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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6856

Chapter 6856 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sisson D.V., 1987: Ultrasonographic imaging to monitor fetal and placental developments in ewes fed locoweed astragalus lentiginosus

Kitao M., 1987: Ultrasonographic in utero identification and measurement of the normal fetal spleen

Forsberg L., 1986: Ultrasonographic investigation of respiratory influence on diameters of portal vessels in normal subjects

Filly R.A., 1979: Ultrasonographic localization of the gallbladder

Yamamoto M., 1988: Ultrasonographic manifestations of liver abscesses an experimental study

Ito, K., 1987: Ultrasonographic manifestations of liver abscesses part 1. microabscesses during acute leukemia remissions

Ito, K., 1987: Ultrasonographic manifestations of liver abscesses part 2. an experimental study

Jimenez Gutierrez J., 1986: Ultrasonographic manifestations of liver amoebiasis

Gutman F.A., 1983: Ultrasonographic mapping of vitreo retinal abnormalities

Momose K., 1981: Ultrasonographic measurement of fetal aortic dimensions and left arterial dimension aortic dimension ratio

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855010

Yamamoto K., 1987: Ultrasonographic measurement of the human fetal liver in utero

Vossen C.H.P., 1986: Ultrasonographic measurement of the pancreatic body its significance in measuring the normal pancreas

Draeger J., 1987: Ultrasonographic measurement of the posterior coats of the eye and their relation to axial length

Bassini D., 1987: Ultrasonographic monitoring of drug induced ovulation

Riddick D.H., 1987: Ultrasonographic monitoring of follicular growth for luteal phase defects

Banki L., 1987: Ultrasonographic morphological grouping of gallbladder cancers

Blanes J., 1987: Ultrasonographic parameters in monitoring normal and pathological ovulation and corpus luteum

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855018

Et Al, 1982: Ultrasonographic patterns in hepatic hem angiomas

Wernecke, K.; Peters, P. E.; Krueger, K. G., 1987: Ultrasonographic patterns of focal hepatic and splenic lesions in hodgkin's and non hodgkin's lymphoma

Green B., 1980: Ultrasonographic patterns of hepatic lymphoma

Ndiaye P., 1987: Ultrasonographic pitfalls in obstetric emergencies report on unruptured ectopic pregnancy

De Haan J., 1980: Ultrasonographic placental localization with respect to fetal position in utero

Motuo Fosto M.J., 1986: Ultrasonographic postoperative survey

Wikstad I., 1984: Ultrasonographic renal parenchymal volume related to kidney function and renal parenchymal area in children with recurrent urinary tract infections and asymptomatic bacteriuria

Roedl W., 1986: Ultrasonographic representation of hepatic hemangiomas

Rosenfield A.T., 1981: Ultrasonographic scanning of the pancreas prospective study of clinical results

Ostberg H., 1985: Ultrasonographic screening for gallstone disease in middle aged women detection rate symptoms and biochemical features

Burhenne H.J., 1981: Ultrasonographic screening of the common hepatic duct in symptomatic patients after cholecystectomy

Bliesener J.A., 1980: Ultrasonographic screening of the cranium in the at risk new born

Lok A.S.F., 1985: Ultrasonographic studies in hepatic neoplasms patterns and comparisons with radiological contrast studies

Barrat J., 1984: Ultrasonographic studies of hemodynamic changes in pregnancy

Sumino Y., 1987: Ultrasonographic studies of the gallbladder in acute viral hepatitis with special reference to the relationship between evolution of jaundice and diameter of the gallbladder lumen

Kishi Y., 1986: Ultrasonographic studies on endometrial carcinoma

Nakayama T., 1984: Ultrasonographic studies on ovarian follicular development and ovulation

Lee T.H., 1984: Ultrasonographic studies on placenta

Shideler R.K., 1988: Ultrasonographic studies on the reproductive tract of mares after parturition effect of involution and uterine fluid on pregnancy rates in mares with normal and delayed first postpartum ovulatory cycles

Francois, J.; Goes, F., 1977: Ultrasonographic study of 100 emmetropic eyes

Traverso T., 1985: Ultrasonographic study of cholelithiasis in thalassemia major frequency and statistical evaluation

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855041

Ziviello M., 1985: Ultrasonographic study of malignancies of extrahepatic bile ducts

Mechanick J.I., 1988: Ultrasonographic study of ovaries of 19 women with weight loss related hypothalamic oligo amenorrhea

Labo G., 1984: Ultrasonographic study of portal venous system in portal hypertension and after porto systemic shunt operations

Kim C.W., 1985: Ultrasonographic study of residual urine in diabetes

Sato M., 1981: Ultrasonographic study of retinal detachment due to a hole in the posterior pole

Planiol T., 1980: Ultrasonographic study of the cerebral circulation in elderly subjects

Francois, J.; Goes, F., 1977: Ultrasonographic study of the effect of different miotics on the eye components

Yokoyama I., 1984: Ultrasonographic study of the folded gallbladder

Maeda K., 1980: Ultrasonographic study of the placenta in vitro

Syrdalen P., 1979: Ultrasonographic study on changes in axial eye dimensions after encircling procedure in retinal detachment surgery

Elejalde B.R., 1985: Ultrasonographic visualization of the fetal eye

Reeves, R. D.; Drake, T. S.; O'brien, W. F., 1980: Ultrasonographic vs. clinical evaluation of pelvic mass

Simon A., 1987: Ultrasonographical evaluation of the incidence of simultaneous and independent movements in twin fetuses

Boyd N.F., 1988: Ultrasonographically defined parenchymal patterns of the breast relationship to mammographic patterns and other risk factors for breast cancer

Juszczyk Z., 1987: Ultrasonographically guided thin needle biopsy with the use of the apparatus usg 40

Cavazos D., 1983: Ultrasonographically observed early placental maturation and peri natal outcome

Gasbarrini G.B., 1986: Ultrasonographies in pancreatic diseases

Wolf P., 1987: Ultrasonography a new diagnostic attainment in chest medicine

Goldberg, B. B.; Pollack, H. M.; Capitanio, M. A.; Kirkpatrick, J. A., 1975: Ultrasonography an aid in the diagnosis of masses in pediatric patients

Pagliaro L., 1988: Ultrasonography and alpha fetoprotein in diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma in cirrhosis

Iwao H., 1984: Ultrasonography and brain pathology of periventricular hemorrhage and subependymal cyst in the preterm neonate

Et Al, 1986: Ultrasonography and clinical features of infectious endocarditis

Flamant F., 1987: Ultrasonography and computed tomography for diagnosis and follow up of biliary duct rhabdomyosarcomas in children

Flamant F., 1987: Ultrasonography and computed tomography for diagnosis and follow up of pelvic rhabdomyosarcomas in children

Takeuchi J., 1985: Ultrasonography and computed tomography in adenomyomatosis of the gallbladder

Lahde S., 1988: Ultrasonography and computed tomography in pancreatic malignancy

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855069

Amis E.S.Jr, 1985: Ultrasonography and computed tomography in severe urinary tract infection

Fuentes Garcia M., 1980: Ultrasonography and computed tomography in the diagnosis of amoebic liver abscess

Steinbrich W., 1985: Ultrasonography and computed tomography in the diagnosis of extranodal involvement by non hodgkins lymphoma in the peritoneal and retroperitoneal space

Yeh, H. C.; Wolf, B. S., 1977: Ultrasonography and computed tomography in the diagnosis of homogeneous masses

Rabinowitz J.G., 1984: Ultrasonography and computed tomography of abdominal and inguinal hernias

Yeh H C., 1979: Ultrasonography and computed tomography of carcinoma of the gallbladder

Rabinowitz J.G., 1981: Ultrasonography and computed tomography of gastric wall lesions

Rabinowitz J.G., 1982: Ultrasonography and computed tomography of inflammatory abdominal wall lesions

Chahinian A.P., 1980: Ultrasonography and computed tomography of peritoneal mesothelioma

Fledelius, H. C.; Glydensted, C., 1978: Ultrasonography and computer tomography in orbital diagnosis with special reference to dys thyroid ophthalmopathy

Bonfils S., 1983: Ultrasonography and computerized axial tomography in a case of choledocal cyst

Tranberg K.G., 1988: Ultrasonography and gallbladder perforation in acute cholecystitis

Burrell M.I., 1982: Ultrasonography and hepato biliary scintigraphy in the assessment of biliary enteric anastomoses

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855083

Et Al, 1986: Ultrasonography and intravenous cholangiography in suspected acute biliary tract disease comparison by a blind prospective cross matched study

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855085

Zaki Y.H., 1984: Ultrasonography and missed threads of intra uterine devices

Hendler E., 1980: Ultrasonography and nephro tomography in the pre symptomatic diagnosis of dominantly inherited adult onset poly cystic kidney disease

Karo, J. J.; Maas, L. C.; Kaine, H.; Gelzayd, E. A., 1978: Ultrasonography and parathyroid adenoma

Odievre M., 1981: Ultrasonography and per cutaneous cholangiography in children with dilated bile ducts report of 6 cases

Kelter U., 1987: Ultrasonography and scintigraphy of the liver in focal and diffuse disease

Rubin, S. Z.; Mueller, D. L.; Amundson, G. M.; Wesenberg, R. L., 1986: Ultrasonography and the impalpable testis

Moossa A.R., 1979: Ultrasonography and tumor associated antigens the concept of combining noninvasive tests in screening for pancreatic cancer

Kontturi M., 1984: Ultrasonography arteriography and computed tomography in the diagnosis of renal carcinoma

Garnick M.B., 1982: Ultrasonography as a diagnostic adjunct for the evaluation of masses in the scrotum

Paradis M.R., 1981: Ultrasonography as a diagnostic aid in pleural effusion of horses

Jezuita J., 1980: Ultrasonography as a safe method of diagnosis of the uterine cervix incompetence in pregnancy

Lozano Mancha A., 1987: Ultrasonography as guidance during puncture procedures in ovary cancer

Galifer R.B., 1981: Ultrasonography before surgical operation of retroperitoneal malignant tumors in childhood

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855099

Kontturi M., 1984: Ultrasonography computed tomography and arteriography in the evaluation of the local spreading of malignant renal neoplasm

Et Al, 1983: Ultrasonography computed tomography and chole scintigraphy in suspected obstructive jaundice a prospective comparative study

Vaughan E.D.Jr, 1980: Ultrasonography computerized trans axial tomography and pathology of angio myo lipoma of the kidney solution to a diagnostic dilemma

Shinagawa S., 1985: Ultrasonography especially of b scope scanning in obstetrical and gynecological practice

Ikezoe J., 1984: Ultrasonography evaluation of intrathoracic disease

Montenegro C.A.B., 1985: Ultrasonography evaluation of placental maturity interobserver study correlation with gestational age and biparietal diameter

Et Al, 1984: Ultrasonography for cancer of the colon

Astedt B., 1986: Ultrasonography for early detection of ovarian carcinoma

Levine, S. C.; Filly, R. A.; Golbus, M. S., 1978: Ultrasonography for guidance of amnio centesis in genetic counseling

Laing F.C., 1983: Ultrasonography for the diagnosis and staging of blunt scrotal trauma

Kitao M., 1986: Ultrasonography for the diagnosis of adenomyosis

Capron J P., 1988: Ultrasonography guided biopsy of solid hepatic tumors with large caliber needle study of 70 cases

Solsona F., 1981: Ultrasonography in 119 cases of pancreatic focal masses

Aufschnaiter M., 1984: Ultrasonography in acute cases in surgery

Marinoni G., 1981: Ultrasonography in acute cholecystitis

Suramo I., 1988: Ultrasonography in acute gallbladder perforation

Kapur B.M.L., 1987: Ultrasonography in acute upper abdomen

Jimenez Gutierrez J., 1984: Ultrasonography in angiomas of the liver

Yeh, H. C.; Wolf, B. S., 1977: Ultrasonography in ascites

Aspelin P., 1986: Ultrasonography in asymptomatic patients with abnormal biochemical liver tests

Taavitsainen M., 1987: Ultrasonography in carcinoma of the gallbladder

Forsberg L., 1987: Ultrasonography in carcinoma of the gallbladder diagnostic difficulties and pitfalls

Makanjuola D., 1983: Ultrasonography in children with sickle cell anemia

Molde A., 1984: Ultrasonography in complications of renal transplantation

Fishman J., 1987: Ultrasonography in congenital dislocation of the hip

Lenko H L., 1984: Ultrasonography in congenital hypo thyroidism

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855126

Betharia S.M., 1985: Ultrasonography in cystic lesions of the orbit

Makarem S.S., 1988: Ultrasonography in detection of schistosoma haematobium infection

Rosner D., 1981: Ultrasonography in diagnosis and management of palpable breast masses

Gasbarrini G., 1986: Ultrasonography in diffuse liver disease

Riggio V., 1985: Ultrasonography in fetal malformative pathology

Bratland S.Z., 1985: Ultrasonography in general practice

Wright P.G. , 1980: Ultrasonography in hepato cellular disease

Kunnamo I., 1985: Ultrasonography in hip disease in children

Youssef M.M.M., 1980: Ultrasonography in liver disease diagnosis

Malini, S.; Sabel, J., 1977: Ultrasonography in obstructive jaundice

Pedersen O.O., 1988: Ultrasonography in ophthalmology

Laerum O.D., 1986: Ultrasonography in parenchymal disease of the liver

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855139

Lustermans, F. A. T., 1976: Ultrasonography in renal disease

Date, S., 1987: Ultrasonography in retinal detachment part 1. detection of retinal tear

Kimura Y., 1986: Ultrasonography in ruptured eyeballs by blunt trauma

Angelelli G., 1983: Ultrasonography in scrotal pathology

Kreppel H.G., 1980: Ultrasonography in sero muco tympanon

Jimenez J., 1984: Ultrasonography in suprarenal pathology

Smith H J., 1982: Ultrasonography in suspected ectopic pregnancy

Hoiseth A., 1983: Ultrasonography in symptomatic abdominal aortic aneurysms

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855148

Bessman A.N., 1979: Ultrasonography in the detection of residual urine

Li Y W., 1988: Ultrasonography in the diagnosis and management of invasive gestational trophoblastic disease

Ferguson, M. M.; England, M.; Macdonald, D. G.; Moos, K. F., 1977: Ultrasonography in the diagnosis of a cystic hygroma

Feuchtwanger M.M., 1986: Ultrasonography in the diagnosis of abdominal aortic aneurysms

Forsberg L., 1984: Ultrasonography in the diagnosis of acute cholecystitis

Joffre F., 1980: Ultrasonography in the diagnosis of adrenal tumors

Szule E., 1985: Ultrasonography in the diagnosis of bladder tumors

Norman M., 1980: Ultrasonography in the diagnosis of breast disease

Zakut H., 1981: Ultrasonography in the diagnosis of cervical incompetence in pregnancy a new diagnostic approach

Borre D.G., 1986: Ultrasonography in the diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma

Monn E., 1980: Ultrasonography in the diagnosis of neo natal adrenal hemorrhage

Lapis, J. L.; Orlando, R. C.; Mittelstaedt, C. A.; Staab, E. V., 1978: Ultrasonography in the diagnosis of obstructive jaundice

Isiloglu H., 1981: Ultrasonography in the diagnosis of ovarian tumors

Dvorak M.R.R., 1981: Ultrasonography in the diagnosis of pancreatic diseases

Labo G., 1982: Ultrasonography in the diagnosis of portal hypertension diminished response of portal vessels to respiration

Velasco Ballesteros R., 1985: Ultrasonography in the diagnosis of renal hydatidosis

Teruzzi P.L., 1986: Ultrasonography in the diagnosis of soft tissue tumors

Falber V., 1988: Ultrasonography in the diagnosis of transient synovitis of the hip

Donaldson E.S., 1979: Ultrasonography in the diagnosis of tumors of the ovary

Borre G.E., 1987: Ultrasonography in the diagnostic evaluation of polycystic kidney disease in adults

Candiani G.B., 1988: Ultrasonography in the different diagnosis of double uteri

Pietrogrande V., 1986: Ultrasonography in the early diagnosis of congenital dysplasia of the hip

Parer J.T., 1979: Ultrasonography in the evaluation of intra uterine transfusion

Visentin E., 1986: Ultrasonography in the evaluation of osteogenesis in fractures treated with hoffmann external fixation

Bock E., 1986: Ultrasonography in the evaluation of pleural pathology

Bernardino, M. E.; Green, B.; Goldstein, H. M., 1978: Ultrasonography in the evaluation of post nephrectomy renal cancer patients

Parrini L., 1986: Ultrasonography in the investigation of loose hip prostheses

Mcverry, B. A.; Voke, J.; Vicary, F. R.; Dormandy, K. M., 1977: Ultrasonography in the management of hemophilia

Zunkel D.E., 1982: Ultrasonography in the pre operative evaluation of neck abscesses

Berant M., 1986: Ultrasonography in the radiologic evaluation of children with urinary tract infection

Pines, A.; Apter, S.; Itzchak, Y.; Ben-Bassat, I.; Hertz, M., 1986: Ultrasonography in the staging of hodgkin's disease lymphangiographic correlation

Parrini L., 1986: Ultrasonography in the study of pathological conditions of the hip

Voltini L.E., 1987: Ultrasonography in the study of the rupture of abdominal aneurysms

Smith, C.; Gregori, C. A.; Breen, J. L., 1978: Ultrasonography in threatened abortion

Larmo A., 1988: Ultrasonography in undescended testes

Philippart D., 1980: Ultrasonography investigation of mammary calcifications

Koch C.W., 1986: Ultrasonography of acute cholecystitis clinical and histological correlation

Yeh, H. C.; Mitty, H. A.; Rose, J.; Wolf, B. S.; Gabrilove, J. L., 1978: Ultrasonography of adrenal masses unusual manifestations

Yeh, H. C.; Mitty, H. A.; Rose, J.; Wolf, B. S.; Gabrilove, J. L., 1978: Ultrasonography of adrenal masses usual features

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855188

Morrison I.S., 1980: Ultrasonography of cystic liver disease

Ostensen H., 1985: Ultrasonography of female breast tumors

Mcgovern T.P., 1980: Ultrasonography of female urethral diverticula

Lazo Ramos A., 1986: Ultrasonography of fetal malformations

Suramo I., 1984: Ultrasonography of gastric tumors

Kisloff B., 1979: Ultrasonography of hemorrhagic splenic cysts

Nicolau A., 1983: Ultrasonography of hepatic cavernous hem angiomas

Schulz R.D., 1987: Ultrasonography of hip joint effusions

Mccready V.R., 1982: Ultrasonography of hodgkins disease in the liver and spleen

Solsona F., 1981: Ultrasonography of jaundice with reference to 200 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855199

Reis G., 1980: Ultrasonography of orbital rhabdo myo sarcoma in children

Yang S P., 1988: Ultrasonography of pancoast tumor

Brodmerkel G.J.Jr, 1980: Ultrasonography of pancreatic lithiasis

Al Sulaimani S.H., 1986: Ultrasonography of pancreatic schistosomiasis a case report

Harkanyi Z., 1988: Ultrasonography of partial fatty liver and its differential diagnosis

Yeh H C., 1979: Ultrasonography of peritoneal tumors

Yeh, H. C.; Mitty, H. A.; Wolf, B. S., 1977: Ultrasonography of renal sinus lipomatosis

Schaffer R.M., 1985: Ultrasonography of scrotal trauma

Tsang Y M., 1984: Ultrasonography of small hepatic tumors using high resolution linear array real time instruments

Pfister A., 1987: Ultrasonography of soft tissue lesions

Gosink B., 1983: Ultrasonography of testis tumors

Jacobson J.H., 1979: Ultrasonography of the brachiocephalic arteries

Sample W.F., 1979: Ultrasonography of the diaphragmatic crura

Rabinowitz J.G., 1982: Ultrasonography of the extremities and pelvic girdle and correlation with computed tomography

Coleman, D. J.; Lizzi, F. L.; Jack, R. L., 1977: Ultrasonography of the eye and orbit

Barr M.Jr, 1984: Ultrasonography of the fetal cerebellum

Nordshus T., 1985: Ultrasonography of the gallbladder in general practice

Taavitsainen M., 1986: Ultrasonography of the gallbladder in patients with a clinical suspicion of acute cholecystitis

Nenci R., 1984: Ultrasonography of the gallbladder in pregnancy

Tada S., 1985: Ultrasonography of the gouty kidney

Hein H J., 1987: Ultrasonography of the hip joint in infants

Gooding G.A.W., 1980: Ultrasonography of the iliac arteries

Zieger, M.; Schulz, R. D., 1987: Ultrasonography of the infant hip part iii. clinical application

Hilpert S., 1987: Ultrasonography of the infant hip part iv normal development in the newborn and preterm neonate

Mortensson W., 1988: Ultrasonography of the kidney following renal biopsy in children

Rizzatto G., 1986: Ultrasonography of the normal adrenal glands a study using linear array real time equipment

Weill, F.; Schraub, A.; Eisenscher, A.; Bourgoin, A., 1977: Ultrasonography of the normal pancreas success rate and criteria for normality

Brugmann E., 1987: Ultrasonography of the pancreas

Littlewood J.M., 1984: Ultrasonography of the pancreas liver and biliary system in cystic fibrosis

Dahl P., 1987: Ultrasonography of the paranasal sinuses a new computerized equipment using lcd and capture mode

Bratland S.Z., 1985: Ultrasonography of the paranasal sinuses in general practice

Bianchi L., 1986: Ultrasonography of the parotid gland

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855232

Nduka N.R., 1987: Ultrasonography of the prostate a preliminary report from nigeria

Felix R., 1981: Ultrasonography of the renal sinus

Feinberg S.B., 1985: Ultrasonography of the rotator cuff normal and pathologic anatomy

Feinberg S.B., 1984: Ultrasonography of the rotator cuff surgical correlation

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855237

Winston, M. A.; Handler, S. J.; Pritchard, J. H., 1978: Ultrasonography of the testis correlation with radio tracer perfusion

Garg S.K., 1986: Ultrasonography of the thyroid gland a study of 98 patients

Kullendorff C M., 1985: Ultrasonography of the undescended testis

Nordshus T., 1985: Ultrasonography of the urinary tract in general practice

Luh K T., 1987: Ultrasonography of thoracic lesions analysis of 251 cases

Meyers S.M., 1982: Ultrasonography of vitreal foreign bodies in eyes obtained at autopsy

Visek V., 1985: Ultrasonography possibilities in the diagnosis of cirrhosis of the liver

Nelson, L. H.; Goodman, H. O.; Brown, S. H., 1977: Ultrasonography preceding diagnostic amnio centesis and its effect on amniotic fluid cell growth

Montenegro C.A.B., 1985: Ultrasonography prediction of fetal weight

Del Castillo Gonzalez F., 1988: Ultrasonography study of ovary teratomata

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855248

Taylor, W. O. G., 1977: Ultrasonography venography and emi scan in a case of orbital pseudotumor

Spinelli, P.; Dal-Fante, M.; Garbagnati, F.; Masciadri, N.; Pizzetti, P., 1984: Ultrasonography vs. laparoscopy in the diagnosis of hepatic tumors

Mogensen, N. B.; Madsen, M.; Stage, P.; Matzen, P.; Malchow-Moeller, A.; Lejerstofte, J.; Uhrenholdt, A., 1984: Ultrasonography vs. roentgenography in suspected instances of cholecystolithiasis

Roux P., 1983: Ultrasonology in splenic tumor pathologies limitations and prospects

Harada T., 1986: Ultrasonotomographic diagnosis for ureterolithiasis

Tomaselli V., 1981: Ultrasound 1st mandatory step in diagnosis of abdominal masses in children

Perlmutter N., 1986: Ultrasound a method for kidney size monitoring in children

Isikoff, M. B.; Diaconis, J. N., 1977: Ultrasound a new diagnostic approach to the jaundiced patient

Barrett J.T., 1979: Ultrasound a new immuno suppressant

Morris S.E., 1984: Ultrasound a predictor of fetal lung maturity

Werlin, L. B.; Weckstein, L.; Weathersbee, P. S.; Parenicka, K.; White, D.; Stone, S. C., 1986: Ultrasound a technique useful in determining the side of ovulation

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855260

Lee T.G., 1981: Ultrasound air contrast transfusion technique an aid to managing the rh affected fetus with ascites

Goldberg B.B., 1983: Ultrasound analysis of 104 primary breast carcinomas classified according to histo pathologic type

Doering W.H., 1988: Ultrasound analysis of disturbed coordination in tongue movements during swallowing

Baum B.F., 1984: Ultrasound analysis of tongue hyoid and larynx activity during swallowing

Naidich T.P., 1985: Ultrasound anatomy of the posterior fossa in children correlation with brain sections

Sheffield L.J., 1982: Ultrasound and amniotic fluid alpha feto protein in the pre natal diagnosis of spina bifida

Fauvel G., 1986: Ultrasound and blood clots

Brown, A. M., 1976: Ultrasound and communication in rodents

Tran Minh V.A., 1987: Ultrasound and computed tomography diagnosis of traumatic adrenal hematomas in two children

Duffy, P., 1977: Ultrasound and computed tomography in abdominal diagnosis

Itzchak Y., 1983: Ultrasound and computed tomography in the diagnosis and drainage of abscesses and other fluid collections

Peters P.E., 1985: Ultrasound and computed tomography in the evaluation of liver metastases

Kairaluoma M., 1982: Ultrasound and computed tomography of small asymptomatic hem angiomas of the liver

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855274

Cremin B.J., 1986: Ultrasound and computed tomography of the infant brain a clinical comparison

De Dominicis R., 1981: Ultrasound and computer tomography in the evaluation of focal liver disease

Hombo Z., 1988: Ultrasound and ct diagnosis of intramural duodenal hematoma

Coche G., 1986: Ultrasound and ct of peritoneal recesses and ligaments a pictorial essay

Keates P.G., 1980: Ultrasound and dissection of the abdominal aorta

Krakenes J., 1984: Ultrasound and endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography

Degraaff, C. S.; Dembner, A. G.; Taylor, K. J. W., 1978: Ultrasound and false normal oral cholecystogram

Piediferro G., 1986: Ultrasound and female stress incontinence

Zinsou R.D., 1988: Ultrasound and fetal growth in gabon

Bakalar, V., 1977: Ultrasound and further characteristics of the working environment in the semi conductor production

Braun B., 1981: Ultrasound and guided aspiration puncture in delayed bleeding of splenic rupture

Vicary, F. R.; Shirley, I., 1978: Ultrasound and hepatic metastases

Almersjo O., 1981: Ultrasound and hypotonic duodenography in biliary obstruction

Vicary, F. R.; Cusick, G.; Shirley, I. M.; Blackwell, R. J., 1977: Ultrasound and jaundice

Ames M., 1988: Ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging of pelvic masses

Yu V.Y.H., 1984: Ultrasound and necropsy study of periventricular hemorrhage in preterm infants

Duff G.B., 1987: Ultrasound and ovulation

Chaumont P., 1980: Ultrasound and portal hypertension in children demonstration of gastro esophageal collaterals preliminary report

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855293

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855294

Carstensen E.L., 1988: Ultrasound and spermatogenesis in the rat

Garg S.K., 1986: Ultrasound and surgical correlation of isotopically solitary cold lesion of the thyroid gland

Wilson, P. C.; Picker, R. H.; Lee, E. W.; Cooper, R. A., 1978: Ultrasound and the diagnosis of gall stones

Malekzadeh M., 1986: Ultrasound and the diagnosis of renal and ureteral calculi

Picker, R. H.; Saunders, D. M., 1976: Ultrasound and the missing loop

Degefu S., 1983: Ultrasound and the pelvic mass

Buscarini L., 1987: Ultrasound and ultrasonically guided biopsy in hepatic lymphoma

Hertzer, N. R.; Beven, E. G., 1978: Ultrasound aortic measurement and elective aneurysmectomy

Carroll B.A., 1979: Ultrasound appearance of decidual reaction in the uterus during normal pregnancy

Rantanen N.W., 1981: Ultrasound appearance of normal lung borders and adjacent viscera in the horse

Boren G.S., 1981: Ultrasound appearance of spontaneous rupture of renal transplant

Reynolds E.O.R., 1983: Ultrasound appearance of the brain in very preterm infants and neuro developmental outcome at 18 months of age

Lindqvist, R., 1977: Ultrasound as a complementary diagnostic method in deep vein thrombosis of the leg

Fahim, M. S.; Fahim, Z.; Harman, J.; Thompson, I.; Montie, J.; Hall, D. G., 1977: Ultrasound as a new method of male contraception

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855309

Cooperberg, P. L.; Carpenter, C. W., 1977: Ultrasound as an aid in intra uterine transfusion

Chisholm G.D., 1987: Ultrasound as an alternative to intravenous urography in prostatism

Wranne B., 1986: Ultrasound assessment of ductal closure pulmonary blood flow velocity and systolic pulmonary arterial pressure in healthy neonates

Katz D., 1987: Ultrasound assessment of femoral anteversion a comparison with computerized tomography

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855314

Milaire J., 1986: Ultrasound assessment of feto placental hydrops of non immune origin a series of 24 cases

Lindstrom K., 1982: Ultrasound assessment of liver veins in congestive heart failure

Defoort, P.; Benijts, G.; Thiery, M.; Martens, G., 1978: Ultrasound assessment of puerperal uterine involution

Buck A.C., 1985: Ultrasound assessment of residual urine a quantitative method

Hobbins J.C., 1985: Ultrasound assessment of the postmature pregnancy

Arger, P. H.; Freiman, D. B.; Komins, J. I.; Schwarz, R. H., 1976: Ultrasound assisted amnio centesis in pre natal genetic counseling

Tommasini M.A., 1988: Ultrasound assisted percutaneous liver biopsy superiority of the tru cut over the menghini needle for diagnosis of cirrhosis

Park S.B., 1988: Ultrasound attenuation estimation using the lmse filters and the median filter

Roche J., 1988: Ultrasound attenuation of the os calcis in women with osteoporosis and hip fractures

Ohhashi M., 1988: Ultrasound b scans for clinical diagnosis of schwannoma in the neck area

Sonies B.C., 1985: Ultrasound biofeedback for speech training instrumentation and preliminary results

Karoly W.J., 1985: Ultrasound biological effects and industrial hygiene concerns

Noe J.S., 1981: Ultrasound breast imaging method of choice for examining the young patient

Verhaeghe, A.; Noirot, E., 1978: Ultrasound by mouse pups from deaf and hearing strains

Yoshimura T., 1981: Ultrasound cardiographic studies of cardiac tamponade its applications for the quantitation of the amount of peri cardial effusion and the treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855330

Griffin P.J.A., 1988: Ultrasound changes in the transplant kidney

Kim S.Y., 1987: Ultrasound changes of the gallbladder wall in cholecystitis a sonographic pathological correlation

Niwa K., 1979: Ultrasound characteristics of abdominal abscesses involving foreign bodies gauze

Ditschuneit H., 1985: Ultrasound characteristics of the pancreas in children with cystic fibrosis

Pardi G., 1986: Ultrasound contributions to the management of the severely isoimmunized fetus

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855336

Szenasy J., 1984: Ultrasound control of progressive hydrocephalus in infancy

Kobuch W.E., 1988: Ultrasound control of the uterus immediately after termination of pregnancy 144 cases

Bordt, J.; Hanker, J. P.; Schneider, H. P. G., 1986: Ultrasound controlled gonadotropin therapy in anovulatory infertility

Warren, C. G.; Koblanski, J. N.; Sigelmann, R. A., 1976: Ultrasound coupling media their relative transmissivity

Goldberg B.B., 1980: Ultrasound criteria for in utero diagnosis of microcephaly

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Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855560

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Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855572

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855573

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Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855650

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855651

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Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855746

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Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855783

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Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855834

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Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855877

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Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855894

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855895

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855896

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Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855970

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855971

Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855972

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Section 7, Chapter 6856, Accession 006855989

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