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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6846

Chapter 6846 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rubin C.S., 1984: Tryptic peptide mapping studies on the regulatory subunits of type ii protein kinases from cerebral cortex and heart evidence for overall structural divergence and differences in the auto phosphorylation and cyclic amp binding domains

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Brodie A.F., 1979: Tryptic proteolysis of coupling factor latent atpase from mycobacterium phlei theoretical modeling of structure function relationship

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845009

Hasnain, A. U., 1978: Tryptic susceptibility of acto myosin from sei whale balaenoptera borealis

Kellar, K. J.; Elliott, G. R.; Holman, R. B.; Vernikos-Danellis, J.; Barchas, J. D., 1976: Tryptoline inhibition of serotonin uptake in rat fore brain homogenates

Niven D.F., 1986: Trypton yeast extract broth as a culture medium for haemophilus pleuropneumoniae and haemophilus parasuis to be used as challenge inocula

Kraut J., 1988: Tryptophan 191 phenylalanine a proximal side mutation in yeast cytochrome c peroxidase that strongly affects the kinetics of ferrocytochrome c oxidation

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Bonkovsky H.L., 1988: Tryptophan 2 3 dioxygenase in chick embryo hepatocytes studies in ovo and in culture

Uzbekov M.G., 1986: Tryptophan 5 hydroxylase activity in rabbit brain synaptosomes at different periods after single injection of the opioid peptide tyrosyl d alanylglycylphenylalaninamide

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Siegel A., 1979: Tryptophan accumulation in brain during methiothepin induced enhancement of 5 hydroxy indole synthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845023

Stanley, J. C.; Nicholas, A. R.; Dickson, A. J.; Thompson, I. M.; Pogson, C. I., 1984: Tryptophan amino transferase ec activity in rat liver

Safdy, M. E.; Kurchacova, E.; Schut, R. N.; Vidrio, H.; Hong, E., 1982: Tryptophan analogs 1. synthesis and anti hypertensive activity of positional isomers

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Rybicka H., 1980: Tryptophan and adenine in root exudate of spiraea arguta

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845031

Brum P.A.R.D., 1987: Tryptophan and energetic availability of some feedstuffs determined with young and adult chicken

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845033

Ono, J.; Hutson, D. G.; Dombro, R. S.; Levi, J. U.; Livingston, A.; Zeppa, R., 1978: Tryptophan and hepatic coma

Von-Riesen, V. L., 1978: Tryptophan and hydrogen sulfide reaction from modified trypticase soy agar

Elliott M.C., 1982: Tryptophan and iaa accumulation in acer pseudoplatanus cell cultures and its relationship with cell autolysis

Ponomarenko V.V., 1985: Tryptophan and its metabolites in the function of the nervous system and behavior of the bee apis mellifera

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Korpi E.R., 1980: Tryptophan and phenyl alanine transport in rat cerebral cortex slices as influenced by sodium ions

Buhr B.R., 1984: Tryptophan and serotonin metabolism after sustained tryptophan infusion

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845041

Lee C.Y., 1987: Tryptophan and serotonin uptake of synaptosomal preparations of brains of streptozotocin induced diabetic rats

Smith, S. A.; Pogson, C. I., 1977: Tryptophan and the control of plasma glucose concentrations in the rat

Murrell E.A., 1980: Tryptophan and the control of tri glyceride and carbohydrate metabolism in the rat

Hassanein K., 1984: Tryptophan and thyroid metabolism in tuberculosis

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Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845048

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845049

Cooper A.J., 1979: Tryptophan anti depressant physiological sedative fact or fancy

Sherwin, J. E.; Purves, W. K., 1969: Tryptophan as an auxin precursor in cucumber d seedlings

Balkoski V., 1982: Tryptophan availability central serotonergic function and methionine sulfoximine induced convulsions

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Resnick O., 1980: Tryptophan availability the importance of pre partum and post partum dietary protein on brain indoleamine metabolism in rats

Sidransky H., 1987: Tryptophan binding sites on nuclear envelopes of rat liver

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845056

Allison, M. J.; Robinson, I. M.; Baetz, A. L., 1974: Tryptophan biosynthesis from iaa by anaerobic bacteria from the rumen

Tilby, M. J., 1976: Tryptophan biosynthesis in coprinus lagopus a genetical analysis of mutants

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Nagahama M., 1985: Tryptophan content of clostridium perfringens epsilon toxin

Watson C., 1985: Tryptophan content of feeds limitations in diets and requirement for growing pigs

Darcel C.L.Q., 1985: Tryptophan content of serum albumin

Andersson I., 1981: Tryptophan content of vegan and omnivorous 1 day mixed food diet samples

Baker J.M., 1980: Tryptophan cortisol and puerperal mood

Hadziyev D., 1988: Tryptophan cystine and cysteine contents of raw and granulated potatoes quantitative importance and nutritional value

Noe, W.; Mollenschott, C.; Berlin, J., 1984: Tryptophan decarboxylase ec from catharanthus roseus cell suspension cultures purification molecular and kinetic data of the homogenous protein

Giebel, J.; Jackowiak, N., 1976: Tryptophan decarboxylase in resistant and susceptible potato roots infected with heterodera rostochiensis

Rhodes M.J.C., 1987: Tryptophan decarboxylase strictosidine synthase and alkaloid production by cinchona ledgeriana suspension cultures

Statter M., 1987: Tryptophan deficiency and picolinic acid effect on zinc metabolism and clinical manifestations of pellagra

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845079

Cuq, J. C.; Cheftel, J. C., 1983: Tryptophan degradation during heat treatments 1. the degradation of free tryptophan

Cuq, J. C.; Vie, M.; Cheftel, J. C., 1983: Tryptophan degradation during heat treatments 2. degradation of protein bound tryptophan

Hayaishi O., 1986: Tryptophan degradation in mice initiated by indoleamine 2 3 dioxygenase

Wachter H., 1988: Tryptophan degradation in patients infected by human immunodeficiency virus

Huetter R., 1982: Tryptophan degradation in saccharomyces cerevisiae characterization of 2 aromatic amino transferases

Erdmann, N.; Schiewer, U., 1971: Tryptophan dependent iaa biosynthesis from indole demonstrated by double labelling experiments

Ervin F.R., 1985: Tryptophan depletion causes a rapid lowering of mood in normal males

Novellino E., 1985: Tryptophan derivatives from a mediterranean anthozoan astroides calycularis

Ikemoto H., 1981: Tryptophan derivatives in the larval hemolymph of the larger pellucid hawk moth cephonodes hylas

Landa B., 1985: Tryptophan determination in tissue homogenates and biological fluids using high performance liquid chromatography electron capture

Hurrell R.F., 1985: Tryptophan determination of food proteins by high performance liquid chromatography after alkaline hydrolysis

Kahn S.E., 1987: Tryptophan distribution and metabolism in experimental chronic renal insufficiency

Kramp, D. C.; Feldman, I., 1978: Tryptophan distribution in yeast hexo kinase iso enzyme b

Weber G., 1980: Tryptophan emission from human hemo globin and its isolated subunits

Torgerson P.M., 1984: Tryptophan emission from myosin subfragment 1 acrylamide and nucleotide effect monitored by decay associated spectra

Nabors M.W., 1983: Tryptophan enhancement of somatic embryogenesis in rice oryza sativa

Sanchez, S.; Demain, A. L., 1978: Tryptophan excretion by a bradytroph of hansenula polymorpha growing in methanol

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845097

Wilson J.M., 1983: Tryptophan feeding adversely influences pregnancy

Meier A.H., 1983: Tryptophan feeding induces sensitivity to short day lengths in photo refractory hamsters

Formoso, C.; Forster, L. S., 1975: Tryptophan fluorescence lifetimes in lysozyme

Fomenko B.C., 1983: Tryptophan fluorescence of erythrocyte ghosts after irradiation and initiation of lipid per oxidation by iron ii

Itoh, M.; Mizukoshi, H.; Fuke, K.; Matsukawa, S.; Mawatari, K.; Yoneyama, Y.; Sumitani, M.; Yoshihara, K., 1981: Tryptophan fluorescence of human hemo globin 1. significant change of fluorescence intensity and lifetimes in the t r transition

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845103

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845104

Gaugler H., 1985: Tryptophan fluorescence of sarcoplasmic reticulum atpase a fluorescence quench study

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845106

Barkley M.D., 1985: Tryptophan fluorescence of terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase effects of quenchers on time resolved emission spectra

Cumar F.A., 1984: Tryptophan fluorescence properties of cholera toxin upon interacting with ganglioside gd 1b

Wolff C., 1987: Tryptophan fluorescence studies of plasma fibronectin effects of environmental factors

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845110

Holmgren, A., 1972: Tryptophan fluorescence study of conformational transitions of the oxidized and reduced form of thioredoxin

Nakhla, A. M.; Nandi-Majumdar, A. P., 1977: Tryptophan force feeding changes in the activities of acetyl cholin esterase in various tissues of well fed normal and adrenalectomized rats

Sheard M.H., 1979: Tryptophan free diet effects on the acoustic startle reflex in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845114

Herr, B. E.; Gallager, D. W.; Roth, R. H., 1975: Tryptophan hydroxylase activation in vivo following stimulation of central serotonergic neurons

Kulikov A.V., 1986: Tryptophan hydroxylase activity in the brain of inbred mice and gastric mucosa resistance to emotional stress

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Meek, J. L.; Lofstrandh, S., 1976: Tryptophan hydroxylase in discrete brain nuclei comparison of activity in vitro and in vivo

Azmitia E., 1984: Tryptophan hydroxylase in hippocampus and midbrain following unilateral injection of 5 7 di hydroxy tryptamine

Deguchi, T., 1977: Tryptophan hydroxylase in pineal gland of rat postsynaptic localization and absence of circadian change

Phan T H., 1986: Tryptophan hydroxylase increased in activity by electrical stimulation of serotonergic neurons

Tong, J. H.; Kaufman, S., 1975: Tryptophan hydroxylase purification and some properties of the enzyme from rabbit hind brain

Kleinfeld A.M., 1985: Tryptophan imaging of membrane proteins

Hillen W., 1987: Tryptophan in alpha helix 3 of tet repressor forms a sequence specific contact with tet operator in solution

Hagen, K. S.; Greany, P.; Sawall, E. F-Jr ; Tassan, R. L., 1976: Tryptophan in artificial honeydews as a source of an attractant for adult chrysopa carnea

Shichi H., 1980: Tryptophan in bovine rhod opsin its content spectral properties and environment

Paul K G., 1986: Tryptophan in horseradish peroxidase

Rybicka H., 1981: Tryptophan in root exudate of mock orange philadelphus coronarius and tomato solanum lycopersicon cultivar revermun

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Godehardt E., 1984: Tryptophan induced lowering of blood pressure and changes of serotonin uptake by platelets in patients with essential hypertension

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Korpi, E. R.; Oja, S. S., 1978: Tryptophan influx into rat brain slices in different buffers and in the presence of other amino acids and albumin

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845138

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845139

Sedvall G., 1983: Tryptophan levels in human cerebro spinal fluid after acute and chronic ethanol consumption

Gal, E. M.; Young, R. B.; Sherman, A. D., 1978: Tryptophan loading consequent effects on the synthesis of kynurenine and 5 hydroxy indoles in rat brain

Bascom D., 1980: Tryptophan loading may reverse tolerance to opiate analgesics in humans a preliminary report

Wallin L., 1981: Tryptophan mal absorption in dementia improvement in certain cases after tryptophan therapy as indicated by mental behavior and blood analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845144

Cardin De Stefani E.L., 1984: Tryptophan metabolism along the kynurenine pathway in some dyschromic systemic pigmentary skin diseases

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Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845152

Stratakis E., 1980: Tryptophan metabolism during development of the stick insect carausius morosus tissue distribution and interrelationships of metabolites of the kynurenine pathway

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845154

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Costa, C.; De-Antoni, A.; Baccichetti, F.; Vanzan, S.; Allegri, G., 1979: Tryptophan metabolism in animals with dermatitis 2. guinea pigs

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845158

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Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845169

Tsugita A., 1984: Tryptophan micro scale determinations by rapid hydrolysis

Murata K., 1985: Tryptophan nad metabolism in thiamin deficient rats with or without supplementation of excessive nicotinamide

Shibata K., 1987: Tryptophan niacin metabolism in alloxan diabetic rats and partial prevention of alloxan diabetes by nicotinamide

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845173

Maksimova, N. P.; Olekhnovich, I. N.; Fomichev-Yu, K., 1986: Tryptophan operon of facultative methylotrophic bacteria pseudomonas sp iii. characterization of the regulatory 5 dl methyltryptophan resistant mutants

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Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845184

Sersen F., 1982: Tryptophan photo sensitized formation of free radicals in thymine dimer

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845186

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Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845191

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845192

Badawy, A. A. B.; Welch, A. N.; Morgan, C. J., 1981: Tryptophan pyrrolase ec in heme regulation the mechanism of the opposite effects of tryptophan on rat liver 5 amino levulinate ec synthase activity and the heme saturation of tryptophan pyrrolase

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845194

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845195

Barron, B. C.; Yu, N. T.; Kuck, J. F. R-Jr, 1987: Tryptophan raman 457.9 nm excited fluorescence of intact guinea pig lenses in aging and uv light

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Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845198

Nose T., 1985: Tryptophan requirement of chum salmon oncorhynchus keta fry

Dabrowski K.R., 1981: Tryptophan requirement of common carp cyprinus carpio fry

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Middleton R.B., 1979: Tryptophan requiring parental strains yield salmonella typhimurium x escherichia coli hybrid recombinants with functional tryptophan operons

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845207

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845209

Matsumoto I., 1984: Tryptophan residues and the sugar binding site of potato solanum tuberosum lectin

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Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845212

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Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845227

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Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845237

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845238

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Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845252

Section 7, Chapter 6846, Accession 006845253

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