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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6850

Chapter 6850 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Helfman G.S., 1981: Twilight activities and temporal structure in a fresh water fish community

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Wilson M.C.; Harvey J.D., 1983: Twin beam laser velocimeter for the investigation of spermatozoon motility

Chitkara B.; Macdonald A.; Reveley A.M., 1988: Twin birth and adult psychiatric disorder an examination of the case records of the maudsley hospital england uk

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Fakeye O.O., 1986: Twin birth weight in nigeria and the effect of sex pair and parity

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Hannah, M. C.; Hopper, J. L.; Mathews, J. D., 1985: Twin concordance for a binary trait 2. nested analysis of ever smoking and ex smoking traits and unnested analysis of a committed smoking trait

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Beaver, W. T.; Feise, G. A., 1977: Twin crossover relative potency analgesic assays in man part 1 morphine vs morphine

Beaver, W. T.; Feise, G. A., 1977: Twin crossover relative potency analgesic assays in man part 2 morphine vs 8 methoxy cyclazocine

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Chalmers R.A.; Lawson A.M.; Whitelaw A.; Purkiss P., 1980: Twin siblings with a reyes like syndrome associated with an abnormal organic aciduria hypo glycemia diarrhea and vomiting with close similarities to jamaican vomiting sickness

Lytton H.; Watts D.; Dunn B.E., 1987: Twin singleton differences in verbal ability where do they stem from?

Veerasamy S.; Arekal G.D., 1980: Twin staminate inflorescences in borassus flabellifer

Dhingra O.D.; Muchovej J.J., 1980: Twin stem abnormality disease of soybean glycine max seedlings caused by sclerotium sp

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Nomura K.; Nakamura M.; Okubo K., 1986: Two cases of exudative retinal detachment in eph gestosis

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Nishimura S.; Yamashita T.; Hirata K.; Murai K.; Suzuki N., 1987: Two cases of glioblastomas involving orbit and maxillary sinus

Nakanishi T.; Sakata Y., 1986: Two cases of hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia improvement of epistaxis using systemic hormone therapy

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Katsumi T.; Murayama K.; Tada A.; Watanabe K., 1986: Two cases of hyperfunctioning parathyroid cyst

Goff D.C., 1985: Two cases of hypomania following the addition of l tryptophan to a monoamine oxidase inhibitor

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Fujimoto S.; Kayama T.; Ogawa A.; Sakurai Y.; Yoshimoto T.; Suzuki J., 1987: Two cases of intracranial fibromuscular dysplasia whose repeated angiography disclosed progression of the lesion

Gotoh M.; Et Al, 1987: Two cases of intratemporal capillary hemangioma with hemi facial paresis

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Kawaida M.; Tanaka M.; Tsuzuki T., 1988: Two cases of lichen mucosae oris as intractable stomatitis

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Koishizawa T.; Itoh K.; Ohkawa Y.; Matsunaga H.; Nagata N., 1986: Two cases of long term survival following assisted circulation after open heart surgery in children

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Tobe K.; Nagashima H., 1987: Two cases of macromolecular got

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Tanihara H.; Nagata M.; Okudaira A., 1988: Two cases of malignant glaucoma treated by posterior capsulotomy

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Ayaki M.; Rin K.; Kuriyama Y.; Naito T., 1987: Two cases of metastatic carcinoma in the uvea

Yagame M.; Kawashima T.; Miyakita H.; Nakajima N.; Katsuoka Y., 1986: Two cases of metastatic renal tumor

Sargent W.C.; Shaffer H.J.; Lawford C., 1986: Two cases of misdiagnosis some essentials of intake

Okano H.; Kodama T.; Tsuji H.; Tokamasu M.; Mitsufuji S.; Furuya S.; Horiguchi Y.; Nishida H.; Satoh T.; Takino T., 1987: Two cases of mucosal bridge of esophagus after endoscopic injection sclerotherapy

Goto A.; Fukuoka H.; Kitamura H., 1987: Two cases of multilocular renal cell carcinoma

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Sano Y.; Et Al, 1987: Two cases of nasal injury due to human bite

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Yamaguchi K.; Yamaguchi K.; Okabe H.; Shirane R., 1986: Two cases of optic nerve sheath meningioma

Kieffer D.; Durckel J.; Vautravers P.; Isch F., 1985: Two cases of osteoid osteoma of the vertebrae

Brobby G.W., 1986: Two cases of otosclerosis in kumasi ghana case report

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Zusho H.; Et Al, 1987: Two cases of perilymph fistula developed after blowing nose

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Harada T.; Tanabe Y.; Kitagawa S.; Mizuno K., 1985: Two cases of pigmentary retinopathy associated with glaucoma

Lutz, W., 1987: Two cases of polydactylia of front and hind legs in wild boar sus scrofa l. 1758

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Kawaharada T.; Kohno T.; Minei M.; Masao U.; Asakuma S., 1987: Two cases of postoperative sphenoethmoidal sinus mucoceles with sudden blindness

Seregard S.; Daunius C.; Kock E.; Popovic V., 1988: Two cases of primary bilateral malignant melanoma of the choroid

Hoshiaki K.; Kayashima E.; Kozuka K.; Nagasaki S.; Fujimura Y.; Miyashima N.; Shimazui T.; Kano T.; Uchida J.; Kihara T., 1986: Two cases of primary carcinoma of the jejunum diagnosed by endoscopic biopsy

Fukuoka H.; Goto A.; Arita E.; Arita M.; Kitamura H., 1986: Two cases of primary hyperparathyroidism

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Shi H.; Luo H.; Lin S.; Xie Y., 1986: Two cases of pseudoachondroplasia

Shiono M.; Kiyomizu Y.; Tani M.; Fujita T., 1988: Two cases of pseudocyst of the auricle

Umemura K.; Nakamura T., 1987: Two cases of pseudotumor in the orbit

Gyo K.; Murakami S.; Yamamoto K., 1987: Two cases of psychogenic vertigo in childhood

Sano M.; Goto K.; Oya Y.; Mori N.; Matsunaga T., 1988: Two cases of ptp press through pack in the air way

Yamaguchi H.; Uchiyama Y.; Minami H.; Et Al, 1986: Two cases of pulmonary amyloidosis of the trachea and the lung

Yoshino K.; Kusajima K.; Fujisaki T.; Et Al, 1988: Two cases of pulmonary nocardiosis by nocardia farcinica

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Ogino S.; Et Al, 1987: Two cases of relapsing polychondritis

Taki Y.; Hiura M.; Ikai K.; Hayashi T.; Kiriyama T., 1987: Two cases of renal angiomyolipoma

Yagasaki K.; Miyake Y.; Ichikawa K., 1986: Two cases of retinal degeneration with an unusual form of electroretinogram

Ferretti A.; Mancini A., 1985: Two cases of rupture of the pectoralis major in athletes of olympic standards

Wakabayashi Y.; Mishina T.; Marumo F.; Kakawada R., 1986: Two cases of saline responsive metabolic alkalosis associated with high urinary chloride concentrations

Iuchi K.; Sawamura K.; Mizuta T.; Lee Y E.; Mori T.; Nakamura K., 1986: Two cases of sarcoma arising from the chest wall of chronic pleuritis or pyothorax

Salerno M.; Gargiulo A.; D'argenzio R.; Ferraiolo N.; Tartaglione A.; Frasca A., 1986: Two cases of secondary pseudohyperaldosteronism after administration of corticosteroids using a nasal spray

Ohkita Y.; Miki S.; Kusuhara K.; Ueda Y.; Tahata T.; Komeda M., 1986: Two cases of secundum atrial septal defect corrected in infancy

Melby K.; Von Der Lippe B., 1986: Two cases of septicemia due to campylobacter jejuni

Sugihara I.; Nagaya M.; Nakamura T. , 1986: Two cases of serpiginous choroiditis and acute posterior multifocal placoid pigment epitheliopathy with elevated titer of antibody against herpes simplex virus

Tanaka Y.; Takada S.; Morita Y.; Taoka Y., 1987: Two cases of severe acute pancreatitis ct scan was useful to the assessment

Tardiani S.; Passani F.; Lenzetti V., 1988: Two cases of severe endophthalmitis treated with ceftriaxone

Wada H., 1987: Two cases of severe typhoid fever with sensori neural hearing loss

Iwahashi D.; Et Al, 1985: Two cases of sialolithiasis of the parotid gland and components of salivary calculi

Hirano T.; Suenaga Y.; Yamamoto O., 1988: Two cases of sign of leser trelat

Igarashi S.; Et Al, 1985: Two cases of so called carcinosarcoma of the vocal cord and piriformis sinus

Watanabe K.; Abo S.; Saitoh K.; Et Al, 1986: Two cases of so called sclerosing hemangioma of the lung

Maguchi S.; Takahashi K.; Matsushima J I.; Tanaka K., 1988: Two cases of sphenoethmoidal mucoceles with skull base destruction

Yamamoto H.; Imai S., 1986: Two cases of spontaneous fibrous histiocytoma in wistar rats

Higuchi M., 1987: Two cases of sporotrichosis with peculiar manifestations

Kitaoka T.; Kawano S I.; Chihara E., 1985: Two cases of squamous cell carcinoma of the limbus

Doi Y.; Matsui T.; Takeyama M.; Fujioka H.; Sakaguchi T.; Takahashi K.; Nakamura M., 1988: Two cases of strangulated urethral prolapse

Matsui A.; Satoh K.; Shimizu Y., 1987: Two cases of subungual exostosis

Kitamura, S.; Miyamoto, A.; Umeda, S.; Kawano, K.; Shindo, S.; Sezai, Y., 1985: Two cases of successful surgical treatment of annulo aortic ectasia with bentall's operation using st. jude medical prosthetic valve

Miyamoto T.; Kato M.; Masuzawa M.; Togawa M.; Suzuki K.; Tsumano M.; Suematsu T., 1988: Two cases of superficial small liver cancer in which mass biopsy with a new hemostatic material under laparoscopy was useful

Kawamura K.; Hikage T.; Masukagami T.; Matsuzaki A.; Mitsuhashi S., 1987: Two cases of synchronous bilateral renal tumors

Inoue K.; Et Al, 1988: Two cases of synchronous multiple primary carcinomas of the head and neck

Hamanaka H.; Ando Y., 1985: Two cases of systemic lupus erythematosus associated with prominent cutaneous manifestations

Ornosa Gallego C., 1985: Two cases of teratology in bombinae hymenoptera apidae

Nakao M.; Aoki T.; Nakahashi H.; Inaba T.; Saitoh M.; Watanabe H., 1986: Two cases of testicular torsion diagnosed by the ultrasonic doppler method

Kumamoto Y.; Kondo J.; Nakamura S I.; Kajihara H.; Mashimo Y.; Ashizawa K I.; Kurata H.; Goto H.; Matumoto A., 1987: Two cases of the arterial occlusion on upper extremities problems of surgical procedure for brachial artery occlusion

Balci S.; Gogus T.; Hayran A., 1985: Two cases of the femoral hypoplasia unusual facies syndrome

Revesz T.; Robin O.B.; Lipcsey A., 1987: Two cases of the locked in syndrome associated with ocular bobbing

Yoshida A.; Satoh Y.; Kawahara H., 1987: Two cases of thyroid carcinoma invading the tracheal lumen

Pages A.; Tiraskis B., 1985: Two cases of thyrolipoma

Okumura S.; Shiotani T.; Ohtani M., 1987: Two cases of tick bite

Suwaki M., 1986: Two cases of tobacco dermatitis

Buruiana M.; Buruiana M., 1985: Two cases of tracheal papillomatosis in children therapeutical attitude

Somogyi L.; Torok Z.; Polyak L.; Jilling A., 1987: Two cases of traumatic denudation of the penile and scrotal skin

Takahashi K.; Iwasawa H.; Nakashima H.; Okada T.; Ono Y.; Takeyama I.; Awagon A., 1987: Two cases of trigeminal neurinoma symptomatologic and neurological features

Hori N.; Kinoshita N.; Hoshina A.; Kato M.; Nishii M.; Tajima K.; Tochigi H.; Yamasaki Y.; Tada S.; Nakahama T., 1985: Two cases of triple primary neoplasm and two cases of quadruple primary neoplasm including bladder cancer

Yoshino K.; Araki Y.; Shirai T.; Shibukawa T.; Takahashi K.; Kitao M., 1986: Two cases of turner syndrome

Aureli P.; Fenicia L.; Pasolini B.; Gianfranceschi M.; Mccroskey L.M.; Hatheway C.L., 1986: Two cases of type e infant botulism caused by neurotoxigenic clostridium butyricum in italy

Billiet I.; Baert L., 1986: Two cases of unusual repeated urinary retention in young women

Dauplat J.; Piollet H.; Condat P.; Glanddier G.; Giraud B., 1985: Two cases of uretero arterial fistulas

Fukuda K.; Ohnishi Y.; Inomata H.; Kirita M.; Tsuji M., 1987: Two cases of uveitis due to migrating visceral larva

Ono T.; Et Al, 1986: Two cases of van der hoeve syndrome with vertigo

Kanetake H.; Udaka J.; Ishida T.; Hiraga S.; Kouda J.; Kihara H.; Koike Y., 1987: Two cases of voice tremor

Seear, M. D.; Norman, M. G., 1988: Two cases of wernicke's encephalopathy in children an underdiagnosed complication of poor nutrition

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Sugiyama, Y.; Yotsumoto, H.; Takaku, F.; Et-Al, 1985: Two cases of young's syndrome a combination of chronic sinopulmonary infection and primary obstructive azoospermia

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Schwab G.E.; Johnson E.F., 1985: Two catalytically distinct subforms of cytochrome p 450 3b as obtained from inbred rabbits

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Hagenbuch B.E.; Koehler P.G.; Mcgovern T.P.; Patterson R.S.; Brenner R.J., 1987: Two chemical repellents for control of german orthoptera blattellidae and american cockroaches orthoptera blattidae

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Ripka J.; Adamany A.; Stanley P., 1986: Two chinese hamster ovary glycosylation mutants affected in the conversion of gdp mannose to gdp fucose

Orlean P., 1987: Two chitin synthases in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Dyson M.L.; Passmore N.I., 1988: Two choice phonotaxis in hyperolius marmoratus anura hyperoliidae the effect of temporal variation in presented stimuli

Kovacs G.; Szucs S.; Maschek H., 1987: Two chromosomally different cell populations in a partly cellular congenital mesoblastic nephroma

Jacobshagen S.; Schnarrenberger C., 1988: Two class i aldolases in the green alga chara foetida charophyceae

Fath K.R.; Lasek R.J., 1988: Two classes of actin microfilaments are associated with the inner cytoskeleton of axons

Junig J.T.; Abood L.G.; Skrobala A.M., 1985: Two classes of arginine vasopressin binding sites on rat brain membranes

Morohoshi F.; Munakata N., 1986: Two classes of bacillus subtilis mutants deficient in the adaptive response to simple alkylating agents

Rooney E.K.; Gore M.G.; Lee A.G., 1987: Two classes of binding site for hydrophobic molecules on bacterioopsin

Rahima M.; Veis A., 1988: Two classes of dentin phosphophoryns from a wide range of species contain immunologically cross reactive epitope regions

Zegers F.E., 1986: Two classes of element wise transformations preserving the positive semi definite nature of coefficient matrices

Ng Y C.; Akera T., 1987: Two classes of ouabain binding sites in ferret heart and two forms of sodium potassium atpase

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Mueller P.; Hynes M.; Kapp D.; Niehaus K.; Puehler A., 1988: Two classes of rhizobium meliloti infection mutants differ in exopolysaccharide production and in coinoculation properties with nodulation mutants

Kriebel M.E.; Gross C.; Pappas G.D., 1987: Two classes of spontaneous miniature excitatory junction potentials and one synaptic vesicle class are present in the ray electrocyte

Bell C.; Mann R.; Borri Voltattorni C., 1987: Two classes of sympathetic nerves with different dopa decarboxylase immunoreactivities exist in dog vas deferens

Scorolli L.; Pizzino A.; Corazza A.; Caponetti A., 1987: Two clinical cases of monocular cotton wool spots after altitudinal and physical stress

Dreger R.M.; Brabham J.L., 1987: Two clinical validation studies on the state form and types of reliability of the trait form of the state trait anxiety inventory

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Tokeshi M., 1988: Two commensals on a host habitat partitioning by a ciliated protozoan and a chironomid on the burrowing mayfly ephemera danica

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Martynov S.P., 1986: Two component algorithm for planning simple and complex crosses in the selection of self pollinating crops

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Jenson H.B., 1987: Two computer programs for rapid entry of dna sequence data

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Barre H.; Cohen Adad F.; Rouanet J L., 1987: Two daily glucagon injections induce nonshivering thermogenesis in muscovy ducklings

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Autret A.; Lucas B.; Laffont F.; Bertrand P.; Degiovanni E.; De Toffol B., 1987: Two distinct classifications of adult epilepsies by time of seizures and by sensitivity of the interictal paroxysmal activities to sleep and waking

Thurston S.E.; Leigh R.J.; Crawford T.; Thompson A.; Kennard C., 1988: Two distinct deficits of visual tracking caused by unilateral lesions of cerebral cortex in humans

Davis M.F.; Deisz R.A.; Prince D.A.; Peroutka S.J., 1987: Two distinct effect of 5 hydroxytryptamine on single cortical neurons

Sato M.; Nakamura T.; Koyama J., 1988: Two distinct fc gamma rs on guinea pig polymorphonuclear leukocytes differ from each other in their eliciting activities for superoxide anion generation

Girjes A.A.; Hugall A.F.; Timms P.; Lavin M.F., 1988: Two distinct forms of chlamydia psittaci associated with disease and infertility in phascolarctos cinereus koala

Guthenberg C.; Warholm M.; Rane A.; Mannervik B., 1986: Two distinct forms of glutathione transferase from human fetal liver purification and comparison with isoenzymes isolated from adult liver and placenta

Takayanagi R.; Inagami T.; Snajdar R.M.; Imada T.; Tamura M.; Milsono K.S., 1987: Two distinct forms of receptors for atrial natriuretic factor in bovine adrenocortical cells purification ligand binding and peptide mapping

Houldsworth J.; Attardi G., 1988: Two distinct genes for adp atp translocase are expressed at the messenger rna level in adult human liver

Boyd N.D., 1987: Two distinct kinetic phases of desensitization of acetylcholine receptors of clonal rat pc12 cells

Henley J.M.; Oswald R.E., 1987: Two distinct levo nicotine binding sites in goldfish brain identification and characterization of putative neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes

Fujimoto S.; Murakami K.; Ishikawa A.; Himi K.; Ohara A., 1988: Two distinct low molecular weight acid phosphatases from rat liver

Mcelligott D.L.; Sorger S.B.; Matis L.A.; Hedrick S.M., 1988: Two distinct mechanisms account for the immune response ir gene control of the t cell response to pigeon cytochrome c

Ahne A.; Mueller Derlich J.; Merlos Lange A.M.; Kanbay F.; Wolf K.; Lang B.F., 1988: Two distinct mechanisms for deletion in mitochondrial dna of schizosaccharomyces pombe mutator strains slipped mispairing mediated by direct repeats and erroneous intron splicing

Edwards A.M.; Baddams H.M.; Lucas C.M., 1987: Two distinct mechanisms for regulation of gamma glutamyl transpeptidase in cultured rat hepatocytes by glucocorticoid like steroids

Siebenlist U.; Bressler P.; Kelly K., 1988: Two distinct mechanisms of transcriptional control operate on c myc during differentiation of hl60 cells

Pober J.S.; Bevilacqua M.P.; Mendrick D.L.; Lapierre L.A.; Fiers W.; Gimbrone M.A.Jr, 1986: Two distinct monokines interleukin 1 and tumor necrosis factor each independently mice biosynthesis and transient expression of the same antigen on the surface of the cultured human vascular endothelial cells

Sittisombut N., 1988: Two distinct nuclear factors bind the conserved regulatory sequences of a rabbit major histocompatibility complex class ii gene

Moses A.M.; Miller J.L.; Levine M.A., 1988: Two distinct pathophysiological mechanisms in congenital nephrogenic diabetes insipidus

Ogawa H.; Ito S I.; Nomura T., 1985: Two distinct projection areas from tongue nerves in the frontal operculum of macaque monkeys as revealed with evoked potential mapping

Haltiner M.M.; Smale S.T.; Tjian R., 1986: Two distinct promoter elements in the human ribosomal rna gene identified by linker scanning mutagenesis

Cohen M.G.; Kevat S.; Prowse M.V.; Ahern M.J., 1988: Two distinct quinidine induced rheumatic syndromes

Haberland M.E.; Rasmussen R.R.; Olch C.L.; Fogelman A.M., 1986: Two distinct receptors account for recognition of maleyl albumin in human monocytes during differentiation in vitro

Jenkins J.R.; Chumakov P.; Addison C.; Stuerzbecher H W.; Wade Evans A., 1988: Two distinct regions of the murine p53 primary amino acid sequence are implicated in stable complex formation with sv 40 t antigen

Thorp J.H., 1986: Two distinct roles for predators in freshwater assemblages

Weiher H.; Barklis E.; Ostertag W.; Jaenisch R., 1987: Two distinct sequence elements mediate retroviral gene expression in embryonal carcinoma cells

Wagner H.; Heeg K., 1988: Two distinct signals regulate induction of il 2 responsiveness in cd8 positive murine t cells

Cooke N.E.; Ray J.; Emery J.G.; Liebhaber S.A., 1988: Two distinct species of human growth hormone variant messenger rna in the human placenta predict the expression of novel growth hormone proteins

Schmid S.L.; Fuchs R.; Male P.; Mellman I., 1988: Two distinct subpopulations of endosomes involved in membrane recycling and transport to lysosomes

Mufson M.A.; Orvell C.; Rafner B.; Norrby E., 1985: Two distinct subtypes of human respiratory syncytial virus

Marche P.N.; Kindt T.J., 1986: Two distinct t cell receptor alpha chain transcripts in a rabbit t cell line implications for allelic exclusion in t cells

Jones K.A.; Yamamoto K.R.; Tijan R., 1985: Two distinct transcription factors bind to the herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase promoter in vitro

Kraus W.; Hoeltje J V., 1987: Two distinct transpeptidation reactions during murein synthesis in escherichia coli

Wild J.; Zakrzewska B.; Walczak W.; Klopotowski T., 1987: Two distinct types of mutations conferring to escherichia coli k12 capability of d tryptophan utilization

Hemsley J.P.; Savage G.E., 1986: Two district mechanisms mediating interocular transfer in the goldfish carassius auratus?

Driscoll D.M.; Williams J.G., 1987: Two divergently transcribed genes of dictyostelium discoideum are cyclic amp inducible and coregulated during development

IIda S.; Streiff M.B.; Bickle T.A.; Arber W., 1987: Two dna antirestriction systems of bacteriophage p1 dar a and dar b characterization of dar a negative phages

Buchman A.R.; Kimmerly W.J.; Rine J.; Kornberg R.D., 1988: Two dna binding factors recognize specific sequences at silencers upstream activating sequences autonomously replicating sequences and telomeres in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Lambert M.W.; Fenkart D.; Clarke M., 1988: Two dna endonuclease activities from normal human and xeroderma pigmentosum chromatin active on psoralen plus uv light treated dna

Fuller Pace F.V.; Murray N.E., 1986: Two dna recognition domains of the specificity polypeptides of a family of type i restriction enzymes

Ma Y.; Schumaker V.N.; Butler R.; Sparkes R.S., 1987: Two dna restriction fragment length polymorphisms associated with agt z and agg c antigenic sites of human apolipoprotein b

Kim Y J.; Lin L S.; Meyer R.J., 1987: Two domains at the origin are required for replication and maintenance of broad host range plasmid r1162

Hall D.H.; Povinelli C.M.; Ehrenman K.; Pedersen Lane J.; Chu F.; Belfort M., 1987: Two domains for splicing in the intron of the phage t4 thymidylate synthase td gene established by nondirected mutagenesis

Zwarthoff E.C.; Gennissen A.; Bosveld I.J.; Trapman J.; Van Heuvel M., 1987: Two domains in alpha interferons influence the efficacy of the antiviral response

De Ronde A.; Sol C.J.A.; Macdonald M.E.; Koot M.; Ter Schegget J.; Van Strien A.; Wouters E.; Van Der Noordaa J., 1987: Two domains within the early coding region of sv 40 involved in the transformation of human fibroblasts

Ibrahimi J.M.; Sehgal J.L.; Sharma P.K., 1986: Two dominant stages of pedogenic development in the soils of bist doab alluvial plain in punjab india

Kolodny A.L., 1988: Two double blind trials of diclofenac sodium with aspirin and with naproxen in the treatment of patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Leonard C.; Gautier M.; Sinet P.M.; Selva J.; Huret J.L., 1986: Two down syndrome patients with rec21 dupq inversion 21 p11 q2109 from a familial pericentric inversion

Le Gall I.; Millasseau P.; Dausset J.; Cohen D., 1986: Two dr beta allelic series defined by exon ii specific synthetic oligonucleotide genomic hybridization a method of hla typing?

Osheim Y.N.; Miller O.L.Jr; Beyer A.L., 1986: Two drosophila chorion genes terminate transcription in discrete regions near their polyadenylic acid sites

Bellen H.J.; Gregory B.K.; Olsson C.L.; Kiger J.A.Jr, 1987: Two drosophila learning mutants dunce and rutabaga provide evidence of a maternal role for cyclic amp on embryogenesis

Henikoff S.; Nash D.; Hards R.; Bleskan J.; Woolford J.F.; Naguib F.; Patterson D., 1986: Two drosophila melanogaster mutations block successive steps of de novo purine synthesis

Karlik C.C.; Fyrberg E.A., 1986: Two drosophila melanogaster tropomyosin genes structural and functional aspects

Flood J.F.; Smith G.E.; Cherkin A., 1988: Two drug combinations of memory enhancers effect of dose ratio upon potency and therapeutic window in mice

Hafkenscheid J.C.M.; Van Der Ven Jongekrijg J., 1988: Two dry reagent systems evaluated for determinations of enzyme activities

Lindevald I.M.; Benade A.H., 1986: Two ear correlation in the statistical sound fields of rooms

Cuong N.L., 1986: Two early hoabinhian crania from thanh hao province vietnam

Zhou Z., 1986: Two ecological patterns of the permian ammonoids

Walker, A. F.; Greer, R. B.; Gardner, A. S., 1988: Two ecologically distinct forms of arctic charr salvelinus alpinus l. in loch rannoch scotland uk

Turner B.C., 1987: Two ecotypes of neurospora intermedia

Seng L.T., 1986: Two ectoparasitic crustaceans belonging to the family argulidae crustacea branchiura in malaysian freshwater fishes

Jacks T.; Townsley K.; Varmus H.E.; Majors J., 1987: Two efficient ribosomal frameshifting events are required for synthesis of mouse mammary tumor virus gag related polyproteins

El Assal F.M.; Tawfik M.A.A.; El Aroussi N., 1986: Two egyptian trematodes of fish eating mammals of family diplostomatidae poirier 1886

Miller S.M.; Ballou D.P.; Massey V.; Williams C.H.Jr; Walsh C.T., 1986: Two electron reduced mercuric reductase binds mercury ii to the active site dithiol but does not catalyze mercury ii reduction

Nathan R.D., 1986: Two electrophysiologically distinct types of cultured pacemaker cells from rabbit sinoatrial node

Wessel G.M.; Mcclay D.R., 1986: Two embryonic tissue specific molecules identified by a double label immunofluorescence technique for monoclonal antibodies

Mcgregor C.W.; Knowler J.T., 1987: Two endogenous protein kinase activities in heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein particles hn rnp

Casanueva E., 1987: Two energy reserve indicators and their functional assessment in nonpregnant women

Smith, A. L.; Winograd, D. F., 1986: Two enzyme immunoassays for the detection of antibody to rodent coronaviruses

Fleeker J., 1987: Two enzyme immunoassays to screen for 2 4 d in water

Walton J.D., 1987: Two enzymes involved in biosynthesis of the host selective phytotoxin hc toxin

Gashumba J.K., 1986: Two enzymically distinct stocks of trypanosoma congolense

Capon R.J.; Macleod J.K., 1987: Two epimeric dibromonitriles from the australian sponge aplysina laevis

Kimball P.M.; Gamaz N.; Sell S., 1988: Two episodes of calcium uptake associated with t lymphocyte activation

Ghazy N.M.; El Masry S., 1986: Two eremophilanes from senecio desfontainei

Onukoguy I.B., 1986: Two estimators of mean frequency in products of multinormal probability models

Brodsky, P.; Brodsky, M.; Lee, H.; Sever, J., 1986: Two evaluation studies of reitan's rehabit program for the retraining of brain dysfunctions

Kluge A.; Roelcke D.; Tanton E.; Bassett Des Roches A.; Plantos M.; Moore B.P.L.; Lubenko A.; Green C.A., 1988: Two examples of a new low frequency red cell antigen jfv

O'neill P.; Shulman I.A.; Simpson R.B.; Halima D.; Garratty G., 1986: Two examples of low ionic strength dependent autoagglutinins with anti pr 1 specificity

Dvorak M.; Travnicek M.; Sulova L.; Riman J., 1987: Two exons specific for the myb proto oncogene found upstream from the avian myeloblastosis virus transduced myb sequences

O'keeffe D.J.; Goertner J.F.; Harris G.S., 1988: Two experimental studies of fish swimbladder volumes

Xue Z.; Xu M.; Zhuang N.; Shen W.; Shen S., 1987: Two expressed copies of glycinin gy4 gene subfamily in wild soybean glycine soja shi

King D.L.; Atef Vahid M K., 1986: Two extensions of the anchor range effect

Barbeito R.; Tam W.J.; Ono H., 1986: Two factors affecting saccadic amplitude during vergence the location of the cyclopean eye and a left right bias

Banos G.; Ramirez Gonzalez M.D.; Zaldivar H.M.; Sanchez Torres G.; Barrera J., 1987: Two factors associated with increased uptake of calcium in platelets from essential hypertensive patients

Nusholtz G.S.; Kaiker P.S.; Gould W.S., 1987: Two factors critical in the pressure response of the impacted head

Richardson A.G., 1986: Two factors of creativity

Funada M.; Motomura Y.; Osada K.; Matsuura H.; Fujinaga Y., 1986: Two familial cases of cone rod dystrophy

Yates J.R.; Holmes D.S., 1987: Two families of repeated dna sequences in thiobacillus ferrooxidans

Rustaiyan A.; Sharif Z.; Sadjadi A.S., 1987: Two farnesol derivatives from cousinia adenostica

Badhey H.; Cleri D.J.; D'amato R.F.; Vernaleo J.R.; Veinni V.; Tessler J.; Wallman A.A.; Mastellone A.J.; Giuliani M.; Hochstein L., 1986: Two fatal cases of type e adult food borne botulism with early symptoms and terminal neurologic signs

Wilson M.; Bender S.; Lynfield Y.; Finelli L.J., 1988: Two feet one hand syndrome

Fay T.N.; Jacobs I.; Teisner B.; Poulsen O.; Chapman M.G.; Stabile I.; Bohn H.; Westergaard J.G.; Grudzinskas J.G., 1988: Two fetal antigens fa 1 and fa 2 and endometrial proteins pp12 and pp14 isolated from amniotic fluid preliminary observations in fetal and maternal tissues

Van Wyk J.A.; Malan F.S.; Gerber H.M.; Alves R.M.R., 1987: Two field strains of haemonchus contortus resistant to rafoxanide

Wang M.; Li J.; Liu W., 1987: Two flavanones from the root bark of lespedeza davidii

Singh M.; Singh J., 1985: Two flavonoid glycosides from cassia occidentalis pods

Mendiondo M.E.; Seeligmann P., 1985: Two flavonoids in the leaves of stevia mercedensis

Tomas F.; Morenilla A.; Barberan F.A.T., 1986: Two flavonol glycosides from salsola kali

Xiao B L.; Wang D Q., 1988: Two flea larvae of marmota himalayana

Lai C.; Brow M.A.; Nave K A.; Noronha A.B.; Quarles R.H.; Bloom F.E.; Milner R.J.; Sutcliffe J.G., 1987: Two forms of 1b236 myelin associated glycoprotein a cell adhesion molecule for postnatal neural development are produced by alternative splicing

Mathur R.; Alvares K.; Balasubramanian A.S., 1984: Two forms of acid alpha d mannosidase in monkey brain evidence for the co existence of high mannose and complex oligosaccharides in 1 form

Radzevych, I. M., 1976: Two forms of alkaline phosphatase and 5 nucleotidase in the blood serum of humans with jaundice of different origin

Hogstorp H.; Carlin G., 1987: Two forms of alpha 2 antiplasmin post traumatic changes in the rat

Spychala J.; Marszalek J., 1986: Two forms of amp deaminase from the lizard lacerta agilis liver

Ong, K. K.; Lim, S. T., 1987: Two forms of cyclic 3' 5' nucleotide phosphodiesterase in rhizobium spp

Shioda M.; Usuki S., 1986: Two forms of dna polymerase alpha in sea urchin hemicentrotus pulcherrimus eggs and embryos

Tiunova N.A.; Kobzeva N.Ya, 1985: Two forms of endo 1 4 beta glucanases from geotrichum candidum

Sangwan R.S.; Singh R., 1988: Two forms of fructose 1 6 bisphosphatase from immature wheat endosperm

Krangel M.S., 1987: Two forms of hla class i molecules in human plasma

Ryu S.H.; Cho K.S.; Lee K.Y.; Suh P G.; Rhee S.G., 1986: Two forms of phosphatidylinositol specific phospholipase c from bovine brain

Wilcoxen S.E.; Peterson C.R.; Winkley C.S.; Keller M.J.; Jaehning J.A., 1988: Two forms of rpo41 dependent rna polymerase regulation of the rna polymerase by glucose repression may control yeast mitochondrial gene expression

Strubin M.; Long E.O.; Mach B., 1986: Two forms of the ia antigen associated invariant chain results from alternative initiations at two in phase augs

Balashov S.P.; Karneeva N.V.; Imasheva E.S.; Litvin F.F., 1986: Two forms of trans bacteriorhodopsin and their photoreactions at 77k

Kabcenell A.K.; Poruchynsky M.S.; Bellamy A.R.; Greenberg H.B.; Atkinson P.H., 1988: Two forms of vp7 are involved in assembly of sa11 rotavirus in endoplasmic reticulum

Nel A., 1988: Two fossil dicladispa from the neogene lacustral basins of bes konak turkey and murat france coleoptera chrysomelidae hispinae

Sidorkin V.G., 1987: Two fragment blocks for randomized ultramicrotomy

Schatz P.J.; Pillus L.; Grisafi P.; Solomon F.; Botstein D., 1986: Two functional alpha tubulin genes of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae encode divergent proteins

Dana N.; Styrt B.; Griffin J.D.; Todd R.F.IIi; Klempner M.S.; Arnaout M.A., 1986: Two functional domains in the phagocyte membrane glycoprotein mo 1 identified with monoclonal antibodies

Fierke, C. A.; Jencks, W. P., 1986: Two functional domains of coenzyme a activate catalysis by coenzyme a transferase pantetheine and adenosine 3' phosphate 5' diphosphate

Hart L.A.; Van Enckevort P.H.; Van Dijk H.; Zaat R.; De Silva K.T.; Labadie R.P., 1988: Two functionally and chemically distinct immunomodulatory compounds in the gel of aloe vera

Pittelkow M.R.; Willie J.J.Jr; Scott R.E., 1986: Two functionally distinct classes of growth arrest states in human prokeratinocytes that regulate clonogenic potential

Pearce L.B.; Calhoon R.D.; Burns P.R.; Vincent A.; Goldin S.M., 1988: Two functionally distinct forms of cyclic gmp stimulated cation channels in a bovine rod photoreceptor disk preparation

Rokeach L.A.; Sogaard Andersen L.; Molin S., 1985: Two functions of the e protein are key elements in the plasmid f replication control system

Kobayashi T.; Zhao J Z., 1987: Two fungi associated with needle blight of cunninghamia lanceolata

Gupta R.K.; Jain D.C.; Thakur R.S., 1986: Two furostanol saponins from trigonella foenum graecum

Hoyle C.F.; Boughton B.J.; Hayhoe F.G.J., 1988: Two further cases of acute myeloid leukemia with trisomy 4

Valbonesi M.; Vassallo F.; Lercari G.; Frisoni R.; Carubia F.; Russo E., 1987: Two further examples of igg thimerosal dependent antibodies and their serological characteristics

Rowe G.P.; Bowell P. , 1985: Two further examples of the low frequency antigen re a reid

Kabanoff B., 1985: Two further validations of the task attributes method of describing leisure behavior

Wenger R.B.; Rong Y., 1987: Two fuzzy set models for comprehensive environmental decision making

Cockcroft S.; Howell T.W.; Gomperts B.D., 1987: Two g proteins act in series to control stimulus secretion coupling in mast cells use of neomycin to distinguish between g proteins controlling polyphosphoinositide phosphodiesterase and exocytosis

Imano E.; Kantou T.; Takahashi M.; Nomura M.; Goriya Y.; Sichiri M.; Kamada T.; Kawakami M.; Ikegami K., 1987: Two gas producing infections in iddm caused by different organisms gas gangrene of the left shoulder and emphysematous perinephritic abscess

Putnoky P.; Kondorosi A., 1986: Two gene clusters of rhizobium meliloti code for early essential nodulation functions and a third influences nodulation efficiency

Knoll B.J.; Rothblum K.N.; Longley M., 1987: Two gene duplication events in the evolution of the human heat stable alkaline phosphatases

Flury B.K., 1987: Two generalizations of the common principal component model

Becker H.C.; Randall C.L., 1987: Two generations of maternal alcohol consumption in mice effect on pregnancy outcome

Dhamija S.S.; Fluri R.; Schweingruber M.E., 1987: Two genes control three alkaline phosphatases in schizosaccharomyces pombe

Hovemann B.; Richter S.; Waldorf U.; Cziepluch C., 1988: Two genes encode related cytoplasmic elongation factors 1 alpha ef 1 alpha in drosophila melanogaster with continuous and stage specific expression

Horne M.; Englert C.; Pfeifer F., 1988: Two genes encoding gas vacuole proteins in halobacterium halobium

Gatehouse, J. A.; Bown, D.; Gilroy, J.; Levasseur, M.; Castleton, J.; Ellis, T. H. N., 1988: Two genes encoding minor legumin polypeptides in pea pisum sativum l. characterization and complete sequence of the legj gene

Gay N.J.; Walker J.E., 1985: Two genes encoding the bovine mitochondrial atp synthase proteolipid specify precursors with different import sequences and are expressed in a tissue specific manner

Pozzi G.; Guild W.R., 1988: Two genes for chloramphenicol resistance common to staphylococci and streptococci

Ploos Van Amstel J.K.; Van Der Zanden A.L.; Bakker E.; Reitsma P.H.; Bertina R.M., 1987: Two genes homologous with human protein s complementary dna are located on chromosome 3

Galler R.; Saiga H.; Widmer R.M.; Lezzi M.; Edstrom J E., 1985: Two genes in balbiani ring 2 with metabolically different 75s transcripts

Tsuchimoto S.; Ohtsubo H.; Ohtsubo E., 1988: Two genes pem k and pem i responsible for stable maintenance of resistance plasmid r100

Trueheart J.; Boeke J.D.; Fink G.R., 1987: Two genes required for cell fusion during yeast conjugation evidence for a pheromone induced surface protein

Casey, J. L.; Di-Jeso, B.; Rao, K.; Klausner, R. D.; Harford, J. B., 1988: Two genetic loci participate in the regulation by iron of the gene for the human transferrin receptor

Reeders S.T.; Breuning M.H.; Corney G.; Jeremiah S.J.; Khan P.M.; Davies K.E.; Hopkinson D.A.; Pearson P.L.; Weatherall D.J., 1986: Two genetic markers closely linked to adult polycystic kidney disease on chromosome 16

Jamieson D.J.; Higgins C.F., 1986: Two genetically distinct pathways for transcriptional regulation of anaerobic gene expression in salmonella typhimurium

Eksmyr R., 1986: Two geographically defined populations with different organization of medical care cause specific analysis of early neonatal deaths

Eksmyr R., 1985: Two geographically defined populations with different organization of medical care comparison of perinatal risks

Otsuki T.; Brooker R.F.; Funk M.O., 1986: Two geometrical isomers of linoleic acid improved total syntheses

Gotoh T.; Shishikura F.; Snow J.W.; Ereifej K.I.; Vinogradov S.N.; Walz D.A., 1987: Two globin strains in the giant annelid extracellular hemoglobins

Chan W K.; Penaranda M.E.; Crawford S.E.; Estes M.K., 1986: Two glycoproteins are produced from the rotavirus neutralization gene

Hoffmann J.J.; Jolad S.D.; Timmermann B.N.; Bates R.B.; Camou F.A., 1988: Two grindelane diterpenoids from grindelia comporum

Squires R.F.; Saederup E.; Lajtha A., 1988: Two groups of amino acids interact with gaba a receptors coupled to sulfur 35 tert butylbicyclophosphorothionate binding sites possible involvement with seizures associated with hereditary amino acidemias

Dietz A.; Andrejauskas E.; Messerschmid M.; Hausmann R., 1986: Two groups of capsule specific coliphages coding for rna polymerases with new promoter specificities

Samejima A.; Yamamoto T.; Ito J.; Oka H., 1985: Two groups of corticofugal neurons identified with the pontine stimulation in the cat parietal association cortex an intracellular horseradish peroxidase study

Tsukamura M., 1987: Two groups of mycobacterium avium complex strains determined according to the susceptibility to rifampicin and ansamycin

Okuyama H.; Sasaki S., 1986: Two groups of phosphatidylethanolamine in vibrio sp strain abe 1 separated by silica gel thin layer chromatography

Kawaguchi Y., 1985: Two groups of secondary vestibular neurons mediating horizontal canal signals probably to the ipsilateral medial rectus muscle under inhibitory influences from the cerebellar flocculus in rabbits

Ober A.G.; Urbatsch L.E.; Fischer N.H., 1985: Two guaianolides from calea solidaginea

Fernandez I.; Garcia B.; Grancha F.J.; Pedro J.R., 1987: Two guaianolides from centaurea collina

Katada T.; Oinuma M.; Ui M., 1986: Two guanine nucleotide binding proteins in rat brain serving as the specific substrate of islet activating protein pertussis toxin interaction of the alpha subunits with beta gamma subunits in development of their biological activities

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