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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6867

Chapter 6867 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kondo, H.; Ishiwata, S., 1976: Uni directional growth of f actin

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Le-John, H. B., 1968: Uni directional inhibition of enz glutamate dehydrogenase by metabolites a possible regulatory mechanism blastocladiella emersonii glycolysis tri carboxylic acid cycle atp adp amp edta

Klemme, J. H., 1976: Uni directional inhibition of phosphoenol pyruvate carboxy kinase ec from rhodospirillum rubrum by atp

Arenberg, I. K.; Stahle, J.; Wilbrand, H.; Newkirk, J. B., 1978: Uni directional inner ear valve implant for endolymphatic sac surgery in menieres disease

Prusch, R. D., 1976: Uni directional ion movements in the hind gut of larval sarcophaga bullata diptera sarcophagidae

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Smiesko, V., 1971: Uni directional rate sensitivity component in local control of vascular tone

Ng S.F., 1979: Uni directional regeneration is an intrinsic property of longitudinal micro tubules in tetrahymena an in vivo study

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Francois G.; Bogemans J.; Neirinckx L., 1982: Uni directional sodium fluxes in red beet storage tissue beta vulgaris cultivar platronde egyptische effects of the phyto hormones iaa and abscisic acid

Isakov, N.; Bach, F. H., 1984: Uni directional thyroid graft rejection between b 10.s and b 10.s 7r mouse strains

Schafer A.I.; Crawford D.D.; Gimbrone M.A.Jr, 1984: Uni directional transfer of prostaglandin endo per oxides between platelets and endothelial cells

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Sheehan, R. G., 1976: Uni directional uptake of iron across intestinal brush border

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Sahba, G. H.; Malek, E. A., 1977: Uni sexual infections with schistosoma haematobium in the white mouse

Cannings, C., 1969: Uni sexual selection at an autosomal locus

De-Guevara, L. C., 1975: Uni sexuality in monocotyledons in families of the venezuelan flora

Egashira Y., 1984: Uni variate and multi variate analysis of the laboratory data reflecting the clinical severity of ulcerative colitis

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Christianson D.D.; Casiraghi E.M.; Bagley E.B., 1985: Uniaxial compression of bonded and lubricated gels

Bagley E.B.; Christianson D.D., 1988: Uniaxial compression of viscoelastic rings effect of friction at the platen sample interface for gels and doughs

Abas W.A.B.W.; Barbenel J.C., 1982: Uniaxial tension test of human skin in vivo

Schneider R.E.; Fowles D.C., 1979: Unibase glycol as an electrolyte medium for recording the electro dermal duct filling response

Park, B. M.; Roh, K. J.; Wee, K. M., 1977: Unicameral bone cyst of os calcis

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Lester R.J.G., 1982: Unicapsula seriolae new species myxosporea multivalvulida from australian yellowtail kingfish seriola lalandi

Kalavati C.; Narasimhamurti C.C., 1981: Unicauda andhrae new species myxosporidia in the mucus on the gills of ophicephalus gachua

Rahemo, Z. I. F., 1976: Unicauda lumae new species myxosporidia myxobolidae from a fresh water fish barbus grypus from river tigris in iraq

Grupcheva, G. I., 1987: Unicellular parasites found on fish in some bulgarian reservoirs iv. icthtyoparasitofauna in the ovcharitza reservoir

Murado, M. A.; Gonzalez, M. P.; Montemayor, M. I.; Reiriz, M. J. F.; Franco, J. M., 1986: Unicellular protein production in effluents from processed mussels i. use of yeasts in single and mixed cultures

Sklaroff, D. M.; Gnaneswaran, P., 1976: Unicentric pelvic lymphoma with an unusually long survival 15 years a case report

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Swanson A.B.; Swanson G.D.; Powers T.; Khalil M.A.; Maupin B.K.; Mayhew D.E.; Moss S.H., 1985: Unicompartmental and bicompartmental arthroplasty of the knee with a finned metal tibial plateau implant

Moller J.T.; Weeth R.E.; Keller J.O.; Nielsen S., 1985: Unicompartmental arthroplasty of the knee cadaver study of the importance of the anterior cruciate ligament

Moller J.T.; Weeth R.E.; Keller J.O., 1985: Unicompartmental arthroplasty of the knee cadaver study of tibial component placement

Johnell O.; Sernbo I.; Gentz C.F., 1985: Unicompartmental knee replacement in osteoarthritis an 8 year follow up

Schoental R., 1983: Unicorn among rats exposed to myco toxins from fusarium

Robinson, L.; Martinez, M. G., 1977: Unicystic amelo blastoma a prognostically distinct entity

Wang J T., 1985: Unicystic ameloblastoma a clinicopathological appraisal

Walter E.; Lecourtier Y., 1981: Unidentifiable compartmental models what to do

Heinzova M.; Hlobil Z., 1981: Unidentified case of basilar meningitis

Minamisawa K.; Arima Y.; Kumazawa K., 1984: Unidentified compound specifically accumulated in soybean glycine max cultivar norin 2 nodules formed with hydrogen uptake negative rhizobium japonicum strains

Marshall B.J.; Warren J.R., 1984: Unidentified curved bacilli in the stomach of patients with gastritis and peptic ulceration

Endris, R.; Lampert, F., 1975: Unidentified dead bodies identification by means of an information pool from dental data practical suggestions for a reformation of the collection and assessment of data of the masticatory system and their documentation

Butler, T.; Weaver, R. E.; Venkata-Ramani, T. K.; Uyeda, C. T.; Bobo, R. A.; Ryu, J. S.; Kohler, R. B., 1977: Unidentified gram negative rod infection a new disease of man

Opstvedt, J.; Gjefsen, T., 1975: Unidentified growth factors in fish meal effects of low levels of fish meal in diets for breeder broiler hens

Gough, A. W.; Sileo, L., 1976: Unidentified kidney inclusion bodies in a lead poisoned lorikeet

Suramo I.; Paivansalo M.; Pamilo M., 1984: Unidentified liver metastases at ultrasonography of computed tomography

Lom J.; Dykova I.; Pavlaskova M., 1983: Unidentified mobile protozoans from the blood of carp cyprinus carpio and some unsolved problems of myxosporean life cycles

Chignell M.H.; Patty B.W., 1987: Unidimensional scaling with efficient ranking methods

Cheng K.; Larner J., 1985: Unidirectional actions of insulin and calcium dependent hormones on adipocyte pyruvate dehydrogenase

Moulin D.E.; Ling G.S.F.; Pasternak G.W., 1988: Unidirectional analgesic cross tolerance between morphine and levorphanol in the rat

Overholt E.D.; Joyner R.W.; Veenstra R.D.; Rawling D.; Wiedmann R., 1984: Unidirectional block between purkinje and ventricular layers of papillary muscles

Katz M.; Conner R.L.; Baum M.P.; Orias E., 1987: Unidirectional co stimulation by a non mating strain of tetrahymena thermophila

Henikoff S., 1984: Unidirectional digestion with exonuclease iii creates targeted breakpoints for dna sequencing

Peran S.; Mcgee M.P., 1986: Unidirectional flux of phenylalanine into vero cells measurement using paired tracers in perfused cultures

Lemieux B.; Turmel M.; Lemieux C., 1988: Unidirectional gene conversions in the chloroplast of chlamydomonas interspecific hybrids

Kolb C.; Dipauli R.; Weiler E., 1986: Unidirectional immunoglobulin g allotype and isotype specific suppressor cells in congeneic mice

Goffmann A.A.; Turelli M.; Simmons G.M., 1986: Unidirectional incompatibility between populations of drosophila simulans

Hoffmann A.A.; Turelli M., 1988: Unidirectional incompatibility in drosophila simulans inheritance geographic variation and fitness effects

Nahinsky I.D.; Ash D., 1985: Unidirectional independence and judgmental heuristics

Nissen C., 1985: Unidirectional influx and phosphorylation of glucose analogs in cultured astroblasts

Okada R.; Moshe S.L.; Ono K.; Albala B.J., 1985: Unidirectional interaction between flurothyl seizures and amygdala kindling

Das S.; Bhargava H.N., 1987: Unidirectional interaction between trh and opiates at the level of their brain receptors

Armitage J.P.; Macnab R.M., 1987: Unidirectional intermittent rotation of the flagellum of rhodobacter sphaeroides

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Paton E.B.; Vudmaska M.I.; Sverdlov E.D., 1984: Unidirectional orientation of rpo b gene of escherichia coli cloned into filamentous phages m 13 mp 8 and m 13 wb 2348

Ellison D.H.; Velazquez H.; Wright F.S., 1986: Unidirectional potassium fluxes in renal distal tubule effects of chloride and barium

Taylor D.B.; Craig G.B., 1985: Unidirectional reproductive incompatibility between aedes berlandi and aedes hendersoni diptera culicidae

Hosono M.; Kina T.; Katsura Y.; Hosokawa T., 1988: Unidirectional responses to mls determinants in vivo polyclonal t cell responses to a single common determinant of mls in different efficiencies

Mahmud R.; Denker S.T.; Lehmann M.H.; Addas A.; Akhtar M., 1985: Unidirectional retrograde atrioventricular nodal block in man determinants of reversibility by vagal antagonism

Higashi Fujime S., 1985: Unidirectional sliding of myosin filaments along the bundle of f actin filaments spontaneously formed during superprecipitation

Zlokovic B.V.; Segal M.B.; Davson H.; Mitrovic D.M., 1988: Unidirectional uptake of enkephalins at the blood tissue interface of the blood cerebrospinal fluid barrier a saturable mechanism

Bravo I.; Rojas S.; Cruz M.A., 1986: Unidirectional uptake of l amino acids at the basolateral membrane of gastric epithelia in anesthetized dogs

Romeu A.; Alemany M.; Arola L., 1986: Unidirectionality of the water exchange between mother and 19 day fetus in the rat

Michel Beyerle M.E.; Plato M.; Deisenhofer J.; Michel H.; Bixon M.; Jortner J., 1988: Unidirectionally of charge separation in reaction centers of photosynthetic bacteria

Kerman, R.; Smith, R.; Ezdinli, E.; Stefani, S., 1976: Unification and technical aspects of total thymus derived active and bone marrow derived lymphocyte rosette assays

Galanter M., 1983: Unification church moonie dropouts psychological readjustment after leaving a charismatic religious group

Rashbass, C., 1976: Unification of 2 contrasting models of the visual incremental threshold

Beilbaeva M.L., 1983: Unification of a method of isolating and purifying staphylococcal entero toxins types a b and c

Keng H., 1980: Unification of laplacea and gordonia theaceae

Givental' N.I.; Ved'mina E.A.; Bogdanova L.F.; Vlasova I.V.; Sobolev V.R., 1980: Unification of methods for determination of microbial sensitivity to antibiotics semi quantitative and quantitative evaluation of diffusion test results

Detinova, T. S.; Rasnitsyn, S. P.; Markovich, N. Ya ; Kupriyanova, E. S.; Aksenova, A. S.; Anufrieva, V. N.; Bandin, A. I.; Vinogradskaya, O. N.; Zharov, A. A., 1978: Unification of methods for population counts of blood sucking diptera

Galstyan, A. Sh, 1978: Unification of methods for soil enzyme activity determination

Rasnitsyna, N. M.; Dergacheva, T. I., 1977: Unification of methods for the evaluation of the density of sand flies phlebotomidae part 4 number of registrations of sand flies in populated areas and duration of the exposure of flypaper

Bershtein E.M.; Vasil'eva N.G.; Polyak M.S., 1983: Unification of nutrient medium for determination of biological activity of some antibiotics with the agar diffusion method

Belikov V.G.; Stepanyuk S.N.; Baikova G.F., 1980: Unification of spectrophotometric determination of sulfa drugs

Bakhovets B.A.; Goryunov G.P.; Pastushenko V.I.; Tkachuk Ya V., 1979: Unification of taring tensiometric moisture meters for soils of different mechanical composition

Raevskii O.A.; Novikov V.P., 1982: Unification of the characteristics of donor acceptor interactions to reveal structure activity relationships

Lilikov Yu A.; Vasiyarov G.G.; Syanava E.M.; Svetlaeva V.M.; Yanotovskii M.Ts, 1988: Unification of the stage by stage control of vitamin c production using high performance liquid chromatography

Reybrouck G., 1986: Unification of the testing of disinfectants in europe

Hollander, W., 1976: Unified concept on the role of acid muco poly saccharides and connective tissue proteins in the accumulation of lipids lipo proteins and calcium in the athero sclerotic plaque

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Trautman, R., 1976: Unified mass action theory for virus neutralization and radio immunology

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Kvassman, J.; Pettersson, G., 1980: Unified mechanism for proton transfer reactions affecting the catalytic activity of liver alcohol dehydrogenase ec

Goldbeter, A.; Segel, L. A., 1977: Unified mechanism for relay and oscillation of cyclic amp in dictyostelium discoideum

Antipkina, R. V.; Karel'tseva, N. P.; Oleshko, G. I., 1975: Unified method for determining drugs of the group of amino alkyl esters of aryl aliphatic acids

Evlamp'eva T.V.; Arzamastsev A.P., 1985: Unified method for identifying corticosteroids of the hydrocortisone series

Jaravaza V.S.; Mccoy M.C.; Jonsson U., 1982: Unified national health information system

Jaravaza, V. S.; Mccoy, M. C.; Dando, B. C., 1982: Unified national health information system 2. the village health worker health information system

Bershtein E.M.; Vasil'eva N.G.; Polyak M.S., 1985: Unified nutrient medium for determination of biological activity of certain aminoglycoside antibiotics

Breslow, R.; Wernick, D. L., 1977: Unified picture of mechanisms of catalysis by carboxy peptidase a ec

Bokovikova T.N.; Chichiro V.E.; Karpova L.K.; Andrianov A.A., 1979: Unified procedure for photometric determination of organo phosphorus drugs

Dzhumkov, V. A.; Pleshkevich, I. S., 1976: Unified procedures for the simultaneous determination of hereditary types of polymorphous systems of blood proteins in cattle

Perez S.; Vergelati C., 1985: Unified representation of helical parameters application to polysaccharides

Wagner R.F.; Brown D.G., 1985: Unified signal to noise ratio analysis of medical imaging systems

Vaisman-Ya, I.; Zaitseva, N. V.; Mikhailov, A. V., 1976: Unified systems of information in the control of the environmental state within the limits of large industrial complexes

Govallo, V. I., 1977: Unified terminology

Rodbard, D.; Chrambach, A., 1970: Unified theory for gel electrophoresis and gel filtration

Clay, J. R.; Shlesinger, M. F., 1977: Unified theory of 1 f and conductance noise in nerve membrane

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Barker G.R., 1984: Unifocal lymphomas of the oral cavity

Murnaghan, J. H., 1978: Uniform basic data sets for health statistical systems

Gay S.W.; Kosher R.A., 1984: Uniform cartilage differentiation in micromass cultures prepared from a relatively homogeneous population of chondrogenic progenitor cells of the chick limb bud effect of prostaglandins

Parker N.C.; Levtzow C.B.; Wright P.W.; Woodard L.L.; Chapman J.F., 1986: Uniform chromatographic conditions for quantifying urinary catecholamines metanephrines vanillylmandelic acid 5 hydroxyindoleacetic acid by liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

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Fishleder A.; Tubbs R.; Hesse B.; Levine H., 1987: Uniform detection of immunoglobulin gene rearrangement in benign lymphoepithelial lesions

Kobayashi T.; Shimizu K.; Matsumoto G.; Nishiyama F.; Nakamura H.; Ohta S.; Kato M., 1983: Uniform direct current electric field exposure systems for mice and cats

Roesner H.; Merz G., 1982: Uniform distribution and similar turnover rates of individual gangliosides along axons of retinal ganglion cells in the chicken

Brown W.R.; Weinberger J.M.; Hawke M., 1987: Uniform epidermal cell proliferation in the mouse tympanic membrane

Simonsen L.O.; Gomme J.; Lew V.L., 1982: Uniform ionophore a 23187 calcimycin distribution and cytoplasmic calcium buffering in intact human red cells

Grigorov M.S., 1983: Uniform moistening of the active soil layer in subsurface irrigation

Blanpied C.; Stanley D.J., 1981: Uniform mud unifite deposition in the hellenic trench eastern mediterranean

Fishman N.H.; Abouav J., 1981: Uniform myo cardial protection by cold potassium induced cardioplegia for coronary artery bypass

Gard T.C., 1987: Uniform persistence in multispecies population models

Chappard D., 1985: Uniform polymerization of large blocks in glycol methacrylate at low temperature with special reference to enzyme histochemistry

Li W.; Haines T.H., 1986: Uniform preparations of large unilamellar vesicles containing anionic lipids

Jakobi P.; Weissman A.; Paldi E., 1987: Uniform presentation of data concerning cesarean sections

Klein F.; Ricketts R.T., 1980: Uniform production and bulk storage of p 388 murine lymphoma cells for anti tumor assay

Halac S.; Roemer R.B.; Oleson J.R.; Cetas T.C., 1983: Uniform regional heating of the lower trunk numerical evaluation of tumor temperature distributions

Howley, P. M.; Martin, M. A., 1977: Uniform representation of the human papovavirus bk genome in transformed hamster cells

Boukema, I. W.; Garretsen, F., 1975: Uniform resistance to cladosporium fulvum in tomato lycopersicon esculentum part 1 investigations on varieties and progenies of diallel crosses

Boukema, I. W.; Garretsen, F., 1975: Uniform resistance to cladosporium fulvum in tomato lycopersicon esculentum part 2 investigations on f 2 and f 3 generations from diallel crosses

Koenig R.; Burgermeister W.; Weich H.; Sebald W.; Kothe C., 1986: Uniform rna patterns of beet necrotic yellow vein virus in sugar beet roots but not in leaves from several plant species

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Takamizawa K.; Hayashi K., 1988: Uniform strain hypothesis and thin walled theory in arterial mechanics

Noda, S.; Eto, K., 1975: Uniform virus like particles found within the prostate cancer cells in man

Markham K.R.; Vilain C.; Molloy B.P.J., 1985: Uniformity and distinctness of phyllocladus as evidenced by flavonoid accumulation

Zeki, S. M., 1978: Uniformity and diversity of structure and function in rhesus monkey prestriate visual cortex

Lam W C.; Order S.E.; Thomas E.D., 1980: Uniformity and standardization of single and opposing cobalt 60 sources for total body irradiation

Nene, R. V., 1978: Uniformity in cholin esterase distribution in musculus brachialis of different birds

Mijnheer B.J.; Wootton P.; Williams J.R.; Eenmaa J.; Parnell C.J., 1987: Uniformity in dosimetry protocols for therapeutic applications of fast neutron beams

Frey R.W.; Seilacher A., 1980: Uniformity in marine invertebrate ichnology

Jonsson U.; Stromberg L., 1984: Uniformity in mechanics of long bones at torque a dog experiment

Claflin, J. L., 1976: Uniformity in the clonal repertoire for the immune response to phosphoryl choline in mice

Treu S., 1982: Uniformity in user computer interaction languages a compromise solution

Yaroslavskii V.K., 1979: Uniformity of alveolar ventilation and its evaluation in new born children

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Bayard B.; Laine A.; Hayem A.; Kerckaert J P., 1982: Uniformity of glycans within molecular variants of alpha 1 protease inhibitor with distinct affinity for concanavalin a

Yasukouchi A., 1984: Uniformity of increase in pulmonary diffusing capacity during submaximal exercise in normal young adults

Overmoyer B.A.; Mclaren C.E.; Brittenham G.M., 1987: Uniformity of liver density and nonheme storage iron distribution

Nemeth P.M.; Solanki L.; Gordon D.A.; Hamm T.M.; Reinking R.M.; Stuart D.G., 1986: Uniformity of metabolic enzymes within individual motor units

Mcnabb S.A.; Klassen G.R., 1988: Uniformity of mitochondrial dna complexity in oomycetes and the evolution of the inverted repeat

Wagger M.G.; Kissel D.E.; Smith S.J., 1985: Uniformity of nitrogen 15 enrichment in different plant parts and subsequent decomposition monitoring of labeled crop residues

Furuta, Y.; Nishikawa, K.; Haji, T., 1978: Uniformity of nuclear dna content in triticum monococcum

Maheswaran G.; Williams E.G., 1987: Uniformity of plants regenerated by direct somatic embryogenesis from zygotic embryos of trifolium repens

Kobayashi, S., 1987: Uniformity of plants regenerated from orange citrus sinensis osb. protoplasts

Hanna W.W.; Lu C.; Vasil I.K., 1984: Uniformity of plants regenerated from somatic embryos of panicum maximum guinea grass

Bussell W.T.; Plunkett I.G., 1984: Uniformity of production of spring cabbage in new zealand

Thielcke, G., 1973: Uniformity of song through learning by the coal tit parus ater

Tatintseva S.S., 1980: Uniformity of spermatozoids in pollen grains of angiospermae

Karr D.B.; Emerich D.W., 1988: Uniformity of the microsymbiont population from soybean nodules with respect to buoyant density

Mccurry J.D.; Daves G.D.Jr, 1986: Uniformly labeled carbon 13 polychlorobiphenyl congeners as standards for isotope dilution analysis

Lavau, M.; Susini, C., 1975: Uniformly labeled carbon 14 glucose metabolism in vivo in rats rendered obese by a high fat diet

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