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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6838

Chapter 6838 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Fainshtein, F. E.; Abakumov, E. M.; Kovaleva, L. G.; Isaev, V. G., 1978: Treatment of patients with acute leukemia under aseptic conditions

Baranov A.E.; Danilova N.B.; Khrushchev V.G.; Sukyasyan G.V.; Gus'kova A.K.; Gavrilov O.K., 1982: Treatment of patients with acute leukemia using large doses of cyclo phosphamide total irradiation and transplantation of syngeneic bone marrow

Goldberg J.; Grunwald H.; Vogler W.R.; Winton E.; Browman G.; Walker I.; Benger A.; Miller K.B.; Rai K.; Et Al, 1985: Treatment of patients with acute nonlymphocytic leukemia in relapse a leukemia intergroup study

Nazarov L.U.; Akopyan E.B.; Enfendzhyan A.K.; Oganesyan V.Kh; Davtyan A.G.; Martirosyan V.S., 1984: Treatment of patients with acute thrombosis of hemorrhoids

Pawlicki M.; Zuchowska Vogelgesang B.; Rolski J.; Kurek S.; Kowalczyk J., 1987: Treatment of patients with advanced breast cancer with increased doses of methotrexate under cover of calcium folate administered orally

Warrell R.P.Jr; Coonley C.J.; Straus D.J.; Young C.W., 1983: Treatment of patients with advanced malignant lymphoma using gallium nitrate administered as a 7 day continuous infusion

Gurgenyan S.V.; Tatinyan N.G.; Mikaelyan E.S.; Grigoryan T.Z.; Nikogosyan K.G.; Babayan A.S., 1985: Treatment of patients with arterial hypertension with calcium antagonists

Fedin A.I.; Lakosina N.D.; Teterina E.B.; Zhbankova O.V.; Simonov V.A.; Shnyrev A.P., 1985: Treatment of patients with atherosclerotic encephalopathy using hemosorption

Goguev N.T., 1985: Treatment of patients with bronchial asthma with autologous blood subjected to x irradiation outside the body

Fischer, H., 1976: Treatment of patients with burns in ussr

Pilipchuk N.S., 1982: Treatment of patients with chronic destructive pulmonary tuberculosis

Uznadze-Mchedlishvili, K. I., 1978: Treatment of patients with chronic ischemic disease of extremity arteries in the necrosis and gangrene stage with complex measures using recommended mixtures

Mellin G.; Jarvikoski A.; Verasalo M., 1984: Treatment of patients with chronic low back pain comparison between rehabilitation center and outpatient care

Hay R.J.; Clayton Y.M., 1982: Treatment of patients with chronic muco cutaneous candidiasis and candida onycho mycosis with ketoconazole

Gembitskii E.V.; Khazanov A.I.; Ivlev A.S., 1987: Treatment of patients with chronic pancreatitis

Gavrilov V.V.; Vel'yaminov Yu B.; Sviridov A.A., 1980: Treatment of patients with chronic pneumonia under nitrographic and cyto morphological control

Borzhievskii Ts K.; Artyushenko E.I., 1980: Treatment of patients with chronic prostatitis at the shklo health resort ukrainian ssr ussr

Titarenko P.N., 1981: Treatment of patients with chronic pyelo nephritis at the health resort morshin ukrainian ssr ussr

Altunin V.F.; Evseev V.I., 1981: Treatment of patients with complicated costal fractures

Bart, B. Ya ; Biryukova, M. V.; Savenkov, P. M.; Rumyantseva, I. A., 1977: Treatment of patients with congestive heart failure with beta methyl digoxin lanitop

Arase, S.; Nakanishi, H.; Nagai, R.; Takeda, K.; Imura, H., 1987: Treatment of patients with darier's disease with topical application of solbase a mixture of polyethylene glycol 400 and 4000 plus occlusion

Einhorn S.; Wasserman J.; Lundell G.; Blomgren H.; Cedermark B.; Jarstrand C.; Petrini B.; Strander H.; Theve T.; Ohman U., 1984: Treatment of patients with disseminated colo rectal cancer with recombinant human alpha 2 interferon studies on the immune system

Musaev A.V.; Strelkova N.I.; Maslovskaya S.G., 1985: Treatment of patients with disturbed spinal circulation using physical factors

Grechko V.E.; Gruzman G.B.; Kholodova N.B., 1988: Treatment of patients with facial hemispasm using transcutaneous electroneurostimulation

Lefroy R.B., 1980: Treatment of patients with fractured neck of the femur in a combined unit

Magnusson T.; Carlsson C.E., 1980: Treatment of patients with functional disturbances in the masticatory system a survey of 80 consecutive patients

Bleckmann H.; Dorow P., 1987: Treatment of patients with glaucoma and obstructive airway diseases with betaxolol and placebo eye drops

Krasik Ya D.; Zorina S.S.; Orlova N.N., 1981: Treatment of patients with glomerulo nephritis with anti thrombotic agents

Grinenko, N. V.; Arutyunyan, G. K.; Kupaev, A. A.; Bereslavich, T. N., 1976: Treatment of patients with hymenolepiasis by 5 day and 7 day courses of divided doses of dichlosal and trichlosal

Panikarskii V.G., 1980: Treatment of patients with hypertension by clophelinum adelphane esidrex

Stryszowska Szymanska K.; Swiatak Palusinska J.; Mazaraki A., 1981: Treatment of patients with infections of facial and oral tissues

Provotorov V.M.; Nikitin A.V.; Buravleva N.V., 1981: Treatment of patients with infectious allergic bronchial asthma with levamisole

Afanasjev B.P.; Bazanov E.B.; Kanaev S.V.; Koxlov A.P.; Malinin A.P., 1980: Treatment of patients with lympho granulomatosis with the gamma ray therapeutic unit rokus with the aid of a radio therapeutic radical program in a large field variant clinical and dosimetric aspects

Blokhina N.G.; Aliev B.M.; Kruglova G.V.; Kaverzneva M.M.; Vasygova N.F.; Agafonov V.A.; Ivanova E.M., 1985 : Treatment of patients with lymphogranulomatosis clinical stages i and ii preliminary data of a randomized study x ray and combined therapy

Dippold W.G.; Bernhard H.; Dienes H.P.; Meyer Zum Bueschenfelde K H., 1988: Treatment of patients with malignant melanoma by monoclonal ganglioside antibodies

Trishkin V.A.; Berezkin D.P.; Ekimov V.I.; Stolyarov V.I., 1984: Treatment of patients with malignant soft tissue neoplasms

Powlis, W. D.; Mauch, P.; Goffman, T.; Goodman, R. L., 1987: Treatment of patients with minimal stage iiia hodgkin's disease

Hata Y.; Uchino J.; Une Y.; Sasaki F.; Kukita K.; Naito H.; Sato Y.; Sawaguchi Y., 1984: Treatment of patients with neuroblastoma with high dose cyclophosphamide as an optimal method of administration

Ostrakhovich A.N.; Strelkova N.I., 1982: Treatment of patients with neurological syndromes of cervical osteochondrosis by papaverine and nicotinic acid electrophoresis with sinusoidal modulated and diadynamic currents

Nobile Orazio E.; Baldini L.; Barbieri S.; Marmiroli P.; Spagnol G.; Francomano E.; Scarlato G., 1988: Treatment of patients with neuropathy and anti mag igm m proteins

Panas M.; Berenda Z.; Orlowiejska M., 1981: Treatment of patients with oro facial developmental anomalies

Stypulkowska J.; Bartkowski S.B.; Panas M.; Zaleska M.; Wilczanska H.; Serwatka F.; Samuszkiewicz E., 1981: Treatment of patients with oro facial neoplasms

Wood S.M.; Kraenzlin M.E.; Adrian T.E.; Bloom S.R., 1985: Treatment of patients with pancreatic endocrine tumors using a new long acting somatostatin analog symptomatic and peptide responses

Romanenko I.M., 1980: Treatment of patients with peri arteritis nodosa

Sernyak P.S.; Vinentsov Yu A.; Geev Yu V., 1985: Treatment of patients with prostate cancer

Kalabukha V.A.; Kalabukha A.V., 1981: Treatment of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis and chronic alcoholism

Schold S.C.Jr; Friedman H.S.; Bjornsson T.D.; Falletta J.M., 1984: Treatment of patients with recurrent primary brain tumors with 2 5 di aziridinyl 3 6 biscarboethoxyamino 1 4 benzo quinone

Perchikova, G. E.; Tsibekmakher, T. D., 1976: Treatment of patients with refractory chronic circulatory insufficiency

Kogan A.I., 1981: Treatment of patients with reiters syndrome

Silva L.C.D.; Zeitune J.M.R.; Rosa Eid L.M.F.; Lima D.M.C.; Antonelli R.H.; Chriso C.H.; Saez Alquezar A.; Carboni A.D.C., 1986: Treatment of patients with schistosomiasis mansoni a double blind clinical trial comparing praziquantel with oxamniquine

Nieto S.; Roncoroni A.; Trainni J.; Cacheda J.H.; Capdevielle R.; Grinfeld R., 1984: Treatment of patients with severe arteriopathies use of a new prosthesis

Povstyanoi N.E.; Kozinets G.P. , 1986: Treatment of patients with slight and moderately severe burns using blood substitutes in the acute period

Hagemeister F.B.; Fuller L.M.; Sullivan J.A.; Johnston D.; North L.; Butler J.J.; Velasquez W.S.; Shullenberger C.C., 1982: Treatment of patients with stages i and ii nonmediastinal hodgkins disease

Sharpe N.; Murphy J.; Smith H.; Hannan S., 1988: Treatment of patients with symptomless left ventricular dysfunction after myocardial infarction

Marbach J.J.; Lipton J.A., 1982: Treatment of patients with temporo mandibular joint and other fascial pain by oto laryngologists

Panteleeva G.P.; Borisova K.E.; Mikhailova N.M., 1984: Treatment of patients with therapeutically resistant depressions using noveril a comparative evaluation of methods of intravenous infusion

Moroz C.; Kupfer B.; Lindner A.; Many M., 1985: Treatment of patients with transitional cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder with intravesical polyinosinic acid polycytidylic acid effects on natural killer function

Byrne, J.; Clarke, D.; Taylor, J. F. N.; Macartney, F.; De-Leval, M.; Stark, J., 1978: Treatment of patients with transposition of great arteries and pulmonary vascular obstructive disease

Soreff J.; Axdorph G.; Bylund P.; Odeen I.; Olerud S., 1982: Treatment of patients with unstable fractures of the thoracic and lumbar spine a follow up study of surgical and conservative treatment

Starosel'skii D.V.; Granitov V.M.; Mazyrko E.D.; Klinovenko N.G., 1981: Treatment of patients with viral hepatitis complicated by hepato dystrophy

Bardzhadze B.G., 1979: Treatment of patients with visceral leishmaniasis

Mitchell J.K.; Reid S., 1982: Treatment of pediatric rashes a pilot study of the use of sudocrem

Kalter D.C.; Sperber J.; Rosen T.; Matarasso S., 1987: Treatment of pediculosis pubis clinical comparison of efficacy and tolerance of 1 percent lindane shampoo vs 1 percent permethrin creme rinse

Josiassen, R. C.; Fantuzzo, J.; Rosen, A. C., 1980: Treatment of pedophilia using multi stage aversion therapy and social skills training

Lu S B., 1988: Treatment of pelvic bone tumors with partial hemipelvic resection

Parodo G.; Rassu G.; Fiore R.; Angiolucci M.; Medda F.; Marcello C.; Lecca U., 1988: Treatment of pelvic endometriosis with agonistic lhrh buserelin

Tamaya T.; Fujimoto J.; Fujimoto Y.; Kawabata I.; Okada H., 1987: Treatment of pelvic endometriosis with gestrinone comparative studies on the effectiveness of different doses

Stea B.; Kinsella T.J.; Triche T.J.; Horvath K.; Glatstein E.; Miser J.S., 1987: Treatment of pelvic sarcomas in adolescents and young adults with intensive combined modality therapy

Rundqvist E.; Sandholm L E.; Larsson G., 1984: Treatment of pelvic varicosities causing lower abdominal pain with extraperitoneal resection of the left ovarian vein

Lever W.F.; Schaumburg Lever G., 1984: Treatment of pemphigus vulgaris results obtained in 84 patients between 1961 and 1982

Piamphongsant T., 1979: Treatment of pemphigus with cortico steroids and cyclo phosphamide

Levine D.P.; Wilson R.F., 1988: Treatment of penetrating abdominal trauma and gynecologic infections

Ivatury, R. R.; Gaudino, J.; Ascer, E.; Nallathambi, M.; Ramirez-Schon, G.; Stahl, W. M., 1985: Treatment of penetrating duodenal injuries primary repair vs. repair with decompressive enterostomy serosal patch

Tsehai G.; Wolde Michael G., 1980: Treatment of penetrating wounds of the chest

Frutiger A.D., 1981: Treatment of penetration phobia through the combined use of systematic de sensitization and hypnosis a case study

Crider S.R.; Colby S.D.; Miller L.K.; Harrison W.O.; Kerbs S.B.J.; Berg S.W., 1984: Treatment of penicillin resistant neisseria gonorrhoeae with oral norfloxacin

Koff S.A.; Eakins M., 1984: Treatment of penile chordee using corporeal rotation

Zak, B. I.; Klimov, B. Ya ; Gul'kevich, K. Yu ; Abrazheev, V. G.; Aleksin, A. F.; Vakulina, T. I., 1976: Treatment of penis cancer

Hess F.; Prignitz R.; Walthers E., 1983: Treatment of penis carcinoma

Owens, M. L.; Passaro, E. Jr ; Wilson, S. E.; Gordon, H. E., 1977: Treatment of peptic ulcer disease in the renal transplant patient

Korochkin I.M.; Bashkatova V.G.; Poslavskii M.V., 1984: Treatment of peptic ulcer of the gastroduodenal zone with the antioxidant dibunol and variation in antioxidant activity of patients red cell lipids in the course of treatment

Yurdakul I.; Oktay E.; Dinc I.; Celik S., 1980: Treatment of peptic ulcers with colloidal bismuth

Klaic B., 1985: Treatment of peptidoglycan monomer with aqueous ammonia formation of lactoylpeptide and a saturated disaccharide

Yerushalmi A.; Karman S.; Lwoff A., 1982: Treatment of perennial allergic rhinitis by local hyper thermia

Cohan, R. H.; Bloom, F. L.; Rhoades, R. B.; Wittig, H. J.; Haugh, L. D., 1976: Treatment of perennial allergic rhinitis with cromolyn sodium double blind study on 34 adult patients

Takaoka, M.; Suzuki, T.; Takeuchi, H.; Kitamura, Y.; Ikoma, H., 1985: Treatment of perennial nasal allergy by n 5' and specific hyposensitization

Jones L.M.; Spector S.L.; English G.M.; Taylor Dawson K., 1979: Treatment of perennial rhinitis with flunisolide cortico steroid spray

Bende M.; Rundcrantz H., 1985: Treatment of perennial secretory rhinitis

Kotsis L.; Krisar Z., 1980: Treatment of perforated duodenal ulcer by vagotomy associated antrectomy

Natale A.; Di Cosmo L.; D'aniello C.; De Rubertis G., 1982: Treatment of perforated gastric and duodenal ulcer

Wyn Jones G., 1979: Treatment of peri ocular tumors of horses using radioactive gold 198 grains

Colombo R.; Castelpietra R.; Dubini G., 1987: Treatment of peri orbital and ocular herpetic infections with a preparation based on acyclovir

Verstraete A.; Deckers Y.; Dequeker J., 1985: Treatment of periarthritis a single blind evaluation of two injectable corticosteroids

Famaey J.P.; Ginsberg F., 1984: Treatment of periarthritis of the shoulder a comparison of ibuprofen and diclofenac

Biagini A.; Sabino F.; Paladini G.; Severi S.; Marraccini P.; Contini C.; L'abbate A., 1985: Treatment of periinfarction recurrent ventricular fibrillation by percutaneous pharmacological block of left stellate ganglion

Loeffler J.S.; Larson D.A.; Clark J.R.; Weichselbaum R.R.; Norris C.M.Jr; Ervin T.J., 1985: Treatment of perineural metastasis from squamous carcinoma of the skin with aggressive combination chemotherapy and irradiation

Aivazyan A.A.; Bagdasaryan G.B.; Zavgorodnyaya A.M.; Abramyan M.K.; Nazaretyan E.E.; Guyumdzhyan I.O.; Pashinyan S.A.; Sarkisyan T.G.; Markaryan L.N.; Tovmasyan M.V., 1982: Treatment of periodic disease with colchicine

Jeffcoat M.K.; Williams R.C.; Johnson H.G.; Wechter W.J.; Goldhaber P., 1985: Treatment of periodontal disease in beagles with iodoxamide ethyl an inhibitor of mast cell release

Ivanov V.S.; Belikov P.P., 1987: Treatment of periodontal diseases by influencing blood coagulation

Gantes, B.; Martin, M.; Garrett, S.; Egelberg, J., 1988: Treatment of periodontal furcation defects ii. bone regeneration in mandibular class ii defects

Loesche W.J.; Syed S.A.; Morrison E.C.; Laughon B.; Grossman N.S., 1981: Treatment of periodontal infections due to anaerobic bacteria with short term treatment with metronidazole

Zelic O.; Popovic I.; Ursu I., 1981: Treatment of periodontal pockets with levitherpin

Bartsch J.; Tillman K., 1986: Treatment of periodontitis apicalis

Lebolt S.A.; Tisnado J.; Cho S R., 1988: Treatment of peripheral arterial obstruction with streptokinase results in arterial vs graft occlusions

Doletskii A.S.; Dallakyan N.O.; Aksel'rov A.M.; Nazarova N.B.; Sokolova V.A., 1985: Treatment of peripheral circulation disorders by trental during postoperative period in children

Vercellio G.; Lorenzi G.; Losa S.; Agrifoglio G., 1985: Treatment of peripheral congenital arterio venous fistulas

Miser J.S.; Kinsella T.J.; Triche T.J.; Steis R.; Tsokos M.; Wesley R.; Horvath K.; Belasco J.; Longo D.L.; Et Al, 1987: Treatment of peripheral neuroepithelioma in children and young adults

Okinami S.; Ogino N.; Sunagawa M., 1981: Treatment of peripheral uveitis with cryo therapy

Kaada B., 1984: Treatment of peritendinitis calcarea of the shoulder by transcutaneous nerve stimulation

Koenig U.; Mueller U.; Binswanger U., 1987: Treatment of peritonitis during continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis capd by co trimoxazole cefazolin and vancomycin

Glasson P.; Favre H., 1984: Treatment of peritonitis in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis patients with co trimoxazole

Spires J.R.; Owens J.J.; Woodson G.E.; Miller R.H., 1987: Treatment of peritonsillar abscess a prospective study of aspiration vs incision and drainage

Dalakas M.C.; Engel W.K., 1983: Treatment of permanent muscle weakness in familial hypo kalemic periodic paralysis

Kondo A.; Gotoh M.; Kato K.; Saito M.; Sasakibara T.; Yamada H., 1988: Treatment of persistent enuresis results of severing a tight filum terminale

Shapiro, G. G.; Bierman, C. W.; Furukawa, C. T.; Pierson, W. E.; Berman, R.; Donaldson, J.; Rees, T., 1982: Treatment of persistent eustachian tube dys function in children with aerosolized nasal dexamethasone phosphate vs. placebo

Monin P.; Dubruc C.; Vert P.; Morselli P.L., 1987: Treatment of persistent fetal circulation syndrome of the newborn comparison of different doses of tolazoline

Jani L., 1980: Treatment of persistent hip dysplasia during growth

Chambers J.T.; Schwartz P.E., 1986: Treatment of persistent or recurrent ovarian carcinoma with sequential methotrexate and 5 fluorouracil

Hansen S.W.; Daugaard G.; Rorth M., 1986: Treatment of persistent or relapsing advanced germ cell neoplasms with cisplatin etoposide and bleomycin

Eberle A.J.; Sparrow J.T.; Keenan B.S., 1986: Treatment of persistent pubertal gynecomastia with dihydrotestosterone heptanoate

Masson G.; Hoppeler A.; Lang G., 1985: Treatment of pertussis by aeronautics general review and results of a national survey

Sherman R.A.; Gall N.; Gormly J., 1979: Treatment of phantom limb pain with muscular relaxation training to disrupt the pain anxiety tension cycle

Danielczyk W., 1981: Treatment of pharmaco toxic psychoses with clopenthixol in patients with parkinsons disease

Lindberg M.; Ringertz O.; Sandstrom E., 1982: Treatment of pharyngeal gonorrhea due to beta lactamase producing gonococci

Altaf S.W.; Di Caprio J.M.; Reynolds J.; Johnson J.; Smrekar M.; De Boer H.; Nishimura R., 1986: Treatment of pharyngeal gonorrhea with extended oral ampicillin

Delgado Falfari A.; Curioca Karana E.; Godinez Oropeza C.; Ize Lamache L.; Francisco Pena G.J., 1983: Treatment of pharyngeal stenosis due to caustic substances

Mira E.; Mevio E.; Perotti M., 1984: Treatment of pharyngitis and pharyngo laryngitis comparison of phenyl prenazone and flurbiprofen froben administered orally and rectally

Goldschmid S.; Boyce W.Jr; Nord H.J.; Brady P.G., 1988: Treatment of pharyngoesophageal stenosis by polyvinyl prosthesis

Goldberg M.J.; Berlinger W.G., 1982: Treatment of pheno barbital over dose with activated charcoal

Boldy D.A.R.; Vale J.A.; Prescott L.F., 1986: Treatment of phenobarbitone poisoning with repeated oral administration of activated charcoal

Hamoda M.F.; Al Haddad A.A.; Abd El Bary M.F., 1987: Treatment of phenolic wastes in an aerated submerged fixed film asff bioreactor

Goldman D., 1976: Treatment of phenothiazine induced dys kinesia

Wang, S. F.; Marlowe, C. L., 1977: Treatment of phenothiazine over dosage with physostigmine

Michels V.V.; Justice C.L., 1982: Treatment of phenyl ketonuria during pregnancy

El Deen E.Z.; Nouh A.T.; Salama M., 1985: Treatment of phenylbutazone ulcerogenicity using effervescent granules containing certain adjuvants

Giannini A.J.; Price W.A.; Loiselle R.H.; Malone D.W., 1985: Treatment of phenylcyclohexylpyrrolidine psychosis with haloperidol

Spadini E.; Taddei F.; Uggeri E., 1981: Treatment of pheo chromo cytoma in pediatric patients with adrenergic blocking agents

Yabe R.; Suenaga K.; Niimura S.; Itoh N.; Tani M.; Kunii N.; Watari H.; Yatabe Y.; Mizuno K.; Fukuchi S., 1987: Treatment of pheochromocytoma with dilevalol

Esveldt Dawson K.; Wisner K.L.; Unis A.S.; Matson J.L.; Kazdin A.E., 1982: Treatment of phobias in a hospitalized child

Lieb J., 1981: Treatment of phobic anxiety obsession compulsion and excessive drinking with prostaglandin synthesis inhibitors

Weiner F., 1981: Treatment of phonological disability using the method of meaningful minimal contrast 2 case studies

Ong, S. G., 1972: Treatment of phosgene poisoning with anti serum anaphylactic shock by phosgene

Rzhankov, S. V.; Dymarskii, L. Yu, 1978: Treatment of phylloid mammary gland tumors

Schepkens E.; Duchatel J.P.; Vindevogel H., 1985: Treatment of pigeon ascaridiasis and capillariasis with ivermectin

Lamke L O.; Larsson J.; Nylen B., 1979: Treatment of pilonidal sinus by radical excision and reconstruction by rotation flap surgery or z plasty technique

Toubanakis G., 1986: Treatment of pilonidal sinus disease with the z plasty procedure modified

Bagnall R.K., 1982: Treatment of pinus sylvestris posts with a copper chrome arsenate preservative

Pelkonen R.; Eistola P.; Grahne B.; Kuusisto A.; Paetau A.; Sivula A.; Valtonen S., 1983: Treatment of pituitary cushings disease results of adrenal and pituitary surgery

Thoren, M.; Rahn, T.; Hall, K.; Backlund, E. O., 1978: Treatment of pituitary dependent cushings syndrome with closed stereotactic radio surgery by means of cobalt 60 gamma radiation

Takano K.; Shizume K.; Hibi I.; Okuno A.; Hanyu K.; Suwa S.; Nakajima H.; Kondo T.; Kato K.; Et Al, 1987: Treatment of pituitary dwarfism with authentic recombinant human growth hormone sm 9500

Takano K.; Shizume K.; Hizuka N.; Okuno A.; Umino T.; Kobayashi Y.; Kusano S.; Nakajima H.; Irie M.; Et Al, 1986: Treatment of pituitary dwarfism with methionyl human growth hormone in japan

Halperin I.; Rodriguez M.D.; Cardenal C.; Casamitjana R.; Osaba M.J.M.; Lienas V.; Vilardell E., 1987: Treatment of pituitary macroadenomas secreting prl hgh or acth with long acting bromocriptine

Nozaki H.; Ukai M.; Harada A., 1987: Treatment of pituitary prolactinoma and visual function

Aron-Brunetiere, R.; Dompmartin-Pernot, D.; Drouhet, E., 1977: Treatment of pityriasis capitis dandruff with econazole nitrate

Arndt K.A.; Paul B.S.; Stern R.S.; Parrish J.A., 1983: Treatment of pityriasis rosea with uv radiation

Neumann H.A.M.; Berretty P.J.M., 1981: Treatment of pityrosporum folliculitis with ketoconazole r 41400

Delia J.E.; Rogers J.G.; Dixon J.A., 1985: Treatment of placental vasculature with a neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet laser via fetoscopy

Walton R.T.; Fritschi E.P.; Umapathy V.A., 1986: Treatment of plantar ulcers in leprosy patients in the community with adhesive zinc tape

Belyaeva T.L.; Belyaev N.V., 1981: Treatment of plantar warts by irradiation with a discharge electron beam

Imperato J.P.; Folkman J.; Sagerman R.H.; Cassady J.R., 1986: Treatment of plasma cell granuloma of the lung with radiation therapy a report of two cases and a review of the literature

Shanmugam, C. A. K.; Chakrapani, K. P.; Ganesan, A. V.; Gopalakrishnan, K.; Murigappan, A.; Roy, R. G.; Sitaraman, N. L.; Ghosh, R. B., 1976: Treatment of plasmodium falciparum infection with chloroquine and primaquine in salem and sathyamangalam towns of tamil nadu

Roy, R. G.; Sitaraman, N. L.; Panchapakesan, A.; Ghosh, R. B.; Chakrapani, K. P., 1975: Treatment of plasmodium falciparum with chloroquine and primaquine in dharmapuri district tamil nadu india

Cabrera M.M.; Lucio C.P.; Ramirez B.V.A., 1979: Treatment of plumbism a comparative study on the therapeutic efficacy of 2 chelating agents

Jauhonen P.; Lehtola J.; Karttunen T., 1987: Treatment of pneumatosis coli with metronidazole endoscopic follow up of one case

Mackinnon, A. E.; Frank, J. D.; Morris, P., 1977: Treatment of pneumatosis cystoides coli by oxygen inhalation

Masterson, J. S. T.; Fratkin, L. B.; Osler, T. R.; Trapp, W. G., 1978: Treatment of pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis with hyperbaric oxygen

Gruenberg, J. C.; Batra, S. K.; Priest, R. J., 1977: Treatment of pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis with oxygen

Hamilton A.A.D.; Archer G.J., 1983: Treatment of pneumo thorax by simple aspiration

Offenbartl K.; Christensen P.; Gullstrand P.; Prellner K.; Seger R.A., 1986: Treatment of pneumococcal postsplenectomy sepsis in the rat with human gamma globulin

Lipson, A.; Marshall, W. C.; Hayward, A. R., 1977: Treatment of pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in children

Wordell C.J.; Hauptman S.P., 1988: Treatment of pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in patients with aids

Siegel, S. E.; Wolff, L. J.; Baehner, R. L.; Hammond, D., 1984: Treatment of pneumocystis carinii pneumonitis a comparative trial of sulfamethoxazole trimethorprim vs. pentamidine in pediatric patients with cancer report from the childrens cancer study group

Weippl, G., 1976: Treatment of pneumonia in childhood

Mcgehee J.L.; Podnos S.D.; Pierce A.K.; Weissler J.C., 1988: Treatment of pneumonia in patients at risk of infection with gram negative bacilli

Conces D.J.Jr; Tarver R.D.; Gray W.C.; Pearcy E.A., 1988: Treatment of pneumothoraces utilizing small caliber chest tubes

Engdahl O.; Boe J., 1988: Treatment of pneumothorax application of a technique which quantifies air flow through the chest drain

Lanfranco, M.; Lodi, E., 1976: Treatment of poecilia reticulata females with methyl testosterone singly or in association with estrone

Seibel M.M.; Kamrava M.M.; Mcardle C.; Taymor M.L., 1984: Treatment of poly cystic ovary disease with chronic low dose fsh biochemical changes and ultrasound correlation

Copemann, C. D., 1977: Treatment of poly drug abuse and addiction by covert sensitization some contraindications

Dalakas M.C.; Flaum M.A.; Rick M.; Engel W.K.; Gralnick H.R., 1983: Treatment of poly neuropathy in waldenstroms macro globulinemia role of para proteinemia and immunologic studies

Cendrowski, W., 1977: Treatment of poly neuropathy with azathioprine and adrenal steroids

Semenkova E.N.; Lopatkina T.N., 1985: Treatment of polyarteritis nodosa with immunodepressants

Valette P.J.; Chataing L.; Partensky C.; Paliard P., 1987: Treatment of polycystic liver disease with intracystic injection of alcohol

Leukemia Hematosarcoma Coop Group; Eur Org Res Treat Cancer, 1981: Treatment of polycythemia vera by radio phosphorus or busulfan a randomized trial

Donovan P.B.; Kaplan M.E.; Goldberg J.D.; Tatarsky I.; Najean Y.; Silberstein E.B.; Knospe W.H.; Laszlo J.; Mack K.; Et Al, 1984: Treatment of polycythemia vera with hydroxyurea

Sharon R.; Tatarsky I.; Ben Arieh Y., 1986: Treatment of polycythemia vera with hydroxyurea

Takasugi H.; Akashi H., 1985: Treatment of polydactyly of the foot

Cabrol D.; Landesman R.; Muller J.; Uzan M.; Sureau C.; Saxena B.B., 1987: Treatment of polyhydramnios with prostaglandin synthetase inhibitor indomethacin

Gschnait F.; Schwarz T.; Ladich I., 1983: Treatment of polymorphous light eruption

Neumann R.; Rappold E.; Pohl Markl H., 1986: Treatment of polymorphous light eruption with nicotinamide a pilot study

Bregeon C.; Masson C., 1987: Treatment of polymyalgia rheumatica

Kovarik J.; Neibauer B.; Woloszczuk W.; Fruehwald F.; Kolbe H., 1985: Treatment of polyosseous pagets disease of bone with disodium etidronate

Scaff, M.; Marchiori, P. E.; Alves, M. T.; Callegaro, D.; Oliveira, R. M. D.; Assis, J. L. D., 1986: Treatment of polyradiculoneuritis with plasmapheresis

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Toulouse J.; Laroze M.; Millon G.; Ettevent J.P.; Bittard M., 1982: Treatment of stress incontinence of urine in the woman by urethro cervicopexy long term results of 100 operations

Yamaguchi T.; Tobe T.; Hikasa Y., 1980: Treatment of stress ulcer with neurotensin an experimental study

Richardson A.C.; Edmonds P.B.; Williams N.L., 1981: Treatment of stress urinary incontinence due to paravaginal fascial defect

Nishida T.; Shoda S.; Hamano T.; Kinoshita S.; Shimomura Y.; Manabe R., 1984: Treatment of stromal herpetic keratitis with daily intravenous pepsin treated human immunoglobulin

Mojon M.; Nielsen P.B., 1987: Treatment of strongyloides stercoralis with albendazole a cure rate of 86 percent

Scharf W.; Poigenfuerst J., 1981: Treatment of sub cutaneous ruptures of extensor tendons of the fingers

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