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Tunpop a simulation of the dynamics and structure of the yellowfin tuna stock and surface fishery of the eastern pacific ocean

Francis, R.C.

Inter American Tropical Tuna Commission Bulletin 17(4): 215-269


Accession: 006848119

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Dinstinct versions (3) of TUNPOP, an age-structured computer simulation model of the eastern Pacific yellowfin tuna, Thunnus albacares, stock and surface tuna fishery, were used to reveal mechanisms which appear to have a significant effect on fishery dynamics. Real data on this fishery were used to make deductions on distribution of the fish and to show how that distribution might influence events in the fishery. The most important result of the study is that the concept of the eastern Pacific yellowfin tuna stock as a homogeneous unit is inadequate to represent the recent history of the fishery. Inferences were made on size and distribution of the underlying stock as well as its potential yield to the surface fishery as a result of alterations in level and distribution of effort.

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