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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6868

Chapter 6868 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Strange L., 1987: Universal immunoperoxidase staining protocol to optimize the use of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies

Norets T.A., 1983: Universal iso energy and dose function of a point source

Yin Z., 1987: Universal kit for rapid diagnosis of canine parvovirus infection feline panleukopenia and mink enteritis

Shchipanov N.A., 1987: Universal live trap for small mammals

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867004

Roonwal M.L., 1983: Universal occurrence of external cuticular microscopic papillae and allied structures as an essential character of termites isoptera insecta and redefinition of the order

Shokeir, M. H. K., 1977: Universal permanent alopecia psycho motor epilepsy pyorrhea and mental subnormality

Gromov A.E., 1981: Universal photometer for measuring light diffusion by macro molecule solutions and suspensions

Jomin M., 1985: Universal plate for anterior cervical spine osteosynthesis technical note

Wall W.H., 1986: Universal polycarbonate fracture splint and its direct bonding potential

Miyai K., 1988: Universal predictive criteria for neonatal overt thyrotoxicosis requiring treatment

Kilgallan W., 1980: Universal reagent immuno sorbent assay for haptens

Foertsch B., 1986: Universal regularities in protein primary structure preference in bonding and periodicity

Szybalski W., 1985: Universal restriction endonucleases designing novel cleavage specificities by combining adapter oligodeoxynucleotide and enzyme moieties

Golub S.H., 1983: Universal rosetting reagent for the detection of human cell surface markers

Welfle H., 1982: Universal structural features of prokaryotic and eukaryotic ribosomal 5s rna derived from comparative analysis of their sequences

Lind, A. Ya ; Metspalu, A. Kh ; Saarma, M. Yu ; Toots, I. E.; Ustav, M. B.; Villems, R. L. E., 1977: Universal structure of peptidyl transferase center in ribosomes and the function of eukaryotic 5.8s ribosomal rna

Faust W., 1979: Universal system for coding names of animals plants and fungi for electronic data processing in crop protection

Chattoraj, D. K.; Mitra, S. P.; Sadhukhan, B. K., 1985: Universal thermodynamic scale for free energies of excess binding of surfactants electrolytes and water to different proteins

Engel H., 1985: Universal using of a cellamin fixation frame for external bone fracture stabilization

Kohlberg L., 1982: Universality and variation in moral judgment a longitudinal and cross sectional study in turkey

Csaba G., 1985: Universality of hormonal imprinting in different taxa of tetrahymena and inter strain variations in its intensity

Zakharova N.I., 1983: Universality of poly peptides from the pigment protein complex of photosystem i and the light harvesting chlorophyll a b protein complex in higher plant chloroplasts

Srinivasan H., 1983: Universe of finger postures and finger dynamography a conceptual methodological tool for assessing and recording the motor capacity of the finger

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867024

Gupta L., 1982: University girl students their problems and concerns

Rao-Venkata, B. V.; Badiger, M. K., 1975: University of agricultural sciences hebbal monograph series

Taylor, R. L.; Macbryde, B., 1977: University of british columbia botanical garden technical bulletin no 4 vascular plants of british columbia canada a descriptive resource inventory

Hamilton L.R., 1982: University of california at irvine usa total knee replacement a follow up study

Tashkin, D. P.; Detels, R.; Coulson, A. H.; Rokaw, S. N.; Sayre, J. W., 1979: University of california at los angeles usa population studies of chronic obstructive respiratory disease 2. determination of reliability and estimation of sensitivity and specificity

Levenson J.E., 1981: University of california los angeles usa clinical trial of radial keratotomy preliminary report

Kulberg, G. E.; Franco, E. A., 1976: University of kentucky 19 item a b scale as a measure of external sensation seeking

Jordahl H.C.Jr, 1987: University of wisconsin extension cooperative extension service usa natural and environmental resource education programs

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867035

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867036

Fuerst P.A., 1984: University student understanding of evolutionary biologys place in the creation evolution controversy

O'reilly A.T., 1982: University students and community leaders awareness of cross cultural issues

Sota T., 1988: Univoltine and bivoltine life cycles in insects a model with density dependent selection

Goudie K., 1984: Univoltine and semivoltine life histories in senecella calanoides copepoda calanoida and their relationship to body size

Huber W., 1985: Unknown chromosome numbers of ranunculus plantagineus group of ranunculus pyrenaeus

Schellmann B., 1980: Unknown danger in phlebotomy with vacuum flasks air embolism

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867043

Rozin R.R., 1983: Unknown primary melanoma

Boeters H.D., 1980: Unknown prosobranchia from west europe 3

Gittenberger E., 1980: Unknown prosobranchia from western europe 4

Kolarov Y.A., 1981: Unknown species of porizontinae hymenoptera ichneumonidae from the rhodope mountains new for the bulgarian fauna

Boeters H.D., 1980: Unknown western european prosobranchia 2

Cate C.C., 1984: Unlabeled antibody methods in electron microscopy a comparison of single and multistep procedures using colloidal gold

Brandtzaeg P., 1981: Unlabeled antibody peroxidase anti peroxidase method combined with direct immuno fluorescence

Pendergraft D.B., 1987: Unlearning increases the storage capacity of content addressable memories

Emiliano V.R., 1985: Unlike beta endorphin dynorphin 1 13 does not cause retrograde amnesia for shuttle avoidance or inhibitory avoidance learning in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867053

Foulds L.R., 1982: Unlikelihood that minimal phylogenies for a realistic biological study can be constructed in reasonable computational time

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867055

Hager G.L., 1979: Unlinked control of multiple gluco corticoid induced processes in htc cells

Botstein D., 1988: Unlinked noncomplementation isolation of new conditional lethal mutations in each of the tubulin genes of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Kozak, L. P.; Burkart, D. L.; Hjorth, J. P., 1982: Unlinked structural genes for the developmentally regulated isozymes of sn glycerol 3 phosphate dehydrogenase ec in mice

Inouye, M., 1969: Unlinking of cell division from dna replication in a temperature sensitive dna synthesis mutant of escherichia coli

Gayral P., 1987: Unloaded polyisobutylcyanoacrylate nanoparticles efficiency against bloodstream trypanosomes

Angel, R. W.; Lewitt, P. A., 1978: Unloading and shortening reactions in parkinsons disease

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867062

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867063

Section 7 , Chapter 6868, Accession 006867064

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867065

Lyons M., 1986: Unlocking closed doors to play

Alexanian, R.; Gehan, E.; Haut, A.; Saiki, J.; Weick, J., 1978: Unmaintained remissions in multiple myeloma

Henriques, J.; Golding, J.; Thomas, P., 1986: Unmarried at delivery i. the mothers and their care

Golding, J.; Henriques, J.; Thomas, P., 1986: Unmarried at delivery ii. perinatal morbidity and mortality

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867070

Gilbert C., 1986: Unmasking and redistribution of lysosomal sulfated glycoconjugates in phagocytic polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Biberfeld P., 1986: Unmasking antigen determinants in amyloid

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867073

Jailkhani B.L., 1982: Unmasking by neuraminidase of specific chorionic gonadotropin binding activity of human placental syncytio tropho blast

Margiota M., 1987: Unmasking capacity of stored trypsin solution rescue of immunoglobulins in formaldehyde paraffin solution

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867076

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867077

Couraud F., 1979: Unmasking fast sodium channels in embryonic chick hearts aged less than 4 days by drugs inhibiting sodium inactivation

Wilkes M.R., 1980: Unmasking in loudness matching and in forward masking paradigms

Singh S., 1983: Unmasking in neurons of the inferior colliculus of eptesicus fuscus with bin aural stimulation

Bonazzi A., 1987: Unmasking latent dysnociception in healthy subjects

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867082

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867083

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867084

Kepes A., 1979: Unmasking of an essential thiol during function of the membrane bound enzyme ii of the phosphoenol pyruvate beta glucoside phospho transferase system of escherichia coli

Haguenauer-Tsapis, R.; Kepes, A., 1977: Unmasking of an essential thiol during function of the membrane bound enzyme ii of the phosphoenol pyruvate glucose phospho transferase system of escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867087

Kay W.W., 1988: Unmasking of bacteriophage mu lipopolysaccharide receptors in salmonella enteritidis confers sensitivity to mu and permits mu mutagenesis

Betz H., 1981: Unmasking of cryptic binding sites for alpha bungaro toxin in membrane fractions from chick retina

Nabi Z.F., 1988: Unmasking of cryptic natural killer nk cell recognition sites on chronic lymphocytic leukemia lymphocytes

Malchy, B. L.; Kaplan, H., 1976: Unmasking of histone amino groups in chromatin at high ph

Dellacha J.M., 1985: Unmasking of insulin receptors in rat submaxillary gland microsomes effect of high ionic strength phospholipase c and s adenosyl l methionine

Popovtzer M.M., 1982: Unmasking of isolated hypo aldo steronism after renal allo transplantation in familial mediterranean fever

Petz L.D., 1985: Unmasking of kx antigen by reduction of disulfide bonds on normal and mcleod red cells

Ushijima R.N., 1981: Unmasking of latent herpesvirus infection

Cuatrecasas P., 1983: Unmasking of magnesium dependent high affinity binding sites for 2 d alanine 5 d leucine enkephalin after pre treatment of brain membranes with guanine nucleotides

Bonnafous, J. C.; Dornand, J.; Favero, J.; Mani, J. C., 1981: Unmasking of membrane enzyme activities and the problem of sub cellular localization of adenylate cyclase ec in pig lymph node lymphocytes

Gutnick D., 1988: Unmasking of surface components by removal of cell associated emulsan from acinetobacter sp rag 1

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867100

Hellman B., 1986: Unmasking of the inhibitory action of glucose on insulin release after alpha 2 adrenergic activation

Ku D.D., 1987: Unmasking of thrombin vasoconstriction in isolated perfused dog hearts after intracoronary infusion of air embolus

Rosenbaum M.B., 1980: Unmasking of ventricular pre excitation by vagal stimulation or isoproterenol administration

Bannikov G.A., 1987: Unmasking one of the antigenic determinants of 40 kilodalton prekeratin in the developing epithelium of the rat lung

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867105

Abbas P.J., 1979: Unmasking produced by combination tones

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867107

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867108

Bartholomew M.J., 1988: Unmet needs of persons with cancer in pennsylvania usa during the period of terminal care

Marconi K.M., 1986: Unmet psychological social and economic needs of persons with cancer in pennsylvania usa

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867111

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867112

Conconi F., 1986: Unmodified performance in runners following anabolic steroid administration

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867114

Black J.A., 1988: Unmyelinated and myelinated axon membrane from rat corpus callosum differences in macromolecular structure

Coggeshall, R. E.; Emery, D. G.; Ito, H.; Maynard, C. W., 1977: Unmyelinated and small myelinated axons in rat ventral roots

Johnsen, D.; Harshbarger, J., 1977: Unmyelinated axon networks in root portions of human primary canines

Langford L.A., 1983: Unmyelinated axon ratios in cat motor cutaneous and articular nerves

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867119

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867120

Cukierman A., 1986: Unmyelinated axons in the feline trigeminal motor root

Coggeshall R.E., 1981: Unmyelinated axons in the posterior funiculi

Stevens R., 1979: Unmyelinated axons in the trigeminal motor root of human and cat

Emery, D. G.; Ito, H.; Coggeshall, R. E., 1977: Unmyelinated axons in thoracic ventral roots of the cat

Gribnau A.A.M., 1988: Unmyelinated corticospinal axons in adult rat pyramidal tract an electron microscopic tracer study

Roberts A., 1988: Unmyelinated cutaneous afferent neurons activate two types of excitatory amino acid receptor in the spinal cord of xenopus laevis embryos

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867127

Blanchard J.L., 1985: Unmyelinated fibers in the cervical and lumbar ventral roots of the cat

Applebaum, M. L.; Clifton, G. L.; Coggeshall, R. E.; Coulter, J. D.; Vance, W. H.; Willis, W. D., 1976: Unmyelinated fibers in the sacral 3 and caudal i ventral roots of the cat

Young, R. F., 1978: Unmyelinated fibers in the trigeminal motor root possible relationship to the results of trigeminal rhizotomy

Post, E. J., 1978: Unmyelinated nerve fibers in feline acrylamide neuropathy

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867132

Schroeder, J. M.; Gibbels, E., 1977: Unmyelinated nerve fibers in senile nerves and in late thalidomide neuropathy a quantitative electron microscopic study

Joukhadar S., 1983: Unmyelinated nociceptive units in 2 skin areas of the rat

Coggeshall R.E., 1985: Unmyelinated primary afferent fibers in dorsal funiculi of cat sacral spinal cord

Langford L.A., 1980: Unmyelinated sensory and preganglionic fibers in rat l 6 and s 1 ventral spinal roots

Bertani E., 1987: Unna thost keratoderma palmaris et plantaris clinical and genetic aspects of 4 familial cases

Sikorski Z., 1987: Unnatural amino acids conditions of formation and the effect on the nutritional value of food

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867139

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867140

Barron D.M., 1985: Unnecessary blood transfusions in elective colorectal cancer surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867142

Jones B., 1983: Unnecessary intra venous urography in young women with recurrent urinary tract infections

Holzhausen H., 1982: Unnecessary opening of the ductus choledochus depending on intra operative diagnosis 8131 operations in 14 years

Keating J., 1984: Unnecessary poly pharmacy in patients with frequent seizures

Rutkow, I. M.; Zuidema, G. D., 1978: Unnecessary surgery an update

Norman A.W., 1980: Unoccupied 1 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 3 receptors nuclear cytosol ratio depends on ionic strength

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867148

Tulchinsky D., 1980: Unoccupied and occupied estrogen receptors in myometrial cytosol and nuclei from nonpregnant and pregnant women

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867150

Lunenfeld B., 1981: Unoccupied binding sites for estrogen in nuclei of a breast tumor cell line mcf 7

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867152

Lim L., 1980: Unoccupied nuclear estrogen receptors in the female rat hypothalamus increases on estrogen administration

Lunenfeld B., 1980: Unoccupied nuclear receptors for estrogen in human endometrial tissue

Sheppard C.R.C., 1985: Unoccupied substrate in the central great barrier reef australia role of coral interactions

Makin G.S., 1983: Unoperated abdominal aortic aneurysm presentation and natural history

Lusins, J.; Jaffe, R.; Bender, M. B., 1976: Unoperated subdural hematomas long term follow up study by brain scan and electro encephalography

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867158

Waterman T.H., 1982: Unorthodox pattern of micro villi and inter cellular junctions in regular retinular cells of the porcellanid crab petrolisthes

Winkler C., 1984: Unpaired bases in phage dna after gamma irradiation in situ and in vitro/

Wetzel R., 1986: Unpaired cysteine 54 interferes with the ability of an engineered disulfide to stabilize t 4 lysozyme

Tinoco I.Jr, 1983: Unpaired cytosine in the deoxy oligo nucleotide duplex caaacaaag cttttttg is outside of the helix

Brookes, S. J. H.; Weevers, R. D. G., 1988: Unpaired median neurons in a lepidopteran larva antheraea pernyi i. anatomy and physiology

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867164

Bowers M.D., 1981: Unpalatability as a defense strategy of western checkerspot butterflies euphydryas nymphalidae

La Fage J.P., 1987: Unpalatability as a passive defense of coptotermes formosanus shiraki soldiers against ant predation

Mattice W.L., 1979: Unperturbed dimensions of cross linked histones evaluated using random flight statistics and rotational isomeric state theory

Wagner P.D., 1986: Unphosphorylated calf thymus and aorta myosins contract ghost myofibrils

Tamm I., 1984: Unphosphorylated gelsolin is localized in regions of cell substratum contact or attachment in rous sarcoma virus transformed rat cells

Meyers, S. M.; Klein, R.; Chandra, S.; Myers, F. L., 1978: Unplanned extracapsular cataract extraction in post vitrectomy eyes

Laner M.R., 1985: Unpleasant aggressive and abusive activities in courtship a comparison of mormon and non mormon college students

Lewinsohn P.M., 1980: Unpleasant and pleasant events and mood

Dobbs, J. E.; Vaisey-Genser, M.; Diamant, R., 1978: Unpleasant odors of rapeseed oil heated to frying temperatures

Mcconnell J.M.S., 1987: Unplugging of prolene iol loops

Bray, D.; Thomas, C., 1976: Unpolymerized actin in fibroblasts and brain

Kirschner M.W., 1981: Unpolymerized tubulin modulates the level of tubulin messenger rna species

Clardy J., 1987: Unprecedented constituents of a new species of acorn worm

Brunner H.R., 1986: Unpredictability of blood pressures recorded outside the clinic in the treated hypertensive patient

Arieff A.I., 1987: Unpredictability of clinical evaluation of renal function in cirrhosis prospective study

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867181

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867182

Clement D.L., 1987: Unpredictable cause of early recurrence of angina pectoris after successful double coronary angioplasty

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867184

Glavin G.B., 1987: Unpredictable cold immobilization stress effects on voluntary ethanol consumption in rats

Nicoli M., 1987: Unpredictable effects of k 3 edta on mean platelet volume

Rosan, R. C.; Enlander, D.; Ellis, J., 1983: Unpredictable error in calculated bi carbonate homeostasis during pediatric intensive care the delusion of fixed pk'

Sedor F., 1981: Unpredictable fluctuations in serum acid phosphatase activity in prostatic cancer

Enckell P.H., 1979: Unpredictable habitats and evolution of bird migration

Heineman, H. S.; Lofton, W. M., 1978: Unpredictable response of pseudomonas aeruginosa to synergistic antibiotic combinations in vitro

Timberlake, W., 1986: Unpredicted food produces a mode of behavior that affects rats' subsequent reactions to a conditioned stimulus a behavior system approach to context blocking

Rachman, S.; Seligman, M. E. P., 1976: Unprepared phobias be prepared

Teitelbaum, D.; Steinman, L.; Sela, M., 1977: Unprimed spleen cell populations recognize macrophage bound antigen with opposite net electric charge

Alfthan O., 1987: Unprocessed bran and intermittent thiazide therapy in prevention of recurrent urinary calcium stones

Heillilae R., 1984: Unprofitable forestry drainage of sparsely tree covered and treeless poor mires especially in southern ostrobothnia western finland

Reisinger J.J., 1982: Unprogrammed learning of differential attention by fathers of oppositional children

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867197

Kovacs, J.; Pinter, I.; Messmer, A.; Toth, G., 1985: Unprotected sugar phosphinimines a facile route to cyclic carbamates of amino sugars

Faw, C.; Ballentine, R.; Ballentine, L.; Vaneys, J., 1977: Unproved cancer remedies a survey of use in pediatric out patients

Bonadona P., 1982: Unpublished anthicidae coleoptera from the philippine islands and the bismarck archipelago

De Roguin L., 1983: Unpublished data by henri de saussure on the type specimens of 2 rodents from mexico microtus mexicanus mexicanus and reithrodontomys sumichrasti sumichrasti

Bangma G.C., 1987: Unpublished drawings of marsupial embryos from the hill collection and some problems of marsupial ontogeny

Lamas G., 1986: Unpublished illustrations of mexican lepidoptera of the sesse and mozino expedition 1787 1803

Koller T., 1981: Unraveled nucleosomes nucleosome beads and higher order structures of chromatin influence of nonhistone components and histone h 1

Corcoran K.J., 1985: Unraveling subjects perceptions of paraprofessionals and professionals a pilot study

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867206

Bryan C.S., 1980: Unread tuberculin tests

Plotkin R.C., 1982: Unrealistic expectations of parents who mal treat their children an educational deficit that pertains to child development

Weinstein N.D., 1982: Unrealistic optimism about susceptibility to health problems

Weinstein N.D., 1987: Unrealistic optimism about susceptibility to health problems conclusions from a community wide sample

Zawisza E., 1987: Unrealistic pessimism

Troisi A., 1987: Unrealistic wishes and physiological change an overview

Schaffner W., 1984: Unrearranged immunoglobulin lambda variable region is transcribed in kappa producing myelomas

Anderson, R. J.; Potts, D. E.; Gabow, P. A.; Rumack, B. H.; Schrier, R. W., 1976: Unrecognized adult salicylate intoxication

Libbey P., 1987: Unrecognized biologic bases of behavioral symptoms in patients referred for hypnotherapy

Blass J.P., 1988: Unrecognized cognitive impairment in cardiac rehabilitation patients

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867217

Jensen B.T., 1987: Unrecognized disease in mentally retarded individuals

Lynch P.E., 1985: Unrecognized drug dependence and withdrawal in the elderly

Miller F., 1987: Unrecognized drug dependence in psychiatrically hospitalized elderly patients

Dyer R.S., 1986: Unrecognized errors due to analog filtering of the brain stem auditory evoked response

Stamm W.E., 1987: Unrecognized high prevalence of chlamydia trachomatis cervical infection in an isolated alaskan eskimo population

Et Al, 1988: Unrecognized human immunodeficiency virus infection in emergency department patients

Quesnel J., 1981: Unrecognized hypophyseal adenoma lethal accidental perforation when positioning a gastric tube

Yaniv E., 1981: Unrecognized infantile menieres disease

Bell T.W., 1980: Unrecognized legionnaires disease as a cause of fatal illness

Medalie, J. H.; Goldbourt, U., 1976 : Unrecognized myo cardial infarction 5 year incidence mortality and risk factors

Tattersall R.B., 1979: Unrecognized nocturnal hypo glycemia in insulin treated diabetics

Stickney S.K., 1981: Unrecognized physical illness prompting psychiatric admission a prospective study

Lackner H., 1984: Unrecognized pulmonary embolism presenting as disseminated intra vascular coagulation

Stauffer E.S., 1983: Unrecognized spinal instability associated with seemingly simple cervical compression fractures

Feitova S., 1981: Unrecognized tuberculosis in post mortem material for the years 1974 1978 and comparisons with the years 1925 1928 1931

Sklenar V., 1981: Unrecognized tuberculosis undiagnosed until lung resection

Martin L., 1981: Unrecognized ureteral duplication

Lee, K. W., 1977: Unrecorded marine algae from korea

Bingham E.T., 1986: Unreduced gametes in diploid medicago and their importance in alfalfa breeding

Stefani A., 1986: Unreduced gametes in the f 1 hybrid of triticum durum x haynaldia villosa

Mashkina O.S., 1979: Unreduced micro spore formation in sweet cherry

Miller, A. M.; Marmor, J. B.; Page, P. L.; Russell, J. L.; Robinson, S. H., 1976: Unregulated growth of murine leukemic cells and suppression of normal granulocyte growth in diffusion chamber cultures

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867240

Eaves C.J., 1986: Unregulated proliferation of primitive chronic myeloid leukemia progenitors in the presence of normal marrow adherent cells

Eaves A.C., 1988: Unregulated proliferation of primitive neoplastic progenitor cells in long term polycythemia vera marrow cultures

Low K.B., 1986: Unrelated conjugative plasmids have sequences which are homologous to the leading region of the f factor

Kersey J., 1987: Unrelated donor bone marrow transplantation therapy for chronic myelogenous leukemia

Yunis E.J., 1985: Unrelated individuals matched for major histocompatibility complex extended haplotypes and hla identical siblings show comparable responses in mixed lymphocyte culture

Gross H.J., 1987: Unrelated leader sequences can efficiently promote human transfer rna gene transcription

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867247

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867248

Blanquet P.R., 1982: Unrelated surface control of commitment to growth and attachment in isolated adult rat hepatocytes

Bradley D.W., 1983: Unrelatedness of factor viii derived non a non b hepatitis and hepatitis b virus

Rutberg, L.; Armentrout, R. W.; Jonasson, J., 1972: Unrelatedness of temperate bacillus subtilis bacterio phage spo 2 and phage phi 105

Stevenson D.S., 1982: Unreliabilities of pressure plate 1500 kilopascal data in predicting soil water contents at which plants become wilted in soil peat mixes

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867253

De Waal F.C., 1985: Unreliability of beta 2 microglobulin in early detection of central nervous system relapse in acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Maseri A., 1984: Unreliability of conventional visual electrocardiographic monitoring for detection of transient st segment changes in a coronary care unit

Perry M.J., 1985: Unreliability of current serum fibrin degradation product assays

Lamb, J. L.; Stainforth, R. M., 1976: Unreliability of globigerinoides datum

Reichek N., 1987: Unreliability of hemodynamic indexes of left ventricular size during cardiac surgery

Black M.J., 1982: Unreliability of m mode left ventricular dimensions for calculating stroke volume and cardiac output in patients without heart disease

Leifer, K. N.; Wittig, H. J., 1977: Unreliability of maximum mid expiratory flow rate as sole index of broncho dilator response in chronic asthma

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867261

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867262

Donaldson R.M.Jr, 1980: Unreliability of radio dilution assays as screening tests for cobalamin vitamin b 12 deficiency

Winchester P.H., 1984: Unreliability of radiographic diagnosis of septic hip in children

Lemmens W.A.J.G., 1988: Unreliability of self reported burning tendency and tanning ability

Murtagh K., 1980: Unreliability of the mantoux test using 1 tuberculin unit of purified protein derivative in excluding childhood tuberculosis in papua new guinea

Zabik J.E., 1984: Unreliability of the rat stomach fundus as a predictor of hallucinogenic activity in substituted phenethylamines

Davidson, N. O.; Ahrens, E. H-Jr ; Bradlow, H. L.; Mcnamara, D. J.; Parker, T. S.; Samuel, P., 1980: Unreliability of tritium labeled cholesterol studies with 1 2 tritium labeled cholesterol and 24 25 tritium labeled cholesterol in humans

Lolekha, P. H.; Limpavithayakul, K., 1977: Unreliable estimation of direct bilirubin in serum by 2 continuous flow methods

Section 7, Chapter 6868 , Accession 006867270

Taylor, A. M. R., 1978: Unrepaired dna strand breaks in irradiated ataxia telangi ectasia lymphocytes suggested from cyto genetic observations

Resnick, M. A., 1977: Unrepaired double strand breaks in nuclear dna are not always lethal

Boag P.T., 1987: Unrepeatable repeatabilities a common mistake

Mudgal V., 1985: Unreported medicinal uses of some plants recorded from the tribals of koraput orissa india

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867275

Yagoda A., 1983: Unresectable carcinoma of the bladder

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867277

Harisiadis L., 1988: Unresectable gliomas in children tumor volume response to radiation therapy

Laccourreye H., 1988: Unresectable head and neck cancers treated by induction chemotherapy a study of 185 cases

Jordan T.E., 1985: Unresectable hepatic metastases from carcinoma of the colon and rectum

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867281

Rouesse J., 1985: Unresectable nonmetastatic squamous cell carcinoma of the lung phase ii study of radical radiotherapy and combined chemotherapy

Guarnieri A., 1988: Unresectable retroperitoneal malignant fibrous histiocytoma prolonged complete remission following chemoradiotherapy

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867284

Dwyer L.D., 1982: Unresolved issues in an emerging profession some problems in cultural resource management

Moran A.P., 1985: Unresolved issues in research on field dependence independence

Siegel, M., 1976: Unresolved issues in the 1st 5 years of the rubella immunization program

Park C.H., 1986: Unresolved major pulmonary embolism importance of follow up lung scan in diagnosis

Steadman J.R., 1987: Unresolved osgood schlatter disease

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867290

Everitt B.S., 1979: Unresolved problems in cluster analysis

Golikov A.P., 1984: Unresolved problems of the pathogenesis of heart failure in myocardial infarction

Tompkins R., 1987: Unresponsive a behavioral mutant in xenopus laevis electrophysiological studies of the neuromuscular system

Tompkins R., 1984: Unresponsive a new behavioral mutant in xenopus laevis

Revol M., 1983: Unresponsive cases of urinary incontinence

Butler, L. D.; Miller, S. D.; Claman, H. N., 1982: Unresponsiveness in hapten specific cyto toxic lymphocytes 2. ability of various tri nitro phenyl congeners to induce unresponsiveness after repeated treatments beginning at birth

Butler, L. D.; Miller, S. D.; Claman, H. N.; Chiller, J. M., 1983: Unresponsiveness in hapten specific cyto toxic lymphocytes 3. influence of h 2 and non h 2 gene loci on the in vitro tri nitro phenyl specific cyto toxic t lymphocyte response following either acute or chronic in vivo treatment with tri nitro benzenesulfonic acid

Butler, L. D.; Miller, S. D.; Claman, H. N., 1981: Unresponsiveness in hapten specific cyto toxic t lymphocytes 1. characteristics of tolerance induction in adult mice

Butler, L. D.; Chiller, J. M., 1983: Unresponsiveness in hapten specific cyto toxic t lymphocytes 4. functional deletion of t cell subsets required for tri nitro phenyl specific cyto toxic t cell generation after acute or chronic treatment with tri nitro benzenesulfonic acid

Kuzumaki N., 1987: Unresponsiveness of both non rearranged and rearranged c myc to serum stimulation in a mouse plasmacytoma s194

Ziegler, R.; Minne, H.; Zwicker, M.; Hotz, J., 1974: Unresponsiveness of exocrine rat pancreas to calcemic challenges hyper calcemia edta hypo calcemia or calcitonin administration which influence stomach function

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867302

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867303

Sprent J., 1987: Unresponsiveness of mrl mp lpr lpr mice to antigen given subcutaneously in adjuvant partial restoration of response after local injection of b cells

Malaisse W.J., 1987: Unresponsiveness of phospholipase c to the regulatory proteins ns and ni in pancreatic islets

Azukizawa S., 1985: Unresponsiveness of plasma mineralocorticoids to angiotensin ii in diabetic patients with asymptomatic normoreninemic hypoaldosteronism

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867307

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Brostrom, K., 1976: Unstable hemo globin hemolytic anemia

Carrell R.W., 1981: Unstable hemo globin hemolytic crises contributions of pyrexia and neutrophil oxidants

Jacob, H.; Winterhalter, K., 1970: Unstable hemo globins the role of heme loss in heinz body formation

Smiley J.R., 1984: Unstable hetero zygosity in a di ploid region of herpes simplex virus dna

Marshall, A. J.; Burgoyne, L. A., 1977: Unstable heterogeneous physical states of nuclear bodies during the post hepatectomy de differentiation replication re differentiation sequence

Duffus J.E., 1979: Unstable infectivity and sedimentable double stranded rna associated with lettuce speckles mottle virus

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867584

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867585

Ogawara H., 1980: Unstable mutation of beta lactamase production in streptomyces lavendulae

Isono K., 1985: Unstable mutations caused by regional tandem multiplications in the gene for ribosomal protein s 4 show thermosensitivity in escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867589

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867590

Yudkin, M. D., 1977: Unstable mutations that relieve catabolite repression of tryptophanase synthesis by escherichia coli

Freeman, R. F.; Hopwood, D. A., 1978: Unstable naturally occurring resistance to antibiotics in streptomyces

Carver J.H., 1979: Unstable nonmutational expression of resistance to the thymidine analog tri fluoro thymidine in cho chinese hamster ovary cells

Adrian E.K.Jr, 1979: Unstable nuclear dna in hypoglossal neurons of adult mice

Richman R.A., 1981: Unstable osmo receptors and defective thirst in hypothalamic hypo pituitarism

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867596

Ryabuscko V.I., 1982: Unstable processes in the metabolic rate measurements in flow through systems

Ritossa, F. M., 1968: Unstable redundancy of genes for ribosomal rna

Moriwaki K., 1979: Unstable resistance of g mouse fibroblasts to ecotropic murine leukemia virus infection

Pasztor, L. M., 1971: Unstable ring x chromosomes derived from a tandem metacentric compound in drosophila melanogaster

Scholz W., 1979: Unstable ring y chromosome in an aspermic male

Jacobson, E. S.; Chen, G. S.; Metzenberg, R. L., 1977: Unstable s adenosyl methionine synthetase in an ethionine resistant strain of neurospora crassa

Hosomi, H., 1978: Unstable state of the arterial pressure control system after a mild hemorrhage

Schuessler B., 1987: Unstable stress profile artefact or physiological phenomenon

Guanti, G.; Maritato, F., 1978: Unstable telocentric chromosome produced after centric misdivision of a 21q 21q translocated element

Nordwall A., 1985: Unstable thoracolumbar fractures a comparative clinical study of conservative treatment and harrington instrumentation

Irstam L., 1985: Unstable thoracolumbar fractures a comparative radiologic study of conservative treatment and harrington instrumentation

Lubillo S., 1980: Unstable thorax treatment

Willecke K., 1984: Unstable transformation of mouse 3t3 cells by transfection with dna from normal human lymphocytes

Romani F., 1988: Unstable translocation 14 21 in a man inherited as a 13 14 in one of his daughters

Fink G.R., 1979: Unstable transpositions of his 4 in yeast

Tondevold E., 1980: Unstable trochanteric fractures a comparative analysis of 4 methods of internal fixation

Jensen, J. S.; Tondevold, E.; Mossing, N., 1978: Unstable trochanteric fractures treated with the sliding screw plate system a bio mechanical study of unstable trochanteric fractures iii

Figuerola D., 1984: Unstable type i diabetes mellitus comparative study between intensified conventional therapy and continuous subcutaneous drip of insulin

Hilton P., 1988: Unstable urethral pressure toward a more relevant definition

Schwartz, J. M.; Paress, P. S.; Ross, J. M.; Di-Pillo, F.; Rizek, R., 1972: Unstable variant of nadh met hemo globin reductase in puerto ricans with hereditary met hemo globinemia

Goltzov V.A., 1987: Unstable visible mutations induced in drosophila melanogaster by injections of oncogenic virus dna into the polar plasm of early embryos

Mandelkow E. , 1985: Unstained microtubules studied by cryo electron microscopy substructure supertwist and disassembly

Schopf, J. M., 1978: Unstated requirements in nomenclature for plant fossils

Furman, M. B.; Olbricht, W. L., 1985: Unsteady cell distributions in capillary networks

Burmaster D.E., 1979: Unsteady continuous culture of phosphate limited monochrysis lutheri experimental and theoretical analysis

Kumar N., 1983: Unsteady flow against dispersion in finite porous media

Chandra S., 1985: Unsteady flow to a well tapping two aquifers separated by an aquiclude

Maas C., 1987: Unsteady flow to wells in layered and fissured aquifer systems

Foster G.R., 1984: Unsteady sedimentation in nonuniform rills

Borzani, W.; Vairo, M. L. R.; Gregori, R. E.; Magalhaes, M. M. D. A.; Chueiri, L. B., 1976: Unsteady state continuous culture of yeast cells

Lee C.K., 1987: Unsteady state operation of continuous fermentor for enhancement of cell mass production

Barry J.M., 1983: Unstented extravesical ureteroneo cystostomy in kidney transplantation

Boulton A.A., 1982: Unstimulated and amphetamine stimulated release of endogenous noradrenaline and dopamine from rat brain in vivo

Baum B.J., 1984: Unstimulated and stimulated parotid salivary flow rate in individuals of different ages

Henderson A.H., 1987: Unstimulated release of endothelium derived relaxing factor is independent of mitochondrial atp generation

Olajide T.O., 1988: Unstimulated thyroid function indices of nigerians with secondary amenorrhea

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867633

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867634

Fischbarg J., 1980: Unstirred layer effects in osmotic water flow across gallbladder epithelium

French, R. J., 1977: Unstirred layer effects on calculations of the potential difference across an ion exchange membrane

Schlichter L.C., 1982: Unstirred mucus layers ion exchange properties and effect on ion regulation in lymnaea stagnalis

Ugolev A.M., 1983: Unstirred pre membrane layers

Thomson A.B.R., 1979: Unstirred water layer and age dependent changes in rabbit jejunal d glucose transport

Grim E., 1982: Unstirred water layer in canine jejunum

Gerencser G.A., 1987: Unstirred water layers in rabbit intestine effects of guar gum

Guild R., 1984: Unstirred water layers in rabbit intestine effects of pectin

Varma T.R., 1984: Unstressed ante partum cardio tocography in the management of pregnancies complicated by intra uterine growth retardation

Ball W.D., 1982: Unstructured 2 point estimation of 1 compartment linear pharmaco kinetic parameters

Kossen N.W.F., 1982: Unstructured model for growth of mycelial pellets in submerged cultures

Williams R.J., 1986: Unsubstantiated beliefs among beginning psychology students 1925 1952 1983

Debroy J.A., 1984: Unsubstituted hydrolyzed waxy maize as a potential agent for centrifugal leukocytapheresis

Tucker, J. K.; Sullivan, M. E., 1975: Unsuccessful attempts by bull frogs to eat toads

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867649

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867650

Davidson J.T., 1985: Unsuccessful control of abdominal aortic aneurysm by bypass and ligation

Jensen H E., 1983: Unsuccessful experience with closure of jaboulay gastro duodenostomies in the treatment of post vagotomy dumping and diarrhea

Delisi A.M., 1987: Unsuccessful in vitro fertilization a follow up study

Takahashi M., 1984: Unsuccessful percutaneous transluminal coronary recanalization in coronary embolism

Vermeij G.J., 1982: Unsuccessful predation and evolution

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867656

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867657

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867658

Berendes, K.; Doerstelmann, D., 1978: Unsuccessful treatment with l dopa of a parkinsonian patient with calcification of the basal ganglia

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867660

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867661

Stubb S., 1979: Unsuitability of bakery work for a person with atopy a study of 234 bakery workers

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867663

Haber M.H., 1979: Unsuitability of electron microscopic examination of urinary sediment for the diagnosis of amyloidosis universal presence of fibrillar proteins in urines containing casts

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867665

Starlinger H., 1981: Unsuitability of glycyl glycine phosphate and tris hydroxymethylamino methane buffer solutions for the field potentials of guinea pig olfactory cortical slice

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867667

Morin A., 1987: Unsuitability of introduced tiles for sampling blackfly larvae diptera simuliidae

Sahi H.P.S., 1985: Unsuitability of micro environments for assessing the stability for yield and its components in rice oryza sativa

Wood C., 1986: Unsuitability of monoclonal antibodies to oncogene proteins for anti tumor drug targeting

Kedmi S., 1979: Unsuitability of polioviruses as indicators of virological quality of water

Saxena, V. B.; Tripathi, S. S., 1977: Unsuitability of preservation of bull semen in coconut milk extender and russian dilutor at refrigerator temperature

Cleve H., 1987: Unsuitability of the assay for cell mediated lympholysis in inbred mice for h y antigen determination of human cells

Tripodo M.M., 1982: Unsuitability of the biuret method according to herbert for biomasses containing cellulose

Titova N.S., 1981: Unsuitability of the re vaccination of children who have been vaccinated against measles

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867677

Meli A., 1982: Unsuitability of urethane anesthetized rats for testing potential beta adreno receptor blockers

Hautvast J.G.A.J., 1988: Unsuitability of who guidelines for fluoride concentrations in drinking water in senegal

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867680

Barnard D., 1985: Unsung questions of medical ethics

Chrambach A., 1982: Unsupercoiled agarose with a degree of molecular sieving similar to that of cross linked poly acrylamide

Chi H.J., 1979: Unsuppressed prolactin secretion in the male rat is pulsatile

Morrison S., 1988: Unsuspected adrenal masses in the neonate adrenal cortical carcinoma and neuroblastoma a report of two cases

Cacciatore L., 1987: Unsuspected aldosteronoma discovered during systematic investigation of hypertension in a young adult man

Seymour A.E., 1980: Unsuspected analgesic nephropathy in transitional cell carcinoma of the upper tract a morphological study

Klein J.O., 1979: Unsuspected bacteremia due to haemophilus influenzae outcome in children not initially admitted to hospital

Bowman C.M., 1984: Unsuspected cardiopulmonary abnormalities complicating bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Vardi J., 1985: Unsuspected cerebellar hematoma

Klein, H. O.; Di-Segni, E.; Kaplinsky, E., 1978: Unsuspected cerebral perfusion a complication of the use of a central venous pressure catheter

Scholl G.M., 1983: Unsuspected chronic pelvic inflammatory disease in the infertile female

Leatham A., 1980: Unsuspected coronary artery disease as cause of chronic atrio ventricular block in middle age

Nazemi R., 1982: Unsuspected digital nerve lesions responsible for abnormal median sensory responses

Fee W.E.Jr, 1981: Unsuspected esophageal foreign bodies in adults with upper airway obstruction

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867695

Loeschcke V., 1979: Unsuspected genetic variation among enzyme loci

Herman M.V., 1982: Unsuspected giant cell arteritis diagnosed at open heart surgery

Jha, P. K.; Singh, G.; Kaur, P.; Sharma, D., 1978: Unsuspected gonococcal infection in female patients

Quinn T.C., 1987: Unsuspected human immunodeficiency virus in critically ill emergency patients

Willis, D. M.; Chabot, J.; Radde, I. C.; Chance, G. W., 1977: Unsuspected hyper osmolality of oral solutions contributing to necrotizing entero colitis in very low birth weight infants

Cooke J., 1982: Unsuspected hyper osmolar oral solution contributing to necrotizing entero colitis a case

Goldberg E., 1979: Unsuspected hypertrophic subaortic stenosis in the elderly diagnosed by echo cardiography

Turner R.C., 1981: Unsuspected hypo glycemia hemo globin a 1 and diabetic control

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867704

Iskandrian, A. S.; Kimbiris, D.; Bemis, C. E.; Carver, J., 1977: Unsuspected left to right shunt is routine use of hydrogen platinum electrode system indicated in shunt detection

Heiberg E., 1982: Unsuspected malignant peri cardial effusion causing cardiac tamponade rapid diagnosis by computed tomography

Livoni J., 1984: Unsuspected mediastinal hematoma diagnosed by computed tomography

Meus P.J., 1985: Unsuspected mesenteric hypoperfusion despite apparent hemodynamic recovery in the early phase of septic shock in piglets

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867709

Ridgway, D.; Wolff, L. J.; Neerhout, R. C.; Tilford, D. L., 1987: Unsuspected non hodgkin's lymphoma of the tonsils and adenoids in children

Brozinsky, S.; Goldson, H.; Stergiopoulos, G.; Grosberg, S. J., 1977: Unsuspected perforated adeno carcinoma of the appendix as a 2nd colonic neoplasm report of a case

Carmel R., 1987: Unsuspected pernicious anemia in a patient with sickle cell disease receiving routine folate supplementation

Mitchell R.I., 1981: Unsuspected pheo chromo cytoma presenting during surgery

Bret P.M., 1986: Unsuspected pheochromocytoma risk of blood pressure alterations during percutaneous adrenal biopsy

Lind T., 1983: Unsuspected pregnancy loss in healthy women

Skinner D.G., 1988: Unsuspected prostatic adenocarcinoma in patients who have undergone radical cystoprostatectomy for transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder

Blaivas J.G., 1986: Unsuspected proximal urethral obstruction in young and middle aged men

Lakshminarayan, S.; Schwarz, M. I.; Stanford, R. E., 1976: Unsuspected pulmonary alveolar proteinosis complicating acute myelogenous leukemia

Naeye, R. L.; Shochat, S. J.; Whitman, V.; Maisels, M. J., 1976: Unsuspected pulmonary vascular abnormalities associated with diaphragmatic hernia

Murphy J.H., 1981: Unsuspected purulent peri carditis detected by gallium 67 scanning a case

Ambrose, S. S.; Lewis, E. L.; O'brien, D. P-Iii ; Walton, K. N.; Ross, J. R., 1977: Unsuspected renal tumors associated with renal cysts

Ghelman B., 1985: Unsuspected sacral fractures detection by radionuclide bone scanning

Cline D.L., 1979: Unsuspected subclinical pregnancies in patients with luteal phase defects

Riba, A. L.; Morganroth, J., 1976: Unsuspected substantial peri cardial effusions detected by echo cardiography

Athanasiades E., 1988: Unsuspected urological anomalies in asymptomatic cryptorchid boys

Delaney T., 1983: Unsuspected vascular disease a potential limitation to the use of the intra aortic balloon

Sandok, P. L.; Jenkin, H. M.; Matthews, H. M.; Roberts, M. S., 1978: Unsustained multiplication of treponema pallidum nichols virulent strain in vitro in the presence of oxygen

Ransohoff J., 1980: Unsymmetrical alkylaryl thio urea compounds for use as cerebral blood flow tracers

Hill, T. L., 1978: Unsymmetrical and concerted examples of the effect of enzyme enzyme interactions on steady state enzyme kinetics/

Zhang Y Z., 1986: Unsymmetrical biaryl synthesis an approach to natural highly functionalized biaryls via palladium catalyzed coupling

Norton S.J., 1979: Unsymmetrical carbon substituted ethylenediamine platinum coordination complexes synthesis and activity against mouse leukemia l 1210

Roughley B.S., 1986: Unsymmetrical connective olefination by kornblum nitrosynthesis applications in phytuberin chemistry

Greenfield M.D., 1983: Unsynchronized chorusing in the coneheaded katydid neoconocephalus affinis

Roux L., 1981: Unsynchronized ventilation of each lung with a selective positive end expiratory pressure in treatment of unilateral swallowing pneumopathy

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867736

Brennan T.A., 1987: Untangling causation issues in law and medicine hazardous substance litigation

Noma E., 1982: Untangling citation networks

Yagovdik O.G., 1981: Untapped reserve of productive potential of chicken gene pool

Zelenina M.V., 1984: Untapped reserves of vaccinium vitis idaea in the transvolga part of gorki oblast russian sfsr ussr

Lawrence C.W., 1985: Untargeted mutagenesis induced by uv in the lac i gene of escherichia coli

Bushar H.F., 1988: Untargeted viral mutagenesis is not found in x irradiated monkey cells

Sarma R.H., 1985: Untenability of the heteronomous dna model for polydeoxyadenylic acid polydeoxythymidylic acid in solution this dna adopts a right handed b dna duplex in which the 2 strands are conformationally equivalent a 500 megahertz nmr study using 1 dimensional nuclear overhauser effect

Gottfried A.W., 1987: Untestable subjects in child development research developmental implications

Oda T., 1985: Until a b type hepatitis vaccine has become available

Dhellemmes C., 1984: Untimely teeth extraction in 2 patients with sarcoma of the mandible

Fossati C., 1982: Untoward actions of vitamins interactions with other drugs and drug induced avitaminoses

Stoforos E., 1980: Untoward effects following vaccination in animals

Gomez J.A., 1985: Untoward effects of pharmacological doses of insulin in early chick embryos through which receptor are they mediated

Cowett, R. M.; Hakanson, D. O.; Kocon, R. W.; Oh, W., 1976: Untoward neo natal effect of intra amniotic administration of methylene blue

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867751

Scharfen, J., 1975: Untraditional glucose fermenting actinomycetes as human pathogens part 2 rothia dentocariosa as a cause of abdominal actinomycosis and a pathogen for mice

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867753

Senay, L. C. Jr ; Fortney, S., 1975: Untrained females effects of submaximal exercise and heat on body fluids

Fried M., 1979: Untransformed rat cells containing free and integrated dna of a polyoma nontransforming hr t mutant

Arlett C.F., 1980: Untransformed xeroderma pigmentosum cells are not hyper sensitive to sister chromatid exchange production by ethyl methanesulfonate implications for the use of transformed cell lines and for the mechanism by which sister chromatid exchanges arise

Honjo T., 1980: Untranslated immuno globulin kappa light chain messenger rna in a lambda light chain producing mouse myeloma mopc 104e

Kafatos F.C., 1980: Untranslated messenger rna for a chorion protein of drosophila melanogaster accumulates transiently at the onset of specific gene amplification

Ehrenfeld, E.; Lund, H., 1977: Untranslated vesicular stomatitis virus messenger rna after poliovirus infection

Olholm-Larsen, P., 1978: Untreated acro dermatitis enteropathica in adults

Frank B., 1982: Untreated barley straw in dairy cow rations substitution of straw for hay

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867762

Andersen W.A., 1981: Untreated cervical cancer complicated by obstructive uropathy and oliguric renal failure

Johnson H.Jr, 1985: Untreated colorectal cancer in a community hospital

Burkman, R. T.; Tonascia, J. A.; Atienza, M. F.; King, T. M., 1976: Untreated endo cervical gonorrhea and endometritis following elective abortion

Stroehlein, J. R.; Weiland, L. H.; Hoffman, H. N.; Judd, E. S., 1977: Untreated gastric pseudolymphoma

Natusch R., 1982: Untreated glomerulo nephritis long term follow up

Poole Wilson P., 1987: Untreated heart failure clinical and neuroendocrine effects of introducing diuretics

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867769

Hall J.E., 1979: Untreated median nerve entrapment in bone after fracture of the distal end of the humerus post mortem findings after 47 years report of a case

Holten E., 1983: Untreated meningococcemia in 2 siblings

Et Al, 1982: Untreated mild hypertension a report by the management committee of the australian therapeutic trial in mild hypertension

Kitazawa, Y.; Horie, T.; Aoki, S.; Suzuki, M.; Nishioka, K., 1977: Untreated ocular hypertension a long term prospective study

Kleber H.D., 1985: Untreated opiate addicts how do they differ from those seeking treatment

Hermans J., 1984: Untreated paget disease of bone studied by scintigraphy

Douik M., 1984: Untreated posterior dislocation of the elbow in children

Hartvig, P., 1978: Untreated psychiatric disability a study of disabled persons with major psychiatric health impairment having never received psychiatric treatment

Sbordone, R. J.; Garcia, J., 1977: Untreated rats develop pathological aggression when paired with a mescaline treated rat in a shock elicited aggression situation

Dameron T.B.Jr, 1980: Untreated ruptures of the anterior cruciate ligament

Houston, J. P., 1985: Untutored lay knowledge of the principles of psychology do we know anything they don't?

Saleh F.A., 1979: Untyped forms of fecal streptococci in egyptian sewage and nile water

Domanski, S.; Kowalski, T., 1988: Untypical die back of the current season's shoots of pinus sylvestris in poland

Clarkson, A. R.; Lunn, B. H., 1970: Ununited anconeal process elbow dysplasia in a dog

Carter, P. R.; Eaton, R. G.; Littler, J. W., 1977: Ununited fracture of the hook of the hamate

Johnston R.M., 1983: Ununited fractures of the clavicle

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867786

Cutler A.B., 1988: Unusual 1 5 hydride shifts in lewis acid mediated reactions of benzylated sugars synthesis of 3 alkylisochroman derivatives

Kubien E., 1982: Unusual 13 13 translocation and 13 trisomy phenotype

Morales, R. W.; Litchfield, C., 1976: Unusual 24 carbon 25 carbon 26 carbon and 27 carbon poly unsaturated fatty acids of the marine sponge microciona prolifera

Bowien B., 1984: Unusual 3 carbon pathway and 4 carbon pathway metabolism in the chemo autotroph alcaligenes eutrophus

Takagi T., 1987: Unusual 5 olefinic acids in the lipids of algae from japanese waters

Rohde W., 1985: Unusual abdominal apudomas

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867793

Goergen, T. G., 1978: Unusual abdominal gas collection

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867795

Puvion, E.; Viron, A.; Bernhard, W., 1977: Unusual accumulation of ribo nucleo protein constituents in the nucleus of cultured rat liver cells after hypo thermal shock

Tadzhibaev-Yu, A.; Mukhamedova-Kh, S.; Akramov, S. T., 1978: Unusual acid isomers in erysimum phospho lipids

Dermer G.B., 1984: Unusual acidic light chains in murine systemic lupus erythematosus serum

Varotti C., 1983: Unusual acquired hyper keratosis a case

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867800

Tang S.W., 1983: Unusual acute effects of anti depressants and neuroleptics on s 2 serotonergic receptors

Ruggieri P., 1985: Unusual acute hemodynamic effects of calcium blockers

Minnich L.L., 1986: Unusual acute neurologic presentations with epstein barr virus infection

Fechner R.E., 1982: Unusual adenomatous polyps in juvenile polyposis coli

Frisk, C. S.; Wagner, J. E.; Kusewitt, D. F., 1977: Unusual aggressive behavior in the male golden hamster

Labadie S.S., 1988: Unusual air oxidations of 6 fluoroandrost 5 en 3 ones and their hydrazone derivatives

Pironin M., 1988: Unusual alkaline elution pattern induced in mammalian cell dna by fast neutrons p34 and beryllium

Kleckner N., 1984: Unusual alleles of rec b and rec c stimulate excision of inverted repeat transposons tn 10 and tn 5

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867809

Pettinger, W. A., 1977: Unusual alpha adrenergic receptor potency of methyl dopa metabolites on melanocyte function

Leder P., 1980: Unusual alpha globin like gene that has cleanly lost both globin intervening sequences

Wright M., 1983: Unusual amoebal strains of the myxomycete physarum polycephalum possessing 2 pro flagellar apparatuses

Stillman A.E., 1981: Unusual amyloid bodies in human liver

Livni, N.; Behar, A. J.; Lafair, J. S., 1977: Unusual amyloid bodies in human liver ultrastructural and freeze etching studies

Pellegrino A., 1984: Unusual anatomopathological aspect of the solitary pulmonary macroglobulinemia

Mihm M.C.Jr, 1985: Unusual and unknown variant of cutaneous malignant melanoma the minimal deviation malignant melanoma a retrospective study of 45 cases

Isaacs J.T., 1982: Unusual androgen sensitivity of the androgen independent dunning r 3327 g rat prostatic adeno carcinoma androgen effect on tumor cell loss

Keuchler P.M., 1983: Unusual aneurysms of the extracranial carotid artery

Jensen I.W., 1986: Unusual angiographic appearance during attack of hemiplegic migraine

Wilkinson J.L., 1979: Unusual angiographic appearances of the left ventricle in 2 cases of pompes disease glycogenosis type ii

Lins, E., 1977: Unusual angiomatous malformation in the area of the brain stem and cerebellum

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867822

Adamczeski, M.; Quinoa, E.; Crews, P., 1988: Unusual anthelminthic oxazoles from a marine sponge

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867824

Barber C., 1980: Unusual antigenic composition of an arizona strain

Chany C., 1985: Unusual apparently constitutive interferons and antagonists in human placental blood

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867828

Lameris J.S., 1983: Unusual appearance of a mesenteric cyst a case

Turtas S., 1982: Unusual appearance of an acoustic neurinoma in computed tomographic scans

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867831

Chopra, R. N.; Lal, M.; Rashid, A., 1967: Unusual archegonial distribution in a moss splachnobryum india

James J.L., 1986: Unusual arrangements of endoplasmic reticulum in large oocytes of the golden hamster

Rueda L.T., 1984: Unusual arrival of chub mackerel scomber japonicus at puerto chacabuco southern chile pisces scombridae

O'callaghan, R. J.; Bundy, L.; Bradley, R.; Paranchych, W., 1973: Unusual arsenate poisoning of the f pili of escherichia coli

Sutton, D.; North, E. A., 1977: Unusual arterio venous communications presenting as cardiac murmurs in infancy report of 3 cases

Green C.A., 1987: Unusual arteritis causing myocardial infarction in a child

Kwatra M., 1979: Unusual artifacts in electro cardiographic monitoring

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867839

Sechi R., 1987: Unusual aspects in surgical treatment of lung carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867841

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867842

Shvili D., 1984: Unusual aspects of granulomatous dermatophytosis

Ayusawa, D.; Shimizu, K.; Koyama, H.; Takeishi, K.; Seno, T., 1983: Unusual aspects of human thymidylate synthase ec in mouse cells introduced by dna mediated gene transfer

Flaks, B., 1968: Unusual aspects of ultrastructural differentiation in rat neopl hepatoma cells

Boyse E.A. , 1986: Unusual association of beta 2 microglobulin with certain class i heavy chains of the murine major histocompatibility complex

Weiden P.L., 1987: Unusual association of bone marrow necrosis disseminated intravascular coagulation and a rare 8 16 chromosomal translocation in an adult patient with acute nonlymphocytic leukemia

Korte G.E., 1979: Unusual association of chloride cells with another cell type in the skin of the glass catfish kryptopterus bicirrhis

Laron Z., 1984: Unusual association of insulin dependent diabetes mellitus with congenital myasthenia gravis and autoimmune thyroid disease

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867850

Bartsocas C.S., 1986: Unusual association of xyy chromosomal constitution with colobomas of iris myopia increased lipoproteins mental retardation and convulsions

Phillips, B. A.; Fennell, R., 1977: Unusual attachment behavior exhibited by a urea resistant mutant of poliovirus type 1

Zuchuat O., 1987: Unusual autumn migration of the black tern chlidonias niger and first record of the white winged black tern chlidonias leucopterus new record near heligoland west germany in july august 1986

Ackermann, H. W.; Petrow, S.; Kasatiya, S. S., 1974: Unusual bacterio phages in salmonella newport

Stoltz D.B., 1979: Unusual baculovirus of the parasitoid wasp apanteles melanoscelus isolation and preliminary characterization

Baglioni C., 1979: Unusual base pairing of newly synthesized dna in hela cells

Roberts R.J., 1979: Unusual base sequence arrangement in phage phi 29 dna

Graefe, G., 1970: Unusual behavior of a cercaria belonging to the family haploporidae in argentina

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867859

Ramanna, M. S.; Mutsaerts, M. C. A., 1971: Unusual behavior of growing pollen tubes in the styles and ovules of spinacia oleracea d

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867861

Walsh J.B., 1988: Unusual behavior of linkage disequilibrium in two locus gene conversion models

Skorkowski, E. F.; Swierczynski, J., 1982: Unusual behavior of nadp linked malic enzyme from crustacean tissues on 2' 5' adp sepharose 4b

Stern J.B., 1979: Unusual benign bladder tumor of brunn nest origin

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867865

Keller J.M., 1986: Unusual binding sites for horseradish peroxidase on the surface of cultured and isolated mammalian cells suppression of binding by certain nucleotides and glycoproteins and a role for calcium

Gakis, C.; Piras, M. A.; Romani, G., 1982: Unusual biochemical pattern of serum adenosine deaminase ec activity in acute lympho blastic leukemia

Salzano, F. M.; Pages, F.; Neel, J. V.; Gershowitz, H.; Tanis, R. J.; Moreno, R.; Franco, M. H. L. P., 1978: Unusual blood genetic characteristics among the ayoreo indians of bolivia and paraguay

Inouye T., 1980: Unusual blood vessels in the cochlea of the squirrel monkey

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867870

Schegg H K., 1982: Unusual body disposal 2 cases

Ranaccio L., 1984: Unusual bond lengths conformations and ligand exchange rats in b 12 models with the bissalicylidene o phenylenediamine equatorial ligand

Sy, W. M.; Mottola, O.; Lao, R. S.; Smith, A.; Freund, H. R., 1977: Unusual bone images in hyper parathyroidism

Pogliani E., 1984: Unusual bone marrow hyperplasia in a case of thalassemia intermedia

Russin, L. D.; Staab, E. V., 1976: Unusual bone scan findings in acute osteo myelitis case report

Et Al, 1986: Unusual bone scintigraphic finding of metastasis from prostatic cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867877

Wood, V. E.; Frykman, G. K., 1978: Unusual branching of the median nerve at the wrist a case report

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867879

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Oliveira L.F.B., 1984: Unusual c band patterns in 3 karyotypically rearranged forms of scapteromys rodentia cricetidae from brazil

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Frohlich J., 1980: Unusual calcium oxalate crystals in ethylene glycol poisoning

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867887

Lang, J.; Liebich, H. G., 1976: Unusual capillary convolutions of the parietal pleura part 3 electron microscopic studies

Ward D.E., 1982: Unusual capture phenomena during interaction of dissociated sinus and junctional rhythms spontaneous expression of intra nodal duality and gap phenomenon

Kremer B.P., 1980: Unusual carbohydrate pattern in trentepohlia species

Drapeau, G. R., 1978: Unusual carboxyl terminal structure of staphylococcal protease

Schiavone, W. A.; Ahmad, M.; Ockner, S. A., 1985: Unusual cardiac complications of wegener's granulomatosis

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Visconti, E. B.; Peters, R. W.; Cangir, A.; Zorn, G. L-Jr ; Fisher, S., 1978: Unusual case of adrenal cortical carcinoma in a female infant

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O'connell K.J., 1982: Unusual case of dysgenetic renal cyst

Mitsuyama, Y.; Tobo, M.; Itoi, K., 1978: Unusual case of pre senile dementia

Fukunaga H., 1982: Unusual case of pre senile dementia a clinical case

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867902

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867903

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867904

De Kernion J.B., 1981: Unusual case of urethral carcinoma

Kalas D., 1982: Unusual cases of affection by occupational traumatic vaso neurosis

Kovarik J., 1985: Unusual cases of disease from long term superfluous and unilateral load

Hershko C., 1984: Unusual cases of fever in west bank arabs

Sawaki S., 1980: Unusual cases of foreign bodies in the esophagus during the last 5 years

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867910

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867912

Miller J.J., 1986: Unusual catheter tip placement from attempted central venous catheterization

King, D. T.; Lindstrom, R. R.; State, D.; Hirose, F. M.; Schwartz, A., 1977: Unusual cause of acute abdomen sickle cell trait and nonhypoxic splenic infarction

Walton K.N., 1979: Unusual cause of acute urinary retention in a child

Haiderer O., 1980: Unusual cause of an arterio venous coronary fistula

Mcloughlin, M. G., 1977: Unusual cause of anuria in a transplant patient

Dupas J.L., 1982: Unusual cause of celestin tube obstruction internal hernia of the latex wall 3 cases

Neumann D., 1982: Unusual cause of death in a capercaillie tetrao urogallus

Tinsley R., 1982: Unusual cause of increased intra cranial pressure from metastatic germ cell cancer

Dutta T.K., 1981: Unusual cause of massive rectal bleeding

Hirsh, L. F.; Rorke, L. B.; Schmidek, H. H., 1977: Unusual cause of relapsing hydrocephalus congenital intra cranial teratoma

Tan, R. J. S.; Lim, E. W.; Sakazaki, R., 1977: Unusual cause of urinary tract infection by pseudomonas stutzeri in singapore

Schabel S.I., 1983: Unusual causes for abnormal hepato biliary scans

Hensley G.T., 1983: Unusual causes of death in haitians residing in miami florida usa high prevalence of opportunistic infections

Facchini R., 1985: Unusual causes of knee joint block in sportsmen

Rovira Molist M., 1987: Unusual causes of sciatica usefulness of computed tomography

Shields T.W., 1982: Unusual causes of spontaneous pneumo peritoneum

Goodman L.R., 1988: Unusual cavity in cavity appearance of pulmonary aspergilloma

Alroy, J.; Weinstein, R. S., 1976: Unusual cell junctional complexes in canine mammary adeno acanthomas

Tripodi, G.; Beth, K., 1976: Unusual cell structures in tumor like formations of gracilaria verrucosa rhodophyta

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Schepens C.L., 1988: Unusual central chorioretinitis as the first manifestation of early secondary syphilis

Ackermann R., 1987: Unusual cerebrovascular amyloidosis with the clinical picture of chronic encephalitis

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Khovanova, E. M., 1977: Unusual character of somatic mosaicism in females of drosophila simulans homo zygous for gene yellow

Levy J.A., 1982: Unusual characteristics of peritoneal macrophages from aged auto immune prone mice

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867945

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867946

Kaplan H., 1979: Unusual chemical properties of the amino groups of insulin implications for structure function relationship

Blank R.J., 1986: Unusual chloroplast structures in endosymbiotic dinoflagellates a clue to evolutionary differentiation within the genus symbiodinium dinophyceae

Sivendra, R., 1976: Unusual chromobacterium violaceum aerogenic strains

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Morton J.K., 1979: Unusual chromosome associations in krigia cespitosa compositae

Albert P., 1988: Unusual chromosome complement in the brooding bivalve lasaea consanguinea

Murray B.G., 1979: Unusual chromosome pairing and b chromosomes in briza spicata poaceae

Malbran E.S., 1982: Unusual ciliary body tumor mesectodermal leio myoma

Kristiansen K., 1987: Unusual ciliate specific codons in tetrahymena messenger rna species are translated correctly in a rabbit reticulocyte lysate supplemented with a subcellular fraction from tetrahymena

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Delaney, N. G.; Madison, V., 1982: Unusual cis trans isomerism in n acetyl n' methylamide derivatives of syn 5 methyl proline and anti 5 methyl proline

Wong S.W., 1981: Unusual clear cell tumor of the kidney in infancy

Ulmer R., 1983: Unusual clinical and cyto genetic findings in a child with trisomy 13 46 xy minus 13 plus translocation 13q 13q

Weiss H., 1983: Unusual clinical and histo pathological findings in ocular sarcoidosis

Haust M.D., 1980: Unusual clinical and ultrastructural features in a boy with biochemically typical mannosidosis

Podea D., 1980: Unusual clinical aspects in cicatricial pemphigoid

Yagi Y., 1988: Unusual clinical course of accidental subdural block

Takatsuki K., 1984: Unusual clinical courses of adult t cell leukemia in siblings

Kramarenko G.A., 1980: Unusual clinical manifestations of acute intermittent porphyria and its combination with late cutaneous porphyria

Donadio C., 1980: Unusual clinical onset of pulmonary tuberculosis and diagnosis by needle biopsy

Rosenfeld J.B., 1980: Unusual clinical presentation of acute sarcoidosis

Servadio C., 1984: Unusual clinical presentation of metastatic prostatic carcinoma in elderly patients

Carpel C.L., 1983: Unusual clinical signs in left subclavian artery occlusion clinical and angiographic correlation

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Whang-Peng, J.; Broder, S.; Lee, E.; Young, R. C., 1976: Unusual clonal evolution in a case of chronic myelogenous leukemia

Yoon J W., 1988: Unusual clustering of diseases in a canadian old colony chortitza mennonite kindred and community

Pollock, H. M.; Rintala, L., 1977: Unusual coiled gram positive anaerobe isolated from a gutter wall abscess

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867974

Section 7, Chapter 6868, Accession 006867975

Shepard, M. C.; Lunceford, C. D., 1975: Unusual colonies of ureaplasma urealyticum t mycoplasmas in primary agar cultures of certain urine specimens

Plets C., 1987: Unusual combination of anomalies of lumbar nerve roots

Russo G., 1983: Unusual combination of genetic defects in a sicilian boy g gamma a gamma delta beta thalassemia g gamma a gamma hetero cellular hereditary persistence of fetal hemo globin beta o thalassemia and albinism

Russo G., 1983: Unusual combination of genetics defects in a sicilian family beta thalassemia hemo globin lepore boston washington and hetero cellular hereditary persistence of fetal hemo globin

Watanabe Y., 1979: Unusual combination of pulmonary sequestration and funnel chest

Silverstein, A. B., 1987: Unusual combinations of verbal and performance iqs on wechsler's intelligence scales

Mathews C.K., 1982: Unusual compartmentation of precursors for nuclear and mitochondrial dna in mouse l cells

Wong J.L., 1980: Unusual competition between nitrogen and carbon methylation of nucleosides by methyl radical in various aqueous media

Russell B.A. , 1986: Unusual complement activation properties of serum immunoglobulins of the pigeon columba livia

Boackle R.J., 1985: Unusual complement mediated hemolytic kinetics at low ionic strength

Ponsa Molina R., 1987: Unusual complication in a patient with renal transplantation cerebral cysticercosis

Dias J.D.A., 1987: Unusual complication in dobb hoff catheter insertion

Sfyras N., 1986: Unusual complication of a carpentier edwards porcine valve

Larson D.F., 1979: Unusual complication of the hancock porcine hetero graft strut compression in the aortic root

Juffe, A.; Tellez, G.; Eguaras, M. G.; Villagra, F.; Figuera, D., 1977: Unusual complication of the sengstaken blakemore tube

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Bleifeld W., 1986: Unusual complications in the puncture of veins near the heart

Pappas A.M., 1985: Unusual complications in traumatic dislocation of the hip in children

Aintablian, A.; Hamby, R. I.; Kramer, R. J.; Wisoff, B. G., 1978: Unusual complications of coronary bypass surgery

Hemed T.B., 1988: Unusual complications of salmonella enteritidis group d infection

Jones E., 1987: Unusual complications of temporal bone fractures

Tocci, P. E.; Politano, V. A.; Lynne, C. M.; Carrion, H. M., 1976: Unusual complications of trans vesical ureteral re implantation

Sugita K., 1984: Unusual computed tomographic findings in a case of arachnoid cyst in the middle cranial fossa

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