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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6842

Chapter 6842 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rahbari, H.; Mehregan, A. H., 1975: Tricho epithelioma and pigmented nevus a combined malformation

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841001

Trofimova T.M., 1981: Tricho epithelioma with multicentric growth

Gutierrez M.T., 1981: Tricho folliculoma of the eyelid

Hashimoto K., 1982: Tricho hyaline granules in hair cortex

Roth A.J., 1983: Tricho odonto onychial dysplasia a new meso ectodermal dysplasia

Goetzinger H., 1981: Tricho phyto bezoar as a rare cause of ileus in childhood

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841007

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841008

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841009

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841010

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841011

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841012

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841013

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841014

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841015

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841016

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841017

Jones F.T., 1980: Tricho thio dystrophy sulfur deficient brittle hair as a marker for a neuro ectodermal symptom complex

Irmscher, G.; Bovermann, G.; Boheim, G.; Jung, G., 1978: Tricho toxin a 40 a new membrane exciting peptide part 1 isolation characterization and conformation

Boheim, G.; Irmscher, G.; Jung, G., 1978: Tricho toxin a 40 a new membrane exciting peptide part 2 voltage dependent pore formation in bi layer lipid membranes and comparison with other alamethicin analogs

Khaski S., 1987: Trichoadenoma

Venero Montero F., 1987: Trichobezoar report of a case

Suzuki, N.; Kawanaka, M., 1980: Trichobilharzia brevis as a cause of an outbreak of a cercarial dermatitis in japan

Rios-Leite, A. C.; Martins-De-Araujo-Costa, H.; Costa, J. O., 1978: Trichobilharzia jequitibaensis new species trematoda schistosomatidae in cairina moschata domestica anatidae

Roder, J. C.; Bourns, T. K. R.; Singhal, S. K., 1977: Trichobilharzia ocellata cercariae masked by antigens of the snail lymnaea stagnalis

Haas W., 1988: Trichobilharzia ocellata chemical stimuli of duck skin for cercarial attachment

Rhodes M., 1982: Trichobilharzia physellae digenea schistosomatidae from endemic waterfowl on the high plains of texas usa

Hey A., 1988: Trichoblastic fibroma fibromatoid trichoepithelioma

Slater D.N., 1987: Trichoblastic fibroma hair germ trichogenic tumors revisited

Olsen, S., 1987: Trichobolus sphaerosporus kimbr. thelebolaceae pezizales recorded from norway

Tarba, Z. M., 1977: Trichobothria of loricate oribatid mites and their changes in relation to environmental conditions

Emerit, M.; Bonaric, J. C.; Blandin, P., 1978: Trichobothriotaxy and taxonomic knowledge in spiders the family pisauridae

De-Armas, L. F., 1977: Trichobothriotaxy of alayotityus nanus and centruroides guanensis cubensis scorpionida buthidae

Graber, M.; Euzeby, J., 1976: Trichocephaloidis beauporti new species new cestode of charadriiformes and some passeriformes in guadeloupe west indies

Fataliev G.G., 1983: Trichocephalus spp of fur bearing animals of the lesser caucasus ussr and milsk karabakh steppe azerbaijan ssr ussr adjacent to it and their ecological characteristics

Naidu K.A., 1981: Trichochenia meyeri new combination nematoda trichostrongylidae from a pangolin in south india

Saether O.A., 1985: Trichochilus new genus of orthocladiinae diptera chironomidae

Agrup, G.; Hansson, C.; Rorsman, H.; Rosengren, A. M.; Rosengren, E., 1978: Trichochromes in human malignant melanoma

Agrup, G.; Hansson, C.; Rorsman, H.; Rosengren, A. M.; Rosengren, E., 1978: Trichochromes in red human hair

Agrup, G.; Lindbladh, C.; Prota, G.; Rorsman, H.; Rosengren, A. M.; Rosengren, E., 1978: Trichochromes in the urine of melanoma patients

Tegner E., 1986: Trichochromuria in melanosis of melanoma

Marchenko P.D., 1979: Trichocladia pseudoacaciae new species of powdery mildew fungus

Reddy B.S., 1985: Trichocladium from india

Miyakado, M.; Ohno, N.; Yoshioka, H.; Mabry, T. J., 1978: Trichoclin a new furo coumarin from trichocline incana

Lingens F., 1984: Trichococcus flocculiformis new genus new species a new gram positive filamentous bacterium isolated from bulking sludge

Jain, B. L., 1975: Trichoconiella new genus

Hiwatashi K., 1986: Trichocyst nondischarge mutants in paramecium caudatum

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841051

Chamberlain Y.M., 1985: Trichocyte occurrence and phenology in four species of pneophyllum rhodophyta corallinaceae from the british isles

Stefan, P., 1977: Trichodectes melis new record mallophaga trichodectidae a novel louse species from the territory of slovakia czechoslovakia

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841054

Baker R., 1980: Trichoderma hamatum effects on seed and seedling disease induced in radish raphanus sativus and pea pisum sativum by pythium spp or rhizoctonia solani

Baker R., 1981: Trichoderma hamatum its hyphal interactions with rhizoctonia solani and pythium spp

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841057

Conway W.S., 1983: Trichoderma harzianum a possible cause of apple decay in storage

Kotze J.M., 1987: Trichoderma harzianum and trichoderma polysporum as biocontrol agents of take all of wheat in the greenhouse

Reeves, F. B.; Horn, C., 1976: Trichoderma in colorado usa

Voronkova E.N., 1982: Trichoderma ontogeny under various cultivation conditions

Nummi M., 1986: Trichoderma reesei cellobiohydrolase ii purification by immunoadsorption and hydrolytic properties

Thies W.G., 1987: Trichoderma species from fumigated douglas fir roots decayed by phellinus weirii

Vajna L., 1983: Trichoderma species in hungary

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841065

Salina O.A., 1981: Trichoderma spp in the soils of the lithuanian ssr ussr

Di Lenna P., 1984: Trichoderma viride on cypress cupressus sempervirens shoots and antagonistic action against seiridium cardinale

Mcathey, P.; Kilbey, B. J., 1976: Trichodermin a selective agent for screening forward mutations in continuous cultures of schizosaccharomyces pombe

Sypherd P.S., 1986: Trichodermin esterase activity and trichodermin resistance in mucor racemosus

Freire Maia N., 1986: Trichodermodysplasia with dental alterations an apparently new genetic ectodermal dysplasia of the tricho odonto onychial subgroup

Winkler, J. R.; Zirovnicky, J., 1978: Trichodes series leucopsideus a revision of pontic mediterranean group of species coleoptera cleridae

Fujita Y., 1984: Trichodesmium thiebautii structure of a nitrogen fixing marine blue green alga cyanophyta

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841073

Desser S.S., 1983: Trichodina algonquinensis new species of peritrich ciliate from ontario canada fresh water fish and observations on its transmission

Kazubski S.L., 1980: Trichodina ranae ciliata peritrichida a parasite of rana esculenta and its morphological variability

Kattar, M. R., 1975: Trichodina steini protozoa urceolariidae found in tadpoles of bufo ictericus of brazil

Margolis L., 1984: Trichodina truttae ciliophora peritrichida a common pathogenic ectoparasite of cultured juvenile salmonid fishes in british columbia canada redescription and examination by scanning electron microscopy

Kazubski S.L., 1979: Trichodina vesicularum and trichodina faurefremieti new name ciliata peritrichida parasites of newts of the genus triturus

Ahmed, A. T. A., 1976: Trichodiniasis of goldfish and other carps

Van As J.G., 1987: Trichodinid ciliophora petricha gill parasites of freshwater fish in south africa

Migala K., 1980: Trichodinid invasion peritricha urceolariidae on young eels anguilla anguilla grown in aquaria

Basson L., 1986: Trichodinids ciliophora peritricha ectoparasites of cultured cichlids from taiwan

Ireland, R. R., 1978: Trichodon in north america

Baujard P., 1980: Trichodorus aquitanensis new species and new data about paratrichodorus pachydermus nematoda trichodoridae

Hashim Z., 1984: Trichodorus orientalis new species nematoda trichodoridae from jordan and iran

Sturhan D., 1987: Trichodorus persicus new species nematoda trichodoridae from iran

De Waele D., 1988: Trichodorus petrusalberti new species nematoda trichodoridae from rice with additional notes on the morphology of trichodorus sanniae and trichodorus rinae

Spasenija K., 1987: Trichodrilus strandi oligochaeta lumbriculidae a new element in the fauna of yugoslavia

Freire Maia N., 1987: Trichodysplasia xeroderma an autosomal dominant condition

Haitlinger R., 1987: Trichoecius apodemi new record fain munting lukoschus 1969 and some mites species myocoptidae myobiidae psorergatidae haemogamasidae new for the fauna of poland

Haitlinger R., 1986: Trichoecius widawaensis new species acari astigmata myocoptidae from apodemus agrarius pall

Gutowski J.M., 1986: Trichoferus pallidus new record oliver 1790 coleoptera cerambycidae in poland

Ortega H., 1983: Trichogenes longipinnis new genus new species of the trichomycterinae of southeastern brazil pisces siluriformes

Sorokina, A. P., 1977: Trichogramma embryophagum hymenoptera trichogrammatidae in the ussr

Terytse K.V., 1980: Trichogramma euproctidis fecundity as a function of host egg quality

King E.G., 1985: Trichogramma hymenoptera trichogrammatidae fauna in certain areas of arkansas and north carolina usa

Platner G.R., 1982: Trichogramma hymenoptera trichogrammatidae of hawaii usa

Paoletti M., 1983: Trichogramma maidis hymenoptera trichogrammatidae survey and biological control trial against ostrinia nubilalis lepidoptera pyralidae in northern italy

Soares L.A., 1986: Trichogramma marandobai new species hymenoptera trichogrammatidae parasitoid of erinnyis ello lepidoptera sphingidae a cassava pest

Pointel J G., 1980: Trichogramma maxacalii new species hymenoptera trichogrammatidae

Feijen H.R., 1982: Trichogramma mwanzai new species hymenoptera trichogrammatidae from malawi parasitizing eggs of chilo diffusilineus

Thomson M.S., 1986: Trichogramma nomlaki new record hymenoptera trichogrammatidae a reinterpretation of genitalic homologies and new distribution records

Burbutis P.P., 1984: Trichogramma nubilale hymenoptera trichogrammatidae field releases in corn and a hypothetical model for control of european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis lepidoptera pyralidae/

Benzon G., 1983: Trichogramma nubilale hymenoptera trichogrammatidae progeny distribution and super parasitism in european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis lepidoptera pyralidae

Pointel J G., 1979: Trichogramma oleae new species sibling species of trichogramma evanescens hymenoptera trichogrammatidae

Voegele, J.; Stengel, M.; Schubert, G.; Daumal, J.; Pizzol, J., 1975: Trichogramma part 5a 1st results of the introduction in alsace france of the moldavian ecotype of trichogramma evanescens against ostrinia nubilalis using the overflowing and periodical release method

Stengel, M.; Voegele, J.; Lewis, J. W., 1977: Trichogramma part 5b winter survival of trichogramma evanescens moldavian strain and discovery of trichogramma cacoeciae on egg layings of ostrinia nubilalis under the agro climatic conditions of alsace france

Pang X., 1981: Trichogramma polychrosis new species of trichogrammatidae hymenoptera

Lopez J.D., 1980: Trichogramma pretiosum development in 2 hosts in relation to constant and fluctuating temperatures

Areshnikov, B. A.; Mel'nikova, G. L.; Sekun, N. P., 1987: Trichogrammatid egg parasites hymenoptera scelionidae in the irrigated southern steppe zone of the ukrainian ssr ussr and their role in the dynamics of the population size of eurygaster integriceps put. heteroptera scutelleridae

Rogers G.E., 1986: Trichohyalin an intermediate filament associated protein of the hair follicle

Brock V., 1987: Tricholeiochiton fagesii guinard 1879 trichoptera hydroptilidae found again in hamburg west germany

Wiberg Larsen P., 1981: Tricholeiochiton fagesii new record and triaenodes simulans new record trichoptera for denmark

Wells A., 1982: Tricholeiochiton new record and new genera in the australian hydroptilidae trichoptera

Ching, R. C., 1978: Tricholepidium new genus of the polypodiaceae in asia

Popkhristova E., 1985: Trichological and histological studies during application of high trigazone doses in guinea pigs

Moen B.F., 1981: Tricholoma acerbum new record for norway

Ohara, H., 1978: Tricholoma bakamatsutake

Otani, Y., 1976: Tricholoma bakamatsutake new record collected in new guinea

Alessio C.L., 1981: Tricholoma cnista and its mysteries

Halling R.E., 1986: Tricholoma fulvimarginatum new species tricholomataceae from north america associated with cottonwood

Hongo T., 1981: Tricholoma giganteum new record an agaric new to japan

Bussy J., 1979: Tricholoma inodermeum

Ovrebo C.L., 1983: Tricholoma manzanitae new species from california usa

Alessio C.L., 1983: Tricholoma pardinum var filamentosum new variety

Kuthan J., 1982: Tricholoma singeri new species

Kimbrough J.W., 1980: Tricholoma titans new species from florida usa

Baroni T.J., 1982: Tricholosporum spp and notes on omphaliaster ianthinocystis and clitocybe spp

Maksimova R.A., 1981: Tricholysine effect of blood plasma fibrinolytic activity

Maksimova R.A., 1983: Tricholysine induced histological changes in experimental thrombi

Rutz D.A., 1988: Trichomalopsis dubius ashmead and dibrachys cavus walker newly discovered pupal parasitoids hymenoptera pteromalidae of house flies and stable flies associated with livestock manure

Mcalpin, B.; Farrar, D. R., 1978: Trichomanes gametophytes in massachusetts usa

Viane R.L.L., 1984: Trichomanes proliferum a new record for the fern flora of singapore

Hughes G.C., 1981: Trichomaris invadens new genus new species an ascomycete parasite of the tanner crab chionoecetes bairdi crustacea brachyura

Gornall R.J., 1986: Trichome anatomy and taxonomy of saxifraga saxifragaceae

Lersten, N. R., 1977: Trichome forms in ardisia myrsinaceae in relation to the bacterial leaf nodule symbiosis

Mahlberg P.G., 1985: Trichome morphogenesis of leaves of cyphomandra betacea solanaceae

Hanson G.P., 1979: Trichome morphology as an indicator of high rubber bearing guayule parthenium argentatum plants in native populations

Sahu T.R., 1982: Trichome studies in parthenium hysterophorus and their taxonomic importance

Ramayya N., 1987: Trichome types and their taxonomic importance in the tiliaceae

Mahlberg P.G., 1980: Trichomes and cannabinoid content of developing leaves and bracts of cannabis sativa cannabaceae

Horber E.K., 1983: Trichomes and field resistance of medicago spp to the alfalfa seed chalcid hymenoptera eurytomidae

Gangadhara, M.; Inamdar, J. A., 1977: Trichomes and stomata and their taxonomic significance in the urticales

Singh, V.; Jain, D. K., 1975: Trichomes in acanthaceae part 1 general structure

Kreitner G.L., 1983: Trichomes in artemisia ludoviciana asteraceae and their ingestion by hypochlora alba orthoptera acrididae

Il'inskaya A.F., 1987: Trichomes in potentilla spp rosaceae in the flora of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Leelavathi, P.; Ramayya, N., 1982: Trichomes in relation to taxonomy 1. mimosoideae

Singh, V.; Sharma, M.; Jain, D. K., 1974: Trichomes in salvia labiatae and their taxonomic significance

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841158

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841159

Matthew L., 1982: Trichomes in some species of clerodendrum

Gupta, M.; Murty, Y. S., 1977: Trichomes in trifolieae

Gupta M., 1979: Trichomes in trifolieae 2

Gupta M., 1980: Trichomes occurring on floral parts in some indian and african species of crotalaria

Ledbetter, M. C.; Krikorian, A. D., 1975: Trichomes of cannabis sativa as viewed with scanning electron microscope

Dayanandan, P.; Kaufman, P. B., 1976: Trichomes of cannabis sativa cannabaceae

Carter C.D., 1985: Trichomes on leaves of lycopersicon hirsutum lycopersicon esculentum and their hybrids

Naidu A.C., 1983: Trichomes on leaves of some lamiaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841168

Mandell G.L., 1980: Trichomonacidal activity of human polymorphonuclear neutrophils killing by disruption and fragmentation

Padchenko, I. K.; Zahnybida, D. M.; Rudavs'kyi, V. P., 1976: Trichomonacidal activity of phosphorylated derivatives of carbonic acids

Combescot C., 1979: Trichomonacidal activity of some bis naphtholic compounds

Kreutzberger, A.; Sellheim, M., 1985: Trichomonacidal agents ii. 4 6 disubstituted 2 cyanoaminopyrimidines carrying branched substituents

Rose U., 1987: Trichomonacidal agents iii aryloxy chloro 1 3 5 triazines

Kochanowski R., 1987: Trichomonacidal drugs 6th communication 2 4 dichloro derivatives of the piperidino and piperazinyl 1 3 5 triazines

Kaal V., 1980: Trichomonad invasion in the respiratory tract and specific agglutinins in the blood sera of patients suffering from lung diseases

Selyukaite, Z., 1976: Trichomonads of rodents morphology life cycle and some ecological characteristics polymastigina

Michalowski R., 1981: Trichomonal balano posthitis 16 cases

Panda S.K., 1988: Trichomonal vaginitis evaluation of serological tests and identification of immunoreactive surface peptides

Kendrick, J. W., 1976: Trichomonas fetus induced abortion

Betterton, H.; Almond, C.; Dowda, H., 1976: Trichomonas gallinae characterization and regulatory properties of lactic dehydrogenase ec

Stafford M., 1987: Trichomonas gallinae in columbiform birds from the galapagos islands ecuador

Hollander W.F., 1982: Trichomonas gallinae infections in the ring dove streptopelia risoria

Liang S Y., 1984: Trichomonas hominis growth in vitro and utilization of carbohydrates

Huang S W., 1981: Trichomonas hominis isolation and axenic cultivation

Coombs G.H., 1987: Trichomonas spp homocysteine desulfurase and serine sulfhydrase activities

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841188

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841189

Svindland H.B., 1988: Trichomonas vaginalis infection frequency and diagnosis in women

Asami K., 1979: Trichomonas vaginalis localization and characterization of malate dehydrogenase and nad linked malic enzyme

Alderete J.F., 1987: Trichomonas vaginalis nyh286 phenotypic variation may be coordinated for a repertoire of trichomonad surface immunogens

Alderete J.F., 1987: Trichomonas vaginalis phenotypic variation occurs only among trichomonads infected with the double stranded rna virus

Kraus S.J., 1980: Trichomonas vaginalis reevaluation of its clinical presentation and laboratory diagnosis

Moravcik P., 1981: Trichomoniasis as a concomitant infection in female gonorrhea

Gaines J.D., 1988: Trichomoniasis in a dairy herd control by artificial insemination and prostaglandin f 2 alpha treatment

Mustafin A.M., 1982: Trichomoniasis in cervical cancer

Petty S.J., 1988: Trichomoniasis in free living goshawks accipiter gentilis gentilis from great britain uk

Zitkova A., 1982: Trichomoniasis in promiscuous women

Schwarz, R.; Rosegger, H.; Trauner, F., 1977: Trichomoniasis in the new born

Wright K.A., 1979: Trichomycetes and oxyuroid nematodes in the millipede narceus annularis

Indoh H., 1987: Trichomycetes of japan

Smith J., 1979: Trichomycosis pubis

Vaz-Ferreira, R.; Rios-Parodi, C., 1975: Trichomycteridae and other fishes occupying the bottoms of fresh water streams

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Duckhouse D.A., 1980: Trichomyia spp diptera psychodidae from southern africa and new zealand with a discussion of their affinities and of the concept of monophyly in southern hemisphere bio geography

Hauge E., 1987: Trichoncus vasconicus new record araneae linyphiidae for norway

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841216

Flasarova M., 1986: Trichoniscoides helveticus new record carl 1908 found in northwest bohemia crustacea isopoda oniscidea

Fernandes Dos Santos A., 1985: Trichoonychodysplasia with xeroderma an apparently hitherto undescribed pure ectodermal dysplasia

Larsen H.J., 1980: Trichophaea contradicta new combination and an emended description for patella contradicta

Pant, D. C., 1980: Trichophaea cupulata new species from india

Moravec J., 1979: Trichophaeopsis latispora new species of discomycete from moravia czechoslovakia

Dissing, H.; Paulsen, M. D., 1975: Trichophaeopsis tetraspora new species a new coprophilous discomycete from denmark

Fremstad, E.; Skogen, A., 1978: Trichophorum caespitosum ssp germanicum in norway

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841224

Ichijo, S.; Konishi, T.; Takatori, K., 1978: Trichophyton equinum isolated from race horse dermatophytosis

Sene S., 1987: Trichophyton erinacei and trichophyton proliferans simultaneously isolated from a single lesion

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841228

Kane, J., 1977: Trichophyton fischeri new species a saprophyte resembling trichophyton rubrum

Feuillade De Chauvin M., 1979: Trichophyton interdigitale is not trichophyton mentagrophytes

Summerbell R.C., 1987: Trichophyton kanei new species a new anthropophilic dermatophyte

Balish E., 1980: Trichophyton mentagrophytes dermatophytosis in germ free guinea pigs

Haley L.D., 1980: Trichophyton mentagrophytes dermatophytosis in wild fox vulpes fulva

Ibrahim A.M., 1981: Trichophyton mentagrophytes infection in the domestic donkey equus asinus asinus

Hernandez, A. D.; Reece, R. E.; Zucker, A. H., 1986: Trichophyton mentagrophytes spores differ from mycelia in their ability to induce pustules and activate complement

Otcenasek M., 1981: Trichophyton mentagrophytes var mentagrophytes a zoophilic dermatophyte of growing importance in urban areas

Smitka C., 1981: Trichophyton raubitschekii new species

Zaini F., 1984: Trichophyton rubrum and the chemo taxis of polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841240

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841241

Lowenstein H., 1985: Trichophyton rubrum specific immunoglobulin e in serum in patients with chronic trichophyton rubrum infection as demonstrated by crossed radioimmunoelectrophoresis

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841243

Polyakov I.D., 1983: Trichophyton sarkisovii new species a new pathogenic fungus which causes dermatomycosis in camels

Barsky, S.; Knapp, D.; Mcmillen, S., 1978: Trichophyton simii infection in the usa not traceable to india

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841246

Dias C.A.G., 1987: Trichophyton tonsurans description of a case seen in the state of rio grande do sul brazil

Veselska A., 1980: Trichophyton violaceum as the causative agent of trichophytosis in north bohemia czechoslovakia and treatment with mucidin mucidermin spofa

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Ruthmann A., 1979: Trichoplax adhaerens placozoa in the scanning electron microscope

Summers, M. D.; Smith, G. E., 1975: Trichoplusia ni granulosis virus granulin a phenol soluble phosphorylated protein

Vail P.V., 1984: Trichoplusia ni lepidoptera noctuidae larval development on wild and cultivated plants

Tabacaru I., 1980: Trichopolydesmus jeanneli new species placed in banatodesmus new subgenus banatodesmus diplopoda polydesmida

Hoch A.L., 1983: Trichoprosopon digitatum morphology biology and potential medical importance

Baker G.T., 1983: Trichopsyllopus oregonensis new genus new species acari acaridae a new hypopus phoretic on a flea trichopsylloides oregonensis parasitic on the rodent aplodontia rufa in the usa

Maclean B.K., 1984: Trichoptera caddis flies of watercress marsh columbiana county ohio usa

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841258

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Arnold A., 1985: Trichoptera larvae with quiver and zygoptera larvae as food of the pumpkinseed sunfish lepomis gibbosus osteichthyes centrarchidae

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Molles M.C.Jr, 1982: Trichopteran communities of streams associated with aspen populus tremuloides and conifer forests long term structural change

Erickson J.M., 1983: Trichopterodomus leonardi new genus new species of psychomyiid caddis fly insecta trichoptera represented by retreats from the paleocene of north dakota usa

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841274

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841275

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841276

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841277

Ormieres, R.; Marques, A.; Puissegur, C., 1977: Trichorhynchus pulcher eugregarine parasite of scutigera coleoptrata life cycle ultrastructure systematics

Stirpe F., 1988: Trichosanthin alpha momorcharin and beta momorcharin identity of abortifacient and ribosome inactivating proteins

Cross, J. H.; Santana, F. J., 1975: Trichosomoides nasalis new record in the nasal chamber of rattus coxinga on taiwan

Nemeseri, L.; Szakall, S., 1975: Trichosomoidosis in the rat occurrence in hungary and treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6842, Accession 006841282

Mueller J., 1981: Trichosporon beemeri new species

Kukrika M.D., 1982: Trichosporon beigelii fungemia and cutaneous dissemination

Muir D.B., 1985: Trichosporon beigelii survey of isolates from clinical material

Marier, R.; Zakhireh, B.; Downs, J.; Wynne, B.; Hammond, G. L.; Andriole, V. T., 1978: Trichosporon cutaneum endo carditis

Leonard P.A., 1982: Trichosporon cutaneum endo carditis a sequela of intra venous drug use

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Saez, H., 1977: Trichosporon lutetiae new species of yeast isolated from cervus eldi siamensis

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Pitt J.I., 1981: Trichosporonoides nigrescens new species of xerophilic yeast like fungus

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