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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6845

Chapter 6845 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ando, M.; Kataoka, N.; Yasunami, M.; Takase, K.; Hirata, N.; Yanagi, Y., 1987: Tropolone derivatives as synthetic intermediates 1. a novel synthetic method of the octahydro 2h cyclohepta b furan 2 one derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844001

Hayden J.M., 1987: Tropomyosin distinguishes between the two actin binding sites of villin and affects actin binding properties of other brush border proteins

Baker H., 1987: Tropomyosin from human erythrocyte membrane polymerizes poorly but binds f actin effectively in the presence and absence of spectrin

Anderson N.L., 1984: Tropomyosin heterogeneity in human cells

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844005

Burbeck S., 1986: Tropomyosin isoform switching in tumorigenic human fibroblasts

Chou C S., 1985: Tropomyosin isoforms in chicken embryo fibroblasts purification characterization and changes in rous sarcoma virus transformed cells

Chou T.M T., 1985: Tropomyosin lysine reactivities and relationship to coiled coil structure

Asakura S., 1987: Tropomyosin reverses cross linking of f actin with microtubule associated protein 2

Graceffa, P.; Lehrer, S. S., 1986: Tropomyosin's end to end polymerization is irreversibly lost on exposure to urea or cyanate

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844011

Cohen C., 1982: Troponin and its interactions with tropo myosin an electron microscope study

Ueno, H.; Ooi, T., 1977: Troponin binding region of tropo myosin

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844014

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844015

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844016

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844017

Gergely J., 1985: Troponin c mediated calcium sensitive changes in the conformation of troponin i detected by pyrene excimer fluorescence

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844019

Gusev N.B., 1981: Troponin from bovine heart isolation and study of cation binding properties using a 3 di methylamino naphtheurhodine fluorescent probe

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844021

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844022

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844023

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844024

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844025

Sharma S.K., 1984: Troponin is unlikely to occur in bovine and chick fore brain

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844027

Gusev, N. B.; Dobrovol'skii, A. B., 1976: Troponin phosphorylation facts hypotheses and proposals

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844029

Smillie L.B., 1987: Troponin t and glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase share a common antigenic determinant

Pearlstone, J. C.; Smillie, L. B., 1978: Troponin t fragments physical properties and binding to troponin c

Eisenberg, E.; Kielley, W. W., 1974: Troponin tropo myosin complex column chromatographic separation and activity of the 3 active troponin components with and without tropo myosin present

Lehrer S.S., 1984: Troponin tropo myosin interactions fluorescence studies of the binding of troponin troponin t and chymotryptic troponin t fragments to specifically labeled tropo myosin

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844034

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844035

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844036

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844037

Kownacka L., 1988: Tropospheric and stratospheric distributions of radioactive iodine and cesium after the chernobyl russian sfsr ussr accident

Allen R.J., 1988: Tropospheric background measurements of trichlorofluoromethane methyl chloroform and carbon tetrachloride at cape point south africa and their long term trends

Mehrabzadeh A.A., 1984: Tropospheric free radical determination by fluorescence assay with gas expansion

Graedel, T. E.; Allara, D. L., 1976: Tropospheric halo carbons estimates of atmospheric chemical production

Farmer J.C., 1988: Tropospheric latitudinal distributions of dichlorodifluoromethane trichlorofluoromethane nitrous oxide 1 1 1 trichloroethane and carbon tetrachloride over the remote pacific ocean

Nizota C., 1982: Tropospheric origin of quartz in ando soils and red yellow soils on basalts japan

Singh, H. B.; Ludwig, F. L.; Johnson, W. B., 1978: Tropospheric ozone concentrations and variabilities in clean remote atmospheres

Barnett S.D., 1986: Tropylium tetrafluoroborate a novel substrate for aldehyde oxidase

Vilensky J.A., 1980: Trot gallop transition in a macaque macaca mulatta

Larmande P., 1988: Trouble with reading braille due to a right lesion in a patient who became blind

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844048

Sihelnik S.A., 1984: Troubleshooting the mal functioning scott artificial urinary sphincter

Mitchell A.L., 1988: Troublesome and disruptive behaviors in dementia relationships to diagnosis and disease severity

Bosman, B. T., 1978: Troublesome or harmful insects in and about buildings in 1977

Atyeo, W. T.; Peterson, P. C., 1977: Trouessartiidae new status with the description of a new genus acarina analgoidea

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844053

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844054

Leitritz, E.; Lewis, R. C., 1976: Trout and salmon culture hatchery method

Laerum O.D., 1987: Trout and salmon erythrocytes and human leukocytes as internal standards for ploidy control in flow cytometry

Roff J.C., 1986: Trout biomass and habitat relationships in southern ontario canada streams

Schumacher H., 1987: Trout farms causing disturbance in the natural stream continuum

Nebert D.W., 1988: Trout p450ia1 complementary dna and deduced protein sequence expression in liver and evolutionary significance

Koenig, J., 1976: Trout pigmentation

Allan, J. D., 1978: Trout predation and the size composition of stream drift

Scarnecchia, D. L.; Bergersen, E. P., 1987: Trout production and standing crop in colorado's small streams as related to environmental features

Wolff B.R., 1984: Trout red blood cells treated with proteases fuse when placed on glass slides

Amil M.R., 1987: Trout salmo gairdneri liver 5 aminolevulinate synthetase subcellular distribution and properties

Avramova, Z.; Uschewa, A.; Stephanova, E.; Tsanev, R., 1983: Trout salmo irideus sperm chromatin 1. biochemical and immunological study of the protein composition

Tsanev, R.; Avramova, Z., 1983: Trout salmo irideus sperm chromatin 2. ultrastructural aspects after salt dissociation of proteins

Muzik V., 1980: Trout salmo trutta f fario population in the brook mostenica czechoslovakia

Loir M., 1988: Trout sertoli and leydig cells isolation separation and culture

Billard R., 1987: Trout sperm motility the transient movement of trout sperm is related to changes in the concentration of atp following the activation of the flagellar movement

Louie, A. J.; Dixon, G. H., 1972: Trout testis cells part 1 characterization by dna and protein analysis of cells separated by velocity sedimentation

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844072

Candido, E. P. M.; Dixon, G. H., 1972: Trout testis cells part 3 acetylation of histones in different cell types from developing trout testis

Olson K.R., 1986: Trout vascular and renal responses to atrial natriuretic factor and heart extracts

Soltero R.A., 1983: Trout zoo plankton relationships in medical lake washington usa following restoration by aluminum sulfate treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844076

Steiner W.E.Jr, 1981: Trox gordoni new species from peru with notes on the biology and distribution of trox aricensis coleoptera scarabaeidae

Pittino R., 1983: Trox granulipennis and allied taxa with 2 new species from the mediterranean area coleoptera trogidae coleoptera scarabaeoidea 25

Ratcliffe B.C., 1983: Trox hamatus troginae using a canthon scarabaeinae brood ball and new records of north american trox coleoptera scarabaeidae

Ross S.B., 1984: Troxonium like inhibitors of the high affinity uptake of choline in mouse brain synaptosomes in vitro

Yanofsky C., 1982: Trp apo repressor production is controlled by autogenous regulation and inefficient translation

Somerville R.L., 1984: Trp holo repressor trp operator interaction studied by protein distribution analysis

Davies D.S., 1987: Trp p 2 is not detectable in cooked meat and fish

Yanofsky C., 1988: Trp repressor interactions with the trp aroh and trpr operators comparison of repressor binding in vitro and repression in vivo

Somerville R., 1981: Trp repressor protein controls its own structural gene

Somerville R., 1983: Trp repressor protein is capable of intruding into other amino acid biosynthetic systems

Armas Merino R., 1985: Tru cut and menghini needles different yield in the histological diagnosis of liver disease

Lewall D., 1981: Tru cut needle biopsy of abdominal tumors in children a safe and diagnostic procedure

Alderete M.A., 1986: Tru cut needle biopsy of the breast an analysis of its specificity and sensitivity

Hoover R., 1985: Truck driving and bladder cancer mortality in rural new england usa

Tukiainen, P.; Taskinen, E.; Korhola, O.; Valle, M., 1978: Trucut needle biopsy in asbestosis and silicosis correlation of histological changes with radiographic changes and pulmonary function in 41 patients

Kistler J.P., 1983: True 3 dimensional nmr neuro imaging in ischemic stroke correlation of nmr x ray computed tomography and pathology

Dorrell H.G., 1980: True amino acid availability values for soybean meal and tower and candle rapeseed and rapeseed meals determined in 2 laboratories

Royston, D.; Wilkes, R. G., 1978: True anaphylaxis to suxamethonium chloride a case report

Tejerina A.F., 1985: True and adsorbed charges in passive membranes surface charge density and ionic selectivity of several microporous membranes

Sell J.L., 1980: True and apparent metabolizable energy value of fat for laying hens influence of level of use

Sibbald, I. R.; Price, K., 1977: True and apparent metabolizable energy values for poultry of canadian wheats and oats measured by bioassay and predicted from physical and chemical data

Steele P.D., 1984: True and apparent retention of nutrients in hamburger patties made from beef or beef extended with 3 different soy proteins

Grenier B., 1985: True and false agreement ratios between two qualitative tests

Martin, R. H.; Almond, C. H.; Saab, S.; Watson, L. E., 1977: True and false aneurysms of the left ventricle following myo cardial infarction

Lensen W.F.J., 1979: True and false avascular areas in carotid angiography

Manelfe C., 1980: True and false fenestration of the vertebral artery

Toyama, S.; Suzuki, K., 1976: True and false left anterior hemi block vector cardiographic study

Vlodaver, Z.; Coe, J. I.; Edwards, J. E., 1975: True and false left ventricular aneurysms propensity for the latter to rupture

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844106

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844107

Scott D.F., 1983: True aneurysm formation in femoro popliteal autogenous vein bypass grafts 2 cases

Devittorio A.A., 1986: True aneurysm of the abdominal aorta due to blunt trauma

Wyche D., 1987: True aneurysm of the profunda femoris artery literature review differential diagnosis management

Lee, B. Y.; Kim, K. K.; Madden, J. L., 1977: True aneurysm of the radial artery report of a case with long term follow up

Baccaglini U., 1980: True aneurysms late complication of re vascularization operations on the femoro popliteal tract

Boni C., 1985: True aneurysms of the aorta in a series of 29536 autopsies in turin italy

Hage Made A., 1987: True appendicular calculi

Inoue K., 1987: True bilateral hermaphroditism in a cocker spaniel dog

Epstein C.M., 1979: True checkerboard pattern reversal with light emitting diodes

Grant D.J.W., 1986: True density and thermal expansivity of pharmaceutical solids comparison of methods and assessment of crystallinity

Riding, R. T., 1976: True dichotomies in seedlings of pinus radiata

Ishiguri T., 1987: True digestibility of cell contents in cool season forages

Stanley P., 1980: True diverticulum of the right ventricle 2 cases associated with tetralogy of fallot

Van Bockxmeer F.M., 1985: True exfoliation of the lens capsule a clinicopathological report

Bruchwald, A.; Grochowski, J., 1978: True form factor of stems in pine stands

Dahlberg J.E., 1984: True genes for human u 1 small nuclear rna copy number polymorphism and methylation

Covert H.H., 1983: True grit a micro wear experiment

Andrade A.C., 1988: True hallucinations as a culturally sanctioned experience

Radhakrishnan, S.; Sivaraman, L.; Natarajan, P. S., 1978: True hermaphrodite with multiple gonadal neoplasms report of a case with cyto genetic study

Migeon C.J., 1982: True hermaphroditism

Job J.C., 1986: True hermaphroditism

Slonim A., 1980: True hermaphroditism a rational approach to diagnosis and treatment

Aguzzi A., 1988: True hermaphroditism diagnosis and surgical treatment

Wolf L.M., 1985: True hermaphroditism from female to male endocrine status

Mathew J., 1980: True hermaphroditism in a pig

Rieck G.W., 1985: True hermaphroditism in a pregnant sow with a 39 xx 14 plus mosaic

De Sy W.A., 1982: True hermaphroditism with hydrocolpos

Streiff F., 1980: True hermaphroditism with mosaic xx xy and doubled population of red blood cells

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844136

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844137

Yaginuma T., 1988: True hermaphroditism without demonstration of existence of gonads

Shirakawa S., 1980: True histiocytic lymphoma

Bishop C., 1983: True histiocytic lymphoma 4 cases

Wang Y., 1985: True histiocytic lymphoma morphologic enzyme histochemical and immunologic study

Ziady F., 1986: True idiopathic splenomegaly a distinct clinical entity

Davies, A.; Wise, J. C. M., 1978: True integrator with automatic reset

Metzger, C. C.; Chough, C. B.; Kroetz, F. W.; Leonard, J. J., 1970: True isovolumic contraction time its correlation with 2 external indexes of ventricular performance

Nielsen H.V., 1987: True knot formation on an internal digital stent bard coil stent

Chasnoff, I. J.; Fletcher, M. A., 1977: True knot of the umbilical cord

Byers R.M., 1986: True malignant mixed tumors carcinosarcoma of salivary glands

Brown R.D.Jr, 1981: True metabolizable energy and amino acid digestibility of de hulled soybean meal

Salmon R.E., 1984: True metabolizable energy and total and available amino acids of cultivars candle altex and regent canola meals

Depauw R.M., 1987: True metabolizable energy and total and available amino acids of hy320 and neepawa spring wheats

Kellems R., 1982: True metabolizable energy value of hydrolyzed pacific whiting merluccius productus as determined with gelatin capsules in roosters

Sibbald, I. R.; Price, K., 1976: True metabolizable energy values for poultry of canadian barleys measured by bioassay and predicted from physical and chemical data

Slinger S.J., 1981: True metabolizable energy values of a number of feedingstuffs and complete diets as determined in 2 laboratories

Parsons C.M., 1983: True metabolizable energy values of cassava manihot esculenta tuber and leaf meals for poultry

Arscott G.H., 1981: True metabolizable energy values of corn and different cultivars of wheat and barley using normal and dwarf single comb white leghorn roosters

Afanador T.G., 1983: True metabolizable energy values of some ingredients used in poultry nutrition in ecuador

Erasmus J., 1981: True metabolizable energy with nitrogen corrections to improve additivity in poultry diets

Bliss B.A., 1982: True metabolizing energy corrected to nitrogen equilibrium

Vela G.R., 1981 : True morphology of the azotobacteriaceae filterable bacteria

Barraine R., 1986: True or false aneurysm of the interatrial septum revealed by two cerebral embolic accidents

De Vrijer P.W.F., 1987: True parthenogenesis for the first time demonstrated in planthoppers homoptera delphacidae

Vivares C.P., 1982: True plasmodial forms exist in bonamia ostreae a pathogen of the european flat oyster ostrea edulis

Cardia E., 1985: True precocious puberty a long term complication in children with shunted non tumoral hydrocephalus

Chavarria Salgado L., 1984: True precocious puberty and familial neuro fibromatosis

Et Al, 1984: True precocious puberty complicating congenital adrenal hyperplasia treatment with a lhrh analog

Riccardi R., 1980: True precocious puberty diagnostic and therapeutic problems

Sato H., 1984: True precocious puberty due to hypothalamic hamartoma endocrinological cure by surgical removal a case

Lang C.M., 1979: True pregnancy toxemia pre eclampsia in the guinea pig cavia porcellus

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844170

Fukuchi S., 1985: True renin in human pituitary tissue

Rochaix J D., 1985: True reversion of a mutation in the chloroplast gene encoding the large subunit of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase in chlamydomonas reinhardii

Favre Bonvin J., 1986: True structure of triumboidin a flavone glycoside from triumfetta rhomboidea

Watanabe, I.; Kasai, M.; Suzuki, S., 1978: True teratoma of the liver report of a case and review of the literature

Mordy M., 1981: True traumatic aneurysm of the proximal part of the brachial artery without osteo articular lesions a rare condition

Trentalance A., 1985: True uncoupling between cholesterol synthesis and 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase in an early stage of liver regeneration

Copeland A.R., 1986: True vehicular homicide

Buschinger, A.; Winter, U., 1978: True workers fertile workers and sterile host females in colonies of the dulotic ant harpagoxenus sublaevis hymenoptera formicidae

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844180

Bliss, L. C., 1977: Truelove lowland devon island canada a high arctic ecosystem

Lazzari G., 1987: Truffles from the puberulum group present in the apennines of reggio emilia italy

De Vries G.A., 1981: Truffles in the flevo polders the netherlands

Hezel F.X., 1987: Truk micronesia suicide epidemic and social change

Sanft H., 1987: Truly incidental encoding of frequency information

Gavurin E.I., 1979: Truly random control group in pavlovian conditioning of planaria dugesia dorotocephala

Ferrazzi P., 1988: Trumpet creeper

Oviatt C.G., 1986: Trumpeter swan cygnus buccinator from the pleistocene of utah usa

Protera A., 1982: Truncal ataxia in chronic anti convulsant treatment association with drug induced folate deficiency

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844190

Anderson J.A.D., 1987: Truncal stress measurement during manual handling

Calvo-Zapata, M.; Zarapico-Romero, M., 1986: Truncal vagectomy and estrogens in ulcer experimental study

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844193

Remine W.H., 1980: Truncal vagotomy and resection in the treatment of duodenal ulcer

Levine B.A., 1983: Truncal vascular injury factors influencing survival

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844196

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844197

Ehring R., 1988: Truncated forms of escherichia coli lactose permease models for study of biosynthesis and membrane insertion

Eckhart W., 1985: Truncated forms of the polyomavirus middle t antigen can substitute for the small t antigen in lytic infection

Coffin J.M., 1985: Truncated gag related proteins are produced by large deletion mutants of rous sarcoma virus and form virus particles

Klein G., 1982: Truncated mu chain in a burkitts lymphoma line p 3hr 1 and its fate in various hemapoietic somatic cell hybrids

Marks, R.; Bosma, M. J., 1985: Truncated mu mu' chains in murine immunoglobulin m evidence that mu' chains lack variable regions

Eden F.C., 1985: Truncated repeated sequences generated by recombination in a specific region

Et Al, 1988: Truncated variants of apolipoprotein b cause hypobetalipoproteinemia

Wolf H., 1987: Truncated versions of the two major epstein barr viral glycoproteins gp250 350 are secreted by recombinant chinese hamster ovary cells

Lehr J.L., 1983: Truncated view artifacts clinical importance on computed tomography

Haughton V.M., 1987: Truncation artifact in mr images of the internal auditory canal

Haughton V.M., 1988: Truncation artifact in mr images of the intervertebral disk

Polack, A.; Eick, D.; Koch, E.; Bornkamm, G. W., 1987: Truncation does not abrogate transcriptional downregulation of the c myc gene by sodium butyrate in burkitt's lymphoma cells

Rabbitts T.H., 1985: Truncation of exon 1 from the c myc gene results in prolonged c myc messenger rna stability

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844211

Reddy E.P., 1986: Truncation of the c myb gene by a retroviral integration in an interleukin 3 dependent myeloid leukemia cell line

Hassan, R. E. K., 1977: Truncorotaloides libyaensis new species of planktonic foraminifer from jabal al akhdar libya

Grenier J.F., 1980: Truncular vagotomy in the surgical management of bleeding duodenal ulcer 50 cases

Willis A.C., 1987: Trunculins a and b norsesterterpene cyclic peroxides from a marine sponge latrunculia brevis

Bargeron L.M.Jr, 1983: Truncus arteriosus an anatomical angiographic study

Radford D.J., 1985: Truncus arteriosus and facial dysmorphism

Iemura J., 1987: Truncus arteriosus associated with interrupted aortic arch a successful one stage operative case of 98 day old infants

Calder, L.; Van-Praagh, R.; Van-Praagh, S.; Sears, W. P.; Corwin-Rlevy, A.; Keith, J. D.; Paul, M. H., 1976: Truncus arteriosus communis clinical angio cardiographic and pathologic findings in 100 patients

Budisavljevic B., 1980: Truncus arteriosus communis persistent differential diagnosis

Angelini, P.; Verdugo, A.; Illera, J. P.; Leachman, R. D., 1977: Truncus arteriosus communis unusual case associated with transposition

Lev M., 1979: Truncus arteriosus communis with intact ventricular septum

Et Al, 1980: Truncus arteriosus in a 31 year old man with severe obstructive pulmonary vascular disease a case of successful surgical correction

Hutchins G.M., 1980: Truncus arteriosus malformation a spectrum including 4th and 6th aortic arch interruptions

Mee R.B.B., 1985: Truncus arteriosus surgical approach

Mair D.D., 1985: Truncus arteriosus with single pulmonary artery influence of pulmonary vascular obstructive disease on early and late operative results

Mair, D. D.; Ritter, D. G.; Danielson, G. K.; Wallace, R. B.; Mcgoon, D. C., 1977: Truncus arteriosus with unilateral absence of a pulmonary artery criteria for operability and surgical results

Verdonk R., 1982: Trunk asymmetries in a belgian school population

Wittig R., 1987: Trunk base phenomena in italian beech forests a comparison with central european conditions

Hedenstrom A., 1984: Trunk circumference in oak quercus robur lime tilia cordata pine tree pinus sylvestris and spruce picea abies on ekenon island sweden 1928 1983

Haugh L.D., 1987: Trunk extensor emg torque relationship

Banin A., 1982: Trunk implanted zinc bentonite as a source of zinc for apple malus spp cultivar golden delicious trees

Kassaby F.Y., 1981: Trunk infection of eucalyptus species by phytophthora cinnamomi a preliminary report

Storey J.B., 1986: Trunk injected ethephon as a potential harvest aid mechanism for pecans carya illinoensis

Williams C.F., 1985: Trunk injection of iron compounds as a treatment for overcoming iron chlorosis in apple trees malus domestica cultivar red delicious

Yagdyev A., 1980: Trunk insects of the principal plants of djillikum sand massif central kara kum turkmen ssr ussr

Lavender S.A., 1987: Trunk loading and expectation

Zomlefer M.R., 1984: Trunk movements in human loco motion

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844240

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844241

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844242

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844243

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844244

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844245

Warabi, T., 1978: Trunk ocular reflex in man

Chernenko Yu I., 1979: Trunk pests of the siberian larch in the southwestern part of the taimyr peninsula russian sfsr ussr

Schultz A.B., 1985: Trunk position sense in the frontal plane

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844249

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844250

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844251

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844252

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844253

Schultz A., 1982: Trunk strengths in structurally normal girls and girls with idiopathic scoliosis

Schiffhauer D.E., 1987: Trunk traps and overwintering predators in pecan orchards survey of species and emergence times

Sato K., 1988: Trust and group size in a social dilemma

Krasner B.F., 1980: Trust based therapy a contextual approach

Lindskold, S., 1978: Trust development the graduated and reciprocated initiatives in tension reduction proposal and the effects of conciliatory acts on conflict and cooperation

Heretick D.M.L., 1984: Trust suspicion and gender differences in interpersonal functioning

Kerewsky Halpern B., 1985: Trust talk and touch in balkan folk healing

Mindrup M., 1984: Trustworthiness of attitudinal and behavioral expressions a replication

Podlesny J.A., 1979: Truth and deception a reply to lykken

Burrow G.N., 1980: Truth and fancy in the management of the solitary thyroid nodule

Weiskrantz, L., 1977: Trying to bridge some neuro psychological gaps between monkey and man

Belaud, A.; Barthelemy, L.; Le-Saint, J.; Peyraud, C., 1976: Trying to explain an effect of per se hydrostatic pressure on heart rate in fish

Sutton S.R., 1985: Trying to stop smoking effects of perceived addiction attributions for failure and expectancy of success

Smead V.S., 1988: Trying too hard a correlate of eating related difficulties

Yaoeda H., 1985: Tryout of the equation of spherical aberration in human eyes

Dencker, L., 1977: Trypan blue accumulation in the embryonic gut of rats and mice during the teratogenic phase

Field, F. E.; Roberts, G.; Hallowes, R. C.; Palmer, A. K.; Williams, K. E.; Lloyd, J. B., 1977: Trypan blue identification and teratogenic and oncogenic activities of its colored constituents

Cavallo T., 1981: Trypan blue inhibition of complement receptor function on various cells

Guckian, J. C.; Christensen, W. D.; Fine, D. P., 1978: Trypan blue inhibits complement mediated phagocytosis by human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Forrest J.B., 1984: Trypan blue method for the identification of areas of damage to airway epithelium due to mechanical trauma

Beck F., 1982: Trypan blue teratogenesis in the rat further observations in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844277

Sacks D.L., 1980: Trypano tolerance in inbred mice an immunological basis for variation in susceptibility to infection with trypanosoma brucei

Cerami A., 1984: Trypanocidal 1 3 arylene di ketone bis guanyl hydrazones structure activity relationships among substituted and hetero cyclic analogs

Gehr P., 1983: Trypanocidal action of neuroleptic phenothiazines in trypanosoma brucei

Ponsford R.J., 1982: Trypanocidal activity and prophylaxis evaluation of a series of bis oxy di hydro triazines in mice

Williamson, J.; Scott-Finnigan, T. J., 1978: Trypanocidal activity of anti tumor antibiotics and other metabolic inhibitors

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844286

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844287

Nakae T., 1987: Trypanocidal activity of the stearylamine bearing liposome in vitro

Mclaren D.J.M., 1984: Trypanocidal and anti tumor activity of platinum metal and platinum metal drug dual function complexes

Raether, W.; Seidenath, H., 1976: Trypanocidal effect of diamidine 98 202 in experimental trypanosoma rhodesiense infection of the stump tailed macaque macaca arctoides

Ferrante A., 1985: Trypanolytic activity agglutinins and opsonins in sera from animals refractory to trypanosoma lewisi

Araguth M.F., 1987: Trypanolytic activity and antibodies to metacyclic trypomastigotes of trypanosoma cruzi in non chagasic human sera

Woo P.T.K., 1979: Trypanoplasma salmositica experimental infections in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Ozaki H., 1981: Trypanorhynchid cestode larva found on the human palatine tonsil

Jairajpuri D.S., 1982: Trypanosoma aligaricus new species from the fresh water murrel ophicephalus punctatus

Mello D.A., 1979: Trypanosoma amileari new species isolated from oryzomys eliurus rodentia cricetidae

Fahmy, M. A. M.; Abedl-Rahman, A. M.; Khalifa, R., 1978: Trypanosoma assiutis new species from the house mouse mus musculus with a comparative study on trypanosoma vespertilionis of the egyptian bat vesperugo kuhli

Ray R., 1987: Trypanosoma balithaensis new species from a pond water turtle lissemys punctata punctata bonnaterre and its development in the leech vector helobdella nociva harding

Jairajpuri D.S., 1983: Trypanosoma batrachi and its effect on the biochemical composition of the blood of clarias batrachus

Barbet A.F., 1986: Trypanosoma brucei a fluorescence and spin label study of the membranes of the bloodstream form

Herbert, W. J.; Lumsden, W. H. R., 1976: Trypanosoma brucei a rapid matching method for estimating the hosts parasitemia

Borst P., 1985: Trypanosoma brucei a surface antigen messenger rna is discontinuously transcribed from 2 distinct chromosomes

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844306

Van Melick A., 1985: Trypanosoma brucei analysis of relapsing populations in sensitive and resistant breeds of cattle

Slots, J. M. M.; Van-Miert, A. S. J. P. A. M.; Akkerman, J. W. N.; De-Gee, A. L. W., 1977: Trypanosoma brucei and trypanosoma vivax antigen antibody complexes as a cause of platelet serotonin release in vitro and in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844309

Hill G.C., 1981: Trypanosoma brucei biochemical and morphological changes during in vitro transformation of bloodstream trypomastigotes to procyclic trypomastigotes

Rifkin M.R., 1984: Trypanosoma brucei biochemical and morphological studies of cyto toxicity caused by normal human serum

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Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844313

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Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844961

Section 7, Chapter 6845, Accession 006844962

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