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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6860

Chapter 6860 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Van-Steveninck, R.F.M.; Ballment, B.; Peters, P.D.; Hall, T.A., 1976:
Ultrastructural localization of ions part 2 x ray analytical verification of silver precipitation products and distribution of chloride in mesophyll cells of barley seedlings

Van-Steveninck, R.F.M.; Armstrong, W.D.; Peters, P.D.; Hall, T.A., 1976:
Ultrastructural localization of ions part 3 distribution of chloride in mesophyll cells of mangrove aegiceras corniculatum

Van-Steveninck, R.F.M.; Van-Steveninck, M.E.; Peters, P.D.; Hall, T.A., 1976:
Ultrastructural localization of ions part 4 localization of chloride and bromide in nitella translucens and x ray energy spectroscopy of silver precipitation products

Fakan, S.; Odartchenko, N., 1975:
Ultrastructural localization of iron 55 in the nuclei of cells of the erythropoietic series

Nagura, H.; Brandtzaeg, P.; Nakane, P.K.; Brown, W.R., 1979:
Ultrastructural localization of J chain in human intestinal mucosa

Tammi R.H.; Hyyrylainen A.M.H.; Maibach H.I.; Tammi M.I., 1987:
Ultrastructural localization of keratinocyte surface associated heparan sulfate proteoglycans in human epidermis

Horisberger M.; Tacchini Vonlanthen M., 1983:
Ultrastructural localization of kunitz inhibitor on thin sections of soybean glycine max cultivar maple arrow by the gold method

Bowes D.; Clark A.E.; Corrin B., 1981 :
Ultrastructural localization of lactoferrin and glyco protein in human bronchial glands

Cramer, E.; Pryzwansky, K.B.; Villeval, J.L.; Testa, U.; Breton-Gorius, J., 1985:
Ultrastructural localization of lactoferrin and myeloperoxidase in human neutrophils by immunogold

Schiff, R.; Rosenbluth, J., 1986:
Ultrastructural localization of laminin in rat sensory ganglia

Nir I.; Hall M.O., 1979:
Ultrastructural localization of lectin binding sites on the surface of frog rana pipiens retinal photo receptors and pigment epithelium

Srebotnik E.; Messner K.; Foisner R.; Pettersson B., 1988:
Ultrastructural localization of ligninase of phanerochaete chrysosporium by immunogold labeling

Cramer, E.M.; Breton-Gorius, J., 1987:
Ultrastructural localization of lysozyme in human neutrophils by immunogold

Tachibana M.; Morioka H.; Tsuruoka T.; Machino M.; Mizukoshi O., 1984:
Ultrastructural localization of lysozyme in the human nasal gland by protein a gold technique

Hummel, G.; Weyrauch, D., 1976:
Ultrastructural localization of magnesium ion and calcium ion reactive atpase in the spinal ganglion of sheep and goat

Richards K.S., 1980:
Ultrastructural localization of membrane associated phosphatases in the integument of the earthworm eisenia foetida

Majack R.A.; Paull W.K.; Barrett J.M., 1979:
Ultrastructural localization of membrane atpase in rat thin limbs of the loop of henle

Rasmussen, B.L.; Thorlacius-Ussing, O., 1987:
Ultrastructural localization of mercury in adrenals from rats exposed to methyl mercury

Speer C.A.; Wong R.B.; Schenkel R.H., 1983:
Ultrastructural localization of mono clonal immuno globulin g antibodies for antigenic sites of eimeria tenella oocysts sporocysts and sporozoites

Yang G.; L.Z., 1986:
Ultrastructural localization of monoamine oxidase and thiamin pyrophosphatase activity in the cells of sympatho adrenal medullar system in the guinea pig

Nag, S., 1985:
Ultrastructural localization of monosaccharide residues on cerebral endothelium

Usellini L.; Buchan A.M.J.; Polak J.M.; Capella C.; Solcia E.; Cornaggia M., 1984:
Ultrastructural localization of motilin endocrine cells of human and dog intestine by the immunogold technique

Mapp P.I.; Revell P.A., 1987:
Ultrastructural localization of muramidase in the human synovial membrane

Beaudoin A.R.; Grondin G.; Lord A., 1984:
Ultrastructural localization of nadpase activity in the exocrine pancreas of rat identification of a novel structure

Smith C.E., 1980:
Ultrastructural localization of nadpase activity to the intermediate saccules of the golgi apparatus in rat incisor amelo blasts

Parsons S.M.; Smith C.E., 1984:
Ultrastructural localization of nadpase activity within columnar goblet and paneth cells of rat small intestine

Clermont Y.; Lalli M.; Rambourg A., 1981 :
Ultrastructural localization of nadpase thiamin pyro phosphatase and cmpase in the golgi apparatus of early spermatids of the rat

Gay B.; Sanchez Teff S.; Caravano R., 1984:
Ultrastructural localization of nadph oxidase activity in murine peritoneal macrophages during phagocytosis of brucella suis correlation with the production of super oxide anions

Dreyfuss, F.; Burlet, A., 1977:
Ultrastructural localization of neuro hypophyseal hormones and their carrier proteins by the immuno globulin bridge method

Itoga E.; Kito S.; Kishida T.; Yanaihara N.; Ogawa N.; Wakabayashi I., 1980:
Ultrastructural localization of neuro peptides in the rat primary sensory neurons

Parmley, R.T.; Psicer, S.S.; Alvarez, C.J., 1978:
Ultrastructural localization of nonheme cellular iron with ferro cyanide

Monahan, R.A.; Dvorak, H.F.; Dvorak, A.M., 1981:
Ultrastructural localization of nonspecific esterase activity in guinea pig and human monocytes, macrophages, and lymphocytes

Bendayan M., 1981:
Ultrastructural localization of nucleic acids by the use of enzyme gold complexes

Bendayan V., 1982:
Ultrastructural localization of nucleic acids by the use of enzyme gold complexes influence of fixation and embedding

Sato, S., 1985:
Ultrastructural localization of nucleolar material by a simple silver staining technique devised for plant cells

Ploton D.; Bobichon H.; Adnet J J., 1982:
Ultrastructural localization of nucleolar organizer region in nucleoli of human breast cancer tissues using a 1 step silver nucleolar organizer region staining method

Boloukhère, M., 1984:
Ultrastructural localization of nucleolar organizers during oogenesis in Xenopus laevis using a silver technique

Bukhvalov I.B.; Kop'ev O.V.; Shul'tse V., 1983:
Ultrastructural localization of nucleoside phosphatase activity in rat thymocytes

Saga K.; Sato K., 1988:
Ultrastructural localization of ouabain sensitive potassium dependent p nitrophenyl phosphatase activity in monkey eccrine sweat gland

Inomata K.; Mayahara H.; Fujimoto K.; Ogawa K., 1983:
Ultrastructural localization of ouabain sensitive potassium dependent p nitrophenyl phosphatase sodium potassium atpase activity in the central nervous system of the rat

Olah A.F.; Mueller W.C., 1981:
Ultrastructural localization of oxidative and per oxidative activities in a carrot suspension cell culture

Masutani, M.; Shoji, M.; Taneda, A.; Ogawa, H.; Miyazaki, H., 1976:
Ultrastructural localization of pemphigus antibodies within the epidermis

Cannon, M.S.; Mollenhauer, H.H.; Cannon, A.M.; Eurell, T.E.; Lewis, D.H., 1980:
Ultrastructural localization of peroxidase activity in neutrophil leukocytes of Ictalurus punctatus

Marie J.P.; Vernant J.P.; Dreyfus B.; Breton Gorius J., 1979:
Ultrastructural localization of peroxidases in undifferentiated blasts during the blast crisis of chronic granulocytic leukemia

Hoff, S.F.; MacInnis, A.J., 1983:
Ultrastructural localization of phenothiazines and tetracycline: a new histochemical approach

Setoguti, T.; Takagi, M., 1980:
Ultrastructural localization of phosphatases and cytochrome oxidase in the dog parathyroid gland

Setoguti, T.; Takagi, M.; Kato, K., 1980:
Ultrastructural localization of phosphatases in the rat parathyroid gland

Rey L.; Thalouarn P.; Vidal J.; Renaudin S., 1985:
Ultrastructural localization of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase in maize zea mays leaves by means of immunocytochemistry

Wrischer, M., 1977:
Ultrastructural localization of photosystem in plastids of senescent spinach leaves

Aley, S.B.; Atkinson, C.T.; Aikawa, M.; Maloy, W.L.; Hollingdale, M.R., 1987:
Ultrastructural localization of Plasmodium falciparum circumsporozoite protein in newly invaded hepatoma cells

Martyn R.D.P.; Samuelson D.A.; Freeman T.E., 1979:
Ultrastructural localization of poly phenol oxidase activity in leaves of healthy and diseased water hyacinth eichhornia crassipes

Mueller, W.C.; Beckman, C.H., 1978:
Ultrastructural localization of poly phenol oxidase and peroxidase in roots and hypocotyls of cotton seedlings

Vaughn K.C.; Miller P.D.; Wilson K.G., 1981:
Ultrastructural localization of poly phenol oxidase in aegopodium podagraria

Schmid P.P.S.; Bartscherer H C.; Feucht W., 1984:
Ultrastructural localization of poly phenols in the sieve tubes of prunus avium cultivar hedelfinger by ferric chloride

Reed D.W.; Tukey H.B.Jr, 1982 :
Ultrastructural localization of poly saccharides in apple malus domestica leaf cuticles

Edgar L.A.; Pickett Heaps J.D., 1982:
Ultrastructural localization of poly saccharides in the motile diatom navicula cuspidata

Baker K.K.; Malachowski J.A.; Hooper G.R., 1979:
Ultrastructural localization of poly saccharides in usnea cavernosa

Burovina, I.V.; Gribakin, F.G.; Petrosyan, A.M.; Pivovarova, N.B.; Pogorelov, A.G.; Polyanovsky, A.D., 1978:
Ultrastructural localization of potassium and calcium in an insect ommatidium as demonstrated by x ray micro analysis

Mees K., 1983:
Ultrastructural localization of potassium dependent ouabain sensitive p nitrophenyl phosphatase sodium potassium atpase in the guinea pig inner ear

Huneau, D.; Harrison, R.A.P.; Flechon, J.E., 1984:
Ultrastructural localization of pro acrosin and acrosin ec in ram spermatozoa

Atkinson, C.T.; Aikawa, M.; Fujino, T.; Tam, L.Q.; Hui, G.S.; Siddiqui, W.A., 1987:
Ultrastructural localization of protective and nonprotective Plasmodium falciparum proteins using serum samples from vaccinated Aotus monkeys

Nygren, H.; Hansson, H.A.; Linde, A., 1976:
Ultrastructural localization of proteo glycans in the odonto blast predentin region of rat incisor

Bedetti, C.D.; Singh, J.; Singh, G.; Katyal, S.L.; Wong-Chong, M.L., 1987:
Ultrastructural localization of rat Clara cell 10 KD secretory protein by the immunogold technique using polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies

Fields, P.A.; Fields, M.J., 1985:
Ultrastructural localization of relaxin in the corpus luteum of the nonpregnant, pseudopregnant, and pregnant pig

Raska I.; Valouch P.; Armbruster B.L.; Hinterberger M.; Maly A.; Vorlicek J.; Smetana K.; Kellenberger E., 1985:
Ultrastructural localization of ribosomal rna in hela cells rat liver cells and xenopus laevis oocytes by means of the monoclonal antibody protein a gold technique

Cheniclet C.; Carde J P., 1987:
Ultrastructural localization of rna species in plastids with an rnase gold method

Shioda Y., 1984:
Ultrastructural localization of secretory component and carcino embryonic antigen in human gastric neoplasms and related disorders

Lukinius A.I.C.; Ericsson J.L.E.; Lundqvist M.K.; Wilander E.M.O., 1986:
Ultrastructural localization of serotonin and polypeptide yy in endocrine cells of the human rectum

Loesch A.; Burnstock G., 1988:
Ultrastructural localization of serotonin and substance p in vascular endothelial cells of rat femoral and mesenteric arteries

Benhamou N.; Charest P.M., 1986:
Ultrastructural localization of sialic acid and fucose in two phytopathogenic ascomycetous fungi by means of gold complexed lectins

Veen H.; Henstra S.; D.B.uyn W.C., 1980:
Ultrastructural localization of silver deposits in the receptacle cells of carnation dianthus caryophyllus flowers

Takeuchi I.K.; Takeuchi Y.K., 1986:
Ultrastructural localization of silver norproteins in full grown oocytes and preimplantation embryos of mice

Hernandez Verdun D.; Hubert J.; Bourgeois C.A.; Bouteille M., 1980:
Ultrastructural localization of silver stained nucleolus organizer region proteins in the nucleolus during the cell cycle and in other nucleolar structures

Ernst S.A.; Schreiber J.H., 1981:
Ultrastructural localization of sodium potassium atpase in rat and rabbit kidney medulla

Mees K., 1982:
Ultrastructural localization of sodium potassium atpase in the spiral prominence epithelium of the guinea pig

Horisberger M.; Vonlanthen M., 1980:
Ultrastructural localization of soybean agglutinin on thin sections of soybean glycine max cultivar altona by the gold method

Willemsen R.; Kroos M.; Hoogeveen A.T.; Van Dongen J.M.; Parenti G.; Van Der Loos C.M.; Reuser A.J.J., 1988:
Ultrastructural localization of steroid sulfatase in cultured human fibroblasts by immunocytochemistry a comparative study with lysosomal enzymes and the mannose 6 phosphate receptor

Lantos, P.L., 1977:
Ultrastructural localization of sterols in ethylnitroso urea induced schwannomas

Feher E.; Burnstock G., 1986:
Ultrastructural localization of substance p vasoactive intestinal polypeptide somatostatin and neuropeptide y immunoreactivity in perivascular nerve plexuses of the gut

Murrin, S.F.; Nolan, R.A., 1977:
Ultrastructural localization of succinate dehydrogenase ec in a self parasitic isolate of saprolegnia megasperma

Barsotti P.; Albedi F.M.; Fabrizi E.; Marinozzi V., 1988:
Ultrastructural localization of sulfate glycoconjugates in the human glomerular capillary wall using the high iron diamine method

Bachmann S.; Koeppen Hagemann I.; Kriz W., 1985:
Ultrastructural localization of tamm horsfall glycoprotein in rat kidney as revealed by protein a gold immunocytochemistry

Vinther, O.; Freundt, E.A., 1977:
Ultrastructural localization of tellurite reduction in acholeplasma spp

Sahashi, K.; Lambert, E.H.; Howard, F.M.Jr ; Engel, A.G., 1980:
Ultrastructural localization of terminal and lytic complement c 9 at the motor end plate in myasthenia gravis

Toth L.; Karcsu S., 1979:
Ultrastructural localization of the acetyl cholin esterase activity in the diaphragm of rat embryos

Sala M.A.; Matheus M.; Valeri V., 1988:
Ultrastructural localization of the alkaline phosphatase in the normal human full term placenta

Jorgensen A.O.; Shen A.C.Y.; Maclennan D.H.; Tokuyasu K.T., 1982:
Ultrastructural localization of the calcium magnesium dependent atpase of sarcoplasmic reticulum in rat skeletal muscle by immuno ferritin labeling of ultra thin frozen sections

de Water, R.; Van Marck, E.A.; Fransen, J.A.; Deelder, A.M., 1987:
Ultrastructural localization of the circulating anodic antigen and the circulating cathodic antigen in the liver of mice infected with Schistosoma mansoni: a sequential study

Mooren, H.W.; Meyer, C.J.; Kramps, J.A.; Franken, C.; Dijkman, J.H., 1982:
Ultrastructural localization of the low molecular weight protease inhibitor in human bronchial glands

Stoebner, P.; Ambroise-Thomas, P.; Honnon, S., 1978:
Ultrastructural localization of the oxidative enzyme activity in toxoplasma gondii

Popov V.L.; Prozorovskii S.V.; Tartakovskii I.S.; Pavelkovskaya L.V.; Smirnova N.S.; Eruslanov B.V.; Kokorin I.N., 1982:
Ultrastructural localization of the type specific antigen in legionella pneumophila

Mayberry-Carson, K.J.; Jewell, M.J.; Smith, P.F., 1978:
Ultrastructural localization of Thermoplasma acidophilum surface carbohydrate by using concanavalin A

Panasyuk G.V.; Nepomnyashchikh G.I.; Chernokalova M.G.; Nepomnyashchikh L.M., 1987:
Ultrastructural localization of thiamin pyrophosphatase activity in epitheliocytes from duodenal biopsy material in peptic ulcer

Johansson O.; Hokfelt T.; Jeffcoate S.L.; White N.; Sternberger L.A., 1980:
Ultrastructural localization of thyrotropin releasing hormone like immuno reactivity

Henry W.E., 1983:
Ultrastructural localization of tobacco mosaic virus in leaf tissue of nicotiana tabacum cultivar little turkish

Fakan, S.; Nobis, P., 1978:
Ultrastructural localization of transcription sites and of rna distribution during the cell cycle of synchronized cho chinese hamster ovary cells/

Kai Kai M.A., 1984:
Ultrastructural localization of tritium labeled dopamine in neurons of leech haemopis sanguisuga abdominal ganglia

Willingham, M.C.; Yamada, S.S.; Pastan, I., 1980:
Ultrastructural localization of tubulin in cultured fibroblasts

Sato, S.; Leo, M.A.; Lieber, C.S., 1986:
Ultrastructural localization of type III procollagen in baboon liver

Herken R.; Barrach H J., 1985:
Ultrastructural localization of type iv collagen and laminin in the 7 day old mouse embryo

Martinez-Hernandez, A.; Gay, S.; Miller, E.J., 1982:
Ultrastructural localization of type V collagen in rat kidney

Vaughn, K.C.; Duke, S.O.; Duke, S.H.; Henson, C.A., 1982:
Ultrastructural localization of urate oxidase ec in nodules of sesbania exaltata glycine max and medicago sativa

Amano S., 1981:
Ultrastructural localization of vasoactive intestinal poly peptide in meissners plexus of the human colon

Johansson O.; Lundberg J.M., 1981:
Ultrastructural localization of vasoactive intestinal poly peptide like immuno reactivity in large dense core vesicles of cholinergic type nerve terminals in cat exocrine glands

Berezin I.; Allescher H D.; Daniel E.E., 1987:
Ultrastructural localization of vip immunoreactivity in canine distal esophagus

Rodriguez M.; Buchmeier M.J.; Oldstone M.B.A.; Lampert P.W., 1983:
Ultrastructural localization of viral antigens in the central nervous system of mice persistently infected with lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus

Wolber, R.A.; Beals, T.F.; Lloyd, R.V.; Maassab, H.F., 1988:
Ultrastructural localization of viral nucleic acid by in situ hybridization

Cau P.; Massacrier A.; Boudier J L.; Couraud F.; Bottini J.; Deprez P., 1985:
Ultrastructural localization of voltage sensitive sodium channels using iodine 125 labeled alpha scorpion toxin

Dinsdale, D., 1984:
Ultrastructural localization of zinc and calcium within the granules of rat Paneth cells

Roussel, G.; Delaunoy, J.P.; Mandel, P.; Nussbaum, J.L., 1978:
Ultrastructural localization study of 2 wolfgram proteins in rat brain tissue

Cabral F.; Willingham M.C.; Gottesman M.M., 1980:
Ultrastructural localization to 10 nanometer filaments of an insoluble 58k protein in cultured fibroblasts

Russo, J.; Wells, P., 1977:
Ultrastructural localizations of atpase activity in resting mammary gland

Bin L., 1981:
Ultrastructural localizations of nonspecific acid phosphatase during cleavage and blastocyst formation in the mouse

Mulnard, J.; Huygens, R., 1978:
Ultrastructural localizations of nonspecific alkaline phosphatase during cleavage and blastocyst formation in the mouse

Mackenzie D.J.; Tremaine J.H., 1988:
Ultrastructural location of non structural protein 3a of cucumber mosaic virus in infected tissue using monoclonal antibodies to a cloned chimeric fusion protein

Pebusque M J.; Vio M.; Seiete R., 1981:
Ultrastructural location of silver nucleolar organizer regions stained proteins in nucleoli of rat sympathetic neurons during the dark period

Ackermans F.; Klein J.P.; Frank R.M., 1981:
Ultrastructural location of streptococcus mutans and streptococcus sanguis antigens in carious human dentin

Mezhiborskaya N.A., 1980:
Ultrastructural manifestations of aging in glial cells in the corpora mamillaria region

Nepomnyashchikh L.M.; Mishina S.V.; Filyushina E.E., 1979 :
Ultrastructural manifestations of cardiac myocyte metabolism in fasting rabbits

Lebkova N.P.; Bondarenko M.F.; Kolesova O.E.; Azaryan G.P., 1980:
Ultrastructural manifestations of early metabolic disturbances in the dog myo cardium in alloxan diabetes

Saakov B.A.; Bardakhch'yan Z.A.; Bochkov N.I., 1981:
Ultrastructural manifestations of intra vascular coagulation in the kidney induced by burn injury

Katel'nitskaya L.I.; Bardakhch'yan E.A., 1986:
Ultrastructural manifestations of intravascular coagulation and the role of the kallikrein kinin system in the pathogenesis of cardiogenic pulmonary edema

Mezhiborskaya N.A., 1980:
Ultrastructural manifestations of neuronal aging in mamillary body nuclei

Semenov D.E.; Nepomnyashchikh L.M.; Tumanov V.P., 1982:
Ultrastructural manifestations of rubomycin induced abnormal synthesis of contractile proteins by rat cardio myocytes

Masouredis, S.P.; Sudora, E., 1975:
Ultrastructural mapping of methyl dopa and anti d immuno globulin g erythrocyte antigen receptors

Orenstein J.M.; Simon G.L.; Kessler C.M.; Schulof R.S., 1985:
Ultrastructural markers in circulating lymphocytes of subjects at risk for acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Bruneval P.; Leport C.; Tricottet V.; Bloch J.L.F.; Vilde J.L.; Camilleri J.P., 1986:
Ultrastructural markers in lymphadenopathy associated virus human t lymphotropic virus type iii infection study of rectal mucosa in 16 patients

Onerheim, R.M.; Wang, N.S.; Gilmore, N.; Jothy, S., 1984:
Ultrastructural markers of lymph nodes in patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome and in homosexual males with unexplained persistent lymphadenopathy. A quantitative study

Saakov, B.A.; Khoruzhaya, T.A.; Bardakhch'yan, E.A., 1977:
Ultrastructural mechanisms of serotonin de myelinization

Danilova, L.V., 1976:
Ultrastructural mechanisms of the nuclear cytoplasmic transfer of substances in spermatogenesis

Behnke H D.; Mabry T.J.; Neuman P.; Barthlott W., 1983:
Ultrastructural micro morphological and phytochemical evidence for a central position of macarthuria molluginaceae within the caryophyllales

Dell'orbo C.; Grugnetti A.; Quacci D., 1980:
Ultrastructural modification induced by neurolept analgesia in the rabbit liver

Pascolini, R.; Gargiulo, A.M., 1975:
Ultrastructural modification of cells in the intestine of dugesia lugubris

Stepanova A.A., 1983:
Ultrastructural modification of leaf salt glands in limonium platyphyllum plumbaginaceae after induction of sodium chloride secretion

Cornec J P., 1984:
Ultrastructural modifications after amputation in helobdella stagnalis rhynchobdellid hirudinea posterior regeneration territory formation and evolution of the healing bud

Ascaso C.; Fortun C., 1981:
Ultrastructural modifications and uptake of nutrient elements in lasallia pustulata with different solutions

Barra, J.A.; Poinsot-Balaguer, N., 1977:
Ultrastructural modifications associated with anhydrobiosis in a collembolan folsomides variabilis

Baird L.A.M.; Leopold A.C.; Bramlage W.J.; Webster B.D., 1979:
Ultrastructural modifications associated with imbibition of the soybean radicle glycine max cultivar wayne

Ciobanu, A., 1975:
Ultrastructural modifications determined by mustine chlorethyl methylamine in wheat triticum aestivum meristematic cells

Paulin, J.J.; White, R.; Agosin, M., 1983:
Ultrastructural modifications during the metabolism of metronidazole by Trypanosoma cruzi

Huang, P.Y.; Goodman, R.N., 1976:
Ultrastructural modifications in apple stems induced by erwinia amylovora and the fire blight toxin

Mutto S.; Panconesi A., 1987:
Ultrastructural modifications in cupressus sempervirens tissues invaded by seiridium cardinale

Ascaso, C., 1978:
Ultrastructural modifications in lichens induced by environmental humidity

Viscuso R.; Longo G.; Sottile L., 1985:
Ultrastructural modifications in the ejaculatory duct epithelium of eyprepocnemis plorans orthoptera acrididae during sexual maturation

Mihail, N.; Crăciun, C., 1981:
Ultrastructural modifications in the pigeon islets of Langerhans after epiphysectomy and treatment with epifizan

Faussone Pellegrini M.S.; Rizzo M.; Grechi G., 1984:
Ultrastructural modifications in the tunica muscularis from congenital obstruction of the upper excretory pathways

Bitsch, J.; Palevody, C., 1976:
Ultrastructural modifications in the vesicular glands of the machilidae insecta thysanura during the molting cycles

Rinterknecht, E.; Roussel, J.P., 1978:
Ultrastructural modifications induced in the fat body cells of locusta migratoria after injection of juvenile hormones

Verger Bocquet M., 1979:
Ultrastructural modifications observed during involution of the eye of the stolon of autolytus pictus annelida polychaeta

Carrera Moreno G.; Carpio Gonzalez M.; Fuentes Garcia S.; Baena Hidalgo A.; Garcia Ruz C.; Moyano Navarro T., 1985:
Ultrastructural modifications of acinar mucous cells from submaxillary glands in castrated wistar rats

Bonzi L.M.; Luzzi P., 1981:
Ultrastructural modifications of etioplasts related to their position in the leaf tissue in dark grown seedlings of salvia splendens on exposure to continuous light

Bezard J.; Mauleon P., 1984:
Ultrastructural modifications of female rat germ cells during meiotic prophase with special emphasis on the membranes after cryofracture

Kudo S., 1982:
Ultrastructural modifications of fertilization envelope in the carp cyprinus carpio egg

Hesse M., 1985:
Ultrastructural modifications of mammillaria bocasana root parenchyma cells induced by the root knot nematode meloidogyne arenaria

Bocquet Vedrine J., 1980:
Ultrastructural modifications of nucleolus induced on a crustacean crinoniscus equitans epithelium by an hormonal stimulus 20 hydroxy ecdysone

Ascaso C., 1979:
Ultrastructural modifications of parmelia conspersa induced in vitro by changes of the environmental humidity

Hassani, M., 1977:
Ultrastructural modifications of pituitary gonadotropic cells under the effect of estrogens in the female rat

Bayon C., 1981:
Ultrastructural modifications of plant cell walls in the food and gut contents from the xylophagous larvae of oryctes nasicornis coleoptera scarabaeidae the role of bacteria

Feijo J.A.; Pais M.S.S., 1988:
Ultrastructural modifications of plastids and starch metabolism during the microsporogenesis of ophrys lutea orchidaceae

Medeghini-Bonatti, P.; Conte, M.D.B., 1976:
Ultrastructural modifications of plastids in leaflets of larix decidua and picea excelsa during sprouting of buds

Shepard, N.; Mitchell, N., 1985:
Ultrastructural modifications of proteoglycans coincident with mineralization in local regions of rat growth plate

Materne P.; Goessens G., 1980:
Ultrastructural modifications of rat intestinal epithelium nucleoli

Mourier, J.P., 1976:
Ultrastructural modifications of renal cells in the three spined stickleback gasterosteus aculeatus after castration

Colson M., 1980:
Ultrastructural modifications of seeds of allium cepa hydrated or not hydrated and subjected to low temperatures minus 196 celsius

Fernández, A.J.; Sierra, M.A.; Méndez, A.; Mozos, E.; Moyano, M.C.; Carrasco, L., 1986:
Ultrastructural modifications of the cavities formed by folliculo-stellate cells in chicken adenohypophysis under septic shock conditions

Lauga Reyrel F., 1984:
Ultrastructural modifications of the corpora allata and of ecomorphosis in hypogastrura tullbergi collembola hypogastruridae

Bitsch J., 1981:
Ultrastructural modifications of the glandular epithelium of the receptaculum seminis in thermobia domestica insecta thysanura during the molting period

Miu N.; Lakatos S.; Slavescu L.; Florescu P., 1986:
Ultrastructural modifications of the jejunal mucosa in acute and chronic enterocolitis in the infant and small child

Cinti S.; Balercia G.; Rossi R.; Sbarbati A., 1982:
Ultrastructural modifications of the lactating mammary gland of the rat induced by treatment with bromocriptine

Georgescu D.; Miscalencu D.; Mailat F.; Trandaburu T., 1983:
Ultrastructural modifications of the liver and the modifications of some biological constants in rous sarcoma bearing chickens treated with carbon tetra chloride

Georgescu D.; Mailat F.; Miscalencu D., 1983:
Ultrastructural modifications of the liver in rous sarcoma schmidt ruppin bearing chickens treated with g inhibitor biochemical investigations in liver homogenates and serum

Larras Regard E.; Niederst C.; Siami K., 1982:
Ultrastructural modifications of the mouse thyroid treated with lithium gluconate

Bianciardi G.; Vittoria A.; Toti P.; Franchi M.; Martelli G.; D.P.rri T.; Weber G., 1986:
Ultrastructural modifications of the platelet plasma membrane in vascular diseases and the effect of a carbocromen derivative as studied by freeze fracture and computer measurement

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Ultrastructural morphogenesis and functional differentiation of the dogfish scyllium canicula thyroid follicle

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Ultrastructural morphology and histogenesis of kaposis sarcoma in acquired immune deficiency syndrome

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Ultrastructural morphology and intracellular production of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in brain

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Ultrastructural morphology at different levels of the lacrimal passages mucosa

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Ultrastructural morphology of 3 dimensional colonies of cells derived from a hepato cellular carcinoma

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Ultrastructural morphology of an acute alcoholic intoxication

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Ultrastructural morphology of axon terminals of an inhibitory spinal inter neuron in the cat

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Ultrastructural morphology of dura mater aortic allo grafts after 44 73 months of implantation in humans

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Ultrastructural morphology of gonadotropes in organ culture

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Ultrastructural morphology of granular lymphocytes (GL) from patients with immunophenotypically homogeneous expansions of GL populations (GLE)

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Ultrastructural morphology of mitochondria of malignant keratinocytes in laryngeal carcinoma

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Ultrastructural morphology of mucoid effusion in secretory otitis media

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Ultrastructural morphology of spermatozoa from scolopendra morsitans myriapoda chilopoda

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Ultrastructural morphology of the tracheal epithelium of some species of testudinates

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Ultrastructural morphometric analysis of myocardium from dogs rats hamsters mice and human hearts

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Ultrastructural morphometric analysis of normal human lymphocytes stimulated in vitro with mitogens and antigens

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Ultrastructural morphometric analysis of nuclear contour irregularity in normal cord and adult blood: correlation with distinct lymphocyte subpopulations

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Ultrastructural morphometric analysis of somatostatin like immunoreactive neurons in the rat central nervous system after labeling with colloidal gold

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Ultrastructural morphometric cell evaluation in chronic lymphocytic leukemias

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Ultrastructural morphometric changes in spiral ganglion cells of the rat after broad band noise

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Ultrastructural morphometric characteristics of the cumulus oophorus and corona radiata cells in antral follicles of the rat ovary

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Ultrastructural morphometric evaluation of muscles in pigeons kept under conditions of long lasting hypodynamic state

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Ultrastructural morphometric examinations on the protection provided by prostacyclin against myocardial ischemia

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Ultrastructural morphometric investigations on normal human platelets

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Ultrastructural morphometric investigations on rat liver of young and adults rats after treatment with technical penta chloro phenol

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Ultrastructural morphometric observations on serial sectioned human blood platelet subpopulations

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Ultrastructural morphometric studies on regeneration of the lateral sural cutaneous nerve in the white rat after transection of the sciatic nerve 2. regeneration after nerve suture and nerve grafting

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Ultrastructural morphometric studies on regeneration of the lateral sural cutaneous nerve in the white rat after transection of the sciatic nerve 3. regeneration after nerve suture in rats of different ages

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Ultrastructural morphometric studies on the rat liver and adreno cortical cell mitochondria after chloramphenicol administration

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Ultrastructural morphometric study of developing rat substantia gelatinosa

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Ultrastructural morphometric study of rat cardiac myocytes in culture

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Ultrastructural morphometric study of the tropho blast during gestation

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Ultrastructural morphometric study on developing acinar cells of the rat pancreas and parotid gland

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Ultrastructural morphometrical and histochemical examinations of the skeletal muscles in poly myalgia rheumatica

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Ultrastructural morphometry of adrenaline and noradrenaline accumulating rat adrenal cells in immobilization stress of varying length

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Ultrastructural morphometry of adrenaline storing cells and noradrenaline storing cells in rat adrenal glands after physical and psycho emotional stress

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Ultrastructural morphometry of blastogenesis 1. transformation of small lymphocytes stimulated in vivo with di nitrochloro benzene

Al-Hamdani, M.M.; Atkinson, M.E.; Mayhew, T.M., 1981:
Ultrastructural morphometry of blastogenesis 2. stimulated lymphocytes the progeny of blast cells induced in vivo with di nitrochloro benzene

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Ultrastructural morphometry of gap junctions during differentiation of stratified squamous epithelium

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Ultrastructural morphometry of hypertensive medial damage in lenticulostriate and other arteries

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Ultrastructural morphometry of normal human dermal epidermal junction the influence of age sex and body region of laminar and nonlaminar components

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Ultrastructural morphometry of sparsely granulated prolactin cell adenomas of the human pituitary

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Ultrastructural morphometry of the human sperm flagellum with a stereological analysis of the lengths of the sense fibers

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Ultrastructural morphometry of the pancreatic beta cell

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Ultrastructural morphometry of the secretory granules in thyroid medullary carcinoma

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Ultrastructural morphometry of thyroid neoplasms

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Ultrastructural morphometry on human parathyroid tissue. Morphological and functional implications

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Ultrastructural myo cardial alterations in monensin toxicosis of cattle

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Ultrastructural nephron alterations in the early period of endo toxic shock

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Ultrastructural notes and considerations on ephedripites eucommiidites and monosulcites pollen grains from lower cretaceous sediments of southern tuscany italy

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Ultrastructural observation and glucose 6 phosphatase determination on the repair of rat experimental hepatic lesion by qing kai ling no. 1

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Ultrastructural observation of 2 cases of epithelioid sarcoma with discussions on histogenesis

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Ultrastructural observation of cell surface in hyperplasia and carcinoma of urinary bladder in mice

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Ultrastructural observation of damaged bronchial epithelium in patients with chronic bronchitis

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Ultrastructural observation of hepatic tissue with chronic hepatitis B

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Ultrastructural observation of nerve fibers containing both substance p and calcitonin gene related peptide in the nucleus tractus solitarii of the rat a combination of immunofluorescence and peroxidase anti peroxidase methods

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Ultrastructural observation of oogenesis in the crustacea amphipoda orchestia gammarellus

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Ultrastructural observation of periosteal osteosarcoma

Kimura S., 1985:
Ultrastructural observation of skin peripheral blood cells and rectal mucosa in late infantile ceroid lipofuscinosis

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Ultrastructural observation of the ovulatory changes in the capillary of the human follicular apex

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Ultrastructural observation of the process of human sperm penetration into the zona free hamster eggs

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Ultrastructural observation of transitional changes in the cerebral disturbances occurring in experimental hydrocephalus of the rat

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Ultrastructural observation of tunicate heart with special reference to the possible conducting system in the suture

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Ultrastructural observation on a colloid cyst of the 3rd ventricle a contribution to its pathogenesis

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Ultrastructural observation on athero sclerosis of human aorta

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Ultrastructural observation on chondrosarcoma of bone 2. a transmission electron microscopic study

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Ultrastructural observation on mixed tumor pleomorphic adenoma comparison between benign and malignant neoplasms

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Ultrastructural observation on poorly differentiated nasopharyngeal carcinoma

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Ultrastructural observation on the ookinete formation of rodent plasmodium in vitro

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Ultrastructural observation on the rectal gills of Zygoptera larva

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Ultrastructural observations and nucleocytoplasmic ratios on the lesions of psoriasis vulgaris with topical corticosteroid or psoralen uv a treatment

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Ultrastructural observations and ph measurements red and white muscle from antarctic fish

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Ultrastructural observations in adeno hypophysis of macaca mulatta after administering luteinizing hormone releasing hormone

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Ultrastructural observations in an alcoholic patient with post surgical pseudomonas aeruginosa infection

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Ultrastructural observations in canine kidneys perfused hypo thermically for 7 days in a comparative study of 3 preservative solutions

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Ultrastructural observations in cat scratch disease

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Ultrastructural observations in the central nervous system of the chick embryo 3 and 24 hours after acute hypoxia

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Ultrastructural observations of age changes in mouse retinal pigment epithelium 2. analysis of micro pinocytotic vesicles at the basal in foldings

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Ultrastructural observations of an unusual osmiophilic body in the hyphae of Sporothrix schenckii and Ceratocystis stenoceras

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Ultrastructural observations of boar spermatozoa penetrating zona free hamster eggs

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Ultrastructural observations of bone marrow cells in preleukemic patients

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Ultrastructural observations of cat cortical neurons retrogradely labeled by horseradish peroxidase after 8 days from the enzyme injection

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Ultrastructural observations of chorionic villi at term in diabetic women

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Ultrastructural observations of cotyledons in dry and developing seeds of round and wrinkled lines of pisum

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Ultrastructural observations of endogonaceae zygomycetes endogone pisiformis

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Ultrastructural observations of extranuclear temperature sensitive lethality in nicotiana tabacum

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Ultrastructural observations of follicular oocytes inseminated in vitro in squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus)

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Ultrastructural observations of fungal elements in a Trichosporon cutaneum infection of the skin

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Ultrastructural observations of fungal elements in trichophyton rubrum granuloma

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Ultrastructural observations of gocevia fonbrunei protozoa rhizopoda

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Ultrastructural observations of growth hormone cells of anterior pituitary glands of partially hepatectomized rats

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Ultrastructural observations of mature and encysting zoo spores of pythium proliferum

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Ultrastructural observations of microgametogenesis in eimeria bakuensis synonym eimeria ovina of sheep

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Ultrastructural observations of pancreatic adeno carcinoma induced in rats by 7 12 di methyl benz anthracene

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Ultrastructural observations of penetration sites of the cowpea rust fungus uromyces vignae in untreated and silicon depleted french bean phaseolus vulgaris

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Ultrastructural observations of rat lung exposed to nitrogen dioxide for 7 months

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Ultrastructural observations of rickettsia like bodies in erythema chronicum migrans

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Ultrastructural observations of skeletal muscles in neuro muscular diseases

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Ultrastructural observations of spore excystment plasmodial development and sporoblast formation in haplosporidium lusitanicum haplosporida haplosporidiidae

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Ultrastructural observations of taxonomic importance on the euglenoid genera gyropaigne skuja parmidium christen and rhabdospira pringsheim euglenida rhabdomonadina

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Ultrastructural observations of tetrasporangia and conceptacles in hildenbrandia rhodophyta hildenbrandiales

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Ultrastructural observations of the choroidal melanocytes following superior cervical sympathetic ganglionectomy in the monkey i. sympathetic innervation to the choroidal melanocyte of the monkey

Watanabe, H., 1985:
Ultrastructural observations of the choroidal melanocytes following superior cervical sympathetic ganglionectomy in the monkey ii. early changes of the choroidal melanocytes after sympathectomy

Watanabe, H., 1985:
Ultrastructural observations of the choroidal melanocytes following superior cervical sympathetic ganglionectomy in the monkey. III. Late changes of the choroidal melanocytes after sympathectomy

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Ultrastructural observations of the developing basophilic granulocytes in the loach kidney

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Ultrastructural observations of the epidermis in hydropterids

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Ultrastructural observations of the gossypol effect on the rat hypothalamus

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Ultrastructural observations of the human uterine smooth muscle cells during gestation

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Ultrastructural observations of the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus of normal and hypophysectomized rats

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Ultrastructural observations of the mature megagametophyte and the fertilization in wheat triticum aestivum

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Ultrastructural observations of the myenteric plexus of the pylorus in infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis

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Ultrastructural observations of the process of agrobacterium tumefaciens biovar 3 infection of grape cultivar

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Ultrastructural observations of the protective effect of glycyrrhizin for mouse liver injury caused by oral administration of detergent ingredient linear alkyl benzenesulfonate

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Ultrastructural observations of the reaction of chondrilla nucula porifera demospongiae to bacterial invasion during degenerative processes

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Ultrastructural observations of the rust fungus physopella zeae in zea mays

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Ultrastructural observations of the stroma of human colon carcinomas with special regard to myofibroblasts

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Ultrastructural observations of the vestibulifera ciliate plagiopyla nasuta stein 1860

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Ultrastructural observations of wound healing in the lens epithelium of hypophysectomized frogs

Van-Buskirk, R., 1978:
Ultrastructural observations of wound healing in the lens epithelium of hypophysectomized frogs part 2 trans corneal freezing injuries

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Ultrastructural observations on 2 parathyroid adenomas

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Ultrastructural observations on a thraustochytrid fungus parasitic in the gills of squid illex illecebrosus

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Ultrastructural observations on basal apparatus of respiratory cilia in immotile cilia syndrome

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Ultrastructural observations on bifurcations in rat cerebral arteries. 1. Young and aging rats

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Ultrastructural observations on di methyl benz a anthracene induced dermal hyper pigmentation and blue nevus like tumors in the mongolian gerbil meriones unguiculatus

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Ultrastructural observations on endocrine cells 1. types of endocrine cells in the corpus of stomach of adult mice

Seftalioglu, A.; Erdogan, D., 1983:
Ultrastructural observations on endocrine cells 2. development of endocrine cells in the corpus of stomach of mouse

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Ultrastructural observations on endogonaceae zygomycetes ii. glaziellales new order and glaziellaceae new family new taxa based upon light and electron microscopic observations of glaziella aurantiaca

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Ultrastructural observations on experimentally produced melanin pigmentation of the corneal epithelium

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Ultrastructural observations on feeding appendages and gills of alvinella pompejana annelida polychaeta

Paterson W.B.; Desser S.S., 1984:
Ultrastructural observations on fertilization and sporulation in goussia iroquoina in experimentally infected fathead minnows pimephales promelas cyprinidae

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Ultrastructural observations on fertilization in dionchus remorae platyhelminthes monogenea dionchidae

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Ultrastructural observations on fluorodeoxy uridine induced death and subsequent elimination of cell debris

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Ultrastructural observations on giardiasis in a murine model part 1 intestinal distribution attachment and relationship to the immune system of giardia muris

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Ultrastructural observations on gynecomastia

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Ultrastructural observations on helvellaceae pezizales ascosporogenesis of selected species of helvella

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Ultrastructural observations on increase of cold tolerance in cotton plants gossypium hirsutum cultivar mcnair 220 by mepiquat chloride

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Ultrastructural observations on iridal smooth muscles of the magpie pica pica

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Ultrastructural observations on marine choanoflagellates choanoflagellida acanthoecidae from the coast of thailand species of apheloecion new genus

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Ultrastructural observations on melanomas of the choroid

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Ultrastructural observations on melanosome aggregation in genetically defective melanocytes of the mouse

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Ultrastructural observations on morphogenesis of atypical cilia

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Ultrastructural observations on muscle spindles in extraocular muscles of pig

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Ultrastructural observations on myelinated fibers in experimental diabetes effect of the aldose reductase inhibitor ponalrestat given alone or in conjunction with insulin therapy

Ferri S., 1982:
Ultrastructural observations on nerve fibers in a fresh water teleost epidermis

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Ultrastructural observations on nodes of ranvier from isolated single frog rana esculenta peripheral nerve fibers

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Ultrastructural observations on nuclearia simplex protozoa rhizopodea filosia

Adamson M.L., 1983:
Ultrastructural observations on oogenesis and shell formation in gyrinicola batrachiensis nematoda oxyurida

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Ultrastructural observations on oogonia from the genus chara

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Ultrastructural observations on Pasteurella multocida type A (bovine origin)

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Ultrastructural observations on pit membrane alterations and associated effects in elm xylem tissues infected by ceratocystis ulmi

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Ultrastructural observations on primordial germ cells in extragonadal locations of the turtle embryo caretta caretta

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Ultrastructural observations on proliferating storage cells of mature cotyledons of phaseolus vulgaris cultured in vitro

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Ultrastructural observations on pseudoexfoliation exfoliation of the lens capsule a reexamination of the involvement of the lens epithelium

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Ultrastructural observations on rabbit blastocysts after maternal exposure to cadmium chloride

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Ultrastructural observations on secondary merogony and gametogony of dactylosoma ranarum labbe 1894 eucoccidiida apicomplexa

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Ultrastructural observations on sertoli cell germ cell interaction

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Ultrastructural observations on some functional aspects of the copulating pouch in dugesia lugubris

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Ultrastructural observations on some unusual lamellar bodies associated with human platelets

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Ultrastructural observations on spinal ganglion biopsy in Friedreich's ataxia: a preliminary report

Daniels E., 1980:
Ultrastructural observations on the 3 dimensional reorganization and growth of newly formed candidate stromal cells and residual hemopoietic cells in culture

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Ultrastructural observations on the anterior adhesive apparatus in the monogeneans dactylogyrus amphibothrium and dactylogyrus hemiamphibothrium

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Ultrastructural observations on the asexual development of eimeria ferrisi in the lumen of the intestine of the mouse mus musculus

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Ultrastructural observations on the blood stages of garniidae garnia gonatodi garnia uranoscodoni and fallisia effusa parasites of south american lizards

Desser, S.S.; Weller, I., 1977:
Ultrastructural observations on the body wall of the leech, Batracobdella picta

Pelvat B., 1985:
Ultrastructural observations on the buccal apparatus of stentor coeruleus heterotrichida ciliophora

Gaino, E.; Sara, M., 1976:
Ultrastructural observations on the cell junctions in aggregates of reniera fulva porifera demospongiae/

Favali, M.A.; Conti, G.G., 1970:
Ultrastructural observations on the chloroplasts of basil d plants either infected with different viruses or treated with 3 amino 1 2 4 triazole

Oduor Okelo D., 1985:
Ultrastructural observations on the chorioallantoic placenta of the golden rumped elephant shrew rhynchocyon chrysopygus

Moon M.J.; D.K.R.; Kim C.W.; Kim W.K., 1988:
Ultrastructural observations on the cutaneous granular glands and excretory granule formation in the water toad bufo stejnegeri schmidt

Olesen P., 1979:
Ultrastructural observations on the cuticular envelope in salt glands of frankenia pauciflora

Giorgi, F., 1976:
Ultrastructural observations on the degenerating nurse cells of late ovarian chambers of Drosophila melanogaster

Roebuck, P.; Sexton, R.; Mansfield, J.W., 1978:
Ultrastructural observations on the development of the hyper sensitive reaction in leaves of phaseolus vulgaris cultivar red mexican inoculated with pseudomonas phaseolicola race 1

Longo N.; Bruscaglioni L., 1986:
Ultrastructural observations on the dikaryotic haustorium of cronartium flaccidum in vincetoxicum hirundinaria medicus

Kudo, S., 1976:
Ultrastructural observations on the discharge of 2 kinds of granules in the fertilized eggs of cyprinus carpio and carassius auratus

Sodhi, A., 1979:
Ultrastructural observations on the effect of cis di chloro di ammine platinum ii on the cells of ascites fibro sarcoma in mice 1. interaction of macrophages with fibro sarcoma cells

Ream L.J., 1982:
Ultrastructural observations on the effects of fluoride ingestion on the parathyroid gland of the rat

Panzica G.C.; Amasio E., 1979:
Ultrastructural observations on the effects of phaco emulsification on the rabbit corneal endothelium

Desser, S.S., 1977:
Ultrastructural observations on the epimastigote stages of Trypanosoma avium in Simulium rugglesi

Desser S.S.; Weller I., 1979:
Ultrastructural observations on the erythrocytes and thrombocytes of the tuatara sphenodon punctatus

Sohal G.S., 1981:
Ultrastructural observations on the establishment of neuro muscular junctions following prevention of embryonic death of moto neurons

Nuzzaci G., 1981:
Ultrastructural observations on the eyes of tetranychus urticae acarina tetranychidae

Yates, J.A.; Higashi, G.I., 1986:
Ultrastructural observations on the fate of Brugia malayi in jirds previously vaccinated with irradiated infective stage larvae

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Ultrastructural observations on the gallbladder of Richardson's ground squirrel (Spermophilus richardsonii)

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Ultrastructural observations on the histogenesis of localized fibrous tumors of the pleura benign mesothelioma

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Ultrastructural observations on the host pathogen interface in infections of cronartium flaccidum on pine

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Ultrastructural observations on the human pre eruptive enamel cuticle

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Ultrastructural observations on the in vitro interaction between rat eosinophils and some parasitic helminths (Schistosoma mansoni, Trichinella spiralis and Nippostrongylus brasiliensis)

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Ultrastructural observations on the interaction of phospho lipid bi layers during coalescence of secretory granules

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Ultrastructural observations on the interstitial cells of the testis of paracentrotus lividus

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Ultrastructural observations on the intraodontoblastic collagen fibrils of the mouse tooth germs

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Ultrastructural observations on the larva of loxosoma pectinaricola franzen entoprocta loxosomatidae

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Ultrastructural observations on the marine fouling diatom amphora

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Ultrastructural observations on the maturation and secretion of granules in atrial myo cardium

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Ultrastructural observations on the merocyst and gametocytes of Hepatocystis spp. from Malaysian squirrels

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Ultrastructural observations on the micro fibrillar arrangement in rat tail tendon fibrils

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Ultrastructural observations on the morphology of the stomach of Salmo irideus and on the localization of carbonic anhydrase during development

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Ultrastructural observations on the nonarticulated branched laticifers in nerium oleander l. apocynaceae

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Ultrastructural observations on the pancreas of cirrhotic patients

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Ultrastructural observations on the parathyroid glands from rachitic chicks before and after vitamin D or Cestrum diurnum leaves treatment

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Ultrastructural observations on the pineal gland of the chinese hamster cricetulus griseus 1. the superficial pineal

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Ultrastructural observations on the primary 9 plus 0 cilia in the embryo heart of scyllium stellare

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Ultrastructural observations on the primordial germ cells in the newt triturus pyrrhogaster

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Ultrastructural observations on the retina in type II glycogenosis (Pompe's disease)

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Ultrastructural observations on the segmental organs of peripatus acacioi onychophora peripatidae

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Ultrastructural observations on the septal pore in cronartium flaccidum also in relation to the taxonomy of the uredinales

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Ultrastructural observations on the sexual phase of the coccidia eimeria acervulina in the intestinal epithelium of the chicken micro gametogenesis and macro gametogenesis

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Ultrastructural observations on the spermatozoa of pleurotomaria africana tomlin gastropoda

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Ultrastructural observations on the spermatozoa of trichogramma

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Ultrastructural observations on the spermatozoon oocyte and fertilization process in gonapodasmius a gonochoristic trematode trematoda digenea didymozoidae

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Ultrastructural observations on the sporogony in hepatocystis levinei hemoproteidan parasite of australian chiroptera in culicoides nubeculosus

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Ultrastructural observations on the sporogony of Eimeria maxima

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Ultrastructural observations on the submucous plexus of the large intestine of the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

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Ultrastructural observations on the terminal segment epithelium of the seminiferous tubule of West African dwarf goats

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Ultrastructural observations on the tracheal gills of aeshna anisoptera odonata larvae

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Ultrastructural observations on tissues processed by a quick freezing rapid drying method comparison with conventional specimen preparation

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Ultrastructural observations on vasomotor rhinitis

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Ultrastructural of isolated perfused proximal tubules from rabbit kidney a comparison with proximal tubules fixed by perfusion in vivo

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Ultrastructural of luteal cells in fully formed and regressing corpora lutea during pregnancy and lactation in the marsupials isoodon macrourus and perameles nasuta

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Ultrastructural of nerve endings and synaptic junctions in rabbit intrapulmonary neuroepithelial bodies a single and serial section analysis

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Ultrastructural of the cheliceral sensillae of the ixodid mite hyalomma asiaticum

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Ultrastructural ontogeny of leaf cavity trichomes in azolla implies a functional role in metabolite exchange

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Ultrastructural organ specific features of breast cancer cells

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Ultrastructural organization and acetyl cholin esterase in the neurons of the gigantocellular reticular nucleus in cat medulla oblongata

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Ultrastructural organization and storage products in plastids of the sugar beet root parenchyma

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Ultrastructural organization and the sites of calcium localization in the lamprey striated muscle

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Ultrastructural organization of a i and a i v projection zones in the cat auditory cortex in the posterior colliculi of the tectum opticum

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Ultrastructural organization of a rust hyper parasite darluca filum 2. conidiogenesis

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Ultrastructural organization of antenna organs in 3 species of noctuid moths

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Ultrastructural organization of brush alveocytes in normal and hypertrophic lungs of rats

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Ultrastructural organization of chlorella vulgaris strain larg 1 cells cultivated on the board of the research orbital station salyut 6 under autotrophic conditions

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Ultrastructural organization of contact chemo receptor sensilla of sand flies diptera phlebotomidae

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Ultrastructural organization of cultured macrophages as shown by negative staining technique

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Ultrastructural organization of double minute chromosomes and homogeneously staining regions in human colon carcinoma cells

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Ultrastructural organization of endotheliocytes in blood capillaries of the rat popliteal and iliac lymph nodes

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Ultrastructural organization of endotheliocytes in the human liver sinusoids during prenatal ontogenesis

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Ultrastructural organization of floral meristem in buds of grapevine plants treated with growth regulators

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Ultrastructural organization of giant neurons of the mollusk lymnaea stagnalis under different environmental temperatures

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Ultrastructural organization of globoids isolated from cotyledon cells of radish raphanus sativus

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Ultrastructural organization of heterochromatin within sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus sperm nuclei

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Ultrastructural organization of intraepithelial nerves in the human airway tract

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Ultrastructural organization of liposomes and isolated glycoproteins of enveloped virus prepared using meck a nonionic detergent

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Ultrastructural organization of lymphoid blood cells in hairy cell leukemia

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Ultrastructural organization of mycobacterium tuberculosis cryoultramicrotomy

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Ultrastructural organization of nerve cells of the aboral ganglion of sea gooseberries

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Ultrastructural organization of neurons in the ventro medial nucleus of cat hypothalamus

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Ultrastructural organization of nucleo proteins during aging of cultured human embryonic fibroblasts

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Ultrastructural organization of nucleoli in benign nevi and malignant melanomas

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Ultrastructural organization of some epithelial cells of digestive system in ulcer disease

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Ultrastructural organization of statocysts of some bivalve mollusks ostrea edulis mytilus edulis anodonta cygnea

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Ultrastructural organization of Sulfobacillus thermosulfidooxidans cells and spores

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Ultrastructural organization of tannin containing cells in grapevine pericarp with differing phytohormone content

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Ultrastructural organization of the accessory apparatus of olfactory receptors in blood sucking mosquito palps

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Ultrastructural organization of the aerohematic barrier of the lungs in laboratory animals

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Ultrastructural organization of the auditory nerve of crickets gryllus bimaculatus and gryllus campestris

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Ultrastructural organization of the bacterio phage isolated from bordetella pertussis

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Ultrastructural organization of the body muscle of aidanosagitta scarlatovi chaetognatha sagittoidea the myofibrillar apparatus

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Ultrastructural organization of the cell nucleus in early mouse embryos

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Ultrastructural organization of the chloroplast membrane system in mutants of chlamydomonas reinhardi with inactive photosystems

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Ultrastructural organization of the cingulate cortex surface in the rat cerebrum

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Ultrastructural organization of the cortex of digestive vacuoles in phacodinium metchnicoffi ciliated heterotrich

Didier P.; Dragesco J., 1979:
Ultrastructural organization of the cortex of phacodinium metchnicoffi ciliata heterotricha

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Ultrastructural organization of the dunaliella salina cell and its functional changes with respect to light intensity and temperature

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Ultrastructural organization of the efferent fiber terminals in the zones a 1 and a 4 of the cat acoustic cortex in the superior olivary complex

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Ultrastructural organization of the eyespot of chlamydomonas

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Ultrastructural organization of the hydrogen thermophilic bacterium pseudomonas thermophila

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Ultrastructural organization of the inner medullary zone in the kidney of the water rat arvicola terrestris

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Ultrastructural organization of the invasive hypha of candida albicans

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Ultrastructural organization of the lip epithelium in the ctenophore beroe cucumis

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Ultrastructural organization of the mammal pineal gland in post natal ontogeny

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Ultrastructural organization of the mid gut of the caddis fly limnephilus stigma trichoptera limnephilidae

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Ultrastructural organization of the nondifferentiated uredo spore germling of uromyces phaseoli var typica

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Ultrastructural organization of the ocelloid of nematodinium phylogenetic aspect of the evolution of warnowiidae dinoflagellates photo receptor

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Ultrastructural organization of the poison gland of the centipede scolopendra morsitans

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Ultrastructural organization of the principal substance of human dermis

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Ultrastructural organization of the putative chemoreceptive cells in the lips of the ctenophore beroe cucumis

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Ultrastructural organization of the rectal pads in adult stenophylax permistus trichoptera

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Ultrastructural organization of the relationship between endophytes and nitrogen fixing root nodule cells of silverberry elaeagnus argentea

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Ultrastructural organization of the renal malpighian body of the atlantic cod gadus morhua morhua

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Ultrastructural organization of the round window membrane in the infant human middle ear

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Ultrastructural organization of the taste buds of reptiles part 1 tortoises

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Ultrastructural organization of the taste buds of some elasmobranchs

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Ultrastructural organization of the tympanic nerve in the grasshopper tettigonia cantans orthoptera tettigoniidae

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Ultrastructural organization of tylenchulus semipenetrans nurse cells on citrus roots

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Ultrastructural organization of wheat leaf chloroplasts under varying water supply

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Ultrastructural organization sites of transcription and distribution of fibrillar centers in the nucleolus of the mouse oocyte

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Ultrastructural particularities in ovular tissues of some rhoeadales taxa and their probable taxonomic value

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Ultrastructural pathology in congenital defects of the urea cycle ornithine trans carbamylase and carbamyl phosphate synthetase deficiency

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Ultrastructural pathology of 3 methyl indole induced pneumo toxicity in cattle 1. glycogen accumulation in the alveolar type ii cells and tubular myelin accumulation in the alveoli

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Ultrastructural pathology of Crohn's disease: correlated transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and freeze fracture studies

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Ultrastructural pathology of cutaneous tumors of northern pike esox lucius l

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Ultrastructural pathology of lungs in an experiment

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Ultrastructural pathology of melanomalytic glaucoma

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Ultrastructural pathology of nitrosamine induced hamster cheek pouch tumors exposed to 12 o tetradecanoylphorbol 13 acetate

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Ultrastructural pathology of ozone induced experimental parathyroiditis part 4 biphasic activity in the chief cells of regenerating parathyroid glands

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Ultrastructural pathology of peripheral nerves in patients with diabetic neuropathy

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Ultrastructural pathology of phalloidin intoxicated hepatocytes in the presence and absence of extracellular calcium

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Ultrastructural pathology of skeletal muscle in various rheumatic diseases

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Ultrastructural pathology of some myo cardial cell mitochondria induced by dietary lipids

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Ultrastructural pathology of the adrenal gland in Cushing's syndrome

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Ultrastructural pathology of the alveolar system in experimental drowning

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Ultrastructural pathology of the compound eye and optic neuropils of the retinal degeneration mutant w rdg b k s 2 2 2 drosophila melanogaster

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Ultrastructural pathology of the middle ear mucosa in otitis media with effusion

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Ultrastructural pathology of the rectal mucosa in Shigella dysentery

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Ultrastructural pathology of thyroid folliculo papillary and follicular carcinoma

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Ultrastructural pathology with normal light microscopy of liver in a case of wilsons disease

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Ultrastructural pattern of in vitro glycogen synthesis in ascites hepatoma ah 130

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Ultrastructural patterns of nickel induced crystalline inclusions in mitochondria of renal tubules

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Ultrastructural patterns of the alpha naphthylbutyrate esterase activity in normal and leukemic peripheral blood leukocytes

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Ultrastructural patterns of the cranial brain membranes in experimental animals

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Ultrastructural patterns of the flagellar apparatus of chlorococcum minutum chlorophyceae zoospore

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Ultrastructural peculiarities in the epithelial cells of the cortico medullary transition in the thymus of a mouse

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Ultrastructural peculiarities of amylogenesis provoked in vitro in leaf explants of datura inoxia

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Ultrastructural peculiarities of elastogenesis in great arteries of the dog pelvic extremity at elongation of the shin

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Ultrastructural peculiarities of hyperchronic neurons with vacuolization found in nervous tissue after hypoxia

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Ultrastructural peculiarities of salivary glands of ixodes persulcatus ixodidae 1. granule secreting alveoli of the hungry female

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Ultrastructural peculiarities of sphincters in branches and precortical arteries in rabbit pial arterial system

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Ultrastructural peculiarities of the bone marrow subendosteal region cells in t cell virus induced lympholeukemia

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Ultrastructural peculiarities of the chemical transmission of the nerve impulse in the gravity receptors of some invertebrates

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Ultrastructural peculiarities of the cortical alveoli from the oocytes of some fish species

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Ultrastructural peculiarities of the endocrine pancreas capillaries in the genetically obese mice

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Ultrastructural peculiarities of the inner portion of the circular layer of colon 1. research in the human

Faussone-Pellegrini, M.S., 1985:
Ultrastructural peculiarities of the inner portion of the circular layer of the colon 2. research on the mouse

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Ultrastructural peculiarities of the mesothoracic tympanic organ of the lesser water boatman callicorixa praeusta heteroptera corixidae/

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Ultrastructural peculiarities of the nuclei of hybrid somatic cells

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Ultrastructural peculiarities of the reaction of the zona reticularis cells of the adrenal cortex in endo toxin shock

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Ultrastructural peroxidase cytochemistry of 3 established human myelogenous leukemia cell lines hl 60 kg 1 and ml 2

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Ultrastructural, physiological, and cytochemical characterization of cores in group D streptococci

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Ultrastructural picture of rat brain damage depending on the intensity of hypo glycemia

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Ultrastructural picture of rat cerebellum in culture subjected to the action of antiglial immune serum

Van Der Wal P.; E.W.; Westbroek P.; D.B.uijn W.C.; Mulder Stapel A.A., 1983:
Ultrastructural poly saccharide localization of calcifying and naked cells of the coccolithophorid emiliania huxleyi

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Ultrastructural post mortem changes in electrically stimulated bovine muscle

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Ultrastructural principles of pulmonary edema in patients with myo cardial infarction

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Ultrastructural profiles of nonadrenergic noncholinergic enteric nerve and localization of vasoactive intestinal poly peptide like immuno reactivity

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Ultrastructural properties of collagen fibrils in rat intestine

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Ultrastructural properties of cultured tumorigenic and nontumorigenic liver cell iar lines based on data obtained by scanning electron microscopy

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Ultrastructural quantitative characterization of sinus and atrioventricular nodal cells in the developing caprine heart compared with ordinary atrial and ventricular myocardial cells

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Ultrastructural radioautographic study of d tritiated glucosamine incorporation in synaptosomes of the rat cerebral cortex

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Ultrastructural radioautography and cytochemistry of lead absorption

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Ultrastructural reactions of spinal ganglia to tri o cresyl phosphate effects of neuro toxicity

Mardanova G.V., 1980:
Ultrastructural rearrangement of blood capillaries induced by implantation of a di methyl benz anthracene pill

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Ultrastructural rearrangements of the cell wall surface in aspergillus terreus growing on substrates containing cellulose

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Ultrastructural relations of macrophages to Schwann cells. An experimental study on regenerating peripheral nerves

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Ultrastructural relationship between cell and substrate coats in serum free and serum supplemented cultures

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Ultrastructural relationship between the guttural pouch in rhinoderma darwini and the tegument of larvae

Shiromoto, M., 1984:
Ultrastructural relationships between the sensory nerve terminals and the odontoblast process in the human dental pulp

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Ultrastructural remarks on some paleocene coccoliths from duwi range quseir district egypt

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Ultrastructural renal findings in allografted kidneys of patients treated with cyclosporin a

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Ultrastructural renal lesions in goats given a lethal dose of imidocarb di propionate

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Ultrastructural research in the plastids of parasitic plants 6. scales of cytinus hypocistis

Mae O., 1982:
Ultrastructural research on intimal cell of the ganglion scanning electron microscopic and transmission electron microscopic study

Tamarelle M., 1979:
Ultrastructural research on segregation and development of germ cells in embryos of 4 collembola insecta apterygota

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Ultrastructural research on the amastigotes of leishmania tropica and leishmania donovani

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Ultrastructural research on the capsule of cryptococcus neoformans

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Ultrastructural researches on collagen rat tail tendon sheaths

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Ultrastructural responses of pancreatic beta cells to metabolic alkalosis

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Ultrastructural retinal changes after irradiation with fast neutrons

Henry M.F., 1981:
Ultrastructural seasonal variations in host cells and endo symbiotes of elaeagnus angustifolia

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Ultrastructural sequence of myelin degradation part 1 wallerian degeneration in the rat optic nerve

Lassmann, H.; Ammerer, H.P.; Jurecka, W.; Kulnig, W., 1978:
Ultrastructural sequence of myelin degradation part 2 wallerian degeneration in the rat femoral nerve

Lushnikova E.L.; Nepomnyashchikh G.I.; Tumanov V.P.; Nepomnyashchikh L.M.; Gonchar A.M., 1983:
Ultrastructural serological analysis of cardio myocytes in rats with spontaneous genetic hypertension

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Ultrastructural signs of aging in gastric AL cells

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Ultrastructural similarities and differences of synovial sarcoma, epithelioid sarcoma, and clear cell sarcoma of the tendons and aponeuroses

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