vs. 3 alternating potentially non cross resistant drug combinations

Paparopoli G.; Agostara B.; D.G.rolamo G., 1981:
Treatment of advanced malignancies with high dose methotrexate citrovorum factor rescue

Li, G.C.; Brock, N.; Li, J.Q.; Guan, Z.Z.; He, Y.J., 1988 :
Treatment of advanced malignancies with ifosfamide under protection with mesna

Cruz, A.B.Jr ; Metter, G.; Armstrong, D.M.; Aust, J.B.; Fletcher, W.S.; Wilson, W.L.; Richardson, J.D., 1976:
Treatment of advanced malignancy with 1 2 chloroethyl 3 cyclohexyl 1 nitroso urea nsc 79037 a phase ii cooperative study with long term follow up

Beadle G.F.; Hillcoat B.L., 1983:
Treatment of advanced malignant hem angio peri cytoma with combination adriamycin and 5 3 3 di methyl 1 triazeno imidazole 4 carboxamide 4 cases

Ueoka, H., 1985:
Treatment of advanced malignant lymphoma part 1. combination chemotherapy for advanced non hodgkin's lymphoma with adriamycin vincristine ifosfamide and prednisolone

Ueoka, H., 1985:
Treatment of advanced malignant lymphoma part 2. adriamycin induced cardiotoxicity

Bajetta, E.; Rovej, R.; Buzzoni, R.; Vaglini, M.; Bonadonna, G., 1982:
Treatment of advanced malignant melanoma with vinblastine, bleomycin, and cisplatin

Lopez M.; D.L.uro L.; Papaldo P.; Conti E.M.S., 1986:
Treatment of advanced measurable gastric carcinoma with 5 fluorouracil adriamycin and 1 3 bis 2 chloroethyl 1 nitrosourea

Rambausek, M.; Lutherer, S.; Terhorst, B., 1981:
Treatment of advanced metastasizing carcinoma of the prostate with estracyt

Ito H.; Miyauchi T.; Nozumi K.; Hama T.; Murakami M.; Sanada T.; Naito H.; Shimazaki J.; Mitsuhashi S I.; E.A., 1979:
Treatment of advanced nonseminomatous tumors of the testis with cis platinum vinblastine and bleomycin

Bezwoda, W.R., 1986:
Treatment of advanced ovarian cancer a randomized trial comparing adriamycin or 4' epiadriamycin in combination with cisplatin and cyclophosphamide

Israel L.; Aguilera J.; Breau J L., 1983:
Treatment of advanced ovarian cancer with cis di chloro di ammine platinum in combination with cyclo phosphamide an eastern cooperative oncology group pilot study

Rettenmaier M.A.; Berman M.L.; Disaia P.J., 1986:
Treatment of advanced ovarian cancer with polyinosinic polycytidylic lysine carboxymethylcellulose

Neijt J.P.; Van Lindert A.C.M.; Vendrik C.P.J.; Roozendaal K.J.; Struyvenberg A.; Pinedo H.M., 1980:
Treatment of advanced ovarian carcinoma with a combination of hexa methyl melamine cyclo phosphamide methotrexate and 5 fluoro uracil in patients with and without previous treatment

Brower M.S.; Coleman M.; Pasmantier M.W.; Silver R.T.; Mamaril A.P.; Quiguyan C.C., 1984:
Treatment of advanced ovarian carcinoma with hexa methyl melamine doxorubicin and cis platinum results in untreated and previously treated patients

Twiggs, L.B.; Morrow, C.P., 1977:
Treatment of advanced ovarian carcinoma with high dose cyclo phosphamide after failure on melphalan

Lieberman, A.; Goldstein, M.; Leibowitz, M.; Neophytides, A.; Kupersmith, M.; Pact, V.; Kleinberg, D., 1981:
Treatment of advanced Parkinson disease with pergolide

Freyler H.; Klemen U.; Prskavec F.; Egerer I., 1980:
Treatment of advanced proliferative diabetic retinopathy photo coagulation or vitrectomy

Steg A.; Chiche R.; Boccon Gibod L.; Debre B., 1985:
Treatment of advanced prostatic cancer with d 6 tryptophan lhrh an lhrh agonist forty one cases

Ahmed S.R.; Brooman P.J.C.; Shalet S.M.; Howell A.; Blacklock N.J.; Rickards D., 1983:
Treatment of advanced prostatic cancer with lhrh analog ici 118630 6 o 1 1 di methylethyl d serine 10 deglycinamide lhrf 2 aminocarbonyl hydrazide clinical response and hormonal mechanisms

Bouffioux C.; Denis L.; Mahler C.; D.L.val J., 1986:
Treatment of advanced prostatic cancer with lhrh analogues prevention of flare up

Jacobi G.H.; Altwein J.E.; Kurth K.H.; Basting R.; Hohenfellner R., 1980:
Treatment of advanced prostatic cancer with parenteral cyproterone acetate a phase iii randomized trial

Gonzalez Barcena D.; Perez Sanchez P.; Ureta Sanchez S.; Dominguez H.B.; Graef Sanchez A.; Morales M.B.; Comaru Schally A.M.; Schally A.V., 1985:
Treatment of advanced prostatic carcinoma with d tryptophan 6 lhrh

Porzsolt, F.; Messerer, D.; Hautmann, R.; Gottwald, A.; Sparwasser, H.; Stockamp, K.; Aulitzky, W.; Moormann, J.G.; Schumacher, K.; Rasche, H., 1988:
Treatment of advanced renal cell cancer with recombinant interferon alpha as a single agent and in combination with medroxyprogesterone acetate. A randomized multicenter trial

Cervantes, F.; Reverter, J.C.; Montserrat, E.; Rozman, C., 1986:
Treatment of advanced resistant Hodgkin's disease with lomustine, etoposide, and prednimustine

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Treatment of advanced soft tissue sarcomas with a modified cyclophosphamide vincristine adriamycin dacarbazine

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Treatment of advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck with cisplatin bleomycin and methotrexate

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Treatment of advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the skin with isotretinoin

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Treatment of advanced testicular carcinoma with high dose chemo therapy and autologous marrow support

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Treatment of advanced tumors of the head and neck with large doses of cis platinum and bleomycin given as an infusion

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Treatment of advanced untreated hodgkins disease with streptozotocin lomustine adriamycin bleomycin an alternative to mechlorethamine vincristine procarbazine prednisone

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Treatment of advanced uro genital cancers with cis di ammine di chloro platinum ii

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Treatment of advanced uro genital tract cancers with cis di ammine di chloro platinum

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Treatment of after cataracts via pars plana approach

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Treatment of age related macular degeneration using the dye laser

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Treatment of aggressive behavior the effect of electro myographic response discrimination bio feedback training

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Treatment of agrochemical wastes from coal coke processing units of steel plants

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Treatment of air embolism with a special pulmonary artery catheter introducer sheath in sitting dogs

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Treatment of alcohol dependence with a combination of thioridazine and dihydroergotoxin preliminary observations

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Treatment of alcohol related liver disease with dextro cyanidanol 3 a randomized double blind trial

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Treatment of alcohol related liver disease with thioctic acid a 6 month randomized double blind trial

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Treatment of alcoholic acidosis: the role of dextrose and phosphorus

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Treatment of alcoholic hepatitis with encephalopathy. Comparison of prednisolone with caloric supplements

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Treatment of alcoholism in a community based alcohol rehabilitation program

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Treatment of alcoholism in hospitalized patients

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Treatment of alkaline reflux gastritis

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Treatment of alkaline waste water from lignite fired power plants

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Treatment of alkylating resistant multiple myeloma with vincristine carmustine doxorubicin and prednisone vbap

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Treatment of allergic respiratory tract diseases in underground salt chambers of kinga spa in wieliczka poland salt mines

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Treatment of allergic rhinitis a randomized comparison between tixocortol 21 pivalate and beclomethasone dipropionate

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Treatment of allergic rhino sinusitis in children with bee venom

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Treatment of alopecia areata with 1 chloro 2 4 dinitro benzene an immuno stimulation

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Treatment of alopecia areata with squaric acid dibutyl ester chemical clinical and immunological data

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Treatment of alopecia areata with topically applied cyclosporin a

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Treatment of alpha bungarotoxin with immobilized trypsin isolation and biological activities of three derivatives

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Treatment of alterations in tears with the association of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose and dextran 70

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Treatment of alveolar macrophages with cytochalasin D inhibits uptake and subsequent growth of Legionella pneumophila

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Treatment of amenorrhea galactorrhea and hypo gonadism with bromocriptine

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Treatment of amenorrhea with galactorrhea by bromo ergocryptine 12 cases

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Treatment of amoebic liver abscess with 1 day and low dosage of ornidazole

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Treatment of amyloidosis associated factor X deficiency

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Treatment of amyloidosis by colchicine

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Treatment of an acquired abdominal hernia in a polar bear (Thalarctos maritimus)

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Treatment of an adolescent behavior disorder with a diagnosis of huntingtons chorea

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Treatment of an emerald varan varanus prasinus

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Treatment of an encephalitogenic peptide from guinea pig myelin basic protein with alpha protease ec and thermo lysin ec isolation of fragments and determination of cleavage sites

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Treatment of an infective endocarditis with trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole and cardiac surgery

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Treatment of an obsessive compulsive girl in the context of malaysian chinese culture

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Treatment of an overactive gag reflex 2 cases

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Treatment of an unreal progeny with prosthetic means

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Treatment of anaerobic female genital tract infections with metronidazole

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Treatment of anaerobic infections in children with metronidazole

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Treatment of anaerobic infections with metronidazole

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Treatment of anaerobic pulmonary infections; carbenicillin compared to clindamycin and gentamicin

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Treatment of anal diseases

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Treatment of anal fistulae review of current concepts

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Treatment of anal incontinence with the free muscle graft according to schmidt

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Treatment of anemia in hepato cirrhosis patients with high doses of cryo preserved red cells

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Treatment of anemia in myelo proliferative disorders a randomized study of fluoxymesterone vs. transfusions only

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Treatment of anemia in pregnant women by a complex method with application of carbostimulin

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Treatment of aneurysm of transverse aortic arch

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Treatment of aneurysmal bone cysts in childhood

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Treatment of aneurysmal hemiplegia with dopamine and mannitol

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Treatment of aneurysms arising from the terminal portion of the basilar artery with special reference to the radiometric study and accessibility of trans sylvian approach

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Treatment of aneurysms of the abdominal aorta in combination with unilateral or bilateral stenoses of the renal arteries

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Treatment of angiitis report of 47 cases

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Treatment of angina pectoris with diltiazem

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Treatment of angina pectoris with metoprolol. A comparison between Durules administered once daily and tablets administered twice daily

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Treatment of angina pectoris with nifedipine: importance of dose titration

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Treatment of angina pectoris with propranolol: the harmful effects of cigarette smoking

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Treatment of anginose infectious mononucleosis with metronidazole

Hedström, S.A., 1980:
Treatment of anginose infectious mononucleosis with metronidazole. A controlled clinical and laboratory study

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Treatment of angio sarcoma of the breast

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Treatment of ankle joint injuries randomized study of postoperative therapy and early functional treatment

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Treatment of ankle sprain by bandaging and anti phlogistic drugs

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Treatment of ano genital warts comparison of tri chloro acetic acid and podophyllin vs. podophyllin alone

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Treatment of anorchia with oral testosterone undecanoate: pharmacodynamics and clinical effectiveness

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Treatment of anorectal gonorrhea infection in males and females with oral ampicillin

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Treatment of anovulation by pulsatile administration of lhrh

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Treatment of anterior hypospadias by a lateral pediculated skin flap

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Treatment of anterior mitral valve prolapse by partial transposition of the posterior leaflet

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Treatment of anticonvulsive osteomalacia with a vitamin d derivative clinical case history

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Treatment of anxiety neurosis with parenterally administered chlordemethyldiazepam

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Treatment of aorto iliac arterial occlusive disease by end arterectomy

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Treatment of aphasic perserveration tap program a new approach to aphasia therapy

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Treatment of aplastic anemia by marrow transplantation from hl a identical siblings prognostic factors associated with graft vs host disease and survival

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Treatment of apnea of prematurity with aminophylline

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Treatment of arrhythmias in out patients

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Treatment of arsenic v containing water by the activated carbon process

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Treatment of arterial hypertension a comparative trial of atenolol tenormine vs. chlorthalidone hygroton

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Treatment of arterial hypertension by guanfacin

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Treatment of arterial hypertension caused by a local renal circulation disorder

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Treatment of arterial hypertension in the elderly by labetalol an alpha and beta blocker

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Treatment of arterial hypertension trial of a new anti hypertensive guanfacine estulic

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Treatment of arterial hypertension with a fixed association of atenolol plus chlorthalidone

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Treatment of arterial hypertension with ketanserin in monotherapy and combination therapy

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Treatment of arterial hypertension with nifedipine in patients with chronic renal insufficiency

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Treatment of arterial hypertension with pindolol a cooperative study of 126 patients treated by general physicians

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Treatment of arterial hypertension with the soviet produced alpha adrenergic blocking agent pyroxan ussr

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Treatment of arterial hypertension with tienilic acid, a new diuretic with uricosuric properties

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Treatment of arterial lesions after radiation therapy

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Treatment of arteriopathies of the lower limbs at stage iv 447 cases

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Treatment of asphyctic new born calves with dopram v

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Treatment of associated symptoms in narcolepsy with clomipramine

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Treatment of asthenozoospermia with human chorionic gonadotropin

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Treatment of asthma in a general practice

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Treatment of asthma with an extempore combination of a bronchodilator, salbutamol, and a new antihistamine drug, oxatomide

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Treatment of asthma with clenbuterol spirometric and electrocardiographic monitoring by holter

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Treatment of asthmatic patients sensitive to mites a 4 year study of immuno therapy with an extract of dermatophagoides farinae

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Treatment of atelectases therapeutic bronchoscopy or respirator treatment

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Treatment of athletes with chronic myo cardial over exertion with pyridoxylate

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Treatment of atopic dermatitis in children alclometasone dipropionate cream 0.05 percent versus hydrocortisone butyrate cream 0.1 percent

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Treatment of atrial arrhythmias after cardiac surgery with intra venous disopyramide

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Treatment of atrial arrhythmias. Effectiveness of verapamil when preceded by calcium infusion

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Treatment of atrial fibrillation in 3 race horses

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Treatment of atrial fibrillation with quinidine sulfate in the race horse

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Treatment of atrophic vaginal conditions with ortho gynest a pilot study

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Treatment of auricular flutter by means of 40 timed high frequency electrical stimulation

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Treatment of auricular hematoma using button technique

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Treatment of auricular hematomas

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Treatment of auto immune mrl lpr mice with mono clonal antibody to thy 1.2 a single injection has sustained effects on lympho proliferation and renal disease

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Treatment of autochthonous rat brain tumors with fractionated radio therapy the effects of graded radiation doses and of combined therapy with 1 3 bis 2 chloroethyl 1 nitroso urea or steroids

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Treatment of autochthonous rat colonic adenocarcinomas with a thioether lysophospholipid derivative in mono chemotherapy and combination chemotherapy

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Treatment of autoimmune neutropenia with intravenous high dose gamma globulin

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Treatment of autoimmune neutropenia with prednisolone or high dose intravenous immunoglobulin and its effects on antineutrophil antibody levels

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Treatment of avulsion fracture of ulnar collateral ligament of the metacarpo phalangeal joint of the thumb

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Treatment of avulsion fractures of extensor tendons with resorbable materials

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Treatment of baboon papio cynocephalus with vinblastine insights into the mechanisms of pharmacologic stimulation of hemoglobin f in the adult

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Treatment of bacillary dysentery: a comparison between enoxacin and nalidixic acid

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Treatment of bacilliferous pulmonary tuberculosis of the adult evaluation of fixed doses of an isoniazid rifampicin pyrazinamide combination in a tablet

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Treatment of back pain with copper supplementation

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Treatment of bacterial endo carditis by prosthetic valve replacement

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Treatment of bacterial enteritis with locally active antibiotics

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Treatment of bacterial infections of the female urinary tract by immunization of the patients

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Treatment of bacterial meningitis in infants and children with moxalactam clinical and pharmacokinetic results

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Treatment of bacterial meningitis with ceftizoxime

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Treatment of bacterial meningitis with once daily ceftriaxone therapy

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Treatment of bacterial peritonitis

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Treatment of banana stem juice methane production and effluent purification

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Treatment of barium chloride intoxication with the inclusion of hemodialysis

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Treatment of Bartter's syndrome with indomethacin

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Treatment of basal cell carcinoma of the eyelid with liquid nitrogen cryocoagulation

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Treatment of bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivar contender cuttings by chestnut castanea sativa extracts during rooting modifies their iaa oxidase activity

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Treatment of bee colonies with iso propyl 4 4 dibromo benzilate against varroa disease and acarine disease

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Treatment of behcet's disease with thalidomide

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Treatment of Bell palsy with prednisone: a prospective, randomized study

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Treatment of Bell's Palsy. An analysis of the available studies

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Treatment of benign breast disease with danazol

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Treatment of benign esophageal stenosis using slow dilatation reevaluation after 15 years

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Treatment of benign esophageal strictures by means of balloon catheter dilatation

Valmin, K.; Hansen, T.; Rønsted, P., 1980:
Treatment of benign essential hypertension with frusemide in different doses

Farup P.G.; Darle N.; Falk A.; Bernklev T., 1988:
Treatment of benign gastric ulcer with omeprazole 30 mg once daily

Himi T.; Shido F.; Yamanaka N.; Nakamura J I., 1985:
Treatment of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo transtympanic injection of local anesthetics lidocaine

Shirose K., 1982:
Treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia and bladder neck stenosis with sulpiride

Yamauchi A.; Kato M.; Igarashi K.; Koyama Y.; Yokokawa M., 1982:
Treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia with hachimijiogan

Ohmi Y.; Hata M.; Ohta N.; Suzuki K.; Tajima A.; Fujita K.; Aso Y., 1981:
Treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy with chlormadinone acetate

Maru A.; Hisajima S.; Tsuji I.; Shiba T.; Ohashi N.; Yamada T.; Kawakura K.; Arikado K.; Nishida T.; E.A., 1984:
Treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy with depostat

Brunner R.; Landthaler M.; Haina D.; Waidelich W.; Braun Falco O., 1985:
Treatment of benign semimalignant and malignant skin tumors with the neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet laser

Laws D.R., 1980:
Treatment of bi sexual pedophilia by a bio feedback assisted self control procedure

Petkovic, S.D., 1978:
Treatment of bilateral renal pelvic and ureteral tumors. A review of 45 cases

Jiang, Y.Q., 1984:
Treatment of bile reflux gastritis with traditional Chinese medicine. An analysis of 21 cases

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Treatment of biliary colic with prostaglandin synthetase inhibition diclofenac sodium

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Treatment of bimalleolar fractures by centromedullary pinning of the fibula

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Treatment of bladder cancer by topical injection of human lymphoblastoid alpha interferon

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Treatment of bladder carcinoma by local injection 2. evaluation of ok 432 picibanil local injection

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Treatment of bladder carcinoma in patients more than 80 years old

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Treatment of bladder tumors a follow up result statistical reports on in patients at the department urology niigata university hospital japan 1963 1977 8

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Treatment of bladder tumors by iridium 192 implantation the creteil technique

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Treatment of blastic transformation in chronic myelogenous leukemia case with low dose of cytosine arabinoside

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Treatment of blastic transformation of chronic granulocytic leukemia by chemo therapy total body irradiation and infusion of cryo preserved autologous marrow

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Treatment of blastomycetes induced chronic prostatitis with ketoconazole (Nizoral)

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Treatment of blastomycosis and histoplasmosis with ketoconazole results of a prospective randomized clinical trial

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Treatment of bleaching waters in the paper industry by hydrogen peroxide and uv radiation

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Treatment of bleeding canine duodenal and esophageal ulcers with argon laser and bi polar electro coagulation

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Treatment of bleeding due to peptic ulcer with cimetidine. A double blind trial

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Treatment of bleeding esophageal varices by embolization of the left gastric vein. (Preliminary note)

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Treatment of bleeding esophageal varices in children and adolescents

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Treatment of bleeding hemorrhoids by injection sclerotherapy and rubber band ligation

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Treatment of bleeding varices by esophageal transection with the sptu gun

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Treatment of blepharospasm with botulin toxin follow up

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Treatment of blepharospasm with botulinum A toxin injections

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Treatment of blepharospasm with botulinum toxin. A preliminary report

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Treatment of blood hyperviscosity with calcium dobesilate in patients with diabetic retinopathy

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Treatment of bloody sputum and hemoptysis by embolization of the bronchial artery

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Treatment of blow out fractures of the orbit medial wall

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Treatment of bone and soft tissue defects in the lower 3rd of the leg

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Treatment of bone and soft tissue malignant tumors of the extremities by radical resection a preliminary report of 12 cases

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Treatment of bone marrow trephine biopsies prior to cryotomy for immunocytochemical demonstration of cell surface antigens

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Treatment of bovine ketosis with invert sugar, glucocorticoids, and propylene glycol

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Treatment of bovine papillomatosis with some homeopathic drugs

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Treatment of brain metastases of lung cancer with high doses of etoposide vp 16 213 cooperative study from the groupe francais pneumo cancerologie

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Treatment of brain tumor with pheno barbital and continuous infusion of nimustine into internal carotid artery

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Treatment of breast cancer recurrence with fast electrons

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Treatment of breast cancer with bremsstrahlung radiation with a maximal energy of 25 mev

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Treatment of breast cancer with oral 4 drug chemo therapy

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Treatment of bromadiolone intoxication in the dog

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Treatment of bronchial asthma clinical evaluation of a muco regulating bronchodilator ambroxol theophylline acetate

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Treatment of bronchial asthma in high mountainous climate

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Treatment of bronchial hypersecretion in the elderly with s carboxymethylcysteine lysine

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Treatment of bronchopleural fistula after pneumonectomy

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Treatment of bullous pemphigoid with plasma exchanges and prednisolone

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Treatment of bullous pemphigoid with plasmapheresis

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Treatment of burns casualties after fire at bradford city england uk football ground

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Treatment of buttermilk serum with coagulant enzymes of milk

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Treatment of calculi in the upper ureter with extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy

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Treatment of calf diarrhea using various common dietary approaches

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Treatment of calves infected with cysticercus bovis

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Treatment of Campylobacter gastroenteritis

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Treatment of campylobacter jejuni associated enteritis with erythromycin

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Treatment of cancer associated hypercalcemia with combined aminohydroxypropylidenediphosphonate and calcitonin

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Treatment of cancer in an outpatient hospital

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Treatment of cancer of the maxillary sinus histological grading of malignancy of squamous cell carcinoma

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Treatment of cancer of the penis

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Treatment of cancer of the uterine cervix by primary surgery

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Treatment of cancerous metastases into lymph nodes of the neck in unrevealed primary tumor

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Treatment of candida albicans vulvovaginitis with a new antimycotic ketoconazole in vaginal suppository and douche form

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Treatment of candida ventriculitis and septicemia with 5 fluoro cytosine combined per oral and intra ventricular administration

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Treatment of canine spontaneous diabetes mellitus with aspirin

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Treatment of capillary hem angiomas with ir contact coagulation

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Treatment of carbon tetra chloride induced liver necrosis with chemical compounds

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Treatment of carbon tetra chloride poisoning with hyperbaric oxygen

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Treatment of carcinoid liver metastases by hepatic artery embolization

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Treatment of carcinoma of the biliary system

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Treatment of carcinoma of the bladder by external irradiation a clinical trial 3

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Treatment of carcinoma of the esophagus. Retrospective study of 2,400 patients

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Treatment of carcinoma of the fallopian tube using cisplatin, doxorubicin, and cyclophosphamide

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Treatment of carcinoma of the lower lip red edge by a hose therapy apparatus

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Treatment of carcinoma of the middle ear

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Treatment of carcinoma of the mobile tongue

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Treatment of carcinoma of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses

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Treatment of carcinoma of the nasopharynx present experience

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Treatment of carcinoma of the penis: the case for primary lymphadenectomy

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Treatment of carcinoma of the uterine cervix what is proposed by histological investigation of the surgical specimen

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Treatment of cardiac and renal effects of positive end expiratory pressure with dopamine in patients with acute respiratory failure

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Treatment of cardiac arrest by ambulance personnel

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Treatment of cardiac failure by draining blood from the coronary sinus

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Treatment of cardiac failure with diuretics

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Treatment of cardiac failure with refractory edema by hemodialysis

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Treatment of cardio phobia using systematic de sensitization

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Treatment of cardiogenic shock complicating myo cardial infarction by counter pulsation techniques

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Treatment of cardiogenic shock in myo cardial infarction by intra aortic balloon counter pulsation and surgery

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Treatment of cardiovascular disease with prostaglandins

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Treatment of carotid cavernous fistulas by venous approach report of 1 case

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Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome by acupuncture

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Treatment of cartilage proteoglycan aggregate with hydrogen peroxide. Relationship between observed degradation products and those that occur naturally during aging

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Treatment of casein micelles with soluble and immobilized neuraminidase implications in structure of the micelle

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Treatment of cattle mange by high pressure spraying with crotoxyphos studies in the province of hainaut belgium

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Treatment of causalgia by per cutaneously inserted spinal cord electrical stimulation

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Treatment of caustic injuries of the esophagus a 10 year experience

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Treatment of cellulitis with ceforanide

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Treatment of central corneal ulcers by a chaud transplantation of organ culture preserved donor tissue

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Treatment of central diabetes insipidus in adults and children with desmopressin a synthetic analog of vasopressin

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Treatment of central diabetes insipidus with 1 desamino 8 d arginine vasopressin

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Treatment of central retinal arterial occlusion in polycythemia vera

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Treatment of cereal straws with white rot fungi

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Treatment of cerebral and pulmonary cryptococcosis with itraconazole

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Treatment of cerebral infarction in the acute state with synthetic antithrombin md 805 clinical study among multiple institutions

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Treatment of cerebral infarcts with anti edema agents

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Treatment of cerebral ischemia by extracranial and intra cranial carotid anastomosis

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Treatment of cerebral ischemic syndrome by microneurosurgical anastomosis of the superficial temporal artery to the cortical branch of the middle cerebral artery

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Treatment of cerebral vascular accidents in an intensive care unit 230 cases

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Treatment of certain types of dys kinesia by posterior thalamic stimulation

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Treatment of cervical carcinoma employing a template for trans perineal interstitial iridium 192 brachy therapy

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Treatment of cervical dysplasias of the cervix a new strategy using viral typing

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Treatment of cervical ectropion by cryosurgery: effect on cervical mucus characteristics

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Treatment of cervical erosion with polyresistin

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Treatment of cervical factor by donor mucus insemination

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Treatment of cervical mucus with lectins: effect on sperm migration

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Treatment of cervical spine injuries with external fixation

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Treatment of cervico prostatic obstruction by endoscopic incision of the prostate report of a series of sixteen patients

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Treatment of cervico segmentary incontinence in pregnancy shirodkar's modified operation case contribution and technique

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Treatment of cervico vaginitis caused by chlamydia

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Treatment of cervicovaginitis with nifuratel combined with nystatin

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Treatment of cervix incompetence cerclage vs. pessary

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Treatment of chalazia with injectable triamcinolone

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Treatment of chalazions with injection of a steroid suspension

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Treatment of champagne wines by artificial refrigeration 1. control of artificial chilling treatment of champagne wines according to the nature of the clarifying process

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Treatment of chancroid a comparison of sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole

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Treatment of chancroid by clavulanic acid with amoxicillin in patients with beta lactamase positive haemophilus ducreyi infection

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Treatment of chancroid comparison of 1 week of sulfisoxazole with single dose doxycycline

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Treatment of chancroid with enoxacin

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Treatment of chancroid with erythromycin

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Treatment of chancroid with erythromycin. A clinical and microbiological appraisal

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Treatment of chancroid with single dose doxycycline compared with a 2 day course of co trimoxazole

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Treatment of chemically induced intestinal cancers with indomethacin

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Treatment of chemo therapy resistant advanced ovarian cancer with a combination of cyclo phosphamide hexamethyl melamine adriamycin and cis di ammine di chloro platinum

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Treatment of childhood acute lymphocytic leukemia in nagoya japan childrens leukemia study group results of protocol 7804 study

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Treatment of childhood acute lymphocytic leukemia with prophylactic intra thecal and systemic intermediate dose 150 milligrams per square meter methotrexate

Van Der Does Van Den Berg A.; Hahlen K.; Vossen J.M., 1988 :
Treatment of childhood acute nonlymphocytic leukemia with high dose cytosine arabinoside 6 thioguanine and doxorubicin without maintenance therapy pilot study anll 80 of the dutch childhood leukemia study group dclsg

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Treatment of childhood bronchitis with mucokinetic agents

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Treatment of childhood epilepsy with valproic acid results of the 1st 100 patients in a 6 month trial

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Treatment of childhood hodgkin's disease with chemotherapy and low dose irradiation

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Treatment of childhood lymphocytic leukemia with high white cell counts

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Treatment of childhood malignancies in Kenya

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Treatment of childhood neuroblastoma at the clinic of pediatric oncology of the faculty hospital in prague czechoslovakia during 1965 1982

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Treatment of childhood obesity

Butcher P., 1983:
Treatment of childhood rooted separation anxiety in an adult

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Treatment of childhood solid tumors with adriamycin

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Treatment of children suffering from bronchial asthma with intal

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Treatment of children with chronic dermatoses with concurrent diseases of the liver at the sochi resort ussr

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Treatment of children with neurogenic sarcoma experience at the children's hospital of philadelphia pennsylvania usa 1958 1984

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Treatment of children with persistent cough and pharyngitis

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Treatment of children with soft tissue sarcomas other than rhabdomyosarcoma experiences at the center of pediatric oncology in ljubljana yugoslavia in the period of 1974 1984

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Treatment of children's epiphyseal injuries in the elbow region

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Treatment of chlamydial pneumonia of infancy

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Treatment of chlamydial urethritis in men and chlamydia trachomatis positive female partners comparison of erythromycin and tetracycline in treatment courses of 1 week

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Treatment of chlordecone (Kepone) toxicity with cholestyramine. Results of a controlled clinical trial

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Treatment of chlorine bleaching effluent using a white rot fungus

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Treatment of cholera tradition and authority vs science reason and humanity

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Treatment of cholestasis due to the obstruction of intra hepatic bile ducts in alveolar echinococcosis results of per cutaneous trans hepatic biliary drainage

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Treatment of cholestatic hepatitis with pheno barbital

Sadé, J., 1987:
Treatment of cholesteatoma

Beker, S., 1977:
Treatment of cholesterol gall stones with chenic acid

Dobrowsky, W., 1988:
Treatment of choroid metastases

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Treatment of choroidal melanoma with iodine 125 plaque first results of a pilot study

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Treatment of chromo mycosis with 5 fluoro cytosine

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Treatment of chronic ache in people over 65 years

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Treatment of chronic active hepatitis a retrospective review of 130 patients

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Treatment of chronic active hepatitis an analysis of 3 controlled trials

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Treatment of chronic active hepatitis with either prednisolone or corticotropin a controlled trial

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Treatment of chronic airways obstruction with indomethacin

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Treatment of chronic alcoholism with alcohol drops in psycho therapy by suggestion

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Treatment of chronic amebiasis in pediatric patients with a suspension of quinfamide

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Treatment of chronic and subclinic mastitis in lactating sheep

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Treatment of chronic anovulation and corpus luteum deficiency with epimestrol

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Treatment of chronic anxiety by behavior therapy and with beta blocking agents an empirical study

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