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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6853

Chapter 6853 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gvozdev, V. A.; Gerasimova, T. I.; Kogan, G. L.; Rozovskii-Ya, M., 1977: Type of mutations affecting the formation of 6 phospho gluconate dehydrogenase in drosophila melanogaster and their suppression

Bjorntorp P., 1982: Type of obesity and blood pressure

Theorell T., 1985: Type of occupation and near future hospitalization for myocardial infarction and some other diagnoses

Krznaric Z., 1988: Type of personality and coronary artery disease

Veliz Avila F.A., 1984: Type of rot and aggressiveness against wood in 4 isolates of mexican wood rotting fungi

Hashtroudi S., 1983: Type of semantic elaboration and recall

Narahara M.Y., 1984: Type of spawning and fecundity of curimatus gilberti on the ponte nova reservoir alto tiete brazil

Ogimoto K., 1979: Type of the pattern of the rumen ciliate composition of the domestic ruminants and the predator prey interaction of the ciliates

Saint-Girons, M. C., 1977: Type of vegetation and mammalian distribution

Angelov A., 1986: Type of winter pruning and its effect on the cut flower yield and quality of glasshouse roses

Beacham T.D., 1986: Type quantity and size of food of pacific salmon oncorhynchus in the strait of juan de fuca british columbia canada

Wong Staal F., 1988: Type restricted neutralization of molecular clones of human immunodeficiency virus

Frahm, J. P.; Schumacker, R., 1987: Type revision of european mosses 1. leptodontium

Horstmann, K., 1981: Type revision of some species of ichneumonidae described by a. hensch hymenoptera

Horstmann, K., 1978: Type revision of the palearctic species described by g dzepligeti of the subfamily of campopleginae hymenoptera ichneumonidae

Horstmann K., 1979: Type revision of the species of hemiteles described or indicated by gravenhorst hymenoptera ichneumonidae

Chkhikvadze V.M., 1985: Type section of the aral suite in sayaken north aral regions ussr and its fauna

Braun U., 1979: Type selection of the fungi described by schlechtendal

Stys P., 1987: Type species designations and new names in reduviidae heteroptera

Ludvigsen R. , 1986: Type species of the basal ibexian trilobite corbinia

Kantor Yu I., 1982: Type species of the genus volutopsius gastropoda pectinibranchia

Taylor, M. E., 1978: Type species of the late cambrian trilobite eurekia

Horstmann K., 1981: Type species revision of the ichneumonid hymenoptera species and forms described by karl hedwig

Inouye S., 1983: Type specific and cross reactive antigenicity of capsid proteins vp 1 and vp 2 of echovirus type 7

Kuehnemund, O.; Havlicek, J.; Koehler, W., 1978: Type specific and non type specific reactions of purified m protein preparations

Yamada T., 1982: Type specific antibodies in patients with herpes simplex

Arvin A.M., 1988: Type specific antibodies to herpes simplex virus type 2 hsv 2 glycoprotein g in pregnant women infants exposed to maternal hsv 2 infection at delivery and infants with neonatal herpes

Beachey E.H., 1982: Type specific antibodies to structurally defined fragments of streptococcal m proteins in patients with acute rheumatic fever

Gray B.M., 1986: Type specific antibody prevents platelet aggregation induced by group b streptococci type iii

Measel, J. Jr, 1977: Type specific antibody response to the enterobacterial common antigen

Lezhneva, O. M., 1976: Type specific antigen of the gross leukemia virus in tumors and normal tissues and its identification by immuno diffusion

Teramoto, Y. A.; Kufe, D.; Schlom, J., 1977: Type specific antigenic determinants on the major external glyco protein of high and low oncogenic murine mammary tumor viruses

Mandrell R.E., 1980: Type specific antigens of group a neisseria meningitidis lipo poly saccharide and heat modifiable outer membrane proteins

White L.A., 1982: Type specific antigens of neisseria meningitidis serogroup a

Gallo R.C., 1979: Type specific binding antibody to baboon endogenous virus m 7 reverse transcriptase

Gotoff S.P., 1984: Type specific capsular antigen is associated with virulence in late onset group b streptococcal type iii disease

Kang A.H., 1982: Type specific collagen degradation by eosinophils

Kang A.H., 1980: Type specific collagenolysis a type v collagen degrading enzyme from macrophages

Moorhead J.W., 1983: Type specific delayed hyper sensitivity and protective immunity induced by isolated herpes simplex virus glyco protein

Salmi A.A., 1981: Type specific detection of parainfluenza viruses by enzyme immunoassay and radio immunoassay in naso pharyngeal specimens of patients with acute respiratory disease

Schochetman G., 1981: Type specific determinants on proteins of an endogenous c 3h mouse mammary tumor virus distinguish this virus from highly oncogenic exogenous mouse mammary tumor viruses

Iwata T., 1988: Type specific efficacy of acellular pertussis vaccine

Rune S.J., 1980: Type specific herpes simplex virus antibodies in patients with recurrent duodenal ulcer

Wannamaker L.W., 1982: Type specific immunity and pharyngeal acquisition of group a streptococcus

Sonck C E., 1982: Type specific immuno globulin g and immuno globulin a antibodies in old lympho granuloma venerum determined by solid phase radio immunoassay

Section 7, Chapter 6853, Accession 006852045

Shigeta, S.; Yasunaga, Y.; Ogata, M., 1978: Type specific indirect hem agglutinating antibody in patients with pseudomonas aeruginosa infection

Hall, R. A.; Burgess, G. W.; Kay, B. H., 1988: Type specific monoclonal antibodies produced to proteins of murray valley encephalitis virus

Haynes B.F., 1988: Type specific neutralization of the human immunodeficiency virus with antibodies to env encoded synthetic peptides

Beachey E.H., 1986: Type specific opsonic antibodies evoked with a synthetic peptide of streptococcal m protein conjugated to polylysine without adjuvant

Valenti, W. M.; Jenzer, M.; Bentley, D. W., 1978: Type specific pneumococcal respiratory disease in the elderly and chronically ill

Swenson R.M., 1982: Type specific protection of neo natal rats from lethal group b streptococcal infection by immune sera obtained from human volunteers vaccinated with type iii specific poly saccharide

Section 7, Chapter 6853, Accession 006852052

Ruscetti, S.; Linemeyer, D.; Feild, J.; Troxler, D.; Scolnick, E., 1978: Type specific radio immunoassays for the glyco protein 70s of mink cell focus inducing murine leukemia viruses expression of a cross reacting antigen in cells infected with the friend strain of the spleen focus forming virus

Fields B.N., 1981: Type specific reovirus anti serum blocks the cyto toxic t cell target cell interaction evidence for the association of the viral hem agglutinin of a nonenveloped virus with the cell surface

Christensen P., 1982: Type specific serum antibodies against group b streptococci among pregnant women relation to uro genital carriage and age

Dillon H.C.Jr, 1987: Type specific streptococcal antibodies in amniotic fluid

Pennington, J. E.; Menkes, E., 1981: Type specific vs. cross protective vaccination for gram negative bacterial pneumonia

Gerna, G.; Ditmore, J.; Chambers, R. W., 1977: Type specificity and use of human sera for rapid typing of herpes simplex virus isolates by an indirect peroxidase labeled antibody technique a comparison with 3 other methods

Corey L., 1986: Type specificity of complement fixing antibody against herpes simplex virus type 2 ag 4 early antigen in patients with asymptomatic infection

Bolotskikh L.A., 1983: Type specificity of immunity to antigens of chemical cholera vaccine in mice of different genotypes

Sekine N., 1983: Type specificity of slow reacting complement requiring neutralizing antibody to herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2 in rabbits

Miyazaki I., 1981: Type specimen of distoma ringeri

Kohn, A. J., 1981: Type specimens and identity of the described species of conus 6. the species described 1801 1810

Kohn, A. J., 1986: Type specimens and identity of the described species of conus vii. the species described 1810 1820

Kohn, A. J., 1988: Type specimens and identity of the described species of conus viii. the species described 1821 1830

Saiz Salinas J.I., 1984: Type specimens and ignored descriptions of sipunculans sipuncula of the de rochebrunes collection 1881

Britton, E. B.; Stanbury, P. J., 1980: Type specimens in the macleay museum university of sydney australia 8. insects beetles insecta coleoptera

Whitley, G. P.; Stanbury, P. J., 1976: Type specimens in the macleay museum university of sydney australia part 7 the holotype of gryllus spinulosus insecta orthoptera tettigonioidea

Zilch, A., 1978: Type specimens in the senckenberg nature museum 61. mollusca neritacea helicinidae

Habe, T., 1977: Type specimens of 4 japanese shells described by j c jay

Zucchi R.A., 1979: Type specimens of anastrepha parallela anastrepha striata and anastrepha zernyi diptera tephritidae

Greenway, J. C. Jr, 1978: Type specimens of birds in the american museum of natural history part 2 otididae jacanidae rostratulidae haematopodidae charadriidae scolopacidae recurvirostridae burhinidae glareolidae thinocoridae stercorariidae laridae alcidae pteroclididae columbidae psittacidae musophagidae cuculidae tytonidae strigidae podargidae nyctibiidae aegothelidae caprimulgidae apodidae hemiprocnidae trochilidae coliidae trogonidae alcedinidae momotidae meropidae leptosomatidae coraciidae upupidae phoeniculida

Plenge M.A., 1979: Type specimens of birds in the museo de historia natural javier prado lima peru

Leuenberger B.E., 1979: Type specimens of cactaceae in the collection of the berlin germany herbarium

Lack, H. W., 1978: Type specimens of cucurbitaceae in the berlin west germany general herbarium

Daniels G., 1985: Type specimens of diptera insecta in the queensland museum australia

Kabata Z., 1986: Type specimens of ergasilus funduli kroyer 1863 crustacea copepoda re examined

Peixoto, A. L.; Aguiar, L. F. D., 1977: Type specimens of eugenia of the herbarium of the botanical gardens of rio de janeiro brazil

Fernholm, B., 1978: Type specimens of fish used by linnaeus in the national museum

Stuckey R.L., 1979: Type specimens of flowering plants from eastern north america in the herbarium of lewis david von schweinitz

Harrison, E., 1987: Type specimens of freshwater ostracoda described by norma c. furtos in the collections of the national museum of natural history smithsonian institution washington dc usa

Silva, P. C., 1978: Type specimens of gelidiaceae rhodophyceae described by nina h loomis

Carver M., 1985: Type specimens of hemiptera homoptera insecta transferred from the macleay museum university of sydney to the australian national insect collection canberra australia

Millard N.A.H., 1979: Type specimens of hydroida coelenterata in the south african museum

Fogel, R.; Fogel, M., 1976: Type specimens of hypogeous fungi in the herbarium of the new york botanical garden

Rasnitsyn, A. P., 1986: Type specimens of ichneumoninae hymenoptera ichneumonidae preserved in the zoological institute of the academy of sciences of the ussr ii. species from china described by n. r. kokujev from china

Mienis, H. K., 1976: Type specimens of mollusca in the collection of the hebrew university of jerusalem israel part 2 type specimens of recent marginellidae

Paz E.A., 1986: Type specimens of monocotyledons deposited in the herbarium of the national museum of natural history montevideo uruguay mvm

Hooper, E. T., 1977: Type specimens of recent mammals in the museum of zoology the university of michigan usa

Rickart E.A., 1987: Type specimens of recent mammals in the utah museum of natural history university of utah salt lake city utah usa

Stuckey, R. L., 1978: Type specimens of rhynchospora cyperaceae in an unstudied collection of william baldwin

Karavaev, M. N.; Alekseev-Yu, E.; Gubanov, I. A., 1978: Type specimens of sedges in the moscow ussr university herbarium

Gallon J.A., 1986: Type specimens of spiders araneae in the queensland museum australia

Casas Andreu G., 1979: Type specimens of the herpetological collection from the instituto de biologia mexico

Kuznetsov, V. I., 1985: Type specimens of the species of the supertribe eucosmidii lepidoptera totricidae from the collection of f. treitschke in the hungarian museum of natural history budapest

Byers, G. W., 1976: Type specimens of tipulidae described by r w doane in the collection of the california academy of sciences usa

Byers, G. W., 1976: Type specimens of trichocera bimacula and trichocera gracilis trichoceridae and of ptychoptera metallica ptychopteridae diptera described by francis walker

Noffsinger E.M., 1982: Type specimens on deposit at university of california davis usa nematode collection

Clemencon, H., 1982: Type studies and typifications in lyophyllum agaricales 1. staining species

Harmaja H., 1979: Type studies in clitocybe 3

Harmaja, H., 1976: Type studies in clitocybe part 2

Agerer, R., 1979: Type studies in cyphellaceous fungi 1. the identity of lachnella alboflavida

Agerer, R.; Schmid-Heckel, H., 1986: Type studies in cyphellaceous fungi v. flagelloscypha merxmuelleri new species

Thiers, B. M., 1984: Type studies in lejeuneaceae 3. lopholejeunea erugata new name for ptychocoleus inermis

Petersen, R. H., 1980: Type studies in the clavariaceae 6.4 pivotal types from the pacific tropics

Petersen, R. H., 1980: Type studies in the clavarioid fungi 5. the taxa described by van overeem

Petersen R.H., 1984: Type studies in the clavarioid fungi 8

Petersen, R. H., 1985: Type studies in the clavarioid fungi ix. miscellaneous taxa with a section on tremellodendropsis

Smith A.H., 1980: Type studies in the genus coprinus agaricales disposition of coprinus elongatipes

Pfister, D. H., 1978: Type studies in the genus peziza part 2 operculate discomycetes described by j b ellis and others

Pfister, D. H., 1978: Type studies in the genus peziza part 3 operculate discomycetes collected by w r gerard

Pfister, D. H., 1978: Type studies in the genus peziza part 4 species described by f e clements

Pfister D.H., 1979: Type studies in the genus peziza part 5 species described by rehm

Pfister D.H., 1979: Type studies in the genus peziza part 6 species described by c h peck

Pfister D.H., 1979: Type studies in the genus peziza part 7 miscellaneous species described by m j berkeley and m a curtis

Pfister, D. H., 1977: Type studies in the genus peziza species described by berkeley and curtis from the usa north pacific exploring expedition 1853 1856

Thiers, B. M., 1982: Type studies in the lejeuneaceae 1. archilejeunea pabstii hygrolejeunea pacifica and hygrolejeunea spongia

Thiers, B. M., 1983: Type studies in the lejeuneaceae 2. pteryganthus new subgenus of lopholejeunea

Ryvarden, L., 1981: Type studies in the polyporaceae 12. species described by f. w. junghuhn

Ryvarden, L., 1981: Type studies in the polyporaceae 13. species described by j. h. leveille

Ryvarden, L., 1983: Type studies in the polyporaceae 14. species described by n. patouillard either alone or with other mycologists

Ryvarden, L.; Gilbertson, R. L., 1984: Type studies in the polyporaceae 15. species described by l. o. overholts either alone or with j. l. lowe

Ryvarden, L., 1984: Type studies in the polyporaceae 16. species described by j. m. berkeley either alone or with other mycologists from 1856 to 1886

Ryvarden L., 1985: Type studies in the polyporaceae 17

Ryvarden, L., 1977: Type studies in the polyporaceae part 10 species described by j m berkeley either alone or with other authors from 1844 to 1855

Ryvarden, L., 1976: Type studies in the polyporaceae part 7 species described by j m berkeley from 1836 to 1843

Ryvarden, L., 1976: Type studies in the polyporaceae part 8 species described by e rostrup

Ryvarden, L., 1977: Type studies in the polyporaceae part 9 species described by e m wakefield

Wolfe, C. B. Jr, 1981: Type studies in tylopilus 1. taxa described by charles h. peck

Wolfe, C. B. Jr, 1983: Type studies in tylopilus 2. species described by william m. murrill

Wolfe, C. B. Jr, 1986: Type studies in tylopilus iii. taxa described by walter h. snell esther a. dick and co workers

Rajchenberg, M.; Wright, J. E., 1987: Type studies of corticiaceae and polyporaceae aphyllophorales described by c. spegazzini

Rajchenberg, M., 1987: Type studies of polyporaceae aphyllophorales described by j. rick

Stalpers, J. A., 1985: Type studies of the species of corticium described by g. h. cunningham

Petersen, R. H., 1978: Type studies on clavarioid fungi part 5 a few australasian taxa

Harmaja H., 1979: Type studies on clitocybe 4

Agerer R., 1983: Type studies on cyphellaceous fungi 4 lachnella sensu lato

Agerer, R., 1979: Type studies on cyphelloid fungi 3. flagelloscypha orthospora flagelloscypha pseudopanax flagelloscypha tongariro

Noordeloos, M. E., 1980: Type studies on entolomatoid species in the velenovsky herbarium prague czechoslovakia 2. species described in the genera entoloma eccilia and clitocybe

Doerfelt, H.; Zschieschang, G., 1983: Type studies on several agarics described by f. w. junghuhn

Doerfelt, H.; Zschieschang, G., 1986: Type studies on several agarics described by f.w. junghuhn ii

Ahmed M., 1981: Type study of foot and mouth disease virus in pakistan

Anderson J.M., 1983: Type v collagen during granulation tissue development

Triche T.J., 1984: Type v collagen in human amnion is a 12 nanometer fibrillar component of the pericellular interstitium

Hashimoto P.H., 1987: Type v collagen in splenic reticular fibers of the macaque monkey

Section 7, Chapter 6853, Accession 006852146

Ooyama T., 1988: Type v collagen selectively inhibits human endothelial cell proliferation

Weiss J.B., 1981: Type v collagen the presence of appreciable amounts of alpha 3 v chain in uterus

Furthmayr H., 1982: Type v collagens of the human placenta trimer alpha chain composition ultrastructural morphology and peptide analysis

Hosking G., 1985: Type v glycogen storage disease

Lunetta M., 1981: Type v hyper lipo proteinemia and eruptive xanthomas

Bresson J.L., 1987: Type v hyperlipoproteinemia in neonates

Austrian R., 1983: Type variation of strains of streptococcus pneumoniae in capsular serogroup 15

Grant M.E., 1986: Type vi collagen and glycoprotein mfpi are distinct components of the extracellular matrix

Gross J., 1986: Type vi collagen in extracellular 100 nanometer periodic filaments and fibrils identification by immunoelectron microscopy

Winterhalter K.H., 1986: Type vi collagen is composed of a 200 kilodalton subunit and two 140 kilodaton subunits

Slayter H.S., 1987: Type vi collagen of the intervertebral disc biochemical and electron microscopic characterization of the native protein

Winterhalter K.H., 1987: Type vi collagen represents a major fraction of connective tissue collagens

Engvall E., 1984: Type vi collagen studies on its localization structure and biosynthetic form with mono clonal antibodies

Burgeson R.E., 1987: Type vii collagen forms an extended network of anchoring fibrils

Burgeson R.E., 1986: Type vii collagen is a major structural component of anchoring fibrils

Burgeson R.E., 1988: Type vii collagen is a normal component of epidermal basement membrane which shows altered expression in recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa

Kapoor, R.; Bornstein, P.; Sage, E. H., 1986: Type viii collagen from bovine descemet's membrane structural characterization of a triple helical domain

Sage E.H., 1988: Type viii collagen has a restricted distribution in specialized extracellular matrices

Vogel A.M., 1984: Type viii collagen synthesis by normal and malignant cells in culture

Grant M.E., 1985: Type x collagen a product of hypertrophic chondrocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6853, Accession 006852167

Section 7, Chapter 6853, Accession 006852168

Flint M.H., 1985: Type x collagen synthesis by chick sternal cartilage and its relationship to endochondral development

Cancedda R., 1987: Type x collagen synthesis by cultured chondrocytes derived from the permanent cartilaginous region of chick embryo sternum

Balian G., 1987: Type x collagen synthesis during endochondral ossification in fracture repair

Section 7, Chapter 6853, Accession 006852172

Bachinger H.P., 1987: Type xi collagen is a heterotrimer with the composition 1 alpha 2 alpha 3 alpha retaining non triple helical domains

Olsen B.R., 1987: Type xii collagen distinct extracellular matrix component discovered by complementary dna cloning

Van Der Rest M., 1987: Type xii collagen is expressed in embryonic chick tendons isolation of pepsin derived fragments

Section 7, Chapter 6853, Accession 006852176

Cho D T., 1980: Types and anti microbial drug resistance of salmonella spp isolated in the taegu area korea 1973 1980

Seol S Y., 1980: Types and anti microbial drug resistance of shigella spp isolated in taegu area korea in 1980

Nassel, D. R., 1977: Types and arrangements of neurons in the crayfish optic lamina

Mavrinskaya, L. F.; Rezvyakov, N. P., 1978: Types and biological characteristics of extrafusal muscular fibers

Saffer J.W., 1982: Types and characteristics of addicts in the community

Karabashev G.S., 1979: Types and characteristics of chlorophyll fluorescence vertical distributions in the active layer of the ocean

Section 7, Chapter 6853, Accession 006852183

Giesemann G., 1985: Types and diagnosis of bronchial asthma

Keller A., 1988: Types and distribution of glutamic acid decarboxylase gad immunoreactive neurons in mouse motor cortex

Singal, P. K., 1975: Types and distribution of lamellar bodies in 1st cleavage xenopus laevis embryos

Ramaley, R. F.; Bitzinger, K., 1975: Types and distribution of obligate thermophilic bacteria in man made and natural thermal gradients

Section 7, Chapter 6853, Accession 006852188

Al Dulaimi A.A., 1986: Types and extent of microbial contamination of fresh iraqi dates during maturation

Yamada, K.; Hasegawa, T., 1978: Types and frequencies of q variant chromosomes in a japanese population

Tupitsyna L.P., 1981: Types and frequencies of q variants of chromosomes in the samarkand oblast population ussr

Augsburger J.J., 1986: Types and frequency of lesions of the caruncle

Vinogradov, V. A.; Ternovskii, M. F.; Ivanenko, B. G.; Sarychev-Yu, F., 1976: Types and genetic sources of the resistance to blue mold of tobacco

Fukuda, H.; Ohyama, F.; Iwata, K. S., 1977: Types and localizations of the medullary respiratory neurons in the crucian carp carassius carassius

Urlichs M., 1985: Types and originals in the staatlichen museum fuer naturkunde stuttgart west germany paleobotany

Ramos Cormenzana A., 1982: Types and properties of some bacteria isolated from hyper saline soils

Gajewski, A. K.; Majewska, K.; Slowikowska, M. G.; Chomiczewski, K.; Kulig, A., 1977: Types and rate of cataract development in mice irradiated at different ages

Lowry P.P., 1986: Types and selected historic specimens of aster sensu lato asteraceae in the herbarium of the laboratory of phanerogamy museum of natural sciences paris p france

Ling Fang W., 1983: Types and subtypes of hapto globin in the chinese population

Lang H Q., 1981: Types and succession of forest bogs in hingganling and changbaishan china

Zakatova N.V., 1981: Types and transformations of radicals in gamma irradiated histone solutions

Cockrum, E. L.; Setzer, H. W., 1976: Types and type localities of north african rodents

Zilch, A., 1979: Types and typoids in the senkenberg natural history museum west germany 62. mollusca zonitacea vitrinidae

Zepernick, B., 1978: Types and typoids of the flacourtiaceae at the general herbarium of the botanical museum berlin dahlem west germany

Henson, I. E., 1978: Types formation and metabolism of cyto kinins in leaves of alnus glutinosa

Eyre, D. R.; Muir, H., 1976: Types i and ii collagens in inter vertebral disc interchanging radial distributions in annulus fibrosus

Van Lier J.E., 1988: Types i and ii sensitized photooxidation of amino acid by phthalocyanines a flash photochemical study

Section 7, Chapter 6853, Accession 006852208

Section 7, Chapter 6853, Accession 006852209

Guillouzo A., 1988: Types i and iv procollagen gene expression in cultured rat hepatocytes

Nagai Y., 1981: Types i iii and iv basement membrane collagens in the bovine liver parenchyma electron microscopic localization by the peroxidase labeled antibody method

Zaragoza C.S., 1979: Types in the entomological collection at the institute of biology of the national autonomous university of mexico

Brinkhurst R.O., 1979: Types in the genus peloscolex oligochaeta tubificidae

De-Carvalho, L. D. F., 1976: Types in the herbarium of the botanical gardens of rio de janeiro melastomataceae part 1 rhamnaceae and vitaceae

Pinter L., 1982: Types in the mollusk collection of the hungarian museum of natural sciences in budapest

Moritz, M.; Fischer, S. C., 1978: Types in the myriapoda collection of the berlin east germany zoological museum part 1 diplopoda 6 supplement to part 1 to part 4

Moritz, M.; Fischer, S. C., 1978: Types in the myriapoda collection of the berlin zoological museum east germany part 1 diplopoda part 4 polydesmida paradoxosomatidea sphaeriodesmidea polydesmidea

Tommasini, S.; Marini, M., 1984: Types list of the zoological museum of the university of bologna italy 1. hymenoptera

Wiggs B., 1987: Types numbers sizes and distribution of mineral particles in the lungs of urban male cigarette smokers

Banzatto D.A., 1982: Types of 1 5 53 designs and response surfaces

Maracek I., 1980: Types of 3rd cerebral ventricle ependyma in sheep and their localization by segment analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6853, Accession 006852222

Section 7, Chapter 6853, Accession 006852223

Section 7, Chapter 6853, Accession 006852224

Ponte, J.; Purves, M. J., 1973: Types of afferent nervous activity which may be measured in the vagus nerve of the sheep fetus

Schmidt R.F., 1983: Types of afferents from the knee joint evoking sympathetic reflexes in cat inferior cardiac nerves

Falkowski J., 1987: Types of agriculture landscape in the lower vistula region poland

Section 7, Chapter 6853, Accession 006852228

Ipatov V.S., 1985: Types of alder forests in the northwestern european russian sfsr ussr

Sinev A.F., 1985: Types of anatomical correspondence between the conduction system and the heart

Butnik A.A., 1981: Types of anatomical structure of dicotyledonous leaves method of anatomical description

Frid, I. A., 1977: Types of anesthesia and long term results of treatment of patients with breast cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6853, Accession 006852233

Edwards J.E., 1985: Types of aortic stenosis in surgically removed valves

Camousseight, M. A.; Moroni, B. J., 1976: Types of aquatic coleoptera deposited in the collection of the national museum of natural history of chile

De Toulgoet H., 1981: Types of arctiidae described by doctor pierre rambur

Lance G.N., 1979: Types of attempted suicide parasuicide

Marois P., 1982: Types of avian infectious bronchitis strains isolated in quebec canada

Koutsandrea C.N., 1987: Types of avulsed retinal vessels associated with rhegmatogenous retinal detachment treatment and results

Taniguchi, K.; Tanaka, R.; Yonezawa, Y.; Komatsu, H., 1975: Types of banding patterns of plant chromosomes by modified barium hydroxide saline giemsa method

Matthew, M.; Hedges, R. W.; Smith, J. T., 1979: Types of beta lactamase ec determined by plasmids in gram negative bacteria

Zakhvatkin Yu A., 1986: Types of biological systems and possible aspects of their consideration

Il'yushenko A.F., 1982: Types of birch forests in the central part of the southern taiga in the russian plain russian sfsr ussr

Shestakov V.M., 1981: Types of blood transferrin in black speckled bulls and their connection with parameters of semen production and fertilization capability

Section 7, Chapter 6853, Accession 006852245

Carlquist S., 1981: Types of cambial activity and wood anatomy of stylidium stylidiaceae

Zaretskaya A.I., 1979: Types of cell differentiation of adeno carcinomas in the large intestine and rectum

Hrabowska M., 1979: Types of cell mediated immune response in invasive zone of carcinoma of the uterine cervix

Zu Zhao J., 1984: Types of citrus ichangensis in southwest china

Fruin, J. T., 1978: Types of clostridium perfringens isolated from selected foods

Moe D., 1980: Types of collagen in an extract of odonto blasts and dentin from developing bovine teeth

Ruenwongsa P., 1986: Types of collagen in opisthorchis viverrini infected hamster liver

Stern R., 1983: Types of collagen synthesized by normal rat liver hepatocytes in primary culture

Section 7, Chapter 6853, Accession 006852255

Bitter I., 1985: Types of complaints in psychiatric and internal medical patients

Section 7, Chapter 6853, Accession 006852257

Khlebnikov D.S., 1985: Types of control and principles of its structure in computer processing of the header record material on pharmacies

Zosimovskii V.A., 1987: Types of correlations of impulse neuronal activity in the visual and sensorimotor neocortical areas of rabbits

Kozlov V.A., 1983: Types of cyclic amp dependent protein kinases in spleen cells of immunized mice

Tigges J., 1979: Types of degenerating geniculo cortical axon terminals and their contribution to layer iv of area 17 in the squirrel monkey saimiri

Section 7, Chapter 6853, Accession 006852262

Soin S.G., 1980: Types of development of salmon like fish and their taxonomic significance

Butnik A.A., 1979: Types of development of seedlings of chenopodiaceae

Stange L.A., 1979: Types of distribution of the subfamily discoeliinae with descriptions of 2 genera new for argentina hymenoptera eumenidae

Van Hooff J.A.R.A.M., 1980: Types of dominance in a chimpanzee colony

Stancheva J., 1985: Types of dormancy of the codling moth laspeyresia pomonella

Dankov, T., 1977: Types of double hybrids of corn on cytoplasmic male sterility basis including 2 sterile lines

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