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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6852

Chapter 6852 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kronvall G., 1986: Two separate non immune interactions between staphylococcal protein a and immunoglobulins are mediated by structures on gamma chains

Ike F., 1987: Two separate receptors for prolactin in the rabbit mammary gland

Matsuda, H.; Miyagawa, M.; Iseki, S.; Murata, M., 1985: Two serum glycoproteins in chickens inoculated with a transplantable marek's disease cell line and preparation of monoclonal antibodies against the glycoproteins

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851004

Marcy M., 1986: Two short term toxicity tests for the calanoid copepod eurytemora herdmani using a complex effluent

Matsuda I., 1985: Two siblings with microcephaly associated with calcification of cerebral white matter

Phipps R.P., 1988: Two signals are required for accessory cells to induce b cell unresponsiveness tolerogenic ig and prostaglandin

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851008

Dalton H.P., 1985: Two similar but atypical strains of coryneform group a 4 isolated from patients with endophthalmitis

Bennett, A. G., 1986: Two simple calculating schemes for use in ophthalmic optics i. tracing oblique rays through systems including astigmatic surfaces

Bennett, A. G., 1986: Two simple calculating schemes for use in ophthalmic optics ii. tracing axial pencils through systems including astigmatic surfaces at random axes

Hanson F.W., 1986: Two simple methods for detecting acrosome reacted human sperm

Khan A.A., 1986: Two simple methods of spatial analysis and their applications in location oriented health services research

Iversen T.M., 1987: Two simple models for estimating daily mean water temperatures and diel variations in a danish low gradient stream

Hinshaw J.R., 1986: Two simple models for teaching fiberoptic choledochoscopy techniques

Sano K., 1987: Two single base pair substitutions causing desensitization to tryptophan feedback inhibition of anthranilate synthase and enhanced expression of tryptophan genes of brevibacterium lactofermentum

Komano T., 1988: Two single strand dna initiation signals located in the ori v region of plasmid rsf 1010

Stevenson R., 1987: Two sisters with a distal deletion at the xq26 xq27 interface dna studies indicate that the gene locus for factor ix is present

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851019

Kimura, S.; Uchikawa, H.; Yamamoto, R.; Kato, K., 1986: Two site column enzyme immunoassay for neuron specific enolase in human serum using monoclonal antibodies

Tsao, D.; Hsiao, K. J.; Wu, J. C.; Chou, C. K.; Lee, S. D., 1986: Two site enzyme immunoassay for alpha fetoprotein in dried blood samples collected on filter paper

Kato K., 1986: Two site enzyme immunoassay for alpha fetoprotein involving column chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851023

Reimer C.B., 1988: Two site immunoenzymometric assays for serum igg subclass infant maternal ratios at full term

Sparks D.L., 1987: Two site model for aluminum oxide with mass balanced competitive ph plus salt salt dependent reactions

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851027

Akino T., 1985: Two site simultaneous immunoassay with monoclonal antibodies for the determination of surfactant apoproteins in human amniotic fluid

Lovgren T., 1986: Two site time resolved immunofluorometric assay of human insulin

Portele K.A., 1983: Two skulls with unusual encephaloceles

Elema J.D., 1988: Two small cell lung cancer cell lines established from rigid bronchoscope biopsies

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851032

Packer L., 1985: Two social halictine bees from southern mexico with a note on two bee hunting philanthine wasps hymenoptera halictidae and sphecidae

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851034

Maki W.S., 1986: Two sources of proactive interference in spatial working memory multiple effects of repeated trials on radial maze performance by rats

Altschuler M., 1986: Two soybean glycine max seed lipoxygenase nulls accumulate reduced levels of lipoxygenase transcripts

Meagher R.B., 1986: Two soybean ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase small subunit genes share extensive homology even in distant flanking sequences

Whitsett J.A., 1988: Two sp c genes encoding human pulmonary surfactant proteolipid

Fujikawa T., 1988: Two species belonging to the genus tectocepheus from nature farm at nayoro in northern japan acari oribatei

Ho J S., 1988: Two species of acanthochondria copepoda poecilostomatoida parasitic on fishes of japan

Stewart A.F., 1986: Two species of adenylate cyclase stimulating activity in a murine squamous carcinoma model of humoral hypercalcemia of malignancy

Halvorsen G., 1987: Two species of alona cladocera chydoridae new for norway

Loots G.C., 1987: Two species of amblyseius swirski and shechter from africa acari phytoseiidae

Hiroi O., 1986: Two species of chloromyxum myxozoa myxosporea in chum salmon oncorhynchus keta taxonomy and life cycle

Iseki M., 1986: Two species of cryptosporidium naturally infecting house rats rattus norvegicus

Shinkai H., 1986: Two species of dermatan sulfate proteoglycans with different molecular sizes from newborn calf skin

Iwatsuki Z., 1987: Two species of fissidens musci new to china

Nizamani Z.A., 1985: Two species of fossil algae isolated from lakhra coal lower ranikot sind pakistan

Camp D.K., 1988: Two species of galatheid crustaceans decapoda anomura new to florida usa munida spinifrons new record henderson and munidopsis kucki new species

Tsurusaki N., 1987: Two species of homolophus newly found from hokkaido japan arachnida opiliones phalangiidae

Barnard J.L., 1986: Two species of hornellia subgenus metaceradocus from the florida keys usa and belize amphipoda melphidippidae

Borowiec L., 1985: Two species of lathridius sensu lato coleoptera lathridiidae from baltic amber

Duda J., 1988: Two species of liverworts lophozia turbinata new record and sphenolobopsis kitagawae new record in the flora of the ussr

Baudin Laurencin F., 1986: Two species of philometra nematoda dracunculoidea parasites of tunnies

Roback S.S., 1987: Two species of procladius diptera chironomidae from a northern prairie marsh descriptions phenologies and mating behavior

Solanki C.M., 1985: Two species of riccia from pachmarhi india

Mielke W., 1987: Two species of the genera noodtiella and lineosoma copepoda from chile

Pajni, H. R.; Haq, M.; Gandhi, S. S., 1987: Two species of the genus apoderus ol. from india coleoptera attelabidae apoderinae apoderini

Rowe N.P., 1988: Two species of the lycophyte genus eskdalia kidston from the drybrook sandstone visean of great britain uk

Damkaer D.M., 1986: Two species of urocopia planktonic poecilostomatoid copepods of the family urocopiidae

Streeter L.S., 1988: Two species one new of plio pleistocene radiolaria from the central equatorial indian ocean

Singh U.N., 1988: Two specific antigens in glioblastoma multiforme identified by monoclonal antibodies

Keller W., 1987: Two spliceosomes can form simultaneously and independently on synthetic double intron messenger rna precursors

Nishioka, M.; Matsuura, I., 1977: Two spotted crickets gryllus bimaculatus as an excellent diet for terrestrial anurans

Berry R.E., 1982: Two spotted spider mite tetranychus urticae acari tetranychidae in peppermint mentha piperita population dynamics and influence of cultural practices

Barritt B.H., 1980: Two spotted spider mite tetranychus urticae resistance of washington usa hybrid strawberries fragaria ananassa

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851070

Mehner A., 1986: Two stage activated sludge treatment of an integrated kraft pulp mill effluent

Young J.C., 1987: Two stage cyclic operation of anaerobic filters

Lopez M.L., 1986: Two stage design in a community survey

Collins Thompson D.L., 1987: Two stage enrichment procedures for isolating listeria monocytogenes from raw milk

Lee V.M Y., 1987: Two stage expression of neurofilament polypeptides during rat neurogenesis with early establishment of adult phosphorylation patterns

Kawamura S., 1985: Two stage filtration

Goodwyn B.L., 1986: Two stage flexor tendon reconstruction ten year experience

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851078

Kovadlo L.S., 1985: Two stage increase of respiration rate in germinating pea pisum sativum seeds as related to their hydration level

Horn A., 1986: Two stage median based methods for characterizing enzyme inhibition

Jones G.E., 1988: Two stage mineralization of phenanthrene by estuarine enrichment cultures

Day N.E., 1987: Two stage models for the analysis of cancer screening data

Okudaira Y., 1987: Two stage operation for poor risk patients with carcinoma of the esophagus

Bauer P., 1986: Two stage sampling for simultaneously testing main and side effects in clinical trials

Devins G.M., 1988: Two stage screening for stressful life events and chronic difficulties

Ellenberg S.S., 1988: Two stage selection and testing designs for comparative clinical trials

Simmonds N.W., 1985: Two stage selection strategy in plant breeding

Barth K.C., 1987: Two stage separation of immature and mature t lymphocytes from myeloerythroid clonogenic bone marrow cells by apheresis and elutriation centrifugation

Freundl M., 1987: Two stage skin testing for tuberculosis in a domiciliary population

Zacchi G., 1988: Two stage steam pretreatment of willow for increased pentose yield

Linnet K., 1987: Two stage transformation systems for normalization of reference distributions evaluated

Craven D.E., 1987: Two stage tuberculin testing with control antigens in patients residing in two chronic disease hospitals

Mahmud S.A., 1988: Two stages of motion adaptation in human visual system

Yoshikura H., 1986: Two stages of the differentiation of hl 60 cells induced by 1 alpha 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 commitment by 1 alpha 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 and promotion by dmso

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851095

Morton T.H., 1985: Two step covalent modification of proteins selective labeling of schiff base forming sites and selective blockade of the sense of smell in vivo

Vandamme E.J., 1987: Two step fermentation process for improved xanthan production by xanthomonas campestris nrrl b 1459

Landa V., 1985: Two step freezing of cells used in hybridoma technology

Kristofova H., 1985: Two step freezing of hybridoma cells in 96 well microculture plates

Gerisch G., 1987: Two step glycosylation of the contact site a protein of dictyostelium discoideum and transport of an incompletely glycosylated form to the cell surface

Jencks W.P., 1988: Two step internalization of calcium from a single phosphorylated enzyme calcium species by the calcium atpase

Jarv J., 1988: Two step isomerization of quinuclidinyl benzilate muscarinic receptor complex

Halsall D.J., 1987: Two step ligand binding and cooperativity a model to describe the cooperative binding of myosin subfragment 1 to regulated actin

Schalekamp M.A.D.H., 1987: Two step prorenin renin conversion isolation of an intermediary form of activated prorenin

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851105

Denis M., 1988: Two step purification and amino terminal amino acid sequence analysis of the rat m r 90000 heat shock protein

Imaoka S., 1986: Two step purification of cytochrome p 450 from rat liver microsomes using high performance liquid chromatography

Hayashi S I., 1988: Two step purification of mouse kidney ornithine decarboxylase

Betts L., 1985: Two step purification of tryptophan accepting transfer rna from bacillus stearothermophilus

Sonenshein G.E., 1988: Two step stimulation of b lymphocytes to enter dna synthesis synergy between anti immunoglobulin antibody and cytochalasin on expression of c myc and a g 1 specific gene

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851111

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851112

Moreno Casasola P., 1987: Two step vegetation analysis based on very large data sets

Turnbull G.I., 1987: Two steps equals one stride equals what? the applicability of normal gait nomenclature to abnormal walking patterns

Neumann M., 1986: Two steps within the phylogenetic development of the genus siderolites foraminifera

Prop G., 1986: Two stereoisomeric imidazoline derivatives synthesis and optical and alpha 2 adrenoceptor activities

Mizuno M., 1986: Two steroidal alkaloids from fritillaria harelinii

Raab Traub N., 1987: Two strains of epstein barr virus b95 8 and a p3hr 1 subclone that lack defective genomes induce early antigen and cause abortive infection of raji cells

Van Meer G., 1986: Two strains of the madin darby canine kidney mdck cell line have distinct glycosphingolipid compositions

Rafalski J.A., 1988: Two strands of dna are not equivalent as probes in hybridizations at low stringency

Berdyshev G.D., 1985: Two structural forms of histone octamer

Goldsmith R.E., 1987: Two studies of yea saying

De Blasi A., 1987: Two subpopulation of alpha 1 adrenergic receptors with high and low affinity for agonists short term exposure to agonists reduced the high affinity sites

Nishikawa S I., 1985: Two subpopulations of stem cells for t cell lineage

Pearson P.L., 1986: Two subsets of human alphoid repetitive dna show distinct preferential localization in the pericentric regions of chromosomes 13 18 and 21

Carlsson R., 1988: Two subsets of human cd4 positive t helper cells differing in kinetics and capacities to produce interleukin 2 and interferon gamma can be defined by the leu 18 and uchl1 monoclonal antibodies

Moretta A., 1988: Two subsets of human t lymphocytes expression gamma delta antigen receptor are identifiable by monoclonal antibodies directed to two distinct molecular forms of the receptor

Tandon T.S., 1987: Two substituted bibenzyls and a dihydrophenanthrene from cymbidium aloifolium

Hama K., 1987: Two subtypes of non pyramidal cells in rat hippocampal formation identified by intracellular recording and hrp injection

Scott R.E., 1988: Two subtypes of reversible cell cycle restriction points exist in cultured normal human keratinocyte progenitor cells

Hashimoto M., 1986: Two successful conceptions in a case of retrograde ejaculation

Skyten R., 1987: Two successional stages of the vegetation in a rock pool in the aland islands southwestern finland

Werner D., 1987: Two succinate uptake systems in bradyrhizobium japonicum

Hasegawa T., 1986: Two sulfur containing ansamycin antibiotics from streptomyces albolongus

Et Al, 1987: Two surgically treated cases of lung cancer with small bowel metastases and a review of literature

Moura-Neto, V.; Mallat, M.; Chneiweiss, H.; Premont, J.; Gros, F.; Prochiantz, A., 1986: Two sv 40 transformed cell lines from the mouse striatum and mesencephalon presenting astrocytic characters i. immunological and pharmacological properties

Mallat, M.; Moura-Neto, V.; Gros, F.; Glowinski, J.; Prochiantz, A., 1986: Two sv 40 transformed cell lines from the mouse striatum and mesencephalon presenting astrocytic characters ii. interactions with mesencephalic neurons

Autillo-Touati, A.; Mallat, M.; Araud, D.; Moura-Neto, V.; Vuillet, J.; Glowinski, J.; Seite, R.; Prochiantz, A., 1986: Two sv 40 transformed cell lines from the mouse striatum and mesencephalon presenting astrocytic characters iii. a light and electron microscopic study

Radatus B., 1986: Two syntheses of 3 amino 3 deoxy alpha d altropyranosyl 3 amino 3 deoxy alpha d altropyranoside a new analog of alpha alpha trehalose involving reduction of a diazide and reductive amination of a diketone

Rani, I., 1987: Two syntheses of 7 2' dimethoxyisoflavone

Tsvetkova N.V., 1985: Two synthetic antigens related to streptococcus pneumoniae type 3 capsular polysaccharide

Sale G.J., 1988: Two systems in vitro that show insulin stimulated serine kinase activity towards the insulin receptor

Ramos J., 1986: Two systems mediate rubidium uptake in neurospora crassa one exhibits the dual uptake isotherm

L'abbate M., 1988: Two tandem fusions and supernumerary chromosomes in nectomys squamipes cricetidae rodentia

Opperdoes F.R., 1986: Two tandemly linked identical genes code for the glycosomal glyceraldehyde phosphate dehydrogenase in trypanosoma brucei

Yamane K., 1986: Two tandemly located promoters artificially constructed are active in a bacillus subtilis alpha amylase secretion vector

Stein G.S., 1988: Two target sites for protein binding in the promoter region of a cell cycle regulated human h1 histone gene

Duncan J., 1985: Two techniques for investigating perception without awareness

Schwalbe C.P., 1986: Two techniques for monitoring feeding of large larval lepidoptera with notes on feeding rhythms of late instar gypsy moths lepidoptera lymantriidae

Meakins J.L., 1985: Two techniques of measurement of the delayed hypersensitivity skin test response for the assessment of bacterial host resistance

Mitsuboshi M., 1985: Two temporal phases brightness dependent and brightness independent in the chromatic response elicited by a briefly flashed monochromatic light a preliminary report

Martynov S.P., 1985: Two test analysis of rheological dough properties measured with mixograph in summer soft wheat

Maris P., 1986: Two test methods for the evaluation of virucidal activity of disinfectants

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851154

Panto M.R., 1986: Two thalamic projection patterns to the motor cortex in the rat

Himsted W., 1986: Two thalamo telencephalic pathways in a urodele triturus alpestris

Jell P.A., 1985: Two thalloid probably algal species from the early devonian of central victoria australia

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851158

Howell K.E., 1987: Two threshold values of the low ph block endocytosis at different stages

Stevens J.G., 1988: Two thymidine kinase deficient herpes simplex viruses exhibit unexpected virulence properties

Tokunaga K., 1986: Two to nine year follow up of patients undergoing hancock porcine xenograft valve replacement

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851162

Ruggieri G., 1985: Two tornus spp from the upper miocene of ciminna palermo italy

Gunatilaka A.A.L., 1986: Two total syntheses of showdomycin and related studies

O'briens A.D., 1986: Two toxin converting phages from escherichia coli o 157 h 7 strain 933 encode antigenically distinct toxins with similar biologic activities

Sharp P.A., 1988: Two transcription factors nf kappa b and h2tf1 interact with a single regulatory sequence in the class i major histocompatibility complex promoter

Tjian R., 1987: Two transcriptional activators ccaat box binding transcription factor and heat shock transcription factor interact with a human hsp70 gene promoter

Lezzi M., 1988: Two transcripts of the same ecdysterone controlled gene are differentially associated with ribosomes

Okawa N., 1987: Two transfer rna sequences abut the large ribosomal rna gene in tetrahymena mitochondrial dna leucine transfer rna anticodon uaa and methionine transfer rna anticodon cau

Section 7, Chapter 6852 , Accession 006851171

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851172

Cordell G.A., 1986: Two triterpenes from davidsonia pruriens

Pascard C., 1987: Two triterpenoids from boehmeria excelsa

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851175

Sorenson A.L., 1986: Two types of action potentials in a secretory epithelium of a clam anomalocardia brasiliana mantle

Brondz B.D., 1986: Two types of antigen binding t suppressors formed during immune response using t t hybridomas and their extracts

Volke J., 1987: Two types of antimutagenic effects of gallic and tannic acids towards n nitroso compound induced mutagenicity in the ames salmonella assay

Sahyoun N.E., 1988: Two types of brain calmodulin dependent protein kinase ii morphological biochemical and immunochemical properties

Casida J.E., 1988: Two types of cage convulsant action at the gaba gated chloride channel

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851181

Morad M., 1986: Two types of calcium channels in guinea pig ventricular myocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851183

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851184

Mastronarde D.N., 1985: Two types of cat retinal ganglion cells that are suppressed by contrast

Kasamatsu T., 1985: Two types of catecholamine containing terminals in cat visual cortex an ultrastructural study

Teshima T., 1986: Two types of cation channels in the basolateral cell membrane of human salivary gland acinar cells

Coleman H.A., 1987: Two types of cells with central innervation in pineal gland of guinea pigs

Shou T., 1987: Two types of change in sensitivity during light adaptation in cat retina

Rambourg A., 1987: Two types of chloride cells in the gill epithelium of a freshwater adapted euryhaline fish lebistes reticulatus their modifications during adaptation to saltwater

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851191

Iwanaga S., 1986: Two types of coagulation messenger rna species found in horseshoe crab tachypleus tridentatus hemocytes molecular cloning and nucleotide sequences

Jennings M.L., 1986: Two types of collecting duct mitochondria rich intercalated cells lectin and band 3 cytochemistry

Kopelman M.D., 1987: Two types of confabulation

Ishimura Y., 1987: Two types of conformers with distinct iron carbon oxygen configuration in the ferrous carbon monoxide complex of horseradish peroxidase resonance raman and ir spectroscopic studies with native and deuteroheme substituted enzymes

Coenen A.M.L., 1986: Two types of electrocortical paroxysms in an inbred strain of rats

Sze H., 1986: Two types of electrogenic proton pumping atpase in membrane vesicles from soybean glycine max cultivar williams roots

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851198

Trepakov V.V., 1986: Two types of gamma aminobutyric acid receptors in the intact olfactory bulb and primordial hippocampus of frogs pharmacological data

Borst J., 1987: Two types of gamma t cell receptors expressed by t cell acute lymphoblastic leukemias

Fujiwara M., 1988: Two types of gastric excitatory responses to stimulation of the vagal trunk in cats efferent and afferent responses

Danilova V.F., 1985: Two types of generalization in evolution of the visual brain

Laudien H., 1987: Two types of heat tolerance in fhm cells induction by heat shock versus elevated culturing temperature

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851204

Schwartz L.B., 1986: Two types of human mast cells that have distinct neutral protease compositions

Huang C., 1985: Two types of hydrocarbon chain interdigitation in sphingomyelin bilayers

Sakano H., 1986: Two types of immunoglobulin negative abelson murine leukemia virus transformed cells implications for b lymphocyte differentiation

Sidorenko E.N., 1987: Two types of infective allergic bronchial asthma

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851209

Nose Y., 1987: Two types of japanese jack mackerel trachurus japonicus of summer spawning group in the sagami bay region japan

Miki N., 1987: Two types of lamprey retina photoreceptors immunoreactive to rod or cone specific antibodies

Nikaido H., 1987: Two types of liver specific f antigen are encoded by a locus located on chromosome 5 in mice

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851213

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851214

Tyaglov B.V., 1986: Two types of molecular genome structure composition within the same species of transposable bacteriophages of pseudomonas aeruginosa

Cherwinski, H. M.; Schumacher, J. H.; Brown, K. D.; Mosmann, T. R., 1987: Two types of mouse helper t cell clone iii. further differences in lymphokine synthesis between th1 and th2 clones revealed by rna hybridization functionally monospecific bioassays and monoclonal antibodies

Mosmann, T. R.; Cherwinski, H.; Bond, M. W.; Giedlin, M. A.; Coffman, R. L., 1986: Two types of murine helper t cell clone i. definition according to profiles of lymphokine activities and secreted proteins

Cher, D. J.; Mosmann, T. R., 1987: Two types of murine helper t cell clone ii. delayed type hypersensitivity is mediated by t h1 clones

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851219

Belotserkovskii Z.B., 1986: Two types of myocardial hypertrophy in athletes

D'yakonova T.L., 1985: Two types of neurons differing in plastic properties study of ionic mechanisms

Yoshida S., 1987: Two types of neurons in the substantia nigra pars compacta studied in a slice preparation

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851224

Zuo B H., 1986: Two types of non cholinergic slow postsynaptic potentials in inferior mesenteric ganglion neurons of the rabbit

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851226

Gudkov A.V., 1986: Two types of polymorphism of nontranscribed loci in human ribosomal rna genes

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851229

Hotta K., 1988: Two types of rat gastric mucus glycoprotein subunits

Van Obberghen E., 1985: Two types of receptor for insulin like growth factors in mammalian brain

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851233

Nunez E.A., 1987: Two types of secretory granules in gonadotrophs discrimination by the simultaneous em immunocytochemical localization of serotonin and beta fsh

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851235

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851236

Saxon, M.; Kobrinski, E., 1986: Two types of spontaneous contractions in rat myocardium and their possible relation to different calcium release processes

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851238

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851239

Kurosumi K., 1986: Two types of subapical granules in thyroid follicular cells of thyroxine treated rats

Nja A., 1987: Two types of synaptic selectivity and their interrelation during sprouting in the guinea pig superior cervical ganglion

Fukuda Y., 1988: Two types of thalamic reticular cells in relation to the two visual thalamocortical systems in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851243

Lichti U., 1987: Two types of transglutaminase in the pc12 pheochromocytoma cell line stimulation by sodium butyrate

Nilius B., 1987: Two types of transient outward currents in cardiac ventricular cells of mice

Mollon J.D., 1985: Two types of trichromatic squirrel monkey saimiri sciureus share a pigment in the red green spectral region

Miao R., 1987: Two types of trophoblastic cells in choriocarcinoma a clinicopathologic analysis of 80 cases

Lelieveld P., 1986: Two types of tumor sensitivity test compared for platinum derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851249

Ohno T., 1987: Two typical types in production of high level monoclonal antibodies in mouse ascites

Costa E., 1986: Two uncommon serotypes of salmonella isolated in sardinia italy

Crum H., 1985: Two undescribed species of hygrohypnum from mexico

Chilton M D., 1986: Two unlinked t dna species can transform the same tobacco plant cell and segregate in the f 1 generation

Nair K.K.N., 1985: Two unrecorded species of dalbergia fabaceae in kerala india

Namkung J., 1986: Two unrecorded species of linyphiid spiders from korea

Joo Pil K., 1985: Two unrecorded spiders from korea araneae metathelae

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851257

Takasaki N., 1987: Two unusual cases of deep lymphangioma

Farrall M., 1987: Two unusual cases of first trimester prenatal diagnosis of cystic fibrosis using dna probes

Varshney R.K., 1987: Two unusual cases of homonymy in orthoptera with new names for species from india

Marks J.M., 1988: Two unusual cases of orf following trauma to the scalp

Stanley P., 1987: Two unusual duplication anomalies of the urinary tract use of percutaneous urography

Minghetti A., 1987: Two unusual ergopeptines produced by a saprophytic culture of claviceps purpurea

Zachau H.G., 1988: Two unusual human immunoglobulin v kappa genes

Paranchych W., 1988: Two unusual pilin sequences from different isolates of pseudomonas aeruginosa

Borghesi M.R., 1987: Two unusual tumors of the urinary bladder

Pavie A., 1987: Two useful procedures in aortic valvular replacement the peeling off of the aortic valve and the subannular insertion of a valvular prosthesis

Corbet, S.; Milili, M.; Fougereau, M.; Schiff, C., 1987: Two v kappa germ line genes related to the gat idiotypic network ab 1 and ab 3 ab 1' account for the major subfamilies of the mouse v kappa 1 variability subgroup

Yunis E.J., 1988: Two variants of drw52 dr3 and dqw2 specificities distinguish two different dr3 bearing extended haplotypes

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851270

Hume J.M.B., 1986: Two variations of a salmonid smolt salmo gairdneri trap for small rivers

Reyneke, W. F.; Kok, P. D. F., 1987: Two varieties of cussonia paniculata eckl. and zeyh. araliaceae

Williams J.G., 1987: Two vectors which facilitate gene manipulation and a simplified transformation procedure for dictyostelium discoideum

Wolters H.J., 1986: Two very rare earthstars on a square meter

Boyd P., 1987: Two view specimen radiography in surgical biopsy of nonpalpable breast masses

Miura Y., 1985: Two viruses isolated from cyclamen plants showing rugose symptom

Mintzas A.C., 1987: Two vitellins vitellogenins of the mediterranean fruit fly ceratitis capitata a comparative biochemical and immunological study

Lutfi, R. A., 1986: Two vs. four tone masking revisited

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851281

Streilein J.W., 1987: Two waves of virus following anterior chamber inoculation of hsv 1

Kameyama Y., 1987: Two way active avoidance learning in prenatally gamma ray irradiated rats

Yura J., 1985: Two way observations by both light and scanning electron microscopy to identify thorium deposits in human liver and spleen

Tobach E., 1988: Two way shuttle box avoidance conditioning in three dab rat stocks

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851287

Jequier E., 1988: Two week stimulation or blockade of the sympathetic nervous system in man influence on body weight body composition and twenty four hour energy expenditure

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851289

Mohan D., 1984: Two wheeler injuries in delhi india a study of crash victims hospitalized in a neurosurgery ward

Feduccia A., 1987: Two woodpeckers from the late pliocene of north america

Valverde S., 1988: Two xanthones from ixanthus viscosus

Ruehm, W., 1986: Two xylomycetophagous and coprophagous bark beetle species coleoptera scolytidae which hatch in the xylem of the araucaria araucaria araucana mol. koch

Jensen O.E., 1986: Two year clinical evaluation of delton and prisma shield

Blatt E., 1986: Two year clinical experiences with mevamatic 3 development of a record and verify system for irradiation units

Leinfelder K.F., 1986: Two year clinical study of composite resins in posterior teeth

Fenton M., 1987: Two year electrophysiology follow up in quinine amblyopia a case report

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851298

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851299

Hsieh M T., 1986: Two year experience with san huang hsieh hsin tang in essential hypertension

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851301

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851302

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851303

Ulrich C.E., 1987: Two year inhalation toxicity study of petroleum coke in rats and monkeys

Chien M C., 1986: Two year investigation of the airborne pollen at nankang taipei taiwan

Coyle F.A., 1985: Two year life cycle and low palpal character variance in a great smoky mountain usa population of the lamp shade spider araneae hypochilidae hypochilus

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851307

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851308

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851309

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851310

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851311

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Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851764

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851765

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Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851809

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851810

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Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851836

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Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851847

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851848

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Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851851

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851852

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851853

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851854

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851855

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851856

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851857

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851858

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Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851864

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851865

Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851866

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Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851868

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Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851876

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Section 7, Chapter 6852, Accession 006851883

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Section 7 , Chapter 6852, Accession 006851999

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