Two new tiger beetles of the genus Cicindela from western United States (Cicindelidae: Coleoptera)

Rumpp, N.L.

Bulletin - Southern California Academy of Sciences 85(3): 139-151


ISSN/ISBN: 0038-3872
Accession: 006850816

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Two new subspecies of Cicindela are described: C. scutellaris yampae of northwestern Colorado, [USA] and Cicindella formosa rutilovirescens of eastcentral New Mexico. Both subspecies are found at the periphery of the ranges of their respective species. This study traces their migration into their present locations in an attempt to define the forces that cause changes leading to subspeciation. C. scutellaris is retained as a species group because of the singularity of parts within the internal sac of the aedeagus in the male genitalia. C. formosa is significantly different in both male and female genitalia from others members of Rivalier's Group VII so that it constitutes a separate group of its own. Rivalier's Group VII should be renamed the Purpurea Group.