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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6839

Chapter 6839 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mizutani, N.; Miyazu, M.; Maehara, M.; Isomura, S.; Watanabe, K.; Imanishi, J., 1985:
Treatment of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis with human leukocyte interferon

Kajihara, S.; Uozumi, T.; Sakoda, K.; Okamoto, H.; Sugiyama, K.; Yamaguchi, T., 1985:
Treatment of subclavian steal syndrome by percutaneous transluminal angioplasty: a case report

Iandoli, R.; Monfrecola, G., 1987:
Treatment of subcorneal pustulosis by etretinate

Mouly R.; Sechaud J.L., 1988:
Treatment of subcutaneous lipomas by liposuction

Kamio T.; E.A., 1984:
Treatment of subjective tinnitus with tinnitus maskers

Amadon, D.; Short, L.L., 1976:
Treatment of subspecies approaching species status

Edamatsu, H.; Hasegawa, M.; Oku, T.; Nigauri, T.; Kurita, N.; Watanabe, I., 1985:
Treatment of sudden deafness: carbon dioxide and oxygen inhalation and steroids

Peking-Res-Inst-Ear-Nose-Throat-Sect-Audiol, 1975:
Treatment of sudden deafness with pueraria root a comparative analysis of therapeutic results in 294 cases

Shirabe S.; Hamasaki J.; Fukuyo K., 1980:
Treatment of sudden idiopathic hearing loss with combined medication principally amidotrizoate administration

Dunningham T.H., 1980:
Treatment of sudecks atrophy in the upper limb by sympathetic blockade

Horn, Y.; Eidelman, A.; Walach, N.; Yuval, E.; Markowitz, A., 1984:
Treatment of superficial bladder tumors in a controlled trial with thiotepa vs. adriamycin

Belli L.; Galimberti R.; Negroni R.; Rohwedder R.W.; Castro J.M., 1985:
Treatment of superficial candidiasis with bifonazole 1 percent gel

Marmor J.B.; Pounds D.; Postic T.B.; Hahn G.M., 1979:
Treatment of superficial human neoplasms by local hyper thermia induced by ultrasound

Fioroni, A.; Altomare, G.F.; Finzi, A.F., 1987:
Treatment of superficial mycoses with daily application of fenticonazole cream

Smith, A.Y.; Vitale, P.J.; Lowe, B.A.; Woodside, J.R., 1987:
Treatment of superficial papillary transitional cell carcinoma of the ureter by vesicoureteral reflux of mitomycin C

Quilty P.M.; Duncan W., 1986:
Treatment of superficial t 1 tumors of the bladder by radical radiotherapy

Ackermann D.; Schnyder M.; Bandelier D.; Studer U.E., 1986:
Treatment of superficial tumors of the bladder with bcg

Schilling A.; Boewering R., 1985:
Treatment of superficial ureteral tumors with the neodymium yag laser

Koiso K.; Niijima T., 1982:
Treatment of superficial urinary bladder cancer a 10 year follow up study

Meulien P.; Loze F.; Bouvet J.M., 1985:
Treatment of superior incisor bigeminy

Confino, J.; Brown, S.I., 1987:
Treatment of superior limbic keratoconjunctivitis with topical cromolyn sodium

Limon, Y.L.mon, L.; Tirado-Tirado, C.A.; Flores-Mercado, F.; Galindo-Hernandez, E.; Rasquel-Pagasartundua, R.; Diaz-Gomez, A.; Diaz-Gonzalez, L., 1975:
Treatment of suppurative otitis media in pediatric patients

Kuzin, M.I., 1979:
Treatment of suppurative wounds and burns in a regulated environment

Musto, B.; Greco, R.; Marsico, F., 1976:
Treatment of supra ventricular tachy cardia with atp in the adult and in the child

Vollmar, D.; Hecht, L.; Groitl, H.; Willital, G., 1978:
Treatment of supracondylar fractures in children

Goudarzi, Y.M., 1980:
Treatment of supracondylar fractures of the humerus in children and adolescents

Sjolin S.U.; Christensen K.S.; Nielsen S., 1987:
Treatment of supracondylar fractures of the humerus in children using vertical extension

Borroni M.; Zottola V.; Bonacina P.; Caserta S.; Del Sasso L., 1980:
Treatment of supracondyloid fractures of the femur with judets screw plate

Maire J.P.; Caudry M.; Demeaux H.; Guichard F.; Causse N.; Coudin B.; Rivel J.; Dautheribes M.; Boulard G.; E.A., 1987:
Treatment of supratentorial malignant gliomas 173 patients treated from 1975 to 1985 in bordeaux france

Michaelson, S.P.; Wolfson, S., 1976:
Treatment of supraventricular arrhythmias with propranolol

Purcaro A.; Capestro F.; Ciampani N.; Fratadocchi G.B.; Mazzanti M.; Costantini C.; Molini E., 1987:
Treatment of supraventricular tachyarrhythmias with flecainide or combination of flecainide and amiodarone

Nishimoto, T.; Nakamura, H.; Fujigaki, T.; Hashiguchi, Y.; Shibata, O.; Haseba, S.; Gotoh, Y., 1987:
Treatment of supraventricular tachyarrhythmias with verapamil following open heart surgery

Hopkins, J.A.; Shoemaker, W.C.; Greenfield, S.; Chang, P.C.; McAuliffe, T.; Sproat, R.W., 1980:
Treatment of surgical emergencies with and without an algorithm

Palmerio G.; Ciarelli A.; Ciarelli F.; Bonfini T.; Orfanelli R., 1987:
Treatment of surgical infections of the abdominal region with sodium cefoperazone our experience

Hoffman, G.S., 1977:
Treatment of Sweet's syndrome (active febrile neutrophilic dermatosis) with indomethacin

Koseki I.; July J.R., 1979:
Treatment of swine cell lines with antibiotics effects on cell growth rate cell susceptibility to foot and mouth disease virus and contaminant mycoplasma like organisms

Kakiichi N.; Kamata S.; Kobayashi S.; Uchida K., 1987:
Treatment of swine feces by modified aerated lagoon process for denitrification

Brodribb, A.J.M., 1977:
Treatment of symptomatic diverticular disease with a high fiber diet

Lagrone, M.O.; Bradford, D.S.; Moe, J.H.; Lonstein, J.E.; Winter, R.B.; Ogilvie, J.W., 1988:
Treatment of symptomatic flatback after spinal fusion

Soreide O.; Hoivik B., 1985:
Treatment of symptomatic gallstone disease utilization of hospital resources and variation in cholecystectomy rate

Ayus, J.C.; Krothapalli, R.K.; Arieff, A.I., 1987:
Treatment of symptomatic hyponatremia and its relation to brain damage. A prospective study

Steiner, M.E.; Micheli, L.J., 1985:
Treatment of symptomatic spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis with the modified Boston brace

Scranton, P.E., 1987:
Treatment of symptomatic talocalcaneal coalition

Blau U.; Retzke U., 1984:
Treatment of symptomatology of urge and urge incontinence with propiverine mictonorm

Unay, E.S.; Davis, B.J., 1980:
Treatment of Syphacia obvelata in the Syrian hamster (Mesocricetus auratus) with piperazine citrate

Thompson, S.E., 1976:
Treatment of syphilis in pregnancy

Tator, C.H.; Briceno, C., 1988:
Treatment of syringomyelia with a syringosubarachnoid shunt

Mel'nikov, O.K.; Kochetov, V.F., 1979:
Treatment of syringomyelia with radioactive phosphorus

Pala A.M.; Vinattieri M.A.; Veneziani F.; Mugnaioni G.; Ricciardelli D., 1984:
Treatment of systemic arterial hypertension with acebutolol

Hayashi, M.; Kobayashi, H.; Kawano, H.; Handa, Y.; Hirose, S., 1988:
Treatment of systemic hypertension and intracranial hypertension in cases of brain hemorrhage

Feng, S.F.; Fang, L.; Bao, G.Q.; Wei, W.; Yang, G.L.; Xiang, Z.S.; Shi, S.Y., 1985:
Treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus by acupuncture. A preliminary report of 25 cases

Gordon, B.L.Ii ; Yanagihara, R., 1977:
Treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus with the thymus derived cell immuno potentiator levamisole a follow up report of 16 patients under treatment for a minimum period of 4 months

Shadomy, S.; White, S.C.; Yu, H.P.; Dismukes, W.E., 1985:
Treatment of systemic mycoses with ketoconazole: in vitro susceptibilities of clinical isolates of systemic and pathogenic fungi to ketoconazole

Shadomy, S.; Espinel-Ingroff, A.; Tartaglione, T.A.; Dismukes, W.E., 1986:
Treatment of systemic mycoses with ketoconazole: studies of ketoconazole serum levels

Bloom, H.J.G.; Hendry, W.F.; Wallace, D.M.; Skeet, R.G., 1982:
Treatment of t 3 bladder cancer controlled trial of pre operative radio therapy and radical cystectomy vs. radical radio therapy report and review for the clinical trials group institute of urology london england uk

Chung, W.C.; Ko, B.C., 1976:
Treatment of Taenia saginata infection with mixture of areca nuts and pumpkin seeds

Baranski, M.C.; Gomes, N.R.; de Godoy, O.F.; da Silva, A.F.; Kotaka, P.I.; Giovannoni, M.; Carneiro Filho, M., 1984:
Treatment of taeniasis and hymenolepiasis nana with a single oral dose of praziquantel. Study of therapeutic efficacy, tolerance and safety

Charoenlarp P.; Radomyos P.; Harinasuta T., 1981:
Treatment of taeniasis with puag haad a crude extract of artocarpus lakoocha

Blijham J.M.; Van Eerde P., 1985:
Treatment of tank sediment by membrane ultrafiltration

Govindan V.S., 1985:
Treatment of tannery waste waters by the stabilization pond method

Kazamatsuri H., 1980:
Treatment of tardive dys kinesia with oxypertine preliminary clinical experience and a brief review of the literature

Ahlin J.H.; Ramos Gomez F.J., 1982:
Treatment of temporo mandibular joint related head aches in the pedodontic patient a preliminary report

Philips, C.; Hunter, M., 1981:
Treatment of tension head ache 1. muscular abnormality and bio feedback

Philips, C.; Hunter, M., 1981:
Treatment of tension head ache 2. electro myogram normality and relaxation

Passlick J.; Chlebowski H.; Grabensee B., 1985:
Treatment of terminal renal insufficiency with continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis in patients with type i diabetes mellitus

Barrios B.A.; Ginter E.J.; Scalise J.J.; Miller F.G., 1980:
Treatment of test anxiety by applied relaxation and cue controlled relaxation

Furuhata A.; Senga Y.; Nakao H.; Ogawa K., 1982:
Treatment of testicular cancer and urothelial tumor with cis di ammine di chloro platinum

Sakashita S.; Demura T.; Saitou B.; Hirano T.; Koyanagi T., 1985:
Treatment of testicular germ cell tumors in adults clinical evaluation of tumor markers

Lund L., 1988:
Treatment of testicular hydrocele with aspiration and injection of polidocanol aetoxisclerol

Labady, F., 1978:
Treatment of testicular hypo function with gonadotropic hormones

Delaunoy, R.V.; Delaunoy, F.V.; Nieva, E.M.; Van-Cauwelaert, R.R., 1980:
Treatment of testicular tumors

Lobo Sanahuja F.; Vargas G.; Garcia I.; Spinola D., 1980:
Treatment of testicular tumors of the endodermal sinus in children

Kaplan, W.E.; Firlit, C.F., 1981:
Treatment of testicular yolk sac carcinoma in the young child

Read D.; Pierard G E.; D.L.B.assinne M.; Bury J., 1988:
Treatment of the acute cutaneous graft versus host reaction with cyclosporin and puva

Zacher J.; Wessinghage D.; Wetzel R.; Spath S., 1985:
Treatment of the acute lumbar spine syndrome by combining physiotherapy physiobalneology and application of a parenterally applied nonsteroidal antiphlogistic

Paquin, J.M.; Perreault, J.P.; Faucher, R.; Mauffette, F.; Berlinguet, J.C., 1981:
Treatment of the acute phase of urinary retention

Venus, B.; Jacobs, H.K.; Lim, L., 1979:
Treatment of the adult respiratory distress syndrome with continuous positive airway pressure

Ernst, P.; Beran, B.; Badash, D.; Kosovsky, R.; Kleinhauz, M., 1977:
Treatment of the aged mentally ill: further unmasking of the effects of a diagnosis of chronic brain syndrome

Fauman, M.A., 1978:
Treatment of the agitated patient with an organic brain disorder

Saletu, B.; Gruenberger, J.; Saletu, M.; Mader, R.; Volavka, J., 1978:
Treatment of the alcoholic organic brain syndrome with emd 21657 n ethyl s methyl 5 thio pyridoxamine a derivative of a pyritinol metabolite double blind clinical quantitative electro encephalographic and psychometric studies

Schaefer, R.M.; Kuerner, B.; Zech, M.; Denninger, G.; Borneff, C.; Heidland, A., 1988:
Treatment of the anemia of hemodialysis patients with recombinant human erythropoietin

D.S.verio G.; Nepa F.; D.N.poli F.; Cecchini A., 1986:
Treatment of the appendiceal stump without inversion an analysis of 1052 appendectomies

Dietze U.; Jordan A.; Deufrains A.; Heydenreich A., 1982:
Treatment of the band shaped degeneration of the cornea with di sodium edta

Karp D.D.; Parker L.M.; Binder N.; Tantravahi R.; Smith B.R.; Ervin T.J.; Canellos G.P., 1985:
Treatment of the blastic transformation of chronic granulocytic leukemia using high dose 1 3 bis 2 chloroethyl 1 nitrosourea chemotherapy and cryopreserved autologous peripheral blood stem cells

Riccioni N.; Bartolomei C., 1981 :
Treatment of the brady cardia tachy cardia syndrome with low doses of amiodarone

Repnitskaya Z.D.; Zhigalova N.A.; Tarasov A.S.; Ivanovskaya T.M., 1981:
Treatment of the bronchial system in patients with silico tuberculosis

Mahler, D.; Benmeir, P.; Yakar, Y.B.; Greber, B.; Sagi, A.; Hauben, D.; Rosenberg, L.; Sarov, B., 1987:
Treatment of the burned hand early surgical treatment 1975 1985 vs. conservative treatment 1964 1974 a comparative study

Kucera H., 1980:
Treatment of the carcinoma of the vulva at the 1st university clinic of gynecology in vienna austria 386 cases

Brook I.; Leyva F., 1981:
Treatment of the carrier state of group a beta hemolytic streptococci with clindamycin

Batshaw M.L.; Thomas G.H.; Cohen S.R.; Matalon R.; Mahoney M.J., 1984:
Treatment of the cbl b form of methylmalonic acidemia with adenosylcobalamin

Santavirta, S.; Slätis, P.; Kankaanpää, U.; Sandelin, J.; Laasonen, E., 1988:
Treatment of the cervical spine in rheumatoid arthritis

Takayama, T.; Ito, K.; Ookawa, Y.; Nagata, N.; Koishizawa, T., 1988:
Treatment of the chylothorax after cardiac surgery

Bartha I.; Bodrogi T.; Nemeth A., 1987:
Treatment of the colon carcinoma of the aged patients

Yerushalmi A.; Lwoff A., 1980:
Treatment of the common cold and persistent allergic rhinitis by thermo therapy

Eriksen, K., 1980:
Treatment of the common wart by induced allergic inflammation

Grigorovich N.A.; Risina D.Ya; Nodel'son S.E., 1984:
Treatment of the complications arising in the course of bcg vaccine immunotherapy for malignant tumors

Bailey, C.M.; Wadsworth, P.V., 1985:
Treatment of the drooling child by submandibular duct transposition

Klauber A.; Kocsi I., 1987:
Treatment of the drop foot caused by central nervous lesion with home made electrical stimulator

Von-Ardenne, M.; Reitnauer, P.G., 1975:
Treatment of the ds carcino sarcoma of the rat with ifosfamide di methyl sulfoxide

Sano H.; Kanno T.; Katada K.; Nagata J.; Ishiyama N., 1980:
Treatment of the dural arterio venous malformation embolization using aron alpha

Steere, A.C.; Hutchinson, G.J.; Rahn, D.W.; Sigal, L.H.; Craft, J.E.; DeSanna, E.T.; Malawista, S.E., 1983:
Treatment of the early manifestations of Lyme disease

Levandovskii I.V.; Epishin Y.N., 1981:
Treatment of the early stages of homeostasis disorders with the aid of cytochrome c sodium per sulfate and contrykal during tourniquet shock

Borghei S.M., 1981:
Treatment of the effluent of a glucose production plant using a rotating biological packed bed

Varganov A.I.; Opekunov K.A., 1983:
Treatment of the endometrium in cows using doederleins bacillus

Radian, N.; Dinulescu, E.; Paunescu-Vaida, E.; Cristoveanu, A.; Juvina, E., 1976:
Treatment of the essential arterial hypotension syndrome and of arterial hypertension in addisons disease by 9 alpha fluoro cortisol

Ohtake H.; Furuno T.; Watarai J.; Goto Y.; Ohtaka S.; Tsutsumi K.; Goshima H.; Takeyama I., 1987:
Treatment of the ethmoidal cancer re evaluation of 6 cases

Bengtson, S.; Carlsson, A.; Relander, M.; Knutson, K.; Lidgren, L., 1987:
Treatment of the exposed knee prosthesis

Salaverry M.A., 1984:
Treatment of the facial peripheral endotemporal palsies

Szklanny J.; Zaloga K., 1987:
Treatment of the familial polyposis coli an analysis

Vengerov Y.Y.; Lazukina L.N.; Kremenchugskaya Y.A.; Kutsemilova A.P.; Timina V.P.; Markova A.I.; Padeiskaya E.N.; Polukhina L.M., 1981:
Treatment of the generalized forms of meningococcal infection with sulfalene meglumine

Guthy, E., 1981:
Treatment of the injured spleen

Plyats, O.M., 1978:
Treatment of the insulin resistant form of diabetes mellitus by intra venous droplet insulin injection

Kuhl I.A.; Kuhl G., 1985:
Treatment of the laryngeal tumors

Albrecht K.; Hagen N.; Falkowski K P.; Ickert K., 1988:
Treatment of the life threatening digitalis intoxication with heterologous antibodies

Koziorowska B.; Kopacz J.; Rosa Zawiejska H.; Andres J.; Rzucidlo J.; Kizner L.; Skubaja R.; Dziatkowiak A., 1984:
Treatment of the low output syndrome after open heart surgery

Amirova N.M., 1979:
Treatment of the marantic stage of toxic goiter

Cobb L.M.; Butler S.A., 1987:
Treatment of the murine lymphoma a31 with intravenous sterilized indium 114m loaded a31 cells

Donker, A.J.; Brentjens, J.R.; van der Hem, G.K.; Arisz, L., 1978:
Treatment of the nephrotic syndrome with indomethacin

Drings P.; Manke H.G., 1985:
Treatment of the non small cell bronchial carcinoma with cis platinum ifosfamide vindesine and vp 16 vepeside

Arciniegas, A., 1984:
Treatment of the occlusion of the central retinal vein by section of the posterior ring

Bateman, D.N.; Coxon, A.; Legg, N.J.; Reid, J.L., 1978:
Treatment of the on off syndrome in parkinsonism with low dose bromocriptine in combination with l dopa

Larionova V.B.; Pavlova Z.V.; Voznesenskaya L.A., 1981:
Treatment of the pain syndrome in incurable oncological patients by subarachnoid chemical de nervation

Grigor'ev P.S.; Ivannikov V.P.; Sokov L.P.; Savel'eva S.I., 1983:
Treatment of the pain syndrome in patients with coronary disease and cervico thoracal vertebral osteochondrosis

Aubrey, D.A.; Morgan, W.P.; Jenkins, N.; Harvey, J., 1984 :
Treatment of the perineal wound after proctectomy by intermittent irrigation

Buvat J.; Buvat Herbaut M., 1985:
Treatment of the polycystic ovary syndrome infertility strategy 1985

Magos, A.L.; Brincat, M.; Studd, J.W., 1986:
Treatment of the premenstrual syndrome by subcutaneous estradiol implants and cyclical oral norethisterone: placebo controlled study

Kobayashi O., 1981:
Treatment of the prostatic carcinoma refractory to anti androgen treatment

Ferri, C.; Moriconi, L.; Gremignai, G.; Migliorini, P.; Paleologo, G.; Fosella, P.V.; Bombardieri, S., 1986:
Treatment of the renal involvement in mixed cryoglobulinemia with prolonged plasma exchange

Telstad, W.; Sørensen, O.; Larsen, S.; Lillevold, P.E.; Stensrud, P.; Nyberg-Hansen, R., 1984:
Treatment of the restless legs syndrome with carbamazepine: a double blind study

Stephenson, H.E.; Lockhart, C.G., 1977:
Treatment of the ruptured abdominal aorta

Diokno, A.C.; Vinson, R.K.; McGillicuddy, J., 1977:
Treatment of the severe uninhibited neurogenic bladder by selective sacral rhizotomy

Hubert, P.; Meslier, N.; Pigeanne, T.; Dairien, T.; Racineux, J.L., 1986:
Treatment of the sleep apnea syndrome by continuous positive pressure

Salvador Llivina T.; Marin Tuya D.; Gonzalez Quintana J.; Iniesta Torres C.; Marsal Aranega S.; Muriana Saez C.; Castellvi Barrera E.; Agusti Vidal A., 1986:
Treatment of the smoking habit comparison between group therapy and combined group therapy nicotine chewing gum and behavioral assistance

Sharma N.; Shivanna K.R., 1986:
Treatment of the stigma with an extract of a compatible pistil overcomes self incompatibility in petunia

Decaux G., 1983:
Treatment of the syndrome of inappropriate secretion of anti diuretic hormone by long loop diuretics

Jensen F.B.; Aabech J.; Roder O.C.; Lorentzen J.E.; Hansen H.J.B., 1988:
Treatment of the thoracic outlet syndrome with transaxillary resection of the first rib

Markwell, J.P.; Thornber, J.P., 1982:
Treatment of the thylakoid membrane with surfactants : assessment of effectiveness using the chlorophyll a absorption spectrum

Cooperman, M.; Martin, E.W.Jr ; Schroeder, P.; Evans, W.F., 1978:
Treatment of the totally occluded abdominal aorta

Jordan, B.P.; Mayschak, D.T.; Flye, M.W., 1984:
Treatment of the totally occluded carotid artery

Kessler P.; Leibe H., 1982:
Treatment of the tuberculous spondylitis with special regard to the indication for the operative removal of the focus

McHardy, N.; Morgan, D.W., 1985:
Treatment of Theileria annulata infection in calves with parvaquone

Lynn K.L.; Buttimore A.L.; Begg E.J.; Gordon G.S., 1988:
Treatment of theophylline poisoning with hemoperfusion

Sessler, C.N.; Glauser, F.L.; Cooper, K.R., 1985:
Treatment of theophylline toxicity with oral activated charcoal

Gamburg A.L.; Aranovich A.G.; Kotel'kevich Y.N.; Omorokov B.M.; Rasnyuk V.A.; Severinova N.P., 1980:
Treatment of therapy resistant patients with paranoid schizophrenia with moditen depot combined with other psychotropic drugs and leponex

Totterman T.H.; Scheynius A.; Killander A.; Danersund A.; Alm G.V., 1985:
Treatment of therapy resistant sezary syndrome with cyclosporin a suppression of pruritus leukemic t cell activation markers and tumor mass

Loll, U., 1977:
Treatment of thermally conditioned sludge liquors

Harke H P.; Linke M., 1981:
Treatment of thermolabile instruments with water after cold sterilization with gigasept

Shi Z.; Zhou J.; H.X., 1981:
Treatment of third degree internal hemorrhoids with xiaozhiling injection a clinical investigation on 1205 cases

Suvonnakote, T., 1986:
Treatment of threatened abortion with human chorionic gonadotropin

Chimura T., 1980:
Treatment of threatened premature labor by drugs

Tomamichel M.; Reiner M., 1983:
Treatment of thrombo phlebitis and superficial phlebitis a comparison of nimesulide and oxyphen butazone

Pei, Y.K.; Lin, M.S.; Jiang, Z.Y.; Wang, X.W., 1985:
Treatment of thromboangiitis obliterans with arterialization of the venous channel

Pisciotta, A.V.; Garthwaite, T.; Darin, J.; Aster, R.H., 1977:
Treatment of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura by exchange transfusion

Sennett, M.L.; Conrad, M.E., 1986:
Treatment of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. Plasmapheresis, plasma transfusion, and vincristine

Gutterman, L.A.; Stevenson, T.D., 1982:
Treatment of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura with vincristine

Bailo, G.; Cattozzo, M.; Fiorentini, E.; Tadini, S., 1988:
Treatment of thygeson's superficial punctate keratitis

Forstot, S.L.; Binder, P.S., 1979:
Treatment of Thygeson's superficial punctate keratopathy with soft contact lenses

Glanzmann C.; Horst W., 1979:
Treatment of thyro toxicosis with iodine 125 results in 93 patients 3 5 years after treatment and comparison with iodine 131 therapy

Sarker S.K.; Osborne M.P.; Harmer C.L.; Greening W.P., 1980:
Treatment of thyroid cancer a study of 220 cases

Bartolo, D.C.; Kay, P.H.; Talbot, C.H., 1983:
Treatment of thyroid carcinoma in 107 cases

Reske W.; Schmidt P.K.H.; Reske P., 1982:
Treatment of thyroid cysts by injection of polidocanol into the cyst cavity

Gupta S.K.; Chatterjee P., 1987:
Treatment of tibial fractures by intermittent compression

Bone, L.B.; Johnson, K.D., 1986 :
Treatment of tibial fractures by reaming and intramedullary nailing

Rao S.G.; Shahane M.N., 1986:
Treatment of tibial shaft fractures in adults by intramedullary v nailing and early weight bearing

Beurey J.; Vignaud J M.; Weber M., 1982:
Treatment of tinea capitis metabolic interference of griseofulvin with pheno barbital

Belli L.; Galimberti R.; Negroni R.; Rohwedder R.; Castro J.M., 1985:
Treatment of tinea corporis or tinea cruris with bifonazole 1 percent gel an open multicenter study

Lembo, G.; De-Clemente, I.; Montesano, M., 1987:
Treatment of tinea cruris with bifonazole

Erlandsson, S.; Ringdahl, A.; Hutchins, T.; Carlsson, S.G., 1987:
Treatment of tinnitus: a controlled comparison of masking and placebo

Baba S.; Machii H.; Yagi T.; Kamio T., 1984:
Treatment of tinnitus by band noise masker

Gersdorff, M.; Robillard, T., 1985:
Treatment of tinnitus by electrical stimulation of the ear

Uchida K.; Kitahara M.; Mizukami C.; Kitano H., 1985:
Treatment of tinnitus by muscle relaxants

Ueda S.; Aso S.; Yoshida Y.; Ohi H.; Nagasaki T.; Igarashi Y.; Mizukoshi K., 1988:
Treatment of tinnitus with intravenous injection of xylocaine

Isola E., 1987:
Treatment of tobacco addiction

Orkin, M.; Epstein, E.; Maibach, H.I., 1976:
Treatment of today's scabies and pediculosis

Pushkov, V.V., 1986:
Treatment of tourette's syndrome

Taira T.; Hirata S.; Ohya T.; Yamaguchi S.; Yajin K.; Takumida M., 1986:
Treatment of tracheal stenosis in a child by tur resectoscope and silicone t tube

Goeckenjan G.; Meinke L., 1979:
Treatment of tracheo bronchial aspiration

Darougar, S.; Viswalingam, M.; Treharne, J.D.; Kinnison, J.R.; Jones, B.R., 1977:
Treatment of trachoma inclusion conjunctivitis infection of the eye with rifampicin or chloramphenicol

Regli, F.; Michaud, P.A., 1978:
Treatment of transient ischemic attacks

Hauser, R.; Schramek, A.; Hashmonai, M.; Mayr, M.; Lavy, S., 1984:
Treatment of transient ischemic attacks due to carotid bifurcation lesions

Quell M.; Vecsei V., 1987:
Treatment of traumatic epiphysiolysis of the proximal tibia

Tsubokawa, T.; Jones, U., 1976:
Treatment of traumatic intra cerebral hematoma description of an operating technique for its surgical removal

Rusakov, V.I., 1976:
Treatment of traumatic urethral lesions

Hogben, G.L.; Cornfield, R.B., 1981:
Treatment of traumatic war neurosis with phenelzine

Pal'chun V.T.; Kadymova M.I., 1980:
Treatment of trepanation wounds after hearing preserving sanitation operations on the middle ear

Johnson, R.L.; Collin, J.R., 1985:
Treatment of trichiasis with a lid cryoprobe

Santos A.B.D., 1986:
Treatment of trichomoniasis with the combination nimorazole lysozyme in oral single dose

Yamaguchi, T.; Nakade, Y.; Takada, N.; Yagisawa, M.; Kudo, S.; Takeda, R.; Inaba, T.; Inamura, E.; Huang, W.S., 1975:
Treatment of trichostrongylus orientalis infections with pyrantel pamoate combantrin

Wildenhoff, K.E.; Esmann, V.; Ipsen, J.; Harving, H.; Peterslund, N.A.; Schønheyder, H., 1981:
Treatment of trigeminal and thoracic zoster with idoxuridine

Adams C.B.T.; Kaye A.H.; Teddy P.J., 1982:
Treatment of trigeminal neuralgia by posterior fossa micro surgery

Craciun T.; Ciurdariu O., 1979:
Treatment of trigeminal neuralgia with electric acupuncture using alternate frequencies

Trepte C.T.; Braun A.C.; Rohe K., 1985:
Treatment of trochanteric and subtrochanteric fractures with ender pins results and complications

Kehr, H.; Starke, W., 1978:
Treatment of trochanteric fractures in juvenile and young adult patients

Zinghi G.F.; Arguello J.M.; Specchia L., 1979:
Treatment of trochanteric fractures of the neck of the femur by enders nail

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Treatment of trophic edema and osteo porosis of foot bones in injuries of the talo crural joint

Egere J.U.; Gugnani H.C.; Nzelibe F.K., 1981:
Treatment of tropical dermato mycoses with haloprogin

Tanke, M., 1984:
Treatment of tubal disturbances 1. carbon dioxide laser surgery for tubal tonsil hypertrophy in children with otitis media with effusion

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Treatment of tubal pregnancy by local and systemic application of prostaglandin first experiences

Anastas'ev V.S., 1981:
Treatment of tuberculoma of the lungs

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Treatment of tuberculosis by the nonpulmonary physician

Yoshida M.; Miyazaki K., 1980:
Treatment of tuberculosis cutis by minocycline

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Treatment of tuberculosis of the spine in children review of 100 cases

Kim, C., 1977:
Treatment of tuberculosis resistant to many drugs

Mason, W.L.; Eigelsbach, H.T.; Little, S.F.; Bates, J.H., 1980:
Treatment of tularemia, including pulmonary tularemia, with gentamicin

Schulz S., 1980:
Treatment of tumor determined continuity defects of mandibula

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Treatment of tumor hypercalcemia with clodronate. Effect on parathormone and calcitriol

Kynaston B., 1980:
Treatment of tumors in the petrous part of the temporal bone

Camins, M.B.; Schlesinger, E.B., 1978:
Treatment of tumors of the posterior part of the 3rd ventricle and the pineal region a long term follow up

Yuhas J.M.; Spellman J.M.; Jordan S.W.; Afzal S.M.J.; Culo F.; Pardini M.C., 1980:
Treatment of tumors with the combination of wr 2721 5 2 3 aminopropylaminoethyl phosphorothioic acid and cis di chloro di ammine platinum ii or cyclo phosphamide

Takano, K.; Hizuka, N.; Shizume, K., 1986:
Treatment of Turner's syndrome with methionyl human growth hormone for six months

van 't Wout, J.W.; de Graeff-Meeder, E.R.; Paul, L.C.; Kuis, W.; van Furth, R., 1988:
Treatment of two cases of cryptococcal meningitis with fluconazole

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Treatment of type ii diabetes with homologous intermediate acting combination insulins comparison of the effectiveness of 5 commonly used preparations

Rakow, A.D.; Kloer, U.; Ditschuneit, H.H.; Ditschuneit, H.; Kueter, E., 1976:
Treatment of type ii hyper lipo proteinemia with dextro thyroxine

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Treatment of type iii hyper lipo proteinemia with 4 different treatment regimens

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Treatment of typhoid carriers with amoxicillin. Correlates of successful therapy

Chung, J.K.; Lee, W.R.; Oh, H.S., 1976:
Treatment of typhoid fever due to chloramphenicol resistant strains

Nazarov, L.U.; Orgusyan, R.V., 1978:
Treatment of typical combined proctologic diseases

Fritjofsson, A.; Fall, M.; Juhlin, R.; Persson, B.E.; Ruutu, M., 1987:
Treatment of ulcer and nonulcer interstitial cystitis with sodium pentosanpolysulfate: a multicenter trial

Henschen T., 1980:
Treatment of ulcer in a hypochondriacal schizophrenic through multi mode bio feedback

Campieri M.; Lanfranchi G.A.; Bazzocchi G.; Brignola C.; Sarti F.; Franzin G.; Battocchia A.; Labo G.; Dal Monte P.R., 1981:
Treatment of ulcerative colitis with high dose 5 amino salicylic acid enemas

Kaiser S., 1984:
Treatment of ulcerative proctitis and protosigmoiditis with a new anti colitis agent 5 aminosalicylic acid

Borkent M.V.; Baker J.A., 1988:
Treatment of ulcerative reflux esophagitis with colloidal bismuth subcitrate in combination with cimetidine

Imamaliev A.S.; Dadashev K.D.; Lavrov V.N., 1981:
Treatment of uncomplicated bone fractures of pelvis

Huchzermeyer H.; Hoebel W.; Prex E., 1987:
Treatment of uncomplicated duodenal ulcer with cimetidine alone or cimetidine and pirenzepine a comparative trial

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Treatment of uncomplicated gonococcal infection with 500 milligrams of cefotaxime

Bee L.H.; Phang T., 1985:
Treatment of uncomplicated gonococcal urethritis in males with 2 doses of augmentin 6 hours apart

Boakes A.J.; Loo P.S.L.; Ridgway G.L.; Tovey S.; Oriel J.D., 1984:
Treatment of uncomplicated gonorrhea in women with a combination of rifampicin and erythromycin

Mohanty, K.C.; Roy, R.B., 1982:
Treatment of uncomplicated gonorrhea in women with talampicillin in a single oral 1.5 gram dose

Lim K.B.; Rajan V.S.; Giam Y.C.; Lui E.O.; Sng E.H.; Yeo K.L., 1984:
Treatment of uncomplicated gonorrhea with rosoxacin acrosoxacin

Evans D.T.P.; Crooks A.J.R.; Jones C.; Holman R.A.; Price S.W., 1986:
Treatment of uncomplicated gonorrhea with single dose aztreonam

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Treatment of uncomplicated gonorrhea with spectinomycin hydro chloride trobicin

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Treatment of uncomplicated urinary tract infections with trimethoprim vs. sulfisoxazole with special reference to antibody coated bacteria and fecal flora

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Treatment of uncomplicated urogenital gonorrhea in women with a single oral dose of enoxacin

Houssin D.; Brunet A.M.; Brochard L.; D'hubert E.; Benmansour A.; Roche A.; Bismuth H., 1986:
Treatment of uncontrollable hemorrhage from esophageal varices in cirrhotic patients transhepatic embolization or emergency portal diversion

Kolmannskog S.; Waaler P.E.; Haneberg B., 1984:
Treatment of undescended testes by intra nasal gonadotropin releasing hormone lhrh, G.; Della Casa, S.; Corsello, S.M.; Colabucci, F.; Rossodivita, A.; Ferdinandi, A.; Cecchini, L., 1987:
Treatment of undescended testes with hMG and hMG plus hCG: clinical, hormonal and sonographic evaluation

Perry, P.J.; Morgan, D.E.; Smith, R.E.; Tsuang, M.T., 1982:
Treatment of uni polar depression accompanied by delusions electro convulsive therapy vs. tri cyclic anti depressant anti psychotic combinations

Perry P.; Tsuang M.T., 1979:
Treatment of uni polar depression following electro convulsive therapy relapse rate comparisons between lithium and tri cyclic therapies following electro convulsive therapy

McKay, D.W.; Nason, S.S., 1977:
Treatment of unicameral bone cysts by subtotal resection without grafts

Garrett, J.C.; Epstein, H.C.; Harris, W.H.; Harvey, J.P.; Nickel, V.L., 1979:
Treatment of unreduced traumatic posterior dislocations of the hip

Andren-Sandberg, A.; Holmberg, J.T.; Ihse, I., 1983:
Treatment of unresectable pancreatic carcinoma with 5 fluoro uracil vincristine and n 2 chloroethyl n' cyclohexyl n nitroso urea

Ahedo R.S.; Santoyo E.R.O.; Villarreal F.G., 1979:
Treatment of unstable and comminute fractures of the radial distal epiphrosis cole obletz technique

Nicolas G.; Godin J.F.; Laplanche P., 1981:
Treatment of unstable angina pectoris by diltiazem 61 cases

Meyer J.; Schmitz H.; Erbel R.; Kiesslich T.; Boecker Josephs B.; Krebs W.; Braun P.C.; Bardos P.; Minale C.; E.A., 1981:
Treatment of unstable angina pectoris with per cutaneous trans luminal coronary angio plasty

Chahal A.S.; Mundkar Y.J.; Kumar A.; Rastogi P.; Chahal A.P.S., 1985:
Treatment of ununited fractures by direct electrical current stimulation

Boner A.L.; Antolini I.; Valletta E.A.; Andreoli A.; Mengoni M., 1984:
Treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract infections in children by a combination of cephalexin plus bromhexine 100 cases

Machleder H.I.; Wheeler E.; Barker W.F., 1979:
Treatment of upper extremity ischemia by cervico dorsal sympathectomy

Watanabe K.; Miura K.; Kawasaki H.; Kadohara M.; Nakayama K.; Kishimoto Y.; Sasaki H.; Turuhara I.; Kojo H.; E.A., 1984:
Treatment of upper gastrointestinal bleeding by topical thrombin administration

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Treatment of upper jaw cancer

Jimenez R.; Botet F., 1982:
Treatment of upper respiratory tract infections with josamycin

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Treatment of upper ureteral stones

Esparza A.; Girou A.; Roques H.; Durand A., 1980:
Treatment of urban or industrial wastes by entrainment of pollutants during calcium carbonate precipitation

Gupta S.K.; Rao A.V.S.P., 1980:
Treatment of urea by algae activated sludge and flocculating algal bacterial system a comparative study

Liu Y.K.; Kosfeld R.E.; Marcum S.G., 1984:
Treatment of uremic bleeding with conjugated estrogen

Norbeck H E.; Anderson P., 1982:
Treatment of uremic hyper tri glyceridemia with bezafibrate

Lindner, G.; Terenziani, S., 1985:
Treatment of uremic neuropathy with gangliosides a controlled trial vs. placebo

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Treatment of uremic pruritus in patients undergoing periodic hemodialysis with photochemotherapy

Marsala, F., 1980:
Treatment of ureteral and biliary pain with an injectable salt of indomethacin

Kuramoto H.; Matsumoto T.; Kumazawa J., 1986:
Treatment of ureteral calculi using ureterorenoscope

Murakami M.; Naito H.; Yamashiro Y.; Aikawa H.; Yamaguchi K.; Miyauchi T.; Yasuda K.; Ito H.; Shimazaki J., 1983:
Treatment of ureteral stricture by double pigtail ureteral stent

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Treatment of ureteral strictures after therapy for carcinoma of the uterus

Strzyzowski J., 1981:
Treatment of uretero vaginal fistulas

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Treatment of ureteropelvic strictures with percutaneous pyelotomy: experience in 62 patients

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Treatment of urethral strictures by maisonneuve internal urethrotomy clinical study of 76 male patients

Hermanowicz M.; Hoarau T.; Ducassou J., 1987:
Treatment of urethral strictures first part

Altman, B.L., 1976:
Treatment of urethral syndrome with triamcinolone acetonide

Nakamura M.; Sakurai T.; Tsujimoto Y.; Sugao H., 1985:
Treatment of urge incontinence by maximum electrical stimulation a simple method of selecting suitable patients

G.F.L.; Reng Z Y.; Shang G Z.; Shao H X.; Wang B.; Cheng Z D.; Jiang Y.; Zhao W P.; Zheng J F.; E.A., 1987:
Treatment of urgency and urge incontinence with flavoxate in china

Galli L.; Previtera O., 1979:
Treatment of uric acid lithiasis

Ghirlanda J.; Gigler C.; Rainone M.; Scherzer D.; Ameri C.; Mazza O., 1987:
Treatment of urinary calculi with extracorporeal shock wave

Stern, J.L.; Maroney, T.P.; Lacey, C., 1987:
Treatment of urinary conduit fistula by antegrade ureteral stent catheter

Kadar, N.; Nelson, J.H., 1984:
Treatment of urinary incontinence after radical hysterectomy

Heer, H., 1977:
Treatment of Urinary incontinence by Teflon injection

Manfrey, S.J.; Finkelstein, L.H., 1982:
Treatment of urinary incontinence in the geriatric patient

Mollard P.; Meunier P.; Berard C.; Henriet M., 1984:
Treatment of urinary incontinence of neurological origin in children and adolescents

Sidi A.A.; Sinha B.; Gonzalez R., 1984:
Treatment of urinary incontinence with an artificial sphincter further experience with the as 791 and as 792 device

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Treatment of urinary incontinence with the artificial sphincter

Lenz L.L.; Santos C.A.R.D.; Imbroisi M.A.; Azevedo J.C.R.; D'escoffier P.L.; Assad Filho N.; Miranda N.D.S., 1983:
Treatment of urinary infection with pipemidic acid

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Treatment of urinary infections: clinical perspectives

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Treatment of urinary infections with a trimethoprim quinolone association

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Treatment of urinary stress incontinence relapse comparison of inguinovaginal fascial sling procedure and zoedler method in 117 women

Beck, R.P.; McCormick, S., 1982:
Treatment of urinary stress incontinence with anterior colporrhaphy

Dubi J.; Chappuis P.; Darioli R., 1982:
Treatment of urinary tract infection by single dose co trimoxazole compared with single dose amoxicillin and placebo

D.Raan A.J.N., 1987:
Treatment of urinary tract infection with a combination nitroxoline sulfamethizole preparation

Bailey, R.R.; Abbott, G.D., 1978:
Treatment of urinary tract infection with a single dose of trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole

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Treatment of urinary tract infection with a trimethoprim sulfamethopyrazine combination

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Treatment of urinary tract infection with multiple dose intra muscular administration of cephamandole

Schabert, P.; Nagel, R., 1976:
Treatment of urinary tract infections caused by unknown bacteria

Mabeck C.E.; Vejlsgaard R., 1980:
Treatment of urinary tract infections in general practice with sulfamethizole trimethoprim or co trimazine sulfadiazine trimethoprim

Iosif C.S.; Laurin J.; Moller E B.; Bauer C A., 1983:
Treatment of urinary tract infections in gynecological patients a randomized study comparing pivampicillin pivmecillinam with trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole

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Treatment of urinary tract infections uti with cefadroxil

Iravani, A.; Richard, G.A., 1982:
Treatment of urinary tract infections with a combination of amoxicillin and clavulanic acid

Souza T.A.D.; Bizzo E.F.D.S.; Bringel P.J.P., 1984:
Treatment of urinary tract infections with long acting form of amoxicillin

Litschgi M., 1987:
Treatment of urinary tract infections with vaccine

Iravani, A.; Pryor, N.D.; Richard, G.A., 1983:
Treatment of urinary tract infections with varying regimens of sulfisoxazole

Niijima T.; Koiso K.; Ueno A.; Ishii Y.; Akaza H.; Ohtani M., 1982:
Treatment of uro genital malignancies with cis di ammine di chloro platinum ii

Stolz, E.; Schuller, J.L.; De-Koning, G.A.J.; Michel, M.F., 1978:
Treatment of uro genital rectal gonorrhea in males and females with epicillin in combination with probenecid

Aslamazov, E.G., 1976:
Treatment of uro genital schistosomiasis with niridazole

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Treatment of uro genital trichomoniasis with a single dose of fasigyne clinical study

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Treatment of urogenital cancers with 2'' r 4' o tetrahydropyranyladriamycin thp

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Treatment of urticaria pigmentosa with corticosteroids

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Treatment of urticaria with medicinal plants in medieval Armenian medicine

Titova V.A.; Mil'shtein R.S., 1986:
Treatment of uterine cancer by bremsstrahlung 25 mev

Soszka S.; Krawczuk A.; Sipowicz I.; Urban J.; Poznanski J., 1979:
Treatment of uterine cervix dystocia during labor with the aid of partusisten preparation

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Treatment of uterine leiomyosarcoma

Quentin C.D.; Vogel M., 1986:
Treatment of uveitis with cyclosporin

Milsom I.; Forssman L., 1982:
Treatment of vaginal candidiasis with a single 500 milligram clotrimazole pessary

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Treatment of vaginal candidiasis with econazole nitrate and nystatin comparative study

Van Der Pas H.; Peeters F.; Janssens D.; Snauwaert E.; Van Cutsem J., 1983:
Treatment of vaginal candidiasis with oral ketoconazole

Dueholm M.; Edelmann U.; Wiese J., 1987:
Treatment of vaginal candidiasis with single and low dose econazole with and without predisposing factors

Leegaard M., 1985:
Treatment of vaginal candidosis with tioconazole 2 percent vaginal cream

Soma H.; Akiya K.; Nutahara S.; Kato H.; Hayata Y., 1982:
Treatment of vaginal carcinoma with laser photo irradiation following administration of hemato porphyrin derivative

Adám, J.; Ba, J., 1986:
Treatment of vaginal discharge caused by blastomycetes with nizoral tablet

Berlier P., 1987:
Treatment of vaginal discharges in prepuberal girls

Daly J.W.; Ellis G.F., 1980:
Treatment of vaginal dysplasia and carcinoma in situ with topical 5 fluro uracil

Lurie D., 1982:
Treatment of vaginal ectopia cervical canal polyps and post operative granulomas with solcogyn

Farkas, M.; Farkas, I., 1986:
Treatment of vaginal mycosis with Nizoral tablet

Aubert J.M.; J.S.sta H., 1982:
Treatment of vaginal trichomoniasis single 2 gram dose of metronidazole as compared with a 7 day course

Cernea M.; Rica N.; Bugeac V.; Cornitescu F.; Ilie A., 1980:
Treatment of vaginal trichomoniasis with metronidazole a single dose

Topolanski-Sierra, R.; Remidi de Gómez, G., 1980:
Treatment of vaginal trichomoniasis with ornidazole during pregnancy

Mikhail, A.R., 1976:
Treatment of vaginismus by intra venous diazepam valium abreaction interviews

Ranchet G.; Petrone M.; Gangemi O.; Baldissera E.; Sironi A., 1985:
Treatment of vaginitis of variable origin with a new thiophene preparation

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Treatment of vaginitis with benzydamine preliminary results of randomized study

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Treatment of vanaspati ghee plant effluent and recovery of oil

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Treatment of variant angina with drugs: a survey of 11 cardiology institutes in Japan

Pokorny L.; Nagy E.; Scultety S.; Vadon G., 1988:
Treatment of varicocele by percutaneously sclerotizing of vena spermatica interna

Binder H.; Krainer W.; Bretschko J., 1988:
Treatment of varroa infection in bees with 1 4 dichlorobenzene analysis of residues in wax and honey

Weller S.; Ode A., 1986:
Treatment of varus or valgus gonarthrosis with unilateral knee joint prostheses indications technique long term results

Johnson, W.G.; Fahn, S., 1977:
Treatment of vascular hemiballism and hemichorea

Lazaro Campillo T.; Gesto Castromil R.; D.L.S.erra L.; Pujadas J.; Villafana W.; Moreno R., 1984:
Treatment of vascular insufficiency of the lower limbs with plafibride

Morkovkin V.M.; Fel' F.M., 1986:
Treatment of vascular psychoses with the detoxification methods hemoperfusion and hyperbaric oxygenation

Crespo E.; Soltanik E.; Bove D.; Farrell G., 1982:
Treatment of vasculogenic sexual impotence by re vascularizing cavernous and or dorsal arteries using micro vascular techniques

Lofkvist, T.; Rundcrantz, H.; Svensson, G., 1977:
Treatment of vaso motor rhinitis with intra nasal di sodium cromoglycate results from a double blind crossover study

Alpert, J.R.; Ring, E.J.; Berkowitz, H.D.; Freiman, D.B.; Oleaga, J.A.; Gordon, R.; Roberts, B., 1979:
Treatment of vein graft stenosis by balloon catheter dilation

Bjerle P.; Gjores J.E.; Thulesius O.; Berlin E., 1979:
Treatment of venous insufficiency with di hydro ergotamine

Kurbanov, R.D.; Kiiakbaev, G.K., 1987:
Treatment of ventricular arrhythmias in patients with manifestations of heart failure

Petri H.; Kafka W.; Rudolph W., 1985:
Treatment of ventricular arrhythmias with propafenon

Gillmer, D.J.; Odell, J.A.; Mitha, A.S., 1988:
Treatment of ventricular septal defect after myocardial infarction

Nattel, S.; Mittleman, M., 1984:
Treatment of ventricular tachyarrhythmias resulting from amitriptyline toxicity in dogs

Frohner K.; Kaltenbrunner W.; Laufer G.; Laczkovics A.; Wolner E.; Steinbach K., 1988:
Treatment of ventricular tachyarrhythmias with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator

Gay, R.; Algeo, S.; Lee, R.; Olajos, M.; Morkin, E.; Goldman, S., 1986:
Treatment of verapamil toxicity in intact dogs

Abou Uda H.; Soutor C.; Neveaux J.L., 1987:
Treatment of verruca infections warts with a new transcutaneous controlled release system

Lle, S.; Kim, J.G.; Chun, S.I., 1980:
Treatment of verruca plana with 5 percent 5 fluoro uracil ointment

Norré, M.E.; D.W.erdt, W., 1980:
Treatment of vertigo based on habituation. 2. Technique and results of habituation training

Takemori S.; Ida M., 1985:
Treatment of vertigo caused by inner ear lesions streptomycin sulfate injection into the middle ear cavity

Lyon, R.P.; Marshall, S.K.; Scott, M.P., 1980:
Treatment of vesico ureteral reflux point system based on 20 years of experience

Senoh K.; Hirano H.; Kuroda N.; Minoda K., 1982:
Treatment of vesico ureteric reflux

Viville C.; Adloff M., 1987:
Treatment of vesicorectal fistula associated with neurogenic bladder

Martinez Pineiro L.; Hernandez Armero A.; Mora M.; Avellana J.A.; Carcamo P.; Martinez Pineiro J.A., 1988:
Treatment of vesicoureteral reflux in adults by endoscopic injection of teflon paste

Takayama K.; Senoh K.; Kumazawa J.; Iwatsubo E., 1984:
Treatment of vesicoureteral reflux in children with neurogenic bladder

O'Donnell, B.; Puri, P., 1984:
Treatment of vesicoureteric reflux by endoscopic injection of Teflon

Matsumori, A.; Wang, H.; Abelmann, W.H.; Crumpacker, C.S., 1985:
Treatment of viral myocarditis with ribavirin in an animal preparation

Gross G., 1984:
Treatment of viral varices with inosiplex

Chunge C.N.; Gachihi G.; Mugambi M.; Chulay J.D.; Spencer H.C., 1984:
Treatment of visceral leishmaniasis using sodium stibogluconate in a dose of 15 milligram antimony kilogram body weight twice daily for 30 days a preliminary report

Sokol R.J.; Heubi J.E.; Butler Simon N.; Mcclung H.J.; Lilly J.R.; Silverman A., 1987:
Treatment of vitamin e deficiency during chronic childhood cholestasis with oral dextro alpha tocopheryl polyethylene glycol 1000 succinate

Zhu G., 1982:
Treatment of vitiligo based on the principle of pacifying liver by resolving stasis and activating blood circulation with treatment of flatulence therapeutic effects in 100 cases

Higashi N.; Matsumara T.; Komamura H., 1988:
Treatment of vitiligo with topical corticosteroid

Kin K.; Niibayashi H.; Abe M.; Asaoka I.; Miyanaga Y., 1981:
Treatment of vitreous hemorrhage by uro kinase experimental and clinical study

Giora T.; Gad K.; Mordechai P., 1981:
Treatment of vitreous opacities in a case of familial amyloidotic poly neuropathy by vitreous surgery

Tagirova F.G.; Podol'skaya D.V., 1985:
Treatment of vocal fold hemorrhages with sinusoidal modulated current

Leuchter R.S.; Townsend D.E.; Hacker N.F.; Pretorius R.G.; Lagasse L.D.; Wade M.E., 1984:
Treatment of vulvar carcinoma in situ with the carbon dioxide laser

Menczer, J., 1980:
Treatment of vulvar malignancy

Bergstein N.A.M., 1980:
Treatment of vulvo vaginal candidal infection with miconazole coated tampons

Hughes D.; Kriedman T., 1984:
Treatment of vulvovaginal candidiasis with a 500 milligram vaginal tablet of clotrimazole

Burgener, F.A.; Barbaric, Z.L., 1979:
Treatment of vx 2 carcinomas in rabbits by per cutaneous intra tumoral injection of heated 0.9 percent sodium chloride solutions

Cicco J.A.; Rando A.; Scionico E.A.; Quiroga Micheo E.; Scionico M., 1979:
Treatment of waldenstroms macro globulinemia with high dose cyclic cortico steroids

Landi G.; Feliciangeli M.; Arcangeli F., 1985:
Treatment of warts with diphencyprone

Chen G.S., 1987:
Treatment of warts with moxibustion and acupuncture

Tatsuhara T.; Tabuchi F.; Watanabe J.; Nakashima S.; Tanino S., 1980:
Treatment of waste formalin by ammonia water

Chuang Y.T., 1986:
Treatment of waste stream from sugar mill by azotobacter

Nakamura K.; Dazai M.; Takahara Y., 1980:
Treatment of waste water containing mercury by a closed activated sludge system

Kakuta T.; Koizumi T.; Yoshizawa K.; Kodama K.; Nojiro K., 1985:
Treatment of waste water discharged from a dried bonito processing factory using yeast

Yoshizawa, K.; Tanno, K.; Suzuki, O.; Nakasone, K.; Kodama, Y., 1981:
Treatment of waste water from food industry using yeast 3. treatment of waste water discharged from potato starch production using yeast

Sastry, C.A.; Kothandaraman, V.; Aboo, K.M., 1977:
Treatment of waste waters from small paper mill without soda recovery a case study

Jarvensivu H., 1979:
Treatment of waste waters from the potato processing industry

Gandhirajan M.; Alagarsamy S.R., 1984:
Treatment of wastes from the moped industry a case

Garcia, F.; Silva, M.; Pichard, G.; Rosselot, G., 1987:
Treatment of wheat straw triticum aestivum and of poplar populus sp saw dust with white rot fungus phanerochaete chrysosporium i. effects upon cell wall components

El-Hefny, A., 1983:
Treatment of wheezy infants and children with ketotifen

Tetlow, R.M.; Mason, V.C., 1987:
Treatment of whole crop cereals with alkali 1. the influence of sodium hydroxide and ensiling on the chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of rye barley and wheat crops harvested at increasing maturity and dry matter content

Tetlow, R.M.; Mason, V.C.; Deschard, G., 1987:
Treatment of whole crop cereals with alkali 2. voluntary intake and digestibility by sheep of rye barley and wheat crops ensiled with sodium hydroxide

Deschard, G.; Tetlow, R.M.; Mason, V.C., 1987:
Treatment of whole crop cereals with alkali 3. voluntary intake and digestibility studies in sheep given immature wheat ensiled with sodium hydroxide urea or ammonia

Deschard, G.; Mason, V.C.; Tetlow, R.M., 1988:
Treatment of whole crop cereals with alkali 4. voluntary intake and growth in steers given wheat ensiled with sodium hydroxide urea or ammonia

D'angio G.J.; Evans A.; Breslow N.; Beckwith B.; Farewell V.; Goodwin W.; Leape L.; Palmer N.; Bishop H., 1981:
Treatment of wilms tumor results of the 2nd national wilms tumor study

Haslam R.H.A.; Sass Kortsak A.; Stout W.; Berg M., 1980:
Treatment of wilsons disease with tri ethylenetetramine di hydro chloride a case

Iceton, J.; Harris, W.R., 1987:
Treatment of winged scapula by pectoralis major transfer

Suenaga O., 1982:
Treatment of wolbachia pipientis infection with tetracycline hydro chloride and the change of compatibility in a strain of the culex pipiens complex

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Treatment of women with uncomplicated gonococcal infection

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Treatment of woodland for non timber benefits in southeast england uk

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Treatment of zenkers hypopharynx diverticulum

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Treatment of zygomatic bone fracture with the 3 point fixation method

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Treatment of zygomatic fracture using the metallic plate

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Treatment of zygomatic fractures internal wiring antral packing reposition without fixation a comparative follow up study

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Treatment principles in nasal fractures

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Treatment procedures in recent forms of uterine cervix cancer planned in east germany

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Treatment received by ex addicts

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Treatment resistant or untreatable

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Treatment results in overjet mal occlusions 3. changes in eismanns index

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Treatment results of 54 American patients with Burkitt's lymphoma are similar to the African experience

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Treatment results of gastric cancer in different periods of time

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Treatment sequencing, asymmetry, and uncertainty: protocol strategies for combination chemotherapy

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Treatment technology of brewery effluent

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Treatment technology to meet the interim primary drinking water regulations for inorganics part 2

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Treatment termination variables minnesota multiphasic personality inventory scores and frequencies of relapse in alcoholics

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Treatment to prevent postnatal loss of brain water reduces the risk of intracranial hemorrhage in the beagle puppy

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Treatment vs. nontreatment in reduction of symbol reversals by 1st grade children

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Treatment with a lhrh analog buserelin in pre menopausal patients with metastatic breast cancer

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Treatment with a luteinizing hormone releasing hormone analogue buserelin in danazol resistant endometriosis patients

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Treatment with a single vaginal suppository containing 15 methyl prostaglandin f 2 alpha methyl ester at expected time of menstruation

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Treatment with acyclovir does not affect orogenital ulcers in behcet's syndrome a randomized double blind trial

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Treatment with aldose reductase inhibitor or with myo-inositol arrests deterioration of the electroretinogram of diabetic rats

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Treatment with an ascochlorin derivative as 6 increases calcium 45 binding on the plasma membrane of adipocytes in db db mice

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Treatment with an i.v. calcium overload blocker (flunarizine) in acute stroke. A pilot study

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Treatment with anti interleukin 2 receptor antibody protects rats from passive but not active adjuvant arthritis

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Treatment with anti theta serum affects hemopoietic stem cell proliferation in an in vivo culture system

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Treatment with clomiphene citrate in women with amenorrhea without estrogen deficiency

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Treatment with cortisone plus heparin or hexuronyl hexaminoglycan sulfates of murine tumors and their lung deposits

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Treatment with endotoxins of peritoneal carcinomatosis induced by colon tumor cells in the rat

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Treatment with gonadotropin releasing hormone in pre pubertal gilts at 2 different ages

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Treatment with hCG increases the size of Leydig cells and testicular macrophages in unilaterally cryptorchid rats

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Treatment with imipramine of hemodynamic functional and biochemical consequences of an experimental cranio cervical trauma in the rat

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Treatment with immuno globulins in chronic bronchitis

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Treatment with intra venous nalidixic acid in gram negative infections

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Treatment with isotretinoin of nodulocystic and conglobate acne

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Treatment with kallikrein of infertile men with oligoasthenospermia

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Treatment with l aspartic acid of persons addicted to opiates

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Treatment with levamisole of recurrent herpes genitalis

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Treatment with lingual appliances: the alternative for adult patients

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Treatment with methenamine hippurate in the patient with a catheter

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Treatment with n ethylmaleimide selectivity reduces adenosine receptor mediated decreases in cyclic amp accumulation in rat hippocampal slices

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Treatment with nifedipine corinfar in acute myocardial infarction ami

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Treatment with Norplant subdermal implants inhibits sperm penetration through cervical mucus in vitro

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Treatment with oral estramustine phosphate estracyt in prostatic carcinoma influences on lipid and carbohydrate metabolism

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Treatment with oral estrone sulfate in the female climacteric 1. influence on lipids

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Treatment with oral estrone sulfate in the female climacteric 2. hormonal aspects

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Treatment with oral estrone sulfate in the female climacteric 3. effects on bone density and certain biochemical parameters

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Treatment with phosphorus 32 of carcinoma of the prostate

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Treatment with polyamine synthesis inhibitors reduces the positive inotropic effect on ouabain noradrenaline and calcium

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Treatment with pronase uncouples water and sugar reception in the labellar water receptor of the blowfly

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Treatment with propranolol and hydralazine throughout pregnancy in a hypertensive patient. A case report

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Treatment with steroids of giant cell granuloma of the maxilla

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Treatment with sulfinpyrazone of essential mixed cryoglobulinemia

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Treatment with tamoxifen citrate in idiopathic infertility

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Treatment with the trh analog cg 3703 restores magnesium homeostasis following traumatic brain injury in rats

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Treatment with thyroxine induces persistent elevation of plasma gonadotropin levels in genetically hypothyroid snell dwarf mice

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Treatment with tolmetin in ankylosing spondylitis comparative cross study with phenyl butazone

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Treatment with total spinal block of severe herpetic neuralgia accompanying median and ulnar nerve palsy

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Treatment with tryptophan of l dopa associated psychiatric disturbances

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Treatment with vasodilators in pulmonary hypertension

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Treatment with verapamil and atp magnesium chloride reduces cyclosporine nephrotoxicity

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Treatment with vermox of trichinellosis caused by natural strains in sakhalin russian sfsr ussr

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Treatment with xylometazoline otrivin nose drops over a 6 week period

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Treatment with zinc gamma globulin of zinc deficiency in the premature infant

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Treatment withdrawal rates of sodium aurothiomalate d penicillamine antimalarial drugs and auranofin in rheumatoid arthritis patients

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Treatments and factors influencing the prognosis of lung cancer field study results 2

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Treatments and prognoses of pineal tumors experience of 110 cases

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Treatments effecting reversible photo bleaching and thylakoid degradation in the blue green alga anacystis nidulans

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Treatments for Centruroides exilicauda envenomation

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Treatments increasing fruit setting in pandy sour cherry clones part 1 pollination with pollen mixtures

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Treatments of advanced genito urinary carcinoma patients with cis di ammine di chloro platinum

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Treatments of domestic animal feces with actinomycetes

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Treatments of psychogenic female sexual dys functions

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Treatments of the urinary tract of patients operated upon for carcinoma portionis in kokura national hospital japan

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Treatments of thoracic medullary compression due to paget's disease

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Treatments that improve serological detection of potato virus x potato virus s potato virus m and potato virus y

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Treatments to control phoma and alternaria infections of brassica seeds

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Treatments with 2 chloroethyltrimethylammonium chloride and gibberellic acid on stock plants and rootings of cuttings of the grape rootstock 140 ruggeri

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Trebouxia aggregata and gloeocapsa sanguinea phycobionts in euopsis granatina lichinaceae

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Trebouxia and pseudotrebouxia isolates from different lichens

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Trechalea gertschi new species pisauridae from north america

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Trechus discus carabidae trechini in michigan usa

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Trechus goidanichi new species of trechus strigipennis group from the graian alps coleoptera carabidae

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Trechus in france coleoptera trechidae

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Trechus iranicus new species coleoptera carabidae

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Trechus kabakovi new species coleoptera carabidae from afghanistan the 1st species of trechus indicus group west of himalayas

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Trechus kabylicus new species from algeria coleoptera carabidae

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Trechus khnzoriani new species coleoptera carabidae from the armenian ssr ussr

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Trechus meregallii new species from spain coleoptera carabidae

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Trechus obtusus coleoptera carabidae a european ground beetle on the pacific coast of north america its distribution introduction and spread

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Trechus pourtoyi valid species coleoptera carabidae trechidae

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Trechus quadristriatus a palearctic species introduced into north america coleoptera carabidae

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Trechus spp of the canary islands spain coleoptera carabidae

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Trechus uhagoni ssp aulaensis new subspecies from the french pyrenees coleoptera trechidae

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