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Ultrastructural changes in guinea pig and rat epidermis after surface application of organophosphate solution

Charvát, Z.; Subrtová, D.

Folia Morphologica 26(2): 149-153


ISSN/ISBN: 0015-5640
PMID: 640541
Accession: 006856971

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The application of organophosphate solutions in a dose of 6 LD 50 to the surface of guinea pig and rat epidermis was followed up in 8 min by various changes. Hemispherical microprocesses, which were sometimes pointed, grew out from the base of the germinative layer keratinocytes at regular intervals. Hemidesmosomes were formed at the apex of these microprocesses and the basement membrane facing them was slightly thickened and of greater electron opacity. The above microprocesses pushed the basement membrane away in front of them, causing a 5- to 7-fold increase in the thickness of the lamina lucida between the microprocesses. The intercellular spaces in the prickle-cell layer expanded, but were filled with new-grown thin, branching keratinocyte microprocesses. These microprocesses were in close contact with each other and at the sites of their contact new desmosomes were formed and the number of tonofilaments increased.

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