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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6851

Chapter 6851 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Balloni W., 1988: Two halophilic ectothiorhodospira strains with unusual morphological physiological and biochemical characters

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850001

Fisher K.R.S., 1987: Two headed two necked conjoined twin calf with partial duplication of thoracoabdominal structures role of blastocyst hatching

Parker J., 1987: Two heat induced proteins are associated with transformation of schistosoma mansoni cercariae to schistosomula

Yano Toyoshima Y., 1985: Two heavy chains of 21s dynein from sea urchin sperm flagella

Pilgaard P., 1987: Two hereditary spinal diseases producing kyphosis during adolescence

Besch P.K., 1987: Two high affinity ligand binding states of uterine estrogen receptor distinguished by modulation of hydrophobic environment

Ulman B., 1987: Two high affinity nucleoside transporters in leishmania donovani

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850008

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850009

Vesth N., 1987: Two highly sensitive methods of hcg determination in women with subacute ectopic pregnancy

Ikehara M., 1987: Two histidine residues are essential for rnase t 1 activity as is the case for rnase a

Murphy E.D., 1985: Two histopathologic types of inflammatory vascular disease in mrl mp autoimmune mice model for human vasculitis in connective tissue disease

Dickerman R.W., 1986: Two hitherto unnamed populations of aechmophorus aves podicipitidae

Hansen S.T.Jr, 1988: Two hole plate fixation for traumatic symphysis pubis diastasis

Tu G., 1987: Two homoisoflavones from ophiopogon japonicus

Verma D.P.S., 1988: Two host inducible genes of rhizobium fredii and characterization of the inducing compound

Deckelbaum R.J., 1986: Two hour lactose breath hydrogen test

Monget D., 1987: Two hour miniaturized system for detection of enteropathogenic bacteria in stool cultures

Et Al, 1986: Two human 35 kilodalton inhibitors of phospholipase a 2 are related to substrates of pp 60 v src and of the epidermal growth factor receptor kinase

Mathews M.B., 1987: Two human alanyl transfer rna families are recognized by autoantibodies in polymyositis sera

Schoenmakers J.G.G., 1985: Two human gamma crystallin genes are linked and riddled with alu repeats

Roy K.L., 1988: Two human genes encoding glycine transfer rna g c c

Et Al, 1987: Two human homeobox genes c1 and c8 structure analysis and expression in embryonic development

Ueki H., 1988: Two human papillomavirus dna species molecularly cloned from a patient with epidermodysplasia verruciformis restriction maps

Bhuta S., 1988: Two human tumors with high basement membrane producing potential

Roy K.L., 1986: Two human tyrosine transfer rna genes contain introns

Guillebaud J., 1987: Two hundred out patient laparoscopic clip sterilizations using local anesthesia

Konstantinov A.A., 1987: Two hydrogen peroxide binding sites in cytochrome c oxidase the evidence for the o cycle hypothesis

Berggren P., 1987: Two hydrophobic low molecular mass protein fractions of pulmonary surfactant characterization and biophysical activity

Mabuchi H., 1987: Two hypertriglyceridemic patients with type 2 diabetes accompanied by a mutant apo e apo e 5 and apo e 7

Reith A., 1988: Two hypolipidemic peroxisome proliferators increase the number of lamellar bodies in alveolar cells type ii of the rat lung

Kalashjan J.A., 1987: Two ilar viruses in affected tissues and their detection by immune electron microscopy iem

Coventry B., 1987: Two immunohistochemically identified populations of calcitonin gene related peptide cgrp immunoreactive axons in human skin

Vaughn K.C., 1987: Two immunological approaches to the detection of ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase in guard cell chloroplasts

Wood M.H., 1987: Two immunoreactive binding proteins for insulin like growth factors in human amniotic fluid relationship to fetal maturity

El Nofely A.A., 1986: Two improved anthropometric indices for assessment of adiposity and muscularity

Young J.A., 1986: Two independent anion transport systems in rabbit mandibular salivary glands

Lecocq J P., 1987: Two independent domains of factor viii co expressed using recombinant vaccinia viruses have procoagulant activity

Macarulla J.M., 1986: Two independent effects of cortisol on chicken liver

Rosner M.R., 1987: Two independent growth factor generated signals regulate c fos and c myc messenger rna levels in swiss 3t3 cells

Shimizu N., 1988: Two independent mechanisms for escaping epidermal growth factor mediated growth inhibition in epidermal growth factor receptor hyperproducing human tumor cells

Kawai S., 1985: Two independent mutations are required for temperature sensitive cell transformation by a rous sarcoma virus temperature sensitive mutant

Fathman C.G., 1986: Two independent pathways of helper activity provided by a single t cell clone

Mosolov V.V., 1987: Two independent reactive sites in the bifunctional inhibitor of subtilisin and alpha amylase

Chlupac I., 1986: Two index trilobites from the lochkovian pragian boundary beds of bohemia lower devonian czechoslovakia

Ghosh M., 1986: Two indian species of kiefferulus diptera chironomidae

Silverstein, A. B., 1987: Two indices of subtest scatter on wechsler's intelligence scales estimated vs. empirical values

Rowlands D.J., 1985: Two initiation sites for foot and mouth disease virus polyprotein in vivo

Rotwein P., 1986: Two insulin like growth factor i messenger rna species are expressed in human liver

Sandoval I.V., 1987: Two integral membrane proteins located in the cis middle and trans part of the golgi system acquire sialylated n linked carbohydrates and display different turnovers and sensitivity to cyclic amp dependent phosphorylation

Sharda R.M., 1987: Two interesting clavarioid fungi from bhutan

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850055

Simons R.H., 1986: Two interesting species of carpomitra phaeophyta sporochnales from the cape of good hope south africa and their possible affiliations

Ravikumar K., 1987: Two interesting taxa of plants from coromandel coast of south india

Hovanessian A.G., 1985: Two interferon induced proteins are involved in the protein kinase complex dependent on double stranded rna

Gray, P. W.; Glaister, D.; Chen, E.; Goeddel, D. V.; Pennica, D., 1986: Two interleukin 1 genes in the mouse cloning and expression of the complementary dna for murine interleukin 1 beta

Gabrys, J. B.; Utendale, K. A.; Schumph, D.; Phillips, N.; Peters, K.; Robertson, G.; Sherwood, G.; O'haire, T.; Allard, I.; Et-Al, 1988: Two inventories for the measurement of psychopathology dimensions and common factorial space on millon's clinical and eysenck's general personality scales

Gambaro V., 1987: Two iridoid glycosides from campsidium valdivianum

Nagarajan N.S., 1988: Two isoflavone galactosides from dalbergia spinosa

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850063

Sogaard, P.; Kjaeldgaard, P., 1986: Two isolations of enteric group 69 from human clinical specimens

Miyazawa T., 1985: Two isoleucine transfer rna species from an extreme thermophile thermus thermophilus hb 8 effect of 2 thiolation of ribothymidine on the thermostability of transfer rna

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850066

Selvin S., 1987: Two issues concerning the analysis of grouped data

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850068

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850069

Yang S.K., 1986: Two k regions of 5 methylchrysene are sites of oxidative metabolism

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850071

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850072

Et Al, 1986: Two kinds of monoclonal antibodies to tick borne encephalitis virus

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850074

Baird J.L., 1988: Two kinds of nigrostriatal asymmetry relationship to dopaminergic drug sensitivity and 6 hydroxydopamine lesion effects in long evans rats

Lee I.K., 1985: Two korean species of centroceras ceramiaceae rhodophyta

Lester R., 1987: Two laboratory methods for diagnosis of herpes simplex keratitis

Stefansson K., 1986: Two large glycosylated polypeptides found in myelinating oligodendrocytes but not in myelin

Leach S.J., 1985: Two large immunogenic and antigenic myoglobin peptides and the effects of cyclization

Malfatti P., 1986: Two laser confront in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy blue argon laser and green argon laser

Voronova, A. F.; Adler, H. T.; Sefton, B. M., 1987: Two lck transcripts containing different 5' untranslated regions are present in t cells

Teschler Nicola M., 1983: Two lengyel graves from lower austria

Er Z., 1987: Two level cnv and extrication wave in human brain

Emborg C., 1987: Two level factorial screening for influence of temperature ph and aeration on production of serratia marcescens nuclease

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850087

Leong S.A., 1988: Two linear plasmids in mitochondria of fusarium solani f sp cucurbitae

Lilly M.D., 1986: Two liquid phase biocatalysis epoxidation of 1 7 octadiene by pseudomonas putida

Herrmann J.P.R., 1988: Two liquid phase reactor studies of 11 alpha hydroxylation of progesterone by aspergillus ochraceus

Gams W., 1985: Two little known species of mortierella

Unanue E.R., 1986: Two loci affecting b cell responses to b cell maturation factors

Krylov, V. N.; Cheremukhina, L. V.; Gerasimov, V. A.; Yanenko, A. S.; Akhverdyan, V. Z., 1986: Two loci in the genome of the transposable bacteriophage b 39 pseudomonas aeruginosa affecting integration process i. studies of the properties of phages with pde negative phenotype and mapping the rms site

Akhverdyan, V. Z.; Kirsanov, N. B.; Khrenova, E. A.; Cheremukhina, L. V.; Rebentish, B. A.; Krylov, V. N., 1986: Two loci in the genome of the transposable bacteriophage b 39 pseudomonas aeruginosa affecting the integration process ii. mapping pde x and pde y loci by restriction and heteroduplex analysis

Millhorn D.E., 1988: Two long lasting central respiratory responses following acute hypoxia in glomectomized cats

Ohara K., 1987: Two long term hard contact lens wearers showed abnormal corneal endothelial cells

Horstman D.A., 1987: Two low maintenance culture systems for small pelagic marine animals

Parnes J.R., 1985: Two lyt 2 polypeptides arise from a single gene by alternative splicing patterns of messenger rna

Hansen T., 1987: Two m315 idiotopes defined by isologous monoclonal antibodies one depends on germline and the other on mutated murine lambda 2 light chain sequences

Phillips J.B., 1986: Two magnetoreception pathways in a migratory salamander notophthalmus viridescens

Coutinho A.A., 1986: Two major classes of mitogen reactive b lymphocytes defined by life span

Vink A.C.G., 1988: Two major components of synaptonemal complexes are specific for meiotic prophase nuclei

Klapper D.G., 1986: Two major human allergenic sites on ragweed pollen allergen antigen e identified by using monoclonal antibodies

Clarke S., 1988: Two major isozymes of the protein d aspartyl l isoaspartyl methyltransferase from human erythrocytes

Proctor G.N., 1987: Two major replicating sv 40 chromosome classes synchronous replication fork movement is associated with bound large t antigen during elongation

Hovemann B., 1985: Two major rna products are transcribed from heat shock locus 93d of drosophila melanogaster

Alvarado B., 1987: Two malyngamides from the caribbean cyanobacterium lyngbya majuscula

Matsubara K., 1985: Two mammalian cell systems for propagation of the hepatitis b virus genome in extrachromosomal and chromosomally integrated states production of the surface and e antigens

Herbert E. , 1987: Two mammalian genes transcribed from opposite strands of the same dna locus

Yahara I., 1986: Two mammalian heat shock proteins hsp 90 and hsp 100 are actin binding proteins

Yang T., 1987: Two marine leeches from an antarctic fish of the genus notothenia

Mcqueen D.M., 1988: Two mass model of the vocal folds negative differential resistance oscillation

Hiromitsu S., 1987: Two mass models of the vocal cords for natural sounding voice synthesis

Manchester D.K., 1985: Two massive congenital intracranial immature teratomas with neck extension

Kemper W.D., 1988: Two mechanisms for age hardening of soil

Rossignol J L., 1986: Two mechanisms for directional gene conversion

Moore D.D., 1988: Two mechanisms for the extinction of gene expression in hybrid cells

Claret J., 1985: Two mechanisms in the biological clock of pieris brassicae an oscillator for diapause induction an hour glass for diapause termination

Mullen D.A., 1988: Two mechanisms of photoendocrine transduction of cultured chick pineal cells pertussis toxin blocks the acute but not the phase shifting effects of light on the melatonin rhythm

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850121

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850122

Eglin W., 1985: Two mediterranean neuroptera new for switzerland myrmeleon hyalinus and semidalis pseudouncinatus neuroptera myrmeleonidae

Lagutina L.S., 1988: Two membrane bound proteases from aspergillus clavatus

Englesberg E., 1988: Two membrane bound proteins associated with alanine resistance and increased a system amino acid transport in mutants of cho k1

Schwab M.E., 1988: Two membrane protein fractions from rat central myelin with inhibitory properties for neurite growth and fibroblast spreading

Rainbow P.S., 1986: Two metallothioneins in the shore crab carcinus maenas

Helz G.R., 1986: Two method verification of hydrogen peroxide determinations in natural waters

Vitvitskii V.N., 1985: Two methodological approaches to the problem of tissue specificity transcription

Decherney A.H., 1988: Two methodological issues in the psychological study of in vitro fertilization embryo transfer participants

Scinto P., 1986: Two methods compared for measuring lactate dehydrogenase 1 total lactate dehydrogenase activity in serum

Nicolaisen T. , 1986: Two methods for determining trunk extensor endurance a comparative study

Miklos J., 1988: Two methods for examining angular response of personnel dosimeters

Silverman M.S., 1985: Two methods for flat mounting cortical tissue

Chase, I. D.; Rohwer, S., 1987: Two methods for quantifying the development of dominance hierarchies in large groups with applications to harris' sparrows

Weller L.D., 1985: Two methods of assessing education majors on course content and attitude

Frank C., 1988: Two methods of ligament injury a morphological comparison in a rabbit model

Smith J.A., 1985: Two methods of measuring food transit rates of seabirds spheniscus demersus

Pavel D.G., 1986: Two methods of preparation of xenon 133 saline solution

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850140

Cockerill P.N., 1988: Two methods that facilitate autoradiography of small phosphorus 32 labeled dna fragments following electrophoresis in agarose gels

Kusigemati K., 1985: Two metopiine ichneumonids hymenoptera of formosa

Madkour G., 1986: Two microchiropterans and a carnivore from qatar

Jayaram M., 1985: Two micrometer circle site specific recombination the minimal substrate and the possible role of flanking sequences

Ibrahim M.E., 1985: Two microsporidia microsporida protozoa infecting mosquitos in sudan

Van Der Woude J.D., 1985: Two mid holocene millennia of swamp forest in the rhine meuse deltaic plain

Balsbaugh E.U.Jr, 1988: Two middle american leaf beetles coleoptera chrysomelidae newly recorded from the usa

Lebedev Yu S., 1986: Two millimeter band esr study of spin labeled cotton fiber

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850150

Hood L., 1988: Two minor determinants of myelin basic protein induced experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in sjl j mice

Fyrberg E.A., 1987: Two missense alleles of the drosophila melanogaster act88f actin gene are strongly antimorphic but only weakly induce synthesis of heat shock proteins

Moya J., 1986: Two mitochondrial types in molluscan kidney cells

Diaz Valdes O., 1987: Two modalities of maximal oxygen consumption in high productivity sugarcane cutters

Bijvoet O.L.M., 1986: Two modes of action of bisphosphonates on osteoclastic resorption of mineralized matrix

Aihara H., 1986: Two modes of analgesic action of aspirin and the site of analgesic action of salicylic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850157

Mushinski J.F., 1986: Two modes of c myb activation in virus induced mouse myeloid tumors

Falkow S., 1985: Two modes of control of pil a the gene encoding type 1 in the escherichia coli

Ramirez G., 1987: Two modes of free migration of amacrine cell neuroblasts in the chick retina

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850161

Vermeglio A., 1986: Two modes of interaction between photosynthetic and respiratory electron chains in whole cells of rhodopseudomonas capsulata

Broadbent D.E., 1988: Two modes of learning for interactive tasks

Putney J.W.Jr, 1988: Two modes of regulation of the phospholipase c linked substance p receptor in rat parotid acinar cells

Szewczuk, A.; Kurowska, E.; Wieczorek, J., 1987: Two molecular forms of penicillin amidase synthesized by escherichia coli

Rubinstein M., 1988: Two molecular forms of the human interferon gamma receptor ligand binding internalization and down regulation

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850168

Aarden L.A., 1987: Two monoclonal anti cd3 antibodies can induce different events in human t lymphocyte activation

Traut R.R., 1986: Two monoclonal antibodies against escherichia coli ribosomal protein l 2 distinguish different locations for their respective epitopes in intact ribosomes

Kinch W., 1985: Two monoclonal antibodies against la crosse virus show host dependent neutralizing activity

Takei F., 1985: Two monoclonal antibodies defining unique antigenic determinants on human b lymphoma cells

Ito K., 1986: Two monoclonal antibodies distinguish between human recombinant interferon alpha 5s produced by escherichia coli and by mouse cells

Ksiezak-Reding, H.; Yen, S. H., 1987: Two monoclonal antibodies recognize alzheimer's neurofibrillary tangles neurofilament and microtubule associated proteins

Storb R., 1987: Two monoclonal antibodies recognizing subpopulations of canine t lymphocytes with or without suppressor cytotoxic functions

Paranchych W., 1986: Two monoclonal antibodies specific for different epitopes within the amino terminal region of f pilin

Blaser K., 1987: Two monoclonal antibodies that discriminate between allelic variants of human low density lipoprotein

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850178

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850179

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850180

Bruns D.E., 1987: Two monoclonal based assays for carcinoembryonic antigen compared

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850182

Keller B.D., 1985: Two more sibling species of alpheid shrimps associated with the caribbean sea anemones bartholomea annulata and heteractis lucida

Yamauchi, H., 1986: Two motives to avoid success in japan

Charnay P., 1988: Two mouse genes encoding potential transcription factors with identical dna binding domains are activated by growth factors in cultured cells

Endo, K.; Kamma, H.; Ogata, T., 1986: Two murine monoclonal antibodies against human lung cancer associated antigens

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850189

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850190

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850191

Taylor S.I., 1988: Two mutant alleles of the insulin receptor gene in a patient with extreme insulin resistance

O'donnell M.J., 1986: Two mutations in oryzaephilus surinamensis coleoptera silvanidae

Ponzone, A.; Guardamagna, O.; Ferraris, S.; Bracco, G.; Niederwieser, A.; Cotton, R. G. H., 1988: Two mutations of dihydropteridine reductase deficiency

Hung C.Y., 1987: Two n hydroxylaminopurines are highly mutagenic in the ad 3 forward mutation test in growing cultures of heterokaryon 12 of neurospora crassa

Alves De Lima R., 1985: Two naphthopyran derivatives from faramea cyanea

Poncet J., 1985: Two native antarctic vascular plants deschampsia antarctica and colobanthus quitensis a new southernmost locality and other localities in the antarctic peninsula area

Webster S.D., 1986: Two natural hybrids in ranunculus subgenus batrachium

Okumura K., 1986: Two natural killer cell populations which belong to t cell lineage in nude mice

Hamashima Y., 1985: Two natural killer cell subpopulations distinguished by heat sensitivity

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850201

Seylaz J., 1986: Two neural mechanism in rat fastigial nucleus regulating systemic and cerebral circulation

Menez A., 1986: Two neutralizing monoclonal antibodies specific for naja nigricollis cardiotoxin preparation characterization and localization of the epitopes

Amiya T., 1985: Two new 20 carbon diterpenoid alkaloids from aconitum yesoense var macroyesoense structures of dehydrolucidusculine and n deethyldehydrolucidusculine

Niwa, M.; Jiang, P. F.; Hirata, Y., 1986: Two new 3 carbon 3'' carbon biflavanones from wikstroemia sikokiana

Erseus C., 1986: Two new abyssal species of phallodrilus oligochaeta tubificidae from the south indian ocean

Bilqees F.M., 1987: Two new acanthocephala species from freshwater fishes of kalri lake pakistan

Shyamasundari K., 1985: Two new acanthocephalan parasites from marine fishes of andhra coast india

Kajiura I., 1987: Two new acridone alkaloids from genus citrus plants

Behrens D.W., 1987: Two new aeolid nudibranchs from southern california usa

Frieser R., 1986: Two new african anthribidae coleoptera anthribidae

Van-Berge-Henegouwen, A. L., 1987: Two new african species of the genus sphaeridium fabricius and a record of the palearctic sphaeridium scarabaeoides l. from tropical africa coleoptera hydrophilidae

Pape T., 1987: Two new afrotropical species of miltogramma meigen diptera sarcophagidae

Ozhatay N., 1986: Two new allium species from turkey

Skelton P.H., 1986: Two new amphilius pisces siluroidei amphiliidae from the zaire river system africa

Iliffe T.M., 1987: Two new amphipod crustaceans from anchihaline caves in bermuda

Stock J.H., 1986: Two new amphipod crustaceans of the genus bahadzia from blue holes in the bahamas and some remarks on the origin of the insular stygofaunas of the atlantic

Holm Nielsen L.B., 1986: Two new anacardiaceae from ecuador

Ergens R., 1988: Two new and three previously described species of the genus gyrodactylus nordmann 1832 from the gyrodactylus phoxini group monogenea gyrodactylidae

Schicha, E.; Mcmurtry, J., 1986: Two new and two known species of typhlodromus acari phytoseiidae from australia

Kumar A., 1986: Two new and two unrecorded species of drosophila fallen 1823 from arunachal pradesh india insecta diptera drosophilidae

Baba K., 1986: Two new anomuran crustacea decapoda anomura from northwest australia

Amaoka K., 1986: Two new anthiine fishes from the eastern tropical atlantic

Srivastava S.K., 1987: Two new anthraquinones from the seeds of peganum harmala

Zhou Q., 1986: Two new antiepilepsy compounds otophyllosides a and b

Hostettmann K., 1987: Two new antifungal naphthoxirene derivatives and their glucosides from sesamum angolense welw

Terayama M., 1986: Two new ants of the genus ponera hymenoptera formicidae from taiwan

Hui R., 1986: Two new aphelinids from china hymenoptera chalcidoidea

Ebsary B.A., 1985: Two new aquatic species of ironus nematoda ironidae from canada

Byrnes T., 1985: Two new argulus spp branchiura argulidae found on australian bream acanthopagrus spp

Spooner B., 1987: Two new ascomycetes from malawi

Osychnyuk A.Z., 1985: Two new asiatic andrena species hymenoptera andrenidae

Rybkina N.L., 1985: Two new atrypid species from the silurian of the tuva assr russian sfsr ussr

Queinnec E., 1984: Two new bembidion species from nepal himalaya coleoptera carabidae

Casanova J P., 1987: Two new benthic chaetognaths of the genus spadella from the vicinity of gibraltar phylogenetic remarks

Tobias V.I., 1985: Two new braconid species of the genus microchelonus hymenoptera braconidae from the caucasus ussr

Castro A.L.D., 1985: Two new brazilian species of benthana isopoda oniscoidea philosciidae

Brusse F., 1987: Two new brown subcrustose parmelia species from southern africa lichenized ascomycetes

Chambers S.M., 1986: Two new bulimulid land snail species from isla santa cruz galapagos islands ecuador

Magnani G., 1987: Two new buprestids from sardinia italy coleoptera buprestidae

Deuve T., 1986: Two new carabid beetles from himalayan region coleoptera caraboidea harpalidae

Rona P.A., 1986: Two new caridean shrimps bresiliidae from a hydrothermal field on the mid atlantic ridge

Deminatti M., 1987: Two new cases of 9 11 p21 q23 translocation in acute monoblastic leukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850247

Foresti F., 1987: Two new cases of zz zw heterogamy in leporinus anostomidae characiformes and their relationships in the phylogeny of the group

Liben L., 1986: Two new cassipourea rhizophoraceae from central africa

Minckley W.L., 1986: Two new catostomid fishes cypriniformes from the northern sierra madre occidental of mexico

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850251

Namkung, J., 1987: Two new cave spiders of the genus leptoneta araneae leptonetidae from korea

Vigna Taglianti A., 1984: Two new cavernicolous carabid beetles from southern anatolia turkey coleoptera carabidae

Catovsky D., 1986: Two new cell lines from b prolymphocytic leukemia characterization by morphology immunological markers karyotype and immunoglobulin gene rearrangement

Danilevskii M.L., 1988: Two new cerambycid beetle species coleoptera from the kazakh ssr ussr

Issa I., 1988: Two new cercariae from melanoides tuberculata mueller snails in jordan

Al Madani A.K., 1988: Two new cercariae of the freshwater snail ancylus fluviatilis mueller 1774 ancylidae from asir province saudi arabia

Albors R., 1987: Two new chamigrene sesquiterpenoids from the tropical red alga laurencia obtusa

Heller F.R., 1987: Two new cicadellids for the german fauna japananus hyalinus new record and calamotettix taeniatus new record homoptera cicadellidae

Maguire B., 1986: Two new clusias of dominican interest

Dominguez, E., 1987: Two new combinations of polymitarcyidae ephemeroptera described by l. navas

Stonedahl G.M., 1984: Two new conifer inhabiting phytocoris from western north america hemiptera heteroptera miridae

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850265

Apostolov A., 1986: Two new copepods from bulgarian subterranean freshwater crustacea harpacticoida

Jimenez M L., 1987: Two new crab spiders araneae thomisidae from mexico

Stinnesbeck W., 1987: Two new crabs callianassa saetosa new species and homolopsis chilensis new species crustacea decapoda from the upper cretaceous of central chile

Bishop G.A., 1986: Two new crabs parapaguristes tuberculatus new genus new species and palaeoxantho libertiensis new genus new species from the prairie bluff formation middle maastrichtian union county mississippi usa

Gamo S., 1987: Two new cumacean crustaceans platysympus ovalis new species and platysympus quadrangulatus new species from suruga bay japan

Schoenherr J., 1987: Two new cydia species from brazil lepidoptera tortricidae

Tan K., 1985: Two new delphiniums from anatolia

Ciccarone C., 1985: Two new dematiaceous hyphomycetes from humid tropic forest litter

Onofri S., 1986: Two new dematiaceous hyphomycetes from tropical forest litter

Kempf L., 1986: Two new determination keys to the genus agonum subgenus europhilus chaudoir coleoptera carabidae

Galassi D.P., 1985: Two new diacyclops of the languidoides group copepoda cyclopidae from the groundwater of sardinia italy and remarks on the evolutionary significance of the antenna in stygobiont copepods

Mergl M., 1988: Two new discinid genera brachiopoda from the silurian and devonian of the prague basin czechoslovakia

Svrcek M., 1986: Two new discomycete genera helotiales

Funk A., 1986: Two new discomycetes on pinus

Pelletier S.W., 1985: Two new diterpenoid alkaloids from delphinium vestitum

Pritykina L.N., 1986: Two new dragonflies from the lower cretaceous deposits of west mongolia anisoptera sonidae new family corduliidae

Debbert P., 1987: Two new drosera spp from cape province south africa

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850284

Heyns J., 1986: Two new elaphonema species from the cape province south africa nematoda rhabditida

Wachtel S.S., 1988: Two new elisas using monoclonal h y antibody

Fancello L., 1988: Two new endogean scaritinae from south sardinia italy coleoptera carabidae

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850288

Feres R.J.F., 1986: Two new eotetranychus acari tetranychidae from the state of sao paulo brazil

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850290

Gordeeva E.V., 1987: Two new eremulus species oribatei eremulidae

Kratochvil J., 1985: Two new european species of cerambycidae coleoptera

Pleijel F., 1987: Two new european species of eulalia polychaeta phyllodocidae

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850294

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850295

Vari R.P., 1983: Two new fish species of the genus curimata pisces curimatidae from venezuela

Komatsu M., 1986: Two new flavone glucosides from the roots of sophora subprostrata

Khan N.U D., 1987: Two new flavones from ardisia floribunda wall in roxb

Okuda T., 1988: Two new flavonoids and other constituents in licorice root their relative astringency and radical scavenging effects

Nichols S.W., 1986: Two new flightless species of scarites sensu stricto inhabiting florida usa and the west indies coleoptera carabidae scaritini

Saita R., 1985: Two new fluorescent derivatives of progesterone to use in fluoroimmunoassay

Nakashima H., 1986: Two new forms of familial motor neuron diseases found in southern japan

Hedges S.B., 1988: Two new geckos sphaerodactylus from the sierra martin garcia of hispaniola west indies

Velikan' V.S., 1986: Two new genera and 3 new species of thrips thysanoptera from the southeastern kara kum turkmen ssr ussr

Kormilev N.A., 1986: Two new genera and seven new species of aradidae heteroptera

Steinmann H., 1987: Two new genera and species for the subfamily labiinae dermaptera labiidae

Abdul Nour H., 1988: Two new genera and species of cicadellidae from lebanon homoptera

De Santis L., 1985: Two new genera and species of oophilous encyrtids from argentina

Rolston L.H., 1987: Two new genera and species of pentatomini from peru and brazil hemiptera pentatomidae

Slater J.A., 1986: Two new genera and species of plesiomorphic blissinae from australia and southeast asia hemiptera lygaeidae blissinae

Borowiec L., 1984: Two new genera and species of seed beetles from the oriental region coleoptera bruchidae bruchinae

Waegele J.W., 1985: Two new genera and twelve new species of anthuridae crustacea isopoda from off the west coast of new zealand

Mccosker J.E., 1985: Two new genera and two new species of deepwater western atlantic worm eels pisces ophichthidae

Freytag P.H., 1987: Two new genera brevisana new genus and minimana new genus and four new species of gyponinae homoptera cicadellidae

Smith A.H., 1986: Two new genera of agarics based on psilocybe corneipes and phaeocollybia perplexa

Londono X., 1987: Two new genera of brazilian bamboos related to guadua poaceae bambusoideae bambuseae

Golovatch S.I., 1984: Two new genera of cave dwelling millipedes diplopoda with remarks on the millipede fauna of west caucasian ussr caves

Cuatrecasas J., 1986: Two new genera of compositae from colombia

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850320

Kott P., 1983: Two new genera of didemnid ascidians from tropical australian waters

Constance L., 1986: Two new genera of indian umbelliferae apiaceae

Ruan J S., 1986: Two new genera of nocardioform actinomycetes amycolata new genus and amycolatopsis new genus

Rafael J.A., 1987: Two new genera of pipunculidae diptera from the new world metadorylas new genus and elmohardyia new genus with new synonyms designation of lectotypes and revalidation of a species

Lin K.S., 1988: Two new genera of serphidae from taiwan hymenoptera serphoidea

Pont A.C., 1987: Two new genera of west palearctic sepsidae diptera

Keen G.A., 1988: Two new genome types of adenovirus 7c

Gilbert M.G., 1987: Two new geophytic species of euphorbia with comments on the subgeneric grouping of its african members

Smith R.M., 1987: Two new gingers from sabah malaysia

Tarawneh M.S., 1986: Two new glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase variants associated with hemolytic anemia glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase amman 1 and glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase amman 2

Dajoz R., 1986: Two new gnathidiidae species coleoptera tenebrionidae

Fedoseeva, L. I., 1987: Two new grass fly species of the genus meromyza mg. diptera chloropidae from the kazakh ssr and central asia ussr

Baba K., 1987: Two new green colored species of tambja from japan nudibranchia polyceridae

Sazonov Yu I., 1985: Two new grenadier gadiformes species from undersea mountains of the northern pacific

Weathers K.C., 1987: Two new ground level cloud water sampler designs which reduce rain contamination

Hafellner J., 1988: Two new gyalideopsis from australian rain forests gyalideopsis perlucida new species and gyalideopsis rogersii new species lichen forming ascomycetes gomphilaceae

Starega W., 1986: Two new harvestmen species from tibet arachnida opiliones phalangiidae

Braasch D., 1986: Two new heptageniidae ephemeroptera of ecdyonurus

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850339

Et Al, 1988: Two new human tumor cell lines derived from squamous cell carcinomas of the tongue establishment characterization and response to cytotoxic treatment

Blank P., 1988: Two new hyaloscyphaceae on schoenoplectus lacustris

Mansanet, J.; Aguilella, A.; Mateu, I., 1985: Two new hybrid species thymus josephi angeli j. mansanet and a. aguilella and helianthemum x carmen joanae j. mansanet and e. mateu

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850343

Molan A.L., 1988: Two new hymenolepidid cestodes vampirolepis molani new species and vampirolepis iraquensis new species from iraqi bats

Sawada I., 1986: Two new hymenolepidid tapeworms vampirolepis kawasakiensis new species and insectivorolepis mukooyamai new species with records of known tapeworms from bats of japan

Bader C., 1983: Two new idracnellae species of the interstitial fauna from the mediterranean region

Sankaran T.M., 1988: Two new indices for stomach content analysis of fishes

Dussault J.H., 1987: Two new inherited defects of the thyroxine binding globulin tbg molecule presenting as partial tbg deficiency

Siddiqui B.S., 1986: Two new insect growth regulator meliacins from azadirachta indica meliaceae

Kisielewski J., 1987: Two new interesting genera of gastrotricha macrodasyida and chaetonotida from the brazilian freshwater psammon

Bean A.R., 1987: Two new ironbarks and a new bloodwood eucalyptus myrtaceae from queensland australia

Colonnelli E., 1982: Two new italian species of ceutorhynchinae coleoptera curculionidae

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Mielke W., 1985: Two new kliopsyllus species copepoda from chile

Geisthardt M., 1988: Two new lampyridae coleoptera from iran and notes on some other species

Abdul Nour H., 1986: Two new leafhoppers for lebanon homoptera auchenorrhyncha cicadellidae

Shimomura T., 1986: Two new lepturine beetles of the genus pseudalosterna new record from the malay peninsula and taiwan coleoptera cerambycidae

Johnson A., 1986: Two new lichen products elatinic acid and methyl barbatate from the genus haematomma ascomycotina haematommataceae

Coppins B.J., 1987: Two new lichenicolous species of opegrapha from western scotland uk

Archer A.W., 1985: Two new lichens cladonia bimberiensis new species and cladonia weymouthii new species

Archer A.W., 1987: Two new lichens cladonia squamosula var subquamosula new variety and cladonia sulcata var striata new variety with notes on chemotaxonomy within the species

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850364

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850365

Castro De Zaldumbide M., 1986: Two new marine scuticociliates pseudocohnilembus antoniensis new species and pseudocohnilembus portuensis new species ciliophora

Vilela C.R., 1987: Two new members of the drosophila annulimana species group diptera drosophilidae

Storr G.M., 1986: Two new members of the lerista nichollsi complex lacertilia scincidae

Ivory M.H., 1988: Two new members of the rhytismataceae on pines from south east asia

Clark L.G., 1987: Two new mesoamerican species of chusquea poaceae bambusoideae

Liu H., 1985: Two new methods for the study of insect population ecology

Coppins B.J., 1988: Two new micarea species from europe

Taylor C.R., 1987: Two new monoclonal antibodies lym 1 and lym 2 reactive with human b lymphocytes and derived tumors with immunodiagnostic and immunotherapeutic potential

Witztum J.L., 1986: Two new monoclonal antibody based enzyme linked assays of apolipoprotein b

Viggiani, G.; Jesu, R., 1986: Two new mymarids oophagous parasitoids of gargara genistae f. homoptera membracidae

Francoeur A., 1986: Two new nearctic ants leptothorax retractus new species and leptothoran sphagnicolus new species formicidae hymenoptera

Rolston L.H., 1986: Two new neotropical pentatomid species hemiptera heteroptera pentatomini

Wooldridge D.P., 1987: Two new neotropical species of limnichoderus casey coleoptera dryopoidea limnichidae

Ishiyama R., 1985: Two new north pacific skates rajidae and a revised key to bathyraja in the area

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Mihaly S., 1987: Two new ophiuroid finds from the triassic of the balaton highland hungary

Misra S., 1986: Two new orchids from orissa india

Al Khalifa M.S., 1986: Two new oribatid mites acari oribatida from saudi arabia

Wen Z G., 1987: Two new oribatid mites from china acarina oppiidae and galumnidae

Rodriguez Mata J., 1987: Two new owls for argentina glaucidium jardinii new record and otus guatemalae new record aves strigidae

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Jesu R., 1985: Two new palearctic species of the genus erythmelus enock hymenoptera mymaridae

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Henssen A., 1986: Two new peltula spp from south africa lichenes

Hirata Y., 1988: Two new phenylpropanoid glycosides from wikstroemia sikokiana

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Ueyama A., 1985: Two new pseudocochliobolus and a new species of curvularia

Nel J., 1987: Two new pterophoridae for corsica france lepidoptera pterophoridae

Ohtani N., 1988: Two new pterostichus coleoptera carabidae from the island of kyushu southwest japan

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Kanof P.D., 1987: Two new rating scales for opiate withdrawal

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Joseph N.I., 1988: Two new records of palaemonid prawns from indian waters

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Painter W.B., 1986: Two new records of stoneflies plecoptera perlodidae from south carolina usa

Grambast Fessard N., 1986: Two new representatives of the genus ascidiella clavatoraceae charophyta

Lansbury I., 1987: Two new rhopalopterum spp from england uk and hungary insecta diptera chloropidae

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Haldar D.P., 1986: Two new septate gregarines apicomplexa sporozoa gregarina basiconstrictonea new species and hirmocystis oxeta new species from tribolium castaneum

Polonsky J., 1987: Two new sesquiterpene esters from armillaria mellea

Fischer N.H., 1987: Two new sesquiterpene lactones from calea subcordata and the molecular structure and absolute configuration of subcordatolide d

Manning R.B., 1986: Two new shrimps procarididae and agostocarididae new family from marine caves of the western north atlantic

Gregor H J., 1987: Two new silicified woods cordioxylon barthelli new genus new species and euebenoxylon saharicum new genus new species from the southwestern sahara egypt

Springhorn R., 1985: Two new skeletons of miacis kessleri? mammalia carnivora from the lutetian oil shales of grube messel west germany

Khare M.N., 1987: Two new smut diseases of little millet panicum sumatrense from india

Vari R.P., 1987: Two new species and a new genus of miniature characid fishes teleostei characiformes from northern south america

Zhuo W X., 1987: Two new species and a new record of the genus abacarus from china acariformes eriophyoidea

Liu M Y., 1987: Two new species and a newly recorded species of the genus pirata from china araneae lycosidae

Behrens D.W., 1986: Two new species and genera of aeolid nudibranchs from the tropical eastern pacific

Zhao J., 1987: Two new species and one new record of the genus rhyncaphytopus from china acariformes rhyncaphytoptidae

Liao H R., 1981: Two new species and one new record of trombiculid mites in wuyi mountainous area china

Misra B.M., 1987: Two new species and some noteworthy records on fungi on indian conifers

Boisets, F., 1986: Two new species for the mediterranean peninsular littoral gelidiella antipai m. celan and myrionema liechtensternii hauck

Camino, N. B., 1987: Two new species from the genus isomermis coman 1953 nematoda mermithidae parasites of the aquatic diptera larvae in argentina

Hedren M., 1988: Two new species in justicia section harnieria acanthaceae from tropical africa

Chase M.W., 1986: Two new species in the genus leochilus orchidaceae

Costa M.H., 1987: Two new species of abranchiate ophelia polychaeta opheliidae ophelia laubieri new species and ophelia amoureuxi new species

Sharma R.M., 1984: Two new species of aceria and a record of occurrence of aceria leptothrix new combination acari eriophyidae from andamans india

Taiti S., 1985: Two new species of aethiopopactes isopoda eubelidae with systematic and zoogeographic observations on the genus

Barringer K., 1985: Two new species of agalinis scrophulariaceae from south america

Banner A.H., 1986: Two new species of alpheid shrimp from australian waters

Townsend C.C., 1988: Two new species of amaranthaceae from south america

Wongratana T., 1987: Two new species of anchovies of the genus stolephorus engraulidae with a key to species of engraulis encrasicholina and stolephorus

Floret, J. J., 1986: Two new species of anisophyllea r. br. ex sabine anisophylleaceae from equatorial africa

Baba K., 1986: Two new species of anomuran crustaceans decapoda chirostylidae and galatheidae from the andaman sea

Bushueva I.V., 1988: Two new species of antarctic scuds of the family stenothoidae amphipoda gammaridea

Bellamy C.L., 1987: Two new species of anthaxomorphus deyrolle from southern africa with a new synonym and a world checklist coleoptera buprestidae trachyinae

Munari L., 1986: Two new species of aphrosylus walk from the afrotropical region diptera dolichopodidae

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850465

Capriles J.M., 1986: Two new species of apronius with notes on the genus heteroptera reduviidae stenopodainae

Rausch R.L., 1986: Two new species of ascometra cestoda paruterinidae from the kori bustard choriotis kori burchell in kenya

Hadel V.F., 1986: Two new species of attheyella copepoda harpacticoidea canthocamptidae from bromeliads of the serra da jureia sao paulo brazil

Lizarralde De Grosso M., 1986: Two new species of beckeriella diptera ephydridae

Abramov A.A., 1986: Two new species of benthopelagic fish of the genus epigonus apogonidae from the western tropical part of the indian ocean

Venec Peyre M T., 1988: Two new species of bioeroding trochamminidae foraminiferida from french polynesia

Polhemus D.A., 1987: Two new species of botocudo from vertical rock faces in indonesia hemiptera lygaeidae

Short, P. S., 1988: Two new species of brachyscome cass. compositae astereae with a note on the orthography of the generic name

Vermeulen J.J., 1987: Two new species of bulbophyllum orchidaceae in africa

Bellamy C.L., 1987: Two new species of buprestidae from coastal natal south africa coleoptera

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850477

Thiaucourt P., 1985: Two new species of calledema lepidoptera notodontidae

Lumley P.F., 1986: Two new species of callistemon myrtaceae

Miller A.G., 1988: Two new species of campylanthus

Halffter G., 1986: Two new species of canthidium coleoptera scarabaeidae

Drapolyuk I.S., 1987: Two new species of capsid bugs heteroptera miridae from talysh azerbaijan ssr ussr

Wheeler G.A., 1986: Two new species of carex cyperaceae from austral south america and additional taxonomic and phytogeographical notes on the genus

Xia K L., 1985: Two new species of carsula from yunnan china orthoptera acrididae catantopinae

Muu L.T., 1987: Two new species of centroptella ephemeroptera baetidae from vietnam with a description of adult stages of the genus

Alekseev V., 1982: Two new species of ceraphronidae from the amur region russian sfsr ussr hymenoptera ceraphronoidea

Henrickson J., 1987: Two new species of cercocarpus rosaceae from mexico

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850488

Jervis M.A., 1985: Two new species of chalarus diptera pipunculidae from burma

Wadhwa B.M., 1987: Two new species of chenopodiaceae from the western himalaya

Huang C A., 1986: Two new species of chigger mites from shaanxi china acariformes trombiculidae and leeuwenhoekiidae

Parin N.V., 1986: Two new species of chlorophthalmus osteichthyes myctophiformes chlorophthalmidae from submarine mountain ridges in the southeastern part of the pacific ocean

Butin H., 1984: Two new species of chloroscypha discomycetales on south american cupressaceae

Khan M.A., 1985: Two new species of chrysocharis hymenoptera eulophidae from high altitude of india

Wilkinson M., 1987: Two new species of chthonerpeton amphibia gymnophiona typhlonectidae from brazil

Dabrowski Z.T., 1987: Two new species of cicadulina china hemiptera euscelidae from west africa

Stahl B., 1986: Two new species of clavija theophrastaceae from northwestern south america

Bosser, J., 1987: Two new species of clerodendrum l. verbenaceae and identity of clerodendrum brunsvigioides baker clerodendrum insolitum mold. and clerodendrum villosicalyx mold

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850500

Wright J.E., 1986: Two new species of clinid fishes perciformes clinidae from south africa

Barnard S.M., 1987: Two new species of coccidia apicomplexa eimeriidae from madagascar gekkonids

Serna M.A., 1986: Two new species of colostethus amphibia dendrobatidae from colombia

Pfadt R.E., 1987: Two new species of conophyma zubovskii from afghanistan orthoptera acrididae

Iranshahr M., 1987: Two new species of consolida ranunculaceae from the flora iranica area

Johnson, R. W., 1987: Two new species of convolvulus l. convolvulaceae from south australia

Li G., 1986: Two new species of coptotermes from south china isoptera rhinotermitidae

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850509

Berta De Fernandez C.D., 1988: Two new species of cremnops new record foerster hymenoptera braconidae agathidinae of argentina and bolivia

Vari R.P., 1987: Two new species of curimatid fishes ostariophysi characiformes from rio grande do sul brazil

Mitsuta S., 1985: Two new species of cyrtomioid ferns from limestone area of yunnan china

Chen Z H., 1986: Two new species of dactylogyrus from shandong china dactylogyroidea dactylogyridae

Shea, G. M., 1973: Two new species of delma lacertilia pygopodidae from northeastern queensland australia and a note on the status of the genus aclys

Nadchatram M., 1986: Two new species of demodex acari demodicidae from the meibomian glands of the tropical old world bat eonycteris spelaea chiroptera

Roberts J.D., 1986: Two new species of desert burrowing frogs of the genus neobatrachus anura myobatrachidae from western australia

Mari Mutt J.A., 1985: Two new species of dicranocentrus from puerto rico and the dominican republic collembola entomobryidae

Geiger W., 1985: Two new species of dicranomyia with notes on related species

Girard C., 1985: Two new species of dicrepidinae belonging to genus rhinopsephus new record coleoptera elateridae

Kuthubutheen A.J., 1987: Two new species of dictyochaeta from malaysia

Singh R.B., 1985: Two new species of digenetic trematodes of fishes in india

Mohamed M.A.H., 1986: Two new species of distichophyllum from malaya malaysia

Carauta J.P.P., 1985: Two new species of dorstenia moraceae from east brazil

Ratcliffe B.C., 1986: Two new species of dyscinetus from the west indies and south america coleoptera scarabaeidae dynastinae

Flores G., 1988: Two new species of ecuadorian eleutherodactylus leptodactylidae of the eleutherodactylus crucifer assembly

Mcdiarmid R.W., 1987: Two new species of eleutherodactylus amphibia anura leptodactylidae from bolivia

Barringer K., 1987: Two new species of elleanthus orchidaceae from ecuador and peru

Bouguenec, V.; Giani, N., 1987: Two new species of enchytraeus oligochaeta enchytraeidae some notes on the genus enchytraeus and a redescription of enchytraeus bigeminus niel. and chr

Gittenberger E., 1986: Two new species of enidae mollusca gastropoda pupillacea from turkey

Montalvo A.M., 1986: Two new species of epidendrum with lateral inflorescences

Oldewage, W. H.; Van-As, J. G., 1988: Two new species of ergasilidae copepoda poecilostomatoida parasitic on mugil cephalus l. from southern africa

Qian J., 1985: Two new species of ergasilidae parasitic copepoda from china

Baker G.T., 1986: Two new species of eriophyid mites prostigmata eriophyidae on wild geranium geranium carolinianum in mississippi usa

Katumoto K., 1986: Two new species of eudarluca hyperparasitic to botryosphaeria

Casanova J P., 1986: Two new species of eukrohnia chaetognatha from the south tropical african atlantic

Turner B.T., 1985: Two new species of eupatorium asteraceae from northeastern mexico

Grazia J., 1987: Two new species of euschistus belonging to the subgenus mitripus rolston 1978 heteroptera pentatomidae pentatomini

Savage H.M., 1987: Two new species of farrodes from continental south america with comments on the distribution to faunal components in argentina ephemeroptera leptophlebiidae

Sultan M.S., 1986: Two new species of filenchus and aglenchus nematoda tylenchidae

Blocker H.D., 1987: Two new species of flexamia from the nebraska sand hills usa homoptera cicadellidae deltocephalinae

Jiang S Q., 1986: Two new species of galerucinae from sichuan and yunnan provinces china coleoptera chrysomelidae

Scholtz C.H., 1986: Two new species of gall forming sphenoptera coleoptera buprestidae from south africa

Valsecchi, F., 1986: Two new species of genista l. from the mediterranean area

El Bagoury M.E., 1984: Two new species of genus cocceupodes in egypt acari eupodoidea eupodidae

Pajni H.R., 1987: Two new species of genus colobodes schonherr coleoptera curculionidae cryptorynchinae from india

Crowden R.K., 1986: Two new species of genus epacris epacridaceae from tasmania australia

Karaman G.S., 1987: Two new species of genus harpinia boeck family phoxocephalidae from the mediterranean sea contribution to the knowledge of the amphipoda 163

Dhillon S.S., 1985: Two new species of genus tenthredo hymenoptera tenthredinidae from northwest himalaya india

Badan P., 1986: Two new species of genus tricentrus infesting dalbergia sissoo in jammu india with a key to the indian species of the genus homoptera auchenorrhyncha membracidae

Meguro K., 1988: Two new species of goby of the genus astrabe from japan

Zheng Z M., 1986: Two new species of grasshoppers from guangdong province china orthoptera acridoidea

Lin R., 1985: Two new species of grasshoppers from guangxi china

Gu Y M., 1986: Two new species of haemogamasidae acarina gamasina

Malipatil M.B., 1988: Two new species of halobates eschscholtz hemiptera gerridae from australia

Fleeger J.W., 1986: Two new species of harpacticoid copepod from the south orkney islands antarctica and a redescription of idyellopsis typica tisbidae

Kuroki H.B., 1986: Two new species of hatschekia copepoda hatschekiidae parasitic on two inshore fishes from antofagasta chile

Luther G., 1986: Two new species of hawaiian usa pseudosinella collembola poduromorpha entomobryidae

Zarina B., 1986: Two new species of hemicycliophorinae nematoda criconematidae from pakistan

Mutt J.A.M., 1987: Two new species of heteromurus from sulawesi utara celebes indonesia and a new record for heteromurus tenuicornis new record boerner collembola entomobryidae

Bacescu M., 1986: Two new species of heteromysis from the coral reefs of northern australia

Knudson E.C., 1985: Two new species of hexorthodes lepidoptera noctuidae from texas and arizona usa

Wisniewski J., 1986: Two new species of hirsutella infecting mites in poland

Xu R., 1985: Two new species of hybomitra from shaanxi china diptera tabanidae

Antsulevich, A. E.; Regel', K. V., 1986: Two new species of hydroids hydroidea thecaphora in the shoals of the middle kuril islands ussr

Gunn T., 1985: Two new species of hymenolepis cestodes cyclophyllidea found in the shrew mouse crocidura flavescens manni from togo

Whalley, A. J. S.; Hammelev, D.; Taligoola, H. K., 1988: Two new species of hypoxylon from nigeria

Khan E., 1986: Two new species of inagrius khan 1982 nematoda longidoroidea from india

Ferreira A.J., 1987: Two new species of ischnochiton mollusca polyplacophora in the western central atlantic

Raven R.J., 1985: Two new species of ixamatus from eastern australia nemesiidae mygalamorphae araneae

Husain, T.; Paul, S. R., 1986: Two new species of ixora l. rubiaceae from india

Polhemus D.A., 1986: Two new species of jappa from australia ephemeroptera leptophlebiidae

Hedren M., 1986: Two new species of justicia section harnieria acanthaceae from tanzania

Nawawi A., 1988: Two new species of kionochaeta hyphomycetes and kionochaeta ramifera from malaysia

Ahmad W., 1986: Two new species of labronema thorne 1939 nematoda dorylaimida from india

Halliday R.B., 1987: Two new species of laelaptonyssus womersley acarina rhodacaridae from the nests of australian termites

Hou T Q., 1985: Two new species of lasiocampidae from fujian china order lepidoptera

Strack H.L., 1986: Two new species of lepidochitona gray 1821 polyplacophora ischnochitonidae from senegal and the cabo verde archipelago

Gingrich J.B., 1986: Two new species of leptotrombidium acari actinedida trombiculidae probable vectors of scrub typhus in thailand

Whitaker J.O.Jr, 1987: Two new species of leptus latreille 1796 acari erythraeidae from the usa

Mclean J.H., 1988: Two new species of liotiinae gastropoda turbinidae from the philippine islands

Schmidt G.D., 1986: Two new species of litomosoides nematoda onchocercidae from pocket gophers rodentia geomyidae in colorado usa

Macara A.M., 1985: Two new species of longidorus nematoda longidoridae associated with forest plants in portugal

Okadome T., 1985: Two new species of lyperomyia from the philippines and thailand diptera lauxaniidae

Kormilev N.A., 1986: Two new species of macrocephalinae from mexico hemiptera phymatidae

Emerson K.C., 1986: Two new species of mallophaga from the black tailed water hen gruiformes of australia

Price R.D., 1986: Two new species of mallophaga philopteridae from the mallee fowl leipoa ocellata galliformes megapodiidae in australia

Vincx M., 1985: Two new species of marine ironidae observations on the flagelliform spermatozoa of nematodes

Duellman W.E., 1987: Two new species of marsupial frogs anura hylidae from peru

Sakakibara A.M., 1987: Two new species of maxantonia schmidt 1922 homoptera cercopidae

Skean J.D.Jr, 1987: Two new species of meriania melastomataceae from hispaniola west indies

Filgueiras T.S., 1987: Two new species of mesosetum gramineae paniceae from brazil

Manning R., 1988: Two new species of metapenaeopsis crustacea decapoda penaeidae from south western australia

Andrews F.G., 1988: Two new species of metophthalmus coleoptera lathridiidae from the west indies

Actor P., 1987: Two new species of microbispora from indian soils microbispora karnatakensis new species and microbispora indica new species

Savage H.M., 1987: Two new species of miroculis from cerro de la neblina venezuela with new distribution records for miroculis fittkaui new record and microphlebia surinamensis new record ephemeroptera leptophlebiidae

Raw A., 1985: Two new species of mischocyttarus vespidae hymenoptera from brazil

Gorgadze O.A., 1986: Two new species of nematodes drilonematidae from the earthworm

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850610

Durette Desset M C., 1985: Two new species of nematodes trichostrongyloides from the marsupial mole notoryctes typhlops

Chizhov V.N., 1986: Two new species of nematodes tylenchida parasitizing the gray alder

Lattke J.E., 1986: Two new species of neotropical anochetus mayr hymenoptera formicidae

Laurence B.R., 1986: Two new species of neottialges acari hypoderatidae under the skin of birds with a key to the hypopi of this genus

Barnett L.C., 1987: Two new species of nesogordonia sterculiaceae from madagascar

Karmovskaya E.S., 1985: Two new species of nettastomatid eels nettastomatidae anguilliformes from submarine elevations of the south eastern pacific

Chou I., 1985: Two new species of nilautama from china homoptera membracidae

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850618

Guymer, G. P., 1987: Two new species of notelaea vent. oleaceae from south eastern queensland australia

Sastre C., 1986: Two new species of ochnaceae from venezuela

Cooke D.A., 1986: Two new species of olearia compositae astereae from central australia

Duellman W.E., 1986: Two new species of ololygon anura hylidae from the venezuelan guyana

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850624

Krikken J., 1986: Two new species of onthophagus latreille from the philippine island of samar coleoptera scarabaeidae

Xu Y J., 1986: Two new species of oonopid spiders from china araneae oonopidae

Turner R.L., 1987: Two new species of ophiolepis echinodermata ophiuroidea from the caribbean sea and gulf of mexico with notes on ecology reproduction and morphology

Suzuki S., 1985: Two new species of opiliones from the philippine and bismarck islands

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850629

Shanks, S. S., 1987: Two new species of osiris with a key to the species from mexico hymenoptera anthophoridae

Sastre C., 1986: Two new species of ouratea aublet ochnaceae from colombia

Patton J.L., 1987: Two new species of oxymycterus rodentia from peru and bolivia

Slater J.A., 1985: Two new species of ozophora from mexico hemiptera lygaeidae

Gonzalez Geigel L., 1985: Two new species of paepalanthus eriocaulaceae from eastern cuba

Morgan G.J., 1987: Two new species of paguristes decapoda anomura diogenidae from southwestern australia

Galeano Garces G., 1986: Two new species of palmae from colombia

Egusa S., 1986: Two new species of paradeontacylix trematoda sanguinicolidae from the vascular system of a cultured marine fish seriola purpurascens

Hayashi T., 1985: Two new species of paralimosina new record diptera sphaeroceridae from japan

Debnath R.K., 1985: Two new species of paramerina from india diptera chironomidae

Russell B.C., 1986: Two new species of parascolopsis pisces nemipteridae from northwestern australia indonesia and the philippines

Brusse F., 1986: Two new species of parmelia lichenes from southern africa

Zarriello M.C., 1987: Two new species of parrots aves psittacidae from archaeological sites in the marquesas islands

Huang C M., 1988: Two new species of pedopodisma zheng orthoptera catantopinae

Ramirez C., 1985: Two new species of penicillium from the tierra del fuego argentina and chile

Wolf P.S., 1987: Two new species of pettiboneia polychaeta dorvilleidae primarily from the gulf of mexico

Mou G S., 1986: Two new species of phaonia from liaoning china diptera muscidae

Geroch S., 1987: Two new species of phenacophragma from the paleogene of trinidad and poland

Zhang L M., 1987: Two new species of phlebotomine sandflies found in fujian province china diptera psychodidae

Sharma J.K., 1987: Two new species of phomopsis from india

Nair N.C., 1985: Two new species of phyllachoraceae from idukki kerala india

Weber A., 1987: Two new species of phyllagathis related to phyllagathis tuberculata melastomataceae from peninsular malaysia

Pape T., 1985: Two new species of phylloteles from namibia diptera sarcophagidae

Evans, G. O., 1988: Two new species of phytoseiid mites from southern england uk with a redescription of typhlodromus tiliae

Kurtzman C.P., 1987: Two new species of pichia from arboreal habitats

Ebsary B.A., 1985: Two new species of plectus with a redescription of plectus cancellatus nematoda plectidae from canada

Wake D.B., 1987: Two new species of plethodontid salamanders genus nototriton from mexico

Farmer W.M., 1988: Two new species of plocamopherus from the western warm water atlantic

Gilbert M.G., 1987: Two new species of polycarpaea caryophyllaceae from somalia

Wang Y H., 1987: Two new species of polychaeta from south ocean

Ibarzabal D.R., 1988: Two new species of polychaetes of the families polynoidae and polyodontidae from the southwestern shelf of cuba

Walsh, N. G., 1988: Two new species of pomaderris labill. rhamnaceae from south eastern new south wales australia

Holmgren N.H., 1987: Two new species of potentilla rosaceae from the intermountain region of western usa

Zander R.H., 1985: Two new species of pottiaceae from mexico

Kajimura M., 1987: Two new species of predaea nemastomataceae rhodophyta from the sea of japan

Wasbauer M.S., 1986: Two new species of priocnemis from the nearctic region hymenoptera pompilidae

Marquez M.C., 1985: Two new species of proctolabinae from peru orthoptera acrididae

Theron P.D., 1988: Two new species of proctolaelaps ascidae acari from the afrotropical region with notes on proctolaelaps oudemansi krantz 1962

Horne D.J., 1986: Two new species of pseudocythere crustacea ostracoda from britain and norway

Zou, H. G., 1987: Two new species of pseudoloxops kirk. from china hemiptera miridae

Komagata K., 1985: Two new species of pseudomonas pseudomonas oryzihabitans new species isolated from rice paddy and clinical specimens and pseudomonas luteola new species isolated from clinical specimens

Fazekas I., 1986: Two new species of pterophorus for the hungarian fauna lepidoptera pterophoridae

Arndt R.G., 1987: Two new species of pygmy sunfishes elassomatidae elassoma from the carolinas usa

Price R.D., 1986: Two new species of quadraceps mallophaga philopteridae from australia

Steadman D.W., 1986: Two new species of rails aves rallidae from mangaia southern cook islands south pacific

Yan X., 1986: Two new species of rapidly growing mycobacteria

Chu X L., 1987: Two new species of rasbora bleeker 1860 from southern yunnan china and northern thailand

Thomas W.W., 1986: Two new species of rhynchospora cyperaceae from mexico

Kral, R.; Thomas, W. W., 1988: Two new species of rhynchospora section psilocarya cyperaceae

Dixit, R. D., 1985: Two new species of selaginella p. beauv. from kerala india

Turner, B. L., 1988: Two new species of senecio section palmatinervii asteraceae from eastern mexico

Barraclough D.A., 1985: Two new species of sepedon mesosepedon from southern africa diptera sciomyzidae

Acevedo Rodriguez P., 1987: Two new species of serjania sapindaceae from brazil

Rejdali M., 1988: Two new species of sideritis labiatae from morocco

Miller P.J., 1986: Two new species of silhouettea gobiidae from northern australia

Gupta N.K., 1984: Two new species of skrjabinocapillaria from microchiroptera with a key to species of the genus

Rodriguez Hernandez M., 1985: Two new species of sooty mold ascomycetes chaetothyrium diversum new species and dennisiella longispora new species

Borowiec L., 1985: Two new species of spermophagus coleoptera bruchidae amblycerinae from israel and iran

Borowiec L., 1986: Two new species of spermophagus schoenherr from south africa coleoptera bruchidae amblycerinae

Rider D.A., 1986: Two new species of stictochilus from argentina hemiptera heteroptera pentatomidae

Santhakumari V., 1986: Two new species of suctorians acineta satyanandani new species and paracineta karunakarani new species epizoic on ostracods

Kanhekar L.J., 1987: Two new species of syzeuctus foerster hymenoptera ichneumonidae from india

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850695

Gillerfors G., 1986: Two new species of tarphius erichson coleoptera colydiidae and a new species of mniophilosoma wollaston coleoptera chrysomelidae from the azores portugal

Magowski W., 1986: Two new species of tarsonemus acari prostigmata associated with xylocopa carpenter bees hymenoptera apoidea

Holttum R.E., 1985: Two new species of tectaria from limestone in peninsular malaysia with comments on some other species

Ferrer J., 1987: Two new species of tenebrionids from africa coleoptera tenebrionidae

Rao K.H., 1985: Two new species of tentaculariidae poche 1926 cestoda trypanorhyncha from marine fishes of waltair india

Ma X G., 1984: Two new species of termites of the genus reticulitermes from meihuashan fujian china isoptera rhinotermitidae

Rohacek J., 1987: Two new species of the anthomyza gracilis group diptera anthomyzidae from nepal india

Kadam S.S., 1985: Two new species of the cestode moniezia

Nelson D.W., 1986: Two new species of the cottid genus artediellus from the western north pacific ocean and the sea of japan

Gon O., 1985: Two new species of the deep sea cardinal fish genus epigonus perciformes apogonidae from the hawaiian islands usa with a key to the hawaiian species

Beyarslan A., 1987: Two new species of the family braconidae hymenoptera from turkey

Negrache P.P., 1987: Two new species of the family malachiidae insecta coleoptera of the iberian peninsula

Xu Z K., 1987: Two new species of the family vaginicolidae from tianjin china

Floessner D., 1984: Two new species of the genera acanthocyclops and diacyclops crustacea copepoda from lake baikal ussr

Kuang H Y., 1988: Two new species of the genus aceria from china acariformes eriophyidae

Terayama M., 1985: Two new species of the genus acropyga hymenoptera formicidae from taiwan and japan

Frohner S., 1986: Two new species of the genus alchemilla from valais switzerland

Li Z., 1985: Two new species of the genus amblyseius from china acarina phytoseiidae

Fey B., 1985: Two new species of the genus archegonus from the lower carboniferous of steeden lahn west germany trilobita rheinisches schiefergebirge

Jing X L., 1986: Two new species of the genus asemiadalia coleoptera coccinellidae

Kaliszewski M., 1985: Two new species of the genus bakerdania acari prostigmata pygmephoroidea from belgium

Micevski K., 1985: Two new species of the genus centaurea asteraceae subgenus acrolophus section arenariae

Yamamoto M., 1985: Two new species of the genus chasmatonotus from japan diptera chironomidae

Theron P.D., 1987: Two new species of the genus cheiroseius berlese 1916 acari ascidae from the afrotropical region

Chao C L., 1987: Two new species of the genus cifuna lepidoptera lymantriidae

Hayashi T., 1985: Two new species of the genus clubiona araneae clubionidae from japan

Yoshida H., 1988: Two new species of the genus dipoena araneae theridiidae from japan

Alonso G.M., 1986: Two new species of the genus gondogeneia barnard amphipoda eusiridae

Kantor Yu I., 1985: Two new species of the genus habevolutopsius gastropoda pectinibranchia from the sea of okhotsk ussr

Monne M.A., 1985: Two new species of the genus hamatastus coleoptera cerambycidae lamiinae acanthocinini

Xue W Q., 1985: Two new species of the genus helina from liaoning china diptera muscidae

Gery J., 1987: Two new species of the genus hyphessobrycon pisces ostariophysi characidae from paraguay hyphessobrycon guarani new species and hyphessobrycon procerus new species

Rosado Neto G.H., 1986: Two new species of the genus hypnideus pascoe 1881 from peru coleoptera curculionidae hylobiinae sternechini

Aiello, A.; Borhidi, A., 1986: Two new species of the genus isidorea a. rich. rubiaceae from hispaniola west indies

Gusarov V.I., 1988: Two new species of the genus leptobium coleoptera staphylinidae from the crimea ussr and greece

Ruecker H.W., 1985: Two new species of the genus melanophthalma from argentina coleoptera lathridiidae

Hatta H., 1986: Two new species of the genus menziesia from japan

Zhong Y H., 1987: Two new species of the genus metaphire from hunan province china oligochaeta megascolecidae

Zhaohua Z., 1987: Two new species of the genus multisetosa from sichuan province china acariformes leeuwenhoekiidae

Ma, Z. Y.; Wu, J. W.; Cui, C. Y., 1986: Two new species of the genus mydaea r. d. from china diptera muscidae

Li G X., 1986: Two new species of the genus odontotermes from china isoptera termitidae

Xu Y J., 1987: Two new species of the genus orchestina new record from anhui province china araneae oonopidae

Shanina F., 1985: Two new species of the genus ottolenchus nematoda tylenchidae with key to the species and observation on ottolenchus facultativus new record from pakistan

Naidu T.S.V., 1985: Two new species of the genus oxysomatium railliet and henry 1913 from amphibian hosts in india

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850746

Park K T., 1985: Two new species of the genus parachronistis from korea lepidoptera gelechiidae

Khan E., 1986: Two new species of the genus paratylenchus micoletzky 1922 nematoda paratylenchinae from himachal pradesh india

Magno P.R., 1987: Two new species of the genus periboeum thomson 1864 coleoptera cerambycidae cerambycinae elaphidionini

Yu X C., 1986: Two new species of the genus phaonia from eastern liaoning china diptera muscidae

Wang M F., 1986: Two new species of the genus phaonia from north shanxi china diptera muscidae

Chai B Q., 1987: Two new species of the genus pirata araneae lycosidae

Ma X G., 1987: Two new species of the genus reticulitermes from china isoptera rhinotermitidae

Mou G., 1985: Two new species of the genus spilogona from liaoning china diptera muscidae

Gillerfors G., 1985: Two new species of the genus tarphius from the azores portugal and redescription of tarphius wollastoni coleoptera colydiidae

Kawakita H., 1987: Two new species of the genus tettigoniopsis orthoptera meconematinae from shikoku japan

Moravec, P., 1986: Two new species of the genus trechus clairv. and notes on other trechus spp from romania coleoptera carabidae

Ahmad I., 1985: Two new species of the genus trichodorus nematoda dorylaimida from india

Liu M H., 1987: Two new species of the genus wynnea from china with a key to known species

Gilbert C.R., 1987: Two new species of the gobiid fish genus gobionellus from the western atlantic

Ito T., 1985: Two new species of the goerodes naraensis group trichoptera lepidostomatidae

Chao C L., 1985: Two new species of the lymantriidae

Brailovsky H., 1987: Two new species of the mexican strepsiptera in the collection of the instituto de biologia universidad nacional autonoma de mexico notulae strepsipterologicae xviii

Grogan W.L.Jr, 1986: Two new species of the predaceous midge genus clastrieromyia from uruguay with clastrieromyia schnacki new record for argentina diptera ceratopogonidae

Rohacek J., 1988: Two new species of the subgenus minilimosina from europe diptera sphaeroceridae

Othman B.H.R., 1987: Two new species of tortanus crustacea copepoda from sabah malaysia

Crasquin S., 1987: Two new species of tournaisian ostracods in the massif de la tombe namur synclinorium belgium

Sokolov I.M., 1987: Two new species of trechini coleoptera carabidae from southwest altai ussr

B"chvarov G., 1985: Two new species of trematodes from bulgarian amphibians

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850773

Sipahiler F., 1987: Two new species of trichoptera from northeastern anatolia turkey

Brusca R.C., 1985: Two new species of tridentella isopoda flabellifera tridentellidae from california usa with a rediagnosis and comments on the family and a key to the genera of tridentellidae and corallanidae

Van Der Land J., 1985: Two new species of tubiluchus new record priapulida from the pacific ocean

Edwards M., 1986: Two new species of tydeid mite acarina prostigmata from the maritime antarctic

Mahajan R., 1987: Two new species of tylenchorhynchus cobb 1913 from punjab india

Shinn G.L., 1987: Two new species of umagillid flatworms from the 20 rayed antarctic crinoid promachocrinus kerguelensis

Yip H Y., 1986: Two new species of umbelopsis from soil in australia

Bruess R., 1986: Two new species of uranoscopus linnaeus 1758 from the red sea uranoscopus dollfusi new species and uranoscopus bauchotae new species

Robinson A.G., 1988: Two new species of uroleucon homoptera aphididae from pennsylvania usa

Rezwani, A.; Lampel, G., 1987: Two new species of uroleucon mordv. homoptera aphididae from iran

Olsen J., 1988: Two new species of verbesina section platypteris asteraceae from jalisco mexico

Keeley S.C., 1987: Two new species of vernonia asteraceae vernonieae from panama

Spangler P.J., 1986: Two new species of water striders of the genus oiovelia from the tepui cerro de la neblina venezuela hemiptera heteroptera veliidae

Conn B.J., 1987: Two new species of westringia labiatae from new south wales australia

Jesudasan R.W.A., 1988: Two new species of whiteflies aleyrodidae homoptera from india and sri lanka

Macfarlane T.D., 1986: Two new species of wurmbea colchicaceae or liliaceae from south western australia

Bordoni A., 1986: Two new species of xantholinus from the swiss and hungarian mountains coleoptera staphylinidae 85th contribution to the knowledge of staphylinidae

Clack J.A., 1987: Two new specimens of anthracosaurus amphibia anthracosauria from the northumberland england uk coal measures

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850794

Nohara T., 1986: Two new steroidal glucuronides from solanum lyratum ii

Hu C Y., 1988: Two new stigmaeid mites of the genus apostigmaeus acarina stigmaeidae

Naiyanetr P., 1987: Two new stomatopod crustaceans from thailand with a key to the genus manningia serene 1962

Kennedy H., 1986: Two new striped leaved species of calathea marantaceae from ecuador

Shornikov E.I., 1987: Two new subgenera of bythocytherid ostracodes

Ruffo S., 1986: Two new subspecies of oreina elongata suffrian from the apennines italy coleoptera chrysomelidae

Pretzmann G., 1983: Two new subspecies of potamon potamios

Hirayama A., 1986: Two new subspecies of synchelidium crustacea amphipoda oedicerotidae from the sea shore of northeast japan

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850804

Eugster C.H., 1985: Two new syntheses of the pyranojuglone pigment alpha caryopterone

Friis I., 1985: Two new taxa and a new combination in the urticaceae for the flora zambesiaca

Biswas, S., 1985: Two new taxa in clematis connata dc. ranunculaceae and trachelospermum lucidum d. don schum. apocynaceae from northwestern himalaya india

Tomsovic P., 1986: Two new taxa in the cardamine pratensis aggregation from bohemia and moravia czechoslovakia

Jones A.G., 1986: Two new taxa of aster asteraceae from mexico

Kirjakov I., 1986: Two new taxa of chlamydomonas

Nel A., 1987: Two new termites of the cenozoic from the southeast of france dictyoptera hodotermitidae kalotermitidae

Righi G., 1988: Two new terrestrial microdrili oligochaeta from amazonia brazil

Faizi S., 1986: Two new tetranortriterpenoids from azadirachta indica

Flechtmann C.H.W., 1986: Two new tetranychus acari tetranychidae from the states of sao paulo and rio de janeiro brazil

Rumpp N.L., 1986: Two new tiger beetles of the genus cicindela from western usa cicindelidae coleoptera

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850817

Borovec R., 1986: Two new trachyphloeus spp from turkey and italy coleoptera curculionidae

Deuve T., 1987: Two new trechinae from nepal collected in the everest massif coleoptera caraboidea trechidae

Casale A., 1986: Two new trechodini from africa coleoptera carabidae

Das S.R., 1985: Two new trematodes from mammalian hosts in india

Viggiani G., 1987: Two new trichogrammatidae hymenoptera from north america ittysella lagunera new genus new species pinto and viggiani and epoligosita mexicana new species viggiani

Olah J., 1985: Two new trichoptera from bhutan

Perales A., 1986: Two new triterpene acids from phellinus pomaceus

Chou C S., 1987: Two new triterpenes of the fungus ganoderma lucidum

Nakanishi T., 1987: Two new triterpenoid glycosides from leaves of ilex chinensis sims

Tanasevitch, A. V., 1986: Two new troglohyphantes spp. from the caucasus ussr aranei linyphiidae

Angelov P., 1985: Two new troglorhynchus species from bulgaria coleoptera curculionidae

Mccord W.P., 1987: Two new turtles from southeast asia

Bosemark N.O., 1988: Two new types of cytoplasmic male sterility found in wild beta beets

Schnetler K.I., 1985: Two new upper oligocene gastropods from the north sea basin

Haiek D.S.M., 1987: Two new vanadyl iv complexes containing biuret

Beutler E., 1987: Two new variants of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase associated with hereditary non spherocytic hemolytic anemia g6pd wayne and g6pd huron

Ortega Menes M.D., 1985: Two new varieties of portulaca brevifolia portulacaceae for the flora of cuba

Friedrich W., 1987: Two new vitamin b 12 factors from sewage sludge containing 2 methylsulfinyladenine or 2 methylsulfonyladenine as base component

Suresh, C. R.; Nicolson, D. H., 1986: Two nomenclatural novelties based on rheede's hortus malabaricus

Watanabe S., 1986: Two non identical heads of myosin molecules

Bromham D.R., 1987: Two non invasive telemetry fetal monitoring systems the effect of maternal build on trace quality

Wu D., 1985: Two non overlapping pr intervals in a patient with dual pathways atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia

Van Alfen N.K., 1987: Two nonhomologous viruses of cryphonectria parasitica reduce accumulation of specific virulence associated polypeptides

Morozov V.A., 1986: Two nonstructural glycosylated polyproteins encoded by gag gene of d type retrovirus

Shukla B.K., 1985: Two noteworthy grasses from upper gangetic plain india

Rajan R., 1985: Two noteworthy plants from kerala india

Rajan R., 1987: Two noteworthy sedges from south india

Et Al, 1986: Two novel cell surface antigens on small cell lung carcinoma defined by mouse monoclonal antibodies ne 25 and pe 35

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850847

Ichino, K.; Tanaka, H.; Ito, K., 1987: Two novel flavanones methyllinderatone and isolinderatone from lindera umbellata var membranacea maxim. momiyama

Ito K., 1988: Two novel flavonoids from the leaves of lindera umbellata var lancea and lindera umbellata

Ogura H., 1988: Two novel hexacyclic triterpenoids from prunella vulgaris

Hedbom E., 1986: Two novel matrix proteins isolated from articular cartilage show wide distributions among connective tissues

Mascagni P., 1986: Two novel minor alkaloids from ethiopian calpurnia aurea ssp aurea

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850853

Ho C T., 1986: Two novel thiophenes identified from the reaction between cysteine and 2 5 dimethyl 4 hydroxy 3 2h furanone

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850855

Krystal M., 1988: Two nuclear location signals in the influenza virus ns1 nonstructural protein

Wunderlich R.A., 1986: Two objective measures of self esteem

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850858

Beynon D.E., 1986: Two occurrences of the extinct moose cervalces scotti from the quaternary of northeastern indiana usa

Krug R.M., 1987: Two of the three influenza viral polymerase proteins expressed by using baculovirus vectors form a complex in insect cells

Davis S., 1988: Two one step methods for household screening and interviewing using random digit dialing

Hammer K., 1985: Two operator sites separated by 599 base pairs are required for deo r repression of the deo operon of escherichia coli

Suzuki S., 1984: Two opilionids from cambodia arachnida opiliones gagrellidae

Liebeskind J.C., 1986: Two opioid forms of stress analgesia studies of tolerance and cross tolerance

Johnston D.I., 1986: Two or three insulin injections in adolescence

Wang H F., 1986: Two oribatid mites injurious to economic plants acariformes oribatida

Hickok, N. J.; Seppanen, P. J.; Kontula, K. K.; Janne, P. A.; Bardin, C. W.; Janne, O. A., 1986: Two ornithine decarboxylase messenger rna species in mouse kidney arise from size heterogeneity at their 3' termini

Davis J.P., 1987: Two outbreaks of blastomycosis along rivers in wisconsin usa isolation of blastomyces dermatitidis from riverbank soil and evidence of its transmission along waterways

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850869

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850870

Fujinaga K., 1986: Two outbreaks of herpes simplex virus type 1 nosocomial infection among newborns

Bijkerk H., 1985: Two outbreaks of salmonellosis caused by salmonella indiana a survey of the european summit outbreak and its consequences

Lapierre J., 1988: Two outbreaks of trichinosis caused by horsemeat in france in 1985

Walker J.E., 1986: Two overlapping genes in bovine mitochondrial dna encode membrane components of atp synthase

Sakano H., 1987: Two pairs of recombination signals are sufficient to cause immunoglobulin v d j joining

Kawashima Y., 1986: Two palliative operations of complex cardiac anomalies associated with severe pulmonary hypertension

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850878

Eisert W.G., 1987: Two parameter data acquisition system for rapid slit scan analysis of mammalian chromosomes

Gilhen J., 1986: Two partial albino eastern redback salamanders plethodon cinereus in nova scotia canada

De Kam M., 1987: Two pathogenic races of melampsora larici populina in northwestern europe

Marecek J.F., 1988: Two pathways for oxygen exchange by heavy meromyosin and their dependence on actin

Perlman R., 1988: Two pathways of placental lactogen secretion by cultured human trophoblast

Miyake Y., 1987: Two patients with acute intraoperative choroidal effusion

Kamiyama, R.; Saitoh, K.; Hirosawa, S.; Yamaguchi, H.; Tsukada, T., 1986: Two patients with autoimmune disease developing into non hodgkin's lymphoma

Trust T.J., 1986: Two patterns in the aeromonas salmonicida a layer may reflect a structural transformation that alters permeability

Colditz I.G., 1988: Two patterns of early neutrophil accumulation in acute inflammatory lesions

Garovoy M.R., 1987: Two patterns of sensitization demonstrated by recipients of donor specific transfusion limitations to control by imuran

Hirayama A., 1987: Two peculiar species of corophiid amphipods crustacea from the seto inland sea japan

Clement Westerhof J.A., 1986: Two peculiar types of coniferous ovuliferous fructifications from the val gardena formation permian of the dolomites and the vicentianian alps a preliminary account

Ledoux G., 1987: Two penetretus spp new species for pakistan a deltomerus spp new species of turkey coleoptera carabidae patrobidae

Rescorla R.A., 1986: Two perceptual variables in within event learning

Okano K., 1988: Two pharmacologically distinct receptors mediate two postsynaptic potential psp components in the afferent synapse of the plotosus electroreceptor

Albagnac G., 1987: Two phase methanization of solid vegetable wastes

Bellet D., 1987: Two phase pulsatile flows through porous conical tubes of small diameters modelization of the blood microcirculation

Schumacher H A., 1988: Two phase sixth year molar extraction a therapeutic alternative in space closure in the mandible

Arita H., 1987: Two phasic generation of thromboxane a 2 by the action of collagen on rat platelets

Dey A.K., 1987: Two phenolic constituents from alpinia galanga rhizomes

Nomura T., 1986: Two phenolic glycosides from the root bark of the cultivated mulberry tree morus lhou

Yavorkovskii L.I., 1988: Two phenotypic variants of b cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Tilney N.L., 1987: Two phenotypically distinct populations of t cells have suppressor capabilities simultaneously in the maintenance phase of immunologic enhancement

Maingay J., 1987: Two phenotypically distinct t cells are involved in uv irradiated urocanic acid induced suppression of the efferent delayed type hypersensitivity response to herpes simplex virus type 1 in vivo

Ross J.A., 1986: Two phenotypically distinct t cells ly 1 positive 2 negative and ly 1 negative 2 positive are involved in uv b light induced suppression of the efferent delayed type hypersensitivity response to herpes simplex virus type 1 in vivo

Sticher O., 1988: Two phenylpropanoid glycosides from scrophularia scopolii

Naka, M.; Saitoh, M.; Hidaka, H., 1988: Two phosphorylated forms of myosin in thrombin stimulated platelets

Pigiet V., 1987: Two phosphorylated subclasses of polyomavirus large t antigen that differ in their modes of association with the cell nucleus

Knapp H.M., 1987: Two photon carbon 13 and two dimensional proton nmr spectroscopic studies of retinyl schiff bases protonated schiff bases and schiff base salts evidence for a protonation induced pipi excited state level ordering reversal

Aston Jones G., 1987: Two physiologically distinct populations of neurons in the ventrolateral medulla innervate the locus coeruleus

Hokama K., 1987: Two phytotoxins from stagonospora sacchari causing leaf scorch of sugarcane

Smith R.L., 1986: Two plasma fibronectin fragments with different gelatin binding properties

Reese R.T., 1985: Two plasmodium falciparum merozoite surface polypeptides share epitopes with a single 185000 molecular weight parasite glycoprotein

Heinzl L., 1986: Two point control of temperature profile in tissue

Chow M.S.S., 1986: Two point method for determination of aminoglycoside pharmacokinetics theoretical and practical considerations

Donati R.M., 1986: Two point t 1 measurement wide coverage optimizations by stochastic simulations

Shirata A., 1987: Two polyacetylenic phytoalexins from arctium lappa

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850916

Fontaine M., 1988: Two populations of complement factor h differ in their ability to bind to cell surfaces

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850918

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850919

Himstedt W., 1988: Two populations of serotonin immunoreactive neurons in the frog rana esculenta retina

Maez R.R., 1987: Two populations of tyrosine hydroxylase positive cells occur in the spinal cord of the chick embryo and hatchling

Igata A., 1985: Two positional isomers of sialylheptasaccharides isolated from the urine of a patient with sialidosis

Webb S.G., 1988: Two possible cases of trephination from australia

Bureau H., 1988: Two post operative epidermoid cysts following realignment of the hallux nail

Coumas J., 1987: Two postprocessing ct techniques for determining the composition of trabecular bone

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850927

Frayha G.J., 1986: Two potential improvements to bcg and their effect on skin test reactivity in the lebanon

Torabi M., 1985: Two predaceous and parasitic fungi to nematodes in iran

Et Al, 1988: Two pregnant cases following transvaginal collection of oocytes

Wharam M.D., 1986: Two primary brain tumors in one child

Kyrklund T., 1987: Two procedures to remove polar contaminants from a crude brain lipid extract by using prepacked reversed phase columns

Baker S.G., 1988: Two process models for discrete time serial categorical response

Arai, K., 1987: Two process theory and the strategy assumption in priming effect

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850935

Thimmappaya B., 1987: Two promoter specific host factors interact with adjacent sequences in an eia inducible adenovirus promoter

Brown N.L., 1987: Two promoters from the streptomyces plasmid pij 101 and their expression in escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850938

Cognetti, G.; Perriera, S.; Irvin, J. L., 1987: Two proteases from nuclei of rat testis cells i. isolation

Cognetti, G.; Perriera, S.; Irvin, J. L., 1987: Two proteases from nuclei of rat testis cells ii. inhibitors

Clevette Radford N.A., 1985: Two proteases from the latex of elaeophorbia drupifera

Moriyama T., 1987: Two proteins with gamma carboxyglutamic acid in frog bone isolation and comparative characterization

Laub O., 1988: Two proteins with reverse transcriptase activities associated with hepatitis b virus like particles

Martin G.R., 1986: Two proto oncogenes implicated in mammary carcinogenesis int 1 and int 2 are independently regulated during mouse development

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850945

Di Lollo V., 1986: Two pulse temporal resolution in patients with glaucoma suspected glaucoma and in normal observers

Cronvich J.A., 1985: Two pumps and one heart studies and theoretic considerations

Brouard J P., 1986: Two pyran type glycosides from saponaria officinalis and dianthus

Vanhaelen M., 1985: Two quassinoid glycosides and a beta carboline 1 propionic acid from hannoa klaineana

Van Meerssche M., 1987: Two quassinoids and two coumarinolignoids from hannoa klaineana roots

Madkour G., 1985: Two races of lepus capensis from qatar

Gwaltney J.M.Jr, 1987: Two randomized controlled trials of zinc gluconate lozenge therapy of experimentally induced rhinovirus colds

Wyss J.M., 1986: Two rapid methods of counterstaining fluorescent dye tracer containing sections without reducing the fluorescence

Labriola C., 1985: Two rare complications of catheterization of the vena subclavia via supraclavicularis

Sharma M.P., 1986: Two rare fungi basidiomycotina from western himalayas india

Weissman I.L., 1988: Two rare populations of mouse thy 1 10 bone marrow cells repopulate the thymus

Stock J.H., 1985: Two rare pycnogonida collected during the corindon ii cruise in the strait of makasar indonesia

De Vries G.A., 1985: Two rare species of stephensia

Van Woude G.F., 1988: Two rearranged met alleles in mnng hos cells reveal the orientation of met on chromosome 7 to other markers tightly linked to the cystic fibrosis locus

Nijveldt W., 1987: Two recent additions to the cecidofauna of the netherlands acari eriophyidae diptera cecidomyiidae

De Kloet E.R., 1985: Two receptor systems for corticosterone in rat brain microdistribution and differential occupation

Clement J.L., 1986: Two red blood cell populations

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850964

Harlow E., 1988: Two regions of the adenovirus early region 1a proteins are required for transformation

Andrianov V.M., 1985: Two regions of the ptic 58 plasmid mediate the auxin production in agrobacterium tumefaciens

Kant J.A., 1988: Two regions within the human il 2 gene promoter are important for inducible il 2 expression

Klemm P., 1986: Two regulatory fim genes fim b and fim e control the phase variation of type 1 fimbriae in escherichia coli

Glenney J., 1986: Two related but distinct forms of the 36000 molecular weight tyrosine kinase substrate calpactin that interact with phospholipid and actin in a calcium dependent manner

Hill D.E., 1987: Two related regulatory sequences are required for maximal induction of saccharomyces cerevisiae his 3 transcription

Summers M.D., 1987: Two related viral genes are located on a single superhelical dna segment of the multipartite campoletis sonorensis virus genome

Tan K., 1987: Two remarkable new cruciferae from saudi arabia

Deharveng L., 1985: Two remarkable new species of genus lathriopyga collembola neanuridae

Schmalfuss H., 1985: Two remarkable new species of terrestrial isopods from the greek island of paxos

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850976

Mori S., 1988: Two response processes in a guessing task

Soll D., 1986: Two rna species co purify with rnase p from the fission yeast schizosaccharomyces pombe

Arnett F.C., 1988: Two ro ss a autoantibody responses in systemic lupus erythematosus correlation of hla dr dq specificities with quantitative expression of ro ss a autoantibody

Kim, K. H.; Thomas, D. W., 1988: Two roles for ia in antigen specific t cell activation ii. toward a velcro model of antigen recognition

Kim, K. H.; Shivdasani, R. A.; Thomas, D. W., 1986: Two roles for ia in antigen specific t lymphocyte activation

Fox J., 1987: Two roles for natural scientists in the management of tropical watersheds examples from nepal and indonesia

Iwamoto Y., 1985: Two route chemotherapy using high dose intra arterial cis diamminedichloroplatinum ii and systemic sodium thiosulfate its antidote for rat limb tumor

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850984

Moore D.H.II, 1987: Two sample rank tests for detecting changes that occur in a small proportion of the treated population

Ciccarone, C., 1986: Two saprophytes of chestnut litter diatrype disciformis hofm. fries. and diatrype stigma hofm. fries

Elce J.S., 1986: Two satisfactory methods for purification of human acrosin

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850988

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850989

Goldschmidt Reischel E., 1987: Two screening trials with apple varieties 1975 1984

Spritzer C.E., 1987: Two second mr images comparison with spin echo images in 29 patients

Catling P.M., 1987: Two sedges carex conoidea new record and carex gravida new record cyperaceae new to manitoba canada

Blinov V.M., 1987: Two segments of barley stripe mosaic virus genomic rna encode two homologous proteins which probably possess ntpase activity

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850994

Braell W.A., 1988: Two sensitive convenient and widely applicable assays for marker enzyme activities specific to endoplasmic reticulum

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850996

Section 7, Chapter 6851, Accession 006850997

Banerjee A.K., 1987: Two separate domains within vesicular stomatitis virus phosphoprotein support transcription when added in trans

Hattori T., 1988: Two separate neuronal populations of the rat subthalamic nucleus project to the basal ganglia and pedunculopontine tegmental region

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