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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6849

Chapter 6849 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Krzyszowska A.J., 1985:
Tundra degradation in the vicinity of the polish polar station hornsund svalbard norway

Racine C.H., 1981:
Tundra fire effects on soils and 3 plant communities along a hill slope gradient in the seward peninsula alaska usa

Racine C.H.; Dennis J.G.; Patterson W.A.IIi, 1985:
Tundra fire regimes in the novak river watershed alaska usa 1956 1983

Racine C.H.; Racine M.M., 1979:
Tundra fires and 2 archaeological sites in the seward peninsula alaska usa

Ignatenko I.V.; Pavlov B.A.; Bogdanov I.E., 1979:
Tundra gley soils of chukot national okrug russian sfsr ussr

Wielgolaski F.E., 1980:
Tundra plant structure and production in relation to the environment

Mclaren M.A.; Mclaren P.L., 1984:
Tundra swans cygnus columbianus in northeastern keewatin district northwest territories canada

Kucheruk, V.V.; Dobrokhotov, B.P.; Meshcheryakova, I.S.; Nekrasova, L.I., 1976:
Tundra type of tularemian natural foci on the yamal and yugoski peninsulas russian sfsr ussr

Rottman M.L.; Hartman E.L., 1985:
Tundra vegetation of 3 cirque basins in the northern san juan mountains colorado usa

Peterson K.M.; Billings W.D., 1980:
Tundra vegetational patterns and succession in relation to micro topography near atkasook alaska usa

Grigorov J.; Bozhikova Y., 1985:
Tundzha 1 a new early ripening peach cultivar for processing

D'amato M.R.; Salmon D.P., 1982:
Tune discrimination in monkeys cebus apella and in rats

Moore, B.C.; Rosen, S.M., 1979:
Tune recognition with reduced pitch and interval information

Ott, A.K.; Charters, A.D.; Bowman, R.A., 1980:
Tungiasis: imported disease

Korob, R.O.; Cohen, I.M.; Agatiello, O.E., 1976:
Tungsten and molybdenum co precipitation by alpha benzoinoxime for activation analysis of tungsten use of molybdenum as tracer

Antonio M.R.; Teo B.K.; Averill B.A., 1985:
Tungsten as a weak backscatterer an example of information loss in extended x ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy tungsten and iron extended x ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy studies of tungsten iron sulfur clusters containing the tungsten disulfide iron unit

Zeuthen, T., 1978:
Tungsten as electrode material electrode potential and small signal impedances

Broomhead J.A.; Young C.G., 1982:
Tungsten carbonyl complexes with di thio carbamate ligands

F.M.H.; Tabatabai M.A., 1988:
Tungsten content of soils plants and sewage sludges in iowa usa

Morgan, H.G.; Ryder, D.A.; Wheble, V.H., 1976:
Tungsten fiber reinforced composite pin with potential applications in orthopedic surgery

Sohrin Y.; Isshiki K.; Kuwamoto T.; Nakayama E., 1987:
Tungsten in north pacific waters

Braman R.S.; Shelley T.J.; Mcclenny W.A., 1982:
Tungstic acid for pre concentration and determination of gaseous and particulate ammonia and nitric acid in ambient air

Van-Meurs-Van-Woezik, H.; Klein, H.W.; Krediet, P., 1980:
Tunica media of aorta and pulmonary trunk in relation to internal calibers in transposition of great arteries in aortic and pulmonary atresia and in normal hearts

Toppozada, H.H.; Talaat, M.A., 1976:
Tunica propria in chronic allergic rhinitis electron microscopic study part 1 the nasal blood vessels

Toppozada, H.H.; Talaat, M.A., 1976:
Tunica propria in chronic allergic rhinitis electron microscopic study part 2 the sero mucinous glands

Roemer, K.R.; Das, S., 1984:
Tunica vaginalis patch graft urethroplasty

Mulcahy, J.J.; Rowland, R.G., 1987:
Tunica wedge excision to correct penile curvature associated with the inflatable penile prosthesis

Sutton, B.C.; Pollack, F.G., 1977:
Tunicago uniolae new genus new species a pycnidial fungus with unusual conidia

Loschiavo F.; Quesada Allue L.A.; Sung Z.R., 1986:
Tunicamycin affects somatic embryogenesis but not cell proliferation of carrot

Schvartz I.; Hazum E., 1985:
Tunicamycin and neuraminidase effects on lhrh binding and luteinizing hormone release from rat pituitary cells in culture

Murgui, A.; Elorza, M.V.; Sentandreu, R., 1986:
Tunicamycin and papulacandin B inhibit incorporation of specific mannoproteins into the wall of Candida albicans regenerating protoplasts

Yavin E.; Richter Landsberg C.; Duksin D.; Yavin Z., 1984:
Tunicamycin blocks neuritogenesis and glucosamine labeling of gangliosides in developing cerebral neuron cultures

Fliesler S.J.; Basinger S.F., 1985:
Tunicamycin blocks the incorporation of opsin into retinal rod outer segment membranes

Keller, R.K.; Swank, G.D., 1978:
Tunicamycin does not block ov albumin secretion in the oviduct

Singh, V.K.; Damewood, G.P.; Friedman, R.M.; Maheshwari, R.K., 1987:
Tunicamycin enhances virus replication and inhibits antiviral activity of interferon in mice: correlation with natural killer cells

Thesleff I.; Pratt R.M., 1980:
Tunicamycin induced alterations in basement membrane formation during odonto blast differentiation

Pratt R.M.; Yamada K.M.; Olden K.; Ohanian S.H.; Hascall V.C., 1979:
Tunicamycin induced alterations in the synthesis of sulfated proteo glycans and cell surface morphology in the chick embryo fibroblast

Hoson T.; Wada S., 1985:
Tunicamycin induced growth and inhibition of glucosamine incorporation into cell walls of rice oryza sativa cultivar sasanishiki coleoptiles

Weinstock, K.G.; Ballou, C.E., 1987:
Tunicamycin inhibition of epispore formation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Kuo, S.C.; Lampen, J.O., 1976:
Tunicamycin inhibition of tritiated glucosamine incorporation into yeast glyco proteins binding of tunicamycin and interaction with phospho lipids

Guarnaccia S.P.; Shaper J.H.; Schnaar R.L., 1983:
Tunicamycin inhibits ganglioside biosynthesis in neuronal cells

Leavitt, R.; Schlesinger, S.; Kornfeld, S., 1977:
Tunicamycin inhibits glycosylation and multiplication of Sindbis and vesicular stomatitis viruses

Ericson, M.C.; Gafford, J.T.; Elbein, A.D., 1977:
Tunicamycin inhibits n acetyl glucosamine lipid formation in plants

Hori H.; Elbein A.D., 1981:
Tunicamycin inhibits protein glycosylation in suspension cultured soybean glycine max cells

Yanagishita M., 1986:
Tunicamycin inhibits proteoglycan synthesis in rat ovarian granulosa cells in culture

Kubo R.T.; Pelanne M.L., 1983:
Tunicamycin inhibits the expression of membrane immuno globulin m in the human lympho blastoid cell line daudi

Bar Sagi D.; Prives J., 1983:
Tunicamycin inhibits the expression of surface sodium channels in cultured muscle cells

Pryor J.C.; Buse M.G., 1984:
Tunicamycin prevents stimulation of protein synthesis by branched chain amino acids in isolated rat muscles

Holmes K.V.; Doller E.W.; Sturman L.S., 1981:
Tunicamycin resistant glycosylation of a coronavirus glyco protein demonstration of a novel type of viral glyco protein

Savoie S.; Rindress D.; Posner B.I.; Bergeron J.M., 1986:
Tunicamycin sensitivity of prolactin insulin and epidermal growth factor receptors in rat liver plasmalemma

Lambert, C.C.; Lambert, G., 1978:
Tunicate eggs utilize ammonium ions for flotation

Hohenleitner F.J.; Caso L.V., 1987:
Tunicate endostyles histochemistry of acidic glycoproteins re examined in ciona intestinalis and styela plicata

Parrinello, N.; Patricolo, E.; Canicatti, C., 1977:
Tunicate immunobiology part 1 tunic reaction of ciona intestinalis to erythrocyte injection

Vasta G.R.; Warr G.W.; Marchalonis J.J., 1982:
Tunicate lectins distribution and specificity

Papadopoulou, C.; Kanias, G.D., 1977:
Tunicate species as marine pollution indicators

Robinson W.E.; Agudelo M.I.; Kustin K., 1984:
Tunichrome content in the blood cells of the tunicate ascidia callosa as an indicator of vanadium distribution

Macara I.G.; Mcleod G.C.; Kustin K., 1979:
Tunichromes and metal ion accumulation in tunicate blood cells

Glass I., 1983:
Tuning characteristics of cochlear nucleus units in response to electrical stimulation of the cochlea

Disimoni F.G.; Keith R.L.; Darley F.L., 1983:
Tuning in and fading out performance of aphasic patients on ordered porch index of communicative ability subtests

Lewis, E.R., 1988:
Tuning in the bullfrog ear

Person, R.S.; Kudina, L.P., 1978:
Tuning mechanism of the segmentary apparatus before voluntary movement

Kadish K.M.; Bottomley L.A.; Schaeper S.K.D.; Shiue L.R., 1981:
Tuning of metallo porphyrin redox potentials

Dudkin, K.N.; Gauzel'man, V.E.; Glezer, V.D.; Shcherbach, T.A., 1978:
Tuning of receptive fields of the cat visual cortex in definite bands of spatial frequencies within definite velocity ranges of the movement of stimulating grids/

Weiss, T.F.; Mulroy, M.J.; Turner, R.G.; Pike, C.L., 1976:
Tuning of single fibers in the cochlear nerve of the alligator lizard relation to receptor morphology

Zmyslowski W.; Kasicki S., 1980:
Tuning of the spinal generators modeling study

Speck Hergenroeder J.; Barth F.G., 1987:
Tuning of vibration sensitive neurons in the central nervous system of a wandering spider cupiennius salei keys

Isokawa-Akesson, M.; Komisaruk, B.R., 1985 :
Tuning the power spectrum of physiological finger tremor frequency with flickering light

Boeters, H.D., 1976:
Tunisian hydrobiids

Blaszak C., 1979:
Tunisian zerconidae acari gamasida

Chang T.Y.; Modzelewski S.W.; Norbeck J.M.; Pierson W.R., 1981:
Tunnel air quality and vehicle emissions

Biggin P., 1983:
Tunnel cloches development of a nursery technique for growing conifers

Andersen D.C., 1988:
Tunnel construction methods and foraging path of a fossorial herbivore geomys bursarius

Tominaga, Y., 1978:
Tunnel cultivation the so called hiroshima method of tricholoma matsutake 4. on the forcing culture of tricholoma matsutake during 1977

Berzin'sh, I.E.; Dumbere, R.T., 1988:
Tunnel lesion of the median nerve in the ulnar area

Berzin'sh Y.E.; Tsiparsone R.T., 1981:
Tunnel neuropathies in the radial nerve in the ulnar region

Thompson N.S.; Carlson J.A.; Kaustinen M.H.; Uhlin K.I., 1988:
Tunnel structures in acetobacter xylinum

Rincover A.; Feldman M.; Eason L., 1986:
Tunnel vision a possible keystone stimulus control deficit in autistic children

Williams, L.J., 1988:
Tunnel vision or general interference? Cognitive load and attentional bias are both important

Page, E.; Goings, G.E.; Power, B.; Upshaw-Earley, J., 1987:
Tunneling cell processes in myocytes of stretched mouse atria

Goldstein R.F.; Bearden A., 1984:
Tunneling in chromatium vinosum chromatophores detection of a hopfield charge transfer band

Alberding, N.; Austin, R.H.; Beeson, K.W.; Chan, S.S.; Eisenstein, L.; Frauenfelder, H.; Nordlund, T.M., 1976:
Tunneling in ligand binding to heme proteins

Dexter, A.R., 1978:
Tunneling in soil by earthworms

Francis, R.C., 1977:
Tunpop a simulation of the dynamics and structure of the yellowfin tuna stock and surface fishery of the eastern pacific ocean

Brinckmann U.; Darai G.; Fluegel R.M., 1983:
Tupaia belangeri tree shrew adenovirus dna sequence of the left hand fragment corresponding to the transforming early region of human adenoviruses

Kock D.; Posamentier H., 1986:
Tupaia glis in bangladesh mammalia scandentia tupaiidae

Schwaier A., 1979:
Tupaias tree shrews a new animal model for gall stone research 1st observations of gall stones

Van-Der-Linden, J.J. ; Schwaier, A.; Weis, H.J., 1980:
Tupaias tree shrews a new animal model for gall stone research 3. cholesterol metabolism under different diets and cheno deoxy cholic acid

Schwaier, A.; Weis, H.J.; Van-Der-Linden, J., 1979:
Tupaias tupaia belangeri tree shrews a new animal model for gall stone research 2. influence of fat sugar and cholesterol on bile composition

Schmidt, G.D.; File, S., 1977:
Tupaiataenia quentini new genus new species anoplocephalidae linstowiinae and other tapeworms from the common tree shrew tupaia glis

Brack M.; Naberhaus F.; Heymann E., 1987:
Tupaiataenia quentini schmidt and file 1977 in tupaia belangeri wagner 1841 transmission experiments and praziquantel treatment

Weilby, A., 1977:
Tupper resection arthro plasty of the metacarpo phalangeal joint using interposition of the volar plate

Schjotkin J., 1986:
Turanana jurileontyi new species of lycaenid from the tadzhik ssr ussr insecta lepidoptera lycaenidae

Schnell P., 1979:
Turanena forcatiana? new species from anatolia turkey gastropoda pulmonata enidae

Maguire, C., 1976:
Turbanella varians new species a marine gastrotrich with local morphological variants

Bedi, G.S.; Shah, R.H.; Bahl, O.P., 1984:
Turbatrix aceti beta n acetyl glucosaminidase 1. purification and physicochemical characterization

Bedi, G.S.; Shah, R.H.; Bahl, O.P., 1984:
Turbatrix aceti beta n acetyl glucosaminidase 2. kinetic studies on the active site

Den-Hartog, C., 1977 :
Turbellaria from inter tidal flats and salt marshes in the estuaries of the southwestern part of the netherlands

Schockaert, E.R., 1982:
Turbellaria from somalia 2. kalyptorhynchia

Schockaert, E.R.; Martens, P.M., 1985:
Turbellaria from somalia iii. lecithoepitheliata and typhloplanoida

Schockaert, E.R.; Martens, P.M., 1987:
Turbellaria from somalia iv. the genus pseudomonocelis meixner 1943

Pineda-Lopez, R., 1979:
Turbellaria of mexico 1. finding of an ecto commensal turbellarian of limulus polyphemus bdelloura candida new record for campeche mexico

Schwank, P., 1981:
Turbellaria oligochaeta and archiannelida from breitenbach and other highland streams in eastern hesse west germany 1. local geographical distribution and the occurrence of the species in the various streams in relation to substrate schlitz studies on productivity no. 43 1

Schwank, P., 1981:
Turbellaria oligochaeta and archiannelida from breitenbach and other highland streams in eastern hesse west germany 2. the systematics and aut ecology of species schlitz studies on productivity no. 43 2

Schwank, P., 1982:
Turbellaria oligochaeta and archiannelida from breitenbach and other highland streams in eastern hesse west germany 3. the taxocenoses of turbellaria and oligochaeta in running waters a syn ecological classification schlitz studies on productivity no. 43 part 3

Schwank, P., 1982:
Turbellaria oligochaeta and archiannelida from breitenbach and other highland streams in eastern hesse west germany 4. fundamental principles of the distribution of turbellaria and oligochaeta in running waters schlitz studies on productivity no. 43 part 4

Schockaert, E.R., 1976:
Turbellaria polycystididae kalyptorhynchia of the marseille area france part 3 albertorhynchus amai new genus new species

A.P.; Sopott Ehlers B., 1979:
Turbellaria proseriata from the pacific coast of the usa washington part 2 coelogynoporidae

Zapata M.A.; Varela M.S., 1981:
Turbellarian epibiosis on buccella frigida protozoa foraminifera

Dyganova R.Ya, 1982:
Turbellarians tricladida paludicola of the caspian sea ussr

Gibbs R.J., 1982:
Turbid horizons at mid depth in the wilmington canyon area delaware usa

Sokoloski, J.E.; Blasco, L.; Storey, B.T.; Wolf, D.P., 1977:
Turbidimetric analysis of human sperm motility

Ragheb, H.S.; Black, L.; Graham, S., 1976:
Turbidimetric and diffusion assay of bacitracin in feeds

Brokaw J.L.; Doillon C.J.; Hahn R.A.; Birk D.E.; Berg R.A.; Silver F.H., 1985:
Turbidimetric and morphological studies of type i collagen fiber self assembly in vitro and the influence of fibronectin

Chakrabarti, K.; Chatterjee, S.P.; Basu, M.; Chakravarti, R.N., 1981:
Turbidimetric assay of ampicillin using Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 6538P)

Maynard Y.; Scott M.G.; Nahm M.H.; Ladenson J.H., 1986:
Turbidimetric assay of immunoglobulin g with use of single monoclonal antibodies

Chiang, T.; Hanks, A.R.; Melton, J.R.; Hoover, W.L., 1983:
Turbidimetric assay of penicillin in feeds: addition of magnesium sulfate to eliminate chlortetracycline interference

Stankewich, J.P.; Upton, R.P., 1973:
Turbidimetric bioassay for carbenicillin

Gogstad, G.O.; Dahl, K.H.; Christophersen, A.; Bjerke, A., 1986:
Turbidimetric determination of prothrombin time by clotting in a centrifugal analyzer

Hamlin, C.R.; Pankowsky, D.A., 1987:
Turbidimetric determination of transthyretin (prealbumin) with a centrifugal analyzer

Bernard A.; Lauwerys R., 1984:
Turbidimetric latex immunoassay for serum ferritin

Jorgensen H.L.; Schulz E., 1985:
Turbidimetric measurement as a rapid method for the determination of the bacteriological quality of minced meat

Kent J.E.; Blackmore D.J., 1985:
Turbidimetric measurement of immunoglobulin g t in the serum of healthy thoroughbreds and ponies

Moulton, K.J.Sr, 1988:
Turbidimetric measurement of wax in sunflower oil

Vanous R.D., 1981:
Turbidimetric measurements of strongly colored liquids using a ratio turbidimeter

Novitsky, T.J.; Roslansky, P.F.; Siber, G.R.; Warren, H.S., 1985:
Turbidimetric method for quantifying serum inhibition of Limulus amoebocyte lysate

Burlina, A.; Galzigna, L., 1973:
Turbidimetric procedure for determination of lipase activity

Galgiani, J.N.; Stevens, D.A., 1978:
Turbidimetric studies of growth inhibition of yeasts with 3 drugs inquiry into inoculum dependent susceptibility testing time of onset of drug effect and implications for current and newer methods

Martorana G.E.; Gozzo M.L.; Morlacchi C.; Barbaresi G., 1980:
Turbidimetry in a centrifugal fast analyzer

Lundquist, P.; Mårtensson, J.; Sörbo, B.; Ohman, S., 1980:
Turbidimetry of inorganic sulfate, ester sulfate, and total sulfur in urine

Borque, L.; Yago, M.; Mar, C.; Rodriguez, C., 1986:
Turbidimetry of rheumatoid factor in serum with a centrifugal analyzer

Anderson, A.M., 1975:
Turbidites and arthropod trackways in the dwyka glacial deposits early permian of southern africa

Hoyanagi K.; Ohkami T., 1986:
Turbidites and related coarse clastic rocks of submarine channels in the miocene kotambetsu formation central hokkaido japan

Hatta H.; Kitabatake N.; Doi E., 1986:
Turbidity and hardness of a heat induced gel of hen egg ovalbumin

Daoo V.J.; Abrol V.; Sastry P.L.K.; Sitaraman V., 1982:
Turbidity and humidity parameters at bombay india

Stewart K.M.; Martin P.J.H., 1982:
Turbidity and its causes in a narrow glacial lake with winter ice cover

Moore, P.G., 1978:
Turbidity and kelp holdfast amphipoda part 1 wales and southwest england

Try K., 1980:
Turbidity as a cause of error in the l alanine transferase method

Lloyd D.S., 1987:
Turbidity as a water quality standard for salmonid habitats in alaska usa

Avramovic-Zikic, O.; Colbow, K., 1978:
Turbidity changes of lipid vesicles near the phase transition temperature as an indication of fusion

Prior D.B.; Bornhold B.D.; Wiseman W.J.Jr; Lowe D.R., 1987:
Turbidity current activity in a british columbia canada fjord

Eittreim, S.; Thorndike, E.M.; Sullivan, L., 1976:
Turbidity distribution in the atlantic ocean

Matsuike K.; Morinaga T.; Hiraoka T., 1986:
Turbidity distributions in tokyo bay japan and movement of the turbid water

Boehlert G.W.; Morgan J.B., 1985:
Turbidity enhances feeding abilities of larval pacific herring clupea harengus pallasi

Howick G.L.; Wilhm J., 1985:
Turbidity in lake carl blackwell oklahoma usa effects of water depth and wind

Larson D.W., 1979:
Turbidity induced meromixis in an oregon usa reservoir hypothesis

Wellershaus S., 1981:
Turbidity maximum and mud shoaling in the weser estuary west germany

Koch, A.L., 1970:
Turbidity measurements of bacterial cultures in some available commercial instruments

Melice J.L.; Boughanmi A.; Eaton F.; Wendler G., 1984:
Turbidity measurements of saharan aerosol and their effects on atmospheric heating and planetary reflectivity

Sadler, G.W., 1978:
Turbidity of the atmosphere at solar noon for edmonton alberta canada

Kos S.; Kaczkowski J.; Pior H., 1988:
Turbidity test using sodium salts of lyotropic series for measurement of gluten protein hydrophobicity

Schriewer H.; Emke F.; Assmann G., 1985:
Turbidometric assay of apolipoprotein a ii

Milton J.G.; Forjmovic M.M., 1983:
Turbidometric evaluations of platelet activation relative contributions of measured shape change volume and early aggregation

Sugrobova, N.P.; Lisovskaja, N.P.; Kurganov, B.I., 1983:
Turbidometric method for determination of glycogen phosphorylase ec activity and its use for estimation of equilibrium position of enzymic reaction

Erdmann, N.; Schiewer, U., 1977:
Turbidostat culture of blue green algae part 1 comparison of 2 types of turbidostats

Erdmann, N.; Schiewer, U., 1978:
Turbidostat culture of blue green algae part 2 control system independent of pigmentation and organism adherence

Gopalakrishnan, P., 1974:
Turbinaria indica new species of marine alga from the gulf of kutch

Dominick, M.A.; Rimler, R.B., 1986:
Turbinate atrophy in gnotobiotic pigs intranasally inoculated with protein toxin isolated from type D Pasteurella multocida

Magyar, T.; Glávits, R.; Lendvai, N.; Réthy, L., 1987:
Turbinate atrophy in mice caused by Bordetella pertussis

Yeh, M.P.; Adams, T.D.; Gardner, R.M.; Yanowitz, F.G., 1987:
Turbine flowmeter vs. Fleisch pneumotachometer: a comparative study for exercise testing

Chaix C., 1980:
Turbinolia and sphenotrochus scleractinaria of the lutetian of grignon yvelines france anatomy ontogenetic development and skeletal micro structure

Rodriguez O.A.; Perkins H.F., 1984:
Turbio soils of northwestern venezuela properties and placement in ustropeptic subgroup

Pillay, T.S., 1988:
TURBOLYTIK: a peptide cleavage program for personal computers

Madeira K.; Penfield M.P., 1985:
Turbot reinhardtius hippoglossoides fillet sections cooked by microwave and conventional heating methods objective and sensory evaluation

Ogata T.; Fusetani N.; Yamaguchi K., 1979:
Turboverdin a new bile pigment from a turban shell turbo cornutus

Johnsen C.R.; Weeke E.R., 1988:
Turbuhaler a new device for dry powder terbutaline inhalation

Wetterlin K., 1988:
Turbuhaler a new powder inhaler for administration of drugs to the airways

Hawes I., 1983:
Turbulence and its consequences for phyto plankton development in 2 ice covered antarctic lakes

Kemp W.M.; Mitsch W.J., 1979:
Turbulence and phyto plankton diversity a general model of the paradox of plankton

Gust, G., 1977:
Turbulence and waves inside flexible wall systems designed for biological studies

Ibrahim S.S.; Bilger R.W.; Mudford N.R., 1987:
Turbulence effects on chemical reactions in smog chamber flows

Longley, K.E., 1978:
Turbulence factors in chlorine disinfection of waste water

Baldocchi D.D.; Hutchison B.A., 1988:
Turbulence in an almond orchard spatial variations in spectra and coherence

Baldocchi D.D.; Hutchison B.A., 1987:
Turbulence in an almond orchard vertical variations in turbulent statistics

Shay T.J.; Gregg M.C., 1984:
Turbulence in an oceanic convective mixed layer

Steyn D.G., 1982:
Turbulence in an unstable surface layer over suburban terrain

Thompson N., 1979:
Turbulence measurements above a pine forest

Anwar H.O., 1983:
Turbulence measurements in stratified and well mixed estuarine flows

Hogstrom, U.; Smedman-Hogstrom, A.S., 1974:
Turbulence mechanisms at an agricultural site

Anderson D.E.; Verma S.B.; Clement R.J.; Baldocchi D.D.; Matt D.R., 1986:
Turbulence spectra of carbon dioxide water vapor temperature and velocity over a deciduous forest

Anderson D.E.; Verma S.B., 1985:
Turbulence spectra of carbon dioxide water vapor temperature and wind velocity fluctuations over a crop surface

Baldocchi D.D.; Meyers T.P., 1988:
Turbulence structure in a deciduous forest

Sabbah, H.N.; Stein, P.D., 1976:
Turbulent blood flow in humans: its primary role in the production of ejection murmurs

Falsetti H.L.; Carroll R.J.; Swope R.D.; Chen C.J.; Cramer J.A.; Length R.A.; Laughlin D.E., 1983:
Turbulent blood flow in the ascending aorta of dogs

Stein, P.D.; Sabbah, H.N., 1976:
Turbulent blood flow in the ascending aorta of humans with normal and diseased aortic valves

Rao S.T.; Sistla G.; Eskridge R.E.; Petersen W.B., 1986:
Turbulent diffusion behind vehicles evaluation of roadway models

Eskridge R.E.; Rao S.T., 1986:
Turbulent diffusion behind vehicles experimentally determined turbulence mixing parameters

Hunt, J.C.R.; Puttock, J.S.; Snyder, W.H., 1979:
Turbulent diffusion from a point source in stratified and neutral flows around a 3 dimensional hill 1. diffusion equation analysis

Snyder, W.; Hunt, J.C.R., 1984:
Turbulent diffusion from a point source in stratified and neutral flows around a 3 dimensional hill 2. laboratory measurements of surface concentrations

Paegle, J.N.; Kao, S.K., 1977:
Turbulent diffusion in the ekman boundary layer

Nanni T.; Tagliazucca M., 1982:
Turbulent dispersion of gaseous pollutants numerical study of ground level concentration as a function of eddy diffusivity parametrization on the atmospheric boundary layer

Seginer, I.; Mulhearn, P.J.; Bradley, E.F.; Finnigan, J.J., 1976:
Turbulent flow in a model plant canopy

Gad-El-Hak, M.; Morton, J.B.; Kutchai, H., 1977:
Turbulent flow of red cells in dilute suspensions effect on kinetics of oxygen uptake

Mulhearn, P.J.; Finnigan, J.J., 1978:
Turbulent flow over a very rough random surface

Kurtz, R.J.; Findl, E.; Kurtz, A.B.; Stormo, L.C., 1976:
Turbulent flow streaming potentials in large bore tubing

Hwang, N.H.C.; Hussain, A.K.M.F.; Hui, P.W.; Stripling, T.; Wieting, D.W., 1977:
Turbulent flow through a natural human mitral valve

Davies P.F.; Remuzzi A.; Gordon E.J.; Dewey C.F.Jr; Gimbrone M.A.Jr, 1986:
Turbulent fluid shear stress induces vascular endothelial cell turnover in vitro

Mooers C.N.K.; Robinson A.R., 1984:
Turbulent jets and eddies in the california current pacific ocean and inferred cross shore transports

Imboden D.M.; Joller T., 1984:
Turbulent mixing in the hypolimnion of baldeggersee switzerland traced by natural radon 222

Okamoto S., 1986:
Turbulent shear flow behind rows of square plates placed on a plane boundary

Yoganathan A.P.; Woo Y R.; Sung H W., 1986:
Turbulent shear stress measurements in the vicinity of aortic heart valve prostheses

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Turnover of 2 lysosomal enzymes in macrophages

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Turnover of 28s and 18s ribosomal rna during rat liver regeneration

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Turnover of accumulating substances in populations with weight structure

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Turnover of acetyl choline in mouse brain influence of dose size of deuterium labeled choline given as precursor

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Turnover of amino terminal acetylated and nonacetylated hemo globins in vivo

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Turnover of Anthocyanins and Tissue Compartmentation of Anthocyanin Biosynthesis in Flowers of Petunia hybrida

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Turnover of arachidonic acid in the major diacyl and ether phospholipids of human platelets

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Turnover of atpase ec from rat liver mitochondria effect of high protein and low protein diets

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Turnover of bacterial glutamine synthetase ec oxidative inactivation precedes proteolysis

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Turnover of beta 1 adrenergic and beta 2 adrenergic receptors after down regulation or irreversible blockade

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Turnover of brain monoamine oxidase measured in vivo by positron emission tomography using carbon 11 l deprenyl

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Turnover of carbamyl phosphate synthase ec of other mitochondrial enzymes and of rat tissues effect of diet and of thyroidectomy

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Turnover of carbohydrates in relation to growth in apple trees part 1 seasonal variation of growth and carbohydrate reserves

Kandiah S., 1979:
Turnover of carbohydrates in relation to growth in apple trees part 2 distribution of carbon 14 assimilates labeled in autumn spring and summer

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Turnover of carbon 14 labeled acetate in marine sediments

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Turnover of carbon 14 labeled organic manures in soil

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Turnover of carbon 14 labelled l histidine and its incorporation into carnosine and anserine in rainbow trout

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Turnover of carbon and nitrogen through the microbial biomass in a sandy loam and a clay soil incubated with uniformly carbon 14 labeled glucose and nitrogen 15 ammonium sulfate under different moisture regimes

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Turnover of carbon nitrogen and phosphorus through the microbial biomass in soils incubated with carbon 14 nitrogen 15 and phosphorus 32 labeled bacterial cells

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Turnover of carbon pools labeled with carbon 14 labeled glucose during in vitro culture of pre implantation mouse embryos

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Turnover of catecholamines in some regions of the rat brain during prolonged vasopressin administration and after its withdrawal

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Turnover of cell surface associated glycosamino glycans in cultures of human normal and malignant glial cells

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Turnover of cell wall fractions of avena sativa coleoptiles at different growth stages

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Turnover of cell wall poly saccharides of a vinca rosea suspension culture 1. synthesis and degradation of cell wall components

Takeuchi, Y.; Komamine, A.; Saito, T.; Watanabe, K.; Morikawa, N., 1980:
Turnover of cell wall poly saccharides of a vinca rosea suspension culture 2. radio gas chromatographical analyses

Takeuchi, Y.; Komamine, A., 1980:
Turnover of cell wall poly saccharides of a vinca rosea suspension culture 3. turnover of arabino galactan

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Turnover of cell wall polysaccharides during the cell cycle in a synchronous culture of catharanthus roseus

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Turnover of cell walls and of proteins during fragmentation division in nocardia restricta

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Turnover of cerebral histamine in a stressful situation

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Turnover of chlorophyllous pigments during the dark and the early stages of greening

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Turnover of chromatin bound lipids from liver and thymus of gamma irradiated rats

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Turnover of chromatin proteins in rat liver during rna synthesis induction by electro stimulation of the hypothalamus

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Turnover of circulating enzymes

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Turnover of circulating hematopoietic stem cells

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Turnover of coniferin in pine seedlings

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Turnover of cyclic 2 3 diphosphoglycerate in methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum phosphate flux in orthophosphate limited and hydrogen limited chemostat cultures

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Turnover of cyclic amp in chicken erythrocytes

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Turnover of cyclic amp in wi 38 cultured fibroblasts

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Turnover of cytokeratin polypeptides in mouse hepatocytes

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Turnover of cytoplasmic and mitochondrial aspartate amino transferase ec isozymes in mouse liver and transplantable hepatomas

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Turnover of dendritic cells in rat heart

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Turnover of dextran saccharase in the leuconostoc mesenteroides sf 4 strain

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Turnover of dietary cholesterol and beta sitosterol in the prawn

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Turnover of different mast cell pools of histamine in the rat

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Turnover of direct care staff in a national sample of residential facilities for mentally retarded people

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Turnover of dopamine and dopamine metabolites in rat brain comparison between striatum and substantia nigra

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Turnover of endogenous micro injected and sequestered protein in xenopus laevis oocytes

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Turnover of erythrocyte and platelet glycoprotein amino sugars in rats fed various carbohydrate diets

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Turnover of ethanolamine phosphoglycerides in different brain areas of adult and aged rats

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Turnover of fibrinogen in diet induced athero sclerosis in rabbits

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Turnover of fibrinogen, plasminogen, and prothrombin during exercise in man

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Turnover of fibrinopeptide a in rabbits

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Turnover of free adenine nucleotides in the isolated perfused rabbit heart

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Turnover of free and conjugated sulfonyloxydihydroxyphenyl acetic acid and homo vanillic acid in rat striatum

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Turnover of galacto lipids incorporated into chloroplast envelopes an assay for galacto lipid galacto lipid galactosyl transferase

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Turnover of glial filaments in mouse spinal cord

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Turnover of growth hormone receptors in rat adipocytes

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Turnover of heme a in the liver of rana catesbeiana tadpole

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Turnover of heparan sulfate proteoglycan in human colon carcinoma cells. A quantitative biochemical and autoradiographic study

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Turnover of hepatic glutathione insulin transhydrogenase di sulfide interchange enzyme ec in normal and diabetic rats utilizing a new simplified isolation procedure

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Turnover of hexosamines in the lens and glycoproteins in the blood of rats given xylose containing rations

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Turnover of histamine in rat brain and its decrease under barbiturate anesthesia

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Turnover of human and monkey plasma kininogens in rhesus monkeys

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Turnover of human histidine rich glyco protein in healthy subjects and during thrombolytic therapy

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Turnover of human tissue plasminogen activator in rabbits

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Turnover of hyaluronate in the aqueous humor and vitreous body of the rabbit

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Turnover of inositol phospholipids in cultured murine keratinocytes possible involvement of inositol triphosphate in cellular differentiation

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Turnover of iodine 131 labeled human spleen ferritin in plasma

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Turnover of kidney beta glucuronidase in normal and chediak higashi beige mice

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Turnover of label from carbon 14 labeled linolenic acid in phospho lipids of coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch

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Turnover of live and dead woody organs in forest ecosystems an assessment based on the changes in the frequency distribution of their diameter studies on the rate of decay of wood litter on the forest floor 4

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Turnover of liver mitochondrial dna in rats of different ages

Litoshenko A.Ya, 1982:
Turnover of liver mitochondrial proteins in rats of different ages

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Turnover of liver subcellular fraction phospholipids in rats kept on diets with varying protein content

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Turnover of membrane proteins kinetics of induction and degradation of 7 forms of rat liver microsomal cytochrome p 450 nadph cytochrome p 450 reductase and epoxide hydrolase

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Turnover of messenger rna apoprotein and heme of cytochrome p 450b plus e induced by phenobarbitone in rat liver

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Turnover of messenger rna in escherichia coli under conditions of amino acid starvation

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Turnover of messenger rna in transplantable hepatomas and host livers of rats

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Turnover of molecular species of phosphatidyl inositol in ehrlich ascites tumor cells

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Turnover of molecular species of sphingomyelin in microsomes and myelin of rat brain

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Turnover of monocytoid cells within the limiting membrane of rat seminiferous tubules

Hansma H.G., 1981:
Turnover of monovalent cations in paramecium

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Turnover of mouse intestinal brush border membrane proteins and enzymes in organ culture. A direct evaluation from studies on the evolution of enzyme activities during the culture

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Turnover of multi compartment systems

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Turnover of murine beta glucuronidase ec comparison among liver kidney and spleen and between lysosomes and microsomes

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Turnover of muscle protein in the fowl. Changes in rates of protein synthesis and breakdown during hypertrophy of the anterior and posterior latissimus dorsi muscles

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Turnover of muscle protein in the fowl (Gallus domesticus). Rates of protein synthesis in fast and slow skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle of the adult fowl

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Turnover of myelin proteins in mouse brain in vivo

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Turnover of myelin proteins of rat brain determined in fractions separated by sedimentation in a continuous sucrose gradient

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Turnover of myosin heavy and light chains in cultured embryonic chick cardiac and skeletal muscle

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Turnover of nad in cultures of human cells

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Turnover of newly synthesized cytochromes p 450 scc and p 450 117b and adrenodoxin in bovine adreno cortical cells in mono layer culture effect of acth

Scherer H.W.; Mengel K., 1983:
Turnover of nitrogen 15 labeled nitrate nitrogen in soil as related to straw application and soil moisture

Amberger A.; Vilsmeier K., 1982:
Turnover of nitrogen 15 labeled urea and nitrogen 15 labeled ammonium sulfa nitrate with addition of dicyandiamide under aerobic conditions in the soil

Vilsmeier K.; Amberger A., 1982:
Turnover of nitrogen 15 labeled urea and nitrogen 15 labeled ammonium sulfa nitrate with addition of dicyandiamide under anaerobic conditions in the soil

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Turnover of nitrogen 15 labeled urea in various rotations of groundnut arachis hypogaea sorghum sorghum bicolor and pigeon pea cajanus cajan crops

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Turnover of nuclear rna 2. conveyer model of synthesis and maturation of nuclear rna as an alternative for stochastic model

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Turnover of palmitate arachidonate and glycerol in phospholipids of rat rod outer segments

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Turnover of palmitic acid and arachidonic acid in the phospholipids from different brain areas of adult and aged rats

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Turnover of parenterally administered zinc and cadmium and the redistribution of metallothionein bound zinc in newborn rats

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Turnover of phosphatidyl choline and changes in enzymatic activity in cell membranes of the central nervous system during early myelination

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Turnover of phosphatidyl choline in microsomes and myelin in brains of young and adult rats

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Turnover of phosphatidyl glycerol in escherichia coli

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Turnover of phospho lipid linoleic acid and arachidonic acid in human platelets from plasma lecithins

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Turnover of phospho lipids in selenomonas ruminantium ssp lactilytica

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Turnover of phosphocholine and phosphoethanolamine in ether phospholipids of krebs ii ascites cells

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Turnover of phospholipids in whole cells and membranes of mycobacterium tuberculosis h 37rv

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Turnover of phospholipids isolated from fractions of lung lavage fluid

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Turnover of phosphomonoester groups and compartmentation of polyphosphoinositides in human erythrocytes

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Turnover of phosphorus 32 labeled phosphate labeled poly adenylic acid rna during early development of artemia

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Turnover of phosphorus 32 labeled phospho lipids by rabbit aortic smooth muscle cells in culture

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Turnover of phosphoryl groups in reticulocyte ribosomal phospho proteins

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Turnover of photosynthetically fixed carbon in reef corals

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Turnover of pigeon breast muscle pyruvate dehydrogenase ec complex

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Turnover of plasma glucose and free fatty acids in patients on the 1st day after myo cardial infarction

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Turnover of plasma membrane glyco proteins and glyco lipids of hepatoma tissue culture cells

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Turnover of plasma membrane proteins in rat hepatoma cells and primary cultures of rat hepatocytes

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Turnover of platelet arachidonic acid and linoleic acid

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Turnover of poly adenylate containing rna in saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Turnover of poly adenylic acid containing messenger rna of myo cardium in normal state and in heart compensatory hyper function

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Turnover of poly amines spermidine and spermine in mouse brain and other organs

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Turnover of polyketides in the fungus alternaria alternata with a possible involvement of peroxidase

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Turnover of potential sensitive ionic channels in neuro blastoma cells studied with a suppressor of protein synthesis cyclo heximide

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Turnover of professional drivers

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Turnover of prolyl hydroxylase ec and an immunologically related protein in rabbit tissue

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Turnover of protein and diacylglycerol components of lipophorin in insect hemolymph

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Turnover of protein synthetic elongation and initiation factors in Escherichia coli

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Turnover of proteins, cell walls and ribosomal constituents during the growth of actinomycetes

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Turnover of proteins in asporogenic Bacillus megaterium. Evidence for a gradual decrease of the turnover rate

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Turnover of proteo glycans in guinea pig costal cartilage

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Turnover of proteoglycans in cultures of bovine articular cartilage

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Turnover of putrescine in a Pseudomonas species

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Turnover of radio iodinated and biosynthetically labeled fibrinogen in rhesus monkeys

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Turnover of radio labeled plasminogen and prothrombin in cirrhosis of the liver

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Turnover of rat brain synaptosomal proteins during training

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Turnover of rat brush border proteins after massive intestinal resection

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Turnover of rat liver sub cellular fraction proteins during varying protein supply of the body

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Turnover of regulatory subunit of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase ec in s 49 mouse lymphoma cells regulation by catalytic subunit and analogs of cyclic amp

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Turnover of ribosomal proteins in regenerating rat liver after partial hepatectomy

Nikolov E.N.; Dabeva M.D.; Nikolov T.K., 1983:
Turnover of ribosomes in regenerating rat liver

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Turnover of rna in normal and secondarily epileptogenic rabbit cortex

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Turnover of rod photo receptor outer segments part 1 membrane addition and loss in relationship to temperature

Besharse, J.C.; Hollyfield, J.G.; Rayborn, M.E., 1977:
Turnover of rod photo receptor outer segments part 2 membrane addition and loss in relationship to light

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Turnover of root derived material and related microbial biomass formation in soils of different texture

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Turnover of serum proteins in rats with analbuminemia

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Turnover of several glycolytic enzymes in rat liver

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Turnover of shikimate pathway metabolites during shoot initiation in tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar wisconsin 38 callus cultures

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Turnover of sinusoidal free cholesterol of the hepatic cell plasma membrane

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Turnover of specific tritium labeled spiperone and tritium labeled propyl norapomorphine binding sites in rat striatum following phenoxybenzamine administration

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Turnover of starch and sucrose in roots of pisum sativum

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Turnover of starch bound lyso phosphatidyl choline in germinating barley hordeum distichum cultivar georgie

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Turnover of storage protein in seeds of soybean glycine max and pea pisum sativum

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Turnover of substrate to product inactivation of mushroom polyphenol oxidase

Haney, P.M.; Bolinger, L.; Raefsky, C.; Patel, M.S., 1984:
Turnover of succinyl coenzyme a 3 oxoacid coenzyme a transferase ec in glioma and neuroblastoma cells specific influence of acetoacetate in neuroblastoma cells

D.L.stang Bremond G.; Quillet M., 1987:
Turnover of sulfates on the lambda carrageenan of chondrus crispus gametophytes

Corte L.D.; Tipton K.F., 1980 :
Turnover of the a form and b form of mono amine oxidase in rat liver

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Turnover of the alpha phosphate of free nucleotides in the isolated rabbit heart during the incorporation of adenosine or uridine

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Turnover of the carboxyl terminal tyrosine of alpha tubulin and means of reaching elevated levels of detyrosination in living cells

Karin N.J.; Cook J.S., 1986:
Turnover of the catalytic subunit of sodium potassium atpase in htc cells

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Turnover of the cell wall peptidoglycan during growth of Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Escherichia coli. Relative stability of newly synthesized material

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Turnover of the creatine kinase subunits in chicken myogenic cell cultures and in fibroblasts

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Turnover of the fast components of myelin and myelin proteins in experimental hyper phenyl alaninemia relevance to termination of dietary treatment in human phenyl ketonuria

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Turnover of the fatty acid and glycerol moieties of acyl glycerols and phospho glycerides during development of ceratitis capitata

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Turnover of the fatty acyl and glycerol moieties of microsomal membrane lipids from liver gill and muscle tissue of thermally acclimated rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

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Turnover of the glycerol moiety of different lipid classes during development of ceratitis capitata

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Turnover of the molecular forms of acetyl cholin esterase ec in the rat diaphragm

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Turnover of the phosphomonoester groups of polyphosphoinositol lipids in unstimulated human platelets

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Turnover of the plasma binding protein for vitamin D and its metabolites in normal human subjects

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Turnover of the plasma membrane and microsomal proteins of rat liver containing primary hepatoma nodules

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Turnover of the plasma membrane of mammalian cells

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Turnover of the poly adenylic acid moiety of messenger rna in wheat germ extract

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Turnover of the protein and carbohydrate moieties of a 105 kilodalton glyco protein of plasma membranes from mouse liver determined by immuno precipitation

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Turnover of tissue lipids in the mouse during dietary deprivation

Nilsson S.; Einarsson M.; Ekvarn S.; Haggroth L.; Mattsson C., 1985:
Turnover of tissue plasminogen activator in normal and hepatectomized rabbits

Christensen D.; Blackburn T.H., 1980 :
Turnover of tracer carbon 14 tritium labeled alanine in inshore marine sediments

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Turnover of transfer rna species during development of the posterior silk gland of bombyx mori

Kantak, K.M.; Wayner, M.J.; Tilson, H.A.; Sved, A., 1977:
Turnover of tritiated 5 hydroxy tryptamine to tritiated 5 hydroxy iaa and the tritiated 5 methoxy indoles in nondeprived and 24 hour food deprived rats

Mantell A.; Goldschmidt E.E.; Monselise S.P., 1980:
Turnover of tritiated water in calamondin citrus madurensis plants

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Turnover of tubulin and the nonexchangeable site gtp in chinese hamster ovary cells

Nilsson I.; Nilsson S.G., 1982:
Turnover of vascular plant species on small islands in lake mockeln south sweden 1976 1980

Ackermann R.H., 1980:
Turnover of xylitol on parenteral infusion during delivery and after operations

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Turnover of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae fructose bis phosphatase ec in different metabolic conditions

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Turnover rate of 5 hydroxy tryptamine in rat brain after prolonged vasopressin administration

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Turnover rate of anti d immuno globulin g injected during pregnancy

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Turnover rate of blood glucose in diabetic KK mice

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Turnover rate of dissolved organic materials in glacially oligotrophic and dystrophic lakes in british columbia canada

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Turnover rate of hepatic 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase ec as determined by use of cyclo heximide

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Turnover rate of hepatic rna in carp cyprinus carpio after prolonged total starvation

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Turnover rate of molecular species of sphingomyelin in rat brain

Posen, S.; Grunstein, H.S., 1982:
Turnover rate of skeletal alkaline phosphatase ec in humans

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Turnover rates in insular bio geography effect of immigration on extinction

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Turnover rates of cat skeletal muscle soluble enzymes

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Turnover rates of cytosolic and mitochondrial fumarases ec in rat liver

Beijnink F.B.; Van Der Sluis I.; Voogt P.A., 1984:
Turnover rates of fatty acid and amino acid in the coelomic fluid of the sea star asterias rubens implications for the route of nutrient translocation during vitellogenesis

Rautenbach, M.; Beyreiss, K., 1976:
Turnover rates of fructose and their influence on glucose blood level in pre term and term new borns appropriate for gestational age in comparison with pre term and term small for gestational age infants

Marco, E.; Mao, C.C.; Revuelta, A.; Peralta, E.; Costa, E., 1978:
Turnover rates of gamma amino butyric acid in substantia nigra nucleus caudatus globus pallidus and nucleus accumbens of rats injected with cataleptogenic and noncataleptogenic anti psychotics

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Turnover rates of hexo kinase i ec phospho fructo kinase ec pyruvate kinase ec and creatine kinase ec in slow twitch soleus muscle and heart of the rabbit

Simonet W.S.; Ness G.C., 1987:
Turnover rates of hmg coenzyme a reductase messenger rna role of pituitary and thyroid hormones

Belanger G.; Godin C.; Lemieux G., 1981:
Turnover rates of phosphoryl groups in ribosomal proteins of physarum polycephalum evidence for 2 different mechanisms

Masuzawa Y.; Sugiura T.; Ishima Y.; Waku K., 1984:
Turnover rates of the molecular species of ethanolamine plasmalogen of rat brain

Wang C-C.T.uster, O., 1975:
Turnover studies on proteins of rat liver lysosomes

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Turnover study of heparin cofactor II in healthy man

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Turnover study of prothrombin, antithrombin III and fibrinogen in patients with liver cirrhosis

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Turnover time of tissular noreprinephrine effect of alpha methylpara tyrosine on the disappearance rat of endogenous norepinephrine and the uptake of tritiated norepinephrine in various organs of the rat

Friligos N., 1985:
Turnover time of waters in a deep basin in the aegean sea

Bralet, J.; Beley, A.; Bralet, A.M.; Wepierre, J., 1971:
Turnover times of norepinephrine in various organs of the rat determined by isotopic method comparison of the results obtained from utilization of l and dl norepinephrine tritiated

Norwich K.H., 1982:
Turnover with nonidentical sources of labeled and unlabeled substance

Rice J.; Ohmart R.D.; Anderson B.W., 1983:
Turnovers in species composition of avian communities in contiguous riparian habitats

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Turnstone migrations in britain and europe

Branson N.J.B.A.; Ponting E.D.; Minton C.D.T., 1979:
Turnstone populations on the wash

Gawor Biedowa E., 1980:
Turonian and coniacian foraminifera from the nysa trough sudetes poland

Dingle R.V., 1985:
Turonian coniacian and santonian ostracoda from southeast africa

Fayose, E.A., 1977:
Turonian fauna from east of odukpani southeastern nigeria

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Turonian normapolles from portugal and southern france correlations

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Turonian terrestrial communities of india

Drochnev Y.G.; Ryabova S.I.; Tagil'tsev Y.G., 1983:
Turpentine composition in larix gmelinii oleo resin and its variability

Savu L.; Zouaghi H.; Nunez E.A., 1983:
Turpentine induced decrease of alpha 1 feto protein in the serum of the developing rat a novel parameter of the inflammatory response

Vysotskii A.A.; Akimov Y.A., 1981:
Turpentine mono terpenes in scotch pine pinus sylvestris forms varying in resin productivity

Chudnyi A.V.; Rudenko B.A., 1982:
Turpentine oil composition in pinus eldarica

Voronchikhin N.Z.; Bulgakov A.N.; Korepanov A.A.; Druzhinin N.A., 1979:
Turpentine oil composition of pinus sylvestris in various types of forest

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Turpentine pleurisy in rabbits: a model of pleural fluid acidosis and low pleural fluid glucose

Ferguson M.W.J., 1980:

Templado J.; Llanso R., 1981:
Turridae mollusca gastropoda from the cabo de palos murcia spain

Kilburn, R.N., 1983:
Turridae mollusca gastropoda of southern africa and mozambique 1. subfamily turrinae

Kilburn, R.N., 1985:
Turridae mollusca gastropoda of southern africa and mozambique part 2. subfamily clavatulinae

Kilburn, R.N., 1986:
Turridae mollusca gastropoda of southern africa and mozambique part 3. subfamily borsoniinae

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Turrilitidae cretaceous ammonoidea from south africa with a discussion of the evolution and limits of the family

Thomsen H.A., 1980:
Turrisphaera polybotrys new species prymnesiophyceae from western greenland

Calder D.R., 1988:
Turritopsoides brehmeri new genus new species of athecate hydroid from belize hydrozoa clavidae

Al-Robaae, K., 1974:
Tursiops aduncus new record bottle nosed dolphin a new record for the arabian gulf with notes on cetacea of the region

Cohen, M.L.; Potter, M.; Pollard, R.; Feldman, R.A., 1980:
Turtle associated salmonellosis in the usa effect of public health action 1970 1976

Hutchison J.H., 1982:
Turtle crocodilian and champsosaur diversity changes in the cenozoic of the north central region of western usa

Graham T.E.; Hutchison V.H., 1979:
Turtle diel activity response to different regimes of temperature and photoperiod

Christomanos, A.A., 1976:
Turtle hemo globins part 1 hemo globin of the turtle emys orbicularis

Chappell R.L.; Naka K I.; Sakuranaga M., 1984:
Turtle pseudemys scripta elegans and catfish ictalurus punctatus horizontal cells show different dynamic response

Tauxe R.V.; Rigau Perez J.G.; Wells J.G.; Blake P.A., 1985:
Turtle pseudemys scripta elegans associated salmonellosis in puerto rico hazards of the global turtle trade

Frair, W., 1977:
Turtle red blood cell packed volumes sizes and numbers

Lenhardt M.L.; Harkins S.W., 1983:
Turtle shell as a auditory receptor

Francois Gerard C.; Brocteur J.; Andre A., 1980:
Turtledove streptopelia risoria a new source of p 1 like material cross reacting with the human erythrocyte antigen

Conant, R.; Berry, J.F., 1978:
Turtles of the family kinosternidae in the southwestern usa and adjacent mexico identification and distribution

Harless M.; Morlock H., 1979:
Turtles perspectives and research

Savchenko V.A., 1986:
Tussock formation in bromopsis turkestanica poaceae

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Tussock regrowth after grazing intercalary meristem and axillary bud activity of tillers of agropyron desertorum

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Tussockosis: reactions to Douglas fir tussock moth

Bleicher, B.; Bleicher, U.; Matthys, H., 1981:
Tussography for objectifying the Severity of tussive complaints

Wing K., 1983:
Tutelina similis araneae salticidae an ant mimic that feeds on ants

Hodkinson I.D.; Brown R.G.; Burckhardt D., 1986:
Tuthillia new genus a new neotropical psyllid genus homoptera psylloidae

Muehlhaeusser H.; Bloecher M., 1979:
Tutufa nigrita new species of bursid from madagascar malagasy republic prosobranchia mesogastropoda

Milner R.J.; Mayer J.A., 1982:
Tuzetia boeckella new species protozoa microsporida a parasite of boeckella triarticulata copepoda calanoidea in australia

Glaser T.; Traber J., 1984:
Tvx 2706 3 ethyl 1 3 nitrophenyl 2 4 1h 3h quinazolinedione a new phosphodiesterase inhibitor with antiinflammatory action biochemical characterization

Hoffman W.L.; Jump A.A., 1986:
Tween 20 removes antibodies and other proteins from nitrocellulose

Tessler, J.; Stewart, W.C.; Kresse, J.I.; Snyder, M.L., 1977:
Tween 80: a marker for differentiation of hog cholera and bovine viral diarrhea viruses

Harrison, S.D.; Cusic, A.M.; McAfee, S.M., 1981:
Tween 80 increases plasma adriamycin concentrations in mice by an apparent reduction of plasma volume

Lovell, D.J.; Bibel, D.J., 1977:
Tween 80 medium for differentiating nonpigmented Serratia from other Enterobacteriaceae

Mcguire R.G.; Jones J.B.; Sasser M., 1986:
Tween media for semiselective isolation of xanthomonas campestris pathovar vesicatoria from soil and plant material

Knypl, J.S., 1977:
Tween surfactants stimulate growth of amaranthus caudatus seedlings

Tomas Barberan F.; Harborne J.B.; Self R., 1987:
Twelve 6 oxygenated flavone sulfates from lippia nodiflora and lippia canescens

Kissel W., 1987:
Twelve cases of asthmatic patients with aspirin intolerance

Queinnec J.Y.; Perrouin Verbe B.; Weber M.; Mathe J.F., 1987:
Twelve cases of hypercalcemia in a rehabilitation unit

Shimizu, N.; Nakano, H.; Nagasawa, H.; Ando, A.; Kurita, A.; Teramoto, S., 1988:
Twelve cases of invasive thymomas resected by vascular reconstruction

Gaddy L.L., 1986:
Twelve new ant dispersed species from the southern appalachians usa

Holzschuh C., 1986:
Twelve new longhorn beetles from europe and asia cerambycidae coleoptera

Shao K T.; Chen J P., 1988:
Twelve new records of fishes from taiwan

Hudson G.A.; Poulin S.E.; Ritchie R.F., 1987:
Twelve protein immunoassay profile on the cobas fara

Buoen S.; Dale J., 1986:
Twelve ring azacrowns with 2 alkoxyethyl side arms

Cooper, C.B.; Waterhouse, J.; Howard, P., 1987:
Twelve year clinical study of patients with hypoxic cor pulmonale given long term domiciliary oxygen therapy

Ishii K.; Kurokawa M.; Doi T.; Shimizu M.; Sakaguchi S.; Okumura M., 1987:
Twelve year observation of patients with liver disease in fukuoka university hospital japan

Schnell O.A., 1988:
Twenty eight chironomidae diptera new to norway

Ital Res Group, 1986:
Twenty five year incidence and prediction of coronary heart disease in two italian rural population samples

Chatterjee M.L.; Chattopadhyay A., 1986:
Twenty five years experience with vertical traction for fractures of the femur with follow up of 200 cases

Ishiguro M.; Inoue Y.; Hamazoe R.; Maeta M., 1987:
Twenty five years of experience in the treatment of primary retroperitoneal tumors

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Twenty five years of experience with surgery for mitral stenosis

Boxho G., 1988:
Twenty four hour blood pressure recording during treatment with captopril twice daily

Jakubow K.; Gromadzka Ostrowksa J., 1987:
Twenty four hour changes in lysozyme levels total plasma protein concentration gamma globulin concentration white blood cell count and numbers of lymphocytes and granulocytes in the peripheral blood of chinchillas chinchilla laniger m and rabbits oryctolagus cuniculus l

Smart H.L.; Foster P.N.; Evans D.F.; Slevin B.; Atkinson M., 1987:
Twenty four hour esophageal acidity in achalasia before and after pneumatic dilatation

Egger, M.; Bianchetti, M.G.; Gnädinger, M.; Kobelt, R.; Oetliker, O., 1987:
Twenty four hour intermittent, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

Walt R.P.; Pounder R.E.; Hawkey C.J.; Santana I.A.; Somerville K.W.; Logan R.F.A.; Long R.G.; Langman M.J.S., 1987:
Twenty four hour intragastric acidity and clinical trial of bedtime enprostil 70 microgram compared with ranitidine 300 milligram in duodenal ulcer

Lanzon Miller S.; Pounder R.E.; Hamilton M.R.; Chronos N.A.F.; Ball S.; Mercieca J.E.; Olausson M.; Cederberg C., 1987:
Twenty four hour intragastric acidity and plasma gastrin concentration in healthy subjects and patients with duodenal or gastric ulcer or pernicious anemia

Falor W.H.; Miller J.; Kraus J.; Fannin S.; Greczanik V.; Croker N.; Taylor B., 1986:
Twenty four hour monitoring of esophagopharyngeal ph in outpatients

Tsanev A.; Zlateva S.; Khristov V., 1984:
Twenty four hour rhythm of insulin needs in patients with diabetes mellitus

Seki K.; Kato K., 1988:
Twenty four hour secretory pattern of estradiol in hyperprolactinemic women with pituitary microadenoma

Unden F.; Ljunggren J G.; Kjellman B.F.; Beck Friis J.; Wetterberg L., 1986:
Twenty four hour serum levels of thyroxine and triiodothyronine in relation to decreased tsh response to thr in affective disorders

Shanbhogue L.K.; Bistrian B.R.; Swenson S.; Blackburn G.L., 1987:
Twenty four hour urinary creatinine a simple technique for estimating resting energy expenditure in normal population and the hospitalized patients

Heath M.E., 1987:
Twenty four hour variations in activity core temperature metabolic rate and respiratory quotient in captive chinese pangolins

Oren R.; Waring R.H.; Stafford S.G.; Barrett J.W., 1987:
Twenty four years of ponderosa pine growth in relation to canopy leaf area and understory competition

Klein H.G.F.; Weniger J.H., 1986:
Twenty nine cows each were kept at two different climatic conditions during their first lactation period warm stall group 28 celsius 50 percent relative humidity control group 18 celsius 70 80 percent relative humidity

Chapelle P.A.; Balet R., 1987:
Twenty seven pregnancies induced by eserine per os or subcutaneous in couples with a male paraplegic partner

Suzuki M.; Onuma T.; Sakurai Y.; Suzuki J., 1988:
Twenty six cases of proximal anterior cerebral artery

Navratil M.; Moravkova K.; Gafronova M.; Hruska F., 1987:
Twenty year cohort study of the employees in an asbestos processing plant

Douglas, A.S.; Colwell, L.; Rose, G., 1987:
Twenty year follow up of patients in the Medical Research Council trial of anticoagulants in acute myocardial infarction

Kuser J.E.; Knezick D.R., 1985:
Twenty year observations on a clonal plantation of pitch pine pinus rigida in the new jersey pinelands usa

Collins, J.S.; Glasgow, J.F.; Trouton, T.G.; McFarland, R.J., 1986:
Twenty year review of duodenal ulcer

Rosenzweig M.; Spruill J., 1987:
Twenty years after twiggy a retrospective investigation of bulimic like behaviors

Dukalska D.; Stankowski A.; Gurda L.; Zabska G., 1987:
Twenty years of a foreign body staying in the retroperitoneal space

Longo, D.L.; Young, R.C.; Wesley, M.; Hubbard, S.M.; Duffey, P.L.; Jaffe, E.S.; DeVita, V.T., 1986:
Twenty years of MOPP therapy for Hodgkin's disease

Nash, M.R.; Minton, A.; Baldridge, J., 1988:
Twenty years of scientific hypnosis in dentistry, medicine, and psychology: a brief communication

Green, R.D.; Leitch, D.R., 1987:
Twenty years of treating decompression sickness

Grigorov, S.S.; Votchal, F.B.; Kostyleva, O.V., 1987:
Twenty years' experience with continuous endocardial stimulation of the heart

Fillastre, C.; Guerin, N.; Ajjan, N.; Triau, R., 1988:
Twenty years' experience with diphtheria pertussis tetanus dpt vaccine

Ahenkorah, Y.; Halm, B.J.; Appiah, M.R.; Akrofi, G.S.; Yirenkyi, J.E.K., 1987:
Twenty years' results from a shade and fertilizer trial on amazon cocoa theobroma cacao in ghana

Cardenas J.; Quinn E.L., 1983:
Twice a day compared with 4 times a day dosage of cephalexin in urinary tract infections

Kowalchuk B.P.; Endler N.S., 1985:
Twice as anxious or very anxious? comparing ratio and likert scales

Urbano D.; Racalbuto A.; Polito A.; Latteri F., 1984:
Twice daily administration of ranitidine and cimetidine continuous 24 hour radio telemetric monitoring of gastric ph of normal subjects

Smith, M.J.; Hodson, M.E., 1986:
Twice daily beclomethasone dipropionate administered with a concentrated aerosol inhaler: efficacy and patient compliance

Chonmaitree, T.; Congeni, B.L.; Munoz, J.; Rakusan, T.A.; Powell, K.R.; Box, Q.T., 1984:
Twice daily ceftriaxone therapy for serious bacterial infections in children

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