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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6855

Chapter 6855 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Haggendal J., 1980: Ultradian rhythm in rat hypothalamic dopamine levels

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854001

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854002

Lavie P., 1979: Ultradian rhythms in alertness a pupillometric study

Stokes P.E., 1983: Ultradian rhythms in cognitive functions and their relationship to visceral processes

Lewis, B. D.; Kripke, D. F.; Bowden, D. M., 1977: Ultradian rhythms in hand mouth behavior of the rhesus monkey

Hoffman H.J., 1986: Ultradian rhythms in human fetal heart rate a computerized time series analysis

Torigoe T., 1984: Ultradian rhythms in infants heart rate and behavior

Eidus L.Kh, 1979: Ultradian rhythms in mammalian erythrocytes

Lavie P., 1982: Ultradian rhythms in renal excretion in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854010

Baumeister A.A., 1981: Ultradian rhythms in stereotyped and self injurious behavior

Buettner, D.; Wollnik, F., 1982: Ultradian rhythms in the guinea pig cavia aperea f porcellus 1. loco motor activity under light dark continuous dark and continuous light

Delgado-Garcia, J. M.; Grau, C.; Defeudis, P.; Del-Pozo, F.; Jimenez, J. M.; Delgado, J. M. R., 1976: Ultradian rhythms in the mobility and behavior of rhesus monkeys

Lavie, P., 1976: Ultradian rhythms in the perception of 2 apparent motions

Bowden, D. M.; Kripke, D. F.; Wyborney, V. G., 1978: Ultradian rhythms in waking behavior of rhesus monkeys

Natelson B.H., 1984: Ultradian rhythms of gastric acidity

Maxim, P. E.; Bowden, D. M.; Sackett, G. P., 1976: Ultradian rhythms of solitary and social behavior in rhesus monkeys

Kripke, D. F.; Halberg, F.; Crowley, T. J.; Pegram, V., 1976: Ultradian spectra in monkeys

Natelson B.H., 1979: Ultradian variations of plasma noradrenaline in humans

Brundage B.H., 1987: Ultrafast computed tomography a new method for the evaluation of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Dvorak A.M., 1986: Ultrafast microwave energy fixation for electron microscopy

Wilbur J.R., 1985: Ultrafiltrate and total platinum in plasma and cerebrospinal fluid in a patient with neuroblastoma

Coli L., 1984: Ultrafiltration and congestive heart failure in uremic patients a clinical case study

Rossi M., 1987: Ultrafiltration and deep bed filtration of a red wine comparative experiments

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854025

Der Pan W., 1986: Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis of the waste water from sweet potato starch process

Machado A., 1986: Ultrafiltration as concentration step in hyaluronate lyase production

Valllance Owen J., 1987: Ultrafiltration by hemofilter a new therapeutic measure in intractable ascites

Lundberg A., 1986: Ultrafiltration cell for sorption and biodegradation experiments

Richardson W.P., 1985: Ultrafiltration coefficient of isolated glomeruli of rats aged 4 days to maturation

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854031

Motoki R., 1987: Ultrafiltration during cardiopulmonary bypass without donor blood

Al Kudsi R.R., 1985: Ultrafiltration hemodynamics in conscious uremic dogs effect of a decreasing plasma urea level

Hutton I., 1987: Ultrafiltration in diuretic resistant cardiac failure

Hutton I., 1986: Ultrafiltration in the management of refractory congestive heart failure

Antila V., 1985: Ultrafiltration in the manufacture of edam cheese

Brusca A., 1988: Ultrafiltration in the treatment of refractory congestive heart failure

Rucka M., 1987: Ultrafiltration membrane with rnase activity

Orskov H., 1986: Ultrafiltration method for direct radioimmunoassay measurement of free thyroxine and free triiodothyronine in serum

Berot, S.; Gueguen, J.; Berthaud, C., 1987: Ultrafiltration of faba bean vicia faba l. protein extracts process parameters and functional properties of the isolates

Barbosa R.N., 1986: Ultrafiltration of fish processing wastes using polyamide membranes

Hanemaaijer J.H., 1987: Ultrafiltration of protein solutions the role of protein association in rejection and osmotic pressure

Mccarthy J.L., 1987: Ultrafiltration of pulp mill liquors

Poulsen K., 1988: Ultrafiltration of renin in the mouse kidney studied by inhibition of tubular protein reabsorption with lysine

Ahlert R.C., 1985: Ultrafiltration processes for the characterization and separation of landfill leachates

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854046

Ang, H. G.; Kwik, W. L.; Lee, C. K.; Theng, C. Y., 1986: Ultrafiltration studies of foods part 1. the removal of undesirable components in soymilk and the effects on the quality of the spray dried powder

Shaldon S., 1987: Ultrafiltration to reject human interleukin 1 inducing substances derived from bacterial cultures

Watson B.T., 1988: Ultrafiltration uf of white riesling juice effect of oxidation and pre uf juice treatment on flux composition and stability

Gokal R., 1987: Ultrafiltration with an isoosmotic solution during long peritoneal dialysis exchanges

Kolesnik L.V., 1985: Ultrafine structure of host plant cells in the process of reproduction of cucumber mosaic virus isolated from sugar beet

Chaika S.Yu, 1985: Ultrafine structure of malpighian tubes of dipteran hematophages

Fast G.A., 1984: Ultrahigh frequency auditory thresholds in young adults reliable responses up to 24 kilohertz with a quasi free field technique

Allerhand, A.; Dohrenwend, M., 1985: Ultrahigh resolution nmr 2. measurements of secondary isotope effects on chemical shifts long range carbon carbon scalar coupling constants carbon 13 spin spin relaxation times directly from line widths

Baumgartner W., 1987: Ultrahistochemical demonstration of enzyme activities to explain metabolic changes under pse conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854056

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854057

Zimmermann N., 1988: Ultrahistochemical visualization of the blood group substance b on human erythrocytes with a lectin from salmo gairdneri rich

Guzgan Yu S., 1986: Ultrahistochemistry of cardiomyocytes in acquired mitral valve disease

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854060

Honrubia V., 1988: Ultralow vestibuloocular reflex time constants

Whitney R.W., 1984: Ultralow volume mists of chlorpyrifos from a tractor mounted blower for area control of the lone star tick amblyomma americanum acari ixodidae

Kim, K. H.; Roush, F. W., 1978: Ultrametrics and matrix theory

Brown W.E., 1987: Ultramicro analysis of the fluid in human enamel during in vitro caries attack by hydrochloric acid

Shibata K., 1987: Ultramicro determination of n 1 methylnicotinamide in urine by high performance liquid chromatography

Cumme G., 1987: Ultramicro elisa for calmodulin and anticalmodulin

Akao S., 1985: Ultramicroautoradiographic studies on trichomonas vaginalis

Attiyat A.S., 1987: Ultramicrocoulometric determination of ammonia in serum plasma and blood

Vigneron C., 1986: Ultramicromethod for measuring the activity of terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase

Dyubenko K.A., 1985: Ultramicroscopic characterization of the pancreas in the 1st hours of the development of acute pancreatitis

Vogt A., 1985: Ultramicroscopic localization of cationized antigen in the glomerular basement membrane in the course of active in situ immune complex glomerulonephritis

Welt, K.; Fitzl, G.; Punkt, K.; Punkt, J.; Hutschenreiter, W., 1988: Ultramicroscopic morphometric biochemical and histophotometric investigations of myocardial biopsies taken from fallot patients before and after cardioplegia with cold kirsch's solution

Kacharava N.N., 1986: Ultramicroscopic peculiarities of the bone marrow cells under effect of staphylococcal toxin in the presence of hypoxia

Shpaar D., 1986: Ultramicrovariation of immunoenzymatic analysis in the diagnosis of plant viruses

Levin E.I., 1986: Ultraphonophoresis in the treatment of chronic urethritis in women

Fazakerley G.V., 1986: Ultrapolymorphic dna b a z and z conformations of double stranded polydeoxyadenylate deoxycytidylate polydeoxyguanylate thymidylate

Ungeheuer E., 1987: Ultraradical surgery of the shoulder and thoracic wall indication and prognosis

Kirby C., 1987: Ultrarapid freezing a new low cost and effective method of embryo cryopreservation

Kirby C., 1988: Ultrarapid freezing of early cleavage stage human embryos and eight cell mouse embryos

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854080

Leoveanu A., 1985: Ultrarapid induction

Et Al, 1984: Ultrarapid induction of anesthesia

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854083

Liang P., 1986: Ultrasection of virus infected pleurotus ostreatus

Jimenez J., 1987: Ultrasensitive analysis of microbial fatty acids using gas chromatography with electron capture detection

Zadeii J., 1987: Ultrasensitive and selective measurements of tin by adsorptive stripping voltammetry of the tin tropolone complex

Garre M.A., 1987: Ultrasensitive assay of tsh in patients with acute non thyroidal illness

Chambron J., 1986: Ultrasensitive basal tsh levels are able to predict tsh response to trh test

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854089

Fry R.C., 1988: Ultrasensitive simultaneous determination of arsenic selenium tin and antimony in aqueous solution by hydride generation gas chromatography with photoionization detection

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854091

Delisle M J., 1986: Ultrasensitive tsh a new approach to hyperthyroidism diagnosis

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854093

Koshland D.E.Jr, 1984: Ultrasensitivity in biochemical systems controlled by covalent modification interplay between zero order and multistep effects

Martini L., 1987: Ultrashort feedback control of lhrh secretion in vitro

Lavie, P., 1986: Ultrashort sleep waking schedule iii. gates and forbidden zones for sleep

Brinkley, J. F.; Moritz, W. E.; Baker, D. W., 1978: Ultrasonic 3 dimensional imaging and volume from a series of arbitrary sector scans

Tikjob G., 1985: Ultrasonic a and b scanning in clinical and experimental dermatology

Johnston, R. L.; Dunn, F., 1976: Ultrasonic absorbed dose dose rate and produced lesion volume

Dunn F., 1979: Ultrasonic absorption and attenuation in mammalian tissues

Djavanbakht, A.; Kale, K. M.; Zana, R., 1977: Ultrasonic absorption and density studies of the aggregation in aqueous solutions of bile acid salts

Greenleaf J.F., 1982: Ultrasonic absorption and dispersion in the biological media a postulated model

Dunn F., 1985: Ultrasonic absorption and permeability for liposomes near phase transition

Dunn F., 1984: Ultrasonic absorption by solvent solute interactions and proton transfer in aqueous solutions of peptides and small proteins

Dormoy Y., 1986: Ultrasonic absorption evidence for enhanced volume fluctuations in the tobacco mosaic virus protein helical aggregate

Tripier Darcy F., 1983: Ultrasonic absorption evidence for structural fluctuations in frog virus 3 and its subparticles

Hirth L., 1979: Ultrasonic absorption evidence of structural fluctuations in viral capsids

Ballard J.O.IIi, 1981: Ultrasonic absorption in deer blood

Davis J.D., 1979: Ultrasonic absorption in liver tissue

Choy C.L., 1985: Ultrasonic absorption in myoglobin and other globular proteins

Lang, J.; Zana, R.; Gairard, B.; Dale, G.; Gros, C. M., 1978: Ultrasonic absorption in the human breast cyst liquids

Schulz J.A., 1985: Ultrasonic absorption in tobacco mosaic virus and its protein aggregates

Lewis T.J., 1985: Ultrasonic absorption of bovine serum albumin solutions in the frequency range 200 kilohertz 1 megahertz

Lewis T.J., 1986: Ultrasonic absorption of bovine serum albumin solutions in the frequency range 60 to 160 kilohertz

Johnson R., 1984: Ultrasonic acoustic emissions from the sapwood of cedar thuja occidentalis and hemlock tsuga canadensis an examination of 3 hypotheses regarding cavitations

Thompson R.G., 1984: Ultrasonic acoustic emissions from the sapwood of thuja occidentalis measured inside a pressure bomb

Kossmagk R., 1980: Ultrasonic aerosol apparatus hire system therapy of chronic obstructive bronchitis and bronchi ectasia

Riera-Franco-De-Sarabia, E.; Gallego-Juarez, J. A., 1986: Ultrasonic agglomeration of micron aerosols under standing wave conditions

Krause C.J., 1981: Ultrasonic analysis of head and neck neoplasms correlation with surgical findings

Tully A.E., 1982: Ultrasonic analysis of the youngs modulus of cortical bone

Cicio G.R., 1981: Ultrasonic anatomy of the fluid filled duodenum

Haughton V.M., 1986: Ultrasonic anatomy of the normal neonatal and infant spine correlation with cryomicrotome sections and computed tomography

Spaulding K., 1984: Ultrasonic anatomy of the tendons and ligaments in the distal metacarpal metatarsal region of the equine limb

Oksala K., 1980: Ultrasonic and bio microscopic observations on the vitreous space in patients with idiopathic detachment of the retina

Shimizu H., 1980: Ultrasonic and biochemical detection and pre natal treatments of intra uterine fetal growth retardation

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854127

Goodfriend R., 1984: Ultrasonic and electro hydraulic lithotripsy of ureteral calculi

Shimizu T., 1986: Ultrasonic and endocrinologic investigation of ovarian follicle and free fluid in cul de sac for monitoring follicular development and ovulation

Quartararo P., 1981: Ultrasonic and endocrinologic monitoring of follicular growth

Iacona T., 1988: Ultrasonic and endocrinologic relationships in spontaneous and induced follicular phase

Nishikawa M., 1981: Ultrasonic and histo pathologic semi quantitative studies of diabetic heart

Pignodel C., 1988: Ultrasonic and histopathological correlations of deep focal hepatic lesions induced by stereotaxic neodymium yag laser applications

Lambotte R., 1987: Ultrasonic and hormonal monitoring of the ovaries during mini dose oral contraception

Dobryakov B.B., 1986: Ultrasonic and intraoperative diagnosis of gallbladder and pancreatic diseases

Mcbride J.T., 1983: Ultrasonic and jet aerosolization of phospho lipids and the effects on surface activity

Bartrum, R. J. Jr ; Crow, H. C.; Foote, S. R., 1977: Ultrasonic and radiographic cholecystography

Garrett, W. J.; Ward, J. P.; Kossoff, G.; De-Leon, A. H., 1975: Ultrasonic and radiological investigation of abdominal pregnancy

Volokhov A.B., 1986: Ultrasonic and scintigraphic diagnosis of thyroid diseases

Roche A.F., 1986: Ultrasonic and skinfold caliper measures of subcutaneous adipose tissue thickness in elderly men and women

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854141

Koga T., 1985: Ultrasonic and x ray tomographic findings of schistosomiasis japonicum

Morgan C.L., 1981: Ultrasonic angiographic and pathologic correlation of non cystic appearing renal masses

Il'ina M.V., 1985: Ultrasonic angiography in the diagnosis of lesions in the brachiocephalic aorta

Akerstrom G., 1984: Ultrasonic appearance of adenomatous and hyperplastic parathyroid glands

Bear B., 1982: Ultrasonic appearance of mammary carcinoma with a dedicated whole breast scanner

Baert A., 1980: Ultrasonic appearance of the filled and contracted normal gallbladder

Sebaoun J., 1984: Ultrasonic appearance of thyroid gland in graves disease

Peeling W.B., 1984: Ultrasonic appearances associated with prostatic inflammation a preliminary study

Beischer N.A., 1981: Ultrasonic aspects of poly hydramnios

Smith, H. J.; Grottum, P.; Simonsen, S., 1985: Ultrasonic assessment of abdominal venous return i. effect of cardiac action and respiration on mean velocity pattern cross sectional area and flow in the inferior vena cava and portal vein

Smith, H. J.; Grottum, P.; Simonsen, S., 1986: Ultrasonic assessment of abdominal venous return ii. volume blood flow in the inferior vena cava and portal vein

Mcghie J., 1981 : Ultrasonic assessment of cardio vascular geometry and function in the human fetus

Pillai U., 1986: Ultrasonic assessment of cervix in at risk patients

Pillai U., 1987: Ultrasonic assessment of cervix in at risk patients

Pillai U., 1986: Ultrasonic assessment of cervix in normal pregnancy

Campbell S., 1987: Ultrasonic assessment of complications during first trimester of pregnancy

Ovadia J., 1987: Ultrasonic assessment of fetal colon by comparing ratios of colon circumference to abdominal circumference in normal pregnancy and two abnormal cases a preliminary study

Wladimiroff, J. W.; Bloemsma, C. A.; Wallenburg, H. C. S., 1977: Ultrasonic assessment of fetal growth

Phillips H.E., 1984: Ultrasonic assessment of fetal growth in the nonhuman primate macaca mulatta

Ivankovic D., 1981: Ultrasonic assessment of fetal kidney function in normal and complicated pregnancies

Latin V., 1979: Ultrasonic assessment of fetal renal function in diabetic pregnancy

Tamura R., 1986: Ultrasonic assessment of fetal response to second trimester amniocentesis

Langlois S.L.P., 1983: Ultrasonic assessment of hydro nephrosis of pregnancy

Cremin B.J., 1984: Ultrasonic assessment of infectious meningitis

Odland G.F., 1987: Ultrasonic assessment of skin and wounds with the scanning laser acoustic microscope

Benzie R.J., 1979: Ultrasonic assessment of the fetal spine before 20 weeks gestation

Perez J.E., 1983: Ultrasonic assessment of the st jude prosthetic valve m mode 2 dimensional and doppler echo cardiography

Elder M.G., 1979: Ultrasonic assessment of uterine emptying in 1st trimester abortions induced by intra vaginal 15 methyl prostaglandin f 2 alpha methyl ester

Segedinov A.P., 1986: Ultrasonic assessment of valvular prosthetic function

Parker K.J., 1983: Ultrasonic attenuation and absorption in liver tissue

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854175

Hill C.R., 1979: Ultrasonic attenuation and propagation speed in mammalian tissues as a function of temperature

Mcgraw C.P., 1981: Ultrasonic attenuation and propagation speed in normal human brain

O'brien W.D.Jr, 1985: Ultrasonic attenuation and velocity properties in rat liver as a function of fat concentration a study at 100 megahertz using a scanning laser acoustic microscope

Knoche W., 1985: Ultrasonic attenuation in aqueous solutions of alpha beta and gamma cyclodextrins

O'donnell, M. O.; Mimbs, J. W.; Sobel, B. E.; Miller, J. G., 1977: Ultrasonic attenuation of myo cardial tissue dependence on time after excision and on temperature

Bamber, J. C.; Dickinson, R. J., 1980: Ultrasonic b scanning a computer simulation

Koehler, P. R.; Kanemoto, H. H.; Maxwell, J. G., 1976: Ultrasonic b scanning in the diagnosis of complications in renal transplant patients

Melton H.E.Jr, 1984: Ultrasonic backscatter and collagen in normal ventricular myo cardium

Wilson T.M., 1987: Ultrasonic backscatter from bovine tissues variation with pathology

Yuan, Y. W.; Shung, K. K., 1988: Ultrasonic backscatter from flowing whole blood i. dependence on shear rate and hematocrit

Shung K.K., 1985: Ultrasonic backscatter from mammalian tissues

Gore, J. C.; Leeman, S., 1977: Ultrasonic backscattering from human tissue a realistic model

Hoffmeyer, I.; Sales, G. D., 1977: Ultrasonic behavior of apodemus sylvaticus and apodemus flavicollis

Rahalkar R.R., 1985: Ultrasonic behavior of edible oils correlation with rheology

Richmond P., 1986: Ultrasonic behavior of glass filled polymer solutions

Tane S., 1987: Ultrasonic biometry in primary glaucomas

Horikoshi, J.; Tane, S., 1985: Ultrasonic biometry of optic nerve diameter ii. optic nerve diameter in morbid eyes

Reinnagel H., 1987: Ultrasonic biometry of the uterus of a diabetic adolescent and possible correlations between genital development and diabetes mellitus

Kurstin, R. D.; Soltanzedeh, H.; Hobson, R. W-Ii ; Wright, C. B., 1977: Ultrasonic blood flow assessment in colon esophageal bypass procedures

Alonso A.G., 1985: Ultrasonic blood flow measurements in arteriovenous fistulas an experimental study

Greene, E. R.; Histand, M. B.; Miller, C. W., 1976: Ultrasonic blood flow measurements trans cutaneous compared with implanted cuff

Cagiano R., 1987: Ultrasonic calling in rodents a new experimental approach in behavioral toxicology

Popp, R. L.; Harrison, D. C., 1970: Ultrasonic cardiac echography for determining stroke volume and valvular regurgitation

Romanova L.V., 1987: Ultrasonic cardiography in the diagnosis of thrombosis of postinfarctional left ventricular aneurysms

Goldberg B.B., 1981: Ultrasonic characteristics of bilomas

Wolson, A. H.; Walls, W. J., 1976: Ultrasonic characteristics of cyst adenoma of the pancreas

Christianson M., 1984: Ultrasonic characteristics of frozen liver

Gohel V.K., 1981: Ultrasonic characteristics of intra hepatic acoustic shadowing

Reid B.S., 1982: Ultrasonic characteristics of posterior urethral valves

Stone R.D., 1985: Ultrasonic characteristics of retinopathy of prematurity presenting with leukokoria

Macovski A., 1981: Ultrasonic characterization of abdominal tissues via digital analysis of backscattered waveforms

Popp R.L., 1986: Ultrasonic characterization of acute cardiac rejection from temporal evolution of echocardiograms

Fried A.M., 1982: Ultrasonic characterization of acute renal failure

Ware R.W., 1980: Ultrasonic characterization of aging in skin tissue

Shung K.K., 1985: Ultrasonic characterization of biological tissues

Reeves W.C., 1984: Ultrasonic characterization of blood during coagulation

Macsween R.N.M., 1982: Ultrasonic characterization of diffuse liver disease the relative importance of frequency content in the a scan signal

Maklad, N. F.; Chuang, V. P.; Doust, B. D.; Cho, K. J.; Curran, J. E., 1977: Ultrasonic characterization of solid renal lesions echographic angiographic and pathologic correlation

Robinson D.E., 1988: Ultrasonic characterization of splenic tissue in myelofibrosis further evidence for reversal of fibrosis with chemotherapy

Kaplan, L. J.; Holasek, E., 1983: Ultrasonic chorio retinopathy a chloroquine vs. control study

Mohl, B.; Miller, L. A., 1976: Ultrasonic clicks produced by the peacock butterfly a possible bat repellent mechanism

Nyby, J.; Whitney, G., 1978: Ultrasonic communication of adult myomorph rodents

Freund H J., 1983: Ultrasonic compound scans from brain specimens

Schmitt R.M., 1984: Ultrasonic computed tomography of the breast improvement of image quality by use of cross correlation time of flight and phase insensitive attenuation measurements

Cassel D.M., 1982: Ultrasonic contrast enhancement of tissue by encapsulated micro bubbles

Sahn D.J., 1984: Ultrasonic contrast studies for the detection of cardiac shunts

Trachtenberg M.C., 1981: Ultrasonic de calcification of bone

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854225

Misaki A., 1981: Ultrasonic degradation of schizophyllan an anti tumor poly saccharide produced by schizophyllum commune

Becker H., 1982: Ultrasonic demonstration in utero of surgically correctable fetal small bowel obstruction

Vij J.C., 1986: Ultrasonic demonstration of anicteric biliary obstruction

Hansen N.E., 1986: Ultrasonic demonstration of clinical and subclinical hepatic venous thrombosis in paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria

Khoo H.T., 1981: Ultrasonic demonstration of colonic carcinoma

Brown T.W., 1980: Ultrasonic demonstration of endometrial fluid collections unassociated with pregnancy

Strandness D.E.Jr, 1980: Ultrasonic demonstration of external and internal carotid patency with common carotid occlusion a preliminary report

Cremin B.J., 1985: Ultrasonic demonstration of fetal skeletal dysplasia case reports

Hill M.C., 1980: Ultrasonic demonstration of intra ductal pancreatic calculi 2 cases

Fiegler W., 1981: Ultrasonic demonstration of lipomatous tissues and tumors

Chaumont P., 1985: Ultrasonic demonstration of portacaval anastomosis in portal hypertension in children

Beyer J., 1982: Ultrasonic demonstration of small pancreatic islet cell tumors

Leopold G.R., 1981: Ultrasonic demonstration of the inflamed appendix

Weinstein B.J., 1979: Ultrasonic demonstration of the pancreatic duct an analysis of 41 cases

Weinstein B.J., 1979: Ultrasonic detection and aspiration confirmation of intra abdominal collection of fluid

Ylostalo P., 1985: Ultrasonic detection of a cumulus oophorus in patients undergoing in vitro fertilization

Engel J.M., 1981: Ultrasonic detection of acute cholecystitis with peri cholecystic abscesses

Tapper A.J., 1981: Ultrasonic detection of an abnormal mass in a fetus later shown to have trisomy 18

Tuononen S., 1982: Ultrasonic detection of bilateral ovarian cysts in the fetus

Winter, D. C.; Wells, M. K.; Morgan, R. J., 1976: Ultrasonic detection of cardio vascular flow disturbances

Farinon A.M., 1984: Ultrasonic detection of colonic carcinoma in emergency

Garth K.E., 1982: Ultrasonic detection of complications following umbilical arterial catheterization in the neo nate

Sharf M., 1982: Ultrasonic detection of fetal ascites associated with poly hydramnios

Collins M.L., 1979: Ultrasonic detection of hourglass membranes with funic presentation

Morifuji H., 1985: Ultrasonic detection of lymph node metastases in the region around the celiac axis in esophageal and gastric cancer

Macintosh P., 1979: Ultrasonic detection of myo cardial infarction by amplitude analysis

Pollack, H. M.; Arger, P. H.; Goldberg, B. B.; Mulholland, S. G., 1978: Ultrasonic detection of nonopaque renal calculi

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854253

Matzuk T., 1979: Ultrasonic detection of peri cardial effusions adjacent to the right atrium during routine examination of the upper abdomen

Robertson A.L.Jr, 1984: Ultrasonic detection of platelet aggregation at variable shear rates

Cattarelli M., 1979: Ultrasonic detection of rat movements in a straight runway

Feinberg H., 1984: Ultrasonic detection of red cell aggregation immediately preceding blood clotting

Fried F.A., 1981: Ultrasonic detection of renal calculi accuracy tested in an in vitro porcine kidney model

Klimach W., 1980: Ultrasonic detection of renal tubular carcinoma extending into the inferior vena cava

Peacock W.J., 1984: Ultrasonic detection of subdural collections

Rezende J.D., 1981: Ultrasonic determination of fetus abdomen head ratio in normal pregnancy

Leymaster C.E., 1981: Ultrasonic determination of hepatomegaly

Gregoric, A.; Japelj, I., 1986: Ultrasonic determination of kidney volume a help in workup of children and adolescents with urinary tract infection

Dunn F., 1981: Ultrasonic determination of the nonlinearity parameter b a for biological media

Larsen J., 1987: Ultrasonic determination of the position of the intrauterine device iud when pregnancy has occurred

Cantrell J.H.Jr, 1982: Ultrasonic determination of thermodynamic threshold parameters for irreversible cutaneous burns

Kellokumpu Lehtinen P., 1981: Ultrasonic device in bone cutting a histological and scanning electron microscopic study

El Halafawy A., 1981: Ultrasonic device localization an evaluative approach

Burden G.S., 1984: Ultrasonic devices evaluation of repellency to cockroaches and mosquitoes and measurement of sound output

Smulewicz, J. J.; Tafreshi, M.; Hassani, N., 1977: Ultrasonic diagnosis and aspiration of loculated pleural effusion

Helmke K., 1985: Ultrasonic diagnosis and follow up of malignant brain tumors in childhood a report of 4 cases and a review of the literature

Egreteau L., 1987: Ultrasonic diagnosis and treatment of liver abscesses in a newborn

Saitoh M., 1979: Ultrasonic diagnosis for complications after prostatic needle biopsy

Hamada T., 1984: Ultrasonic diagnosis in 1st and 2nd trimester of pregnancy

Szabo, V.; Sobel, M.; Legradi, J., 1977: Ultrasonic diagnosis in a case of hydro nephrosis

Wendler H., 1983: Ultrasonic diagnosis in children with renal and urinary tract disease

Gregar I., 1980: Ultrasonic diagnosis in diseases of the digestive tract

Lutz, H., 1978: Ultrasonic diagnosis in gastro enterology

Yoshino K., 1987: Ultrasonic diagnosis in neck masses

Falus, M.; Babics, A.; Szendroi, Z.; Sobel, M.; Szabo, V., 1970: Ultrasonic diagnosis in urology

Klein R., 1982: Ultrasonic diagnosis of a fetal cardiac malformation a case

Sarti, D. A.; Louie, J. S.; Lindstrom, R. R.; Nies, K.; London, J., 1976: Ultrasonic diagnosis of a popliteal artery aneurysm

Popov L.V., 1985: Ultrasonic diagnosis of a tricuspid defect

Doust, B. D.; Doust, V. L., 1976: Ultrasonic diagnosis of abdominal abscess

Koch, C. W., 1976: Ultrasonic diagnosis of abdominal aortic aneurysm

Busse E., 1982: Ultrasonic diagnosis of abdominal diseases

Stassa B., 1981: Ultrasonic diagnosis of abdominal hydatid disease in kenya

Preusser R., 1981: Ultrasonic diagnosis of acute suppurative appendicitis a case

Agayan M.A., 1987: Ultrasonic diagnosis of adenomatous cancer

Doyle S., 1984: Ultrasonic diagnosis of altered fetal growth by use of a normal ultrasonic fetal weight curve

Dumont M., 1980: Ultrasonic diagnosis of an anencephalic before the 20th week of amenorrhea

Rotanov O.P., 1986: Ultrasonic diagnosis of biliary tract dyskinesia

Trofimenko Yu V., 1986: Ultrasonic diagnosis of cancer of the gallbladder

Pimonsangsuriya P., 1981: Ultrasonic diagnosis of chole lithiasis a preliminary report

Wagner, A., 1978: Ultrasonic diagnosis of circulatory disturbances in children

Weinbaum P.J., 1987: Ultrasonic diagnosis of discordant fetal growth in twin gestations

Sidorova G.P., 1982: Ultrasonic diagnosis of diseases of the gallbladder and bile ducts

Cremin B.J., 1984: Ultrasonic diagnosis of duplication of cysts in children

Kobayashi, T.; Nagata, F.; Shinoda, A.; Nakamura, S.; Tanabe, S.; Takatani, O., 1977: Ultrasonic diagnosis of early breast cancer clinical significance of gray scale expanded echography

Kroll P., 1984: Ultrasonic diagnosis of eyes treated by silicone oil

Kojecky, Z.; Simek, I.; Gregar, I.; Smoldas, J.; Loykova, V., 1977: Ultrasonic diagnosis of gall stones with a picture as screening method

Kondo M., 1987: Ultrasonic diagnosis of gallstone ileus

Kiss D., 1979: Ultrasonic diagnosis of gynecologic diseases

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854305

Centini, G.; Mazzini, M.; Franchi, F.; Mazzetti, D.; Buccianti, M.; Croci, A.; Ambrosini, A., 1977: Ultrasonic diagnosis of gynecological pathology during pregnancy

Konstantoulas, M., 1978: Ultrasonic diagnosis of hemato cervix following cone biopsy of the cervix

Barone, C. M., 1977: Ultrasonic diagnosis of hydatidiform mole with a coexistent fetus

Phillips L., 1979: Ultrasonic diagnosis of hydatidiform mole with coexistent living 3rd trimester fetus

Sample W.F., 1980: Ultrasonic diagnosis of infra hepatic interruption of the inferior vena cava with azygos hemi azygos continuation

Saitoh, M.; Ohe, H.; Tanaka, S.; Mishina, T.; Watanabe, H., 1977: Ultrasonic diagnosis of intra scrotal contents

Karch H., 1980: Ultrasonic diagnosis of intra thoracic opacities

Colacurci N., 1980: Ultrasonic diagnosis of intra uterine fetal growth retardation

Richards S.R., 1987: Ultrasonic diagnosis of intracranial teratoma in utero a case report and literature review

Ter Akopova K.G., 1984: Ultrasonic diagnosis of intrauterine death and some anomalies of fetal development

Curran, J. E.; Maklad, N. F.; Baum, J. K., 1976: Ultrasonic diagnosis of lymphocele complicating renal transplantation

Kirkinen P., 1982: Ultrasonic diagnosis of nuchal encirclement by the umbilical cord a case and methodological report

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Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854602

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854603

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Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854744

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854745

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Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854769

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Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854873

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854874

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854875

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Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854904

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854905

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Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854948

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Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854960

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Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854962

Section 7, Chapter 6855, Accession 006854963

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