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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6840

Chapter 6840 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Rohwedder W.K., 1982: Treflorine trenudine and n methyl trenudone novel maytansinoid tumor inhibitors containing 2 fused macro cyclic rings

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Section 7, Chapter 6840, Accession 006839077

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Section 7, Chapter 6840, Accession 006839119

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Section 7, Chapter 6840, Accession 006839178

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Section 7, Chapter 6840, Accession 006839208

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Section 7, Chapter 6840, Accession 006839211

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Section 7, Chapter 6840, Accession 006839213

Section 7, Chapter 6840, Accession 006839214

Section 7, Chapter 6840, Accession 006839216

Section 7, Chapter 6840, Accession 006839217

Section 7, Chapter 6840, Accession 006839218

Section 7, Chapter 6840, Accession 006839219

Section 7, Chapter 6840, Accession 006839220

Section 7, Chapter 6840, Accession 006839221

Section 7, Chapter 6840, Accession 006839223

Section 7, Chapter 6840, Accession 006839224

Gynther J., 1987: Tremorigenic effect and inhibition of tryptamine and serotonin receptor binding by beta carbolines

Section 7, Chapter 6840, Accession 006839227

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Section 7, Chapter 6840, Accession 006839233

Section 7, Chapter 6840, Accession 006839234

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Section 7, Chapter 6840, Accession 006839241

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Section 7, Chapter 6840, Accession 006839255

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