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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6841

Chapter 6841 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Amir W.; Peter J.; Etan Z., 1987: Trial of labor without oxytocin in patients with a previous cesarean section

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Mignon J.; Diague G., 1981: Trial of monensin as a feed additive in the djallonke sheep

Bourne, R.; Beilby, J. O. W., 1976: Trial of new cervical spatula

Alban Davies H.; Lewis M.J.; Rhodes J.; Henderson A.H., 1987: Trial of nifedipine for prevention of esophageal spasm

Tulzer H.; Kupka S., 1979: Trial of objectification of the effect of obligatory lympho nodectomy in abdominal radical hysterectomy for cervical uterine carcinoma

Norris F.H.; Denys E.H.; Fallat R.J., 1986: Trial of octacosanol in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Dickson E.R.; Fleming T.R.; Wiesner R.H.; Baldus W.P.; Fleming C.R.; Ludwig J.; Mccall J.T., 1985: Trial of penicillamine in advanced primary biliary cirrhosis

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Beckett V.L.; Conn D.L.; Fuster V.; Osmundson P.J.; Strong C.G.; Chao E.Y.S.; Chesebro J.H.; O'fallon W.M., 1984: Trial of platelet inhibiting drug in scleroderma double blind study with dipyridamole and aspirin

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Godel J.C., 1982: Trial of pyridoxine therapy for tetanus neo natorum

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Diminno G.; Silver M.J.; Cerbone A.M.; Murphy S., 1986: Trial of repeated low dose aspirin in diabetic angiopathy

Jain, S.; Thomas, H. C.; Oxford, J. S.; Sherlock, S., 1978: Trial of ribavirin for the treatment of hepatitis b surface antigen positive chronic liver disease

Kimura H.; Niimi J.; Kajiwara Y.; Yoshida S., 1985: Trial of screening method for antiinflammatory preparations on mucous membrane using croton oil induced rabbit conjunctivitis

Suzuki Y.; Hoshina K.; Yoshida S.; Nakabayashi M.; Nishida H.; Yamaguchi K.; Ito T., 1987: Trial of screening test for prevention on neonatal infection due to group b streptococcus

Yamada A.; Yamawaki H.; Tsuda N.; Baba K.; Yabuuchi H.; Maeda A.; Yamanishi K., 1982: Trial of split product trivalent influenza vaccine in high risk children

Fowkes F.G.R.; Hall R.; Jones J.H.; Scanlon M.F.; Elder G.H.; Hobbs D.R.; Jacobs A.; Cavill I.A.J.; Kay S., 1986: Trial of strategy for reducing the use of laboratory tests

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Kris M.G.; Gralla R.J.; Wertheim M.S.; Kelsen D.P.; O'connell J.P.; Burke M.T.; Fiore J.J.; Cibas I.R.; Heelan R.T., 1986: Trial of the combination of mitomycin vindesine and cisplatin in patients with advanced non small cell lung cancer

Taniguchi H., 1981: Trial of the computer aided diagnostic procedure for cardio vascular diseases

Johnsen, T., 1977: Trial of the prophylactic effect of diazoxide in the treatment of familial periodic hypo kalemia

Tomita M.; Gotoh F.; Tanahashi N., 1988: Trial of the rbc aggregometer head for estimating blood flow in veins in vivo

De-Morais, J. A. D.; Medina, E., 1976: Trial of the technique for visualizing amoebic abscess of the liver by means of tomographic cuts after injection with tri iodide benzoic acid

Toulouse J.; Rosenbaum A.; Etievent J.P.; Rousselot F.; Bouffier B.; Bittard M., 1982: Trial of the therapeutic efficacy of cis di ammine di chloro platinum by local instillations on bladder tumors recurring at the original site

Chamberlain G.V.; Houang E., 1984: Trial of the use of masks in the gynecological operating theater

Wilcox R.G.; Olsson C.G.; Skene A.M.; Von Der Lippe G.; Jensen G.; Hampton J.R., 1988: Trial of tissue plasminogen activator for mortality reduction in acute myocardial infarction anglo scandinavian study of early thrombolysis asset

Ruebenbauer, T.; Nalepa, S.; Kowalska, M.; Rusniak, L., 1976: Trial of utilization of translocated barley forms in selection for higher diastatic activity of malt

Stepanova M.V.; Shaginyan I.A.; Noskova V.P.; Vertiev Yu V.; Ezepchuk E.V., 1985: Trial of various culture media for the production of intracellular thermolabile enterotoxin by escherichia coli strains h 74 114 and 86

Ishiyama E.; Et Al, 1986: Trial of video graphic printing ent examination

Kris M.G.; Gralla R.J.; Kelsen D.P.; Casper E.S.; Burke M.T.; Fiore J.J.; Cibas I.B.; Heelan R.T., 1985: Trial of vindesine plus mitomycin in stage 3 non small cell lung cancer an active regimen for outpatient treatment

De Mello J.T.C.; Alzuguir F.; Filho S.A.T., 1979: Trial pisciculture of tilapia rendalli quantitative analysis

Honda E.; Hayashi T.; Kuramoto S.; Moritaka K.; Hashimoto T., 1984: Trial production of noninvasive monitoring system from the anterior fontanelle on intracranial pressure

Takashima, K., 1977: Trial production of xylose tablets for use in digestion absorption test and their clinical application

Sharp, A. K.; Van-Greve, J. E., 1986: Trial shipment of cocoa copra and coffee from papua new guinea to europe to evaluate the use of ventilated containers feb. may 1981 cocof 81

Sharp, A. K.; Greve, J. E. V., 1984: Trial shipment with bank line of cocoa coffee and copra in ventilated containers papua new guinea to europe jan. to feb. 1982 trial b

Stevenson, C. D.; Wilcock, R. J.; Anderson, R. N.; Fox, E. G.; Cameron, D. R., 1978: Trial studies of land application of treated sewage effluent from carterton borough new zealand

Oelssner W.; Standke E.; Kunze M L., 1986: Trial systemic irradiation following surgical treatment of mammary carcinoma

Planchon, C., 1976: Trial to determine physiological criteria for the improvement of soft wheat factors of flag leaf photosynthesis

Genov I.; Tsutsumanski V.; Lalov Kh, 1980: Trial to obtain and use allergen in animal leukosis diagnostics

Bayerdoerffer, E.; Bock, H., 1988: Trial to side effects compliance and response of 5 aminosalicylic acid mesalazine during the treatment of ulcerative colitis and crohn's disease

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