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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6843

Chapter 6843 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dalton, C.; Crowley, H.J.; Czyzewski, L.B., 1976:
Trimethoquinol different pharmacological properties of optical isomers

Schiemenz, G.P.; Behrens, H.; Ebert, C.P.; Maienschein, K.; Schroeder, J.M., 1985:
Trimethoxyphenol compounds 11 constituents of hagenia abyssinica 2. synthesis of phloracylophenones containing 1 phloroglucinol unit

Schiemenz, G.P.; Schroeder, J.M., 1985:
Trimethoxyphenyl compounds 10. constituents of hagenia abyssinica isolation of kosins and structure elucidation of phloracylophenones containing 1 phloroglucinol unit

Lown J.W.; Koganty R.R.; Kopecky K.R., 1986:
Trimethyl 1 2 dioxetane induced lesions in dna photo induced pyrimidine dimers detected by t4 uv endonuclease local denaturation and interstrand cross linking

Rehbein H.; Schreiber W., 1984:
Trimethylamine oxidase activity in tissues of fish species from the northeast atlantic

Kleinzeller A., 1985:
Trimethylamine oxide and the maintenance of volume of dogfish shark squalus acanthias rectal gland cells

Owusu Ansah Y.J.; Hultin H.O., 1984:
Trimethylamine oxide prevents insolubilization of red hake urophycis chuss muscle proteins during frozen storage

George S.; Mohankumar K.C., 1987:
Trimethylamine oxide reducing bacterial activity during ice storage of shrimp

Brand, J.M.; Galask, R.P., 1986:
Trimethylamine: the substance mainly responsible for the fishy odor often associated with bacterial vaginosis

Roberts D.M.; Rowe P.M.; Siegel F.L.; Lukas T.J.; Watterson D.M., 1986:
Trimethyllysine and protein function effect of methylation and mutagenesis of lysine 115 of calmodulin and nad kinase activation

Davis A.T.; Brady L.J.; Brady P.S.; Hoppel C.L., 1987:
Trimethyllysine metabolism in lean and obese zucker rats during fasting

Magnus P.; Cairns P.M.; Moursounidis J., 1987:
Trimethylsilyl accelerated retro diels alder reaction a quantitative measure of the beta effect

Achiwa K.; Sugiyama K.; Sekiya M., 1985:
Trimethylsilyl triflate catalyzed 1 3 dipolar cycloaddition leading to n unsubstituted pyrrolidines

Murata S.; Suzuki M.; Noyori R., 1988:
Trimethylsilyl triflate catalyzed aldol type reaction of enol silyl ethers and acetals or related compounds

Kientz C.E.; Verweij A., 1986:
Trimethylsilylation and trifluoroacetylation of a number of trichothecenes followed by gas chromatographic analysis on fused silica capillary columns

Allen, C.N.; Fonnum, F., 1984:
Trimethyltin inhibits the activity of hippocampal neurons recorded in vitro

Dyer, R.S.; Boyes, W.K., 1984:
Trimethyltin reduces recurrent inhibition in rats

Medina Gutierrez F., 1984 :
Trimetoprim sulfamethoxypyridazine in the treatment of chronic and acute bronchitis

Cantani A.; Salvati L.; Businco E.; Giannino G.; Ziruolo M.G.; Businco L., 1983:
Trimetoquinol in the treatment of childhood asthma

Allegra, C.J.; Chabner, B.A.; Tuazon, C.U.; Ogata-Arakaki, D.; Baird, B.; Drake, J.C.; Simmons, J.T.; Lack, E.E.; Shelhamer, J.H.; Balis, F., 1987:
Trimetrexate for the treatment of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in patients with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Aaro L.E.; Eriksen R.; Henriksen G.; Hjulstad L.; Stenmarck S., 1987:
Trimglad evaluation of a campaign for the promotion of physical activity in sogn og fjordane county norway 1983 84

Moshal, M.G.; Khan, F., 1981:
Trimipramine in the treatment of active duodenal ulceration

Winterbottom R.; Emery A.R., 1981:
Trimmatom nanus new genus new species and trimmatom offucius new species of gobiid fishes perciformes from the chagos archipelago central indian ocean

Sutton, B.C.; Ganapathi, A., 1978:
Trimmatostroma excentricum new species on eucalyptus from new zealand and fiji

Hamilton, M.A.; Russo, R.C.; Thurston, R.V., 1977:
Trimmed spearman karber method for estimating median lethal concentrations in toxicity bioassays

Giesser, B.S.; Kurtzberg, D.; Vaughan, H.G.; Arezzo, J.C.; Aisen, M.L.; Smith, C.R.; LaRocca, N.G.; Scheinberg, L.C., 1987:
Trimodal evoked potentials compared with magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

Glover D.E.; Barrett S.C.H., 1983:
Trimorphic incompatibility in mexican populations of pontederia sagittata pontederiaceae

Bouchet, P., 1976:
Trinchesia genovae poorly known eolid on the mediterranean coast

Robinson H.; Kahn B., 1986:
Trinervate leaves yellow flowers tailed anthers and pollen variation in distephanus vernonieae asteraceae

Hooijer D.A.; Kurten B., 1984:
Trinil and kedungbrubus the pithecanthropus bearing fossil faunas of java and their relative age

Andrighetto G.; Zoeller M., 1987:
Trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid induced unresponsiveness at the systemic level

Metelitsa V.I.; Davydov A.B.; Savvateev K.L.; Khromov G.L.; Nikolenko S.A.; Martsevich S.Yu, 1980:
Trinitrolong a new preparation of prolonged action nitro glycerin

Claasen E.; Van Rooijen N., 1984:
Trinitrophenyl enzyme conjugates for the detection of anti trinitrophenyl antibody producing cells in vivo

Shimada S.; Katz S.I., 1985:
Trinitrophenyl specific lyt 2 positive cytolytic t cell clones preferentially respond to trinitrophenyl conjugated epidermal cells

Rodriguez, N.; Schwenk, W.F.; Beaufrere, B.; Miles, J.M.; Haymond, M.W., 1986:
Trioctanoin infusion increases in vivo leucine oxidation: a lesson in isotope modeling

Valente, E.Branco, T., 1978:
Triodonta zuzartei new species new portuguese species from the triodonta aquila group coleoptera scarabaeoidea

Lorenzen, S., 1978:
Triodontolaimidae free living nematodes rediscovery of the only species after 85 years

Murai E., 1987:
Triodontolepis torrentis new species cestoda hymenolepididae a parasite of neomys fodiens insectivora

Elumeev, E.A., 1976:
Trioecia and sexual trimorphism of the thorny wild berry

Komosinska H., 1980:
Trionymus luzensis new species homoptera coccoidea pseudococcidae from poland

Takahashi, F., 1977:
Triops spp notostraca triopsidae for the biological control agents of weeds in rice paddies in japan/

Sandhu G.K.; Verma S.P., 1987:
Triorganotin iv derivatives of five membered heterocyclic 2 carboxylic acids

Zaidi S.A.A.; Shaheer S.A.; Zaidi S.R.A.; Shakir M., 1986:
Triorganotin iv halide complexes of tetrakisnitroindazolylborates

Bergo G., 1988:
Trios in the golden eagle aquila chrysaetos l

Clay S.A.; Shore N.A.; Landing B.H., 1982:
Triose phosphate isomerase deficiency a case with neuro pathological findings

Clark, A.C.L.; Szobolotzky, M.A., 1985:
Triose phosphate isomerase ec deficiency prenatal diagnosis

Vives-Corrons, J.L.; Rubinson-Skala, H.; Mateo, M.; Estella, J.; Feliu, E.; Dreyfus, J.C., 1978:
Triose phosphate isomerase ec deficiency with hemolytic anemia and severe neuro muscular disease familial and biochemical studies of a case found in spain

Kolb, E.; Harris, J.I.; Bridgen, J., 1974:
Triose phosphate isomerase ec from the coelacanth an approach to the rapid determination of an amino acid sequence with small amounts of material

Gavilanes, F.G.; Gavilanes, J.G.; Martin-Dudoignon, R., 1981:
Triose phosphate isomerase ec from the insect ceratitis capitata molecular and enzymic properties

Gupta, S.K.; Rothstein, M., 1976:
Triose phosphate isomerase ec from young and old turbatrix aceti

Hawkinson, S.W.; Wei, C.H.; Hartman, F.C.; Norton, I.L.; Einstein, J.R., 1972:
Triose phosphate isomerase from Bakers' yeast. Preliminary crystallographic data

Lim W.A.; Raines R.T.; Knowles J.R., 1988:
Triosephosphate isomerase catalysis is diffusion controlled with appendix analysis of triose phosphate equilibria in aqueous solution by phosphorus 31 nmr

Zanella, A.; Mariani, M.; Colombo, M.B.; Borgna-Pignatti, C.; De-Stefano, P.; Morgese, G.; Sirchia, G., 1985:
Triosephosphate isomerase ec deficiency 2 new cases

Tomita, F.; Tamaoki, T.; Morimoto, M.; Fujimoto, K., 1981:
Trioxacarcins novel anti tumor antibiotics 1. producing organism fermentation and biological activities

Tamaoki, T.; Shirahata, K.; Iida, T.; Tomita, F., 1981:
Trioxacarcins novel anti tumor antibiotics 2. isolation physicochemical properties and mode of action

Hannuksela, M.; Karvonen, J., 1978:
Trioxsalen bath plus long wave uv light effective and safe in the treatment of psoriasis

Vaatainen N.; Hannuksela M.; Karvonen J., 1981:
Trioxsalen baths plus longwave uv in the treatment of lichen planus and urticaria pigmentosa

Stary P.; Remaudiere G., 1987:
Trioxys inulaecola new species hymenoptera aphidiidae parasite of capitophorus inulae homoptera aphididae passerini in southern france

Stary P.; Marsh P.M., 1982:
Trioxys monelliopsis new species hymenoptera aphidiidae parasitic on a pecan aphid

Tedders, W.L., 1977:
Trioxys pallidus and trioxys complanatus as parasites of monellia costalis monelliopsis nigropunctata and tinocallis caryaefoliae

Agarwala B.K.; Saha J.L.; Mahapatra S.K., 1985:
Trioxys peniculatus new species hymenoptera aphidiidae a new parasitoid of cervaphis schouteniae in india

Stary, P.; Raychaudhuri, D.N., 1978:
Trioxys takecallis new species from india hymenoptera aphidiidae

Conci C.; Tamanini L., 1984:
Trioza binotata new record hippophaetrioza new subgenus from alto adige italy

Furunes, K.A.; Ossianillsson, F., 1976:
Trioza chrysanthemi new record homoptera psyllidae new for norway

Conci C.; Tamanini L., 1984:
Trioza portulacoides new species halotrioza new subgenus from ravenna north italy host plant halimione portulacoides homoptera psylloidea

Wolska, M., 1978:
Tripalmaria dogieli ciliata entodiniomorphida structure and ultrastructure part 1 light microscope investigations

Wolska, M., 1978:
Tripalmaria dogieli ciliata entodiniomorphida structure and ultrastructure part 2 electron microscope investigations

Chan, J.T.; Patterson, G.W., 1973:
Triparanol Inhibition of Sterol Biosynthesis in Chlorella ellipsoidea

Van Hasselt V.B.; Hersen M.; Bellack A.S.; Rosenblum N.D.; Lamparski D., 1979:
Tripartite assessment of the effects of systematic de sensitization in a multi phobic child an experimental analysis

Rose S.L.; Youngberg C.T., 1981:
Tripartite associations in snowbrush ceanothus velutinus effect of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae on growth nodulation and nitrogen fixation

Guo F., 1982:
Tripartite character and trigonioidacean zonation of the asian nonmarine cretaceous system

Elliott, A.C., 1986:
Tripartite injury of the clavicle. A case report

Palmer J.D.; Shields C.R., 1984:
Tripartite structure of the brassica campestris mitochondrial genome

Purcino A.A.C.; Lynd J.Q., 1985:
Tripartite symbiosis of stylosanthes scabra influenced by soil fertility treatments of a typic eutrustox

Rotenberg, M.O.; Woolford, J.L., 1986:
Tripartite upstream promoter element essential for expression of Saccharomyces cerevisiae ribosomal protein genes

Buylaert, W.; Willems, J.L., 1976:
Tripelennamine and dopamine induced neurogenic vaso dilatation

Nagy, I.; Makara, G.B.; Horváth, G.; Rappay, G.; Kurcz, M.; Bajusz, S., 1985:
Tripeptide aldehyde protease inhibitors may depress in vitro prolactin and growth hormone release

Van-Sande, M.; Inokuchi, J.I.; Nagamatsu, A.; Scharpe, S.; Neels, H.; Van-Camp, K., 1985:
Tripeptidyl carboxypeptidase activity of angiotensin converting enzyme ec in human tissues of the urogenital tract

Balow R M.; Eriksson I., 1987:
Tripeptidyl peptidase ii in hemolysates and liver homogenates of various species

Roubicek M.; Lenz W.; Tuente W., 1987:
Triphalangeal thumb and split hand and foot variable expression of a mutant gene

Yehorov I.A.; Mishchenko I.V., 1986:
Triphase aerosol systems and their investigation

Van Loon, G.R.; Shum, A.; D.S.uza, E.B., 1982:
Triphasic changes in plasma ACTH concentration and brain serotonin synthesis rate following adrenalectomy in rats

Davis, W.M.; Waters, I.W.; Hatoum, H.T.; Buelke, J.L.; Braude, M.C., 1977:
Triphasic dose lethality relationships for amphetamine and certain ring substituted amphetamines in isolated or aggregated mice

Nalon M.; Gandolfi A., 1985:
Triphasic estro progestinic contraception some clinical considerations

Wright D.J.; Birtle A.J.; Roberts I.T.J., 1984:
Triphasic loco motor response of a plant parasitic nematode meloidogyne incognita to avermectin inhibition by the gamma amino butyric acid antagonists bicuculline and picro toxin

Hattori Y.; Kanno M., 1981:
Triphasic time course of inotropic effect mediated by alpha adrenoceptors in the left atria of guinea pigs

Engebretsen T.; Thorsen E.; Smith C.C.; Bull Njaa T.; Christensen A., 1987:
Triphasic versus monophasic oral contraceptives a comparative multicenter study

Sundaram, M.B.; Blume, W.T., 1987:
Triphasic waves: clinical correlates and morphology

Chistyakov V.V.; Pospelova L.V., 1987:
Triphenyldioxane as a new potent inducer of cytochrome p 450

O'Brian, C.A.; Liskamp, R.M.; Solomon, D.H.; Weinstein, I.B., 1986:
Triphenylethylenes: a new class of protein kinase C inhibitors

Spivak, C.E.; Albuquerque, E.X., 1985:
Triphenylmethylphosphonium blocks the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor noncompetitively

Vivaldi, M.T.; Kloner, R.A.; Schoen, F.J., 1985:
Triphenyltetrazolium staining of irreversible ischemic injury following coronary artery occlusion in rats

Hernandez Cardona A.M., 1981:
Triplachne nitens in the iberian peninsula

Clement, D.A.; Worlock, P.H., 1987:
Triplane fracture of the distal tibia. A variant in cases with an open growth plate

Cone R.O.IIi; Nguyen V.; Flournoy J.G.; Guerra J.Jr, 1984:
Triplane fracture of the distal tibial epiphysis radiographic and computed tomographic studies

E.H.zmi M.A.F.; Jabbar F.A.; A.F.leh F.Z.; Warsy A.S., 1987:
Triple alpha genes in association with sickle cell and beta thalassemia gene in the saudi population

Crismer R.; Jeanmaire H.; Rami M., 1981:
Triple antro bulbar ulcerous localization due to indomethacin

Taussig G.; Pilliard D., 1985:
Triple arthrodesis of the foot in adolescents with cerebral palsy

Olney B.W.; Menelaus M.B., 1988:
Triple arthrodesis of the foot in spinal bifida patients

Dopirak M.R.; Schaal S.F.; Leier C.V., 1980:
Triple atrio ventricular nodal pathways in man?

Dale J.; Eriksen O.I., 1988:
Triple branched cyanine dyes

Wood, A.P.; Kelly, D.P., 1978:
Triple catabolic pathways for glucose in a fast growing strain of thiobacillus a 2

Schmidt, R.; Hess, A., 1982:
Triple chamber technique for thermal neutron dose measurements in fast neutron beams

Rowlands S.; Skibo L.; Einsenberg C.P.; Sewchand L.S., 1984:
Triple contractiles

Aroney R.S.; Levi J.A.; Dalley D.N., 1981:
Triple drug chemo therapy for advanced ovarian carcinoma comparative study of 2 regimens

Busk C.M.A.; Earl H.M.; Wrigley P.F.M.; Lister T.A., 1980:
Triple drug therapy of herpes zoster infection occurring in patients with res neoplasia a preliminary study

Droin, A.; Colombelli, B., 1983:
Triple edema tr. oe a recessive lethal mutation in xenopus tropicalis

Portuondo, J.A.; Echanojauregui, A.D.; Peña Irala, J.; Calonge, J., 1980:
Triple evaluation of tubal patency

Hashimoto, T.; Inamoto, N.; Nakamura, K., 1986:
Triple extramammary Paget's disease. Immunohistochemical studies

Nishiyama I.; Yabuno T., 1979:
Triple fusion of the primary endosperm nucleus as a cause of interspecific cross incompatibility in avena

Roth W.; Heidemann E., 1981:
Triple helix coil transition of a block polymer containing glycine proline and leucine

Roth W.; Heidemann E., 1980:
Triple helix coil transition of covalently bridged collagen like peptides

Williams, I.F.; Harwood, R.; Grant, M.E., 1976:
Triple helix formation and di sulfide bonding during the biosynthesis of glomerular basement membrane collagen

Rastogi N.; Frehel C.; David H.L., 1986:
Triple layered structure of mycobacterial cell wall evidence for the existence of a polysaccharide rich outer layer in 18 mycobacterial species

Okamura S.; Nakano H.; Ito M.; E.A., 1982:
Triple lesions of an early gastric cancer a case

Sharaki M.; Beshara F.; Khalil R., 1980:
Triple modality therapy in early epidermoid carcinoma of the head and neck

Shabtai, F.; Bichacho, S.; Halbrecht, I., 1977:
Triple mosaicism with 2 autosomally unbalanced cell lines in a phenotypically normal oligo spermic man

Schrader, S.C., 1986:
Triple osteotomy of the pelvis and trochanteric osteotomy as a treatment for hip dysplasia in the immature dog: the surgical technique and results of 77 consecutive operations

Wardlaw, J.M.; Best, J.J., 1988:
Triple phase bone scanning of an intraosseous ganglion: case report and discussion

Kishimoto T.; Okada K., 1987:
Triple primary cancers involving the lung the urinary bladder the prostate in a 73 year old man with asbestosis

Levene R., 1986:
Triple procedure of extracapsular surgery posterior chamber lens implantation and glaucoma filter

Morris D.L.; Clark A.G.; Evans D.F.; Hardcastle J.D., 1987:
Triple radiotelemetric pill study of postoperative ileus in man

Talbot P.; Chacon R.S., 1981:
Triple stain technique for evaluating normal acrosome reactions of human sperm

Kito, H.; Hosoda, S., 1977:
Triple staining for simultaneous visualization of cell types in islet of langerhans of pancreas successive application of argyrophil aldehyde fuchsin and lead hematoxylin stains in a single tissue section

Novotny, G.E.; Novotny, E., 1977:
Triple staining of normal and degenerating nervous tissue

Singh, S.; Singh, R.B., 1978:
Triple test cross analysis in 1st backcross populations of 4 wheat crosses

Singh, S.; Singh, R.B., 1976:
Triple test cross analysis in 2 wheat crosses

Tripathi I.D.; Singh M., 1983:
Triple test cross analysis in 3 barley populations under saline alkali soil conditions

Singh S.; Dhull R.S.; Mishra S.B., 1979:
Triple test cross analysis in f 2 populations of 4 barley crosses

Singh B.B.; Singh U.P.; Rai B.; Singh R.M., 1986:
Triple test cross analysis in f 2 populations of four promising crosses of field pea

Tripathi I.D.; Chandra S.; Singh M., 1986:
Triple test cross analysis in f 2 populations of two barley crosses

Singh I.P.; Singh S.; Pawar I.S., 1987:
Triple test cross analysis in three chickpea crosses

Werner C.P.; Dowker B.D.; Desouza D.C.; Setter A.P.; Crother T.C.; Horobin J.F., 1988:
Triple test cross predictions of the performance of recombinant inbred lines from a wide cross in onions allium cepa

Virk D.S.; Multani D.S.; Virk P.S.; Verma M.M.; Singh N.B. , 1986:
Triple testcross analysis of f 2 and irradiated f 2 derived lines of pisum sativum

Waugh, M.A.; Nayyar, K.C., 1977:
Triple tetracycline (Deteclo) in the treatment of chlamydial infection of the female genital tract

Chandler, J.R.; Tejada, F.J., 1981:
Triple therapy for advanced cancer of the head and neck

Mies G.; Bodsch W.; Paschen W.; Hossmann K.A., 1986:
Triple tracer autoradiography of cerebral blood flow glucose utilization and protein synthesis in rat brain

Guzmán-Toledano, R.; Ayala, A.; Zarate, A.; Jimenez, M., 1976:
Triple X female and Turner's syndrome offspring

Morse J.C.; Neboiss A., 1982:
Triplectides of australia insecta trichoptera leptoceridae

Ron-El, R.; Caspi, E.; Schreyer, P.; Weinraub, Z.; Arieli, S.; Goldberg, M.D., 1981:
Triplet and quadruplet pregnancies and management

Renaud, H.; Salle, B.; Berland, M.; Thoulon, J.M.; Magnin, P.; Monnet, P., 1979:
Triplet births. 24 cases collected over 10 years

Moore, T.A.; Montgomery, A.B.; Kwiram, A.L., 1976:
Triplet electronic structure and photo reactivity of 8 methoxy psoralen

Campa A.; Nassi L.; Cilento G., 1984:
Triplet energy transfer to chloroplasts from peroxidase generated excited aliphatic aldehydes

Chattopadhyay S.K.; Kumar C.V.; Das P.K., 1985:
Triplet excitation transfer involving beta ionone a kinetic study by laser flash photolysis

Land E.J.; Truscott T.G., 1979:
Triplet excited state of coumarin and 4 5 di hydro psoralen reaction with nucleic acid bases and amino acids

Bensasson, R.V.; Land, E.J.; Salet, C., 1978:
Triplet excited state of furo coumarins reaction with nucleic acid bases and amino acids

Bensasson, R.V.; Salet, C.; Land, E.J.; Ruston, F.A.P., 1980:
Triplet excited state of the 4'5' photo adduct of psoralen and thymine

Syrop, C.H.; Varner, M.W., 1985:
Triplet gestation: maternal and neonatal implications

Nagano, K., 1977:
Triplet information in helix prediction applied to the analysis of super secondary structures

Vaseml H.; Den Blanken H.J.; Dijkman J.T.; Hoff A.J.; Amesz J., 1984:
Triplet minus singlet absorbance difference spectra of reaction centers and antenna pigments of the green photosynthetic bacterium prosthecochloris aestuarii

Lous E.J.; Hoff A.J., 1986:
Triplet minus singlet absorbance difference spectra of reaction centers of rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides r 26 in the temperature range 24 290 kelvin measured by magneto optical differences spectroscopy

Michlewitz, H.; Kennedy, J.; Kawada, C.; Kennison, R., 1981:
Triplet pregnancies

Berg G.; Finnstrom O.; Selbing A., 1983:
Triplet pregnancies in linkoping sweden 1973 1981

Mashiach, S.; Ben-Rafael, Z.; Dor, J.; Serr, D.M., 1981:
Triplet pregnancy in uterus didelphys with delivery interval of 72 days

Bensasson R.V.; Chalvet O.; Land E.J.; Ronfard Haret J.C., 1984:
Triplet radical anion and radical cation spectra of furo coumarins

Keilmann F., 1986:
Triplet selective chemistry a possible cause of biological microwave sensitivity

Parlar H.; Baumann R.; Bahadir M.; Naturfos Z., 1982:
Triplet sensitized isomers of the insecticide thiodan

Adam, W.; Rodriguez, O.; Zinner, K., 1978:
Triplet singlet energy transfer parameters from tetra methyl 1 2 di oxetane chemi energized 9 10 di bromo anthracene fluorescence in polymer matrices

Vos K.; Lavalette D.; Visser A.J.W.G., 1987:
Triplet state kinetics of zinc porphyrin cytochrome c in micellar media measurement of intermicellar exchange rates

Lafferty, J.; Truscott, T.G., 1978:
Triplet state of proto porphyrin ix/

Rousslang K.W.; Thomasson J.M.; Ross J.B.A.; Kwiram A.L., 1979:
Triplet state of tryptophan in proteins part 2 differentiation between tryptophan residues 62 and 108 in lysozyme

Das P.K.; Becker R.S., 1979:
Triplet state photo physical properties and inter system crossing quantum efficiencies of homologues of retinals in various solvents

Hershberger M.V.; Maki A.H., 1980:
Triplet state properties of the methyl mercury ii tyrosine complex

Takahashi Y.; Katoh S., 1984:
Triplet states in a photosystem i reaction center complex inhibition of radical pair recombination by bipyridinium dyes and naphthoquinones

Bensasson, R.; Land, E.J.; Maudinas, B., 1976:
Triplet states of carotenoids from photosynthetic bacteria studied by nanosecond uv and electron pulse irradiation

Shuvalov V.A.; Parson W.W., 1981:
Triplet states of monomeric bacterio chlorophyll in vitro and of bacterio chlorophyll dimers in antenna and reaction center complexes

Yamanashi, B.S.; Zuclich, J.A., 1978:
Triplet states of tryptophan n formyl kynurenine and uv irradiated lens proteins

Lutz M.; Chinsky L.; Turpin P., 1982:
Triplet states on carotenoids bound to reaction centers of photosynthetic bacteria time resolved resonance raman spectroscopy

Frank H.A.; Chadwick B.W.; O.J.J.; Gust D.; Moore T.A.; Liddell P.A.; Moore A.L.; Makings L.R.; Cogdell R.J., 1987:
Triplet triplet energy transfer in b800 850 light harvesting complexes of photosynthetic bacteria and synthetic carotenoporphyrin molecules investigated by esr

Ramachandran N.; Ghiron C.A., 1979:
Triplet triplet energy transfer in beta trypsin the role of the indole triplet in the uv induced photolysis of beta trypsin

Galley, W.C.; Stryer, L., 1968:
Triplet triplet energy transfer in proteins as a criterion of proximity bovine enz carbonic anhydrase enz alpha chymotrypsin

Danesino C.; Gimelli G.; Cuoco C.; Ciccone M.O., 1981:
Triplex gene dosage effect for beta glucuronidase and possible assignment to band q 22 in a partial duplication 7q

Redman, J.F., 1976:
Triplicate ureter with contralateral ureteral duplication

Dagan D.; Adams W.B., 1981:
Triplicated bursting neuron r 15 in an aplysia californica abdominal ganglion nonsymmetrical coupling common synaptic inputs and response to dopamine

Wirschubsky Z.; Wiener F.; Spira J.; Sumegi J.; Klein G., 1984:
Triplication of 1 chromosome 15 with an altered c myc containing eco r i fragment and elimination of the normal homologue in a t cell lymphoma line of akr origin tikaut

Townes T.M.; Fitzgerald M.C.; Lingrel J.B., 1984:
Triplication of 4 gene set during evolution of the goat beta globin locus produced 3 genes now expressed differentially during development

Rinaldi, A.; Velivasakis, M.; Latte, B.; Filippi, G.; Siniscalco, M., 1978:
Triplo x constitution of mother explains apparent occurrence of 2 recombinants in sibship segregating at 2 closely x linked loci glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase and deutan

Goldstein P., 1984:
Triplo x hermaphrodite of caenorhabditis elegans pachytene karyotype analysis synaptonemal complexes and pairing mechanisms

Manchester S.R., 1979:
Triplochitioxylon oregonensis new genus new species sterculiaceae wood from the eocene of oregon usa and its bearing on xylem evolution in the extant genus triplochiton

Krikken J., 1987:
Triplognatha new genus and phonopleurus moser two remarkable diplognathine genera from africa coleoptera cetoniidae

Ueda T.; Ojima Y.; Sato R.; Fukuda Y., 1984:
Triploid hybrids between female rainbow trout salmo gairdneri and male brook trout salvelinus fontinalis

Dawley R.M.; Graham J.H.; Schultz R.J., 1985:
Triploid progeny of pumpkinseed lepomis gibbosus x green sunfish lepomis cyanellus hybrids

Arai K.; Naito F.; Fujino K., 1986:
Triploidization of the pacific abalone haliotis discus hannai with temperature and pressure treatments

Taylor N.L.; Wiseman E.O., 1987:
Triploids and tetraploids from 4x 2x crosses in red clover

Haufler C.H.; Windham M.D.; Britton D.M.; Robinson S.J., 1985:
Triploidy and its evolutionary significance in cystopteris protrusa

Camus M.; Lefebvre G.; Choukroun J.B.; Pons J.C.; Darbois Y., 1986:
Triploidy and mole two cases that continued to the second trimester of pregnancy

Jaffrezo, M.; Bassoullet, J.P.; Chabrier, G.; Fourcade, E., 1978:
Triploporella sarda? new species of dasycladaceae valanginian sardinia italy

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Tritiated carbohydrate tracers currently used in the research of the skeletal dental system

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Tritiated dihydrotetrabenazine binding to bovine striatal synaptic vesicles

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Tritiated diltiazem binding to calcium channel antagonists recognition sites in rat cerebral cortex

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Tritiated dob 4 bromo 2 5 dimethoxyphenylisopropylamine labels a guanyl nucleotide sensitive state of cortical 5 ht 2 receptors

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Tritiated domperidone labels only a single population of receptors which convert from high to low affinity for dopamine in rat brain

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Tritiated estradiol in catecholamine neurons of rat brain stem combined localization by auto radiography and formaldehyde induced fluorescence

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Tritiated estradiol incorporation into the elements of tanicytic and ciliary ependyma of the iii ventricle of the brain in experiments in vitro

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Tritiated estradiol metabolism by 18 day rat interstitial cells in culture and the effect of fsh presence of 16 alpha hydroxylase

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Tritiated estradiol uptake and retention by target tissues of light sterilized female rats

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Tritiated etorphine levels in central nervous system of tolerant and nontolerant rats

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Tritiated flunitrazepam binding in the presence of beta phenethylamine and its metabolites

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Tritiated flunitrazepam its advantages as a ligand for the identification of benzodiazepine receptors in rat brain membranes

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Tritiated fluorescein binding to normal human plasma proteins

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Tritiated fluphenazine binding to brain membranes simultaneous measurement of d 1 and d 2 receptor sites

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Tritiated forskolin binding and tritiated dihydroalprenolol binding sites and adenylate cyclase activity in heart of rats fed diets containing different oils

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Tritiated forskolin direct photoaffinity labeling of the erythrocyte d glucose transporter

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Tritiated gamma aminobutyric acid binding in the cerebellum of the reeler murine mutant

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Tritiated gbr 12935 binding in vivo im mouse brain labelling of a piperazine acceptor site

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Tritiated heparin and anti thrombin iii in the isolated liver perfusion

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Tritiated hexadecyl platelet activating factor

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Tritiated imipramine binding sites in platelets of hospitalized psychiatric patients

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Tritiated methotrexate loss from the rat brain following enhanced uptake by osmotic opening of the blood brain barrier

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Tritiated mk 801 labels a site on the n methyl d aspartate receptor channel complex in rat brain membranes

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Tritiated muscimol photolabels the gamma aminobutyric acid receptor binding site on a peptide subunit distinct from that labeled with benzodiazepines

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Tritiated myo inositol uptake in rat cortical slices identification of sodium dependent and sodium independent systems

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Tritiated n 1 2 benzo b thiophenylcyclohexylpiperidine tritiated btcp a new phencyclidine analog selective for the dopamine uptake complex

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Tritiated n methylcarbamylcholine a new radioligand specific for nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in brain

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Tritiated nitrendipine binding and potassium chloride induced calcium uptake in rat cortical synaptosomes

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Tritiated nitrendipine receptors as markers of a class of putative voltage sensitive calcium channels in normal human skeletal muscle and in muscle from duchenne muscular dystrophy patients

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Tritiated noradrenaline outflow induced from isolated adventitia and intima media of rabbit aorta by electrical field stimulation

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Tritiated noradrenaline release from rabbit pulmonary artery sodium pump dependent sodium calcium exchange

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Tritiated noradrenaline releasing action of vinpocetine in the isolated main pulmonary artery of the rabbit

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Tritiated norepinephrine release from hippocampal slices is an in vitro biochemical tool for investigating the pharmacological properties of excitatory amino acid receptors

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Tritiated norepinephrine release in hypothalamus and brainstem of dahl salt sensitive and resistant rats in vitro

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Tritiated ouabain binding to leukemic cells and intralymphocytic sodium content in chronic lymphocytic leukemia no evidence for alterations of the sodium potassium pump

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Tritiated ouabain localization of sodium potassium atpase in the epithelium of rabbit ciliary body pars plicata

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Tritiated peptides part 16. synthesis of tritiated tyrosine 8 physalaemin

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Tritiated phenamil a radiolabeled diuretic for the analysis of the amiloride sensitive sodium channels in kidney membranes

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Tritiated phosphatidic acid formed in response to fmlp is not inhibited by r 59 022 a diacylglycerol kinase inhibitor

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Tritiated pirenzepine binding in rat corpus striatum decreases after hemitransection of the nigro striatal pathway

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Tritiated platinum antitumor agents containing the trans racemic 1 2 diaminocyclohexane carrier ligand

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Tritiated proline study of aging periodontal ligament matrix formation comparison between matrices adjacent to either cemental or bone surfaces

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Tritiated protein secretion in rat parotid gland substance p beta adrenergic synergism

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Tritiated raffinose a novel radioactive label for determining organ sites of catabolism of proteins in the circulation

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Tritiated rauwolscine binding to alpha 2 adrenoceptors in the mammalian kidney apparent receptor heterogeneity between species

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Tritiated rauwolscine binding to myometrial alpha 2 adrenoceptors in pregnant guinea pig

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Tritiated ro 15 1788 binding to benzodiazepine receptors in mouse brain in vivo marked enhancement by gaba agonists and other cns drugs

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Tritiated ro 16 6491 a selective probe for affinity labelling of monoamine oxidase type b in human brain and platelet membranes

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Tritiated ru 38486 17 beta hydroxy 21 methyl 11 beta 4 dimethylaminophenyl 19 nor 4 9 pregnadien 20 yn 3 one characterization of binding sites in human uterine cytosol

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Tritiated sch 23390 binding sites in the rat substantia nigra evidence for a presynaptic localization and innervation by dopamine

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Tritiated sch 23390 binding sites increase after chronic blockade of d 1 dopamine receptors

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Tritiated sch 23390 binding to d 1 dopamine receptors in human brain

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Tritiated sch 23390 binding to human putamen d 1 dopamine receptors stereochemical and structure affinity relationships among 1 phenyl 1h 3 benzazepine derivatives as a guide to d 1 receptor topography

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Tritiated sch 23390 identifies d 1 binding sites in rat striatum and other brain areas

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Tritiated serotonin release an improved method to measure mast cell de granulation

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Tritiated spiperone binding in platelet membranes a possible biological marker for schizophrenia

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Tritiated spiperone binding in the mouse brain after its intraperitoneal injection

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Tritiated spiperone binding in the rat striatum during the development of physical dependence on phencyclidine and after withdrawal

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Tritiated spiperone binding to lymphocyte in extrapyramidal disease and in aging

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Tritiated spiperone binds selectively to rat striatal d 2 dopamine receptors in vivo a kinetic and pharmacological analysis

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Tritiated spiroperidol binding in rat striatum 2 high affinity sites of differing selectivities

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Tritiated spiroperidol binding sites in blood platelets

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Tritiated spiroperidol binding to dopamine receptors in rat striatal membranes influence of loxapine and its hydroxylated metabolites

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Tritiated spiroperidol labels dopamine receptors in pituitary and brain

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Tritiated spiroperidol spiperone binding sites in rat adrenal glomerulosa cells

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Tritiated spiroperidol spiperone binding to a putative dopamine receptor in sheep and steer pituitary and stalk median eminence

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Tritiated spiroxatrine a 5 ht 1a radioligand with agonist binding properties

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Tritiated spiroxatrine labels a serotonin 1a like site in the rat hippocampus

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Tritiated sucrose compartments in frog skeletal muscle relative to sarcoplasmic reticulum

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Tritiated sulpiride labels mesolimbic non dopaminergic sites that bind antidepressant drugs

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Tritiated taurine binding on a cardiac sarcoplasmic fraction from rats rabbits and pigs

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Tritiated tcp binding sites in alzheimer's disease

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Tritiated tert butylbicycloorthobenzoate new radioligand probe for the gamma aminobutyric acid regulated chloride ionophore

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Tritiated testosterone distribution and binding in rat thymus cells in vivo

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Tritiated tetracaine binding on rat synaptosomes and sodium channels

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Tritiated tetrodotoxin binding in neuronal and non neuronal spinal cord cultures

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Tritiated thienylphencyclidine binds to two different sites in rat brain localization by autoradiographic and biochemical techniques

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Tritiated thr 4 gly 7 oxytocin a highly selective ligand for central and peripheral ot receptors

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Tritiated thymidine auto radiographic study of the effects of inferior alveolar nerve resection on the proliferative compartments of the mouse incisor formative tissues

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Tritiated thymidine auto radiography of cerebro spinal fluid cells in primary reticulum cell sarcoma of the brain

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Tritiated thymidine auto radiography of the cerebro spinal fluid cells in cases of nonneoplastic disease

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Tritiated thymidine autoradiography and cytophotometric analysis of needle aspirates from human tumors during radiation therapy endocrine therapy and chemotherapy

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Tritiated thymidine incorporation and cell mediated lympho lysis as correlates of acute graft vs host reaction

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Tritiated thymidine incorporation and dna synthesis in funaria hygrometrica

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Tritiated thymidine incorporation into canine cyclic hematopoietic bone marrow in vitro

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Tritiated thymidine incorporation into mammary carcinoma cells obtained by needle aspiration before and during endocrine therapy

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Tritiated thymidine incorporation into the micro spores and pollen grain nuclei in excised tradescantia bracteata stamens

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Tritiated thymidine incorporation under in vivo and in vitro conditions in tissues of mice and rats human liver

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Tritiated thymidine labeled blood cells in the central nervous system response to axotomies at various times after isotope injection

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Tritiated thymidine labeled colonic epithelial cells and mucosa in mice and man

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Tritiated thymidine labeled mast cells in mice treated with 20 methyl cholanthrene proliferation of precursor cells their transformation into mast cells and migration of the latter

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Tritiated thymidine labeling in vitro of human cancer of the breast counting error and sampling error

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Tritiated thymidine labeling index and responses in human breast cancer

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Tritiated thymidine labeling index measurement of immunoglobulin containing cells by combination of autoradiography with peroxidase antiperoxidase method

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Tritiated thymidine labeling kinetics of peripheral blood lymphocytes in adult thymectomized mice

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Tritiated thymidine labeling of astrocytes in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis

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