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Typification of juniperus barbadensis l. and juniperus bermudiana l. and rediscovery of juniperus barbadensis from st. lucia british west indies cupressaceae

Adams, R.P.; Jarvis, C.E.; Slane, V.; Zanoni, T.A.

Taxon 36(2): 441-445


ISSN/ISBN: 0040-0262
Accession: 006852576

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The typification of Juniperus barbadensis and J. bermudiana is discussed in relation to specimens in the Linnaean collections and specimens recently collected from the type localities. The specimen in LINN numbered 1198.1 is designated as the lectotype of J. barbadensis L. The specimen 1198.2 at LINN annotated J. bermudiana was apparently added to the Linnaean collection after 1753. The Hermann illustration cited by Linnaeus was not based on J. bermudiana and would fail to establish effectively the application of the name. Therefore, a specimen taken from a plant that was contemporary with Linnaeus, David van Royen 901. 130-394(L), is designated as the neotype for J. bermudiana. The rediscovery of J. barbadensis is reported from St. Lucia, BWI. This species should be considered threatened on St. Lucia due to its small population of approximately 25 trees that occupy an area of about 10 m by 60/m.

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