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Ultrastructural changes in guinea pig and rat cutaneous nerves after the application of organophosphate to the surface of the epidermis

Charvát, Z.

Folia Morphologica 26(2): 144-148


ISSN/ISBN: 0015-5640
PMID: 640540
Accession: 006856970

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After applying an organophosphate solution to guinea pig and rat epidermis in a dose of 6 LD 50, changes were found in the cutaneous nerves. Irregular dilatation and enlargement of the granular endoplasmic reticulum cisternae took place in the perineurial layers and Schwann cell. Dilated cisternae were filled with electron-opaque granular material. Some nerve fibers were markedly displaced and were anchored to the inner surface of the perineurium by fusion of the basement membrane of the Schwann cell and the basement membrane of the perineurial cell layer. The Schwann cell displayed signs of irritation, inter alia, in multiplication of the basement membrane and the formation of labyrinths from the layers of the multiplied membrane. Thin, probably newly formed, collagen fibrils were found between these layers. Some of the axons were swollen and displayed microgranular disintegration of the neurotubules; varicosities were also found along the course of the axons. Some axons showed signs of electron-lucid, vacuolar degeneration.

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