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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6862

Chapter 6862 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bosch C., 1979: Ultrastructural study on the green pigment cells of bonellia viridis echiurian

Morikawa S., 1986: Ultrastructural study on the human infantile oral epithelium especially the gingival epithelium

Daikoku, S.; Kinutani, M.; Sako, M., 1976: Ultrastructural study on the hypothalamic hypophyseal adrenal axis in the fetal rats

Sehnal F., 1980: Ultrastructural study on the innervation of prothoracic glands in galleria mellonella

Chiba Y., 1985: Ultrastructural study on the intranuclear mitochondria

Riches D.J., 1988: Ultrastructural study on the invasion of the basal lamina of retinal inner limiting membrane by esophageal carcinoma cells

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861006

Takeuchi, T., 1977: Ultrastructural study on the mechanism of entry into host cells in toxoplasma gondii

Sohn T.J., 1980: Ultrastructural study on the mechanism of hepato toxicity of hexa chloro cyclo hexane and the protective effect of glutathione

Sohn T J., 1980: Ultrastructural study on the mechanism of hepato toxicity of poly chlorinated bi phenyls

Sohn T.J., 1980: Ultrastructural study on the mechanism of injury to the pancreatic exocrine cells by ethionine

Vazquez-Nin, G. H.; Echeverria, O. M., 1976: Ultrastructural study on the meiotic prophase nucleus of rat oocytes

Ito R., 1988: Ultrastructural study on the meninx of the goldfish brain

Tada K., 1984: Ultrastructural study on the mitochondrial myopathy associated with lactic acidosis

Xu B., 1987: Ultrastructural study on the model of heterotransplanted human lung adenocarcinoma to nude mice

Hase H., 1985: Ultrastructural study on the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disc the behavior of the cells in the nucleus pulposus and their autolytic changes in monkey

Borregon A., 1987: Ultrastructural study on the origin of rat microglia cells

Boisseau, C., 1979: Ultrastructural study on the oviduct of the newt pleurodeles waltlii 4. ultrastructure and cytochemistry of the epithelial cells of the ciliated duct and of the anterior oviduct of the adult female

Boisseau, C., 1980: Ultrastructural study on the oviduct of the newt pleurodeles waltlii 5. ultrastructure and cytochemistry of the post oviduct and of the uterus of the adult female

Chang N.S., 1987: Ultrastructural study on the parenchymal cell of korean planaria dugesia japonica

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861021

Akamatsu H., 1987: Ultrastructural study on the pulmonary parenchyma of the neonates following prolonged mechanical ventilation

De-Carvalho, C. A. F.; Junior, B. K.; Rodrigues, A. J-Jr, 1976: Ultrastructural study on the relations among nerve elements and ependymal cells of the bradypus tridactylus

Kleinsasser O., 1982: Ultrastructural study on the small blood vessels of human vocal cords

Kojimahara M., 1986: Ultrastructural study on the so called anchoring filaments in arterial endothelia

Vitellaro Zuccarello P., 1984: Ultrastructural study on the stapes and skin in a case of type i osteogenesis imperfecta

Shim T S., 1981: Ultrastructural study on the teguments of juvenile and adult paragonimus westermani

Nguyen-Duy-Jacquemin, M., 1978: Ultrastructural study on the tentorium glands cerebral glands in polyxenus lagurus myriapoda diplopoda penicillata

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861029

Kudo R., 1984: Ultrastructural study on the uterine leiomyosarcoma

Ichiki Y., 1983: Ultrastructural study on the vitelline cells of the lung fluke paragonimus ohirai

Ferraz-De-Carvalho, C. A.; Costacurta, L., 1976: Ultrastructural study on topographical variations of the ependyma in bradypus tridactylus

Miyoshi I., 1982: Ultrastructural study on type c virus particles in a human cord t cell line established by co cultivation with adult t cell leukemia cell brief report

Lagarde J., 1981: Ultrastructural study on zones in course of development of tubers and long shoots in stachys sieboldi cultivated in controlled conditions

Conforti V., 1985: Ultrastructural study scanning electron microscopy of strombomonas bourrellyi new species euglenophyta

Sunder Plassmann E., 1982: Ultrastructural subclassification of undifferentiated carcinoma of the parotid gland

Thiene G., 1985: Ultrastructural substrates of dystrophic calcification in porcine bioprosthetic valve failure

Demoraes H.P., 1983: Ultrastructural subtypes of pulmonary adeno carcinoma a correlation with patient survival

Veneziale C.M., 1979: Ultrastructural surface alterations of guinea pig seminal vesicle epithelium during post natal development and after castration

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861041

Snydle F.E., 1982: Ultrastructural surface characteristics of seminiferous tubules from men with varicocele

Danforth H.D., 1986: Ultrastructural surface interaction of serum or hybridoma antibodies with the pellicle of eimeria tenella sporozoites

Rethelyi, M., 1970: Ultrastructural synaptology of clarks column

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861045

Raikhlin N.T., 1984: Ultrastructural tissue specific properties of human breast carcinoma cells

Johnson, I. T.; Riegel, J. A., 1977: Ultrastructural tracer studies on the permeability of the malpighian tubule of the pill millipede glomeris marginata

Barajas Morales J., 1983: Ultrastructural traits of the wood of some boraginaceae from mexico

Goyer, R. A.; Krall, R., 1969: Ultrastructural transformation in mitochondria isolated from kidneys of normal and lead intoxicated rats

Wilson, R. H.; Thurston, E. L.; Mitchell, R., 1973: Ultrastructural transformations in bean inner mitochondrial membranes

Latif Abbas A., 1979: Ultrastructural transformations in the mouse genetic apparatus during spermiogenesis

Bohatier, J., 1977: Ultrastructural transformations obtained after applications of actinomycin d in the ciliate dileptus anser during regenerative and divisional stomatogenesis

Platt Aloia K., 1979: Ultrastructural transitions associated with the development of the bladder cells of the trichomes of atriplex semibaceata

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861054

Yamamoto T., 1979: Ultrastructural types of cell in adrenal cortical adenoma with primary aldo steronism

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861056

Smirnova E.A., 1985: Ultrastructural variants of the cell composition of human lung adenocarcinoma

Caloianu-Iordachel, M., 1974: Ultrastructural variation in young fish oocytes

Hori I., 1983: Ultrastructural variation of rough endoplasmic reticulum relation to the types of planarian dugesia japonica regenerative cells

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861060

Andersen R.A., 1987: Ultrastructural variations in cryptomonad flagella

Devi G.S., 1984: Ultrastructural variations in leaves of streblus asper growing near a fertilizer complex

Gruber, H. E.; Rosario, B., 1977: Ultrastructural variations in the flagellar apparatus of chlamydomonas reinhardi ac 31

Tusques, J.; George, Y.; Roch, M., 1976: Ultrastructural variations of the normal human cerebral cortex

Monis B., 1986: Ultrastructural variations of the urothelial membrane in essential fatty acid deficient rats a digital densitometric study

Schiefer, H. G.; Krauss, H.; Brunner, H.; Gerhardt, U., 1976: Ultrastructural visualization of anionic sites on mycoplasma membranes by poly cationic ferritin

Dederen P.J.W.C., 1987: Ultrastructural visualization of anterogradely transported horseradish peroxidase in developing corticospinal tract of rat

Orci L., 1981: Ultrastructural visualization of binding and internalization of cholera and tetanus toxins 1

Meban C., 1986: Ultrastructural visualization of carbohydrate groups in the surface coating of hamster alveolar macrophages and pneumonocytes

Baba H., 1985: Ultrastructural visualization of carbohydrates in oxytalan fibers in monkey periodontal ligaments

Gros, D.; Obrenovitch, A.; Challice, C. E.; Monsigny, M.; Schrevel, J., 1977: Ultrastructural visualization of cellular carbohydrate components by means of lectins on ultra thin glycol methacrylate sections

Garner A., 1981: Ultrastructural visualization of cellular carbohydrate components in rabbit lacrimal gland by means of concanavalin a

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861073

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861074

Kjaergaard, J.; Starklint, H.; Bierring, F., 1980: Ultrastructural visualization of concanavalin a binding receptor sites in neoplastic and nonneoplastic transitional cell epithelium of the human urinary bladder

Shimizu S., 1980: Ultrastructural visualization of concanavalin a binding sites using alkaline phosphatase labeled concanavalin a and ultra thin glycol methacrylate sections

Toda Y., 1985: Ultrastructural visualization of elastic fibers with a tannate metal salt method

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861078

Spicer S.S., 1982: Ultrastructural visualization of galactosyl residues in various alimentary epithelial cells with the peanut lectin horseradish peroxidase procedure

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861080

Chien S., 1983: Ultrastructural visualization of low density lipo proteins during receptor binding and cellular endocytosis

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861083

Spee C., 1988: Ultrastructural visualization of primate cone photoreceptor matrix sheaths

Shin M., 1987: Ultrastructural visualization of secretory products by exocytosis in the rat parathyroid gland by using the tannic acid ringer incubation method

Baba H., 1988: Ultrastructural visualization of selective peanut agglutinin binding sites in rat osteoclasts

Glimelius, K.; Wallin, A.; Eriksson, T., 1978: Ultrastructural visualization of sites binding concanavalin a on the cell membrane of daucus carota

Spicer, S. S.; Hardin, J. H.; Setser, M. E., 1978: Ultrastructural visualization of sulfated complex carbohydrates in blood and epithelial cells with the high iron di amine procedure

Schiefer, H. G.; Krauss, H.; Brunner, H.; Gerhardt, U., 1975: Ultrastructural visualization of surface carbohydrate structures on mycoplasma membranes by concanavalin a

Lounatmaa K., 1983: Ultrastructural visualization of the adherence of streptococcus mutans and streptococcus salivarius to hydroxylapatite

Cedard L., 1987: Ultrastructural visualization of the internalization of low density lipoprotein by human placental cells

Giddings T.H., 1985: Ultrastructural visualization of unfixed and unstained whole mounts by high voltage electron microscopy at low temperatures

Weiland F., 1981: Ultrastructural visualization of virus antibody binding by means of colloidal gold protein a

Al Douri S.M.J., 1983: Ultrastructurally abnormal bone and dentin produced by microphthalmic mice

Goebel, H. H.; Schulz, F.; Rama, B., 1980: Ultrastructurally abnormal mitochondria in the pituitary onco cytoma

Lootz J., 1982: Ultrastructure adaptation of ommatidia with open rhabdoms in the eyes of dermaptera insecta

Smith, J. J.; Maciver, A. G., 1978: Ultrastructure after cryo surgery of rat liver

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861099

Berthold, W. U., 1978: Ultrastructure analysis of the endoplasmic algae in amphistegina lessonii foraminifera protozoa and their systematic position

Keh Yen A., 1983: Ultrastructure and 3 dimensional reconstruction of several macular and papular telangi ectases

Kristen, U., 1978: Ultrastructure and a possible function of the inter cisternal elements in dictyosomes

Anderson R.S., 1980: Ultrastructure and acid phosphatase activity in hereditary cataracts of deer mice peromyscus maniculatus

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861104

Gilliland, M. G.; Bornman, C. H.; Addicott, F. T., 1976: Ultrastructure and acid phosphatase in pedicel abscission of hibiscus rosa sinensis

Haugen, A.; Laerum, O. D., 1978: Ultrastructure and actin distribution in neoplastic neurogenic cells in culture

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861107

Kolb G., 1985: Ultrastructure and adaptation in the retina of aglais urticae lepidoptera

Patterson, H.; Irvin, R.; Costerton, J. W.; Cheng, K. J., 1975: Ultrastructure and adhesion properties of ruminococcus albus

Hentschel H., 1984: Ultrastructure and adrenergic innervation of preglomerular arterioles in the euryhaline teleost salmo gairdneri

Scali V., 1980: Ultrastructure and amino acid analysis of the eggs of the stick insects lonchodes pterodactylus and carausius morosus phasmatodea heteronemiidae

Gourret J.P., 1983: Ultrastructure and analysis by laser probe mass spectrography of the mineral composition of the vesicles of trifolium pratense endo mycorrhizas

Juberthie Jupeau L., 1984: Ultrastructure and annual cycle of the accessory glands of the male genital apparatus of campodea remyi apterygota diplura campodeidae

Kalinina I.I., 1979: Ultrastructure and antigens of differentiation of thymus lymphocytes in human embryogenesis

Verna A., 1985: Ultrastructure and architecture of the sarcoplasmic reticulum in frog rana esculenta sino atrial fibers a comparative study with various preparatory procedures

Mukaidani C., 1985: Ultrastructure and atpase activity of the centriolar body at the mitotic stage in neoblasts of the planarian dugesia sp

Stasko Concannon S., 1979: Ultrastructure and atpase activity of the rectal gland of the chondrichthyean fish hydrolagus colliei holocephali

Ride J.P., 1982: Ultrastructure and auto radiography of lignifying cells in wheat leaves wound inoculated with botrytis cinerea

Sartorato P., 1984: Ultrastructure and autoradiography of dormant and activated parenchyma of helianthus tuberosus

Dzhindzholiya Sh R., 1984: Ultrastructure and behavior of nucleoli and fibrillar centers during red blood cell differentiation in 12 day old mouse embryo liver

Solari, A. J.; Ashley, T., 1977: Ultrastructure and behavior of the achiasmatic telosynaptic xy pair of the sand rat psammomys obesus

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861123

Beckett A., 1984: Ultrastructure and behavior of the spindle pole body of the aphid pathogenic fungus erynia neoaphidis

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861125

Reibach P.H., 1980: Ultrastructure and biochemistry of 2 mutants in hosta liliaceae

Bardakhch'yan E.A., 1985: Ultrastructure and biochemistry of ischemic myocardium after reperfusion

Jarrell K.F., 1987: Ultrastructure and biochemistry of the cell wall of methanococcus voltae

Valenta, L. J.; Michel-Bechet, M., 1977: Ultrastructure and biochemistry of thyroid carcinoma

Knowles, M. A.; Franks, L. M., 1978: Ultrastructure and biological markers of neoplastic change in adult mouse epithelial cells transformed in vitro

Mallie M., 1986: Ultrastructure and biology of cryptococcus neoformans

Iwata, K., 1981: Ultrastructure and calcification of the shells in inarticulate brachiopods 1. ultrastructure of the shell of lingula unguis

Litwinczuk R.A.C., 1984: Ultrastructure and cell cycle distribution of erythropoietic cells in heterozygotes and homozygotes for hemoglobin e

Burnham, J. C.; Hashimoto, T.; Conti, S. F., 1970: Ultrastructure and cell division of a facultatively parasitic strain of bdellovibrio bacteriovirus

Gedorenko G.M., 1981: Ultrastructure and certain biochemical metabolic indices in a sunflower lethal chlorophyll mutant of albino type

Zapata A., 1987: Ultrastructure and changes during metamorphosis of the lymph hemopoietic tissue of the larval anadromous sea lamprey petromyzon marinus

Blakemore R.P., 1987: Ultrastructure and characterization of anisotropic magnetic inclusions in magnetotactic bacteria

Yamada, M.; Miyazaki, T., 1976: Ultrastructure and chemical analysis of the cell wall of pythium debaryanum

Stacy B.D., 1985: Ultrastructure and chemical composition of calcite urinary calculi in chinese swamp buffalo

Santaolalla, M., 1975: Ultrastructure and chemical composition of lipo poly saccharide from erwinia carotovora part 2 influences of the extraction method

Faine S., 1986: Ultrastructure and chemical composition of lipopolysaccharide extracted from leptospira interrogans serovar copenhageni

Prevost M C., 1986: Ultrastructure and chemical composition of the ballistospore wall of conidiobolus obscurus

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861144

Uchizono, K., 1976: Ultrastructure and chemism of inhibitory synapses

Hunt, G. M.; Holloway, P. J.; Baker, E. A., 1976: Ultrastructure and chemistry of clarkia elegans leaf wax a comparative study with brassica leaf waxes

Biggs R.H., 1979: Ultrastructure and chemistry of cuticular waxes of developing citrus leaves and fruits

Holloway P.J., 1985: Ultrastructure and chemistry of soluble and polymeric lipids in cell walls from seed coats and fibers of gossypium species

Sreng L., 1979: Ultrastructure and chemistry of the secretion from tergal glands of the male blattella germanica dictyoptera blattellidae

Asakura K., 1982: Ultrastructure and chloride cytochemistry of the hind gut epithelium in the larvae of the sea water mosquito aedes togoi

Bienengraeber, V., 1978: Ultrastructure and clinico pathological aspects of muco epidermoid tumor of the salivary glands

Alcorn S.M., 1981: Ultrastructure and comparison of phymatotrichum omnivorum and sistotrema brinkmannii

Davis A.E.IIi, 1986: Ultrastructure and composition of bovine conglutinin

Anstey R.L., 1979: Ultrastructure and composition of brown bodies in some ordovician trepostome bryozoans

Timpl R., 1984: Ultrastructure and composition of connective tissue in hyalinosis cutis and mucosae skin

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861157

Wicklow B.J., 1983: Ultrastructure and cortical morphogenesis in the euplotine hypotrich certesia quadrinucleata ciliophora protozoa

Von-Willert, D. J.; Kramer, D., 1972: Ultrastructure and crassulacean acid metabolism in mesembryanthemum crystallinum leaves during normal and sodium chloride induced aging

Denys F.R., 1979: Ultrastructure and cyto kinetics of leukemic myelo blasts containing giant granules

Simon, L. T.; Bishop, D. S.; Hooper, G. R., 1979: Ultrastructure and cytochemical localization of laccase ec in 2 strains of leptosphaerulina briosiana

Tokumitsu, S. I.; Tokumitsu, K.; Nomura, H.; Miyayama, H.; Kohnoe, K.; Takeuchi, T., 1978: Ultrastructure and cytochemical study of cultured rat liver cells

Sotonyi, P.; Somogyi, E.; Nemes, A.; Juhasz-Nagy, S., 1976: Ultrastructure and cytochemistry of cardiac intra mitochondrial glycogen

Motta J.J., 1987: Ultrastructure and cytochemistry of dormant basidiospores of psilocybe cubensis

Zimmermann, H. P.; Granzow, V.; Granzow, C., 1976: Ultrastructure and cytochemistry of ehrlich ascites cells of the strain hd 33 masked protein in glycogen deposits

Rivera E.R., 1983: Ultrastructure and cytochemistry of glycogen containing vacuoles in gastro dermal cells in developing hydranths of a hydromedusan coelenterate

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861167

Bohatier, J., 1975: Ultrastructure and cytochemistry of macro nuclear components in the ciliate lacrymaria olor

Pomeranz Y., 1981: Ultrastructure and cytochemistry of mature oat avena sativa endosperm the aleurone layer and starchy endosperm

Niklas, K. J.; Brown, R. M. Jr ; Santos, R.; Vian, B., 1978: Ultrastructure and cytochemistry of miocene angiosperm leaf tissues

Chubinidze N.M., 1987: Ultrastructure and cytochemistry of polymorphonuclear neutrophil leukocytes in erythremia

De Souza W., 1982: Ultrastructure and cytochemistry of the cell surface of eosinophils

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861173

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861174

Marshall A.T., 1985: Ultrastructure and cytochemistry of the fat body of periplaneta americana dictyoptera blattidae

St John D.J.B., 1979: Ultrastructure and cytochemistry of the gastric mucosa of a reptile tiliqua scincoides

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861177

Beaulaton, J.; Monpeyssin, M., 1976: Ultrastructure and cytochemistry of the hemocytes of antheraea pernyi lepidoptera attacidae during the 5th larval stage part 1 pro hemocytes plasmatocytes and granulocytes

Beaulaton, J.; Monpeyssin, M., 1977: Ultrastructure and cytochemistry of the hemocytes of antheraea pernyi lepidoptera attacidae during the 5th larval stage part 2 spherule cells and oenocytoids

Kugler P., 1988: Ultrastructure and cytochemistry of the rat visceral yolk sac epithelium after culturing in different serum containing media

Gateff E., 1986: Ultrastructure and cytochemistry of the tumorous blood cells in the mutant lethal 3 malignant blood neoplasm of drosophila melanogaster

Schoenenberger N., 1979: Ultrastructure and cytochemistry of the yolk syncytial layer in the alevin of trout salmo fario trutta and salmo gairdneri after hatching

Lee K.P., 1986: Ultrastructure and cytochemistry of thyroid lysosomes following subtotal thyroidectomy

Higashi S., 1982: Ultrastructure and cytochemistry on old odonto blasts in rat incisors

Schoenenberger N., 1979: Ultrastructure and cytochemistry study of the yolk syncytial layer in the alevin of trout salmo fario trutta after hatching

Hayhoe F.G.J., 1986: Ultrastructure and cytogenetics in seven cases of acute promyelocytic leukemia

Feher, E.; Csanyi, K.; Vajda, J., 1977: Ultrastructure and degeneration analysis of the nerve fibers of the tooth pulp in the cat

Chakraborty, S.; Old, K. M., 1986: Ultrastructure and description of a fungus feeding amoeba trichamoeba mycophaga new species amoebidae amoebae from australia

Federici B.A., 1985: Ultrastructure and description of a new species of telomyxa microspora telomyxidae from the semiaquatic beetle ora texana coleoptera helodidae

Larsson J.I.R., 1987: Ultrastructure and development of a microsporidium of the genus pegmatheca with description of pegmatheca lamellata new species microspora thelohaniidae

Sousa, J. C. F.; Silva, M. T.; Balassa, G., 1978: Ultrastructure and development of an exosporium like outer spore envelope in bacillus subtilis

Gabaraeva N.I., 1987: Ultrastructure and development of endexine lamellae in manglietia tenuipes magnoliaceae in connection with the question of endexine existence in primitive angiosperms

Alvin K.L., 1984: Ultrastructure and development of mesozoic pollen classopollis

Hooper G.R., 1980: Ultrastructure and development of mutinus caninus and the occurrence of an 8 spored basidium

Hooper G.R., 1980: Ultrastructure and development of nidularia pulvinata

Fahn A., 1979: Ultrastructure and development of oil cells in laurus nobilis leaves

Mueller, W. C.; Beckman, C. H., 1976: Ultrastructure and development of phenolic storing cells in cotton roots

Li S., 1982: Ultrastructure and development of plastids in pigment deficient mutant of tobacco

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861199

Hesse M., 1980: Ultrastructure and development of pollenkitt in euphorbia cyparissias euphorbia palustris and mercurialis perennis euphorbiaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861201

Martini R., 1986: Ultrastructure and development of single walled sensilla placodea and basiconica on the antennae of the sphecoidea hymenoptera aculeata

Bennett W.E., 1986: Ultrastructure and development of the amoebo flagellate cells of the protostelid protosporangium articulatum

Beckett A., 1979: Ultrastructure and development of the asco spore germ slit in xylaria longipes

Wattendorff, J., 1978: Ultrastructure and development of the calcium oxalate crystal cells with suberin like crystal sheaths in the bark and secondary xylem of acacia senegal

Floyd G.L., 1983: Ultrastructure and development of the flagellar apparatus and flagellar motion in the colonial and green alga astrephomene gubernaculifera

Gambardella R., 1987: Ultrastructure and development of the gametophyte vaginula sporophyte foot complex in the liverwort targionia hypophylla l

Fahn A., 1983: Ultrastructure and development of the inactive stomata of anabasis articulata

Fahn A., 1982: Ultrastructure and development of the laticifers of ficus carica

Singh, H.; Owens, J. N.; Dietrich, H. F., 1983: Ultrastructure and development of the micro sporangium of pseudotsuga menziesii 1. dormant stages

Ruddat M., 1981: Ultrastructure and development of the nexine and intine in the pollen wall of silene alba caryophyllaceae

Heide Jorgensen H.S., 1985: Ultrastructure and development of the pitcher epithelium of sarracenia

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861213

Koller D., 1979: Ultrastructure and development of the trichomes of larrea tridentata creosote bush

Mcdonald, K. L.; Pickett-Heaps, J. D., 1976: Ultrastructure and differentiation in cladophora glomerata part 1 cell division

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861216

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861217

Bingzhong H., 1987: Ultrastructure and differentiation of protein storing cells in secondary phloem of hevea brasiliensis stem

Behnke, H. D.; Kiritsis, U., 1983: Ultrastructure and differentiation of sieve elements in primitive angiosperms 1. winteraceae

Behnke, H. D., 1986: Ultrastructure and differentiation of sieve elements in primitive angiosperms ii. primary phloem sieve elements of austrobaileya maculata

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861221

Steel C.G.H., 1985: Ultrastructure and distribution of identified neurosecretory terminals in the sinus gland of the terrestrial isopod oniscus asellus

Ottersen, O. P.; Vegge, T., 1977: Ultrastructure and distribution of inter cellular junctions in corneal endothelium

Lehman G.L., 1985: Ultrastructure and distribution of intracellular spicules in rat lung following chronic tobacco smoke exposure

Frederick, S. E.; Newcomb, E. H., 1971: Ultrastructure and distribution of microbodies in leaves of grasses m with and without carbon di oxide photo respiration

Hesse M., 1979: Ultrastructure and distribution of pollenkitt in the insect and wind pollinated genus acer aceraceae

Cuello A.C., 1987: Ultrastructure and distribution of substance p immunoreactive sensory collaterals in guinea pig prevertebral sympathetic ganglia

Goyanes V.J., 1987: Ultrastructure and division behavior of dinoflagellate chromosomes

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861229

Gorbik, T. A., 1976: Ultrastructure and dynamics of transosomes of the follicular epithelium of bird ovaries

Schmidt K., 1984: Ultrastructure and early development of the pore plate sensilla of gymnomerus laevipes vespoidea eumenidae

Wright V.P., 1981: Ultrastructure and early diagenesis of the visean alga koninckopora

Hargraves P.E., 1988: Ultrastructure and ecology of aureococcus anophagefferens new genus new species chrysophyceae the dominant picoplankter during a bloom in narragansett bay rhode island usa summer 1985

Cabioch J., 1979: Ultrastructure and elaboration of calcified cell walls in the coralline algae rhodophyta cryptonemiales

Hayes B.P., 1982: Ultrastructure and elastic changes of regenerated basement membrane in normal and diabetic rats

Mccann F.V., 1980: Ultrastructure and electrical activity in developing insect heart cells hyalophora cecropia

Tadkowski T.M., 1980: Ultrastructure and electrical activity in embryonic and adult heart cells of the cricket acheta domesticus

Zavalishina L.E., 1986: Ultrastructure and electro histochemical properties of the glandular epithelium in the human endometrium

Fourcy A., 1981: Ultrastructure and electron probe micro analysis of the meta chromatic vacuolar granules occurring in taxus baccata mycorrhizas

Lalonde J.M.A., 1982: Ultrastructure and electron probe x ray analysis of the pigment in melanosis duodeni

Murphy, J. A.; Thompson, M. R.; Pappelis, A. J., 1976: Ultrastructure and elemental composition of dormant and germinating diplodia maydis spores

Banks P.A., 1987: Ultrastructure and elemental composition of human pancreatic calculi

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861243

Appleton, J.; Lyon, R.; Swindin, K. J.; Chesters, J., 1985: Ultrastructure and energy dispersive x ray microanalysis of cartilage after rapid freezing low temperature freeze drying and embedding in spurr's resin

Pfaff D.W., 1984: Ultrastructure and enzyme digestion of nucleoli and associated structures in hypothalamic nerve cells viewed in resinless sections

Schwager P., 1979: Ultrastructure and evolution of a sperm phylogenetic implications of altered motile machinery in ophryotrocha puerilis spermatozoon

Yoon K.S., 1985: Ultrastructure and evolution of ballistosporic basidiospores

Eichelberg D., 1979: Ultrastructure and experimental modifiability of malpighian tubules in larvae of the salt fly ephydra riparia diptera ephydridae

Ryter A., 1983: Ultrastructure and extreme heat resistance of spores from thermophilic clostridium species

Viles J., 1982: Ultrastructure and fatty acid modified morris 7777 hepatoma cells

Cutz, E.; Chan, W.; Wong, V.; Conen, P. E., 1975: Ultrastructure and fluorescence histochemistry of endocrine amine precursor uptake and decarboxylation type cells in tracheal mucosa of human and various animal species

Kastendieck, H.; Boecker, W.; Huesselmann, H., 1976: Ultrastructure and formal pathogenesis of embryonal rhabdo myo sarcoma

Reznik-Schueller, H.; Mohr, U., 1976: Ultrastructure and formation of lamellated inclusion bodies in induced lung tumors of the european hamster

Brueggemann J., 1985: Ultrastructure and formation of the bursa mouthpiece of philocelis cellata platyhelminthes acoela

Bordereau C., 1982: Ultrastructure and formation of the physogastric termite queen cuticle

Dolivo, M.; Beretta, E.; Bonifas, V.; Foroglou, C., 1978: Ultrastructure and function in sympathetic ganglia isolated from rats infected with pseudorabies virus

Kuchenbrod P.J., 1980: Ultrastructure and function of alveolar macrophages from cystic fibrosis patients

Salov, V. F.; El'shanskaya, M. P., 1977: Ultrastructure and function of cell elements of the thymus during the formation of anti tuberculosis immunity

Grantham J.J., 1980: Ultrastructure and function of cysts from human adult poly cystic kidneys

Rieder, N., 1977: Ultrastructure and function of dermal glands of triops cancriformis crustacea notostraca

Zacharuk, R. Y.; Albert, P. J.; Bellamy, F. W., 1977: Ultrastructure and function of digitiform sensilla on the labial palp of a larval elaterid coleoptera

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Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861558

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Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861632

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Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861754

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Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861784

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861785

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861786

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Miyakawa, T.; Sumiyoshi, S.; Murayama, E.; Deshimaru, M., 1974: Ultrastructure of capillary plaque like degeneration in senile dementia mechanism of amyloid production

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861798

Lukas E., 1984: Ultrastructure of carbon di sulfide neuropathy

Costerton J.W., 1987: Ultrastructure of cardiac bacterial vegetations on native valves with emphasis on alterations in bacterial morphology following antibiotic treatment

Morozova, O. L., 1975: Ultrastructure of cardiac cells and cell complexes

Sosunov A.A., 1988: Ultrastructure of cardiac ganglia in human fetuses

Howse H.D., 1982: Ultrastructure of cardiac hemocytes and related cells in the oyster crassostrea virginica

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861804

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861805

Pavlovich, E. R.; Chervova, I. A., 1977: Ultrastructure of cardio myocytes in peduncles of his bundle of the rat heart

Burbach J.A., 1987: Ultrastructure of cardiocyte degeneration and myocardial calcification in the dystrophic hamster

Watanabe K., 1985: Ultrastructure of carious dentin with special reference to crystal growth in the intertubular matrix

Lommen, M. A. J.; Takemoto, J., 1978: Ultrastructure of carotenoid mutant strain r 26 of rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861810

Laidler, P.; Kay, J. M., 1978: Ultrastructure of carotid body in rats living at a simulated altitude of 4300 meters

Gori P., 1980: Ultrastructure of carpo spores in gastroclonium clavatum rhodymeniales

Kugrens P., 1984: Ultrastructure of carposporogenesis in the parasitic red alga faucheocolax attenuata rhodymeniales rhodymeniaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861814

Hood, L. F.; Allen, J. E., 1977: Ultrastructure of carrageenan milk sols and gels

Youson J.H., 1983: Ultrastructure of cartilage from young adult sea lamprey petromyzon marinus a new type of vertebrate cartilage

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861817

Selwood, L., 1970: Ultrastructure of cat visual cortex after incubation

Eshaghian, J.; March, W. F.; Goossens, W.; Rafferty, N. S., 1978: Ultrastructure of cataract in myotonic dystrophy

Constabel F., 1987: Ultrastructure of catharanthus roseus cells cultured in vitro and exposed to conditions for alkaloid accumulation

Flaxman, B. A.; Lutzner, M. A.; Van-Scott, E. J., 1968: Ultrastructure of cell attachment to substratum in vitro human skin inst electron microscope

Kartha, S.; Mookerjee, S., 1978: Ultrastructure of cell contact in sponge cells

Abbott L.A., 1983: Ultrastructure of cell death in gamma irradiated or x irradiated imaginal wing discs of drosophila

Bergstrom S., 1980: Ultrastructure of cell detachment from the human fetus in early pregnancy

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861825

Scott J., 1981: Ultrastructure of cell division and reproductive differentiation of male plants in the florideophyceae rhodophyta mitosis in dasya baillouviana

Scott, J. L.; Bullock, K. W., 1976: Ultrastructure of cell division in cladophora pregametangial cell division in the ha ploid generation of cladophora flexuosa

Gillott, M. A.; Triemer, R. E., 1978: Ultrastructure of cell division in euglena

Scott J., 1986: Ultrastructure of cell division in the marine red alga lomentaria baileyana

Scott J., 1982: Ultrastructure of cell division in the uni cellular red alga porphyridium purpureum

Scott J., 1986: Ultrastructure of cell division in the unicellular red alga flintiella sanguinaria

Chernina, L. A.; Shvemberger, I. N., 1975: Ultrastructure of cell elements of mouse rhabdo myo sarcoma

Tarkowski A.K., 1986: Ultrastructure of cell fusion and premature chromosome condensation of thymocyte nuclei in metaphase ii mouse oocytes

Tarkowski A.K., 1980: Ultrastructure of cell hybrids between mouse oocytes and blastomeres

Pauli, B. U.; Weinstein, R. S.; Alroy, J.; Arai, M., 1977: Ultrastructure of cell junctions in n 4 5 nitro 2 furyl 2 thiazylyl formamide induced urothelial tumors in urinary bladder of fischer rats

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861836

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861837

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861838

Skinnider, L. F.; Ghadially, F. N., 1977: Ultrastructure of cell surface abnormalities in neoplastic histiocytes

Levin, S.; Richter, W. R., 1975: Ultrastructure of cell surface coat glycocalyx in rat urinary bladder epithelium

Brand K.G., 1980: Ultrastructure of cell types cultured during pre neoplasia from implant surfaces and foreign body reactive tissues in mice

Knuiman B., 1982: Ultrastructure of cell wall and plugs of tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar samsun pollen tubes after chemical extraction of poly saccharides

Golecki J.R., 1979: Ultrastructure of cell wall and thylakoid membranes of the thermophilic cyanobacterium synechococcus lividus under the influence of temperature shifts

Brown R.H., 1984: Ultrastructure of cell wall degradation in panicum species differing in digestibility

Mcmullen, C. R.; Gardner, W. S.; Myers, G. A., 1977: Ultrastructure of cell wall thickenings and paramural bodies induced by barley stripe mosaic virus

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861846

Maszewska M.M., 1980: Ultrastructure of cells after reversible dark induced blocking of mitotic divisions in antheridial filaments of chara vulgaris

Avetisova L.V., 1981: Ultrastructure of cells apical meristem of wheat shoots at normal and delayed rates of development

Pomponi S.A., 1979: Ultrastructure of cells associated with excavation of calcium carbonate substrates by boring sponges

Nopanitaya, W.; Charlton, R. K.; Turchin, R. L. Jr ; Grisham, J. W., 1977: Ultrastructure of cells cultured on poly carbonate membranes

Garrido J., 1985: Ultrastructure of cells from citrus sinensis flavedo

Petrovskaya, L. L.; Moshkov, D. A.; Bragin, A. G., 1978: Ultrastructure of cells in surviving hippocampal sections in the process of incubation

Vasilevskii N.N., 1985: Ultrastructure of cells in the lateral field of the cat hypothalamus after electromagnetic radiation

Rivera E.R., 1981: Ultrastructure of cells in the over wintering dormant shoot apex of rhododendron maximum

Shmerling M.D., 1987: Ultrastructure of cells in the system liver endocrine part of the pancreas of a hibernator

Nabarra, B.; Descamps, B., 1976: Ultrastructure of cells infiltrating human kidney allo grafts

Roszkiewicz, A.; Roszkiewicz, J.; Lasek, J., 1976: Ultrastructure of cells of proper gastric glands and their stroma in hemorrhagic shock in the rat

Eliseev V.V., 1981: Ultrastructure of cells of sarcomas induced by plastic plates

Sudakova A.I., 1982: Ultrastructure of cells of the erythroid series during chronic phenolic intoxication

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861860

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861861

Dotson J.F., 1985: Ultrastructure of cellular changes in the replication of the alcelaphine herpesvirus 1 of malignant catarrhal fever

Machan B., 1982: Ultrastructure of cellular elements of internodal connections of the stimulus conducting system in human embryonal and fetal hearts

Hayashi Y., 1987: Ultrastructure of cementum formation on partially formed teeth in dogs

Chapman, R. L., 1980: Ultrastructure of cephaleuros virescens chroolepidaceae chlorophyta 2. gametes

Chapman, R. L., 1981: Ultrastructure of cephaleuros virescens chroolepidaceae chlorophyta 3. zoo spores

Chapman, R. L.; Henk, M. C., 1983: Ultrastructure of cephaleuros virescens chroolepidaceae chlorophyta 4. absolute configuration analysis of the cruciate flagellar apparatus and multi layered structures in the pre release and post release gametes

Chapman, R. L., 1976: Ultrastructure of cephaleuros virescens chroolepidaceae chlorophyta part 1 scanning electron microscopy of zoo sporangia

Hasegawa A., 1987: Ultrastructure of ceratocystis stenoceras determined by sem and tem

Schuster, F. L.; Pollak, A., 1978: Ultrastructure of cercomonas sp a free living amoeboid flagellate

Ho, K. L., 1984: Ultrastructure of cerebellar capillary hemangioblastoma 1. weibel palade bodies and stromal cell histogenesis

Ho, K. L., 1984: Ultrastructure of cerebellar capillary hemangioblastoma 2. mast cells and angiogenesis

Ho, K. L., 1985: Ultrastructure of cerebellar capillary hemangioblastoma 3. crystalloid bodies in endothelial cells

Ho, K. L., 1985: Ultrastructure of cerebellar capillary hemangioblastoma 4. pericytes and their relationship to endothelial cells

Ho, K. L., 1986: Ultrastructure of cerebellar capillary hemangioblastoma v. large pinocytic vacuolar bodies megalopinocytic vesicles in endothelial cells

Ho, K. L., 1987: Ultrastructure of cerebellar capillary hemangioblastoma vi. concentric lamellar bodies of endoplasmic reticulum in stromal cells

Chaudhry, A. P.; Montes, M.; Cohn, G. A., 1978: Ultrastructure of cerebellar hem angio blastoma

Llena J.F., 1985: Ultrastructure of cerebellar hemangioblastoma some new observations on the stromal cells

Fitch W., 1985: Ultrastructure of cerebral arteries following experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage

Guttekova, A.; Zmoray, I., 1978: Ultrastructure of chabertia ovina nematoda strongylidae

Pogacnik A., 1980: Ultrastructure of chamois rupicapra rupicapra testis structure of the peri tubular tissue of the seminiferous tubules

Lamotte, C. C.; De-Lanerolle, N. C., 1983: Ultrastructure of chemically defined neuron systems in the dorsal horn of the monkey 2. methionine enkephalin immuno reactivity

Delanerolle, N. C.; Lamotte, C. C., 1983: Ultrastructure of chemically defined neuron systems in the dorsal horn of the monkey 2. substance p immuno reactivity

Lamotte, C. C.; De-Lanerolle, N. C., 1983: Ultrastructure of chemically defined neuron systems in the dorsal horn of the monkey 3. serotonin immuno reactivity

Sirsat S.M., 1985: Ultrastructure of chemically induced mouse skin tumors

Tjallingii W.F., 1985: Ultrastructure of chemoreceptors on the pedipalps and first tarsi of phytoseiulus persimilis

Piras, A. T.; Zecchi, S., 1976: Ultrastructure of chick embryo lung cultured in the presence of histones

Dupuy-Coin, A. M.; Ege, T.; Bouteille, M.; Ringertz, N. R., 1976: Ultrastructure of chick erythrocyte nuclei undergoing reactivation in heterokaryons and enucleated cells

Lucas F.V., 1979: Ultrastructure of chick tendon fibroblast with special reference to secretory mechanism

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861895

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861896

Yalpani N., 1981: Ultrastructure of chitosan and some gel forming branched chain chitosan derivatives

Schachter J., 1984: Ultrastructure of chlamydia trachomatis infection of the mouse oviduct

Hemmes, D. E.; Wong, L. D. S., 1975: Ultrastructure of chlamydo spores of phytophthora cinnamomi during development and germination

Nakamura, K.; Bray, D. F.; Wagenaar, E. B., 1975: Ultrastructure of chlamydomonas eugametos palmelloids induced by chloro platinic acid treatment

Hrechko H.M., 1979: Ultrastructure of chlorella pyrenoidosa strain g 11 1 cells grown for a long time under conditions of space flight

Youson J.H., 1979: Ultrastructure of chloride cells in young adults of the anadromous sea lamprey petromyzon marinus in fresh water and during adaptation to sea water

Hu C H., 1988: Ultrastructure of chloroplast and photosynthetic properties of the leaves at different position in maize

Chan, K. Y., 1978: Ultrastructure of chloroplast thylakoids and their change during senescence in coelastrum sp

Chmora S.N., 1979: Ultrastructure of chloroplasts during photosynthesis of sugar beet leaves under conditions of various carbon di oxide and oxygen concentrations

Stocking, C. R.; Shumway, L. K.; Weier, T. E.; Greenwood, D., 1968: Ultrastructure of chloroplasts isolated by nonaqueous extraction

Stitnimakarn, T.; Thakerngpol, K.; Damrongsak, C.; Chinapak, O.; Sindhvananda, K., 1978: Ultrastructure of cholangio carcinoma associated with opisthorchiasis

Varela Nunez R., 1979: Ultrastructure of chondroid syringoma role of the myo epithelial cell in the development of the mixed tumor of the skin and soft tissues

Sriurairatna S., 1985: Ultrastructure of chordoma a case report

Cieciura L., 1980: Ultrastructure of choroid plexus of the rat brain after 2 4 di nitro phenol treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861912

Roy, S., 1977: Ultrastructure of chromophobe adenoma of the human pituitary gland

Bogdanov Yu F., 1983: Ultrastructure of chromosomes and the synaptonemal complex at meiotic prophase in lily lilium candidum

Gruzdev A.D., 1986: Ultrastructure of chromosomes in microsporocytes of a maize ameiotic mutant

Thiele, J.; Georgii, A.; Vykoupil, K. F., 1976: Ultrastructure of chronic megakaryocytic granulocytic myelosis

Baccam D., 1987: Ultrastructure of chronic res stages of isospora in sparrows

Tandler, B., 1977: Ultrastructure of chronically inflamed human submandibular glands

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861919

Vinogradova M.S., 1979: Ultrastructure of citellus erythrogenus parietal cells in the summer period and at the time of hibernation

Genton C.Y., 1979: Ultrastructure of clear cell carcinoma of the ovary case report and review of the literature

Gompel, C.; Horanyi, Z.; Simonet, M. L., 1976: Ultrastructure of clear cell carcinoma of the vagina and the cervix report of a case with unusual ultrastructural findings

Panigel, M.; Kraemer, D. C.; Kalter, S. S.; Smith, G. C.; Heberling, R. L., 1975: Ultrastructure of cleavage stages and pre implantation embryos of the baboon

White J.G., 1982: Ultrastructure of clots during isometric contraction

Smith, C. A.; Vogel, C. W.; Muller-Eberhard, H. J., 1982: Ultrastructure of cobra naja naja kaouthia venom factor dependent complement c 3 c 5 convertase ec and its zymogen factor b of human complement

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861926

Mashanskii V.F., 1985: Ultrastructure of coccomyxa peltigera the phycobiont of peltigera aphthosa peltigeraceae under air dry and moist conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861928

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861929

Benson S.C., 1979: Ultrastructure of collagen in sea urchin embryos

Jooste W.J., 1988: Ultrastructure of collarette formation in fusarium section liseola and some taxonomic implications

Domanin A.A., 1985: Ultrastructure of colon villous adenomas

Tarnawski A., 1983: Ultrastructure of colonic endocrine cells in ulcerative colitis

Ribak C.E., 1983: Ultrastructure of commissural neurons of the hilar region in the hippocampal dentate gyrus

Zimmer D.E., 1979: Ultrastructure of compatible and incompatible reactions of sunflower to plasmopara halstedii

Rhodes R.H., 1987: Ultrastructure of complex carbohydrates of rodent and monkey ependymal glycocalyx and meninges

Bardakhch'yan E.A., 1980: Ultrastructure of components of the functional element of adrenal medullary substance in the early period of endo toxin shock

Okada M., 1986: Ultrastructure of concentric laminations in primary human brain tumors

Silverberg S.G., 1982: Ultrastructure of congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation of the lung

Mukai Y., 1983: Ultrastructure of congenital epulis

Krejzova, R., 1976: Ultrastructure of conidia of paecilomyces fumoso roseus isolated from zoothermopsis sp

Zhitnikova I.P., 1988: Ultrastructure of conidia of sphaerotheca fuliginea f cucurbitae

Hopcroft D.H., 1983: Ultrastructure of conidial and micro conidial ontogeny of marssonina species pathogenic to poplars

Gay J.L., 1985: Ultrastructure of conidiogenesis in cercospora beticola

Hanlin R.T., 1981: Ultrastructure of conidiogenesis in sphaerostilbe ochracea

Terracina, F. C., 1977: Ultrastructure of conidiogenesis in the thallic hyphomycete oidiodendron griseum

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861947

Jones, J. P., 1976: Ultrastructure of conidium ontogeny in phoma pomorum microsphaeropsis olivaceum and coniothyrium fuckelii

Campbell R., 1979: Ultrastructure of conidium ontogeny of pseudobasidiospora caroliniana

Buck R.C., 1986: Ultrastructure of conjunctival epithelium replacing corneal epithelium

Gacek R.R., 1988: Ultrastructure of contralaterally projecting vestibular efferent neurons in the cat

Resmini P., 1986: Ultrastructure of cooked spaghetti

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861953

Pellegrini M., 1987: Ultrastructure of corn stomata mitochondria case of a photoactive opening

Koseki T., 1981: Ultrastructure of corneal and conjunctival calcification in renal failure

Moore, J. F.; Mayr, W.; Hougie, C., 1976: Ultrastructure of coronary arterial changes in spawning pacific salmon genus oncorhynchus and steelhead trout salmo gairdnerii

Bhan, R. D.; Giacomelli, F.; Wiener, J., 1978: Ultrastructure of coronary arteries and myo cardium in experimental hypertension

Ciamporova M., 1980: Ultrastructure of cortical cells of maize zea mays root under water stress conditions

Trounson A.O., 1982: Ultrastructure of cortical granule release and zona interaction in mono spermic and poly spermic human ova fertilized in vitro

Von-Lawzewitsch, I.; Dickmann, G. H.; Franke, E., 1974: Ultrastructure of corticotroph cells in human pituitary tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861961

Marfina K.G., 1982: Ultrastructure of cotton chloroplasts during water deficit

Vartapetyan B.B., 1979: Ultrastructure of cotton root cells in relation to oxygen transport in the plant

Geneves L., 1985: Ultrastructure of cotyledonary cells protein bodies and crystals in the dry seeds of phaseolus vulgaris

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861965

Schmidt, J. M.; Swafford, J. R., 1975: Ultrastructure of cross bands in prosthecae of asticcacaulis spp

Nishizawa, R., 1977: Ultrastructure of crown gall cells with special reference to the nuclei mitochondria and chloroplasts

Asboe Hansen G., 1982: Ultrastructure of cryptococcus neoformans

Kagawa S., 1985: Ultrastructure of cryptococcus neoformans in the cerebrospinal fluid of a patient with cryptococcal meningitis

Sawatzke, C. L.; Heidger, P. M. Jr, 1977: Ultrastructure of crystalloid inclusions in the dog and rat epididymis

Bartman, J.; Wiesmann, U.; Blanc, W. A., 1970: Ultrastructure of cultivated fibroblasts in cystic fibrosis of the pancreas

Spieckermann P.G., 1984: Ultrastructure of cultured adult myo cardial cells during anoxia and re oxygenation

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861976

Livni, N.; Legum, C., 1976: Ultrastructure of cultured fibroblasts in muco lipidosis type iv

Davis R.A., 1982: Ultrastructure of cultured hepatocytes from fat fed and cholesterol fed rats

Nayak N.C., 1980: Ultrastructure of cultured human hepato cellular carcinoma cells releasing hepatitis b virus surface antigen

Hervonen H., 1979: Ultrastructure of cultured rat neo striatum

Soares M.J., 1988: Ultrastructure of cultured rat placental cells

Section 7, Chapter 6862, Accession 006861982

Kobayasi T., 1980: Ultrastructure of cutaneous granulomas and mononuclear cells from patients with sarcoidosis

Ogawa, K., 1981: Ultrastructure of cutaneous lesions in lupus erythematosus a comparison between the cutaneous and systemic types 1. the basal lamina at the dermal epidermal junction

Dutkowski, A. B.; Oberlander, H.; Leach, C. E., 1977: Ultrastructure of cuticle deposited in plodia interpunctella wing discs after various beta ecdysone treatments in vitro

Rosciszewska E., 1985: Ultrastructure of cuticle surface of tetrodontophora bielanensis collembola

Flegler, S. L.; Hooper, G. R., 1978: Ultrastructure of cyathus stercoreus

Westfall J.A., 1985: Ultrastructure of cyclic changes in the murine uterus cervix and vagina

Stoermer E.F., 1987: Ultrastructure of cymbella sinuata and its allies bacillariophyceae and their transfer to reimeria new genus

Hibberd, D. J., 1977: Ultrastructure of cyst formation in ochromonas tuberculata chrysophyceae

Pluzhnikov L.T., 1984: Ultrastructure of cysticercoids of fimbriaria fasciolaris hymenolepididae

Silverberg S.G., 1985: Ultrastructure of cystosarcoma phyllodes and fibroadenoma a comparative study

Pak L.S., 1986: Ultrastructure of cysts of sarcocystis sp in the large toothed suslik citellus fulvus

Wollman S.H., 1981: Ultrastructure of cytokinesis in blood capillary endothelial cells in thyroid gland in vivo

Fuge, H., 1976: Ultrastructure of cytoplasmic nucleolus like bodies and nuclear ribo nucleo protein particles in late prophase of tipulid spermatocytes

Yamamoto M., 1982: Ultrastructure of cytosoral plasmodia and zoo sporangia of sorosphaera veronicae

Cooper E.L., 1988: Ultrastructure of cytotoxic cells in frogs

Landau I., 1982: Ultrastructure of dactylosoma ranarum affinities with coccidia revision of the taxonomical position of the dactylosomidae

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