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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6863

Chapter 6863 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Fulton R.W., 1984: Ultrastructure of datura stramonium infected with a euphorbia virus suggestive of a whitefly transmitted geminivirus

Kuczynska Sicinska J., 1980: Ultrastructure of decidual capillaries and precapillaries in severe arterial hypertension

Morrow H.A., 1983: Ultrastructure of decidualization in the pseudopregnant rat

Tsuji T., 1987: Ultrastructure of deep wrinkles in the elderly

Smith K.R., 1980: Ultrastructure of degenerating cerebello thalamic terminals in the ventral medial nucleus of the cat

Canfield R.C., 1987: Ultrastructure of degenerative changes following ricin application to feline dental pulps

Vasiliver R., 1982: Ultrastructure of denaturated potato proteins

Chentsov Yu S., 1979: Ultrastructure of deoxy ribo nucleo protein fibrils and inter chromatin granules in isolated nuclei from rat liver cells

Hentzer, B.; Kobayasi, T.; Asboe-Hansen, G., 1977: Ultrastructure of dermal connective tissue in fibro dysplasia ossificans progressiva

Vaccaro, C.; Brody, J. S., 1978: Ultrastructure of developing alveoli part 1 the role of the interstitial fibroblast

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862010

Hackett, C. J.; Chen, K. C., 1976: Ultrastructure of developing asco spores in sordaria brevicollis

Van-Eck, W. H.; Schippers, B., 1976: Ultrastructure of developing chlamydo spores of fusarium solani f cucurbitae in vitro

Haberkorn A., 1981: Ultrastructure of developing gamonts of eimeria contorta protozoa sporozoa with emphasis on the host parasite interface

Fukuda, T.; Hedinger, C.; Groscurth, P., 1975: Ultrastructure of developing germ cells in the fetal human testis

Kummerow F., 1980: Ultrastructure of developing human ductus arteriosus

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862016

Jordanov, J.; Angelova, P.; Boyadjieva-Michailova, A.; Bakalska, M., 1978: Ultrastructure of developing interstitial cells in chick embryonic gonad in relation to their genesis and steroidogenic function

Schroeder P.C., 1981: Ultrastructure of developing ovarian follicles and ovulation in the lizard anolis carolinensis reptilia

Kuznetsova, N. F., 1988: Ultrastructure of developing pinus sylvestris l. seeds after self and wind pollination

Hoefert, L. L., 1979: Ultrastructure of developing sieve elements in thlaspi arvense 1. the immature state

Hoefert, L. L., 1980: Ultrastructure of developing sieve elements in thlaspi arvense 2. maturation

Attstrom R., 1985: Ultrastructure of developing subgingival plaque in beagle dogs

Lemire M., 1982: Ultrastructure of different cells of the adeno hypophysis of the sahara lizard uromastix acanthinurus sauria agamidae

Juhasz J., 1980: Ultrastructure of different clinical forms of oral leukoplakia

Gvilava M.N., 1987: Ultrastructure of different types of embryo sacs

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862026

Schmidt B.A., 1979: Ultrastructure of differentiated malpighian tubules from cockroach nymphs during the molting cycle

Fineran B.A., 1979: Ultrastructure of differentiating graniferous tracheary elements in the haustorium of exocarpos bidwillii santalaceae

Dorn, A., 1978: Ultrastructure of differentiating hemocytes in the embryo of oncopeltus fasciatus insecta heteroptera

Prostak K., 1981: Ultrastructure of differentiating pre amelo blasts from tooth germs of the permanent dentition of macaca mulatta and macaca arctoides

Ruppel M., 1981: Ultrastructure of differently pigmented synechococcus cells

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862033

Davydova T.V., 1981: Ultrastructure of displaced bi polar cells in the turtle retina

Sato F., 1981: Ultrastructure of disseminated choroid plexus papilloma

Kasten F.H., 1979: Ultrastructure of dissociated adult mammalian myocytes

Usherwood P.N.R., 1981: Ultrastructure of dissociated nerve cells of periplaneta americana dictyoptera blattidae growing in culture

Giles D.P., 1981: Ultrastructure of dissociated neurons from pupae of spodoptera littoralis lepidoptera noctuidae growing in culture

Dorup J., 1985: Ultrastructure of distal nephron cells in rat renal cortex

Altenburg, B. C.; Suit, J. C.; Brinkley, B. R., 1970: Ultrastructure of dna membrane associations in escherichia coli

Rumyantsev P.P., 1986: Ultrastructure of dna synthesizing and mitotically dividing myocytes in sinoatrial node of mouse embryonal heart

Rodionova N.V., 1984: Ultrastructure of dna synthesizing cells in the endochondral center and osteogenic precursor cells

Rumyantsev P.P., 1979: Ultrastructure of dna synthesizing cells of the sino atrial node of the mouse embryo heart as shown by electron microscope auto radiography

Tandler B., 1986: Ultrastructure of dog parotid gland

Sinowatz F., 1984: Ultrastructure of dog prostate 3 days post castration

North M.C., 1988: Ultrastructure of dormant basidiospores of agaricus campestris

Berggren B., 1985: Ultrastructure of dormant buds of salix sp in early winter

Dave Y.S., 1983: Ultrastructure of dormant cambium in holoptelea integrifolia

Stasz T.E., 1984: Ultrastructure of dormant converted and germinating oospores of pythium ultimum

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862051

Stubblefield E., 1979: Ultrastructure of double minutes from a human tumor cell line

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862053

Bakker, M. E.; Lokhorst, G. M., 1984: Ultrastructure of draparnaldia glomerata chaetophorales chlorophyceae 1. the flagellar apparatus of the zoospore

Lokhorst, G. M.; Bakker, M. E.; Star, W., 1984: Ultrastructure of draparnaldia glomerata chaetophorales chlorophyceae 2. mitosis and cytokinesis

Mandaron, P., 1976: Ultrastructure of drosophila leg disc cultured in vitro evagination nymphal cuticle secretion and apolysis

Thomson W.W., 1979: Ultrastructure of dry seed tissue after a nonaqueous primary fixation

Barrows, E. M.; Chapman, G. B.; Zenel, J. E.; Blake, A. S., 1986: Ultrastructure of dufour's glands in active and inactive horn faced bees osmia cornifrons hymenoptera megachilidae

Miyachi S., 1986: Ultrastructure of dunaliella tertiolecta cells grown under low and high carbon dioxide concentrations

Evian C.I., 1986: Ultrastructure of durapatite periodontal tissue interface in human intrabony defects

Kardong, K. V.; Luchtel, D. L., 1986: Ultrastructure of duvernoy's gland from the wandering garter snake thamnophis elegans vagrans serpentes colubridae

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862062

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862063

Sato, A.; Anton-Lamprecht, I.; Schnyder, U. W., 1977: Ultrastructure of dys keratosis in dariers disease

Schenk P., 1980: Ultrastructure of dys keratosis in invasive laryngeal carcinoma

Mrak, R. E.; Baskin, R. J., 1978: Ultrastructure of dystrophic mouse sarcoplasmic reticulum

Schattenberg, P. J.; Totovic, V.; Helpap, B.; Breining, H.; Lymberopoulos, S., 1978: Ultrastructure of early changes in circumscribed cryo necrosis of the liver

Sathananthan A.H., 1988: Ultrastructure of early cleavage and yolk extrusion in the marsupial antechinus stuartii

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862069

Joffe S.N., 1983: Ultrastructure of early development of acute pancreatitis in the rat

Eyster L.S., 1983: Ultrastructure of early embryonic shell formation in the opisthobranch gastropod aeolidia papillosa

Grosshans, E. M.; Geiger, J. M.; Hanau, D.; Jelen, G.; Heid, E., 1980: Ultrastructure of early pigmentary changes in dowling degos disease

Gosney J., 1988: Ultrastructure of early plexogenic pulmonary arteriopathy

Khan M.A., 1979: Ultrastructure of eccrine cyst adenoma a case

Lee R.E., 1979: Ultrastructure of echinococcus granulosus hydatid cyst

Bruchet G., 1981: Ultrastructure of ecto mycorrhizae of dryas octopetala synthesized with hebeloma alpinum and hebeloma marginatulum

Barber, T. A.; Alter, B. J., 1978: Ultrastructure of effector target cell interaction in secondary cell mediated lympholysis

Lysek, H.; Malinsky, J.; Janisch, R., 1985: Ultrastructure of eggs of ascaris lumbricoides i. egg shells

Carrato A., 1981: Ultrastructure of elasmobranch and teleost erythrocytes

Carrato A., 1980: Ultrastructure of elasmobranch and teleost thrombocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862081

Soames, J. V.; Davies, R. M., 1978: Ultrastructure of elastic and oxytalan fibers in dog gingivae/

Svajger A., 1981: Ultrastructure of elastic cartilage in the rat external ear

Fischer J., 1979: Ultrastructure of elastic fibers as shown by polarization optics after topo optical per manganate bi sulfite toluidine blue reaction

Ooyama T., 1988: Ultrastructure of elastic fibers in the rat aorta as revealed by the deep etching technique

Akhtar, M.; Miller, R. M., 1977: Ultrastructure of elasto fibroma

Woodward M., 1981: Ultrastructure of elastosis in facial rhytidectomy skin

Hunt R.M., 1986: Ultrastructure of electrically induced osteogenesis in the rabbit medullary canal

Schaper J., 1988: Ultrastructure of electrophysiologically identified human sinoatrial nodes

Matsuda T., 1985: Ultrastructure of elliptical and diffuse bundles in the vegetative nodes in rice

Dragunova E.V., 1980: Ultrastructure of embryo cotyledon chloroplasts in acer platanoides aceraceae

Plyushch T.A., 1987: Ultrastructure of embryo sac cells in lilium regale and lilium candidum liliaceae before fertilization

Reinert J., 1981: Ultrastructure of embryogenic pollen of nicotiana tabacum cultivar badischer burley

De Vries U., 1986: Ultrastructure of embryonic anal processes in girardinichthys viviparus cyprinodontiformes osteichthyes

Dorn, A., 1976: Ultrastructure of embryonic envelopes and integument of oncopeltus fasciatus insecta hemiptera heteroptera part 1 chorion amnion serosa integument

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862096

Barilyak, I. R.; Kalinovskaya, L. P., 1977: Ultrastructure of embryonic hepatocytes under the effect of chloridine during rna synthesis inhibition

Hejtmanek, M.; Necas, O.; Havelkova, M., 1976: Ultrastructure of emmonsia crescens studies by the technique of freeze etching

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862100

Graham, L. E.; Graham, J. M., 1978: Ultrastructure of endo symbiotic chlorella in a vorticella

Morozov I.A., 1986: Ultrastructure of endocrine and immunocompetent cells of the gastric antrum in patients with obesity of 2nd 3rd degree

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862103

Gavalov, S. M.; Korostyshevaskaya, I. M.; Vinogradova, M. S., 1978: Ultrastructure of endocrine cells in the duodenum of children

Gas N., 1982: Ultrastructure of endocrine cells in the stomach of 2 teleost fishes perca fluviatilis and ameiurus nebulosus

Vinogradova M.S., 1979: Ultrastructure of endocrine cells of gastric fundal glands at various seasons of the year

Ivey K.J., 1981: Ultrastructure of endocrine like cells in lamina propria of human gastric mucosa

Battifora H.A., 1979: Ultrastructure of endocrine neoplasms

Urano Y., 1979: Ultrastructure of endodermal sinus tumor

Zhigulina G.A., 1984: Ultrastructure of endometrial cells in dyshormonal glandular hyperplasia of the proliferative type

Spjut H.J., 1979: Ultrastructure of endometrial stromal foam cells

Section 7 , Chapter 6863, Accession 006862113

Bohdanowicz, J.; Turala-Szybowska, K., 1985: Ultrastructure of endopolyploid antipodals in aconitum vulparia i. antipodals in the mature embryo sac

Bohdanowicz, J.; Turala-Szybowska, K., 1987: Ultrastructure of endopolyploid antipodals in aconitum vulparia rchb. ii. antipodals in the period of free nuclear endosperm

Hess W.M., 1981: Ultrastructure of eocene fossil plants

Gouchi H., 1982: Ultrastructure of eosinophil granules of bull frogs rana catesbeiana

Khomenko, B. M., 1978: Ultrastructure of eosinophils from dog bone marrow

Thomas W.E., 1987: Ultrastructure of ependymal cells in primary cultures of cerebral cortex

Grell, K. G.; Benwitz, G., 1984: Ultrastructure of ephelota gemmipara and ephelota plana suctoria a comparative study 1. the adult stage

Grell, K. G.; Benwitz, G., 1984: Ultrastructure of ephelota gemmipara and ephelota plana suctoria a comparative study 2. the swarmer

Rajaei H., 1980: Ultrastructure of epidermal cell walls during geo tropic response of sunflower hypocotyls

Reifman V.G., 1985: Ultrastructure of epidermal cells in tobacco nicotiana tabacum leaves infected with tobacco mosaic virus

Wikgren M., 1980: Ultrastructure of epidermal eyespots of microstomum lineare turbellaria macrostomida

Maclean S., 1980: Ultrastructure of epidermal sensory receptors in amphibolurus barbatus lacertilia agamidae

Trad E.S., 1980: Ultrastructure of epidermis in some cases of ichthyosis vulgaris involved and normal appearing skin of nonbullous congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma and of acquired ichthyosiform conditions

Soltynska, M. S.; Mroczka, B.; Moraczewski, J., 1976: Ultrastructure of epidermis in turbellaria from the family catenulida archoophora

Warburg, M. R.; Lewinson, D., 1977: Ultrastructure of epidermis of salamandra salamandra followed throughout ontogenesis

Watson N., 1987: Ultrastructure of epidermis spermatozoa and flame cells of gyratrix and odontorhynchus rhabdocoela kalyptorhynchia

Green, J. A.; Dryden, G. L., 1976: Ultrastructure of epididymal spermatozoa of the asiatic musk shrew suncus murinus

Epshtein I.I., 1985: Ultrastructure of epileptic foci in temporal epilepsy

Kenyon, K. R.; Michels, R. G., 1977: Ultrastructure of epiretinal membrane removed by pars plana vitreo retinal surgery

Dahm H.H., 1979: Ultrastructure of epithelial and myo epithelial oncocytes in the human parotid gland

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862136

Musko I.B., 1986: Ultrastructure of epithelial cells in the alimentary canal of cyclopus vicinus vicinus ulianine 1875 crustacea copepoda

Watanabe Y., 1982: Ultrastructure of epithelial cells of the anteromedian intestine and the rectum in larval and juvenile teleosts

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862139

Chan A.S., 1986: Ultrastructure of epithelial thymic cysts of the chicks

Zeligs, J. D.; Wollman, S. H., 1977: Ultrastructure of erythro phagocytosis and red blood cell fission by thyroid epithelial cells in vivo

Yoshida Y., 1986: Ultrastructure of erythrocyte stages of plasmodium ovale in humans

Trushina Z.V., 1981: Ultrastructure of erythrocytes and leukocytes of patients with congenital heart diseases

Simpson, C. F.; Gaskin, J. M.; Harvey, J. W., 1978: Ultrastructure of erythrocytes parasitized by haemobartonella felis

Khachirov, D. G.; Gracheva, A. I., 1976: Ultrastructure of erythroid cells during experimental lead intoxication

Biermann, A.; Von-Keyserlingk, D. G., 1977: Ultrastructure of erythroid cells in a case of congenital dys erythropoietic anemia type 2

Zumerov E.L., 1983: Ultrastructure of esophageal mucous glands in healthy persons and esophageal carcinoma

Mclaughlin, B. J.; Boykins, L., 1977: Ultrastructure of ethanolic phospho tungstic acid stained synaptic ribbons in the chick retina

Healy J.M., 1983: Ultrastructure of eu spermatozoa of cerithiacean gastropods prosobranchia mesogastropoda

Povysil, C.; Matejovsky, Z., 1977: Ultrastructure of ewings tumor

Lobreau-Callen, D., 1976: Ultrastructure of exine of some pollens of celastrales and related groups

Kress, W. J.; Stone, D. E.; Sellers, S. C., 1978: Ultrastructure of exineless pollen heliconia heliconiaceae

Benn M.H., 1986: Ultrastructure of exocrine prothoracic gland of datana ministra lepidoptera notodontidae and the nature of its secretion

Nikishin V.P., 1985: Ultrastructure of exodermis in the late acanthella arhythmorhynchus petrochenkoi acanthocephala polymorphidae

Schroder, J. M.; Krucke, W., 1970: Ultrastructure of experimental allergic neuritis in the rabbit

Rosen G.M., 1986: Ultrastructure of experimental cocaine hepatotoxicity

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862159

Takaishi K., 1985: Ultrastructure of experimental skin cancer after topical hyperthermia

Povysil, C., 1976: Ultrastructure of experimental xantho granulomatous pyelo nephritis

Lalonde, J. M. A.; Ghadially, F. N., 1977: Ultrastructure of experimentally produced sub cutaneous hematomas in the rabbit

Adam I., 1980: Ultrastructure of extracellular matrix of embryonic chick limb bud cartilage

Golubeva V.A., 1986: Ultrastructure of extracellular matrix proteoglycan component in intact mammary gland and in benign and malignant tumors

Hamada S., 1987: Ultrastructure of extracellular polysaccharides produced by serotype c streptococcus mutans

Lawson, R. H.; Hearon, S. S., 1977: Ultrastructure of extracted carnation etched ring virus inclusion bodies treated with proteolytic enzymes and dnase

Durkee L.T., 1987: Ultrastructure of extrafloral nectaries in aphelandra spp acanthaceae

Sutinen S., 1986: Ultrastructure of extrinsic allergic bronchiolo alveolitis

Prasad, K.; Singal, P. K., 1977: Ultrastructure of failing myo cardium due to induced chronic mitral insufficiency in dogs

Johnson, L.; Diamond, I.; Jolly, G., 1978: Ultrastructure of fallopian tube carcinoma

Lehmann H., 1984: Ultrastructure of feeding sites of the cyst nematode heterodera schachtii schmidt in roots of susceptible and resistant raphanus sativus var oleiformis cultivars

Hitchcock L.M., 1982: Ultrastructure of feline infectious peritonitis virus in feline embryonic lung cells

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862173

Rapp, R.; El-Labban, N. G.; Kramer, I. R. H.; Wood, D., 1977: Ultrastructure of fenestrated capillaries in human dental pulps

Ben Shaul Y., 1980: Ultrastructure of fenestrations in endothelial chorio capillaries of the rabbit a freeze fracturing study

Lee R.E., 1988: Ultrastructure of fertilization in a cryptomonad

Albrechtsen S.E., 1979: Ultrastructure of festuca gigantea with rhabdovirus like particles

Amoedo M., 1982: Ultrastructure of fetal cardiocytes of rats treated with lead

Turtil S., 1984: Ultrastructure of fetal spinal cord and cortex implants into adult rat spinal cord

Haust M.D., 1981: Ultrastructure of fetal stem arteries of human placenta in normal pregnancy

Mcminn, R. M. H.; Taylor, M., 1978: Ultrastructure of fibrils in developing human and guinea pig tympanic membrane

Silverberg S.G., 1982: Ultrastructure of fibro lamellar oncocytic hepatoma

Mahan C.J., 1987: Ultrastructure of fibroblasts in cyclosporin a induced gingival hyperplasia

Antonio Monzon Etcheverry J., 1985: Ultrastructure of fibroblasts in fibroadenoma of the breast

Steiner G.C., 1986: Ultrastructure of fibrous dysplasia of bone a study of its fibrous osseous and cartilaginous components

Yamasaki Y., 1983: Ultrastructure of fibrous papule of the nose

Kwon Chung K.J., 1981: Ultrastructure of filobasidiella arachnophila

Kalyuzhnaya T.V., 1984: Ultrastructure of filtrating forms of treponema hyponeustonicum a marine saprophytic nitrogen fixing spirochete

Anton Lamprecht I., 1988: Ultrastructure of first trimester chorionic villi with regard to the prenatal diagnosis of genodermatoses

Wujek, D. E., 1976: Ultrastructure of flagellated chrysophytes part 2 uroglena collaris and uroglenopsis notabilis

Wujek, D. E., 1978: Ultrastructure of flagellated chrysophytes part 3 mallomonas caudata

Lavette A., 1980: Ultrastructure of flagellates of termites of the genera foaina and pyrsonympha and the cellular co adaptations

Rohde K., 1987: Ultrastructure of flame cells and protonephridial capillaries of craspedella and didymorchis platyhelminthes rhabdocoela

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862197

Gondos B., 1982: Ultrastructure of follicular atresia in the rat

Richter H P., 1986: Ultrastructure of follicular epithelia in the ovary of lepidochitona cinerea mollusca polyplacophora

Van-Eck, W. H., 1976: Ultrastructure of forming and dormant chlamydo spores of fusarium solani in soil

Mac-Kenzie, C. R.; Vail, W. J.; Jordan, D. C., 1973: Ultrastructure of free living and nitrogen fixing forms of rhizobium meliloti as revealed by a freeze etching

Djondjurov L.P., 1982: Ultrastructure of free ribo nucleo protein complexes in spread mammalian nuclei

Saxen L., 1984: Ultrastructure of freeze fractured neutrophil leukocyte membranes in juvenile periodontitis

Richardson E.A., 1988: Ultrastructure of freeze substituted and chemically fixed basidiospores of gymnosporangium juniperi virginianae

Callaham D.A., 1985: Ultrastructure of freeze substituted frankia strain hfpcci 3 the actinomycete isolated from root nodules of casuarina cunninghamiana

Howard R.J., 1980: Ultrastructure of freeze substituted hyphae of the basidiomycete laetisaria arvalis

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862208

Buckland R.B., 1988: Ultrastructure of fresh and frozen thawed spermatozoa of high and low fertility lines of chickens

Rybakov V.L., 1980: Ultrastructure of frog rana temporaria bushy receptor terminals

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862211

Bardakhch'yan E.A., 1980: Ultrastructure of functional element links in the sensori motor cortex during endo toxin shock

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862213

Saland, L. C.; Napolitano, L. M., 1977: Ultrastructure of gall stones produced in mice fed a high cholesterol diet

Hori T., 1988: Ultrastructure of gametes and gametic fusion in bryopsis maxima okamura chlorophyceae

Emson P., 1981: Ultrastructure of gamma amino butyric acid neurons in cultures of rat neo striatum

Beadle D.J., 1983: Ultrastructure of ganglion explants of periplaneta americana dictyoptera blattidae growing in culture

Maijers A., 1985: Ultrastructure of gap junctions in the central nervous system of lymnaea stagnalis with particular reference to electrotonic coupling between the neuroendocrine caudodorsal cells

Nevalainen, T. J.; Linna, M. I., 1978: Ultrastructure of gastric leio myo sarcoma

Jesseph J.E., 1982: Ultrastructure of gastric myxo fibroma with intra cytoplasmic collagen

Seftalioglu A., 1987: Ultrastructure of gastric parietal cells in the mouse during development

Fedchenko S.N., 1980: Ultrastructure of gastric parietal glandulocytes during experimental hyper thyroidism and hypo thyroidism

Kaestle W., 1986: Ultrastructure of gecko toe pads reptilia sauria gekkonidae

Amabis, J. M.; Nair, K. K., 1976: Ultrastructure of gene transcription in spermatocytes of trichosia pubescens diptera sciaridae

Cole K.M., 1985: Ultrastructure of germinating carpospores of porphyra variegata bangiales rhodophyta

Hess W.M., 1984: Ultrastructure of germinating sugarcane smut ustilago scitaminea telio spores

Sokolova I.N., 1979: Ultrastructure of giant cell bone tumor and osteogenic sarcoma

Luo, T.; Et-Al, 1983: Ultrastructure of giant cell tumor of bone 2. preliminary report on subtypes and study on the origin of multinuclear giant cells

Chimitov, V. D., 1976: Ultrastructure of giant cells of foreign bodies

Malysheva M.N., 1987: Ultrastructure of giant multinucleate cells of the parasitic flagellate crithidia oncopelti kinetoplastida

Hirone, T.; Eryu, Y., 1978: Ultrastructure of giant pigment granules in lentigo simplex

Rahr H., 1982: Ultrastructure of gill bars of branchiostoma lanceolatum with special reference to gill skeleton and blood vessels cephalochordata

Alvarez Uria M., 1984: Ultrastructure of gill epithelial cells of diopatra neapolitana annelida polychaeta

Matei V.E., 1980: Ultrastructure of gill epithelium chloride cells in the stickleback gasterosteus aculeatus and crucian carassius carassius

Tsentilo T.D., 1979: Ultrastructure of gingiva mucosa with a dystrophic inflammatory form of parodontosis

Benito J., 1986: Ultrastructure of gland cells associated with the chaetal follicles in the clitellar region of lumbricus friendi cognetti 1904 oligochaeta

Gama, V.; Landim, C. D. C., 1977: Ultrastructure of glands related to the sting of camponotus rufipes hymenoptera formicidae

Bareth C., 1981: Ultrastructure of glandular and sensory bristles of the 1st abdominal sternite of campodea chardardi insecta diplura males modifications connected with molting

Kashina T.K., 1987: Ultrastructure of glandular hairs in perilla ocymoides lamiaceae in connection with their possible participation in photoperiodic induction of flowering

Holman R.T., 1980: Ultrastructure of glandular ovarian trichomes of cypripedium calceolus and cypripedium reginae orchidaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862245

Akers, C. P.; Weybrew, J. A.; Long, R. C., 1978: Ultrastructure of glandular trichomes of leaves of nicotiana tabacum cultivar xanthi

Meyer-Koenig, E., 1973: Ultrastructure of glial and axonal changes in the optic nerve of the rat induced by 6 amino nicotinamide

Holt S.C., 1979: Ultrastructure of gliding bacteria scanning electron microscopy of capnocytophaga sputigena capnocytophaga gingivalis and capnocytophaga ochracea

Teplyakova N.P., 1980: Ultrastructure of glio neuronal interrelations in normal rat celiac nodes and during hypo kinesia

Inoue M., 1980: Ultrastructure of glucans produced by cell bound glucosyl transferase of the oral bacterium streptococcus mutans aht

Hanzelka Z., 1987: Ultrastructure of golgi apparatus in the oocytes of human antral follicles

Bjersing, L.; Cajander, S., 1977: Ultrastructure of gonado blastoma and dys germinoma seminoma in a patient with xy gonadal dysgenesis

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862253

Carretti F., 1985: Ultrastructure of gonadotropic cells in rats stimulated by acupuncture

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862255

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862256

Frehel C., 1986: Ultrastructure of gordona aurantiaca

Helander I., 1982: Ultrastructure of gram negative cotton bacteria with different pulmonary toxicities

Bullock S., 1979: Ultrastructure of graniferous tracheary elements in the haustorium of exocarpus bidwillii a root hemi parasite of the santalaceae

Fineran B.A., 1983: Ultrastructure of graniferous tracheary elements in the terrestrial mistletoe nuytsia floribunda loranthaceae

Neuwirth M., 1981: Ultrastructure of granules and immuno cytochemical localization of luciferase in photocytes of fireflies

Scandroglio R., 1981: Ultrastructure of granules in abrikossoff tumor cells

Chandra, S.; Stefani, S. S., 1978: Ultrastructure of granulo filamentous bodies in pathologic spleen and lymph node

Fedorovskaya N.A., 1983: Ultrastructure of granulocytes in patients with hypoplastic anemia

Riviere S., 1980: Ultrastructure of gravity sensing cells in asparagus officinalis epicotyls

Polonyi, J.; Ebringer, L.; Krajcovic, J.; Kapeller, K., 1987: Ultrastructure of green and af 2 nitrofuran bleached mutants of euglena gracilis i. volumes of chloroplasts mitochondria and paramylon granules

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862269

Dickson G.R., 1982: Ultrastructure of growth cartilage in the proximal femur of the frog rana temporaria

Unsicker K., 1981: Ultrastructure of growth cones formed by isolated rat adrenal medullary chromaffin cells in vitro after treatment with nerve growth factor

El'shanskaya M.P., 1980: Ultrastructure of guinea pigs lymphoid cells in experimental tuberculous granuloma

Shah J.J., 1983: Ultrastructure of gum resin ducts in cashew anacardium occidentale

Loubes, C.; Maurand, J., 1975: Ultrastructure of gurleya chironomi new species microsporidan parasite of larvae of the genus orthocladius diptera chironomidae

Kirmse P., 1979: Ultrastructure of haemogregarina simondi in the marine flatfish solea solea

Breese S.S.Jr, 1980: Ultrastructure of haemophilus equigenitalis causative agent of contagious equine metritis

Little P.B., 1981: Ultrastructure of haemophilus somnus causative agent of bovine infectious thrombo embolic meningo encephalitis

Brown A.G., 1982: Ultrastructure of hair follicle afferent fiber terminations in the spinal cord of the cat

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862279

Kleinerman J., 1982: Ultrastructure of hamster bronchiolar epithelium in freeze fracture replicas

Kreger-Van-Rij, N. J. W., 1977: Ultrastructure of hanseniaspora asco spores

Voloshin N.V., 1979: Ultrastructure of haustoria and inter cellular hyphae of puccinia triticina mycelium

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862283

Harder D.E., 1982: Ultrastructure of haustorium development in puccinia coronata avenae some host responses

Harder D.E., 1982: Ultrastructure of haustorium development in puccinia coronata f sp avenae cytochemistry and energy dispersive x ray analysis of the haustorial mother cells

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862287

Semenov, S. P., 1976: Ultrastructure of heart synapses

Mul'diyarov, P. Ya ; Slyusarchuk, V. P., 1977: Ultrastructure of heart vessels in rheumatism

Ruecker T., 1987: Ultrastructure of hebeloma spores agaricales

Brugerolle G., 1985: Ultrastructure of hedriocystis pellucida heliozoa desmothoracida and of its migrating flagellate stage

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Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862376

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862377

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Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862397

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862398

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Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862416

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862418

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862419

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862420

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Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862427

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862428

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Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862431

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862432

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Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862440

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862441

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862442

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Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862454

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862455

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Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862513

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862515

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Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862577

Section 7, Chapter 6863 , Accession 006862578

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862579

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Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862654

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862655

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862656

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862657

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862658

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862659

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862660

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862661

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862662

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Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862668

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862670

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Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862704

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862705

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Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862787

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862788

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Brown C.L., 1979: Ultrastructure of paraquat treated slash pine pinus elliottii

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Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862816

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862817

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Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862828

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862829

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862830

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862831

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862832

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862833

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Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862839

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Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862891

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Hawkins W.E., 1984: Ultrastructure of rodlet cells response to cadmium damage in the kidney of the spot leiostomus xanthurus

Section 7, Chapter 6863, Accession 006862999

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