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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6866

Chapter 6866 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Meyer, M. E.; Mccormick, C. E., 1978: Unconditioned responding in mice as a function of early handling and shock intensity

Braggio, J. T.; Putney, R. T., 1980: Unconditioned response magnitude as a predictor of conditioned alpha blocking

Wasserman E.A., 1982: Unconditioned stimulus duration and local trial spacing affect auto shaped responding

Light, A. R.; Durkovic, R. G., 1977: Unconditioned stimulus intensity and blood pressure effects on classical conditioning and sensitization in spinal cat

Pohl R.W., 1982: Unconditioned stimulus pre exposure effects on flavor aversions produced by pairing a poisoned partner with ingestion

Saladin, M. E.; Tait, R. W., 1986: Unconditioned stimulus preexposures retard excitatory and facilitate inhibitory conditioning of the rabbit's nictitating membrane response

Randich A., 1984: Unconditioned stress induced analgesia following exposure to brief foot shock

Kutscher, C. L.; Wright, W. A., 1977: Unconditioned taste aversion to quinine induced by injections of sodium chloride and lithium chloride dissociation of aversion from cellular dehydration

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865008

Bakalov, P. G., 1977: Unconformity bounded stratigraphic units in the blagoevgrad graben

Katz R., 1984: Unconfounded electro dermal measures in assessing the aversiveness of predictable and unpredictable shocks

Filstead W.J., 1988: Unconfounding the hassles scale external sources versus internal responses to stress

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865012

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865013

Volkwein U., 1981: Unconjugated 5 alpha androstane 3 alpha 17 beta diol and 5 alpha androstane 3 beta 17 beta diol in human plasma as measured by radio immunoassay without chromatography

Muraca, M.; Blanckaert, N.; Rubaltelli, F. F.; Fevery, J., 1986: Unconjugated and conjugated bilirubin pigments during perinatal development i. studies on rat serum and intestine

Strott C.A., 1983: Unconjugated and sulfo conjugated steroids in plasma and zones of the adrenal cortex of the guinea pig

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865017

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865018

Boonyapisit, S. T.; Trotman, B. W.; Ostrow, J. D., 1978: Unconjugated bilirubin and the hydrolysis of conjugated bilirubin in gallbladder bile of patients with chole lithiasis

Nakayma F., 1988: Unconjugated bilirubin in hepatic bile with brown pigment gallstones and cholangitis

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865021

Takahashi, H.; Otomasu, H., 1978: Unconjugated chiral azo methines structure of n iso butylidene derivatives of s alpha amino acid esters

Tan, S. Y.; Gewolb, I. H.; Hobbins, J. C., 1976: Unconjugated cortisol in human amniotic fluid relationship to lecithin sphingomyelin ratio

De-Peretti, E.; Forest, M. G., 1976: Unconjugated dehydroepi androsterone plasma levels in normal subjects from birth to adolescence in human the use of a sensitive radio immunoassay

Axelsson, O., 1978: Unconjugated estetrol in plasma in response to an intra venous load of dehydroepi androsterone sulfate in complicated and complicated human pregnancy

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865026

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865027

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865028

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865029

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865030

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865031

Tada K., 1984: Unconjugated glycine conjugated taurine conjugated bile acid nonsulfates and sulfates in urine of young infants with cholestasis

Delamarre J., 1979: Unconjugated hyper bilirubinemia during treatment with cheno deoxy cholic acid

Zaleteo C., 1987: Unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia in hbv carriers discriminant value of nicotinic acid na test

Shirey T.L., 1985: Unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia is overestimated in neonates with cholestasis a more reliable method is proposed

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865036

Farriaux J P., 1986: Unconjugated pteridines in amniotic fluid during gestation

Besch P.K., 1982: Unconjugated steroids in leio myomas and tumor bearing myometrium

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865040

Block P., 1985: Unconscious content

Di Giannantonio M., 1983: Unconscious dynamics in the care of stoma patients

De Mijolla A., 1987: Unconscious identification fantasies and family prehistory

Spreng M., 1988: Unconscious insecurity before and after breast examination in senology patients with no pathology

Dodd G.H., 1983: Unconscious odor conditioning in human subjects

Caramazza A., 1982: Unconscious perception of meaning a failure to replicate

Bagyinka, C.; Zorin, N. A.; Kovacs, K. L., 1984: Unconsidered factors affecting hydrogenase ec activity measurement

Webb W.W., 1982: Unconstrained lateral diffusion of concanavalin a receptors on bulbous lymphocytes

Nippold M.A., 1984: Unconstrained retrieval from semantic memory

Joe J.K., 1979: Uncontrollability and psychiatric symptoms

Tiggemann, M.; Barnett, A.; Winefield, A. H., 1983: Uncontrollability vs. perceived failure as determinants of subsequent performance deficits

Hatada K., 1980: Uncontrollable cases of epileptic absence

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865053

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865054

Mun, K., 1975: Uncontrollable iatrogenic side effects

Pinkhas J., 1984: Uncontrollable life threatening status asthmaticus an indicator for termination of pregnancy by cesarean section

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865057

Stilman A.J., 1984: Uncontrollable shock proactively increases sensitivity to response reinforcer independence in rats

Madeiro J.D.A., 1986: Uncontrollable tubercular hemorrhage a surgical emergency

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865060

Garas J., 1983: Uncontrolled growth of tumor stromal fibroblasts in vitro

O'neill, F. J., 1976: Uncontrolled nuclear division in murine cells abortively transformed by sv 40

Amundsen E., 1986: Uncontrolled plasma proteolysis a major threat to the septicemic patient

Comstock, G. W., 1978: Uncontrolled ruminations on modern controlled trials

Mitchison J.M., 1979: Uncontrolled septation in a cell division cycle mutant of the fission yeast schizosaccharomyces pombe

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865066

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865067

Birch D.F., 1983: Unconventional bacteria in urinary tract disease gardnerella vaginalis

Pavillard R.E., 1981: Unconventional bacteria in urinary tract disease ureaplasma urealyticum

Lu D M. , 1982: Unconventional bone grafting in femoral neck reconstruction a case

Glache V., 1982: Unconventional dose administrations modifications of body weight and small intestine weight

Salman A.J., 1988: Unconventional feeds for sheep effects on performance and meat quality and composition

Salman A.J., 1988: Unconventional feeds for sheep some aspects of rumen and blood biochemistry

Voigtmann L., 1986: Unconventional fractionating schemes radiobiological argument and clinical possibilities

Goma G., 1985: Unconventional inhibitions of yeast growth interspecific effects and attempts at eliminating the inhibition

Golankiewicz K., 1981: Unconventional model of poly nucleotides cyclic tetramer derived from 1 3 tri methylene thymine physical and photochemical properties

Kaspersen, F. M.; Pandit, U. K., 1975: Unconventional nucleotide analog part 14 2s 4s 2 hydroxymethyl 4 pyrimidin 1 yl pyrrolidines and 2s 4s 2 carboxy 4 pyrimidin 1 yl pyrrolidines

Thiellier, H. P. M.; Koomen, G. J.; Pandit, U. K., 1977: Unconventional nucleotide analogs part 17 ring transformations of uracil di halo carbene adducts

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865080

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865081

Tsuji S., 1985: Unconventional pathogens causing spongiform encephalopathies absent in blood products

Taha, F. S.; El-Nockrashy, A. S., 1982: Unconventional protein sources 1. lupinus albus

Girgis S.M., 1981: Unconventional protein sources apricot seed kernels

Girgis S.M., 1981: Unconventional protein sources date seeds

Qvist, I. H.; Von-Sydow, E. C. F., 1976: Unconventional proteins as aroma precursors chemical analysis of the volatile compounds in unheated and heated rapeseed protein model systems

Qvist, I. H.; Von-Sydow, E. C. F.; Akesson, C. A., 1976: Unconventional proteins as aroma precursors instrumental and sensory analysis of the volatile compounds in a canned meat product containing soy or rapeseed protein

Qvist, I. H.; Von-Sydow, E. C. F., 1976: Unconventional proteins as aroma precursors sensory analysis of heat treated soy and rapeseed protein model systems

Jones, P. G.; Kennard, O.; Sheldrick, G. M.; Raphael, R. A.; Ravenscroft, P., 1977: Unconventional reaction of diazomethane with 1 3 6 tri hydroxy 2 methyl 4 nitro benzene x ray crystal structure of e 3 6 di hydroxy 2 methyl 1 4 benzo quinone 4 methoxyimine n oxide

Lagerkvist U., 1983: Unconventional reading of the glycine codons

Achinewhu S.C., 1986: Unconventional sources of food chemical composition of rubber seed hevea brasiliensis

Curran, J.; Jorud, S.; Whitman, N., 1971: Unconventional treatment of treatment resistant hospitalized patients

Gajdusek, D. C., 1977: Unconventional viruses and the origin and disappearance of kuru

Marzluff W.F., 1982: Uncoordinate synthesis of histone h 1 in cells arrested in g 1 phase

Nadal Ginard B., 1980: Uncoordinated regulation of ribosomal rna and ribosomal protein synthesis during l 6e 9 myo blast differentiation

Church R.B., 1983: Uncoordinated synthesis of histones and dna by mouse eggs and pre implantation embryos

Odievre M., 1980: Uncorrectable extrahepatic biliary atresia relationship between intra hepatic bile duct pattern and surgery

Boissel J.P., 1987: Uncorrected pre ejection period a simple non invasive measurement for pharmacodynamic screening of inotropic activity

Evans K., 1987: Uncorrected refractive error among a hospital population

Peterkofsky B., 1988: Uncoupled expression of messenger rnas for alpha 1 i and alpha 2 i procollagen chains in chemically transformed syrian hamster fibroblasts

Chen J., 1984: Uncoupled multi layer model for the transfer of sensible and latent heat flux densities from vegetation

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865102

Seligy V.L., 1984: Uncoupled synthesis of h 1 o like histone h 1s during late erythropoiesis in xenopus laevis

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865104

Veit, P.; Fuchs, J.; Zimmer, G., 1985: Uncoupler and hypoxia induced damage in the working rat heart and its treatment 1. observations with uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation

Li Y S., 1981: Uncoupler effects on chloroplast fluorescence

Fuchs, J.; Veit, P.; Zimmer, G., 1985: Uncoupler induced and hypoxia induced damage in the working rat heart and its treatment 2. hypoxic reduction of aortic flow and its reversal

Mannella, C. A.; Parsons, D. F., 1977: Uncoupler induced changes in mitochondrial structure detected by small angle x ray scattering

Bragg P.D., 1986: Uncoupler induced relocation of elongation factor tu to the outer membrane in an uncoupler resistant mutant of escherichia coli

Slater E.C., 1986: Uncoupler inhibitor titrations of atp driven reverse electron transfer in bovine submitochondrial particles provide evidence for direct interaction between atpase and nadh q oxidoreductase

Carlsson, C.; Ernster, L., 1981: Uncoupler reversible inhibition of mitochondrial atpase by metal chelates of batho phenanthroline 1. general features

Carlsson, C.; Ernster, L., 1981: Uncoupler reversible inhibition of mitochondrial atpase by metal chelates of batho phenanthroline 2. comparison with other inhibitors

Pedersen, P. L.; Morris, H. P., 1974: Uncoupler stimulated atpase activity deficiency in intact mitochondria from morris hepatomas and ascites tumor cells

Cockrell R.S., 1985: Uncoupler stimulated release of calcium from ehrlich ascites tumor cell mitochondria

Avi Dor Y., 1984: Uncoupler stimulated sodium pump and its possible role in the halo tolerant bacterium

Kessler, R. J.; Vande-Zande, H.; Tyson, C. A.; Blondin, G. A.; Fairfield, J.; Glasser, P.; Green, D. E., 1977: Uncouplers and the molecular mechanism of uncoupling in mitochondria

Kell D.B., 1983: Uncouplers can shuttle between localized energy coupling sites during photo phosphorylation by chromatophores of rhodopseudomonas capsulata n 22

Tang G.M S., 1985: Uncouplers enhance photosynthetic electron transport from water to nadp in the presence of plastoquinone inhibitors

Motais, R.; Sola, F.; Cousin, J. L., 1978: Uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation a structure activity study of their inhibitory effect on passive chloride permeability

Glukhova A.A., 1982: Uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation as stimulators of growth and nitrogen fixation in legumes

Ullrey D., 1979: Uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation promote de repression of the hexose transport system in cultures of hamster cells

Whatley F.R., 1981: Uncouplers stimulate photosynthesis in intact chloroplasts by enhancing light activation of enzymes regulated by the ferredoxin thioredoxin system

Konings W.N., 1979: Uncoupling action of amytal in membranes vesicles from escherichia coli

Nishihara Y., 1984: Uncoupling action of poly chlorinated bi phenyls kanechlor 400 on oxidative phosphorylation in rat liver mitochondria

Douce R., 1982: Uncoupling activities of chalcones and di hydro chalcones on isolated mitochondria from potato solanum tuberosum tubers and mung bean phaseolus aureus hypocotyls

Ravanel P., 1986: Uncoupling activity of a series of flavones and flavonols on isolated plant mitochondria

Chan, S. H. P.; Higgins, E. Jr, 1978: Uncoupling activity of endogenous free fatty acids in rat liver mitochondria

Kravets V.S., 1983: Uncoupling activity of free fatty acids in aging of isolated wheat mitochondria

Tissut M., 1987: Uncoupling activity of some n phenylcarbamates

Weiner M.W., 1979: Uncoupling agents distinguish between the effects of metabolic inhibitors and transport inhibitors

Mccarty R.E., 1980: Uncoupling and energy transfer inhibition of photo phosphorylation by sulfhydryl reagents

Nordin I., 1984: Uncoupling and isotope effects in gamma butyro betaine hydroxylation

Van Rensen J.J.S., 1987: Uncoupling and photoinhibition in chloroplasts from a triazine resistant and a susceptible chenopodium album biotype

Reed, P. W.; Lardy, H. A., 1975: Uncoupling and specific inhibition of phosphoryl transfer reactions in mitochondria by antibiotic a 20668

Christophe J., 1985: Uncoupling between beta adrenoceptors and adenylate cyclase in dog ischemic myocardium

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865136

Kashket E.R., 1984: Uncoupling by acetic acid limits growth of and acetogenesis by clostridium thermoaceticum

Van-Sande, J.; Ketelbant-Balasse, P.; Grenier, G.; Dumont, J. E., 1978: Uncoupling by cooling of secretion and cyclic amp accumulation in stimulated dog thyroid slices

Hanoune J., 1982: Uncoupling by proteolysis of alpha adrenergic receptor mediated inhibition of adenylate cyclase in human platelets

Langer G.A., 1979: Uncoupling cation effects on cardiac contractility and sarcolemmal calcium ii binding

Sturdikova M., 1986: Uncoupling effect and physicochemical properties of carbonyl cyanide phenylhydrazones

Pilc, L.; Obuchowicz, L., 1976: Uncoupling effect of endogenous calcium on oxidative phosphorylation in hepato pancreas mitochondria of viviparus viviparus during their isolation

Kuzela S., 1987: Uncoupling effect of fungal hydroxyanthraquinones on mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation

Dzurila M., 1988: Uncoupling effect of protonophoric and nonprotonophoric analogs of carbonyl cyanide phenylhydrazone on mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation

Bolinger L.A., 1986: Uncoupling effects of 2 4 dinitrophenol on electron transfer reactions and cell bioenergetics in rat brain in situ

Holme, E.; Lindstedt, S.; Nordin, I., 1982: Uncoupling in the gamma butyro betaine hydroxylase ec reaction by d carnitine and l carnitine

Lewin D., 1981: Uncoupling lymphocyte proliferation from differentiation dissimilar dose response relations for pokeweed mitogen induced proliferation and differentiation of normal human lymphocytes

Parsons S.M., 1981: Uncoupling of acetyl choline uptake from the torpedo californica cholinergic synaptic vesicle atpase

Jakobs, K. H.; Lasch, P.; Minuth, M.; Aktories, K.; Schultz, G., 1982: Uncoupling of alpha adrenoceptor mediated inhibition of human platelet adenylate cyclase ec by n ethyl maleimide

Aspen, A. J.; Hoagland, M. B., 1978: Uncoupling of amino acid turnover on transfer rna from protein synthesis in hela cells

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865151

Deftos L., 1985: Uncoupling of bone formation and resorption by combined estrogen and progestagen therapy in postmenopausal osteoporosis

Lundgren E., 1988: Uncoupling of c myc messenger rna expression from g1 events in human t lymphocytes

Bernhard S.A., 1980: Uncoupling of calcium control and phospho hydrolase activity in sarcoplasmic reticulum vesicles

Vergara C., 1982: Uncoupling of calcium transport in sarcoplasmic reticulum as a result of labeling lipid amino groups and inhibition of calcium atpase activity by modification of lysine residues of the calcium atpase poly peptide

Puchwein, G.; Pfeuffer, T.; Helmreich, E. J. M., 1974: Uncoupling of catecholamine activation of pigeon erythrocyte membrane adenylate cyclase by filipin

Krieglstein J., 1988: Uncoupling of cerebral blood flow and glucose utilization by dihydroergocristine in the conscious rat

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865158

Cunningham V.J., 1987: Uncoupling of cerebral glucose supply and utilization after hexane 2 5 dione intoxication in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865160

Parsons S.M., 1986: Uncoupling of cholinergic synaptic vesicles by the presynaptic toxin beta bungarotoxin

Jursinic P.A., 1985: Uncoupling of detectable oxygen evolution from the apparent s state transitions in photosystem ii by lauroylcholine chloride possible implications in the photosynthetic water splitting mechanism

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865163

Baux, G.; Simonneau, M.; Tauc, L.; Segundo, J. P., 1978: Uncoupling of electrotonic synapses by calcium

Ogasawara N., 1986: Uncoupling of gamma aminobutyric acid b receptors from gtp binding proteins by n ethylmaleimide effect of n ethylmaleimide on purified gtp binding proteins

Azulai, R.; Salomon, Y., 1980: Uncoupling of gonadotropin sensitive adenylate cyclase ec by n n' di cyclo hexyl carbodiimide evidence for modification of 2 sites

Lifschytz, E., 1978: Uncoupling of gonial and spermatocyte stages by means of conditional lethal mutations in drosophila melanogaster

Otto R., 1984: Uncoupling of growth and acid production in streptococcus cremoris

Went D.F., 1979: Uncoupling of growth and cytological development in egg follicles of heteropeza pygmaea diptera cecidomyiidae

Cyboron, G. W.; Dryer, R. L., 1977: Uncoupling of hamster brown adipose and liver mitochondria by 2 azido 4 nitro phenol and binding properties of the reagent

Heiss W D., 1988: Uncoupling of hexose transport and phosphorylation in human gliomas demonstrated by pet

Spira M.E., 1980: Uncoupling of invertebrate electrotonic synapses by carbon di oxide

Archer D.B., 1985: Uncoupling of methanogenesis from growth of methanosarcina barkeri by phosphate limitation

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865174

Melnick, R. L.; Monti, L. G.; Motzkin, S. M., 1976: Uncoupling of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation by thallium

Out, T. A.; Krab, K.; Kemp, A. Jr ; Slater, E. C., 1977: Uncoupling of mitochondrial respiration by adp

Guerrier P., 1980: Uncoupling of oocyte follicle cells triggers re initiation of meiosis in amphibian oocytes

Inouye M., 1985: Uncoupling of osmoregulation of the escherichia coli k 12 omp f gene from omp b dependent transcription

Sistemich M., 1987: Uncoupling of oxidative leak formation from lipid peroxidation in the human erythrocyte membrane by antioxidants and desferrioxamine

Hanstein, W. G., 1976: Uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation

Luvisetto, S.; Pietrobon, D.; Azzone, G. F., 1987: Uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation 1. protonophoric effects account only partially for uncoupling

Pietrobon, D.; Luvisetto, S.; Azzone, G. F., 1987: Uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation 2. alternative mechanisms intrinsic uncoupling or decoupling

Popov, T. A.; Velykyi, M. M.; Parkhomets, P. K., 1976: Uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation by di nitro o cresol in rat liver perfused in situ

Cojocaru, A. F.; Ruzieva, R. H.; Topaly, E. E.; Topaly, V. P., 1978: Uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation by pea flavonoids part 1 model experiments with artificial lipid membranes

Cojocaru, A. F.; Ruzieva, R. H.; Topaly, E. E.; Topaly, V. P., 1978: Uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation by pea flavonoids part 2 influence of flavonoids on mitochondrial functions

Rastogi S.P., 1988: Uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation does not induce thermotolerance in cultured chinese hamster cells

Rottenberg H., 1983: Uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation in rat liver mitochondria by general anesthetics

Niblett, P. D.; Ballantyne, J. S., 1976: Uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation in rat liver mitochondria by the lamprey larvicide 3 tri fluoromethyl 4 nitro phenol

Pradhan D.S., 1983: Uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation in rat liver mitochondria following the administration of di methyl sulfoxide

Cammer W., 1980: Uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation in vitro by the neuro toxic fragrance compound acetylethyltetramethyl tetralin and its putative metabolite

Ikuno M., 1985: Uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation of divalent cationic cyanine dye participation of phosphate transporter

Pareek, R. P.; Sidhu, B. S., 1978: Uncoupling of phosphorylation in rhizobium spp by 2 4 d and taficide 80

Pozas R., 1987: Uncoupling of photophosphorylation by nitrogenous bases no correlation of uncoupling with pk b and partition coefficient

Trela, J. M.; Freundlich, M., 1969: Uncoupling of protein and rna synthesis by 5 5 5 tri fluoro leucine in salmonella typhimurium escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865195

Nomura Y., 1987: Uncoupling of rat cerebral cortical alpha 2 adrenoceptors from gtp binding proteins by n ethylmaleimide

Scher C.D., 1979: Uncoupling of rna and dna synthesis after plasma stimulation of g o arrested balb c 3t3 cells

Angielski S., 1982: Uncoupling of sodium dependent solute transport in renal brush border membranes of maleate treated rats

Niemeyer H.M., 1984: Uncoupling of spinach spinacia oleracea thylakoids by gramine

Oudega B., 1987: Uncoupling of synthesis and release of cloacin df 13 and its immunity protein by escherichia coli

Sidorenko L.I., 1983: Uncoupling of template biosynthesis in rat liver cells induced by starvation and cyclo heximide

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865202

Britt S., 1984: Uncoupling of the beta adrenergic receptor as a mechanism of in vitro neutrophil de sensitization

Gonzalez R., 1985: Uncoupling of the calcium pump of the sarcoplasmic reticulum by kerosine

Zeiri, L.; Reisler, E., 1978: Uncoupling of the catalytic activity and the polymerization of beef liver glutamate dehydrogenase

Tse Dinh Y C., 1986: Uncoupling of the dna breaking and rejoining steps of escherichia coli type i dna topoisomerase demonstration of an active covalent protein dna complex

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865207

Kaufman E.R., 1987: Uncoupling of the induction of mutations and sister chromatid exchanges by the replication of 5 bromouracil substituted dna

Roelofsen B., 1985: Uncoupling of the membrane skeleton from the lipid bilayer the cause of accelerated phospholipid flip flop leading to an enhanced procoagulant activity of sickled cells

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865210

Ulibarri I., 1988: Uncoupling of the platelet alpha 2 adrenoceptor adenylate cyclase system by n ethylmaleimide and the resulting effect on receptor density and sensitivity

Karu, A. E.; Linn, S., 1972: Uncoupling of the recbc atpase from dnase by dna cross linked with psoralen

Le M., 1987: Uncoupling of the secretory pathways for iga and secretory component by cholestasis

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865214

Wang L H., 1981: Uncoupling of the substrate mono oxygenation and reduced pyridine nucleotide oxidation activities of salicylate hydroxylase by flavines

Bird P., 1988: Uncoupling of translocation across microsomal membranes from biosynthesis of influenza virus hemagglutinin

Firlit, M. G.; Schwartz, N. B., 1977: Uncoupling of vaginal opening and the 1st ovulation an indication of an alteration in the pituitary gonadal axis

Gauvrit, C.; Wilson, S. B., 1983: Uncoupling properties of the herbicide n n pentyl n methyl n' 3 4 dichlorophenyl urea

Soukup T., 1988: Uncoupling protein in embryonic brown adipose tissue existence of nonthermogenic and thermogenic mitochondria

Blundell J.E., 1988: Uncoupling sweet taste and calories comparison of the effects of glucose and three intense sweeteners on hunger and food intake

Blostein R., 1986: Uncoupling the red cell sodium pump by proteolysis

Lingappa V.R., 1986: Uncoupling translocation from translation implications for transport of proteins across membranes

Chang A.E., 1979: Uncovered skin grafts in mice

Wohlgemuth A., 1980: Uncovering antibody incidence structures

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865225

Townsend J.T., 1984: Uncovering mental processes with factorial experiments

Pardi A., 1985: Uncovering remote nuclear spin connectivities by relayed zero and double quantum coherence

Saik, R. P.; Weisenfeld, N.; Greenburg, A. G.; Kripke, D.; Peskin, G., 1978: Uncovering rhythms in serum gastrin

Haughton V.M., 1985: Uncovertebral and facet joint dislocations in cervical articular pillar fractures computed tomographic evaluation

Blumberg, N.; Bove, J. R., 1978: Uncross matched blood for emergency transfusion 1 years experience in a civilian setting

Ahmed S., 1981: Uncrossed complete ureteral duplication with caudal orthotopic orifice and ureterocele

Yamauchi K E., 1981: Uncrossed retinal fibers terminating in the superior colliculus of the albino rat

Toyonaga N., 1987: Uncrossed retinal projection to the medial terminal nucleus of the accessory optic system in the hereditary unilaterally microphthalmic rat

Otani K., 1987: Uncrossed retino geniculate and retino tectal projections in the hereditary unilaterally microphthalmic rats

Bell J.E., 1979: Uncultured cells in amniotic fluid from normal and abnormal fetuses

Kehr, P.; Lang, G.; Jung, F. M., 1976: Uncusectomy and unco foraminectomy according to jung technique indications and results

Howell S.H., 1983: Uncut recombinant plasmids bearing nested cauliflower mosaic virus genomes infect plants by intra genomic recombination

Harrison, D. E. F., 1970: Undamped oscillations of pyridine nucleotide and oxygen tension in chemostat cultures of klebsiella aerogenes

Takamoto M., 1984: Undaria gametophytes in culture with squid liver protein powder extract

Hasegawa E., 1986: Undaria gametophytes in culture with squid liver protein powder extract ii

Wall J.S., 1983: Undeca gold labeling of a glyco protein scanning transmission electron microscopic visualization of an undeca gold phosphine cluster labeling the carbohydrate sites of human hapto globin hemo globin complex

Regoli D., 1984: Undeca peptide and octa peptide antagonists for substance p a study on the guinea pig trachea

Leigh J.S.Jr, 1986: Undecagold clusters for site specific labeling of biological macromolecules simplified preparation and model applications

Hoshino K., 1987: Undecalcified ground sections of the eustachian tube

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865245

Allen C.M., 1984: Undecaprenyl pyro phosphate synthetase from lactobacillus plantarum a dimeric protein

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865247

Jannasch, H. J.; Wirsen, C. O.; Taylor, C. D., 1976: Undecompressed microbial populations from the deep sea

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865249

Engelmann, F., 1977: Undegraded vitellogenin polysomes from female insect fat bodies

Danielsson B., 1984: Under a cloud of secrecy the french nuclear tests in the southeastern pacific

Nur U., 1981: Under condensation and localized eu chromatinization of the x chromosome in the grasshopper melanoplus femur rubrum

Hey E.N., 1983: Under diagnosis and under treatment of asthma in childhood

Blass J.P., 1984: Under diagnosis of cognitive impairment in a rehabilitation setting

Kon, S. H., 1978: Under estimation of chronic toxicities of food additives and chemicals the bias of a phantom rule

Gee, G. W.; Stiver, J. F.; Borchert, H. R.; Reichman, G. A., 1977: Under estimation of radiation exposure from americium beryllium neutron probes by film badges

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865257

Mullooly J.P., 1981: Under estimation of the role of pneumonia and influenza in causing excess mortality

Frey J., 1980: Under hydroxylation observed in collagen synthesized by fibroblast cell cultures

Cross W.E., 1982: Under ice biota at the pond inlet ice edge and in adjacent fast ice areas during spring

Ingram R.G., 1988: Under ice grazing by planktonic calanoid copepods in relation to a bloom of ice microalgae in southeastern hudson bay canada

Myers, D. L.; Myers, L. E., 1977: Under matching a reappraisal of performance on concurrent variable interval schedules of reinforcement

White K.G., 1981: Under matching and contrast within components of multiple schedules

Fetterman J.G., 1981: Under matching and over matching the fixed ratio changeover requirement

Mccarthy D., 1981: Under matching and structural relations

Stulberg, M. P.; Sutton, M.; Isham, K. R., 1976: Under methylated transfer rna does not support phage rna directed in vitro protein synthesis

Keisel, N.; Vold, B., 1976: Under methylated transfer rna from a relaxed strain of bacillus subtilis construction of the strain and analysis of the transfer rna

Ott, M. O.; Sperling, L.; Cassio, D.; Levilliers, J.; Sala-Trepat, J.; Weiss, M. C., 1982: Under methylation at the 5' end of the albumin gene is necessary but not sufficient for albumin production by rat hepatoma cells in culture

Shastri R.A., 1982: Under nourished adults and acetylation phenotype

Ghafoorunissa, 1980: Under nutrition and fertility of male rats

Saha, K.; Mehta, R.; Misra, R. C.; Chaudhury, D. S.; Ray, S. N., 1977: Under nutrition and immunity small pox vaccination in chronically starved under nourished subjects and its immunologic evaluation

Cintra L., 1979: Under nutrition and novelty responses influence of early food restriction on the responsiveness to novel stimuli in adult rats

Finger S., 1981: Under nutrition and recovery from brain damage a preliminary investigation

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865274

Nagy, Z. M.; Porada, K. J.; Anderson, J. A., 1977: Under nutrition by rearing in large litters delays the development of reflexive loco motor and memory processes in mice

Bomgaars, M. R., 1976: Under nutrition cultural diagnosis and treatment of runche

Poultney, B. G.; Botha, W. A.; Lishman, A. W., 1977: Under nutrition during the lactation and or post weaning periods and the reproductive performance of merino ewes

Allison S.P., 1983: Under nutrition hypo thermia and injury in elderly women with fractured femur an injury response to altered metabolism?

Whatson, T. S.; Smart, J. L.; Dobbing, J., 1976: Under nutrition in early life lasting effects on activity and social behavior of male and female rats

Krigman, M. R.; Hogan, E. L., 1976: Under nutrition in the developing rat effect upon myelination

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Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865343

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865344

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Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865382

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865383

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Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865401

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Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865412

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865413

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Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865417

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865418

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865419

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Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865462

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865463

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Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865509

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Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865531

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865532

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Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865550

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865551

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Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865570

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Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865576

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865577

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Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865588

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865589

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Krogmann H., 1986: Undisturbed soil monoliths a method for preparing installation and sprinkling in the laboratory

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Allen T.D., 1980: Undiverting the ileal conduit

Jeffs R.D., 1982: Undiverting the ileal conduit

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Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865611

Eckelbarger K.J., 1982: Undulating arrays of endoplasmic reticulum in the spermatids of an opisthobranch mollusk spurilla neapolitana

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865613

Popov G.I., 1987: Undulating energy transfer in multi link biomechanical systems interrelating with a support

Schaff, Z.; Lapis, K.; Grimley, P. M., 1976: Undulating membranous structures associated with the endoplasmic reticulum in tumor cells

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Taube C.A., 1982: Unduplicated counts of persons receiving psychiatric care in monroe county new york usa in 1975

Pease D.C., 1982: Unembedded aldehyde fixed tissue sectioned for transmission electron microscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865619

Wulff A., 1981: Unemployment among hospitalized psychiatric patients in 2 danish counties

Kessel M., 1987: Unemployment and child abuse

Turner J.B., 1987: Unemployment and health in a community sample

Lajer M., 1982: Unemployment and hospitalization among bricklayers

Plant M.A., 1986: Unemployment and illegal drug use concordant evidence from a prospective study and national trends

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Stanfield J.P., 1983: Unemployment birth weight and growth in the 1st year

Reddy D.M., 1986: Unemployment stress loss of control reactance and learned helplessness

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865633

Gonzalez-Castro, J.; Bermejo-Vicedo, M. T.; Palacios-Gonzalez, F., 1986: Unencystment and culture of giardia muris

Cheng, T. C.; Kazazian, H. H-Jr, 1976: Unequal accumulation of alpha and beta globin messenger rna in erythropoietic mouse spleen

Tata J.R., 1984: Unequal activation by estrogen of individual xenopus laevis vitellogenin genes during development

Bayley S.T., 1980: Unequal alpha globin and beta globin messenger rna in reticulocytes of normal and mutant f f fetal mice

Bayard F., 1979: Unequal binding of estrogens in human endometrium

Stoney S.D.Jr, 1985: Unequal branch point filtering action in different types of dorsal root ganglion neurons of frogs

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865640

Rijsdijk G., 1987: Unequal catchability of male bufo bufo within breeding populations

Terasaka, O.; Niitsu, T., 1987: Unequal cell division and chromatin differentiation in pollen grain cells i. centrifugal cold and caffeine treatments

Whiteley A.H., 1985: Unequal cleavage and the differentiation of echinoid primary mesenchyme

Dan, K., 1979: Unequal cleavage in sea urchins 1. migration of the nuclei to the vegetal pole

Dan, K.; Endo, S.; Uemura, I., 1983: Unequal cleavage in sea urchins 2. surface differentiation and the direction of nuclear migration

Koenig H.M., 1980: Unequal crossing over a common basis of single alpha globin genes in asians and american blacks with hemo globin h disease

Green M.M., 1983: Unequal crossing over associated with asymmetrical synapsis between nomadic elements in the drosophila melanogaster genome

Nurthen R.K., 1980: Unequal crossing over at the ribosomal rna tandon as a source of quantitative genetic variation in drosophila

Humphries S., 1987: Unequal crossing over between two alu repetitive dna sequences in the low density lipoprotein receptor gene a possible mechanism for the defect in a patient with familial hypercholesterolemia

Roeder G.S., 1983: Unequal crossing over between yeast transposable elements

Wu R., 1980: Unequal crossing over in the ribosomal dna of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865652

Wilson, W. T.; Bitner, A. R., 1970: Unequal development of bacillus larvae in 2 castes of adult honey bees

Witting C., 1984: Unequal development of emphysema in 2 brothers with homozygous alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency pizz

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Witt, P. L., 1977: Unequal distribution of dna in the macro nuclear division of the ciliate euplotes eurystomus

Mayer W E., 1986: Unequal distribution of fixed negative charges in isolated cell walls of various tissues in primary leaves of phaseolus

Nilsen T.W., 1987: Unequal distribution of n 6 methyladenosine in influenza virus messenger rna species

Govindjee, 1980: Unequal distribution of novel chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b chromophores in sub chloroplast particles of higher plants

Young K.D., 1988: Unequal distribution of penicillin binding proteins among inner membrane vesicles of escherichia coli

Van Went J.L., 1984: Unequal distribution of plastids during generative cell formation in impatiens

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865663

Hartwell, L. H.; Unger, M. W., 1977: Unequal division in saccharomyces cerevisiae and its implications for the control of cell division

Dover G.A., 1983: Unequal exchanges and the co evolution of x and y ribosomal dna arrays in drosophila melanogaster

Fukuhara H., 1983: Unequal excision of complementary strands is involved in the generation of palindromic repetitions of rho minus mitochondrial dna in yeast

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865667

Muramatsu M., 1979: Unequal gene amplification and transcription in the macro nucleus of tetrahymena pyriformis

Meade J.C., 1985: Unequal homologous recombination between tandemly arranged sequences stably incorporated into cultured rat cells

Yakovleva Z.M., 1985: Unequal influence of high levels of mineral nitrogen in various stages of legume infection

Kuzela S., 1984: Unequal inhibition of protein synthesis in mitochondria of zajdela hepatoma and rat liver after in vivo treatment with cis di ammine di chloro platinum ii

Petes T.D., 1980: Unequal meiotic recombination within tandem arrays of yeast ribosomal dna genes

Tartof, K. D., 1974: Unequal mitotic sister chromatid exchange as the mechanism of ribosomal rna gene magnification

Leith J.T., 1985: Unequal modification of the thermal survival responses of clonal human colon carcinoma cell lines by decreased ph

Brase D.A., 1986: Unequal opiate cross tolerance to morphine in the locomotor activation model in the mouse

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Nigon V M., 1985: Unequal recombination between tandemly repeated chloroplast ribosomal operons occurrence during the formation of plastidial antibiotic resistant mutants of euglena gracilis

Sholokhov V.I., 1988: Unequal regional pulmonary ventilation in healthy people

Collinge A.J., 1980: Unequal retinal illuminance and the bin oculus

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865681

Birshtein B.K., 1985: Unequal sister chromatid exchange a mechanism affecting immunoglobulin gene arrangement and expression

Lodish H.F., 1988: Unequal synthesis and differential degradation of alpha and beta spectrin during murine erythroid differentiation

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865684

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865685

Harrison B.D., 1985: Unequal variation in the 2 genome parts of tobraviruses and evidence for the existence of 3 separate viruses

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865687

Zlobin Yu A., 1980: Unequivalence of individuals in plant coeno populations

Hammel I., 1984: Unequivocal delayed hypersensitivity in mast cell deficient and beige mice

Majumder, A. L.; Eisenberg, F. Jr, 1977: Unequivocal demonstration of fructose 1 6 bis phosphatase ec in mammalian brain

Monjan A.A., 1979: Unequivocal demonstration of the hematogenous origin of brain macrophages in a stab wound by a double label technique

Marnett L.J., 1983: Unequivocal demonstration that malondialdehyde is a mutagen

Oelschlaeger H., 1982: Unequivocal determination of glucuronides in particular of clofibric beta glucuronide

Lehmann J., 1981: Unequivocal position of ecto symbiotic fungi from macro termitinae isoptera termitidae and attini hymenoptera myrmicinae in the present mycological system a misleading and unanswerable question

Sever P.S., 1982: Unequivocal synthesis and characterization of dopamine 3 o sulfate and dopamine 4 o sulfate

Wise D.S.Jr, 1983: Unequivocal synthesis of 2 3 6 tri aza phenothiazine and 2 new tetra aza phenothiazine hetero cycles

Duperon D.F., 1982: Unerupted mandibular primary 2nd molar report of a case

Kinirons M.J., 1982: Unerupted premaxillary supernumerary teeth a study of their occurrence in males and females

Anon, 1981: Unesco experience in relation to the problems of drug use by young people

Rodrigues, M. M.; Kruth, H. S.; Krachmer, J. H.; Willis, R., 1987: Unesterified cholesterol in schnyder's corneal crystalline dystrophy

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865701

Lunt, G. G.; James, J. E., 1976: Unesterified fatty acids in rat cerebral cortex their association with proteo lipids

Spalding J.B., 1985: Unethical decisions the impact of reinforcement contingencies and managerial philosophies

Pfeifer S., 1988: Unethical manipulations within a therapeutic relationship

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Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865706

Diaz G., 1987: Uneven copper distribution in the human newborn liver

Squartini F., 1986: Uneven distribution and significant concentration of apocrine metaplasia in lower breast quadrants

Keith L.W., 1979: Uneven distribution of aerobic mesophilic bacteria on human skin

Lojda, Z.; Cejkova, J.; Bolkova, A.; Havrankova, E., 1976: Uneven distribution of alkaline phosphatase in individual layers of rabbit and ox cornea

Boer M., 1980: Uneven distribution of anti treponema antibody activity in differing immuno globulin g fractions from patients with early syphilis

Yudin A.L., 1986: Uneven distribution of ciliates dileptus anser in the gradient of gamones isolated by cells of complementary mating types

Korochkin L.I., 1986: Uneven distribution of cloned transcribed dna sequences in polytene chromosomes of drosophila melanogaster

Toda, G.; Kako, M.; Oka, H.; Oda, T.; Ikeda, Y., 1978: Uneven distribution of enzymatic alterations on the liver cell surface in experimental extrahepatic cholestasis of rat

Spellacy W.N., 1981: Uneven distribution of estrogen and progesterone receptors in human endometrium

Levene M.I., 1980: Uneven distribution of light in standard photo therapy

Kwong G.W.P., 1981: Uneven distribution of nitroso guanidine induced and hydroxylamine induced mutants of 3 coli phages

Pande S.V., 1981: Uneven distribution of palmitoyl carnitine in solutions because of migration to air water interphase

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865719

Born G.V., 1983: Uneven distribution of sialic acids on the luminal surface of aortic endothelium

Converse, R. H., 1978: Uneven distribution of tobacco streak virus in santiam blackberry before and after heat therapy

Jibelian G., 1982: Uneven driving pressures and re distribution of intra pulmonary blood flow

Ogawa K., 1983: Uneven formation of filipin sterol complexes in frog rana catesbeiana urinary bladder epithelium

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865724

Kallay M.C., 1982: Uneven gas mixing during re breathing assessed by simultaneously measuring dead space

Shaforostova, L. D.; Pavlasova, E.; Steiskalova, E.; Masnerova, E.; Begal, V.; Shtrabanova-Nechichova, S., 1975: Uneven growth of escherichia coli in periodic conditions of cultivation

Kish, S. J.; Shannak, K.; Hornykiewicz, O., 1988: Uneven pattern of dopamine loss in the striatum of patients with idiopathic parkinson's disease pathophysiologic and clinical implications

Ewan, P. W.; Jones, H. A.; Nosil, J.; Obdrzalek, J.; Hughes, J. M. B., 1978: Uneven perfusion and ventilation within lung regions studied with nitrogen 13

Smith L.Y., 1984: Uneven ploidy levels and a reproductive mutant required for interspecific hybridization of medicago sativa x medicago dzhawakhetica

Pokas L.V., 1982: Uneven pre operative irradiation in combination treatment of lung cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865731

Bidinger F.R., 1987: Uneven variation in plant to plant spacing in pearl millet

Banerjee, M.; Evans, J. N.; Jaeger, M. J., 1976: Uneven ventilation in smokers

Lozman, J.; Dutton, R. E.; Newell, J.; Powers, S. R. Jr, 1977: Uneven ventilation of the lung following trauma

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865735

Konno K., 1985: Unevenness on aerosol inhalation lung images and lung function

Simon T., 1986: Uneventful administration of plasma products in a recipient with t activated red cells

Gregoretti, S., 1978: Uneventful extradural analgesia after unrecognized dural perforation

Gribomont B.F., 1980: Uneventful recovery in a case of severe malignant hyper thermia

Knapp W., 1985: Unexpected absence of a myeloid surface antigen 3 fucosyl n acetyllactosamine in promyelocytic leukemia

Garcia-Sancho, J.; Sanchez, A.; Handlogten, M. E.; Christensen, H. N., 1977: Unexpected additional mode of energization of amino acid transport into ehrlich cells

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865742

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865743

Fink, E. B., 1978: Unexpected and prolonged akinesia a case report

Smith S.E.W., 1986: Unexpected anterior urethral diverticula

Hashimoto S., 1979: Unexpected antibodies detected in our blood transfusion unit during 4 years

Hastings A., 1982: Unexpected behavior in 2 locus genetic systems an analysis of marginal under dominance at a stable equilibrium

Bircaud H., 1983: Unexpected behavior on elastin of the complexes between pancreatic elastase and serum inhibitors in the pig

Gloff C., 1987: Unexpected binding of an octapeptide to the angiotensin ii receptor

Merson M., 1981: Unexpected breast cancer detection after out patient biopsy for benign lesion

Taylor, G.; Larson, C. P-Jr ; Prestwich, R., 1976: Unexpected cardiac arrest during anesthesia and surgery an environmental study

Cheney F.W., 1988: Unexpected cardiac arrest during spinal anesthesia a closed claims analysis of predisposing factors

Golstein P., 1985: Unexpected cell surface labeling in conjugates between cytotoxic t lymphocytes and target cells

Gutheil T.G., 1983: Unexpected clinical features of the tarasoff decision the therapeutic alliance and the duty to warn

Knudsen F., 1987: Unexpected cocaine intoxication in a fourteen month old child following topical administration

Sears D.W., 1982: Unexpected complexity of the dm 1 mutation revealed in the structure of 3 h 2d l related antigens

Ezri I., 1985: Unexpected complications during anesthesia

Caverni L., 1986: Unexpected computed tomographic scan findings in global aphasia

Tamura Z., 1982: Unexpected conversion of epinephrine into tetra hydro iso quinolines in a solution containing ascorbic acid

Vermey A., 1985: Unexpected cure in metastatic rhabdomyosarcoma

Boue J., 1986: Unexpected cytogenetic anomalies in prenatal diagnosis description of four cases with no induced abortion

Hansen P.F., 1981: Unexpected death from acute myo cardial infarction

Wagner J.A., 1984: Unexpected death in an adult dog with anomalous origin of the left coronary artery from the pulmonary trunk

Sneddon J.M., 1988: Unexpected death in an infant with aids disseminated cytomegalovirus infection with pancarditis

Kolski G.B., 1985: Unexpected death in childhood asthma a review of 13 deaths in ambulatory patients

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865766

Carlson A., 1983: Unexpected death of an infant sibling

Emery J.L., 1982: Unexpected death of children with achondroplasia after the peri natal period

Howell T.H., 1981: Unexpected deaths of aged patients

Koci T., 1988: Unexpected demonstration of superior vena caval obstruction in third trimester lung imaging

Bernstein J., 1980: Unexpected difference between human serum albumin and human serum toward l tryptophan binding

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865773

Von-Herzen, J. L.; Benirschke, K., 1977: Unexpected disseminated herpes simplex infection in a new born

Thau R.B., 1985: Unexpected effect of nalmefene a new opiate antagonist on the hypothalamic pituitary gonadal axis in the male rat

Loeb M.R., 1988: Unexpected effects of absorbed normal rabbit serum and bovine serum albumin on survival of haemophilus influenzae type b in the infant rat

Meyer J.A., 1984: Unexpected effects of selected fungicide treatments on the acid content of cultivars golden delicious and jonagold apples

Neaton J., 1986: Unexpected effects of treating hypertension in men with electrocardiographic abnormalities a critical analysis

Davies, D. W.; Steward, D. J., 1977: Unexpected excessive bleeding during operation role of acetyl salicylic acid

Stanford J.L., 1987: Unexpected findings among the skin test responses to mycobacteria of bcg vaccinated kuwaiti school children

Fulton E.J., 1986: Unexpected findings and complications at autopsy after cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Metzger H., 1981: Unexpected findings from target analysis of immuno globulin e and its receptor

Vogel P., 1985: Unexpected findings on the taxonomic status of east mediterranean crocidura russula mammalia insectivora

Tidskrift S.B., 1980: Unexpected finds of alchemilla species in southern sweden

Dhawan S.N., 1987: Unexpected formation of alpha thiocyanatoketones in hantzsch thiazole synthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865786

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865787

Warburton D., 1986: Unexpected hearing loss in high risk infants

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865789

Mcdonald C.J., 1983: Unexpected hospital admissions among patients with diabetes mellitus

Ong G.K., 1986: Unexpected hypopotassemia after multiple blood transfusions during operations

Chiang P.K., 1985: Unexpected increase in catecholamines in adrenals of rats treated with 3 deazaadenosine

Hawkins B., 1986: Unexpected inertial loading in rapid reversal movements violations of equifinality

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865794

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865795

Hecht B.K., 1985: Unexpected lambda chain expression in lymphocytic malignancy

Carmeliet J., 1983: Unexpected latency shifts of the stationary p 9 somato sensory evoked potential far field with changes in shoulder position

Beck, M. L.; Hicklin, B.; Pierce, S. R., 1976: Unexpected limitations in the use of commercial anti globulin reagents

Fischbein, A.; Suzuki, Y.; Selikoff, I. J.; Bekesi, J. G., 1978: Unexpected longevity of a patient with malignant pleural mesothelioma report of a case

Atzpodien W., 1981: Unexpected metabolic acidosis in severe lye poisoning

Spiteller G., 1982: Unexpected metabolites produced from clomethiazole

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865804

Niles N.R., 1986: Unexpected myocardial disease in patients with life threatening arrhythmias

Guerit J.M., 1986: Unexpected myogenic contaminants observed in the somatosensory evoked potentials recorded in one brain dead patient

Elliot, G. A., 1975: Unexpected natural death of iatrogenic origin

Vinh L., 1982: Unexpected neuro blastoma of the adrenal gland with congenital malformations in infancy

Tan K.E.W.P., 1987: Unexpected occurrence of retinopathy of prematurity is there a need for custom made screening procedures?

Dienst C., 1984: Unexpected occurrence of the ca 19 9 tumor marker in normal human seminal plasma

Lagier G., 1985: Unexpected or toxic drug reaction assessment imputation actualization of the method used in france

Carabello B.A., 1987: Unexpected persistence into adulthood of low wall stress in patients with congenital aortic stenosis is there a fundamental difference in the hypertrophic response to a pressure overload present from birth?

Crooks P.A., 1983: Unexpected phenomenon in the high performance liquid chromatographic analysis of racemic carbon 14 labeled nicotine separation of enantiomers in a totally achiral system

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865814

Schwartz J C., 1985: Unexpected potentiation by discriminant benzamide derivatives of stereotyped behaviors elicited by dopamine agonists in mice

Sharp G.W.G., 1984: Unexpected potentiation of insulin release by the calcium store blocker tmb 8 8 n n di ethylaminooctyl 3 4 5 trimethoxy benzoate

Feldman D., 1986: Unexpected presence of estrogens in culture medium supplements subsequent metabolism by the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Takeshita T., 1980: Unexpected problems of external choledocho duodenostomy

Rosse S.L., 1985: Unexpected progeny obtained from glasshouse study of soil ph influence on acaulospora laevis inoculum

Van De Berg W.B., 1982: Unexpected radium 226 build up in wet process phosphoric acid plants

Barnett G.O., 1981: Unexpected re admissions to the coronary care unit during recovery from acute myo cardial infarction

Schimek F., 1983: Unexpected reaction of intra cellular ph following therapy of acid base status by arginine hydro chloride

Kimura M., 1985: Unexpected reactions following inner ear anesthesia

Smithies O., 1983: Unexpected relationships between 4 large deletions in the human beta globin gene cluster

Barker W.C., 1983: Unexpected relationships between bacterio phage lambda hypothetical proteins and bacterio phage t 4 tail fiber proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865826

Little, J. B.; Richardson, U. I.; Tashjian, A. H-Jr, 1972: Unexpected resistance to x irradiation in a strain of hybrid mammalian cells

Swift, D. G.; Guillard, R. R. L., 1978: Unexpected response to vitamin b 12 of dominant centric diatoms from the spring bloom in the gulf of maine northeast atlantic ocean

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865829

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865830

Robinson A.S., 1984: Unexpected segregation ratios from male linked translocations in the mediterranean fruit fly ceratitis capitata diptera tephritidae

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865832

Edmundson A.B., 1985: Unexpected similarities in the crystal structures of the mcg light chain dimer and its hybrid with the weir protein

Shoham G., 1983: Unexpected similarity of the structures of the weakly toxic amanitin s sulfoxide and the highly toxic r sulfoxide and sulfone as revealed by proton nmr and x ray analysis

Barrie H.J., 1986: Unexpected sites of wear in the femoral head

Haeberlein, I.; Schimpff-Weiland, G.; Follmann, H., 1985: Unexpected specificity in the thioredoxin activation of fructose bisphosphatases ec from different plants

Boue A., 1982: Unexpected structural chromosome rearrangements in pre natal diagnosis

Sabrosky C.W., 1980: Unexpected synonymy in chloropidae from the family ephydridae diptera

Evans R.M., 1987: Unexpected thymic hyperplasia in transgenic mice harboring a neuronal promoter fused with sv 40 large t antigen

Ryan S.J., 1984: Unexpected traction retinal detachment a complication of an animal model of pars plana vitrectomy

Cowden W.B., 1985: Unexpected transaminations of some aminopyrimidin 4 3h ones

Royer R., 1981: Unexpected transformation of 3 amino 2 nitro benzo furan by acetic acid

Collette H.J.A., 1981: Unexpected trends in the analysis of a questionnaire and interview procedure to detect transient cerebral ischemic attack in a female population

Gordon J.A., 1986: Unexpected unsuspected and missed injuries in a pediatric trauma unit

Standertskjold Nordenstam C G., 1984: Unexpected urethral strictures after short term catheterization in open heart surgery

Parmelee D.F., 1988: Unexpected weight gain in resident antarctic terns sterna vittata during the austral winter

Matheson A.C., 1980: Unexpectedly high frequencies of outcrossed seedlings among offspring from mixtures of self and cross pollen in pinus radiata

Brunner, H.; Prescott, B.; Greenberg, H.; James, W. D.; Horswood, R. L.; Chanock, R. M., 1977: Unexpectedly high frequency of antibody to mycoplasma pneumoniae in human sera as measured by sensitive techniques

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865850

Iadarola M.J., 1987: Unexpectedly high levels of opioid peptides in rat brain membranes

Karpouzas J.G., 1983: Unexpectedly high peak expiratory flow rates in normal greek children

Gaskill, P.; Kabat, D., 1971: Unexpectedly large size of globin messenger rna

Suyama Y., 1987: Unexpectedly long 14s ribosomal rna gene in tetrahymena mitochondria

Schneider F., 1979: Unexpectedly low incorporation of isotopic acetate into lipids of ehrlich ascites tumor cells cultured in lipid poor medium

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865856

Et Al, 1985: Unexpectedly severe toxicity from intensive early treatment of childhood lymphoblastic leukemia

Dover G.A., 1984: Unexpectedly slow homogenization within a repetitive dna family shared between 2 subspecies of tsetse fly glossina morsitans

Atterholm, I.; Ganrot-Norlin, K.; Hallberg, T.; Ringertz, O., 1977: Unexplained acute fever after a hot bath

Jackson G., 1983: Unexplained breathlessness and psychiatric morbidity in patients with normal and abnormal coronary arteries

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865861

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865862

Herndon J.L., 1985: Unexplained deaths in a childrens hospital an epidemiologic assessment

Bernatz P.E., 1982: Unexplained diaphragmatic paralysis a harbinger of malignant disease?

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865865

Pinkhas J., 1985: Unexplained episodes of fever an early manifestation of colorectal carcinoma

Mcdade J.E., 1987: Unexplained febrile illnesses after exposure to ticks infection with an ehrlichia?

Lavery J.P., 1987: Unexplained fetal baseline bradycardia in congenital panhypopituitarism

Beekman J.F., 1982: Unexplained fevers in patients with naso tracheal intubation

Kickler T.S., 1983: Unexplained hemolytic anemia associated with pregnancy

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865871

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865872

Aronoff, S. L.; Bennett, P. H.; Gorden, P.; Rushforth, N.; Miller, M., 1977: Unexplained hyper insulinemia in normal and pre diabetic pima indians compared with normal caucasians an example of racial differences in insulin secretion

Auerbach D., 1984: Unexplained immunodeficiency in children a surveillance report

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865875

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865876

Drake, T.; Tredway, D.; Buchanan, G.; Takaki, N.; Daane, T., 1977: Unexplained infertility a reappraisal

Coutts J.R.T., 1987: Unexplained infertility results of secondary investigations in 95 couples

Woronowski H., 1988: Unexplained infertility the value of pergonal superovulation combined with intrauterine insemination

De Garis C.N., 1986: Unexplained intrauterine death near term

Mawson S., 1988: Unexplained lymphadenopathy in sickle cell disease

Hill F.C., 1983: Unexplained occurrence of the mactrid bivalve rangia cuneata from the arrowhead farms indian site near louisville kentucky usa

Abbott D., 1986: Unexplained periparturient thrombocytopenia

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865884

Variend S., 1984: Unexplained protracted infant deaths

Kay, J. M.; Banik, S., 1977: Unexplained pulmonary hypertension with pulmonary arteritis in rheumatoid disease

Merrick T.A., 1983: Unexplained pulmonary infiltrates in the compromised patient an invasive investigation in a consecutive series

Dunn M., 1983: Unexplained severe pulmonary hypertension in the older age group

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865889

Fleg J.L., 1986: Unexplained sinus bradycardia clinical significance and long term prognosis in apparently healthy persons older than 40 years

Richert, S.; Bernhardt, W., 1977: Unexplained tetra spasticity in adults

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865892

Campbell B.A., 1988: Unfamiliar environments impair information processing as measured by behavioral and cardiac orienting responses to auditory stimuli in preweanling and adult rats

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865894

Andersen, T. F., 1981: Unfavorable conditions during the years of growth in long term perspective 2. a follow up investigation

Andersen T.F., 1981: Unfavorable conditions during the years of growth in long term perspective a follow up investigation 1

Freidel M., 1987: Unfavorable course of epithelioma of nose

Mizumoto R., 1986: Unfavorable effect of abdominal arteriography on obstructive jaundice

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865899

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865900

Hellige G., 1981: Unfavorable effects of ventricular pacing on myo cardial energetics

Elkayam, U.; Frishman, W. H.; Yoran, C.; Strom, J.; Sonnenblick, E. H.; Cohen, M. N., 1978: Unfavorable hemodynamic and clinical effects of isoproterenol in primary pulmonary hypertension

Beisler J.M., 1982: Unfavorable left right asymmetries of the brain and autism a question of methodology

Rippey R.M., 1988: Unfavorable outcomes of drug therapy subjective probability versus confidence intervals

Et Al, 1986: Unfavorable presenting clinical and laboratory features are associated with calla negative non t non b lymphoblastic leukemia in children

Julander I., 1985: Unfavorable prognostic factors in staphylococcus aureus septicemia and endocarditis

Hammond D., 1983: Unfavorable prognostic significance of hand mirror cells in childhood acute lympho blastic leukemia a report from the childrens cancer study group

Lebedova J., 1985: Unfavorable reactions after inhalations tests in the evaluation of occupational character of bronchial asthma

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865909

Favre Duchartre M., 1983: Unfertilized and fertilized ovules of colchicum autumnale compared growth of endosperms and embryos at different temperatures

Section 7, Chapter 6866, Accession 006865911

Naftolin F., 1982: Unfilled nuclear estrogen receptors in the rat brain and pituitary gland

Zwick H., 1987: Unfixed material embedded in a methacrylate resin technovit 7100 for immunofluorescent staining

Zonefrati R., 1987: Unfocused carbon dioxide laser irradiation on rat osteoblasts cultured in vitro

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