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Tri acyl glycerol compositions and structural features of soft fat pork lipids

, : Tri acyl glycerol compositions and structural features of soft fat pork lipids. Japanese Journal of Zootechnical Science 54(3): 179-186

The adipose tissue fats from different depth sites of swine with soft fat and normal fat were investigated by stereospecific analysis and argentation TLC to reveal some features of soft fat pork lipids. Fats of swine with soft fat contained more C18:2, C18:3 and total unsaturated fatty acids and less C16:0 and C18:0 acids than those of normal fat. The adipose tissue lipids of soft fat and normal fat had similar fatty acid distributions in triacylglycerols with most of the C14:0, C16:0 and C16:1 acids in position 2 and much of the C18:0 acid in position 1, although kidney leaf fat of swine with normal fat with high C18:0 acid content had a significant amount of this acid in position 3. C18:1 and C18:2 acids preferentially esterified to positions 1 and 3. The lower C16:0 acid concentration of soft fat than that of normal fat accounted for the difference of this acid content in position 1. The large amounts of C18:2 acid in soft fat resulted from the higher concentrations of this acid in all 3 positions of soft fat triacylglycerols than in those of normal fat. Back fats of soft fat pork had less concentrations of C18:0 acid in position 3 than those of normal fat in corresponding positions and it seemed that these decreased amounts of C18:1 acid in position 3 of soft fat triacylglycerols were largely compensated by the increased amounts of C18:2 acid in the same position. The amount of component triacylglycerols of adipose tissue fats were calculated with results from the known fatty acid distribution in the intact triacylglycerols, assuming a 1 random, 2 random, 3 random arrangement. Fats of swine with soft fat contained more SU2 and U3 triacylglycerols and less S3 and S2U than those of the corresponding depot site fats of swine with normal fat. The triacylglycerols of adipose tissue fats were separated according to degree of unsaturation by argentation TLC. The proportions of the more saturated triacylglycerol species such as S3 and S2M were significantly less and the proportions of the more unsaturated species with 3 or more double bonds such as SMD, SD2 and M2D were greater in soft fat pork lipids than in normal fat.

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