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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6867

Chapter 6867 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kondo, H.; Ishiwata, S., 1976: Uni directional growth of f actin

Schmid R., 1981: Uni directional habituation of vestibulo ocular responses by repeated rotational or opto kinetic stimulations in the cat

Miles S.J., 1981: Uni directional hybrid male sterility from crosses between species a and species b of the taxon anopheles culicifacies

Pardridge, W. M., 1977: Uni directional influx of glutamine and other neutral amino acids into liver of fed and fasted rat in vivo

Straub R.W., 1980: Uni directional influx of phosphate across the mucosal membrane of rabbit small intestine

Do-Nascimento, K. H.; Davies, D. D.; Patil, K. D., 1975: Uni directional inhibition and activation of malic enzyme ec of solanum tuberosum by tartrate

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866006

Klemme, J. H., 1976: Uni directional inhibition of phosphoenol pyruvate carboxy kinase ec from rhodospirillum rubrum by atp

Arenberg, I. K.; Stahle, J.; Wilbrand, H.; Newkirk, J. B., 1978: Uni directional inner ear valve implant for endolymphatic sac surgery in menieres disease

Prusch, R. D., 1976: Uni directional ion movements in the hind gut of larval sarcophaga bullata diptera sarcophagidae

Rodan G.A., 1982: Uni directional migration of osteo sarcoma cells with osteo blast characteristics in response to products of bone resorption

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866011

Ryskov, A. P.; Ivanov, P. L.; Kramerov, D. A.; Georgiev, G. P., 1984: Uni directional orientation and 3' end localization of the b 2 family repetitive sequences in messenger rna

Starr M.P., 1984: Uni directional polar growth of cells of seliberia stellata and aquatic seliberia like bacteria revealed by immuno ferritin labeling

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866014

Smiesko, V., 1971: Uni directional rate sensitivity component in local control of vascular tone

Ng S.F., 1979: Uni directional regeneration is an intrinsic property of longitudinal micro tubules in tetrahymena an in vivo study

Meyer, R. J.; Helinski, D. R., 1977: Uni directional replication of the p group plasmid rk 2

Egorov, I. K.; Apt, A. S.; Vedernikov, A. A., 1977: Uni directional skin graft incompatibility between the h 2i 5 and h 2i 7 mouse haplotypes

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866019

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866020

Isakov, N.; Bach, F. H., 1984: Uni directional thyroid graft rejection between b 10.s and b 10.s 7r mouse strains

Gimbrone M.A.Jr, 1984: Uni directional transfer of prostaglandin endo per oxides between platelets and endothelial cells

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866023

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866024

Oduleye, S. O., 1977: Uni directional water and sodium fluxes and respiratory metabolism in the african lungfish protopterus annectens

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866026

Cartwright, R. A., 1976: Uni factorially inherited attributes of the population of holy island northumberland england

Luck D.J.L., 1982: Uni flagellar mutants of chlamydomonas reinhardtii evidence for the role of basal bodies in transmission of positional information

Meduri, G.; Greco, S., 1975: Uni focal and multi focal plasma cell dysplasia of the upper respiratory and digestive systems

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866030

Rawal, K. M.; Porter, W. M.; Franckowiak, J. D.; Fawole, I.; Rachie, K. O., 1976: Uni foliolate leaf a mutant in cowpeas

Havel R.J., 1980: Uni lamellar liposomes made with the french pressure cell a simple preparative and semi quantitative technique

Mittelmeier H., 1982: Uni locular histiocytosis x on the infantile cervical spine

Kao, H. S. R.; Smith, K. U., 1978: Uni manual and bi manual control in compensatory tracking task

Rayport M., 1981: Uni manual tactile anomia consequent to corpus callosotomy reduction of anomic deficit under hypnosis

Murdock K.Y., 1983: Uni modal distribution of bronchial responsiveness to inhaled histamine in a random human population

Bunker, D. L.; Wang, F. M., 1977: Uni molecular behavior of very large molecules part 1 theoretical preliminaries

Cagliani P., 1984: Uni nodular or multinodular goiter clinical study and treatment

Cohn, E.; Mordechai, M., 1977: Uni nucleate giant cell induced in soybean by the nematode rotylenchulus macrodoratus

Reau, P., 1972: Uni nucleate spores of phycomyces blakesleeanus

Gresty M.A., 1982: Uni ocular pulfrich phenomenon an abnormality of visual perception

Arntzen C.J., 1981: Uni parental inheritance of a chloroplast photosystem ii poly peptide controlling herbicide binding

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866043

Birky, C. W-Jr ; Demko, C. A.; Perlman, P. S.; Strausberg, R., 1978: Uni parental inheritance of mitochondrial genes in yeast dependence on input bias of mitochondrial dna and preliminary investigations of the mechanism

Croce C.M., 1980: Uni parental propagation of mitochondrial dna in mouse human cell hybrids

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866046

Fieve R.R., 1979: Uni polar mania a distinct clinical entity?

Krishna N.R., 1979: Uni polar mania revisited

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866049

Brekelmans M., 1979: Uni polarity of fibroblasts in rodent periodontal ligament

Ringoir S.M., 1983: Uni puncture membrane plasmapheresis

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866052

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866053

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866054

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866055

Egashira Y., 1984: Uni variate and multi variate analysis of the laboratory data reflecting the clinical severity of ulcerative colitis

Cavicchi, S.; Palenzona, D. L.; Pancaldi, C.; Giorgi, G., 1978: Uni variate and multi variate analysis on phenotypic divergence in phleum ambiguum

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866058

Anderson R.H., 1979: Uni ventricular heart of right ventricular type with double or common inlet

Bagley E.B., 1985: Uniaxial compression of bonded and lubricated gels

Christianson D.D., 1988: Uniaxial compression of viscoelastic rings effect of friction at the platen sample interface for gels and doughs

Barbenel J.C., 1982: Uniaxial tension test of human skin in vivo

Fowles D.C., 1979: Unibase glycol as an electrolyte medium for recording the electro dermal duct filling response

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866064

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866065

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866066

Lester R.J.G., 1982: Unicapsula seriolae new species myxosporea multivalvulida from australian yellowtail kingfish seriola lalandi

Narasimhamurti C.C., 1981: Unicauda andhrae new species myxosporidia in the mucus on the gills of ophicephalus gachua

Rahemo, Z. I. F., 1976: Unicauda lumae new species myxosporidia myxobolidae from a fresh water fish barbus grypus from river tigris in iraq

Grupcheva, G. I., 1987: Unicellular parasites found on fish in some bulgarian reservoirs iv. icthtyoparasitofauna in the ovcharitza reservoir

Murado, M. A.; Gonzalez, M. P.; Montemayor, M. I.; Reiriz, M. J. F.; Franco, J. M., 1986: Unicellular protein production in effluents from processed mussels i. use of yeasts in single and mixed cultures

Sklaroff, D. M.; Gnaneswaran, P., 1976: Unicentric pelvic lymphoma with an unusually long survival 15 years a case report

Herbon L.A., 1987: Unicircular structure of the brassica hirta mitochondrial genome

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866075

Nielsen S., 1985: Unicompartmental arthroplasty of the knee cadaver study of the importance of the anterior cruciate ligament

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866077

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866078

Schoental R., 1983: Unicorn among rats exposed to myco toxins from fusarium

Robinson, L.; Martinez, M. G., 1977: Unicystic amelo blastoma a prognostically distinct entity

Wang J T., 1985: Unicystic ameloblastoma a clinicopathological appraisal

Lecourtier Y., 1981: Unidentifiable compartmental models what to do

Hlobil Z., 1981: Unidentified case of basilar meningitis

Kumazawa K., 1984: Unidentified compound specifically accumulated in soybean glycine max cultivar norin 2 nodules formed with hydrogen uptake negative rhizobium japonicum strains

Warren J.R., 1984: Unidentified curved bacilli in the stomach of patients with gastritis and peptic ulceration

Endris, R.; Lampert, F., 1975: Unidentified dead bodies identification by means of an information pool from dental data practical suggestions for a reformation of the collection and assessment of data of the masticatory system and their documentation

Butler, T.; Weaver, R. E.; Venkata-Ramani, T. K.; Uyeda, C. T.; Bobo, R. A.; Ryu, J. S.; Kohler, R. B., 1977: Unidentified gram negative rod infection a new disease of man

Opstvedt, J.; Gjefsen, T., 1975: Unidentified growth factors in fish meal effects of low levels of fish meal in diets for breeder broiler hens

Gough, A. W.; Sileo, L., 1976: Unidentified kidney inclusion bodies in a lead poisoned lorikeet

Pamilo M., 1984: Unidentified liver metastases at ultrasonography of computed tomography

Pavlaskova M., 1983: Unidentified mobile protozoans from the blood of carp cyprinus carpio and some unsolved problems of myxosporean life cycles

Patty B.W., 1987: Unidimensional scaling with efficient ranking methods

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866093

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866094

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866095

Orias E., 1987: Unidirectional co stimulation by a non mating strain of tetrahymena thermophila

Henikoff S., 1984: Unidirectional digestion with exonuclease iii creates targeted breakpoints for dna sequencing

Mcgee M.P., 1986: Unidirectional flux of phenylalanine into vero cells measurement using paired tracers in perfused cultures

Lemieux C., 1988: Unidirectional gene conversions in the chloroplast of chlamydomonas interspecific hybrids

Weiler E., 1986: Unidirectional immunoglobulin g allotype and isotype specific suppressor cells in congeneic mice

Simmons G.M., 1986: Unidirectional incompatibility between populations of drosophila simulans

Turelli M., 1988: Unidirectional incompatibility in drosophila simulans inheritance geographic variation and fitness effects

Ash D., 1985: Unidirectional independence and judgmental heuristics

Nissen C., 1985: Unidirectional influx and phosphorylation of glucose analogs in cultured astroblasts

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866105

Bhargava H.N., 1987: Unidirectional interaction between trh and opiates at the level of their brain receptors

Macnab R.M., 1987: Unidirectional intermittent rotation of the flagellum of rhodobacter sphaeroides

Qureshi, F. A.; Spanner, D. C., 1971: Unidirectional movement of tracers along the stolon of saxifraga sarmentosa d

Lange D.G., 1985: Unidirectional non cross tolerance in rats and an apparent dissociation between narcotic tolerance and physical dependence

Sverdlov E.D., 1984: Unidirectional orientation of rpo b gene of escherichia coli cloned into filamentous phages m 13 mp 8 and m 13 wb 2348

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866111

Craig G.B., 1985: Unidirectional reproductive incompatibility between aedes berlandi and aedes hendersoni diptera culicidae

Hosokawa T., 1988: Unidirectional responses to mls determinants in vivo polyclonal t cell responses to a single common determinant of mls in different efficiencies

Akhtar M., 1985: Unidirectional retrograde atrioventricular nodal block in man determinants of reversibility by vagal antagonism

Higashi Fujime S., 1985: Unidirectional sliding of myosin filaments along the bundle of f actin filaments spontaneously formed during superprecipitation

Mitrovic D.M., 1988: Unidirectional uptake of enkephalins at the blood tissue interface of the blood cerebrospinal fluid barrier a saturable mechanism

Cruz M.A., 1986: Unidirectional uptake of l amino acids at the basolateral membrane of gastric epithelia in anesthetized dogs

Arola L., 1986: Unidirectionality of the water exchange between mother and 19 day fetus in the rat

Jortner J., 1988: Unidirectionally of charge separation in reaction centers of photosynthetic bacteria

Kerman, R.; Smith, R.; Ezdinli, E.; Stefani, S., 1976: Unification and technical aspects of total thymus derived active and bone marrow derived lymphocyte rosette assays

Galanter M., 1983: Unification church moonie dropouts psychological readjustment after leaving a charismatic religious group

Rashbass, C., 1976: Unification of 2 contrasting models of the visual incremental threshold

Beilbaeva M.L., 1983: Unification of a method of isolating and purifying staphylococcal entero toxins types a b and c

Keng H., 1980: Unification of laplacea and gordonia theaceae

Sobolev V.R., 1980: Unification of methods for determination of microbial sensitivity to antibiotics semi quantitative and quantitative evaluation of diffusion test results

Detinova, T. S.; Rasnitsyn, S. P.; Markovich, N. Ya ; Kupriyanova, E. S.; Aksenova, A. S.; Anufrieva, V. N.; Bandin, A. I.; Vinogradskaya, O. N.; Zharov, A. A., 1978: Unification of methods for population counts of blood sucking diptera

Galstyan, A. Sh, 1978: Unification of methods for soil enzyme activity determination

Rasnitsyna, N. M.; Dergacheva, T. I., 1977: Unification of methods for the evaluation of the density of sand flies phlebotomidae part 4 number of registrations of sand flies in populated areas and duration of the exposure of flypaper

Polyak M.S., 1983: Unification of nutrient medium for determination of biological activity of some antibiotics with the agar diffusion method

Baikova G.F., 1980: Unification of spectrophotometric determination of sulfa drugs

Tkachuk Ya V., 1979: Unification of taring tensiometric moisture meters for soils of different mechanical composition

Novikov V.P. , 1982: Unification of the characteristics of donor acceptor interactions to reveal structure activity relationships

Yanotovskii M.Ts, 1988: Unification of the stage by stage control of vitamin c production using high performance liquid chromatography

Reybrouck G., 1986: Unification of the testing of disinfectants in europe

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866135

Mato, J. M.; Krens, F. A.; Van-Haastert, P. J. M.; Konijn, T. M., 1977: Unified control of chemo taxis and cyclic amp mediated cyclic gmp accumulation by cyclic amp in dictyostelium discoideum

Mackey, M. C., 1978: Unified hypothesis for the origin of aplastic anemia and periodic hematopoiesis

Trautman, R., 1976: Unified mass action theory for virus neutralization and radio immunology

Smith K.J., 1981: Unified mechanism for poly unsaturated fatty acid aut oxidation competition of peroxy radical hydrogen atom abstraction beta scission and cyclization

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866140

Goldbeter, A.; Segel, L. A., 1977: Unified mechanism for relay and oscillation of cyclic amp in dictyostelium discoideum

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866142

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866143

Jangano F.D., 1982: Unified national health information system

Jaravaza, V. S.; Mccoy, M. C.; Dando, B. C., 1982: Unified national health information system 2. the village health worker health information system

Polyak M.S., 1985: Unified nutrient medium for determination of biological activity of certain aminoglycoside antibiotics

Breslow, R.; Wernick, D. L., 1977: Unified picture of mechanisms of catalysis by carboxy peptidase a ec

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866148

Dzhumkov, V. A.; Pleshkevich, I. S., 1976: Unified procedures for the simultaneous determination of hereditary types of polymorphous systems of blood proteins in cattle

Vergelati C., 1985: Unified representation of helical parameters application to polysaccharides

Brown D.G., 1985: Unified signal to noise ratio analysis of medical imaging systems

Vaisman-Ya, I.; Zaitseva, N. V.; Mikhailov, A. V., 1976: Unified systems of information in the control of the environmental state within the limits of large industrial complexes

Govallo, V. I., 1977: Unified terminology

Rodbard, D.; Chrambach, A., 1970: Unified theory for gel electrophoresis and gel filtration

Clay, J. R.; Shlesinger, M. F., 1977: Unified theory of 1 f and conductance noise in nerve membrane

Nissan A.H., 1987: Unified theory of the mechanical properties of paper and other hydrogen bond dominated solids part iii

Martin R.B., 1982: Unified view of carbon bound hydrogen exchange of hydrogen 2 in imidazoles and hydrogen 8 in purine nucleosides and their metal ion complexes

Barker G.R., 1984: Unifocal lymphomas of the oral cavity

Murnaghan, J. H., 1978: Uniform basic data sets for health statistical systems

Kosher R.A., 1984: Uniform cartilage differentiation in micromass cultures prepared from a relatively homogeneous population of chondrogenic progenitor cells of the chick limb bud effect of prostaglandins

Chapman J.F., 1986: Uniform chromatographic conditions for quantifying urinary catecholamines metanephrines vanillylmandelic acid 5 hydroxyindoleacetic acid by liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

Brown, F. A. Jr ; Chow, C. S., 1976: Uniform daily rotation and biological rhythms and clocks in hamsters

Palcic B., 1979: Uniform depth dose distribution for biological irradiation using negative pions

Levine H., 1987: Uniform detection of immunoglobulin gene rearrangement in benign lymphoepithelial lesions

Kato M., 1983: Uniform direct current electric field exposure systems for mice and cats

Merz G., 1982: Uniform distribution and similar turnover rates of individual gangliosides along axons of retinal ganglion cells in the chicken

Hawke M., 1987: Uniform epidermal cell proliferation in the mouse tympanic membrane

Lew V.L., 1982: Uniform ionophore a 23187 calcimycin distribution and cytoplasmic calcium buffering in intact human red cells

Grigorov M.S., 1983: Uniform moistening of the active soil layer in subsurface irrigation

Stanley D.J., 1981: Uniform mud unifite deposition in the hellenic trench eastern mediterranean

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866171

Gard T.C., 1987: Uniform persistence in multispecies population models

Chappard D., 1985: Uniform polymerization of large blocks in glycol methacrylate at low temperature with special reference to enzyme histochemistry

Haines T.H., 1986: Uniform preparations of large unilamellar vesicles containing anionic lipids

Paldi E., 1987: Uniform presentation of data concerning cesarean sections

Ricketts R.T., 1980: Uniform production and bulk storage of p 388 murine lymphoma cells for anti tumor assay

Cetas T.C., 1983: Uniform regional heating of the lower trunk numerical evaluation of tumor temperature distributions

Howley, P. M.; Martin, M. A., 1977: Uniform representation of the human papovavirus bk genome in transformed hamster cells

Boukema, I. W.; Garretsen, F., 1975: Uniform resistance to cladosporium fulvum in tomato lycopersicon esculentum part 1 investigations on varieties and progenies of diallel crosses

Boukema, I. W.; Garretsen, F., 1975: Uniform resistance to cladosporium fulvum in tomato lycopersicon esculentum part 2 investigations on f 2 and f 3 generations from diallel crosses

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866181

Brutsaert D.L., 1984: Uniform sarcomere behavior during twitch of intact single cardiac cells

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866183

Hayashi K., 1988: Uniform strain hypothesis and thin walled theory in arterial mechanics

Noda, S.; Eto, K., 1975: Uniform virus like particles found within the prostate cancer cells in man

Molloy B.P.J., 1985: Uniformity and distinctness of phyllocladus as evidenced by flavonoid accumulation

Zeki, S. M., 1978: Uniformity and diversity of structure and function in rhesus monkey prestriate visual cortex

Thomas E.D., 1980: Uniformity and standardization of single and opposing cobalt 60 sources for total body irradiation

Nene, R. V., 1978: Uniformity in cholin esterase distribution in musculus brachialis of different birds

Parnell C.J., 1987: Uniformity in dosimetry protocols for therapeutic applications of fast neutron beams

Seilacher A., 1980: Uniformity in marine invertebrate ichnology

Stromberg L., 1984: Uniformity in mechanics of long bones at torque a dog experiment

Claflin, J. L., 1976: Uniformity in the clonal repertoire for the immune response to phosphoryl choline in mice

Treu S., 1982: Uniformity in user computer interaction languages a compromise solution

Yaroslavskii V.K., 1979: Uniformity of alveolar ventilation and its evaluation in new born children

Hunninghake G.W., 1988: Uniformity of bronchoalveolar lavage in patients with pulmonary sarcoidosis

Kerckaert J P., 1981: Uniformity of carbohydrate chains within molecular variants of rat alpha 1 feto protein with distinct affinity for concanavalin a

Satoh H., 1979: Uniformity of cardiac lesions in incomplete atrio ventricular block in the horse

Chalupa L., 1981: Uniformity of cell distribution in the ganglion cell layer of pre natal cat retina implications for mechanisms of retinal development

Hailey D.M., 1981: Uniformity of content requirements for tablets and capsules

Kerckaert J P., 1982: Uniformity of glycans within molecular variants of alpha 1 protease inhibitor with distinct affinity for concanavalin a

Yasukouchi A., 1984: Uniformity of increase in pulmonary diffusing capacity during submaximal exercise in normal young adults

Brittenham G.M., 1987: Uniformity of liver density and nonheme storage iron distribution

Stuart D.G., 1986: Uniformity of metabolic enzymes within individual motor units

Klassen G.R., 1988: Uniformity of mitochondrial dna complexity in oomycetes and the evolution of the inverted repeat

Smith S.J., 1985: Uniformity of nitrogen 15 enrichment in different plant parts and subsequent decomposition monitoring of labeled crop residues

Furuta, Y.; Nishikawa, K.; Haji, T., 1978: Uniformity of nuclear dna content in triticum monococcum

Williams E.G., 1987: Uniformity of plants regenerated by direct somatic embryogenesis from zygotic embryos of trifolium repens

Kobayashi, S., 1987: Uniformity of plants regenerated from orange citrus sinensis osb. protoplasts

Vasil I.K., 1984: Uniformity of plants regenerated from somatic embryos of panicum maximum guinea grass

Plunkett I.G., 1984: Uniformity of production of spring cabbage in new zealand

Thielcke, G., 1973: Uniformity of song through learning by the coal tit parus ater

Tatintseva S.S., 1980: Uniformity of spermatozoids in pollen grains of angiospermae

Emerich D.W., 1988: Uniformity of the microsymbiont population from soybean nodules with respect to buoyant density

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866215

Lavau, M.; Susini, C., 1975: Uniformly labeled carbon 14 glucose metabolism in vivo in rats rendered obese by a high fat diet

Brooks G.A., 1981: Uniformly labeled carbon 14 labeled glucose uniformly labeled carbon 14 labeled alanine and uniformly labeled carbon 14 labeled leucine oxidation in rats at rest and 2 intensities of running

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866218

Gaal A.B., 1984: Uniformly spaced banding pattern in dna sequencing gels by use of field strength gradient

Hammes G.G., 1982: Unifying concept for the coupling between ion pumping and atp hydrolysis of synthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866221

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866222

Blanquet, P. R., 1978: Unifying heuristic model of trans membrane coordinate control for cell growth and cell movement

Petrenko V.V., 1983: Unifying the methods for quantitative determination of glutamic acid and methionine in drug form/

Mukhametov L.M., 1987: Unihemispheric slow wave sleep in the amazonian dolphin inia geoffrensis

Nicholas J.P., 1983: Unikaryon slaptonleyi new species microspora unikaryonidae isolated from echinostome and strigeid larvae from lymnaea peregra observations on its morphology transmission and pathogenicity

Kemp J.D., 1980: Unilateral 5 7 di hydroxy tryptamine lesions of the dorsal raphe nucleus and rat rotational behavior

Carey R.J., 1982: Unilateral 6 hydroxy dopamine lesions of dopamine neurons produce bilateral self stimulation deficits

Hinman F.Jr, 1979: Unilateral abdominal cryptorchidism

Huston J.P., 1981: Unilateral ablation of telencephalon induces appearance of contralateral cortical and subcortical projections to thalamic nuclei

Bravi A., 1985: Unilateral absence of a pulmonary artery

Stables, D. P., 1976: Unilateral absence of excretion at urography after abdominal trauma

Schwartz W.F., 1981: Unilateral acne the case for thermogenic aggravation and a clue to basic acne therapy

Freed C.R., 1984: Unilateral activation of caudate tyrosine hydroxylase during voluntary circling behavior

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866235

Serofilli S., 1986: Unilateral adrenal apoplexy a case report

Bauman A., 1982: Unilateral adrenal catecholamine excess pheo chromo cytoma or possible sporadic medullary hyperplasia

Landau, B.; Leiba, S.; Kaufman, H.; Servadio, C.; Wainrach, B., 1978: Unilateral adrenalectomy and pituitary irradiation in the treatment of acth dependent cushings disease in children and adolescents

Meek J.M., 1982: Unilateral adult poly cystic kidney disease

Pretto G., 1987: Unilateral advanced retinoblastoma without primary enucleation treatment

Pombo M., 1980: Unilateral agenesis of the lung

Loefgren L., 1980: Unilateral airway obstruction and distribution of pulmonary blood flow a case

Janati A., 1988: Unilateral alpha rhythm and cheyne stokes respirations

Melzack R., 1984: Unilateral analgesia produced by intra ventricular morphine

Burde R.M., 1983: Unilateral and asymmetric optic disc swelling with intra cranial abnormalities

Winter, C. C., 1976: Unilateral and bilateral bladder neck suspension modified pereyra operation for stress urinary incontinence

Glass I.B., 1980: Unilateral and bilateral electro convulsive therapy in elderly patients a comparative study

Mennel H.D., 1986: Unilateral and bilateral infarcts in the area of the posterior thalamoperforating artery neuropathological findings

Charman C.S., 1988: Unilateral and bilateral lesions of the anteromedial cortex increase perseverative head movements of the rat

Pepeu G., 1988: Unilateral and bilateral nucleus basalis lesions differences in neurochemical and behavioral recovery

Hagen, R.; Engesaeter, L. B., 1977: Unilateral and bilateral partial laminectomy in lumbar disc prolapse a follow up study of 156 patients

Busija D.W., 1986: Unilateral and bilateral sympathetic effects on cerebral blood flow during normocapnia

Vittone P., 1980: Unilateral and sectorial pigmentary retinopathy

Tazaki H., 1983: Unilateral and synchronous occurrence of in situ transitional cell carcinoma of the ureter and renal cell carcinoma

Gernet, H., 1977: Unilateral aphakia conventional contact lens and aniseikonia

Gernet, H., 1977: Unilateral aphakia in juveniles results of combined correction

Tice A.W.Jr, 1981: Unilateral apical infiltrate as an initial presentation of pulmonary sarcoidosis

Nakao T., 1979: Unilateral aplasia of the optic nerve with abnormal cranium in a calf

Maldague, B. E.; Malghem, J. J., 1976: Unilateral arch hypertrophy with spinous process tilt a sign of arch deficiency

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866261

Wee A.S., 1986: Unilateral asterixis case report and comments

Peterson G.W., 1987: Unilateral asterixis due to ipsilateral lesions in the pons and medulla

Lamy P., 1985: Unilateral atresia of the left pulmonary veins preoperative angiographic diagnosis in an adult

Neldner K.H., 1987: Unilateral atrophoderma of pasini and pierini

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866266

Day, H. D.; Shelly, L. F., 1980: Unilateral auditory stimulation and the visual perception of verticality 1 more time

Schutte H., 1981: Unilateral auto nephrectomization in horseshoe kidney

Norrsell U., 1983: Unilateral behavioral thermo sensitivity after transection of 1 lateral funiculus in the cervical spinal cord of the cat

Johnson W.T., 1979: Unilateral blepharochalasis

Szepan, B.; Schlieter, F.; Lins, E., 1976: Unilateral blindness as a complication of carotid angiography

Romen M., 1987: Unilateral blindness due to acute retinal necrosis

Vandendreissche M., 1979: Unilateral brain injury in the rabbit reversible and irreversible damage of the membranal atpase

Ing, R.; Ho, J. H. C.; Petrakis, N. L., 1977: Unilateral breast feeding and breast cancer

Kan, M. K.; Hopkins, G. B., 1976: Unilateral breast uptake of gallium 67 from breast feeding

Poh S.C., 1983: Unilateral calcified fibro thorax with cor pulmonale failure to improve with decortication

Boxler K., 1982: Unilateral calf enlargement following s 1 radiculopathy

Holmes L.B., 1987: Unilateral carpal bone deformity in mother and son

White, B. C.; Tapp, W. N., 1977: Unilateral catecholamine depletion of the corpus striatum and amphetamine induced turning an ontogenetic study

Bourne W.M., 1981: Unilateral central corneal epithelial dysplasia

Gardner, E. B.; Branski, D. M., 1976: Unilateral cerebral activation and perception of gaps a signal detection analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866282

Yeshurun D., 1985: Unilateral chest wall edema in carcinomatous pleurisy

Mandel H.G., 1983: Unilateral chromatid damage a new basis for 6 thio guanine cyto toxicity

Pfau, A.; Rosenmann, E., 1978: Unilateral chronic pyelo nephritis and hypertension coincidental or causal relationship

Moss A.G., 1985: Unilateral ciliary reversal and motor responses during prey capture by the ctenophore pleurobrachia pileus

Galambos J.T., 1981: Unilateral cirrhosis bleeding varices right hepatic duct diaphragm and left hepatic duct atresia

Schroeder H.E., 1985: Unilateral clefts a new defect of the rat secondary palate

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866289

Souyris F., 1984: Unilateral condylar hyperplasia 5 cases

Muller H., 1979: Unilateral condylar hyperplasia and acromegaly case report

Wang-Norderud, R.; Ragab, R. R., 1977: Unilateral condylar hyperplasia and the associated deformity of facial asymmetry case report

Chartrand C., 1987: Unilateral congenital absence of pulmonary artery

Et Al, 1981: Unilateral congenital anomalies of the inner ear

Reisner T., 1980: Unilateral congenital anophthalmos with trabecular agenesis and hydrophthalmos of the other eye

Fukuzawa H., 1987: Unilateral congenital ectropion of the uvea associated with glaucoma

Quigley, H. A.; Stanish, F. S., 1978: Unilateral congenital iris pigment epithelial hyperplasia associated with late onset glaucoma

Brody P.E., 1979: Unilateral conjunctival inflammation resembling a neoplasm

Barbati A.M., 1987: Unilateral conjunctival inflammation resembling a neoplasm

Bancaud J., 1983: Unilateral connections between amygdala and hippocampus in man a study of epileptic patients with depth electrodes

Peters, M., 1976: Unilateral control of bilaterally symmetrical movement as factor in lateralization of speech

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866302

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866303

Vass K.Sr, 1986: Unilateral creutzfeldt jakob disease

Rothman S., 1979: Unilateral cryptophthalmia

Ravikumar R., 1986: Unilateral cryptophthalmos with syndactyly laryngeal atresia and genital anomalies

Tato, L.; Corgnati, A.; Boner, A.; Pinelli, L.; Zatti, M.; Gaburro, D., 1978: Unilateral cryptorchidism with compensatory hypertrophy of descended testicle in pre pubertal boys

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866308

Abe T., 1986: Unilateral deafness after 10 hours following minor head injury report of a case

Colman M.F., 1986: Unilateral degloving injuries of the arytenoid cartilage

Larheim T.A., 1985: Unilateral demonstration of the atlas in ipsilateral maxillary alveolar bone destruction

Wilkin J.K., 1980: Unilateral dermatomal cavernous hem angiomatosis

Wilkin, J. K., 1978: Unilateral dermatomal superficial telangi ectasia

Ryan T.J., 1985: Unilateral dermatomal superficial telangiectasia

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866315

Mansell A.L., 1988: Unilateral diaphragmatic paralysis inhibits postnatal lung growth in the piglet

Youngberg, A. S., 1977: Unilateral diffuse lung opacity differential diagnosis with emphasis on lymph angitic spread of cancer

Tuma S., 1985: Unilateral dilatation of the internal mammary artery as a sign of an intrathoracic lesion

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866319

Merkens H.W., 1987: Unilateral distension of the tarsal sheath in the horse a report of 11 cases

Radwan H., 1982: Unilateral dopamine deficit and lateral electro encephalographic asymmetry sleep abnormalities in hemi parkinsons patients

Rebec G.V., 1985: Unilateral dopamine depletions attenuate the response of striatal neurons to systemic amphetamine in both hemispheres

Del Rio J., 1988: Unilateral dorsal rhizotomy decreases monoamine levels in the rat spinal cord

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866324

Contamin, F.; Singer, B.; Bigot, J. M.; Mignot, B.; Comoy, J., 1977: Unilateral dysplasia of the circle of willis associated with multiple distal stenoses

Ramanna, M. S.; Hermsen, J. G. T., 1974: Unilateral eclipse sterility in reciprocal crosses between solanum verrucosum and di ploid solanum tuberosum

Lindhardt F., 1981: Unilateral edema of the breast in chronic heart disease

Pontifex G., 1979: Unilateral emphysematous pyelo nephritis

Montagne J.P., 1981: Unilateral enlarged kidney in the neo nate ultrasonographic approach to diagnosis

Gore R.M., 1981: Unilateral enlargement of the internal auditory canal a developmental variant

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866331

Jones M.C., 1986: Unilateral epicanthal fold diagnostic significance

Curth, H. O., 1976: Unilateral epidermal nevus resembling acanthosis nigricans

Miller K., 1985: Unilateral estropia after enucleation in infancy

Kawafuchi J I., 1981: Unilateral exophthalmos diagnostic and therapeutic procedure

Matsuura H., 1981: Unilateral exophthalmos with intra orbital foreign body developed 4 years after injury

Liberatore B., 1985: Unilateral eyelid conjunctival and choroidal tumors as initial presentation of diffuse large cell lymphoma

Cynader M., 1988: Unilateral eyelid suture increases gaba a receptors in cat visual cortex

Bourne R.B., 1987: Unilateral facet dislocation of the cervical spine an analysis of the results of treatment in 26 patients

Armijo M., 1985: Unilateral facial circumscribed hyperhidrosis

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866342

Cozzi G., 1987: Unilateral facial palsy following bilateral intraoral coronoidectomies

Will B., 1986: Unilateral fimbria fornix lesions attenuate behavioral symptoms induced by subsequent dorsal hippocampal lesions in rats

Berman, D.; Derasmo, M. J.; Marti, A.; Berman, A. J., 1978: Unilateral fore limb de afferentation in the monkey purposive movement

Eeckels R., 1979: Unilateral galactocele in a male infant

Maier H., 1987: Unilateral gallium 67 uptake in primary tuberculosis of the major salivary glands

Okamura K., 1981: Unilateral germinomas involving the basal ganglia and thalamus

Sangawe J.L.F., 1986: Unilateral glaucoma

Araie M., 1985: Unilateral glaucoma with corneal endothelial abnormalities a case report

Dikman, S. H.; Strauss, L.; Berman, L. J.; Taylor, N. S.; Churg, J., 1976: Unilateral glomerulo nephritis

Van-Den-Pol, A.; Maul, E.; Sears, M., 1977: Unilateral gonadectomy does not alter contralateral intra ocular pressure in rabbit eyes

Varghese S., 1981: Unilateral gonado blastoma with dys germinoma in a normal fertile woman review and a case

Lildholdt T., 1979: Unilateral grommet insertion and adenoidectomy in bilateral secretory otitis media results in 91 children

Boller, F.; Jacobson, G. P., 1980: Unilateral gun shot wound of the pons clinical electro physiologic and neuro radiologic correlates

Tharpe A.M., 1984: Unilateral hearing impairment in children

Alroy G., 1980: Unilateral hearing loss due to rubella infection in the adult

Yamadori A., 1985: Unilateral hemispheric injury and ipsilateral instinctive grasp reaction

Strasberg, S. M.; Petrunka, C. N.; Ilson, R. G., 1977: Unilateral hepatic duct obstruction in the primate

Curtin, B. J.; Schlossman, A., 1976: Unilateral high myopia in childhood clinical characteristics and treatment

Prugberger E., 1987: Unilateral hilar lymphatic gland enlargement in sarcoidosis

Marshall L.W., 1980: Unilateral hind leg spasticity outbreak of a specific clinical condition in suckling piglets

Smith S.D., 1988: Unilateral hindpaw amputation causes bilateral articular cartilage remodeling of the rat hip joint

Klousia, J. W.; Belman, A. B., 1977: Unilateral hydro nephrosis secondary to mid ureteral extrinsic fecal obstruction

Ito, M.; Ishikawa, S.; Ono, Y.; Akiyama, I., 1978: Unilateral hydrocephalus associated with congenital hemi hypertrophy

Yoshimoto T., 1985: Unilateral hydrocephalus combined with occlusion of the ipsilateral internal carotid artery

Husag, L.; Wieser, H. G.; Probst, C., 1976: Unilateral hydrocephalus due to membranous occlusions of the foramen of monro

Vette W., 1987: Unilateral hydronephrosis and hypertension cause or coincidence

Hurtgen J.P., 1984: Unilateral hydrosalpinx and absence of the infundibulum in a mare

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866370

Tomashefski J.F., 1981: Unilateral hyper lucent lung noninvasive diagnosis of pulmonary artery agenesis

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866372

Godfrey S., 1980: Unilateral hyper lucent lung the case for investigation

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866374

Lopez Ojeda J., 1981: Unilateral hyperlucent lung and pneumo mediastinum a rare sign of bronchial adenoma

Vera J., 1982: Unilateral hyperplasia of the coronoid process in a child a cause of restricted opening of the mouth

Javid B., 1981: Unilateral hyperplasia of the coronoid process of the mandible case report

Braunstein E.M., 1987: Unilateral hypertrophic osteoarthropathy in a patient with an infected axillary axillary bypass graft

Heilman K.M., 1981: Unilateral hypo kinesia and motor extinction

Yamagishi Y., 1982: Unilateral hypo perfusion lung

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866381

Fujita H., 1987: Unilateral hypoperfusion of the lung due to bronchial leiomyoma a report of a case

Andrews W.K., 1981: Unilateral hypoplasia of the palate and associated structures in a white handed gibbon hylobates lar

Walker P.M., 1987: Unilateral iliac disease the role of iliofemoral bypass

Wasserman, D., 1976: Unilateral iliac horn central posterior iliac process

Otterbacher A.G., 1982: Unilateral incompatibility between red raspberries rubus idaeus and black raspberries rubus occidentalis

Abdalla, M. M. F.; Hermsen, J. G. T., 1972: Unilateral incompatibility hypotheses debate and its implications for plant breeding

Opitz C., 1982: Unilateral incontinentia pigmenti in a male patient

Levy M., 1980: Unilateral increased trans radiancy of the lung caused by bronchial carcinoid tumor

Magli A., 1981: Unilateral inferior altitudinal hemi anopsia argyll robertson pupil and dendritic keratitis in a young patient with herpes zoster

Nagao T., 1982: Unilateral inferior temporal lobectomy with hippocampectomy for acute ischemic brain edema

Bettis D.B., 1979: Unilateral inferior temporal lobectomy with hippocampectomy for relief of incisural herniation

Will, B. E.; Toniolo, G.; Brailowsky, S., 1988: Unilateral infusion of gaba and saline into the nucleus basalis of rats 1. effects on motor function and brain morphology

Oh K.S., 1980: Unilateral inguinal hernias in children what about the opposite side

Karli P., 1983: Unilateral injection of gamma amino butyric acid agonists in the superior colliculus asymmetry to tactile stimulation

Kuschinsky K., 1982: Unilateral injection of morphine into the nucleus accumbens induces akinesia and catalepsy but no spontaneous muscular rigidity in rats

Leonard T.J., 1981: Unilateral inter nuclear gene transfer and cell differentiation in schizophyllum commune

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866398

Andersen, C. A.; Rich, N. M.; Collins, G. J-Jr ; Mcdonald, P. T.; Boone, S. C., 1977: Unilateral internal carotid arterial occlusion special considerations

Achiron A., 1988: Unilateral interruption of geniculate and callosal inputs to the visual cortex of cats ocular dominance and responsiveness of cells in the deafferented and in the intact hemispheres

Rebec G.V., 1986: Unilateral intranigral infusions of amphetamine produce differential bilateral changes in unit activity and extracellular levels of ascorbate in the neostriatum of the rat

Lange K.W., 1986: Unilateral intranigral injection of mptp in the rat induces contraversive turning

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866403

Vaillant J.M., 1985: Unilateral inveterate dislocation of the temporomandibular joint treatment by invasive repositioning of the condyle and meniscectomy

Faux N., 1981: Unilateral involvement of the ix x xi and xii cranial nerves during a case of cervical zoster vascular pathology of cranial nerves

Youngren O.M., 1986: Unilateral kainic acid lesions reveal dominance of right archistriatum in avian fear behavior

Triger D.R., 1986: Unilateral kayser fleischer ring

Burmeister H., 1982: Unilateral keratitis caused by chlamydia trachomatis

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866409

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866410

Bridger, G. P., 1977: Unilateral laryngeal palsy a histo pathological study

Mehta R.F., 1980: Unilateral lattice dystrophy of the cornea

Assal G., 1986: Unilateral left paramedian infarction of thalamus and midbrain a clinico pathological study

Silber R., 1980: Unilateral leg edema a symptom of lymphoma

Velley L., 1985: Unilateral lesion of the intrinsic cells in the medial forebrain bundle depresses self stimulation but not stimulus bound locomotor activity

De Andres I., 1986: Unilateral lesions in locus coeruleus area enhance paradoxical sleep

Sinnamon H.M., 1982: Unilateral lesions of the anteromedial cortex in the rat impair approach to contralateral visual cues

Gorski R.A., 1984: Unilateral lesions of the hamster mesocricetus auratus suprachiasmatic nuclei evidence for redundant control of circadian rhythms

Gervais R., 1979: Unilateral lesions of the olfactory tubercle modifying general arousal effects in the rat olfactory bulb

Nigam P.K., 1988: Unilateral lichen planus

Landis T., 1985: Unilateral limbic epileptic status activity stereoelectroencephalographic behavioral and cognitive data

Lorincz A.L., 1981: Unilateral linear nevoid syringoma

St Clair J.T., 1979: Unilateral linear zosteriform epidermal nevus with acantholytic dys keratosis

Godfrey, S.; Hambleton, G.; Winlove, P.; Freedman, N., 1977: Unilateral lung disease detected by radio isotopic scanning in children thought to have asthma

Benumof J.L., 1981: Unilateral lung lavage blood flow manipulation by ipsilateral pulmonary artery balloon inflation in dogs

Et Al, 1986: Unilateral lung transplantation for pulmonary fibrosis

Koyanagi H., 1987: Unilateral lung transplantation in dogs a possible palliation of advanced pulmonary hypertension associated with cardiac disease

Zanoni F., 1985: Unilateral lymphadenectomy in intraoperative stage i nonseminomatous germinal testis cancer

White G.E., 1983: Unilateral mastication and facial formation

Lannigan R., 1981: Unilateral masugi nephritis in the rat

Baenge J.J., 1988: Unilateral medial rectus resection in the treatment of small angle exodeviation

Mccullough D.C., 1979: Unilateral megalencephaly cerebral cortical dysplasia neuronal hypertrophy and heterotopia cyto morphometric fluorometric cytochemical and biochemical analyses

Jarudi N., 1985: Unilateral megalocornea in lamellar ichthyosis

Brookes, G. B.; Morrison, A. W.; Richard, R., 1985: Unilateral meniere's disease is the contralateral ear normal

Smith G.P., 1980: Unilateral meso limbico cortical dopamine de nervation decreases loco motion in the open field and after amphetamine

Gaitzsch J., 1983: Unilateral micro surgical approaches to extramedullary spinal tumors operative technique and results

Pietron K., 1986: Unilateral mid femoral periosteal new bone of varying etiology in children radiographic analysis of 25 cases

Et Al, 1988: Unilateral mptp lesion in a rhesus monkey effects on the striatal dopaminergic system measured in vivo with pet using various novel tracers

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Gaynor, E. B.; Hershberg, R., 1976: Unilateral multiple tumors of the parotid gland

Kassell N.F., 1981: Unilateral nasal hemi anopia as a sign of intra cranial optic nerve compression

Philwin B., 1987: Unilateral neglect and constructional apraxia in a right handed artist with a left posterior lesion

Bisiach, E.; Luzzatti, C., 1978: Unilateral neglect of representational space

Berti A., 1986: Unilateral neglect personal and extra personal

Bonjour J P., 1983: Unilateral nephrectomy and 1 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 3

Dlouha, H.; Krecek, J.; Zicha, J., 1980: Unilateral nephrectomy and intake of 0.6 percent sodium chloride solution as a complex hypertensinogenic stimulus in brattleboro rats its age dissociation

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Wilkin, J. K., 1977: Unilateral nevoid telangi ectasia 3 new cases and the role of estrogen

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866453

Dorwling-Carter, D.; Scherpereel, B.; Baudrillart, J. C.; Omez, F.; Lejeune, J. P.; Rousseaux, P.; Motte, J., 1987: Unilateral non tumoral hydrocephalus in children possible origin due to atresia of monro's foramen

Luxenberg M., 1984: Unilateral nonvisualization on excretory urography after external trauma

Nagle, R. B.; Bulger, R. E., 1978: Unilateral obstructive nephropathy in the rabbit part 2 late morphologic changes

Palmer, L. L., 1976: Unilateral ocular suppression and tests of eye dominance

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866458

Borror M.J., 1983: Unilateral odor deprivation differential effects due to time of treatment

Brunjes P.C., 1988: Unilateral odor deprivation early postnatal changes in olfactory bulb cell density and number

Mccarty R., 1985: Unilateral odor deprivation effects on the development of olfactory bulb catecholamines and behavior

Brunjes P.C., 1987: Unilateral odor deprivation effects on the development of staining for olfactory bulb succinate dehydrogenase

Brunjes P.C., 1985: Unilateral odor deprivation time course of changes in laminar volume

Gibson G.H., 1988: Unilateral onychodystrophy secondary to nail biting

Potter P.H., 1982: Unilateral optic nerve head and choroidal metastases from a bronchial carcinoma

Perret J., 1980: Unilateral or bilateral congenital absence of the anterior clinoid process 3 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866467

Fleming M.W., 1987: Unilateral orchidectomy of ram lambs acute chronic and hcg stimulated androgen levels

Roux D., 1982: Unilateral orchitis in a bull caused by brucella abortus biotype 1

Wenger J., 1981: Unilateral outward turning leg in infancy

Niebyl, J. R.; Parmley, T. H.; Spencer, M. R.; Woodruff, J. D., 1978: Unilateral ovarian abscess associated with the intra uterine device

Peppler, R. D., 1976: Unilateral ovariectomy during pregnancy in the rat

Charnock P., 1981: Unilateral ovariectomy during pregnancy in well nourished and under nourished rats effects on placenta and fetal body and brain growth

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866474

Brawer J.R., 1985: Unilateral ovariectomy restores ovulatory cyclicity in rats with a polycystic ovarian condition

Rasweiler, J. J-Iv, 1978: Unilateral oviductal and uterine reactions in the little bulldog bat noctilio albiventris

Goette D.K., 1981: Unilateral palpable purpura a manifestation of septic emboli from an infected aorto femoral bypass graft eroding the jejunum

Brusini P., 1981: Unilateral papill edema in sarcoidosis

Narahara M., 1985: Unilateral papilledema in pseudotumor cerebri

Thet L.A., 1987: Unilateral paraquat induced lung fibrosis evolution of changes in lung fibronectin and collagen after graded degrees of lung injury

Ljungberg O., 1982: Unilateral parathyroidectomy in hyper parathyroidism due to single adenoma

Vetter W., 1985: Unilateral parenchymatous kidney disease and hypertension results of nephrectomy and medical treatment

Bedford P.G.C., 1980: Unilateral parotid hyper sialism in a dachshund

Makman M.H., 1986: Unilateral peri substantia nigra catecholaminergic lesion and amygdala kindling

Antoszyk J.H., 1987: Unilateral peripapillary myelinated nerve fibers with myopia and or amblyopia

Zavadova, Z.; Zavada, J.; Weiss, R., 1977: Unilateral phenotypic mixing of envelope antigens between togaviruses and vesicular stomatitis virus or avian rna tumor virus

Bundy K.J., 1984: Unilateral posterior arch fractures of the atlas

Halasz B., 1982: Unilateral posterior de afferentation of hypothalamus and mitotic activity of thyroid follicular cells under normal conditions and after hemi thyroidectomy

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866489

Stapleton F.B., 1986: Unilateral presentation of adult type polycystic kidney disease in children

Lang G.K., 1988: Unilateral progressive diabetic retinopathy after filtering glaucoma operation

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Valone, J. A. Jr ; Mcmeel, J. W.; Franks, E. P., 1981: Unilateral proliferative diabetic retinopathy 2. clinical course

Mann J.R., 1981: Unilateral proptosis

Suwanwela C., 1988: Unilateral proptosis as a clinical presentation in primary angiosarcoma of skull

Harbison J.W., 1981: Unilateral proptosis secondary to a retroorbital tumor fibrous histio cytoma or xantho granulomatous lesion

Braun C.W., 1987: Unilateral pruritus after a stroke

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866498

West R.H., 1981: Unilateral pseudoexfoliation ocular hypertension and the cup disc ratio

Krueger, D. W., 1978: Unilateral ptosis as a conversion reaction

Odell J.A., 1987: Unilateral pulmonary agenesis a report of 4 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866502

Davies P., 1981: Unilateral pulmonary changes in the chest x ray in sarcoidosis

Hopkirk, J. A. C.; Stark, J. E., 1978: Unilateral pulmonary collapse in asthmatics

Calenoff, L.; Kruglik, G. D.; Woodruff, A., 1978: Unilateral pulmonary edema

Denaut M., 1981: Unilateral pulmonary edema after re expansion

Goodman, L. R.; Shanser, J. D., 1976: Unilateral pulmonary edema an unusual complication of nitrogen mustard therapy

Clausen K.H., 1981: Unilateral pulmonary edema following spontaneous pneumo thorax

Zysko A.P., 1981: Unilateral pulmonary edema in levo ventricular insufficiency

Cheney F.W.Jr, 1979: Unilateral pulmonary edema in rabbits after re expansion of collapsed lung

Nahum H., 1980: Unilateral pulmonary edema pneumo peri cardium and bronchial cancer

Van Meerhaeghe A., 1981: Unilateral pulmonary edema secondary to left heart failure

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866513

Waterkotte G., 1981: Unilateral pulmonary interstitial emphysema a surgical approach to treatment

L'heureux P., 1980: Unilateral pulmonary vein atresia

Bechar M., 1981: Unilateral pupillary dilatation during focal seizures

Burton T.C., 1980: Unilateral purtschers retinopathy

Mouli, S. P., 1988: Unilateral pyocele complication of burdizzo's method of castration in bulls

Freeman C.R., 1984: Unilateral radiation nephropathy the long term significance

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Bouhoutsos, J.; Morris, T.; Martin, P., 1977: Unilateral raynauds phenomenon in the hand and its significance

Cazaugade J., 1981: Unilateral recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy following brief periods of intubation 2 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866523

Mongha I.V., 1983: Unilateral relationship of embryo and the corpus luteum in goat

Balogh, F.; Kelemen, Z.; Marton, K.; Gotz, F., 1970: Unilateral removal of the horseshoe kidney

Ettlinger G., 1987: Unilateral removal of the posterior insula or of area sii inconsistent effects on tactile visual and auditory performance in the monkey

Bobinac D., 1987: Unilateral renal agenesia in the angiographic material and renovascular hypertension

Bauman J.M., 1985: Unilateral renal agenesis and other causes of the solitary photopenic renal fossa

Garcia Ontiveros E., 1987: Unilateral renal agenesis associated with ipsilateral blind vagina

Birnbaum W., 1981: Unilateral renal agenesis associated with vaginal or cervical fistula and anomalous uterine development

Giangiacomo, J., 1976: Unilateral renal agenesis presenting as anuria

Seul K.H., 1987: Unilateral renal arterial infusion and renal vein catheterization in rabbits study of renal function and renin release

Barajas, L.; Marks, L. S.; Trygstad, C. W., 1977: Unilateral renal hypoplasia with associated venous anomaly and hypertension a study of the juxtaglomerular cells

Bartels U., 1982: Unilateral renal insufficiency a clinico pathologic analysis

Potts D.J., 1988: Unilateral renal ischemia in the rat effect of contralateral nephrectomy and intrarenal flush with phosphate buffered sucrose

Pirie S.C., 1987: Unilateral renal ischemia in the rat effect of method of occlusion of the blood supply on function of ipsilateral and contralateral kidneys

Hertel E., 1986: Unilateral renal oncocytoma a case report

Jennings R.B., 1985: Unilateral renal vein occlusion in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866540

Puccioni M., 1985: Unilateral retinitis pigmentosa

Verrecchia P., 1987: Unilateral retinitis pigmentosa a case report

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866543

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866544

Sahni R.C., 1981: Unilateral rhino lithiasis

Saffos, R. O.; Rhatigan, R. M., 1977: Unilateral salpingitis due to enterobius vermicularis

Tackmann W., 1983: Unilateral scapulo humeral muscular atrophy

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866548

Corridore F., 1987: Unilateral sectoral pigmentary retinopathy description of a case

Dworin, A.; Sober, A. J., 1978: Unilateral segmental hyper hidrosis response to 20 percent aluminum chloride solution and plastic wrap

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866551

Tonning F.M., 1986: Unilateral sensorineural hearing loss in children less than 15 years of age

Tindall, G. T.; Collins, W. F. Jr ; Kirchner, J. A., 1978: Unilateral septal technique for trans sphenoidal micro surgical approach to the sella turcica

Balachandran S., 1983: Unilateral septic sacro iliitis importance of the anterior view of the bone scan

Raij, L.; Keane, W. F.; Michael, A. F., 1977: Unilateral shwartzman reaction cortical necrosis in 1 kidney following in vivo perfusion with endo toxin

Siebert J., 1984: Unilateral skin lesions associated with multiple neoplasms

Kubo H., 1980: Unilateral spatial agnosia neglect

Sawada T., 1986: Unilateral spatial neglect due to hemorrhage in the thalamic region

Ogura J., 1981: Unilateral spatial neglect on imitation of finger patterns

Balsano F., 1984: Unilateral stellate ganglion block and holter monitoring in subjects without heart disease

Deecke L., 1987: Unilateral stenosis of the vertebral artery secondary finding with no prognostic relevance?

Bell, G. A.; Gibbs, M. E., 1977: Unilateral storage of mon ocular engram in day old chick

Naylor R.J., 1984: Unilateral striatal dopamine de nervation reduced motor inhibitory effects of dopamine antagonists revealed in models of asymmetric and circling behavior

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866565

Valenstein E.S., 1986: Unilateral substantia nigra lesions and schedule induced polydipsia

Plasse, H. M.; Spencer, F. C.; Mittleman, M.; Frost, J. O., 1980: Unilateral sudden loss of hearing an unusual complication of cardiac operation

Sakuma, S.; Watanabe, Y., 1971: Unilateral synthesis of reovirus double stranded rna by a cell free replicase system

Woerdeman M.J., 1981: Unilateral systematized keratosis follicularis a variant of dariers disease or an epidermal nevus acantholytic dys keratotic epidermal nevus

Van Ewijk W., 1987: Unilateral t cell maturation arrest in the thymus of cba h mice as a long term effect after neutron irradiation

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866571

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866572

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866573

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866574

Korczyn A.D., 1986: Unilateral thermal anesthesia

Park C.H., 1987: Unilateral thoracic soft tissue accumulation of bone agent in lung cancer

Suzuki I., 1987: Unilateral transient shallow anterior chamber and ocular hypertension as initial signs of multifocal posterior pigment epitheliopathy

Sjolie, A. K.; Mortensen, K. K., 1977: Unilateral traumatic cataract in children

Brugieres P., 1986: Unilateral traumatic temporal lesions with secondary third nerve palsy place of conservative management

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866580

Golde, S. H.; Israel, R.; Ledger, W. J., 1977: Unilateral tubo ovarian abscess a distinct entity

Mccormick, J. F.; Scorgie, R. D. F., 1977: Unilateral tubo ovarian actinomycosis in the presence of an intra uterine device

Brown I.M., 1980: Unilateral tubo ovarian involvement in pelvic inflammatory disease

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866584

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866585

O'donnell B., 1985: Unilateral ureteric reimplantation for primary vesicoureteric reflux in children a policy re evaluated

Ginther O.J., 1980: Unilateral utero ovarian relationship in pregnant cattle and role of uterine vein

Halasz B., 1986: Unilateral vagotomy inhibits compensatory kidney growth after unilateral nephrectomy in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866589

Floegstad T., 1987: Unilateral vesicoureteral reflux in children study on urine specific gravity osmolality beta 2 microglobulin and lactoferrin

Parma M., 1985: Unilateral visual agnosia

Podell M., 1987: Unilateral visual cortex deafferentation induces changes in receptive field properties of cortical cells in the intact hemisphere of normal and of monocularly deprived cats

Kearns T.P., 1979: Unilateral visual loss in bright light an unusual symptom of carotid artery occlusive disease

Chain F., 1985: Unilateral visual neglect and wave p 300 a study of 9 cases with unilateral lesions of the parietal lobes

Myslobodsky, M. S.; Kofman, O., 1982: Unilateral vs. bilateral electro convulsive shock in albino rats comparison of behavioral symptomatology and neo cortical reactivity changes

Bustillo M., 1985: Unilateral vulvar edema after intraperitoneal hyskon administration

Regli F., 1986: Unilateral watershed cerebral infarcts

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866598

Kasagawa O., 1985: Unilateral whole lung lavage in a case of pulmonary alveolar proteinosis

Zaror Behrens G., 1982: Unilaterality of the sympathetic innervation of each pad of rat inter scapular brown adipose tissue

Gallistel C.R., 1983: Unilaterally activated systems in rats self stimulating at sites in the medial fore brain bundle medial prefrontal cortex or locus coeruleus

Ransley P.G., 1987: Unilaterally impalpable testis

Heidemann, H. T.; Jackson, E. K.; Gerkens, J. F.; Workman, R. J.; Branch, R. A., 1985: Unilaterally nephrectomized rat with aortic ligation a uremic model of severe hypertension

Virgo B.B., 1980: Unilaterally ovariectomized pregnant mice dieldrin induction of the hepatic mono oxygenases and plasma progesterone levels

Ikeda, K.; Kaplan, W. D., 1970: Unilaterally patterned neural activity of gynandromorphs mosaic for a neurological mutant of drosophila melanogaster

Matsumoto T., 1988: Unilocular fat cells in three dimensional collagen gel matrix culture

Maurer D.M., 1988: Unimanual hand preferences in 6 month olds consistency and relation to familial handedness

Ford G.P., 1986: Unimolecular dissociation of primary alkanediazonium ions ab initio and semiempirical molecular orbital calculations

Bagnoli P., 1988: Unimpaired acquisition of spatial reference memory but impaired homing performance in hippocampal ablated pigeons

Tong M.J., 1982: Unimpaired b cell function and t cell regulation of immuno globulin synthesis in patients with chronic hepatitis b virus infection

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866611

Mintz K.P., 1984: Unimpaired energy metabolism in experimental neuropathy induced by p bromophenylacetylurea

Mees E.J.D., 1988: Unimpaired excretion of an acute salt load in conscious hypoproteinemic dogs

Zinkernagel R.M., 1988: Unimpaired first set and second set skin graft rejection in agammaglobulinemic mice

Fischetti V.A., 1985: Unimpaired function of human phagocytes in the presence of phagocytosis resistant group a streptococci

Radsak, K.; Schmitz, B., 1980: Unimpaired histone synthesis in human fibroblasts infected by human cytomegalovirus

Wild P., 1988: Unimpaired membrane dynamics in parathyroid cells in insulin deficient rats

Garcia-Rinaldi, R.; Defore, W. W.; Mattox, K. L.; Beall, A. C-Jr, 1976: Unimpaired renal myo cardial and neurologic function after cross clamping of the thoracic aorta

Imamoto, F., 1969: Unimpaired repressibility of transcription of the operator proximal 8th of the 1st e gene of the tryptophan operon in in escherichia coli

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Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866869

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866870

Section 7, Chapter 6867, Accession 006866871

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